Posted by: Kimbaforeva | January 18, 2011

Spoilers: Jan / Feb

Monday 24th: Jackson reckons Aaron’s spending too much time at Dale Head, but Aaron disagrees. Later, as they sit watching a DVD together, Jackson insists Aaron should go to the pub for last orders – but Aaron claims he’d rather be with Jackson.

Tuesday 25th: Jackson tells Aaron that he doesn’t want him to sacrifice everything to be his carer. Aaron tries to avoid the conversation, but Jackson insists that he needs to find a balance in his life and not be held back. Aaron reluctantly agrees that he’ll go to the pub if that will make Jackson happy, but is it a hollow victory for Jackson?

Wednesday 26th: Jackson uses his video diary to voice his concerns over Aaron. But Aaron still turns up at lunchtime and suggests lunch at The Woolpack. Jackson agrees but later admits to Hazel that he loves Aaron too much to let him waste his life looking after him.

Thursday 27th (7pm): Aaron is annoyed with Paddy for speaking to Jackson about the amount of time they are spending together. Later, Jackson persuades Aaron to spend the evening without him.

Thursday 27th  (8pm): Everyone tries to make Aaron realise that he can care for Jackson but still have a life of his own too. Aaron calls in to see Jackson afterwards and promises that the following night he will go out and have some fun.

Friday 28th: Aaron spots Jackson in the pub with his carer Joe and confirms he is heading into town with Adam, Ryan and Debbie. Jackson declines an invite to join them and as they head off, Aaron briefly reappears to give him a quick kiss before heading out.

Monday 31st: Adam and Aaron visit Bar West, where they play pool and are joined by Flynn, who thrashes them. When Aaron makes a joke about hunting him down if he doesn’t go easy with the next game, Flynn cheekily suggests Aaron could give him his number instead and Aaron’s struck by a wave of attraction towards him. Later, when Jackson quizzes him about his night, Aaron fails to mention the encounter to Jackson. Feeling conflicted, Aaron hides his guilt.



  1. Totally ignored the spoilers ( which I already knew few days ago )…..just enjoying images of Jackson…..he’s just getting more handsome every time he appears on screen….BTW, not sure what’s going on with the second pic…but loving the moment between those two ^_^

    • Harry, it looks to me in the second pic that Jackson is having an emotional moment and Joe is comforting him. That’s just my view.

      Man, I am really hating this story. Here you have a guy who is gay, out and proud, young, alive, open to love and he suffers more than any one else. Even in the hell he’s in, he’s still willing to give up on his love to ensure another’s happiness. And there’s no hope for him, which just makes the story torture.

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself. It sums up everything that is wrong with this “educational and positive” storyline.

  2. Jackson is going to cut Aaron loose so that it doesn’t look like Aaron is rejecting him because of his disability. Jackson seems very interested in his carer so it doesn’t seem like they are leaving the paralysed guy all alone.

    Alright, go ahead and soothe your consciences Emmerdale for destroying a story that could have gone in a whole new direction without a tragedy. Yes, some soaps have managed to handle a breakup and/or continue a story without killing or completely paralysing anyone.

    You know, i thought i had accepted the outcome of this story a few episodes ago but i feel my resolve is breaking. I can’t wait to meet Flynn and get this over with.

    P.S I still love Aaron and Jackson. Emmerdale is yet to win me back.

  3. You’re not the only one feeling angry and betrayed by this story, Elsie. Jackson could have just moved out of the town and left Aaron to stew and suffer as only he can. The writers chose the most ugly twist and it really sends a homophobic message to young people out there, whether intended or not.

    • Thank you for understanding the state i’m in.

      • Jackson deserves to find happiness and love. After all, even though disabled he is still the same man – obviously damaged emotionally, but still totally unselfish and kind, but I feel with the right man he could be happy. Perhaps Joe will become more than a carer to Jackson. Frankly Aaron’s love (if that is what it is) isn’t worth having, and for his own sake, I hope Jackson realises it in time.

