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First Look: Flynn

Monday 31st: Adam and Aaron visit Bar West, where they play pool and are joined by Flynn, who thrashes them. When Aaron makes a joke about hunting him down if he doesn’t go easy with the next game, Flynn cheekily suggests Aaron could give him his number instead and Aaron’s struck by a wave of attraction towards him. Later, when Jackson quizzes him about his night, Aaron fails to mention the encounter to Jackson. Feeling conflicted, Aaron hides his guilt.

Tuesday 1st February: Following a heart-to-heart with Chas, Aaron builds up the courage to tell Jackson about Flynn. Jackson tells him that he should call Flynn, before making it clear that as far as he’s concerned, their relationship is over – they can only ever be friends.

Wednesday 2nd February: Aaron refuses to accept that his relationship with Jackson is over. Hiding how upset he is, Jackson tries to make it clear that there is no future for them as a couple and he’s adamant he won’t ruin Aaron’s life too. Later, a conflicted Aaron calls Flynn and informs him that he’s a free agent.

Thursday 3rd February: Aaron and Flynn hit it off on their date and it is clear there is a mutual attraction. As Flynn makes to leave, he asks Aaron out again tomorrow night and is pleased when Aaron accepts.

Friday 4th February: On their second date, Aaron and Flynn’s chat turns to exes. Aaron admits that there was someone but it’s complicated. Aaron continues to enjoy Flynn’s company, but the reminder of Jackson plays on his mind and he makes his excuses and leaves. Flynn is worried that he’s said something wrong but Aaron reassures him that he does really like him. Back in the village, Aaron visits Jackson and admits that he’s just been out with Flynn. Jackson hides his true feelings and urges Aaron to tell him all about Flynn. Cautiously, Aaron continues but his discomfort is growing and he questions if Jackson is really okay about this. Jackson promises that he’s fine and would like to meet Flynn, and Aaron accepts – unaware that Jackson is swallowing his deep hurt.



  1. Flynn looks like an alien from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    • Having now seen Flynn, I wish to modify my statement. These “pictures” make him look like a Star Trek alien. The young actor is actually a fit lad and I wish him much success – on ANOTHER SOAP. 🙂

      • Couldn’t agree more. Better looking than those pictures showed.

      • I feel sorry for Flynn. He is going to be used for a few episodes of the Danny Miller Show then thrown aside. But Aaron comes over as so taciturn so uninvolved, who would want to get involved with him?

        Run Flynn, while you still can…….. 🙂

  2. I think flynn is hotter than jackson and i cant wait to see how this story works out. I want MORE SEX SCENES ! XD haha

    • I think if it’s sex scenes you want, you’ve come to the wrong show. Remember Danny is a “great actor” and he decides what Aaron does. No doubt Flynn will make Aaron cry. Many times. The writers and director meekly obeys orders. And he’s a straight lad from Manchester so we don’t want you getting any funny ideas about him and Flynn! 🙂

      • DM pretty confirmed that and more in just the last few days, didn’t he? It’s odd. At some point the ED writers will recognize their story is being held hostage by a guy who just doesn’t want to “go there.” I’m surprised at how open he’s become about not playing any affectionate scenes with guys.

    • Flynn is nice, granted, but hotter than Jackson? Are you kidding me? Have you looked at Marc? At all? Sheesh!!

      • It wouldn’t matter what Jackson looked like, or now he has a physical disability, Aaron can search the whole of Yorkshire and he would never find anyone else as understanding, patient and forgiving to him than Jackson was. Surely no other potential lover/boyfriend/mate would put up with even half what J did?

        How typically selfish and callous of “Aaron” though to start kissing “Flynn” in front of J (though given Mr Miller’s reticence how he copes with kissing yet another male actor, this straight lad from Manchester, I don’t know…..)

  3. It’s interesting though that he has had scenes where Paddy hugs or cuddles him, and occassionaly “Aaron” has instigated the hug. I do sometimes wonder, if to use Shakespeare’s phrase DM “dost protest too much”, but then again, when you’re a straight lad. From Manchester……..

    • ahhhh what would the comments section be without a bit of Danny/Aaron hate from our dear pal Alan.
      we’ve sort of had this convo before but for the life of me i can’t understand why someone who seems to have such disdain for a particular character would spend so much time on a blog dedicated to said character. lolz

      I myself as a relative newcomer to Emmerdale who only started watching on youtube due to the A/J storyline still hold out hope for an eventual miracle to reunite them.
      Over here on the US soaps they would come up with some groundbreaking new stemcell operation or something along those lines haha.
      I know the end is near but still everytime i watch vids or read spoilers it makes me weep for what could have been with these two.
      Now by no means am i saying Aaron/Danny is perfect…i actually think that in recent weeks his acting has taken a nosedive…but I don’t care what anyone says i still feel that Aaron’s coming out story was the best, most emotionally charged, heartbreakingly gorgeous and to some extent most realistic storyline of this nature that i’ve seen on tv in the US or the UK…with Mcdean a close second.
      So there i’ve put in my monthly 2 cents lolz.
      luv u mean it Alan teehee

      • Troia, I absloutely agree 100% with you about Danny’s performance as Aaron coming out (even though I didn’t approve of the amount of violence he used towards Paddy), he showed the pain, confusion, denial, anger and despair to perfection. The suicide bid was also very well done because it wasn’t overdramatic. His eventual recovery from that attempt and the court appearance, again, perfectly judged.

        But – and here are the problems – I have never been convinced by DMs performance that he “loves” Jackson in any sense whatsoever. He has looked extremely uncomfortable in scenes where even a mild degree of intimacy was called for.

        And Danny, as opposed to Aaron, has come over as very pushy, immodest and conceited in recent interviews. He boosts his own performances and barely mentions the support he gets from his co-star, whom he seems to regard as a bit player (Marc Silcock has in all interviews praised Danny’s performance in strong terms)

        All I am saying is that none of the other actors in ED has ever given such vainglorious interviews and they have some excellent actors in the series, and Danny, in constantly promoting himself, and losing no opportunity to tell everyone he is straight is making the character and his portrayal of him increasingly unbelieveable

    • Alan,
      I do actually agree with most of your points in your reply to my reply :’) …maybe i just find you fun to debate with lolz.
      now that i think of it when we’ve had this discussion before, once we went back and forth a couple of times i did agree with you more than not…i think that some of your initial comments come off sort of harsh and they seem to get under my skin for some reason but then once we discuss we’re more eye to eye than originally thought.
      Or maybe i have some sort of wierd overprotectiveness of DM cuz he’s just so damn pretty when he cries hahaha.
      On a serious note tho i live in the US so obviously i don’t get to see all the press coverage and such that most of you guys get to see…i only really see what Jon posts on his youtube channel..but i did see the recent loose women appearance and i did notice all the points you made above.
      So I’m not 100% taking up for DM on everything….just seem to have a softspot for the kid i reckon…maybe coz he’s the one that brought me to ED and UK gay soap storylines in general lolz

      • Hi Troia. I think my problem with the character is because Jackson would not be in the terrible state he is in if Aaron hadnn’t….well, you know what I mean.

        Early Aaron and earlier Danny were much better. (IMO)

        My favourite character and actor in the series is James Sutton (Ryan) because I just think the world would be a lot better off with more Ryan’s and James Sutton seems a very pleasant level-headed bloke in real life

        Nice talking with you though and who knows Aaron might fnaly adopt Ryan as a role-model! 🙂

  4. I agree with siemza 🙂 can’t wait 🙂

  5. Man i have read other comments about aaron and jackson and Tbh everyone needs to be more like siemza and channy i just don’t get why you pull danny miller down so much yeah i understand jackson is in a wheel chair but come on aaron is young and i can’t wait to see flynn and seriously jackson isn’t that fit lets face it bring on aaron and flynn 🙂 still love jackson and aaron though

    • “and seriously jackson isn’t that fit lets face it”

      Beauty is only skin deep. You can have the best looking person going and be a complete rat, you can get somebody else who would never win a beauty contest, but they can be the nicest, kindest person you can find. Their nature makes them beautiful, not their looks.

      You only have to think of Paddy in ED to confirm that (and I don’t mean that rudely to anyone who does think P is an Adonis! 🙂

      But if siemza and channy are hanging around waiting for sexy scenes with Flynn or anyone else, I suspect you’ll be in for a long wait as Mr Miller seems to have a veto on his story

      • And I have to wonder if they missed the ‘day after’ episode when Jackson gets out of Aaron’s bed. Wow – Jackson (Marc) has got it goin on. A very nice body – and a seemingly nice guy also.

  6. Hi have any ov the above writers written any arson Fanfiction ?

  7. For you information allan i didn’t say i wanted sex scenes i just agreed flynn was fit !

  8. Sometimes I dun like ppl who r like jackson or even anyone else tht they want things to go their way but once it has, they hide their true feelings and act like nth has been wrong! I mean I feel for jackson too but doesn’t mean his relationship with Aaron has to be tht extreme! He has become paralyzed, lost his partial life bc of it but doesn’t mean he need to lose someone tht he has ever loved!! See thts the thing! It’s his request tht he wants Aaron out of his life(thts already too much for him) but now they even want him to be tht open-minded tht he can pretend tht he’s fine abt Jackson seeing this guy Flynn?

    • Even the writers of ED don’t seem to want to deal with Jackson’s depression. Tonight Cain as good as accused J of keeping Aareon from his work, even Paddy had a word.

      When you are really depressed (and totally disabled at 22 who wouldn’t be?) the depression makes you feel virtually drained of energy enthusiasm or anything else. You are looking completely inward-looking and eve the effort of listening, let alone talking is just too much.

      A lot of this story has disgusted me – this wilful refusal of those closest to him to even try to help Jackson through this and get him the help he so desperately needs, disgusts me more than anything else. Supermum Hazel seems to think, if anything Jackson is a bit fed up, at best, or being difficult. Why can’t the stupid woman open her eyes and close her mouth a bit?

      Tonight, in talking to Jackson (and Paddy) about his feelings towards his mum’s former boyfriend the old aggressive Aaron came to the fore again, perhaps that is just another reminder to Jackson about why he wanted to back away from Aaron a bit in the first place. I always wish he had have done.

      • Thank you, Alan. I’m so disappointed in Paddy, I can’t believe it. He couldn’t wait to get out of that room, could he? The idea of him telling Jackson that Aaron is spending too much time with him is so damn disrespectful and, yes, vile, I’m beside myself. And the writers put Aaron in the self-pitying victim role when it’s so damn clear Jackson can barely summon the energy to speak.

        I liked Hazel a little bit more today, for facing down Aaron. But she, like everyone else, is perhaps too close to the situation and too much in denial to recognize that Jackson is sinking into an abyss. I’m trying to give the writers some credit here, but this is just so difficult to watch. Jackson so desperately requires help and no one seems able to rise to the need. Perhaps this carer Joe, if we see him again (!), will be the one to intervene. One would expect he would have the training and experience to understand what the others cannot see. That is my slim hope as we enter what appears to be a desolate February in Emmerdale.

      • Just want to make the point that ED is a SOAP OPERA not a documentary.
        hoping for sane and rational behaviour or expecting people to react in realistic ways is futile.

  9. Can someone please tell me what the writers are doing – Jackson promises that he’s fine and says he would like to meet Flynn. Are they having a laugh or what???

    • They are torturing us through Jackson’s increasing misery, Sharon. The poor lad is giving up on the one thing he loves in this life because he feels no longer worthy and now he (and us) will be subjected to Aaron/Flynn embracing in FRONT OF Jackson.

      This is one sadistic show, Emmerdale.

      • Thinking further, I allow myself one sliver of hope – that someone will start watching those tapes Jackson is recording sooner rather than later and realize the extent of his emotional crisis. It’s odd that with these characters running in and out, Hazel and Aaron primarily, that no one has bothered to demand a look-see – hey, it’s not like anyone in the village respects anyone else’s privacy to begin with, so it is strange no one has popped in a tape.

        It would be the only thing to put a halt to this horrible arc and might result in something positive happening for Jackson.

  10. It seems to me that the writers are delivering a snub now to three groups of people: the disabled, gays and those suffering clinical depression.

