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Video Preview: 25th January

Jackson tells Aaron he doesn’t want him to sacrifice everything to be his carer, but will he listen?

These scenes will air on Tuesday 25th January, 7pm on ITV1.



  1. I Feel for Jackson, I really do. Marc is playing the part so well, and does so much with his body language (despite the fact he is essentially prohibited to). As sad as the storyline is becoming, it still hits home realistically.

  2. Just wow. Marc manages to communicate so much frustration and depression in just that bit. I was struck at how he keeps his head low the entire time. He’s lashing out at Aaron because he doesn’t think he has anything to offer him. This story’s very realism is just grinding its viewers down. It’s practically unbearable to watch.

  3. Likewise Mark ! Thing is we haven’t had a chance 2 enjoy a “physio massage” yet and here we are, we have 2 watch this…geez. Anyway, Marc just shines in every single frame that he appears in.
    Aaron is being attentive (which is a good thing) though 2 the point of ignoring everything else including Jackson’s feeling. Have Aaron taken some times to actually focus on Jackson’s emotion , things might be a bit different. But hey it’s Aaron we’re talking about here, so…yeah

    • Yeah, Harry, if Aaron could recall a couple months back, he’d realize Jackson is pushing him away out of pride. But he’s young…and not too bright…Sigh. Poor Jackson.

  4. I think Jackson knows deep down that Aaron is acting out of a sense of duty and not love, and giving him his freedom is his way of keeping his pride and dignity.

    Marc’s performance is so brilliant you can believe he is seriously disabled. I think this is the real difference between Marc and Danny. Danny speaks the lines, Marc FEELS them.

    • Marc really does embody the character here – which almost sounds like a joke given that he has so many constraints played against him – I really do feel as if I’m watching a paralyzed man here. His work is so grounded, Jackson’s plight is heartbreaking. He’s lost so much and now he’s giving up the man he loves so unselfishly. If there was any character who deserved some happiness, it’s Jackson.

      • It breaks you up to see the destruction of a good man and Marc’s portrayal is so bleak and honest that you feel that the writers are not prepared to improve Jackson’s outlook.
        Surely by now his mum or his doctors would see that he is severely depressed (understandably) and try to offer him help. He appears to see nobody except his mum, his carer and Aaron when he is not tracking down rare antique car parts. In real life he would certainly still be being seen on an outpatient basis at the hospital

        What makes it worse is you feel the reason this isn’t happening is because the ED producers and writers have already moved on from Jackson, lost interest and have given up on him, which is a disaster for the series, and more importantly for the actor concerned. He is one of EDs best (and they have some big and impressive names like Freddie Jones a very distinguished film and theatre actor).

        You get the feeling (or I do) that Marc was used as a wooden horse to get Pauline Quirke to sign a long term contract a she is a fairly big name in the UK TV world, hence giving him a temporary extension on his contract.

        I’d happily lose Hazel and Aaron to keep Jackson.

        I really dont know how I manage to continue to watch this terribly sombre story – if Ryan, Marlon and Paddy were not around I think I’d have to give up altogther on it.

  5. jackson just didnt have the courage yet to look straight into aaron’s eyes and tell him “i dont want you to be with me anymore!”I feel like he’s just using Joe(his carer) to push aaron away and finish things with him. But deep down, Jackson loves Aaron so much that he doesn’t even know how to face Aaron anymore (including in the future) because he knows that Aaron and himself will not have a good future together!

  6. I totally agree with the excellence of the acting, but I am so saddened by the direction this storyline has taken. Aaron & Jackson could have gone so far & done so much together as a couple, overcoming everyday issues & held strong by their love for each other.They overcame so much to become a couple & now its heart wrenching to see what is happening to them.

    • With you on that one, LadyCarole. What the heck did they – or us – do to deserve such a torturous story?

      • I just looked back at some old eps & YT vids of the two of them, smiling, laughing, flirting with each other. That mischievous grin of Jacksons when he played with Aaron. His eyes danciing with laughter.
        Yes a good question Mark.. what did we do to deserve missing out on so much more.. sigh

  7. Alan, I’m with you on that one – this story is just so depressing, it’s a killer. And Marc just gets better and better. The sheer ignorance of those around him – Jackson is refusing physio, have his hair combed or even his teeth brushed. He’s depressed, people!

