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Danny Miller: Interview

This year was never  going to be easy for Aaron Livesy, given that his boyfriend, Jackson Walsh, is struggling to adapt to a new way of life after being paralysed in a terrible accident. But while the lad has vowed to stand by his man, Jackson worries that the mechanic is putting his own life on hold – and this week tries to push his boyfriend away…

“Aaron still blames himself for the crash, and the fact that Jackson’s in a wheelchair,” sighs Danny Miller, who plays Aaron. “The whole thing has been really hard for him to deal with. He wants to be there for Jackson and make amends for what he’s done. But Jackson’s so caught up in his depression that he’s not making things easy for Aaron.”

Since Jackson was discharged from hospital, Aaron’s been playing the role of dutiful boyfriend, spending every waking hour at his bedside. But as he begins to turn down invitations to join his mates on nights out, Jackson becomes concerned that Aaron’s wasting his life.

“When Jackson suggests that he’s spending too much time with him, Aaron’s upset,” Danny explains. “In a way, he wanted to hear that – but as soon as the words are out of Jackson’s mouth, Aaron wishes he hadn’t said it. He knows he has to be loyal to his boyfriend, but Jackson basically tells Aaron that he wants him to go out and live his own life.”

With Aaron reluctant to leave his fella’s side, Jackson records his concerns about their romance in a video diary. Meanwhile, Aaron’s worried mum, Chas, tells her son that he needs to give Jackson some space.

“It’s not easy for anyone to hear from their mum that they’re spending too much time with their partner,” shares Danny. “So Aaron’s pretty angry about that.”

“Eventually, he respects Jackson’s wishes,” the actor adds. “But it’s not what Aaron wants. It’s taken him so long to come to terms with the fact that he’s gay, and to get his relationship with Jackson on track. He loves him and doesn’t want to go out and start the whole process all over again.”

With recent reports confirming that Aaron is to get a new love interest, Flynn, it looks as if his romance with Jackson is about to come to an end. But Danny for one is rooting for the couple to stay together.

“If I was Aaron’s mate, i’d be telling him to stick by Jackson,” the actor muses. “If he and Jackson were to split, I wouldn’t want him to rush into a new relationship.

“Most of the viewers want to know when Aaron’s going to leave Jackson, though,” continues Danny. “It’s not the response we were hoping for! But I can see where they’re coming from, because Jackson hasn’t been the nicest person recently. Under normal circumstances, Aaron would have kicked him into touch.”

After his action-packed 2010, there’ll be no let-up for Aaron over the coming months. That’s the way Danny likes it…

“Last year was intense, but I wouldn’t mind if it stepped up a level in 2011,” he grins. “I had a meeting with our stand-in producer, who told me that I’d hate him by the end of the year with what he’s putting Aaron through. But i’m ready for it!”

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  1. most of the viewers are wanting Aaron & Jackson to split up! well i’m not one of them i want them together love a&j xxx

  2. I’m calling BS on this quote:

    “Most of the viewers want to know when Aaron’s going to leave Jackson, though,” continues Danny. “It’s not the response we were hoping for! But I can see where they’re coming from, because Jackson hasn’t been the nicest person recently. Under normal circumstances, Aaron would have kicked him into touch.”

    No, that’s not what “most” viewers want. Most viewers want Jackson to find some measure of comfort, recovery and happiness. Most viewers “get” that Jackson is depressed because he’s a prisoner of his own body. And most viewers are impressed by Jackson’s willingness to sacrifice the one thing he loves – his thuggish boyfriend – so he can go out and have a life.

    This is the first time where I’ve thought DM is delusional. Jackson hasn’t been the nicest person? Under normal circumstances, Aaron would have kicked him? What about all the times Jackson took the rageaholic back after one of his brilliant moves?

    Yeesh. I think DM is ready for this story to be over and is trying to win fans over to his side with this. Not buying what he’s peddling.

    • And, I forgot to say: Thank you, Kimba, for posting this and to all the great posters out there who make this such a great forum on the show. 🙂

      • And ONE more thing (you can tell I’m really ticked by this 🙂 ) – the episodes in which Jackson allegedly acts like a jerk haven’t even aired yet. So what the heck is DM talking about?

        Now I will settle down. Promise.

    • ““But it’s not what Aaron wants. It’s taken him so long to come to terms with the fact that he’s gay, and to get his relationship with Jackson on track. He loves him and doesn’t want to go out and start the whole process all over again.”