    The message seems to be there is no hope: You can sink into depression and nobody even notices – and in real life people who have never experienced full-on depression confuse it with “feeling a bit down”. They need to show there is a hell of a difference between feeling fed up because it’s Monday morning, or you have just receved a bill in the post, and the total misery of real depression where you are unable to do anything and only have a wish never to feel anything again.

    Even though Paddy is a vet and not a doctor he should have seen the signs of Jackson’s distress. His ever-loving mother should put two and two together. You don’t expect Aaron to notice because he always feels if people are offhand to him, it’s just another example of his misfortune.

    And of course, the writers are implying that Jackson, now that he is cut off from a sex life, is of no use to himself or anyone else, so they will taunt him with Aaron takung up, however temporarily with an able-bodied young bloke.

    They need to give Jackson hope: he still has a lot to give, somebody will really love him for himself, not out of pity or guilt, you can rise above disablement and, given the proper treatment, you can overcome depression, but , nobody seems prepared to put themselves ut to help him, all they do (as always) is worry about “poor” Aaron. And since when has Aaron’s drunken mum been that keen to see him?.

    You feel as helpless for Jackson as you did when Ryan was in prison. Of course, in a way, Jackson is in prison too. Like Sartre said “hell is other people” and yesterday Jackson had the most useless visitors possible, because they either can’t see how bad things are, or don’t want to see

    • This entire story seems about destroying Jackson every way possibly. First making him realize his love for Aaron was not reciprocated; then destroying his body; and now his soul. It’s just hideous. I’ve decided that I’m not going to be able to watch it on weekdays – it just screws with my mind too much. I’ll have to catch up on the weekend because it’s the only time I can process it properly.

  11. Just watched last nights episode and have just got rid of the lump in my throat. If I felt this sad at that episode, what am I going to be like next week when Jackson finishes the relationship and their stories continue.

    Paralysing Jackson was cruel, making him depressed and feeling that he is useless to everyone and not worth being with was even more cruel, getting him to meet Flynn and having to watch Aaron & Flynn together as a couple, no matter how short lived their relationship, is just cruel beyond words.

    • With you on all fronts, Sharon. MS is just delivering such a heartbreaking performance. And I expected better from the other characters, who suddenly want Aaron to shrug off Jackson like dandruff.

      Want to say how glad I am for the board here and the chance to vent with other fans such as yourself, Sharon, Alan, Harry, Elsie and others. It’s wonderful to share thoughts on this story. Helps to ease the onscreen misery !

      • I agree Mark. None of my friends watch it and find it hard to understand how involved I’ve become in this programme and they definitely don’t get my interest in two young gay characters. Mind you, I sometimes don’t get it myself. The gay characters in eastenders hold no interest for me at all, there’s just something about these two. That’s the best way I can put it.

        I couldn’t be like you and watch all the episodes in one marathon session, I can cope half an hour at a time but a whole weeks worth of misery in one go, too much for me.

      • I notice that Gavin Blyth’s name is still on the credits, so you have to assume all these episodes were recorded months in advance.

        I honestly feel that the only charitable thing to say about this increasingly dark story is that Mr Blyth’s approval of this story was commensurate with the knowledge he was suffering from a terminal illness.

        Most producers worth their salt would want viewers, who one day but for the grace of God might go through a severely disabling accident, or suffer depression, would want to inject a note of optimism, to let them know you CAN get help. You don’t have to just accept it.

        I really feel that at the end of the current episodes there should be one of those “if you have been affected by the incidents” announcements broadcast telling viewers about the Samaritans – after all, the day it for stories involving drug addiction, drink problems etc and depression if untreated can be as deadly as drugs and drink.

  12. I think this will turn out to be a great storyline, because although Aaron has found someone new to be affectionate towards, in his mind Aaron will always love Jackson no matter what happens. so it will be great to see Aaron going out with this new lad but also i think he would be better of with Jackson, because he loves Jackson but wont admit it.

    • Hi, I agree with you that Aaron will always love Jackson and what he will feel for Flynn will be affection or maybe lust, so, for Aaron, no-one at the moment will compare to Jackson. This storyline is so sad and it desperately needs cheering up for the sake of both characters.

      It could turn out to be a great storyline, as you say, only time will tell.

      • You touch on a good point, Sharon, and that Jackson does have a hold over Aaron that neither can recognize. Or as Jackson might say, “I was your first. You’ll always have a thing for your first.” But it’s more than that – Jackson showed him true compassion at the lowest point of his life and through example shattered all his fears about being an openly gay man. He may stray, but ultimately Aaron will realize Jackson is the once-in-a-lifetime guy.

        Perhaps that’s just the romantic in me speaking today.

  13. I would love to think Aaron will one day love Jackson, but TBH I don’t think he will. I’m not sure he will ever be able to love anyone.

    That Jackson loves Aaron and always will there is no doubt at all – he sacrificed so much for him, despite his misgivings.

    I would like to see Aaron go off and find out that there are not many Jackson’s in this world, and very few he could ever have that affinity with and I want somebody to give new hope – and real reciprocated love – to Jackson. They are such different characters: there will always be an arrogance, even violence in Aaron and that is the last thing J needs, emotionally or physically. think the happiest future for Jackson if not Aaron will be somebody who really will love and care for him, and not have busybodies like Cain and Paddy interfering

    I have hopes that Joe might be the one.

    Meanwhile, I’d like more Ryan and less Aaron – he is somebody who has risen above more than one misfortune and is still the warm,
    kind human being that I don’t think Aaron ever will be.

    • I think Aaron gets more screen time because audiences seem to like bad boys better. There’s something about a guy who’s all blocked up that appeals to a certain demographic – all about changing him. That’s why you find the men who are more emotionally available tend to be victimized (Jackson) or ignored (Ryan). They’re not considered interesting enough to engage the fantasies of the audience.

      • I’m sure you’re right, Mark. Shame though in a world where there is so much ugliness, people don’t want to see warmth and humanity more. They would rather see Cain trashing up somebodies house or a teenage girl getting drunk and being sick or people ganging up and accusing their neighbours of murder rather than see Ryan or Marlon setting an example on how to bring a bit of happiness and understanding to others.

        They could be inspirational: I would handle Jackson’s situation far worse than he does, I wouldn’t have had Ryan’s generosity of spirit in making sure Will got the benefit of him being locked up for something he hadn’t done, or being insulted by his inferior half-brother, rejected by his dad as an adult and of being able to let go as he did, or if I were Marlon I could never quite have forgiven Paddy for breaking up my relationship, and how Diane was able to shrug off being taken for a ride by that conman.

        When you watch characters like this, I realise how unpleasant I would be (probably AM) myself, which makes me feel ashamed,because there ARE people like them – I just wish I was one of them.

    • I don’t think Aaron will ‘love’ Jackson but for outside reasons. I don’t think Danny Miller likes Marc Silcock. Certainly hasn’t shown it in his tweets (which lately asked people to vote for him and on occasion emmerdale for the NTAs) Very few tweets, if any from Danny, suggested voting for Marc. Also, as you mentioned previously, Marc regularly mentions how good Danny’s performances are, but it is never reciprocated.

      A final complaint – he did a few shirtless shots for some of magazine articles, then went to one (don’t remember which) and refused – saying he had already done so many. Then, a few days letter, tweets out his own shirtless image. Makes me think that it was just the fact it was a primarily gay readership publication that made him not want to take his shirt off.

      Solely my opinion, your mileage may vary.

      • I started to think the same but their interview after the NTA’s didn’t look like 2 people who can’t stand each other. Also, in Wednesday’s episode, in the Woolpack, the two of them are in the background, grinning & messing around and having a bit of a laugh.

        With regard to his tweets, if you notice, Danny hasn’t even thanked the people who voted for him whereas Marc did as soon as the voting closed. I think maybe he’s just a bit immature sometimes.

        I do agree with you about him not complimenting Marc’s acting that often whereas Marc is a lot more generous towards him. Maybe being a couple of years older, Marc seems a more grounded person, if that’s the right phrase.

      • There has been a lot of speculation about how DM and MS get along and just to give an update (because we all care, let’s own it, my friends!) the lads have been having a nice bit of banter on Twitter about the film “127 Hours.” MS hated it, DM loved it, and DM is threatening to unfollow him for being boring. It’s a nice bit of teasing going on. Who knows? Perhaps they bonded over the debacle that was the NTAs. Or maybe they’ve been friends all along…

  14. I honestly do think that Aaron has deep feelings for Jackson already ” I’ll always have a thing about you” was Aaron’s response. He knows he has these feelings, that Jackson is a very special person to him and I think he’s beginning to realise that his feelings may be love. What he doesn’t appear to be able to do is get over the fear that having these feelings brings out in him. When he does that, he will FINALLY be able to admit it to himself and then tell Jackson that he loves him hopefully before it’s too late but something will have to act as a catalyst to make him come to that conclusion.

    Whether this will be his “Flynn Fling” or Jackson’s ominous video recordings, who knows. As Alan said, maybe it will be meeting people and finding out that there’s not many Jackson’s in the world or how about a chat with Adam to do the trick, he always seems to know what Aaron is thinking before Aaron does or says something to him that Aaron then thinks about later and realises is true.

    Mark, you raise a good point when you say that neither of them recognises the hold on each other. Jackson is a very level headed, decent, loving guy who, for some reason even unknown to him I suspect, loves Aaron and always will. He knows he shouldn’t, they are completely poles apart as people, but for some reason, they keep gravitating back towards each other. I don’t think either of them understand it, it’s just there.

    My hope is that they will both realise that what they are putting the other one through is not what either of them really wants. None of this doing what they think is best for the other one or doing what they think the other one wants them to do. I want them to have a proper lay your cards on the table chat and, for once, BOTH be completely honest, say what they really feel and sort things out once and for all. After all the doom, gloom, misery & heartbreak we’ve seen and are about to see, I’d settle for a few months of a happy Aaron & Jackson again even if it doesn’t last forever.

    Maybe that’s just the romantic in me speaking, too.

    • I think the best soundtrack to this story is a 1958 album by the great American jazz singer Billie Holiday. Recorded less than a year before her death it contains some great songs about love and loss from the great American songbook, by a woman who knew more than most about the pain of loving the “wrong man”.

      Perhaps the most appropriate song is this one by Cole Porter:

      That’s the romantic in me, perhaps a bit tarnished, in my case!

      • Should have said the song comes from a CD called “Lady In Satin” (Columbia/Sony, July 1958)

    • As we see the story play out, I fear Aaron will only come to the realization that he truly loves Jackson as Jackson lays dying. There’s a reason why he’s never been able to say those words – the writers are saving them for a special tear-jerker extended episode.

      And I do think by summer’s end Aaron will be the village drunk. He’s got to keep up the self-loathing somehow. I’d really like to be wrong, but my track record with this show has been depressingly accurate.

  15. Listened to the song, quite an appropriate choice, and yes, just a little bit tarnished in your case!

    Here’s just one line from “Love me or Leave me” that seems to fit at the moment too –

    “I’d rather be lonely than happy with somebody else”

    • Another line from “Midnight Train to Georgia” (Gladys Knight and the Pips) comes to mind:

      “I’d rather live in his world, than live without him in mine”.

      As for Flynn, all I can say is, if you get involved with Aaron, watch out for oncoming trains!

      • “As for Flynn, all I can say is, if you get involved with Aaron, watch out for oncoming trains!”.

        Not to mention a punch in the face if Aaron has a row with Cain or Chas!

  16. All these melancholy songs – I’m going to make a mixtape for Aaron and Jackson. 🙂

  17. Ok, My final say on a couple of songs for Aaron & Jackson’s situation.

    Number one is a Bob Dylan song covered a couple of years ago by Adele called Make you Feel My Love. Could apply to either character, in Jackson’s case, literally. Very moving song, too many appropriate lines to quote, and now someone has put clips of Aaron & Jackson together with this song on You Tube, even more moving although they haven’t used the whole song. Made me cry like a baby when I watched it.

    Second, Bryan Adams When you Love Someone. Stand out line from towards the end of the track “When you love someone, you sacrifice”. From Jackson’s point of view, have there ever been truer words. Again, someone has put images of Aaron & Jackson with this song on You Tube, put a lump in my throat the size of a golf ball.

    If I was clever like Alan, I could put links on here so you could watch the clips if you wanted to but I’m not.

    No more thinking of sad songs for me, at the moment I could give Danny Miller a run for his money in the crying stakes.