        Aaron will always care more for himself than anybody else – in a way it’s a pity Nathan wasn’t gay, they rather deserved each other, both selfish and with a nasty side to their natures

  4. Not to sound like an ahole but the message as you put it to me is clear that there are no gay writers on this storyline some one said it before and I agree with them if there had been this wouldn’t have happen at all even if Marc aka Jackson is leaving the out come would have been much different so much different !!!

  5. To me It seem that the spoilers dictates that this story line is loving and sedimental but when it is acted out and you watch it you get let down because it not portrayed on screen (hmmm I wonder why lol)

  6. Alan, I think I went blind for a minute imagining an Aaron/Nathan pairing. Hee. I so wish for Jackson to find somebody who genuinely loves him.

    You can make the argument that Jackson needs to stop pushing Aaron away, but he probably senses Aaron’s heart is genuine and his attention is more borne of guilt.

  7. Just by looking at these pictures, it seems to me that not only Jackson thinks that Aaron is spending too much time with him but also Jackson is kind of interested in his *carer. I mean look at the picture above, there is one where Jackson’s carer is leaning so close to Jackson that it looks like they are more than just carer and patient… So i’m thinking maybe the producers are using Aaron and Jackson’s relationship as like an excuse to have a twist in the storyline…What i mean is not that people don’t like Aaron and Jackson being together(well maybe some people actually like to see them not being together) its just that the producers want us to have a different feel of this new storyline i guess. Aside from that, personally it’s hard for me to choose what side I want to be. AS of right now, I think Aaron’s happiness is the key point in this story. We all know that Aaron’s life and his role in Emmerdale has been hell and has ups and downs, but aside from that I do realize that Aaron has become so much happier when he has declared his feelings to Jackson and that he doesn’t hate himself for being who he is and etc… But at the same time, I begin to see Aaron and Jackson’s relationship has become different. It’s like Aaron is sticking by because he thinks it’s his responsibility to take care of Jackson and that Jackson needs his care instead of Aaron truly loving Jackson and wants to be with him that way. So afterall i think maybe it’s good to see some changes in Aaron’s life now that he’s going to have a new love interest soon.

    • Kara: I think the key to Aaron’s current relationship with Jackson is one of guilt. Aaron is very keenly sensitive to how people will think of him. He feels guilty because he thinks his phone call on the night of the accident caused the accident. He also feels guilty because he couldn’t tell Jackson he loved him – I don’t think he did, or does. In his own way Aaron feels gratitude to J and feels now he can’ abandom him. Yet here we have during Xmas week Aaron assuring Jackson he’ll “always be there for him”, and just after Xmas for the best part of three weeks he disappears to the wilds of Bristol on business. Considering his employer is his uncle, I am sure he could have got out of that onorous task (I was disappointed BTW considering it took so long to track down that elusive part, that Aaron came back in that old wreck – I was expecting at least a Model T Ford being restored for the London to Brighon Veteran Car Rally!).

      With respect you say “I think Aaron’s happiness is the key point in this story”. But isn’t it always?. Paddy treats him like a son and gets beaten up for his pains, but is forgiven. Jackson pays his debts, forgives him violent physical and verbal abuse and Adam nearly got run down by a car, yet saves Aaron from self-sought death, gets no thanks for it, and resumes the friendship, going so far as to go to clubs with him to help him stop feeling isolated. The whole village spare Aaron any embarrassment. Everyone wills Aaron to be happy – And so on…..

      If love is about anything it is about sharing and putting others before yourself. Now, given the go-ahead by Jackson (who has always put Aaron first) Aaron goes out and finds another bloke in double quick time. And Aaron loves Jackson, does he? Not very deeply, if at all IMO.

      Let’s be honest: Aaron can be a selfish moody arrogant and sometimes violent lad. He is sometimes a miniature Cain. He uses his past misfortunes in a sense to justify his wayward behaviour. He is never really grateful for what he has.

      It’s time the writers of ED stopped worrying just about Aaron’s happiness and started thinking about others in the serial who have had rotten times – Ryan for one, but especially Jackson, who has lost more than most. Let’s keep Jackson in ED and find him some real happiness with somebody who deserves him.