      Well, I can’t believe Aaron loves Jackson. If he does why is he so frightend to show it, even in their private moments.

      But for sheer “pot calling the kettle black” Danny/Aaron come up with a real humdinger:

      “But I can see where they’re coming from, because Jackson hasn’t been the nicest person recently” Well, Danny if I were 22 and had been totally paralysed indirectly through your character, I would be even less nice. In fact I probably wouldn’t let you anywhere near me!

      When did Jackson sell a bent car and get his dog killed in the process?. When did Jackson inflict serious physical harm on Paddy?. When did he try to run Adam down in his car?

      I really think Danny can’t wait for this (for him) very uncomfortable story to come to an end. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Aaron joined one of those strange psychobabble organisations who claim to be able to “cure” homosexuality.

      I suppose if Jackson was out of the way, we could just see Aaron going to Bar West from time to time, and be seen fletingly in the company of different men without getting involved with them. The tougher and more attractive those men were, the less interaction on screen would allow Danny to go on playing Aaron but without the embarrassment of having to kiss another man on screen.

      I rather hope if poor Jackon leaves it will be with his new carer, who perhaps could give him the real love and affection Aaron is incapable of

      • I agree with you completely, Alan. And don’t omit Aaron’s attack on the very mate he was attracted to!

        This interview is very strange, IMHO. Aaron has never stated that he loves Jackson – it’s a point of ugly contention among many viewers – and even told Jackson just before the train accident that he “didn’t” love him. So what is this all about? What kind of spin is DM going for here?

        Jackson’s fate seems dire to me because his mum Hazel is contracted through the end of the year while MS is out spring/early summer. There’s no way Hazel would let Jackson move away and just remain in the village. So I’m thinking he’s headed for a grave exit.

    • Like yourself, really at a loss to understand where DM is coming from! Could it be insecurity around fans positive reaction to Jackson & his portrayal by Marc?

  3. DM is ready for the storyline to be over Mark he’ll never come out and say it but you can look at some of his responses when he talk in interviews to known it all BS like I said before this is coming to an end soon real soon

    • I think you’re right. This is the clearest evidence to that effect. Well, I think Marc Silcock is a brilliant actor and has many great things ahead of him. Shame he had to put up with this foolishness.

  4. i am one of those who wants them to stay together, they have to they’re aaron and jackson for god sake….. they need eachother.

    • I feel your pain….but I don’t think it is meant to be. 😦

  5. I wanted tio send this comment in december, but i had a lot of work. This is my goodbye message (temporary or permanent) to Emmerdale. I decided to stop watching for different reasons (too long to write , even with 20 comments). It depends in part if the contract is renewed or Mark Silcox not in 2011. I apologize if I shocked by my comment, but that’s what I think. It’s about the character of Jackson. It is traditional that the gay characters in TV series live a tragic fate, but this is the first time I watch a gay character to be destroyed as much physically and psychologically in such a short time. Even if it is to allow authors to write new situations for the characters. Since the gag of the car accident in two parts (the first part was perfect), because adding a train? was it necessary? Why not a plane, then a boat like in cartoons. Fortunately, the actors are excellent. To summarize, a young building contractor in full health, a good life, optimism has become six months later, her head resting on a weelchair in despair and loneliness. I think it would have been more dignified for the characters of Aaron and especially Jackson, that he dies in car accident. This would have prevented the continuation of this extremely tragic fate can not bring the tears. Tears of despair or laugh. It also tears of laughter as Bette Midler and Paul O ‘Grady crying, laughing when Danny Miller also summarized the role of Jackson and part of his future. Imitation of Paul O’Grady’s character Jackson is outrageous. I found Danny Miller disrespectful of the work of Mark Silcox. I fully understand that Bette Midler laughs. What shocked me is that they can have this behavior in the wings, but not on a TV show. What three people and the public have forgotten while they were laughing their sick joke is that in real life, real people live the fate of the character of Jackson and watched and laughed mocking their suffering. These people have to feel deeply humiliated. The author wrote to Pierre Desproges: You can laugh at everything, but not with anyone. This is one of the reasons I decided to stop watching Emmerdale.

  6. I apologize for my english, I used a translation software. I’m not english.

    • Raptah there is no need for apologies, you put your point very well and you echo what I and I know others feel.