    • Lovely suggestions, Sharon. I’m going to have to check them out. The F word draws near. Enough reason to feel sad.

      • Hi Mark, yes his arrival is imminent. I have to say from the little clips I’ve seen in the trailers, he seems very similar to Aaron, personality wise. I don’t think he would take any crap from anyone!

        What’s really annoying me at the moment is the way the story seems to change from interview to interview. Danny did an interview for a magazine which was put on here somewhere. He was asked specifically whether the F word would become Aaron’s next serious relationship and his answer was no, Aaron was only out having fun because Jackson told him to, Jackson was still on his mind, Aaron still wants to be with Jackson so whatever F word wanted, Aaron wasn’t interested.

        Then you look at the video interview Danny gave on here and now it’s Could the F word be Aaron’s new boyfriend/love interest, possibly, maybe, the more Aaron thinks about it, the more he likes the idea of going out and seeing other lads and whether F word will become Aaron’s new boyfriend, that’s a secret. How can things have changed so much in the space of a week or so?

        I was feeling quite positive when I read the first interview, now, I don’t know what to think, back to square one again. The script writers are messing with Jackson’s head at the moment and these articles & interviews are messing with mine!!

        By the way, the you tube videos mentioned earlier, here’s what you’ll need to type in to find them:

        Aaron/Jackson – when….
        make you feel my love.Aaron/Jackson
        There’s two versions of the when video, go for the one in colour

        Let me know what you think

  18. One more song from Ms Holiday (always a master of the songs that suits sadness so well). The song is also on Lady in Satin, but this is a telecast, also from 1958, which shows her in more comfortable and normal surroundings with a small group:

  19. Alan, please don’t be too hard on yourself. The fact that you have those thoughts indicates you are most probably a delightfully fine person. For example, you’d never find Aaron doing any sort of self-analysis. 🙂

    Ya know the Marlon/Paddy story just baffles me. I know they’re mates and all, but it really stretches believability here. It’s one thing to be a nice guy; it’s another to be a throw rug. I consider myself a decent guy, but the situation would have ended my friendship with Paddy immediately.

    • I’ll give you one example, Mark. As soon as Declan handed that tape over, I would have been down the police station within a few minutes. It would never have occured to me to use it to force Nathan to sign over all the money to Will. For me, getting Nathan locked up would have meant more to me than the money, but had I got the money, I would have given Will half of it, because Ryan was Mark (Wylde’s) real son, I would have (I’m sorry to say) had some of it for compensation.

      That Ryan didn’t have a penny for himself and this former “only child could be such a generous big brother, shows the genuine goodness of his character. My solution shows he is a far better man than me.

      And of course, when Natasha was sentenced, Ryan could have been forgiven for wanting to see her punished. Ryan said he wasn’t going to court, but “he was going to fix cars”, so he is generous in all respects, including a lack of malice.

  20. Hi, Sharon – I think DM’s various responses in interviews can be attributed to the E press office, particularly in the video piece. The producers clearly want to get viewers to tune in so everything has to be mysterious. Will the F word be his boyfriend? The idea is to tease enough to get us to come back.

    And that said, I really don’t think the F word is a serious threat. I don’t very much the two will go beyond a peck here or there. Hazel could be the wild card here – she knows exactly what Jackson is doing and she also knows about her son’s stash of videos. And haven’t you noticed the dialogue this week has repeatedly stressed that she has a lousy taste in DVDs? I can imagine a scenario in which she hands off some DVDs for Aaron to watch. He thinks he’s getting, say, the Fifth Element – but he gets Jackson’s video diary and suddenly he understands what Jackson is sacrificing for him.

    At least that’s how I’d like to see it play out. Deep sigh.

    I will check out those videos you recommend. Thanks!

    • Hi Mark, Hazel could definitely be the one who inadvertantly helps Aaron and I think that’s a great idea of yours for how Aaron could get to see Jackson’s video diary. The other candidate is of course Joe, who I am liking more & more, especially as, in last nights episode, he defended Aaron and tried to get Jackson to see that maybe he was wrong about him. He can see what Jackson is doing just the same as Hazel can.

      On a positive note, really liked last nights episode, it was lovely to see the gang including Jackson & Joe having a laugh in the pub and, of course, Aaron kissing Jackson in the pub before he left for his night out. That was not just another step in the right direction, that was a wacking great leap as far as Aaron is concerned.

      The only down side, Jackson’s little face when they’d all left and he was left on his own with Joe.

      • Hi, Sharon – You’re right, the Woolpack kiss is very significant – the idea that Aaron would plant a peck on Jackson in the village pub is huge. But as you say, Jackson’s sadness just destroyed the moment. Next week’s episodes are going to be brutal to sit through.

        Joe really comes off as a nice guy, and we don’t know just how much lying for Jackson he’ll put up with. Those video diaries are going to come into play somehow, we all know it – it’s just a question of when and to what effect. (What’s odd is that not one person has expressed an interest in finding out what’s on them.) I’d much rather have them be exposed now than after Jackson makes an untimely exit.

        Ugh. There are new spoilers for the week of Feb. 7 up. I think I need a hug.

  21. Hi Mark, me too! Hate the wording “Aaron turns his back on Jackson.” Still, by the looks of it, we’ve got a week to recover as they don’t seem to appear between 11-18 Feb.

    Been thinking today about your idea of how Aaron could discover Jackson’s video diary and had a little evil thought that would kill two birds with one stone.

    Hazel could still pass the DVDs to either Aaron or Paddy and they get put with their other ones but how about if they were discovered accidentally by Aaron & F word who decide one night to stay in with a few beers. Seeing Jackson on the TV and hearing his voice could remind Aaron what he genuinely feels and has been trying to ignore. Flynn would be asked to leave in no uncertain terms and Aaron could watch them on his own, crying as only he can as he realises what Jackson is sacrificing for him and, more importantly,why.

    This would leave the door open for them to have that lay your cards on the table chat that I want them both to have.

    Feasible, yes but highly bloody unlikely too unfortunately. Still, I can hope..

    • Hi, Sharon – I do like your idea. We do know *somebody* is going to discover those videos – the only question is when – before or after Jackson dies -and I’m really hoping he doesn’t die but on this show…

      Once Aaron sees them – and he’s going to, you know it, the producers have filled the prop room with tissues – he’ll come to that new understanding. I’m actually expecting the boys to reunite one more time before the big final breakup, whatever that entails, in spring.

      We don’t know much about the F Word and we don’t know what his reaction is going to be to meeting Jackson. From the spoilers, it sounds as if he’s going to meet him sans Aaron and then disappear, temporarily, from Aaron’s life. The character is a complete cipher at the moment and he may just feel that Aaron is carrying more baggage than he cares to take on…although Aaron does have this incredible luck of attracting wonderful people who will put up with his BS, so who knows?

      Again, I don’t see F Word as longterm. He’s just the speed bump – but boy does it burn me to read that Aaron is going to be torn between Jackson and a guy he’s known for all of, what, three days? yeesh.

      • This is going to sound a bit crude, but having seen a little bit of the story Jim Sutton did in Hollyoaks, and the chemistry between the two lads, I think DM should seek Jim’s advice on how to play gay scenes.

        It will be interesting to see if there is any more chemistry between Aaron and F-you-know-who, but if there isn’t, I think it would be better if Aaron just took to his bedroom with some top shelf mags, DVDs and a jar of hand cream. Either Aaron, or the actor who plays him, doesn’t seem to like physical contact of any sort.

        What I saw of the Hollyoaks story (and I only saw a few scenes) was a passion between the two characters – lots of touching, and let’s face it most people, gay or straight, want to be touched, caressed, embraced etc. Aaron is so cold he doesn’t seem to need any of that. I assume what Aaron wants (though ED is far too conservative to say it in terms) is just sex. I am sure there must be a public convenience in Hotton? :-).

        I really can’t see the point of writing love interests into a show when the actor who is at the centre of the story plainly finds it off-putting.

        James Sutton was as convincing at playing a gay man as he was when he was pursuing Maisie in ED – and that is the sign of a really good actor. He can be gay or straight, but he makes you believe in what he is doing. I am amazed any viewer can still think (as some do) that Aaron is supposed to “love” Jackson.

        I don’t suppose Danny would seek Jim’s advice – it seems to me he thinks he knows it all – but it is uncomfortable watching him being so uncomfortable

  22. Alan, you’re not having a little dig at me with that last comment are you?? ^_^ You know I like Aaron & Jackson together and I know I’m not the only one.

    I’m going to see if I can find some clips of Hollyoaks with James Sutton and have a look. I’ll let you know what I think.

    • O Sharon, I promise you I wasn’t having a dig at you or anyone in particular. I just don’t think Danny Miller convinces in playing scenes with Jacksn that he loves Jackso, anymore than he loves anyone else. The only one he seems to display any real love for ( in the loosest sense) is Paddy.

      I’ll try and find the link for the James Sutton Hollyoaks scene I saw

      • Hi, Sharon, Alan – I, too, like Aaron & Jackson together …but then again I have suspect tastes in just about everything. LOL

        I think we’ll know more this year in Aaron’s interactions with Short-Timer F Word and whoever comes after him how far DM is willing to go. That said, as you posted much earlier, Sharon, E is not the most demonstrative show to begin with and there may be restrictions that are constraining contact.

        For me, it’s not so much the lack of kisses as the simple lack of touch that baffles me. So much can be conveyed with a caress or a nudge or a pat. It doesn’t have to be full-on court kissing to demonstrate love. A middle ground can be found, if that is indeed the issue..

  23. From about 8 minutes, Sharon, even that short scene is more full of feeling than any scene Aaron has ever done with Jackson, but I believe there are loads of other excerpts to see as well

    • Never mind scenes with Craig, pull up the John-Paul/Kieron scenes.



      • My computer is so old and slow it took long enough to dredge that one up, Mark, but I’ll try (I didn’t even know abt Kieron?), but at least James puts some passion into his performance(and as far as I know he doesn’t give frequent interviews as a straight lad from Sutton Coldfield!).

        BY the way one of the British newspapers announces today that Kim Thompson who plays Faye, Ryan’s mum is leaving the programme, so let’s hope she doesn’t take Ryan with her – we can’t afford to lose one of the really kind Emmerdale residents!

    • Hi Alan, manic day but managed to find some clips to watch of James in Hollyoaks and watched the clip you posted and guess what……… I agree with you, very convincing performance of a gay guy, looked completely comfortable with what he was doing.

      BUT I feel like I’m comparing apples to oranges here when I compare his acting to Danny’s. I’ll try and explain why.

      Firstly, Hollyoaks is aimed at a much younger audience and are obviously prepared to show a hell of a lot more than Emmerdale are. Although Emmerdale have attracted a lot of younger viewers now, I still don’t think the audience as a whole are prepared to see what is broadcast on Hollyoaks. They’re both working to different boundaries.

      Secondly, in the clips I saw, James’ character was on his 3rd or 4th boyfriend so was obviously more used to being with guys whereas Aaron as we know is just about still clinging on to his first. Maybe, as he goes through more boyfriends, Aaron will become more comfortable, too. Also, they appear to be completely different characters, Aaron is a very defensive, closed character, whereas James’s character is obviously happy with who he is.

      Lastly, I think the age of the actors has definitely got something to do with it too. James is now 28 so would have been 25 or 26 in the clips I saw, Danny as we know has only just turned 20, massive difference in maturity, attitude and how far you are prepared to go with your role or are allowed to go.

      So while I agree that James looked very comfortable in the role of a gay guy, I think that has a lot to do with the character he was playing. Maybe if he had been playing an Aaron type character, it might have been different.

      In the clip that you posted, there were some similarities to the Aaron & Jackson first time story and some similar acting. James’s character wanted to sleep with his guy but was terrified, just like Aaron was with Jackson. Both their partners said they didn’t have to do anything if they didn’t want to and both James’s character and Aaron swallowed their fear and made the first move.

      There the similarities end as we saw no more of Aaron and Jackson’s first night together whereas we saw James’s character take his guy by the hand, lead him upstairs, start to undress and carry on from there!!

      Shame Aaron & Jackson don’t live in Chester lol

      • Hi Sharon, BTW James Sutton is 28 today (31st Jan).