    The only upside is that Marc is getting a body of work on tape that will help him advance his career. To be able to convey so much emotion with so little movement is a real achievement. Some smart show will snap him up. He’s just too damn good.

    • The only good thing about depression is that it makes you very aware of depression in others,you develop an affinity. Aaron has to remember back less than ten months to when he was in that pit of darkness himself – when he told Adam he wished he had left him to die. Adam helped him through it by being with him, listening to him and finally helping him to laugh again – then he went further by even ging to clubs with him so Aaron didn’t feel so alone.

      At no time did Adam ever look as if he wished he was somewhere else. He never looked uncomfortable or ill at ease.

      If Aaron wants to help Jackson he has got to be towards him like Adam was to him. He also needs to encourage Jackson to seek help and if J can’t talk to Aaron then he has to start talking to somebody – but there is only Aaron, mum and Joe – all people he may not feel able to be totally frank with – everyone else seems to have deserted him, including the hospital professionals.

      It is disturbing and shameful that this story has been allowed to become as bleak as it has

      • I’m a broken record, but I just don’t get the “end game” here. What is the point of this horribly depressing story? The only thing I can figure is that they’re leading up to an assisted suicide exit for Jackson, and that’s such an ugly statement to gays as well as the disabled that I can hardly believe they’d go there. And yet everyday we seem to inch closer to that.

        The lack of medical follow-up for Jackson is ridiculous. Hazel is smart enough to recognize Jackson is falling apart but she doesn’t seem to recognize. Aaron, as usual, is as thick as a brick. Are we to really sit through and watch Jackson have his heart ripped apart when Aaron takes up with a new man?

        I think I might have to give this show a break.

  8. Have u guys watched last night episode? Marc’s acting was great, keeping me focus on Jackson most of the time…and u can feel the energy in Jackson is slowly slipping away. Jackson might not feel anything but viewers like us can feel it through his’s eyes, those that once sparkled with humor and passion, now just full of sadness and can’t face the world….tragic

    On a brighter note, The part where he sang “unchained melody” …didn’t see it coming…just plain killed me lol and Love Pearl….she made Jackson cracked a smile and also kinda guilty to enjoy how much Jackson get on everyone’s nerve

    • It does feel as if Jackson’s spirit is leaving his very body. Marc is just great. I didn’t expect the singing either. Wished we could have heard more of it. Jackson was once a guy who greeted the world with strength and compassion and he’s been reduced to this. What an ugly arc. Don’t know if I can watch the next month of eps, I have to be honest. I just feel gutted.

  9. Havent seen tonight’s ep yet, but I Wws sad to see Aaron looking uncomfortable at taking over Jackson’s physio. One would have thought he would have been shown how to do this by now. Plus the little kiss on his forehead ? We know Aaron isn’t renown for his overspilling passion, but surely he must be able to sense his lovers broken spirit & want to scoop him up in a hug & a proper kiss?

    • I had the same reaction to the physio – Aaron should know how to do this by now. Apparently he’s a bit slower than we think. And he’s never been one for much affection, has he? I think this is the first time we’ve actually seen him caress Jackson’s head in any manner since the accident.

  10. The ITV bosses, let alone EDs would never allow it, but I really think Aaron is supposed to be somebody who is attracted to men, and sex, but really doesn’t want affection or to show affection. Given where he is, I rather suspect that Aaron would be happier having anonymous sexual encounters (to put it crudley a “zip and go” situation). That way he would never have to see any of his conquests again, and wouldn’t have to pretend.

    The reason I say this is because when I started work, I worked in a sports centre run by a local authority. We had the usual stuff – swimming pool, gym….and a sauna. I was only 16 and green as grass, and I couldn’t understand why so many men seemed to come into the sauna on a hot summer sunny Saturday, for example as soon as we opened in the morning and stayed all day. Within a few weeks I did. There were lots of “Aaron’s” – young and older, some married who were looking for – “fun” – seems the best euphamism. As soon as they left they were straight as a die again – till the next time. You got to know the regulars and provided nobody complained a blind eye was turned. I worked there a couple of years and there was never any complaints, although sometimes the behaviour of some of them was pretty blatant.