      I genuinely believe there are two problems here:

      One is with the story of Aaron and Jackson with Marc the real victim in every sense of the word of the writers and late producers obsession wit sensationalism. As you say, a car accident was quite enough there was no need to add the train, but you see in the UYK the Thursday episodes are shown in two parts, so disasters, like that one and last weks fire can occur in part one and it sets up the viewers for episode 2 half an hour later.

      That explains but excuses some of the really stupid plotlines.

      The second problem concerns the actor Danny Miller, who, as Mark. Mikel and myself have pointed out, is plainly unhappy at being “made to play” a gay man and he loses no opportunity to let evryone know he isn’t gay and so we have the dismal “birds and footie” talk in his interviews. Happily for him, a week after he came out as “Aaron” he and the production team of ED just happened to let the press know he was dating an actress on the show.

      I think in many ways DM, though he can handle the crying and self loathing part of the character, has problems in that he seems somewhat immature even for a 20 year old. He is also IMO becoming increasingly big headed and trying to act the “star” – by his own admission he was touting for votes yesterday in radio studios for HIS performance, HIS character. I honestly can’t recall any other soap actor in the UK actually asking for votes in the way he is – the actors usually say nothing more than such and such an award ceremony is coming up.

      I think he has been told too often by too many people that he is a “great actor” and he is now acting up to that. The “Calendar” interview posted on You Tube, his attitude and the way he cuts across Marc all the time, treating him like a stooge is very telling.

      In the early days, though I didn’t “like” Aaron, I understood him and had sympathy with his problems, but now I just find the chracter shallow and selfish, and in all honesty, that is how I find DM.

      I just find any suggestion that Aaron “loves” Jackson unbelieveable. Though not gay, it is plain in their scenes together Paddy and Marlon love each other far more than Aaron could ever love anyone (except possibly himself). Aaron seemed to have more affection for Adam (though interestingly Aaron/Adam and even Aaron/Paddy scenes are now kept to a minimum).

      I fear we are beginning to see “The Danny Miller Show” each evening, and people like Marc, Dominic, Adam, James etc are just used as bit part players. A serial is an ensemble piece and each character has his/her own place. No actor should believe he is the star or the main attraction and I fear that is what is happening here

      • I think you’re correct about DM’s head getting a bit inflated. I listened to his recent radio interview earlier this week – 13 minutes in which he and the host plugged for votes and not ONE mention that both Emmerdale and Marc Silcock were also nominated. That was very telling to me.

        I don’t think DM ever expected he’d have a real rival for viewer affections. He tweeted that this news story about viewers wanting Aaron to dump Jackson had been overblown. He complained that he’s been getting a lot of nasty tweets from fans who didn’t like his interview. Maybe that will be a wake-up call.

  7. This is one outrageous article/interview and what frustrating me more is that DM seems enjoying and kinda proud of giving this kind of interview. I was intended to write a long post regarding this absurd article, however, since many of u already vented out ur feeling…so i’m not gonna do it just 2 save u guys from reading some of my wraths that will fall upon Aaron/DM.

    Ah well….screw that….here’s coming:
    * First and most important: DM, plz, stop saying Aaron loves Jackson in future interviews for that will drive viewers crazy. They’re never gonna believe any of it, ever. Alan and others already made some good points and I just wanna say one thing….That is, what is lack in affection/actions on screen, the writers/director(s)/DM are sure of using WORDS to make up 4 it.

    * “Eventually, he respects Jackson’s wishes” <—- enough already…geez

    * "Jackson’s so caught up in his depression that he’s not making things easy for Aaron” <—- I would love 2 see that

    * "Jackson hasn’t been the nicest person recently"….like Alan said totally paralysis hasn't been easy on Jackson…but to be pointed out like that by DM is just plain cruel

    * "Under normal circumstances, Aaron would have kicked him into touch.” one simple sentence to summarize Aaron's character…and how ironic that was since DM was the one who said it

    One side note though, people might argue over the fact that there might be more to the Aarson's storyline that can't b conveyed due 2 short screening time (30 mins weekday)…however, should we care about that for I think given how short each episode is, writers/directors and actors ( especially DM ) should use that time wisely and give theirs best effort.

