Posted by: Kimbaforeva | January 24, 2011

Danny Miller on Loose Women

Danny Miller was interviewed on Loose Women earlier today. Find out what he had to say below…



  1. Somebody needs to pull him aside. He’s a professional actor getting paid to do a TV role. We get it. He’s straight. His job is very hard. Welcome to Planet Boo Hoo.

  2. It’s a hard life (when you’re a straight lad from Manchester), having to give up your Monday lunchtime to plug yourself yet again. And just to prove this lad fromManchester is straight they show a photograph of his girlfriend for several seconds longer than they showed one of his co-star Marc Sicock (which was on screen for all of 5 seconds).

    Still, when you’re a straight lad from Manchester you have to let everyone know how good and straight you are…..

    • Hang on, Alan! Are you saying DM is straight? Where the heck do you come up with this stuff!!!

      • He mentioned that he has organised a charity football match.

        I just hope if he scores a goal none of his team-mates attempt to kiss him, because the “old” Aaron will be back with a vengence.

        It is not uncommon for British footballers to kiss & cuddle after a goal, but no doubt DM averts his eyes when that happens! 🙂

      • Mark, Alan, you guys are right, insane, but right. I think we already knew he was straight but it’s bordering on how long it will be before he starts wearing i love my girlfriend on his t-shirts.

  3. And of course, Elsie, being a straight lad (from Manchester) he couldn’t resist kissing all the presenters (female of course) while the audience sounded as if they were applauding he second coming 🙂

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