    Given that Aaron seems to find being gay embarrassing that would probably be the route he went down. Obviously ED is very unlikely to persue such a storyline, but it would seem more plausible frankly.

    • Alan, I think you’re right about Aaron’s probable preference – in the States we call it being on the “down low.” But again, nothing makes sense here. Aaron is out to everyone in the village now and has suffered no repercussions (perhaps unrealistically so). No one disowned him or has shunned him. He’s been out and about with a boyfriend, took a holiday and lived with him for a time. So I don’t know how he can be viewed as self-loathing, even though that’s the terminology ED writers and DM use still to refer to the character.

      As this is a soap, casual relationships just don’t lend themselves to story, although it might have made a great arc in the beginning of Aaron’s coming out process, a more natural one.

      • Hi Mark. I think that so much of this story is now just so unrealistic and it is almost being played out like a Dickens novel – we might as well be in the 19th century since Jackson has been dumped in a bed and forgotten about by the medical authorities etc.

        Hazel needs to have one of those famous conversations with herself: “Hazel, I said to myself, Hazel that boy needs some psychological help and sincehe can’t pick up the phone himself I am going to do it for him”.

        It is obvious to everyone – except Hazel and Aaron – the 2 people who are supposed to care about him most – that Jackson is spiralling into severe depression, but I am wonedring if the writers are conveniently forgetting this, and by making Jacksn appear “difficult” it will put him in a less sympathetic light to viewers, who will be only to ready to understand why Aaron is “forced” into the arms of another man.

        That is the key to ED: Aaron must always be the victim – the violent beating-up of Paddy is therefore excused, and likewise, Jackson’s behaviour is the key to Aaron being a victim yet again.

        Let’s just hope Joe can get throught to Jackson and persuade him to get help, otherwise I am afraid I do see suicide as the end of this horribly bleak story – yet another reason for Aaron to shed buckets of tears (his adoring fans will forget all about Aaron’s terrible behaviour and attitude towards Jackson in the past)

  11. Hmm, thats an interesting thought, quite feasible, but as you say bosses unlikely to follow the idea.
    So what does it leave for our lovely Jackson? So very sad 😦

    • My hope – and it is a unlikely since ED seems to want to make this story as bleak as possible – is that Joe and Jackson (which has a nice ring to it) will become closer, and that Joe will love him and make Jackson’s life happier, either in Emmerdale or even if tey have to leave. I just don’t want Jackon to die since I think this would send out an appalling message to any disabled viewer.

      As time goes on I just wished they had developed the two characters stories seperately – Jackson could have been a pal to Aaron, but been a character on the show in his own right.

      DM always seemed happier when his character was giving out lines like “some sort of queer”, “I don’t want to be part of that freak show” and suggesting to Paddy he “wear dresses and make-up to make it that bit more obvious”.

      They could have had Jackson be like Adam in helping him to see things differently and taking him to clubs etc, but Aaron treated Jackson so badly so often Jackson deserved better, and if Aaron had met a few users it might have made him see Jackson’s qualities clearer. In love, as well as in everyday life, despite Aaron’s perceived victimhood, he is always forgiven and given another chance. I doubt this will happen with any other partner. Rom the look of Flyn he doesn’t look as if he will take much nonsense.

      I forsee until Aaron leaves the show there will be lots of infatuations followed by the rejections and the heartbreak and the tears which he does so well, but, in all honesty, I am tiring of Aaron, who never realises how lucky he is

      • Yeah, DM’s latest interview posted on this site gives one helluva insight into the character. And it’s pretty limited. I’m fairly confident that Jackson will die in April – read between the lines of DM’s interview. He’s predicting the next major tragedy in Aaron’s life then. And when is Marc’s contract up? As soon as I saw that videocamera introduced as a prop, I knew Jackson was a goner. The writers need to find another reason to milk DM’s tearducts. He’ll realize too late he loves Jackson. And he’ll be scarred for the next guy. Rinse and repeat until DM leaves the show in a year or two for that big career that will lead right back to Emmerdale.