  8. i agree with what u are saying but we all knew that this was going to happen enventually, both the actors said that they dont want aaron and jackson to stay together for ever, although they could have put a better spin on it than this. i still think the storyline is portrayed really well xx

    • I have no problems with A & J splitting up – in fact I believe it would be in Jackson’s best interests, but I don’t want J to die because t sends out a message to disabled viewers that they would be better off dead, and almost seems like an extra punishment to J for loving Aaron in the first place.

      I am sorry to keep labouring the point but I just find Danny Miler unconvincing now. I know the scenes are short, I know he is young, and I know – we all know- because he keeps telling us – he is straight, but “great actor”?.

      Just at random, here is IMO an example of great acting by somebody half Danny’s age from ED, and without a word of dialogue just look at James Sutton’s portrayal of Ryan, a mixture of sadness and pain, between 2’00-3’25” secs:

      • James Sutton is remarkable. I was recently watching his Hollyoaks eps and deeply impressed with his work there.

        Just saw the spoilers have been revised and looked at the Feb. 1 ep – my birthday – and I think I’ll be skipping this episode. Too damn depressing to watch. 😦

  9. Have a good birthday Tuesday week Mark – by coincidence James Sutton is the day before you 31st January.

    I have to confess I never saw Hollyoaks, but I think his character is in the true sense of the word beautiful in ED – he could look like the back of a bus, but still be beautiful because of his nature – kind, giving, loyal and what I especially like abt his character is the way, after the terror of being framed and imprisoned although he was rightly angry he did’nt want anything for himself – he put Will first. I know I would have wanted revenge – that tape would have been with the police within the hour. Again, when Aaron feels sorry for himself abt being abandoned, he got thrown out of his dad’s house because he attacked his new wife. Poor Ryan spent his first 20+ years thinking his dad died before he was born, then when he met his dad as an adult his dad didn’t want to know him, so he had a double rejection – all the more reason why he could have been forgiven for getting the money for himself rather than thinking of Will

    If only Jackson could have found a gay version of Ryan, because both have very similar qualities

    As an actor he can do more with his eyes than most and I think it is very sad that he is not given a greater role in the serial, and is very underused. Had it been Aaron helping to put the fire out last week, he would have been carried through the village on everyone’s shoulders, but because it was “only” Ryan he has barely been mentioned, but he and Andy doubtless saved more casulties than the two there were

  10. Thank you for that news, Alan – I should ring James up and demand a joint birthday celebration – but only if you’ll join us!

    Ryan really is a great character. I have to admit, I was sad when Maisie left town – I kept hoping for some soap opera-ish twist in which she would find out she was adopted or illegitimate (I know, deeply stupid on my part) and that she and Ryan could be together. They had mad chemistry. In some small defense of the E staff, I wonder if the loss of the producer just caused all sorts of chaos behind the scenes and they’re still trying to find their footing. Gavin seemed to be a true leader there.

    If you can get onto YouTube, I strongly urge you to check out James’ work as “Hollyoaks’ ” John-Paul, a young man who has a couple of tumultuous relationships with other men as he sorts his feelings. It’s quite a great story and he was magnificent in it playing a young man coming to terms with his sexuality. (hmm…that story seems familiar somehow….) And Hollyoaks is much more honest about affection. Well worth your time.

    • Thanks Mark I’ll catch up with it. Interestingly here in the UK Channel 4 is a commercial channel not unlike ITV, and Hollyoaks airs at 6.30 p.m. half an hour b4 Emmerdae on ITV1. There is also a weekend daytime repeat I believe

  11. When I’m referring to aarons happiness, I’m not referring to relationships with other ppl necessarily! I’m focusing mainly on his relationship with Jackson!! Back then way before he was attracted to Jackson, his life was horrible, he’s having a miserable life(suicide attempts and hating himself for being who he is and etc) but because of the accident, his relationship with Jackson grew and Aaron became to realize who is important in his life( at least to a point that he knew he wasn’t happy when he’s not with Jackson) in addition, he has been more comfortable with who he is, and so because of that he knows that being with Jackson makes him happy and it’s easy for us to know because he tries so hard to do all he can to express his love to Jackson!! And now because the producers think aarons guilt toward jackson’s accident has been over love and so just call it off? Well fine that’s acceptable if things really don’t work out bw the two but if they r not together just because Aaron has too much guilt I think it’s a bit nonsense! Like Aaron himself knows what’s best for him and Jackson and he has tried his very best all along to kind of hide that guilt( my personal thought) I don’t see why seeing them not ring together would do any gd!! Because to be honest to be with someone that u care, it’s some sort of responsibility when u decide to commit to that person right! Therefore in aarons case, why can’t ppl just shift their attention from having guilt to because Aaron loves Jackson tht he wants to be with him?