  8. When I read the headline, I was like WTF!!! Is Danny deluded or what? I don’t know where he got his facts, but I’m pretty sure most fans are rooting for Aaron & Jackson to stick together. With this statement, it has become clear that there’s no hope for AarSon. And here I was, all this time, thinking Jackson will miraculously walk again and they’d be together forever. Silly me! I should have read between the lines. The train crash. The paralysis. Jackson’s character is as good as done. Damn you ED! Damn you for making me fall in love with AarSon so much!

    • I don’t think they need to stay together. I think Jackson is a good character in his own right, and doesn’t need Aaron/Danny to survive. In fact I think it would be good, both for the story and for viewers who are disabled, for Jackson to find happiness and a sense of contmentment with somebody else – perhaps Joe. After all, he is still basically the same man he was when he could walk. It is understandable that he would experience a period of intense depression (and he seems to be getting no more physchological help than he is medical) I think it would also be possible and not incredible for him to regain some movement to his upper body, with intensive physiotherapy and the help and encouragement of somebody who could become special to him. They have done more incredible stories – like for example, on Fuire Night when it seemed everyone had gone to bed and taken sleeping tablets and gone into a coma – not one of the residents in Victoria Cottage either hearing the crackling of the fire, or the light from the flames shooting everywhere, not to mention the banging on doors and shouting.

      I hate the way ED have written Jackson off – and of course, DM, who frankly, seems a little jealous that what he probably considers a bit player has won the affection and loyalty of so many viewers.

      • Alan, I second your last paragraph – and your description of the fire was spot-on, hysterically so. I watched it, thinking, “Am I the only one who thinks this whole thing is a waste of good kindling?” Glad to know it wasn’t a cultural thing I was missing on.

  9. We want Jackson to walk again and we want the writers to admit they fucked up the whole storyline! DM has got this wrong.

  10. Why don’t most off you stop picking faults with aaron/danny miller he didn’t mean for jackson to be paralyesed did he ? No ! And so what if he wants the world to know he isn’t really gay so what if your gay then thats fine if your not thats fine aswell god ! And so what if on paul O grady he had a laugh it aint real yeah people are in a wheel chairs and are like jackson in the show but he isn’t like that in real life is he

  11. And another thing he deserves credit i’m sure you wanted to win a competition some time in your life so what get over it paul O grady is funny what the Fuck did you want him to do sit there while everyone laughs obviously he has feelings and doesn’t treat ppl in wheel chairs bad for all you know someone in his family could be in a wheel chair if everyone took everything seriously what a bore we would all be someone i know in a wheel chair laughed at paul o grady you people have no idea seriously

    • We have no idea, Channy,? Well after your very erudite defence of Mr Miller, including 4 letter words, we must bow to your superior intelect! 🙂

      The point is Danny Miller doesn’t need to drag in the fact that he is a straight man playing a gay man at every opportunity. He is supposed to be a great actor.

      As I have said before, you don’t get actors playing murderers going on TV to nnounce they don’t commit a murder every week in real life, I am sure “DC Henshaw” will not be announcing on the Paul O Grady show that one of his off-screen hobbies is being an arsonist, an actor playing Othello will not tell TV Quick that he researched the role by strangling his wife.

      But what do I know? I didn’t even realise that Paul O’Grady was a comedian – he’s never made me laugh, not even in drag.

      But thanks for your advice and gudiance. Each time I write now, I will have to bear in mind I might cause you to have a hissy fit.

  12. Marc is a good actor too and he said danny deserves to be noticed i’m sure you speak over ppl from time to time so your probably describing yourselves some way or the other so ..
    . .:

    • Sorry Channy, I just spoke over you…. and one other thing, it is not usual practice for actors up for awards going on radio and TV to tout for votes.

      That sort of behaviour, and other pointers, suggests that Danny is a rather insecure immature man.

  13. Where is Danny getting his info from??? We LOVE Jackson and want him to stay!!!

  14. That doesn’t make any sense coz 1 you didn’t talk over me and 2 how do you figure out he is insecure and immature ?

  15. How is he immature when he said he should stay by jackson

  16. And the reason he is going on t.v and radio is because they asked him to because he is getting noticed 4 being a gone actor and there Nowt wrong with asking 4 ppl to vote 4 you and he said he wants ppl to vote and help him win 4 Emmerdale and Gavin Blyth how is that immature or selfish or self centered

    • hanny the point of a joke is lost if you have to spell it out. I inserted my first reply between your 1st and second message therefore “speaking over”?. Oh, forget it.