  12. Alan & Mark, you guys are so cynical. Is it Aaron or Danny that gets to you the most? I’m just curious.

    • Hi, Sharon – I don’t think I’m so much cynical as incredibly frustrated with the show’s writing. I do believe DM might be a wee bit guilty of believing all his press (and I’ve yet to see a squib that he has any respect for his co-star), but he’s really a very young man getting his first taste of attention. My anger is directed at the show for creating what appears to be a no-win situation for Jackson, one of the most likable characters on the show.

      It sends a horrible message when the one gay man who is open to love suffers such a horrible tragedy. The writers will compound this with a drumbeat against the disabled if Jackson dies. Marc’s contract ends in spring and there’s absolutely no indication he’ll win a renewal, despite his growing popularity. His onscreen mother is contracted throughout the end of the year. Now under what circumstance would Hazel just let her son up and move away after all she’s gone through to be with him?

      I would very much like to be proven wrong. Truly, I would. But I find this story to be torture to watch.

      • Hi Mark, I agree with you, Danny is just 20 and probably says things in interviews that he shouldn’t or doesn’t say things that he should. Have you seen Marc’s twitter page, there’s 2 interviews on there, one is about the NTA’s and it’s so obvious he’s a more mature person, says all the right things. The two years age difference really shows. The second one is about A & J upcoming story so don’t read if you’re not prepared for what you might find!! I’d be interested in your thoughts, I know what I think.

    • Sharon, My feeling is that A & J are not Romeo & Juliet, or Morecombe & Wise. They are not a double act. I am just as happy to see Jackson find somebody who could make him happy and his life as comfortable & content as possible. I am more concerned for Jackson’s wellbeing than Aaron’s, who, I am convinced, enjoys feeling he is a victim. Jackson really is a victim, most of Aaron’s woes are self-inflicted. Perhaps he doesn’t want to be happy?.

      I have run out of excuses for Aaron, and the arrogance of DM just makes me feel even less sympathetic to the character.

      Let’s have more of Ryan – he seems to hang around for the odd line and is underused. I frankly think DM is getting a bit over-exposed and he is starting ng to behave as if it were his show.

      • Hi, Sharon, Alan –

        Yes to more of Ryan – great character/actor who needs something to do.

        I have read the spoilers in MS’ interview and they only confirm what we’ve all suspected. I see another train coming!

        I remind myself that Marc Silcock has a bright future ahead because of the fantastic work he does here. Some other show will rectify Emmerdale’s short-sightedness and snap him up.

  13. I think Marc might do well on Coronation St, because we know he can play humour and lightheartedness, and their regular ray of sunshine (“Graeme” played by Craig Gazey) leaves the shgow soon and they need another pleasant character to make up for the dull & downright nasty characters they have already.

    I still feel Emmerdale and the saintly Mr Blyth treated Marc very badly in putting him into this situation, and the way James Sutton is sidelined is very shabby too. THose 2 caracters deserve to be treated better and given good stories. And the men who play them are not prima-donnas.

    What is even more insulting to them is I read last week that a member of the public in a reality show on British TV about dating has been offered a role in Emmerdale. They don’t need amateurs when they have good professionals going to waste

  14. Thanks for replying, Don’t you get the feeling that Marc is as fed up of this story as Danny seems to be. It feels like both him and Danny have had enough of Aaron and Jackson as a couple and would just like their characters to stay in the village as characters in their own right.

    From what Marc said, he would consider staying if they asked him so why not keep them both but forget about a relationship between them unless it’s as friends. People can be friends with their first love, I still am, we’ve always got on great so why can’t these two?

    I do have to add, at the risk of annoying you Alan, that I felt sorry again for Aaron tonight, he made a lovely suggestion only for Jackson to throw it back in his face because “what’s the point, we can’t do anything”. The point is Aaron is making an effort to show he still cares. Surely Jackson can see that even through the depression.