    • Kara, with respect I think the problem is it is hard to believe Aaron is with Jackson for love. Last nights episode for example, you felt that Aaron was there because he felt he should be, rather than because he wanted to be.

      TBH with you, I don’t know if this is down to the script (I suppose to be fair it might be) but Danny just looks totally ill at ease when he has scnes with Jackson – the physical contact looks forced rather than spontaneous – almost as if the actor is having to grit his teeth before he touches him.

      If we are to believe Aaron loves Jackson it has got to look spontaneous – as I see it, A’s character just looks stilted.

      In any case, if Aaron is going to fall so quickly for a new man, it shows his feelings for Jackson are not that deep to start with.

      • We’ll know soon enough DM’s comfort level when he interacts with the new guy. That will be the clearest sign of what’s going on behind the scenes.

  12. Kara, I think you have a good point there, but the writers are pushing the story in another, darker direction. I do think that Aaron felt love for Jackson – he just couldn’t say the words at the time he needed to. When I think back to that fateful argument before the train accident, Aaron was screaming “You’ve got me” to Jackson and desperate to reach him by phone. He couldn’t bear the thought of going on without Jackson. Now Jackson truly needs him and, judging from the spoilers, Aaron’s family and friends will be encouraging him to take up with this new bloke.

    I don’t want to see any of it. Watching Jackson become more and more depressed is not entertainment.

  13. Mark, thanks for sharing your thoughts:) Ya the producers/writers are the ones who are killing off their story! They are the one to be blamed for!! At this moment, I think there’s no point of sticking to Aaron and Jackson’s relationship anymore because most people really start to believe that the chemistry that Aaron and Jackson used to have is gone! Most people just want to shift their attention to how Jackson will finish things with Aaron and i guess enjoy Aaron being attracted to his new love interest!

    • Hi, Kara – I fear you are correct about the state of A&J. Given that the story is just so hard to sit through, many viewers will want to fast-forward to anything other else. I, for one, have no interest in watching Aaron hook up with a new guy while Jackson implodes at home.

      • Hi Mark, you know what TBH I think me and you are on the same page:) I feel like I’m sitting in between two different stories here! One is A+J’s, the one that I’ve been following along and have liked watching it(I guess you can sort of sense that I still like watching it now); whereas one where Aaron is attracted to a new guy. So i guess the only solution that can make me feel better (or possibly you) is let’s just hope that Jackson can walk again or at least have some sensations in his upper body so then he can at least hold someone’s hands or hug someone. However, that *someone maybe Joe if he’s gay and that might last for a while before Aaron comes back to Jackson’s arms…? How does that sound?

  14. Hi, Kara – I would love for the ED writers to let up on Jackson (and by extension, us) by allowing him some form of recovery. It is not out of the realm of possibility and if you look back at those hospital episodes, they did leave a narrow window open in the scenes of the diagnosis.

    That said, I fear the introduction of that damn prop – Jackson’s videocamera – is an omen that Jackson’s time in the village is limited. I do think the show is setting us up for another death, so DM can do what he does so very well, cry buckets oncamera after he finds a trove of videos from Jackson. At this point, I’m so bothered by the story I think I’d be better off hitting myself with a hammer. It would be more entertaining.

  15. Mark, i personally don’t think or don’t wish that Jackson is going to die. Because I think the whole videocamera thing is just Jackson is voicing out his concerns for Aaron and maybe telling him how they have been together all along…&until now. Btw, have you read the interview that DM has done? If you haven’t, you should read it and i think that will give us a really clear insight about what will happen with Aaron’s story and maybe something about Aaron + Jackson that we’ve missed before and why it’s the way it’s it between them.

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