        I don’t disagree with a lot of what you say, however I still think JS is much more convincing than DM. That said, I think if ED’s audience can’t accept the sort of story that appears in Hollyoaks, then they would do far better not to introduce storylines where they are driving with one foot on the break, so to speak, and we have to have “punishment” meeted out to one of the characters to ensure that, having established there are gay men, even in Yorkshire, nothing can happen.

        I think the alternative is to take the audience along with you: after all as several of the characters live together without being married, even though they are of the opposite sex, it shouldn’t be too hard even for the most conservative viewer to accept that two men often live tgogether (or two women come to that). Even an 7 p.m. ITV audience should frankly be made to accept that in 2011, and regard it is normal.

        I am sorry to labour the point, but I still think, even allowing for his younger age, DM is plainly not comfortable playing a gay man. I originally took the view that ED were “being careful” not to be too graphic given the transmission time, but the more interviews DM gives, the body langauge when he is playing Aaron with Jackson, the more obvious it is that here we have a straight man holding his nose. After all, MS is only about 3 years older. And when you watch JS, it is not just the more convincing kissing, there are little subtle touches – literally – the caresses, touching the other guys face (which Aaron could do for Jackson since it is the only thing he can feel). When Aaron went back into the Woolpack on Friday to collect his phone as an excuse to kiss Jacksn, you got the feeling (or I did) that he came back because he had sneaked off the set early and the director had made him go back and do it. There seemed no feeling in the gesture at all.

        Scott Neal, who played Aaron’s solicitor last year, played a gay lad at the age of 17 back in 1996 in the film “Beautiful Thing” with no sign of embarrassment, despite the fact he is straight and he didn’t like his co-star (Steve Berry) offscreen – I remember in interviews at the time both said they didn’t particularly get on with each other.

        The current ED scripts stink, that’s very true: they take an almost Dickensian view of disability for example, and don’t appear to have heard of psychiatry or psychology. Paddy is almost as doting a mum to Aaron as Hazel is to Jackson, everyone in the village accepted Aaron & Jackson as a gay couple from day one, which is unlikely since many older villagers (and not so old) would be as conservative as the ED viewers apparently are. Cain for example.

        But I think the main problem is this: They chose the wrong actor and character to become gay. I know Jim couldn’t be expected to go from one gay role to another in another serial, even though we can see he does it better, but Adam might have been a better choice, who could have had the same doubts and conflicts, but we would have been spared the violent outbursts, I expect

  24. Hi, Alan – very sad news about Faye’s departure. I do worry what that means for James Sutton as his entire family has been sent to the hills.

    As for John-Paul & Kieron, please check out one of my favorite scenes:

    Swwoooon. Thump! Ouch….This is becoming a habit.

    • Would you believe it Mark, for “Copyright reasons” YT can’t let you see this in the U.K.!

      But from the little I have seen James puts far more into his acting than DM ever does on the more intimate scenes.

      If he leaves ED I think I really will stop watching because, without Jackson and him the show will be poorer.

      • Oh, sorry, Alan, didn’t even think there would be any restrictions on the viewing…do hope you can dig up some clips of JP & Kieron together – great story (with an atrocious end that I try not to think about…) but well worth your time to look up.

        Hang in there on ED – I know it’s rough, believe me, I get that. Lately, every time MS is onscreen he manages to gut me to the core and this week looks like he will be exceptional as Jackson spirals deeper. But let’s support our boys while we can. Hopefully James will get a worthy story to play with.

  25. Hi Mark,

    I managed to find this resume’ about James

    Reading it, it seems history is repeating itself for him on ED – it mentions how his stories became subplots in Hollyoaks. I imagine perhaps he is not a “pushy” character in real life and doesn’t tout for massive storylines all the time.

    I too find it almost unbearable to watch MS at the moment, he doesn’t need any dialogue to show how he is feeling, just those sad eyes. And I am getting very worried about that video camera now, but again, dead producer or no, I find it hard to believe that at script conferences nobody suggests that in this day and age nobody would see that he is severely clinically depressed. If I were writing this, I would use Joe as the catalyst to get him to seek help – he is proving to be a friend as well as a carer to him, and Joe respects him unlike certain others…..

  26. Alan, to play devil’s advocate here, that writeup is really biased regarding JS’ plots on the show – but then I never liked the Craig story. Kieron? Holy moley….now that was fireworks. Was the writing erratic? Sure – but when hasn’t it been on “Hollyoaks”? But I digress. I do believe JS made the decision himself to leave the show. He wanted to stretch himself in other directions and feared of being stereotyped.

    I think most of the soaps just don’t know what to do with gay characters after they come out – there’s that “Oh, crap, what can we do next that won’t scare the grannies at home?” So the A/J romance was permanently crushed just as Jackson was by that train. I don’t know what kind of longterm story prospects DM has on the show – short of them killing off everyone around him, which the writers will no doubt feel compelled to do. Look, nobody can cry like DM, and I mean that as an absolute compliment. I just hate that that seems to be driving story.

    • Back to your thoughts on Jackson: I expect either Hazel or Joe will be pushed to their limits in the coming month and will try to get through to Aaron. Hazel has a relationship with Aaron and certainly would be out of character NOT to say anything. Joe, the great guy that he seems to be, might just let something accidentally slip – he’s not used to lying and he’s certainly not to paid to do it.

  27. I begin to feel sorry for anyone who gets involved with Aaron. I was half-joking last week when I compared him to Coroation Street’s “Gail Platt” but every man she has been married except one) got killed off. Some soap characters are born to suffer. But I think sometimes it can be just a bit boring,

    Interestingly, tomorrow evening at 10 p.m. well after the watershed, one of the ITV channels are showing an extra episode of CS which will deal with “Gary’s” (CS version of “Aaron”) and hbis friend Luke Quinn’s time in Afghanistan. Now this probably has to do more with blood and guts, but I can’t help feeling that ED might be better to have a late night episode if they don ‘t want to offend more sensitive viewers.

    But reading that Hollyoaks stuff (I have to confess I have only ever seen about half a dozen episodes) it strikes me again that stories have to get more and more incredible (in their case kidnapping and murder) simply because they make too many episodes. In the UK at one time, for example Eastenders was only shown twice a week and the quality of the writing (and frankly the acting) was a lot better and the stories, though often more depressing than CS etc were at least more believable.

    I am not looking forward to this week, but I think in the long term, Jackson’s best chance of hapiness is without Aaron who, I think, will always hurt him (emotionally). He is so self-centred he just can’t seem to help himself.

    • I was once a diehard A/J shipper, but I just don’t see them working longterm anymore, alas. The show has really beat to death the point that Aaron is 18 and too young to settle down – although no one seems to have those worries about, say, Adam, do they?

      My fervent hope now is that Jackson is allowed to live, and yes recover a bit and find some true happiness with someone who could recognize him for the fine man he is. Unfortunately, I don’t know how I’m going to handle MS’ departure from the show. Truly great work.

      • Yes Mark, he is a fine man, and this is what so annoys/upsets me the way Jackson has been turned into “a problem”, even by basically “good” people like Paddy.

        He is not diminished because he is no longer able-bodied – he is still the same man with the same qualities. True, he is depressed (who wouldn’t be?) and nobody has tried to help him, but you can see flashes of the old Jackson in his banter with Joe, because Joe doesn’t treat him as a problem or useless.

        My guess is that Joe might turn out to be gay, but scared of admitting it, due to his family or even his work (he might be debarred by the care company from working with men if they discovered he was gay,or fear he might) and that Jackson might help him to face up to it. But Joe is about the only good thing to happen to Jackson in a long time. Poor Hazel thinks he is a 22 year old baby. I wonder what happened to Jackson’s dad?. Surely he would occassionaly visit or phone?

  28. Jackson’s dad IS coming back – DM confirmed that on his Twitter account maybe two weeks ago. You don’t need me to state my fears as to what might bring him back…

    I think Joe is as straight as straight can be. The writers won’t do another coming out story in such a short time with a such a short-time character.

    You make an interesting point about Jackson’s interactions with him tho’ – he actually seems less depressed with Joe because he can be brutally honest with him – whereas with Hazel and especially Aaron, he’s convinced he’s a burden and that just eats him alive.

    If I had to guess the timeline, A & J will reconcile in March and J will die in early April.

    Prove me wrong, ED – I’d love it!

    • Don’t forget, some time this year Aaron’s big decision is looming. Danny said something about something major happening to his character in spring and autumn, I think it was. So, which will it be??

      • I’m betting his big decision in spring just happens to coincide with MS’ departure (WHY won’t they reconsider that and extend his contract already! GRRRR) – I do believe Jackson one way or another will be on death’s door and it will fall to Aaron to pull the plug.

        Annnnddddd here’s my corroborating evidence. We all know from interviews that all the cast members are briefed on their stories months in advance. Both DM and MS knew the directions of their respective stories months ago. There’s this nugget from the boys’ joint interview with Gay Times in the July 2010 issue. Asked what they’d like to see happen to their characters, MS replied:

        “I’d like to play somebody with an illness. Some sort of mental or physical illness.”

        Coincidence? Oh, it gets better. Here’s DM’s response:

        “I’m genuinely going to sound like a real weird guy here, but I’d want to kill someone in the village. That sounded like a psycho killer there! I don’t know, it’s hard in soaps isn’t it, because anything can happen, can’t it?”

        Hmmmm. Thoughts from my esteemed colleagues?

  29. Well I would just like to chip in and say that I agree with all of this if Marc’s contract is NOT renewed. The TPTB have really boxed themselves into a corner with Jackson’s disability. It is a lose-lose situation. A reunion between Aaron and Jackson will, to my mind, be unrealistic simply because Aaron hasn’t yet demonstrated the sort of emotional maturity, informed commitment and depth of affection required to stay with Jackson for the long-term and it seems a bit silly for this change just because he has interacted with Flynn.

    However, if he abandons Jackson even with Jackson’s “consent” there is a risk that it will, however unintentionally, send out a message to viewers that it is OK to leave someone you have expressly committed yourself to if they are disabled. (I think the writers were aware of this and this is probably why they have prepared the groundwork by getting Jackson, Chas, Paddy and even Ryan to question the viability Aaron and Jackson’s post-crash relationship, thereby giving Aaron another way of evading responsibility and spreading the blame for any decision Aaron may take to leave Jackson.)

    It will obviously be different if Marc’s contract is renewed for another year. That might indicate some sort of progress in his condition because I really don’t think ED is up to the job of creating soap storylines for a character who has no movement below his shoulders.

    • Meta, I agree that the story seems hopelessly muddled. I’m really not sure if Aaron loves Jackson or is motivated by guilt. And the box the writers have dropped Jackson in seems like a carton addressed to hell. The implications of this story, as you note, could send a horrendous message to both gays and the disabled.

      I don’t see the producers giving Marc an extension. The more I learn, the more it seems the stories are set months in advance to the point where they’re practically fossilized.

  30. Mark, the reply button is missing again, but to answer: “Here’s DM’s response:

    “I’m genuinely going to sound like a real weird guy here, but I’d want to kill someone in the village. ”

    IMV he doesn’t sound wierd – he just sounds like thuggish old Aaron, whose answer to everything is violence and “losing it”.

    That’s the character and nothing he did, however low he stooped would ever surprise me, but (and Danny Millerites will be sticking pins in a wax effigy of me for saying it) – but – yet again it’s Danny Miller’s selfish attitude, every “big” story has to be about him. Emmerdale (henceforth Aarondale) can only survive with him as the centre of attraction. Not only does he have permission to behave as revoltingly as he likes, he can also becme a murderer (and no doubt as in most serials will get away with it). I don’t think I have ever run across a more self-regarding, self-advertising actor, except of course for big Hollywood type names and a few British actors who feel they are so much better than everyone else (Hugh Grant and Kenneth Branagh come to mind) – their heads also got swollen at a very early age

    I would hope after last Wednesday’s defeat, he has come down from his high horse a little and will accept being part of a team and not the star player, perhaps he will realise he still has a lot to learn.

    Yes, sadly I can see Aaron as a killer. It is only sheer luck that he isn’t already (Paddy & Adam), but I think if he killed Jackson, there would be no going back for him.I go back to last March, just after he had beaten Paddy to a pulp and he wanted to make his getaway (after several “sorry’s” and buckets of tears) Paddy bars his way on the stairs “I’ll push you down the stairs, if I have to”. And he would, I’m sure.