    • Hello, Sharon – On the last point, I must disagree with you. Yes, absolutely, Aaron did make a loving suggestion – getting in bed to watch a DVD together (and WHY we can never see such simple closeness between the two lads irks me to no end, but I digress). But Jackson’s sunk so deeply into depression that he truly finds no value in anything, no joy in any gesture. To give the writers their credit, they have managed in a few episodes to establish Jackson’s emotional state – he’s refusing food, bathing, company – he’s pushing people away because he feels his life has no value and that he has nothing to offer anyone. I know that kind of depression. I’ve lived it.

      It’s frustrating that no one around Jackson can recognize this. Take Hazel, for example, who views him as a willful child. But there’s a difference between a rebellious teenager and a man coming to grips with a lifelong disability. What Jackson really needs is counseling, but E isn’t going in that direction.

      As we know from the spoilers, Jackson will set Aaron loose, who will take about six minutes to develop feelings for the F word. And then Jackson will have proof in his own eyes that he never mattered to Aaron.

      This story just finds new ways to skim the darkness.

    • Hi Sharon, I agree with everything you say except the last paragraph, where I have to agree with Mark. I find it incredible even in a serial that nobody can see – or even begin to undrstand why – Jackon is in a severely depressed state. I think even I would be able to be a better mum to him – for God’s sake woman, stop treating him like a toddler! the village has a vicar, 2 shops (OK one at the moment) surely they have a kindly family doctor as well? If not, a hint to the casting director…..

      But I think my problem is I can’t divorce the character of Aaron from the glib, self-regarding slightly two-faced actor who plays him. That is the problem of giving too many interviews.

  15. Depression is a terrible illness and I agree that the writers have tried to show that Jackson is suffering from it by showing some of the obvious signs. As you say, there’s no kindly doctor around but there is a lovely vet who, maybe when he visits will notice the signs. After all, vets have to undergo medical training too. Also, what about Joe, surely he would know all about depression and get him some help.

    As for the F word who turns up shortly, not too bothered about him anymore apart from what Marc put in his interview about Jackson having to see the guy he loves being kissed by another guy. How could Jackson see that and why would the writers do that to him? We as viewers may have to go through that but surely not Jackson as well.

    In a strange way, I’m quite looking forward to the next few months, to see what the writers come up with for these two characters. I’m going to try and just suck it and see as the saying goes.

    And Alan, finally an admission, Danny appears to be a bigger problem than Aaron. I knew it!!!

    • Hi Sharon, There are problems with Danny and Aaron. Strangley I suspect DM has some of A’s faults (NOT – I hasten to add – his orientation – he is, as he likes to remind us – a straight lad. From Manchester). But there seems to be a selfish “me first”, look at me attitude common to both, also an insensitivity to the felings of others (does Danny really believe he is the only great Emmerdale character? Or does he really believe we think that he only wants to win the award “for Gavin”?). I suspect both DM and Aaron find it easier to take than to give.

      As for the character If they are not very careful Aaron will become the “Gail Platt” of Emmerdale: That unfortunate lady who smiles stoically even though she has buried 4(?) husbands, has a psycho son and a disintegrating private life. Every possible misfortune has come her way. She can never be happy, either because others won’t let her, or because she won’t allow it herself. Or even “Ronnie” fom Eastenders who has lived through more tragedies than Shakespeare’s Lear and Hamlet.

      In the end, quite frankly, you get sick of their self-pity and martyrdom. If I had known “Aaron’s journey” was going to cause so much misery and suffering to people who don’t deserve it, I would never have bought my ticket.

      I’ve said it before but Aaron isn’t the only one – within Emmerdale and without – who has had a tough life, but unlike many he has been given some marvellous friends and opportunities which he casually throws aside.

      I really fel we have had too much of Aaron’s story and the importance of the his storyline has gone o the head of the actor playing him

  16. Glad you clarified the situation about his orientation, I need reminding of that every once in a while!!

    It will be interesting to see what happens if he does win the NTA. There’s some interviews on You Tube from some awards ceremonies last year, one especially where a very “slightly drunk” Adam says that Danny is the best thing in Emmerdale. Danny genuinely looked embarrassed and played it down saying something about it being a team effort. It will be interesting to see if he does the same thing this time around should anyone mention how great he is.