      Here you have made 3 posts when you could have done it one.

      I’ve answered No 1

      No 2: I didn’t say he was “immature because he should stand by Jackson.

      I was talking about Danny Miller here not his character. It is immature to keep repeating you are straight. See my original reply to you when I suggested that actors who play arsonists etc don’t have to keep reassuring viewers they don’t do it in real life

      No 3: It IS – believe me – not usual – to go on radio and TV and ask for votes for yourself. By all means suggest you vote for the show (and his co-star, though Danny probably doesn’t see Marc as that). Usually you do not ask for votes, even getting down to suggesting it is a memorial to your late producer, which seems a bit uncharacteristically sentimental for Danny.

      Perhaps you haven’t watched all the DM interviews but since his awards last year (and I have said they were well deserved), he seems to have become very egocentric – every interview is about him. There are times you could be forgiven for thinking he was the only actor on Emmerdale.

      I don’t want to incur your wrath any further, but judging by his lukewarm performances since last Summer, where he is trying to convince he viewers his character is gay, looking ever more embarrassed in the attempt, I don’t think he merits an award this year. Marc does for the depth of his performance in what must be one of the most difficult roles for an able-bodied actor. You can believe that “Jackson” really is in despair and disabled much more than you can believe Aaron is gay.

  17. I aint going to argues with someone as ignorant as you but if you going to say something think about it before you make a fool out of yourself any more than you already have done Hahahahaha

    • O.K. Channy – or may I call you Vicky Pollard?.

      I don’t think I have made quite as big a fool of myself as your goodself with your terrible mangling of the English langauge (you “argue” with somebody not “argues” for example, and is “Hahahahaha” a word used outside the infant school playground?)), and I manage to say what I want to without having to resort to the “F” word or personal abuse.

      Still, nice trying to speak to you. Cheerio.

  18. Obviously he aint going to say he is an arsonist hence danny isn’t saying he is gay drr I aint going to argues with someone as ignorant as you but if you going to say something think about it before you make a fool out of yourself any more than you already have done Hahahahaha

    • You’ve already said that 10 minutes ago

    • Danny – I mean, Channy – they need you back on set. There’s a thrilling scene in which Aaron expresses his affection for Jackson. He stands from outside and waves. Another great ep for DM!

      • Mark…that’s hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing…hurts so much. Cheers 4 that man!

  19. Mark are you being funny

  20. Alan…..nice come back man ^_^ feel better reading ur comments, though u dont have 2 put up with that. Some of Aaron’s fans are a little stubborn, much like their DM which i find a bit interesting in a ironical way.

    BTW, the whole “Jackson’s so caught up in his depression that he’s not making things easy for Aaron.” is quite intriguing. I really want to see how Marc’s gonna play that cause the only thing he could do now is using his words.

    It’s also hard 2 to see how many emotional events are gonna fall on Jackson in the next 2 weeks, and in a almost continuous way

    • Harry – check out the preview of Tuesday’s episode and tell me what you think. Even with such constricted movement, Marc does an amazing job of communicating his depression. So hard to watch.

      Slightly off-topic, is there a way to PM folks to talk off the boards about this show and others they like? I’d love to get to know so many of you better. Great comments here and I really enjoy the viewpoints! Thanks for that.

  21. At least he famous your all jealouse

    • I rest my case ^_^

  22. Don’t know how I’ve missed this thread but I’ve just found it and it’s hilarious. Alan and Mark, some great comments. Keep them coming!

    • Thanks Sharon, but we have to be careful. If I upset Channy too much I think he/she might squeam and squeam till they make themselves sick.

      Harry, if you thought this interview with Miller was poor, no doubt you have read the latest “I am a great actor and it’s my decision” one. I don’t know how ED managed to survive from 1972 to 1991 till the new Laurence Olivier was born! 🙂

      • Alan, very funny again, you really did upset Channy didn’t you? Have you read the interviews by Marc on his twitter page. Very intriguing, especially the one about A & J upcoming storyline, opened my eyes a bit. If you read them, let me know what you think.

  23. Yes Sharon, it just confirms to me that Marc is a really nice bloke who sees himself as part of a team, and isn’t jealous of his co-star’s popularity, and probably doesn’t quibble with the writers about what he will or won’t do.

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