    Aaron is basically a bully. He wants to be Cain, really, but hasn’t got the muscle. He is a “hard man” who uses his perceived ill-treatment as a child and young adult as an excuse to be violent nearly always to people who won’t hit back). If all else fails he will switch on the tears (I am more than ever convinced last May he would have rather faced a few months in prison than come out in court). I am now bored by Aaron’s/Danny’s crtging abilities.

    This town isn’t big enough for Aaron and Jackson, and if I were the producer or writer, it wouldn’t be Jackson who wasn’t having his contract renewed.

    God, I am going to be as popular as a wickerwork chair in a nudist camp with Danny’s fans now – and you know what an impression that would make! 🙂

    • Hi, Alan – No worries – we love you out here, don’t sweat it.

      Regarding Aaron, the whole point of his story was to show that even a thug could be gay, and I want to give the show and DM credit for showing some great chunks of evolution within that arc. It has been little less than a year, and Aaron has grown in fits and starts, as we all do in real life. The writing has been terribly scattershot, IMHO, even for a soap, and I have trouble understanding everyone BUT Jackson these days. I do think DM is a good actor and as we’ve discussed before, the restrictions on affection could be coming as much from the production office as DM’s own concerns. I just don’t know. As you note, Aaron in many ways is a younger Cain – that means he will always be his own worst enemy. The coming two months will be key to understanding Aaron’s next steps in his journey.

      That’s my long way of saying: Please don’t give up on the show yet. And trust me, that’s hard advice coming from me, who finds himself absolutely gutted after one scene with Jackson these days.

      • Ok, I’ve just seen new spoilers for next week. I take everything back. 🙂 Really not sure I can watch Jackson get his heart ripped out. This. Is. Just. Too. Painful.

  31. I mentioned a Coronation Street character yesterday “Gary” (played by Mikey North). He is their equivalent of Aaron – hard, tough, doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve – a typical bad boy, but though his eyes might not go misty so easily, here is an excerpt (lasts about 4.30 minutes) of his reaction to the death of his best mate in the Army.

    There isn’t any suggestion he is gay but can there be any doubt how the character felt about his mate.

  32. Hi Mark, if you’re talking about some sort of mercy killing or assisted suicide, I don’t think the show would take on a storyline like that. They did make Aaron tell Jackson about his paralysis because his parents couldn’t do it but have him kill his first boyfriend, I just don’t see it, thank goodness.

    I still don’t want Jackson to leave but as it is looking more & more likely that he will, I can’t see any other way but to kill him off through some sort of illness not connected to his paralysis. God, how much more depressing can this story become.

    Completely agree with you about the new spoilers, not going to be pleasant viewing at all. Why do we put ourselves through this? Someone please find those videos and give them to Aaron soon. This needs sorting and quick.

  33. Hi Alan, where would we be without your anti Danny comments, eh? I’m running out of pins to stick in my Alan doll as we speak lol.

    As Mark & I said before, I think Aaron coming back into the pub to kiss Jackson was a massive step for Aaron to take. It might not have been the most passionate of kisses but Aaron has never done that before. I still think Aaron was the right choice of character to be gay because he is just the complete opposite of any stereotypes that other soaps have used and are still using. I don’t think Adam would have been a better choice.

    I also have to say that, after seeing tonights episode, I’m now torn between the two characters again. Still hate seeing Jackson so miserable and Aaron is such a bad liar, Jackson knows some bad news is coming his way BUT loved seeing a happier, smily, cheekier Aaron again. I’ve missed that smile, what can I say?

    • Hi, Sharon. I really have to be honest. I’m not sure I can watch this week’s episodes right now. They really put me in a bad frame of mind. Jackson’s plight just rips me to shreds. It’s the kind of thing I’m going to have to wait to watch until the end of the week – otherwise, I won’t be able to get a blessed thing done.

      • Good job there’s this place then where you can talk anytime you need to. I won’t see tomorrow’s episode until later in the evening which is good because there won’t be anyone around in case I cry. Who am I kidding, in case I cry, yeah right!!

      • Have a happy birthday today Mark.

    • Hi Sharon,

      I am not so sure about Adam – he certainly seems to enjoy spending his time in gay clubs. “They have the best pool table”. If you say so, Adam! 🙂

      Perhaps this is going to be Aaron’s dillema – help Adam “come out”?

      • Now that would be an unexpected twist but, as you say, he does seem to like that pool table, or maybe it’s the view he gets when people are playing pool that he likes if you know what I mean lol

      • I believe you’ve touched on this before, Alan, but it is striking that Aaron has so much affection with Adam and shares zero with Jackson. Perhaps it is because the two actors are real life roomies and that carries over onscreen but it is unusual.

        I got a kick out of Jackson telling Aaron that he could always count on him for a laugh. Uhh, you do know this is Mr. Mopey you’re talking to, right, Jackson?

  34. Alan, thank you for the lovely wishes. To celebrate, I’m not watching any A&J today. Best way to keep my wits about! Big hugs to everyone on this board. You’re all fantastic people and I really enjoy the viewpoints on Emmerdale!

    • Hi Mark, hope your birthday is a good one. From what I’ve just read about tonights episode, you made a good choice not to watch A&J tonight. I still have tonights episode to go through when I can face it. Tissues at the ready and a big bar of chocolate to follow I think!! Only way I might be able to get through it.

      • Hi, Sharon – Couldn’t stay away from the boys no matter how hard I tried. Must say the acting was sublime in the episode. Both DM and MS really rose to the occasion. You could tell Jackson had been mulling over what Aaron “hadn’t” told him all day long and had come to a decision that he was just waiting to spring on Aaron. And Aaron is just gobsmacked by his response. This really felt like a private moment between the two men – one horribly sad.

        Fyi, I’m seriously hating Chas (but not the actress) for her behavior. And I’m on Team Pearl all the way. She’s more affectionate with Jackson than Aaron is!

  35. There is absolutely no doubt Danny Miller is far superior an actor when he has to portray angst, guilt, sorrow sadness – I would be the first to agree that his performance last night was the equal to his painful coming out and pre-suicide attempt scenes. It just seems to be the tender affectionate bits that let him down, and I think that is as much to do with the actor as it is the character (as Mark says he shows more genuine friendship and affection towards Adam, possibly because they are close friends in real life), but a good actor has to be able to transcend any animosity he may have towards his co-star (there are well documented cases of screen pairings who have hated each other in real life). He – or she – has got to make you believe every facet of their character. In real life “Ryan” might be the most money-grubbing selfish man going (I am sure he isn’t BTW), but when he said in that court abt his late father being a multi-millionaire “I don’t care about his money” you could see that was true (as he proved by getting it for Will), and though there is little physical affection shown between, say Adam and his dad, the way John always calls him “son” or “mate”, you can’t doubt that here is a dad who loves his son (and Adam usually finds an excuse to stroke his mum’s hair or arm as he passes her, to show affection), it’s tiny little details like that that make you believe in the character. And yes, Jackson may not want a knitted sweater but the fact that Pearl is taking the trouble to make him one shows a degreof concern that is lacking from others, especially Paddy who rushed out of the room as if poor Jackson had leprosy.

    The little things add up and it’s high time “Aaron” thawed out a bit, even if he and Jackson are only “best mates”.

    • I can’t argue with your conclusion, Alan. The lack of physical intimacy – I’m not talking kissing – is deplorable, especially when you consider Jackson’s circumstances. A simple caress of the face would carry so much significance – and get most of the audience squeeing like teenage girls, I suspect. 🙂

      I do love Pearl more and more. Loved how she kissed Jackson and brushed by Aaron and didn’t bother with him. But then for all her dithering, she’s smarter than most of the villagers, isn’t she, and she knows Aaron’s history better than Jackson does, I’d wager.

      Paddy, Paddy, Paddy. How he’s disappointed me. You’d think he’d be suggesting things like, “Why don’t you bring Jackson over for tea tonight?” instead of complaining that Aaron was spending too much time alone with him.

      But it’s all the writing people.

      • Exactly!. When the only sensation anyone has is above the neck, it would be the most natural thing in the world to stroke his hair or his forehead, or rub his face. Nobody – not even the most prudish viewer or DM himself could construe anything sexual from such a gesture (and thinking back to what somebody said the other week about what can be shown at 7pm, late last year a chocolate company had an advert where two men were sitting on a sofa asleep and one of their girlfriends,as a joke puts their arms round each other and as they awake they almost kiss (Malteasers). Nobody complained as far as I know – in fact it got cited as one of the best adverts of the year and it often preceeded episodes of ED, so I can see no problems.

        Talking of those very small gestures which seem to give a complete picture to a character, I remember last April when Adam is disgusted to find it was Aaron who assaulted Paddy, he has a line to Aaron “This is the guy who looks after you, who gets your tea, washes your stuff, lends you a tenner when you’re short – you know? – like your mum and dad?”.

        The fact that Adam is obvously grateful for something Aaron (and many others) would take for granted, shows the difference in nature between the two characters, and makes him more complete

      • Pearl’s always had a soft spot for Jackson, going back to when he brought Aaron’s phone back when he left it in Bar West. She thought then he was a lovely young man and she was right!!

  36. Hi Guys, I have to agree with you, the acting between Danny & Marc last night was fantastic. The way that Aaron was still trying to convince Jackson that he wanted to be with him while Jackson was so cold towards him was truly painful to watch. There was something quite dark about last nights episode, can’t quite put my finger on it.

    No tissues needed last night and the chocolate went back in the fridge but, surely, there has to be some tears tonight.

    And, Alan, good job I was sitting down when I read your comment, praise for Danny, who’d have thought!!!

    • I Try to be fair Sharon, I haven’t said DM isn’t a good actor, just that he is not very convincing when having to pretend to be gay. I really don’t think Jackson was being cold – he was being kind, in a way, to stop Aaron feeling any more guilt. Perhaps a little disappointed that Aaron, after all that “no more lies” stuff tried to pretend Monday’s email was from Paddy. At the time I suspected Jackson didn’t believe him, and as he said, the one thing he can still use is his head.

      He looks so isolated and alone you’d have to have a heart of stone not to want to help him – so why doesn’t Hazel, if no-one else, see his obvious depression?

      • If the spoilers are accurate for next week, Alan, you’ll see Hazel knows exactly what is going on and is pressed to her limit as to what to do. Chas has really been working my last nerve. I love the actress but the character is one selfish beeyatch right now, not a whit of compassion for Jackson.

      • Hi Alan, to be fair, you do usually give Danny credit where its due.

        Anyone with half a brain could have figured out that Aaron was lying when he said that message was from Paddy and we all know how smart Jackson is. It just seemed a bit weird to see Jackson so emotionless, almost calm, it’s like he’s switched off as far as Aaron is now concerned, closed himself off from him. Maybe he had just been composing himself for the confrontation so he was ready for it when it happened. I don’t know, just not used to seeing Jackson like this, I guess.

        As Mark said, Hazel finds out exactly what’s going on next week and she’s never been backwards in coming forwards but she’s up against two of the most stubborn people you could ever want to meet in Jackson & Aaron. Her relationship with Aaron is better now so she’s going to be stuck in the middle a bit although, obviously, her first loyalty & concerns are with Jackson.

    • Hi, Sharon – I felt a real melancholy from Jackson. He’d spent the day ruminating on the realization that Aaron had lied to him. Thank God the writers haven’t forgotten that Jackson is indeed a smart, intuitive man. And it gave him the rationale to support his plan to push Aaron away for Aaron’s own good (in his head, anyway). I think tonight is a big weeper.

      • I think next week is going to be especially painful when Aaron ignores Jackson and runs after Flynn. I do wonder if Aaron has any feelings – he knows what rejection is, and as regards ex-burlesque dancer Chas, she needs to remember how as a mum, she reacted last year when she thought she was going to lose Aaron when he tried to kill himself. She would have done anything to help him, so surely she should see how Hazel’s reaction would be the same for her son, especially as Hazel has a closer relationship with J than Chas had with Aaron (though probably guilt came into that).

        But I honestly believe Jackson needs some pretty intensive professional help – he doesn’t even appear to have visits from the G.P. In C.S. the disabled Peter gets home visits from the kindly Dr Carter, and his disablement is far less severe than Jacksons.