    I still liked Aaron’s journey, without it, we’d never have had Jackson for a start, or some of the great scenes between Aaron & Paddy, Aaron & Adam, Cain & Ryan popped up with some great one liners and there’s been some very funny as well as moving scenes too.

    As for Aaron becoming the Gail Platt of Emmerdale, God I hope not!! It’s true, some people enjoy being miserable, it’s what they get used to. I’ve seen Aaron sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer while swigging from a can of lager on a frozen lake from an early episode. Also, the episode where he took Jackson out of the hospital for the evening showed he can be happy. Aaron has some fun inside him, it just needs bringing out again. At least his voice doesn’t go through me like hers does and his smile is nicer too!!

    • I suspect that Aaron will become the village’s Shadrach – spending his days drinking himself into a stupor. It’s destiny.

      I do think the story has had many highs, primarily in the acting. The coming out arc was sublime. The courtroom climax was riveting. The final consummation between Jackson and Aaron worth it. And then everything went off the rails. The boys were living together, then living with Jackson’s mom, then living apart and then a train destroyed Jackson. Um, huh? The carefully managed realism took a dark twist for no reason than I can see other than to give DM more scenes to cry through, and I think his most copious tears will come in April when Jackson exits.

      And why is everyone saying DM is straight? Where have they heard this? Video proof or it’s not true. 🙂

      • It is interesting: I didn’t particularly like the actor who played “Nathan”, but I never heard him once go on and interview show and say “I’m not really insanely jealous of my brother and do anything to get him framed for murder”. I suppose he felt he didn’t need to.

        I was astonished when Danny (who at least didn’t wear that silly cloth cap yesterday – I thought he was auditioning for the “Hovis” advert in his previous interview), said that people wrote to him saying HE had helped them (come out). He wants his cake and to eat it too, as he is so keen to distance hiself from his character I can’t see how he has helped them that much. I would suggest Jackson is a far better role model, since, before that terrible accident you saw an active, hard-working ordinary lad, holding down a job as a builder, showing Aaron by example that Aaron’s stereotype wasn’t true. He also showed a tolerance humour and comittment to Aaron even when A behaved badly and tried to be a true friend as well as a lover to him.

        I really do feel DM is a bit deluded – good job his fellow actors don’t follow his example – we’d have Paddy going round treating pet cats and dogs for their ailments, Ashley conducting weddings and funerals, Nikhil and Jai making chocolates, Carl driving a truck and God knows what Cain would get up to

      • Mark, it’s funny you should say that. That’s not the first time I’ve heard that Aaron may develop a drink problem, possibly to blot out the horror that is his life at the moment (in his eyes anyway). Can’t quite see him with the long flowing locks of Shadrach though!!

        and the story brought one of my favourite episodes, the nearly kiss when Marlon & Paddy interrupted. The eye contact in that scene was unbelievable.

        Just seen the first pictures of Aaron and the F word together from one of next weeks episodes, not keen, I have to say. Just looks weird and is gonna take some getting used to, even if he is supposed to be around just for a little while.

  17. Alan, no reply button again. Thanks for the laugh, the Hovis reference is genius.

    As usual, what you say about Jackson showing Aaron his stereotypical view of gay blokes is wrong is spot on. His quote to Aaron from the episode of 15th April “what, still trying to get your head around the fact that it’s not wall to wall leather hot pants” was so funny but so true of what Aaron was thinking. It really showed what a horrible, distorted view Aaron had of what it means to be gay. Instead of being offended though, Jackson tackled the issue with humour and a bit of teasing and it seemed to work.

    Having said that, that episode was brilliant, Marlon referring to Aaron as Mr Pink when him & Paddy were talking about Reservoir Dogs, the conversations between Aaron & Jackson and Marlon & Paddy were very funny, I actually laughed out loud at a few of them, and the bit at the end where Marlon & Paddy were crying at Prince of Tides was hysterical.

    That’s the kind of episode they should be making more of, dealing with a serious issue but with a sense of humour too.

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