        There is another worry next week, too: Faye sleeps with Cain: I hate to think what will happen if Ryan finds out, as he is very protective of his mum and it looks as if Cain is just doing it to get back at Charity. I doubt Ryan’s employer is likely to become Ryan’s stepdad, but could Ryan go on working for him if he thinks he used Faye?. And where does that leave Jim? With Faye leaving and Emmerdle only having one garage, I hope it don’t mean we lose Ryan as well.

      • Hi Mark and Alan, me too. They can’t leave the break up hanging like that with no tears from either of them. Melancholy is probably the word I was searching for but couldn’t find.

        I still think Joe may have an important part to play here. He spends more time with Jackson than Hazel does and they have already shown in the short time they’ve known each other that they’ve built up a good rapport. Joe did lie for Jackson but made sure afterwards that Jackson knew he wasn’t happy about it. I think, as time goes on, he will be the one who sorts Jackson out, both with his depression and with whatever happens regarding Aaron, maybe with a bit of help from Hazel along the way.

        Alan, I think next week is definitely going to be more painful, hate the phrase “Aaron turns his back on Jackson”. I was hoping they didn’t mean it literally but from what I’ve read on a different website, it appears that’s exactly what they do mean as they talk about Aaron having to see Jackson’s “heartbroken expression” as he leaves. How much more are they going to put him through before he breaks down completely?

        Aaron has feelings, we all know that, we saw that last night but by the time this happens, his mind will be set to “I’m doing this because Jackson wants me too” mode even if it makes me miserable and it’s not what I want.

        As for Chas, she’s doing my head in at the moment. In my opinion, the whole point of being a mother is to want what’s best for your child, support them 100% in their choices even if you don’t agree with them and be there to pick up the pieces if you’re needed without saying I told you so. While she wants what’s best for Aaron, she’s not supporting him in his choice to be with Jackson, in fact, she’s trying to convince him to leave, which is not helping. As for whether she can resisit saying I told you so, we’ll have to wait & see.

  37. Hi, Alan & Sharon – Just to echo a few of your thoughts, I, too, am worried about Ryan – there’s been nothing about JS leaving the show, but he is the Last Man standing in the story of the Wylde clan. Funny thing about that garage – aren’t there only like about 300 people in the village and yet the garage is constantly backed up with cars needing work? Either our boys are the best – or the worst – mechanics in the area.

    Sharon, you noticed something very interesting about Jackson’s mood – that detachment. I do think he’s been building a wall to deliver the final blow to his relationship to Aaron. He has to behave this way – He has to be the tough man to reach another tough man. If he allows his real emotions to peek through, he’ll shatter into bits and he can’t allow that, not in front of Aaron, the one person he values above all others.

    I shudder just at the thought of next week’s big scene: Aaron turning his back on Jackson. That is just unforgivable in my eyes. How could anyone ever turn their back on someone who has done nothing but love him unconditionally – for someone he’s known for what, two days? Geez!

    Tonight looks to be an especially heartbreaking episode.

  38. With regard to Ryan, am I the only one to notice he is gradually becoming closer to and spending more time with his boss at the garage, and I don’t mean Cain!! Also, Andy needs all the friends he can get at the moment and as Ryan is one of his few, I have a feeling that Ryan won’t be going anywhere.

    Back to Aaron & Jackson, Aaron will look at it as he’s only doing what Jackson wants him to do. It’s not what he wants but as far as he’s concerned, there’s nothing he can do about how Jackson feels so he’s got to get on with it. He will have his tough guy exterior on but I suspect we will see from Danny’s facial expression and body language at the time what Aaron is really feeling and, as we all know, you can say a helluva lot without opening your mouth. I wouldn’t be too hard on Aaron just yet.

    Plus, the enigma that is the F word, we still know very little about him apart from the fact that he seems to be quite similar personality wise to Aaron and, if this is the case, he won’t put up with any of Aaron’s moods or tantrums and will give as good as he gets. He may not be prepared to be a rebound guy, he may not be prepared to be used by Aaron if that’s what Aaron does. Aaron may have met his match with this one so, if he does choose him, will he have made the right choice?

  39. Hi Sharon. I agree Flynn from the little we have seen seems to be a very similar personality to Aaron. So far, Aaron has been so very lucky in having friends who accept his (let’s be kind and call it awkwardness) – Jackson especially; Adam, Paddy, and Ryan. He would be very lucky indeed if Flynn were like them: they have always shrugged off Aaron’s mood. I have a feeling that if A got agressive F would get aggresive back.

    Love amongst the black eyes won’t last long 🙂

    After the life he has had (his dad etc) and the life he has, I want Jackson to be happy and find somebody who can love him as much as he loves Aaron. I want him to stay on the programme and if I were writing this, I’d find him somebody and once he was settled, I’d have F or whoever he is seeing by then to really let Aaron down. Too late, Aaron would realise Jackson was a unique bloke (which we all know already of course), and Aaron would realise that he has lost Jackson to somebody else. Aaron would never find another Jackson.

    I hope you are right about Ryan staying – there aren’t that many kind, thoughtful residents in Emmerdale that we can afford to lose one of the best.

    • F word just can’t be a decent bloke. The writers HAVE to mix it up somehow. He must have some baggage that’s going to ultimately end whatever starts between him and Aaron.

      I do think Aaron will sort out his feelings for Jackson. The timing? Ah, that’s what scares the bleep out of me.

      • Hi Mark, how about if F word’s baggage is a girlfriend. Imagine if Aaron found out he had fallen for someone who was “dipping his toe in the water” shall we say to decide if he liked guys or girls more. That would certainly mix things up and screw with Aaron’s head good and proper.

        As for the timing of Aaron realising his feelings for Jackson, I still think it will be in time for something good to happen between them, I refuse to believe it will be after Jackson is gone, however that may be.

    • Alan, like the decription of Aaron’s moods etc as awkwardness, a much kinder expression, and as usual you are right when you say how lucky Aaron has been with peoples’ tolerance of him.

      If I was writing, I would still have F do something horrible to Aaron to make him see how special Jackson is but I would then have Aaron beg, plead, cry, do whatever it takes to convince Jackson that he wants to be with him. I’d also have him be far more demonstrative of his feelings for Jackson afterwards. Even though it wouldn’t last forever,I’d settle for a few months of happiness to see the two of them smile again and share those little looks that I used to like seeing.

      Not quite as cruel as your scenario but you know I like these two as a couple.

      • Sharon, I think one of the problems is that, even if they got back together for a few months, the final break-up would hurt Jackson even more. In this situation, given his terrible circumstances, it is important Jackson isn’t hurt any more than he already is. I think his happiness is more important than Aaron’s if only because Aaron is younger, able-bodied and can rely on quite a good circle of very loyal friends not to mention his mum and his surrogate dad Paddy. Jackson really only has his mum, and Joe, who, if they don’t develop a relationship, even a platonic one is “paid to care” and given the nature of such agencies he could be moved on to another client.

        Also, I know from myself, you change so much between 18 and 22, which is Jackson’s age, that even if you really mean something today and are totally honest in saying it, you can change your mind a few days, weeks, months later.

        I think if Jackson feels strong enough at the moment to end things (and he makes it clear tonight to Aaron they can still be friends), it is probably the right time.

        Again: I am not Aaron bashing but he still can’t bring himself to say he loves Jackson, which is the one thing Jackson really needs to hear – just the word. As it is Aaron tells Pady that Jackson needs him and that he made a promise, which is very admirable, but that isn’t love, it’s duty, or keeping a promise. If he really does love Jackson he needs to tell him and to show him by touching his face. He doesn’t even lay his hand on jackson’s arm now, and though Jackson can’t feel it, actions still speak louder than words.

        Again, Danny’s performance was excellent again tonight – not overdone, the right mixture of frustration and helplessness and Marc, what can you say?. You really could believe he can’t move and in total desperation and hoplessness. His portrayal really is haunting – it stays with you long after he is off the screen. ED would be mad to let such a great talent leave the programme

  40. Sharon, I honestly don’t want Jackson to go (and if he does please le it be alive), BUT remember Aaron’s greatest asset is to be able to cry on cue, and they lose no opportunity to let the waterworks flow.

    I don’t think Flynn has a girlfriend, but my guess is either he has a partner who does shiftwork and he plays around, or else he is just into casual relationships, which, to his credit, Aaron has never shown any interest in.

    One other horrible possibility (and given the dark nature of some ED storylines) IF Flynn is straight he might be a gay-basher. Even today it is not unknown for straight lads to pick on gay ones “for a laugh”. In London a year or so again one such incident led to murder.

    Aaron could handle himself alone, but with a gang?

    I don’t want Aaron hurt physically – I’m honestly not THAT bad, but I think it is probable that he will be hurt mentally, by being used. He was so lucky in that Jackon the first bloke he ever got together with was kind, gentle and patient, as well as loyal. The chancs of that are similar to buying your first scratchcard and winning £1million

    • You know I like Aaron but, believe it or not, I don’t want Jackson to go either. I like the two characters together and seperately and would love to carry on seeing them both on screen. The girlfriend comment was about as big a stretch as I could come up with but the only two feasible ideas are your suggestions.

      Hopefully, they won’t go down the gay-bashing storyline but as you say, Emmerdale has its dark moments. Besides, mental cruelty is worse, that’s what eats away at you in the middle of the night and tears you apart.

      He will never find anyone to compare with Jackson which is why he doesn’t want to let go. How do you follow a class act like that??

  41. Having watched tonights episode, my overwhelming feeling is anger.

    I’m angry at Paddy cos the first thing he says to Aaron is “what have you done?”. Jackson really hacked me off telling Hazel they split up cos Aaron met someone else. That makes it sound so much worse than it actually was. I mean, Adam was there the whole time and they only talked & played pool. For one who’s big on honesty, why not tell his mum the truth – that, yet again, he’s pushing Aaron away. I’m annoyed at Aaron, too, he should have stayed and made Jackson listen to his point of view instead of just walking out. The whole episode left my stomach churning.

    Having got that off my chest, the acting was again sublime tonight. The way Danny switched from anger to sadness to helplessness in a few seconds, Marc’s eyes that say so much, and his words delivered with just the right amount of despair, as you say, acting that stays with you once they’ve gone from the screen.

    Hazel summed Aaron up perfectly – he’s so messed up in the head, he can’t say what he feels. Until he can, he’ll never convince Jackson but, on the other hand, he can only convince Jackson if Jackson is prepared to listen to him.

    Oh and does anyone recognise the song that was playing in the background when Aaron first arrived at Jackson’s house. Usually if there’s music playing, the words are significant.

    Sod the chocolate, the wine is calling me!!

    • Careful with the wine, Sharon – you don’t want to end up like Brenda 🙂

      What always strikes me, in any A & J scene, is that when Aaron enters Jackson’s room he never goes over and touches him, and he hovers by the bed as if he were afraid of catching something.

      We know Aaron is never going to deliver a “when I’m not with you I think about you all the time and when I am with you my heart bursts” speech BUT, however reticent Aaron is, these two men have supposed to be intimate with each other, and so surely the time of fear of touch would be long gone.

      Aaron (and the writers) should realise that anyone in depression is in a very isolated world and in Jacksons case, all he can feel, in any sense, is his head, so Aaron should make some attempt at physical contact Jacksn can feel.

      Just to defend Jackson (when don’t I?), again when you are depressed you feel physically as well as mentally washedt so you say as little as possible, just because long explanations would be too tiring- even the act of speech is an effort. And from his pointg of view, of course, Aaron HAS met somebody else, and because everyone else now thinks of Jackon as a useless body, he is thinking that of himself – he is damaged so how can he compete with somebody who is physically intact?. In the state he is in, he cannot understand he is still the same man with the same qualities.

      These scens are very powerful, but the writers could stop making them so hopeless by getting Jacksn qualified professional help – they just seem to have dumped him in that bed.

      One point that bothers me: some months ago Marc said they were working on scenes with the wheelchair etc, to make him less static, but those scenes have not really been shown at any length. I hope they are not “editing out” Jackson’s story.

      • Hi Alan, no need to worry, I’m not at the stage of buying alcohol at 9.30 in the morning after the school run just yet!!

        As I’m a Libran and we have to weigh up both sides of an argument, just for a change, I’m going to defend Aaron. The reason Aaron doesn’t seem to like touching Jackson at the moment is not due to a fear of touching him, it’s a fear of what reaction he will get from Jackson if he touches him. He’s scared that by touching him, he’ll be doing the wrong thing and he’s worried. Whatever he does at the moment seems to annoy Jackson, he’s rude to him when he visits, he can’t seem to do anything right so he hovers, or twists his hands together or stands with his hands in his pockets because he doesn’t know what else to do. The last time he touched Jackson’s head to give him the head massage, Jackson basically told him to get lost.

        I agree with what you say about Jackson’s depression and how sometimes even speaking can be an effort. Although he thinks of himself as damaged and unable to compete with an able bodied person, Aaron has told him plenty of times that he’s not bothered about being physical, that what they have is more than just a physical relationship, that he just wants to be with him. Unfortunately, Jackson’s depression won’t let him accept this and, until he gets professional help and feels worthwhile as a person again, I don’t see what else Aaron can do, or anyone else for that matter.

        The scenes between the two of them have been very powerful, maybe moreso because there have been no tears so far. We haven’t lost track of the dialogue because we’re caught up in watching Aaron or Jackson cry so every word hits home.

        I remember Marc saying that he would become more mobile too in future episodes. I still don’t think they quite know where they’re going with Jackson yet and seeing how the spoilers change and how Danny’s interviews recently have stated different things only a week apart, I wouldn’t be surprised if episodes are being re written and re filmed as we speak.

        There may be hope for Jackson to stay after all!!

      • Hi, Alan, Sharon – Love your thoughts here, as always, provocative and on-point.

        Alan, I do agree that A’s lack of physical intimacy with J is bewildering – criminally so at this point, given J’s condition. Sharon makes a point about J’s outward moodiness (even tho’ we’re the only ones to know the cause) that might be putting off A but I don’t think it excuses A.

        Now Aaron did have a line last night – ahh, I’m not going to get it right – something about “Mate, I can’t go on without you” – and that’s the closest thing to a statement of love – and sort of an odd echo of Aaron’s reaction the night of the train accident.

        Sharon, DM’s interviews HAVE indeed changed within days, and I have a theory about that: He – and the E staffers – were blown away by the uproar over his interview to Inside Soap just prior to the NTAs in which he stated fans wanted A&J to break up. The fan boards lit up, and they were not happy. DM even retracted his statement on his Twitter account, saying it was just a couple of fans who said that and he asked people to stop sending him angry messages. I think he was genuinely surprised at just how much people root for A&J. To be fair, as an actor in a story, you may not know or understand how it is being received. You’re too close to it.

        But Alan, I’m with you on Jackson – I’m not so invested in Aaron’s happiness, only seeing Jackson find peace and comfort knowing that he is indeed a worthy man.

        From what MS has said, we will see Jackson tooling around in an electronic wheelchair at some point soon and getting a measure of independence. Perhaps that will lead to some sort of emotional recovery. At this writing, I only hope for Jackson to move to a rehabilitation clinic – but then I remember how much the Em staff likes to see DM cry….

  42. I believe Hazel finds out Monday the lengths of Jackson’s deception – and it guts her. It also leads to, inadvertently, more heartbreak for Jackson because she’s the reason he’ll be late to the pub – she doesn’t want to take him, knowing the truth. And A will turn his back on J, which just seems so horrible it might as well be sci-fi. The lad who proclaims he’ll never leave him rushes off to catch a bus with a stranger?

    Sharon, remember, Jackson wasn’t there at the pub and his mind is creating a scenario much worse than it actually was – although he does sort of have the basics down pat. He envisions Aaron going off with some handsome bloke and it eats at him.

    Alan, I don’t think Aaron faces physical violence with Flynn – but I wouldn’t mind him learning that not every guy – hell, not any guy – is as good as Jackson. I do think Flynn will return for a couple more weeks of whatever purpose he’s supposed to serve – and then we’ll be entering the end phase for Jackson, whatever it may be. 😦

  43. Having calmed down a bit now, I know Jackson’s mind probably went into overdrive imagining all sorts regarding Aaron’s meeting with F but, if he doesn’t want to torture himself, he shouldn’t keep asking cos Aaron’s not bright enough to figure out that Jackson is hiding so much hurt, pretending to be interested.

    On a very small plus side, loved seeing Jackson in the red checked shirt again. Nobody wears a tight checked shirt like Jackson does!!

    • Jackson can’t help himself. It’s all part of this depression he’s in. He rationalizes he’s doing the absolute right thing by letting Aaron and to do it convincingly he has to pretend he only has a friend’s interest in hearing the details of Aaron’s date.

      Aaron not better get any action out of F word. Not a bit.

      I do think Aaron on some level gets that Jackson is hurting and he’s hurting as well. It’s just a horrible muddle right now. It gets worse before it gets better.

      • Hi Mark, I agree with you. Aaron understands to a point that Jackson is hurting just like he is and he knows Jackson’s trying to push him away, he said as much the other night. What I don’t think he gets is the depression that Jackson is suffering from and how utterly useless & worthless he feels. Mind you, Aaron’s not on his own in missing that problem, is he?

        Whenever recently Jackson has explained why he’s splitting from Aaron, he keeps concentrating on the fact that they can no longer have a physical relationship, and how unfair it is on Aaron to miss out on this. While this is a part of the reason, it’s not the only reason and I think that’s why Aaron is struggling with Jackson’s decision. As far as Aaron is concerned, it doesn’t bother him that they can’t be physical anymore so he doesn’t get why Jackson keeps using this as the reason for their split.

        (i bet Alan will be itching to comment as I’ve mentioned A & J being physical lol)

        I still find I’m gripped by the acting and what’s coming up in the storyline. Just hope it gets better sooner rather than later.

  44. Having watched tonights episode, I have to say that I find Paddy’s behaviour towards Jackson completely confusing. If we go back a few months, Paddy was the one telling Aaron that Jackson was a really nice guy who had always been there for him, who loved him and was still the same person despite what had happened to him. It’s a shame he doesn’t appear to still think the same way now as he can’t seem to get away quick enough whenever he meets Jackson.

    I really thought of everyone in the village, he would be one of the first to accept Jackson’s disability but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Having said that, he did have the funniest line of the episode talking about Aaron ” he’s probably at the garage jacking up someone’s ……” as he runs out of words. Actually made me laugh out loud and Jackson’s expression was just priceless.

    Loved Aaron’s delivery of his line “we all know why he did it, he did it for me” he seemed to be able to look sad, guilty and helpless all at the same time. And as for Jackson’s ” be careful what you wish for” line, with that sad expression on his face, really tugged at the heartstrings.

    Mark, yet again you make a really good point when you say about the uproar Danny’s alleged comments caused. It goes back to what we’ve been saying for ages, that the people in charge at emmerdale have massively underestimated the popularity of Aaron & Jackson as characters in their own right and also as a couple. People have really got behind these two and their story and have become really involved. There wouldn’t be a website like this, for example, full of people’s thoughts and feelings if people didn’t care.

    I think seeing how upset people got over those comments and also how sad and angry people are over the direction that the story has taken has given them a problem they weren’t expecting. They knew Aaron & Jackson were popular, I just don’t think they knew quite how popular they both are.

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens over the next few months, watch this space.

    • Sharon, the Thursday episode made me so angry. Chas was beyond vile and Paddy, as you note, treats Jackson as if he has an infectious disease. Chas has always been a piece of work, but as you note, Paddy has been rewritten from a supportive guy to a flipping jerk. I truly don’t understand the level of revulsion being directed toward Jackson, unless the writers are setting up these characters as obstacles to in turn rally audience support for an Aaron and Jackson reunion. But it’s just disgusting to watch. And it sends a message, especially from somebody Paddy, that those with disabilities are not worthy of companionship.

      I do think the ED staff is probably surprised by the reaction to Jackson’s plight; but with the backstage producer turmoil, I fear they’ll hesitate to tinker with stories laid out months in advance.

      And minor points of interest: Did anyone else have trouble understanding Flynn? Hey, Mumbles, I don’t want to put on the closed-captioning. And what the hell was that jersey Aaron was wearing? 🙂

      OK, enough with that, look forward to hearing from everyone on their thoughts on this latest turn. Friday’s ep is promising to be another heartbreaker.

      • What makes Paddy’s behaviour even more astonishing is that within months he is going to be the surrogate dad (how is Aaron, by the way? as Marlon once said) to a baby that has Down’s Syndrome. However disabled the kiddie is, how would he feel if everybody turned their back on the child because of it’s disabilities?. Is he cut out to look after him/her, given his attitude towards Jackson?

        It also surprises me that, now he has Rhona (and I STILL think she will tire of him as she did Marlon – let’s face it they are like twin brothers in most respects), he seems to want to ingratiate himself with Chas so much.

        As for Chas, she missed her calling – she should have been an army drill sargeant barking out her orders. The woman is totally unfeeling and selfish – small wonder Aaron is as he is, with a mum like that!. When I watch people like that, nit to mentio th ridiculous Charity and Cain, and how they behave I am sometimes grateful I didn’t have a family!.

        Seeing Jackson looking so sad, dejected and withdrawn in the pub while Chas boasted that Aaron was out “seeing a mate”, I would have loved to have thrown a pint of beer over her vacuous head.

        On a different storyline, there is a terrible part of me that wishes Brenda had continued her argument with the late hapless Terry by going into the burning shop with him. I know she is depressed, like Jackson is, but whereas Jackson’s depression is so heartwrenching, her’s, fuelled by booze, is just irritating. We know Henshall is crooked, but any police officer whether he was “on the case” or not, would have arrested her last night for drunk driving, attempted murder, criminal damage, not to mention terrible acting. I am glad he is looking so precarious so quickly, because to be honest, that storyline was so weak, we don’t want it hanging about for too long

  45. Thank you, Alan, for pointing out that Paddy himself will be dealing with a special needs child. That makes his behavior all the more inexcusable. And as you’ve noted, he liked Jackson – he was a champion of him in Aaron’s life. And now after the accident he wants Aaron to drop him because he’s baggage. There’s a message here that young gay people can’t or shouldn’t make loving commitments to one another. It’s utterly disrespectful.

    Back to Paddy: I don’t think he ever got over Chas and on some level views his connection to Aaron as a way of keeping that spark, however small, alive. Great to see him get his heart broken again as he deserves.

    The pub scene was horrible. Chas seemed to delight in rubbing Jackson’s face in the news that Aaron was out.

    The Henshall story is another one that baffles me. What’s the point? What was the payoff for this other than cutting two veterans from the show’s payroll?

  46. OK, hats off to the boys YET AGAIN for those final few minutes of tonights episode.

    There was so much sorrow & emotion in that room, you could almost touch it. Aaron being forced to talk about Flynn was uncomfortable to watch to say the least. I did actually shout at the TV for Aaron to turn around and say something before he left, which he did, but Jackson’s not listening and is sticking to his guns at the moment.

    But, the award for most heartbreaking moment goes to Jackson who just about kept it together until Aaron left before that small sob came out. That lump came back into my throat at that point and it’s a good job the episode ended where it did as much more would have had me crying like a baby.

    • But I thought there was one very telling moment. When Jackson said that a (non sexual) relationship “wouldn’t be enough” for Aaron, Aaron stayed silent.

      I think Jackson knows that sooner or later Aaron would be off, or at least be seeing other blokes behind his back, and he wants to avoid himself the pain and Aaron the guilt.

      That’s the characters, and yes very convincing performances.

      But to (sorry I have to say it) Danny, again I have to say his attempts to convince the viewer he is a gay lad of 19 are lacklustre in the extreme. Quite honestly, unless Flynn is in to the mean and moody attitude, I would have thought Aaron was trying to brush me off. He just conveys no longing or desire, and even if you can excuse it by saying he feel guilt about Jackson, I don’t think that is the total answer.

      I really feel that Aaron should not be gay. I was going to say he can’t handle it, but then I realised it would sound like some of the more lacivious comments on the You Tube page, rife with double-entendre’s, but certainly, I think a soapland “cure” would be the best thing for him, and Jackson could find somebody – dare I say – better. Or at least more suitable.

      I just have a feeling despite his recent denial in the script, Joe is gay. Can’t really explain why, but…….

      • Aaron stayed silent because he’d already said that he was ok as he was, he could do without stuff and Jackson ignored it. He’s been saying it for ages but Jackson isn’t listening. Maybe , as you say, in the future it won’t be enough for Aaron and that’s where the open relationship storyline that was mentioned a few weeks ago could come into play. I think, however, I would hate that even more.

        Flynn surprised me, he’s obviously not afraid to speak his mind and put Aaron on the spot and Aaron is just as bad at speaking to him as he has been in the past with Jackson. Although Aaron said he maybe was interested, his face and body language said something else.

        As for the lovely Joe, I think it’s wishful thinking that he is gay. I do think he will be a good influence in Jackson’s life though, and I think they will form a closer relationship than just carer/patient but I don’t see it being any more than that.

    • Sharon, Alan, I am a mess. That last scene just ripped my heart. Jackson’s final gasp…how does Marc Silcock do so much with so little? What an actor. How the show can even think about letting him go is absurd to me. DM was great tonight, too, capturing the mix of confusion perfectly.

      As much as everyone wants Joe to be gay – check out the YouTube comments – he isn’t. The show isn’t going there, although I really do think it would be a great twist if they introduced a guy who was genuinely interested in Jackson just as the incredible man he is – that would set Aaron’s head spinning.

      I know F word is going to be around for a bit, but I don’t see him getting far with Aaron. I could be completely stupid on this point, I know, but I don’t see a skittish show like ED suddenly showing Aaron embarking on an open sexual relationship with one guy while Jackson is at home.

      Those damn freaking videos. Aaron has to see them. Question: When!!!!

      • I couldn’t agree more, Mark. I have been blown away by Marc’s performances over the last three episodes especially. You can just feel Jackson’s anguish. This is one of the most convincing portraits of a man utterly torn between his heart and his head. And what makes it so heartbreaking is that Jackson’s reasons for doing what he is doing are not only selfless, they actually make complete sense. Right now, only the Jackson and Lisa storylines are keeping me glued to this show.

      • Hi Mark. Some of the Your Tube comments on Joe and Jackson are disgusting. One who uses the name of the great MS hmself as a screen name, in particular, has obviously seen too many top shelf DVDs of a certain sort, and many appear to be written by 14 year old sex maniacs.

        I begin to think a real non-sexual friendship with Joe, or somebody else who can make Jackson laugh again, or feel equal and content would be preferable to the difficult relationship with Aaron who has ever bought, and IMO will always ever bring, only misery and pain for Jackson.

        Even IF they stayed together Aaron’s shrewish mum would always be chippin in her opuinions, dito Hazel and the bumbling Paddy, who is beginning to become a different and less pleasant character.

        What always strikes me, apart from the superlative portrayal by Marc (and Danny when he is in angst mode), is the way, though Jackson’s room is bright it seems so claustrophobic and clinical – this is Jackson’s world and what he needs is somebody who will light the room up for him when he enters it, not fill it with sadness and despair.

        But would a young lad like Flynn really be hanging round Aaron with his couldn’t care less attitude?. Not for long I don’t think.

  47. Mark, I agree with you, great acting from both guys again tonight. Not so sure about Aaron & F word not sleeping together as Jackson said he thought Aaron needed to!!!!! As viewers we wouldn’t see a great deal if they did anyway but it may be another step in Aaron’s self loathing, as Bette Midler said on Paul O Grady’s show when Danny was talking about the story “Are you going to cheat on him? Imagine the guilt”.
    Obviously, it’s not something I would like to see happen but you never know what the writers are thinking.

    As for those videos, Marc has said that we will start to see things more from Jackson’s point of view so obviously that’s where these videos will come into play for us as viewers. If they don’t change the story, and Hazel overhears Jackson talking about his feelings on Aaron seeing someone else, I think that will be the one that Aaron somehow gets to see. As to when, who knows. All I hope is that it’s not when it’s too late for Aaron to do anything about it.

    Keep smiling, things will have to get better soon!!

    • Hazel gets involved in Monday’s ep, I believe – she hears the tail end of J’s tape, according to the spoiler. But she’s going to inadvertently cause more trouble for Jackson – check out the spoilers, if you are inclined. Somebody needs to make Aaron watch them – but I think it will be a lot later down the line.

      A full-blown triangle between the boys? The only way that would work is if J could start making some recovery – and he’s long overdue and accuracy be damned – this is a soap, not a documentary – give the boy a break.

      • Mark, I’m not talking about a full blown love triangle. This is Aaron we’re talking about, remember. Maybe a one night stand with F word or even an attempted one night stand that he can’t go through with. One episode to make him hate himself even more than he does already, a further realisation that he’s still not ok with the situation that Jackson has put him in no matter how hard he tries to pretend that he is.

        I wouldn’t torture me or anyone else by hoping for a full blown love triangle between the guys. Jackson and Aaron deserve better than that.

        you know how I want this story to end!

  48. Sharon, we’re on the same boat when it comes to the boys – I just think it’s heading off a cliff 🙂

    So we know that we’re getting a week off from the boys after next week’s wringer – but F has to come back – he and Jackson are bound to interact if only to up the misery quotient. Jackson has to see Aaron and F together as a couple. That’s the only way this story “advances” – next week’s bus stop interlude is just a prelude – Now what will be interesting to see is F’s reaction to Jackson. A stranger might pick up more the real vibes between the two lads. Will he make Aaron face the truth? Or try to divert him from it?

    • Mark, I’m hoping that boat is more like white water rafting, so when it goes off the cliff, it bounces straight back up to the surface again.

      As for F, we know that at some point Jackson sees Aaron & F kiss because Marc was talking about it in an interview saying how tortuous it is for Jackson. At the moment, F knows nothing about Jackson or his disability, all he knows is that Aaron still has feelings for his ex. So, at the bus stop, F will have no idea that the guy in the wheelchair is Jackson. He may guess due to Aaron’s reaction, his look of guilt or whatever and that may be why he sends the strange message about being unavailable for a couple of weeks.

      He will come back, he has to, and I think he will make Aaron talk about his relationship with Jackson including the crash and it will sort some stuff out in Aaron’s head. F will meet Jackson at some point, it’s inevitable, and he will definitely pick up on the feelings between the two of them, he seems like a pretty switched on guy. My heart hopes that he will make Aaron face his feelings for Jackson and F will leave with an offer of friendship to Aaron. That is assuming that F is a nice guy, which we don’t know for sure he is yet.

      The alternative is not something I really want to think about.

      • Sharon, many of us assumed (rightly or wrongly) that MS is out the door sometime in April. If that’s the case, it leaves the show with about two months to further divide the boys – as it will – set up some sort of triangle with F and then reconcile A&J before the big exit.

        As you point out, F is a cipher. He may enjoy the roll in the hay with A and then become impatient when he realizes A just can’t let go of J, that J is too much a part of his life. Or he may try to cut J out of his life completely, which has the potential for backfiring in a major way.

        Not looking forward to much ahead…

  49. Alan – I wonder if on some level Chas, Paddy and even Hazel to an extent are being set up as straw dogs to keep the boys apart – to increase viewer rooting value in the couple. Paddy is unrecognizable from just months ago.

    Jackson needs someone in his corner. Joe is that guy but has proven to be professional and thus ineffectual in addressing Jackson’s personal issues. A new friend isn’t enough; Jackson deserves someone who will love him, period.

    We really don’t know anything about Flynn. The fact that he’s so much like Aaron (it seems) makes it even less likely he’ll be around for long. I expect his romance will progress with Aaron to some degree – I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackson witnessed their first kiss – this show enjoys that kind of torture.

    Still trying to wrap my head around the spoilers for next week. Aaron turning his back on Jackson? Wow. How do they come back from that?

  50. Oh my God!!! Marc Silcock, what a performance. I knew that scene was going to be sad when I read the spoilers but that was absolutely heartbreaking. I cried my eyes out. Still shaking my head at his acting ability half an hour later.

    • Also, does anyone know what the song is that’s playing in the episode from 02 Feb when Jackson is lying in bed & Aaron turns up to visit. Normally, when a song is played in an Aaron/Jackson scene, the words have some sort of significance to their story and I’m curious to know if this is the case here.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Marc knocked it out of the park again. He really is making this one of the most affecting portraits of a man in love that I have ever seen in a soap.

    • Yup, another extraordinary performance. Good lord, I can’t figure out why the ED folks are letting MS go. What a stupid mistake.

      • I don’t think I’d care to watch after he leaves.

      • I’d much rather see Aaron go.

        How sad that somebody can love a person who frankly isn’t worth it (I know it happens all the time in real life). And Aarons shrill, selfish mum shows why Aaron is as insensitive as he is. She was as good as saying Jackson has served his purpose, helped Aaron to be “better” (even got him to have some sort of feeling for her), but now he is of no further use to him, he can go.

        There are times I honestly wish Aaron’s suicide attempt had been succesful last year. He wanted to die, and all that has happened is that a young bloke with everything to live for has been made disabled (and in the writers and some viewers eyes, )worthless, because he has attempted to love somebody who doesn’t even know what the word means.

        On a brighter note, it seems next week, the great fire of Emmerdale story ends with the repulsive Henshaw doing the decent thing and shooting himself. It was a terrible thing he did – he should at least made sure the fire got Chas as well – what a chance that would have been for DM to get his hankie out again! 🙂

  51. I know, Alan. Aaron just isn’t worthy of Jackson’s love. As I said before, this is another part of the story that I am struggling to understand. I don’t understand how Aaron can be so confused about his feelings (as opposed to merely having difficulty expressing them). In real life the vast majority of people realise their orientation when they develop very intense feelings – or “love” – for the opposite or the same sex. That is the position regardless of whether those feelings are reciprocated or whether they are experienced in the context of a relationship with another person. So Aaron’s confusion over this point merely because he hasn’t been with another man is utterly far-fetched in my opinion and I am astounded that so many viewers appear to have swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

    If it really is the writers’ intention that Aaron should at some not too distant point realise that he loves Jackson what is it that will trigger that moment of epiphany? If Jackson’s physical attractiveness, kindness and character, his pre-crash declaration of love, or seeing his bloodied, broken body in the van or witnessing his struggle to accept his severe disablement did not, or could not, trigger it for Aaron then what on earth will do so now? Jackson’s video diary, perhaps? But Jackson has never told Aaron that he no longer loves him so what he is saying in his video diary shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially given the fact that he already recognises that Jackson is trying to give him a “get out of jail free card”. Will it be Flynn? Will it be the realisation that he doesn’t love Flynn? If so, he is able to discern that he doesn’t love someone, but cannot figure when he does?

    Then there is the difficulty that Aaron is, so DM would have us believe, incapable of being demonstrably affectionate (at least to Jackson) so any declaration is going to have to be pretty convincing and I doubt that the ED will be able to pull this off. I fear that the writers have boxed themselves into a corner and any declaration of love will not only appear to be too little too late, but will also seem remarkably trite when contrasted with the enormity of the damage done to Jackson as an indirect result of his relationship with Aaron.

    • Hi Meta: I think where Miller’s reaing is wrong is because if Aaron was so emotionally frigid, he wouldn’t want physical contact with anyone, yet he has no trouble hugging or being hugged by Paddy and just before Xmas even said to his mum, as if he were bestowing her the greatest favour anyone has ever done “do you want a hug”?

      I honestly think Danny Miller, the actor, rather than his character Aaron is really jealous of anyone else on the show stealing his thunder. The late Gavin Blyth obviously felt DM could handle any situation and be convincing. he was wrong. When Marc started getting popular and was nominated for an award Miller said in an interview that the vast majority of viewers wanted A & J to split up. I think what he REALLY meant was that he sees Marc as a threat to his high standing on the programme and that HE (Miller) wants him gone. Not the viewrs.

      IMHO Marc is a much better actor than DM – he is far more mature and can express himself far more convincingly. You could believe Jackson can’t move whereas it stretches credibility to see Aaron as gay. That petulant scene with Flynn last night – anyone would have been forgiven for just walking out on him

  52. Alan, just wanted to say hello and say I was thinking of you with the sad news that James Sutton is leaving the show. I know how much you admired his onscreen work. Hopefully much better things ahead for him. I wonder if he’d return to Hollyoaks, where his character is practically legendary in soap history.

    ED just seems to thrive on cutting cast. So bizarre to me. The audience has invested in characters like Jackson and Ryan. They deserve better.

    As for Chas, you said it: that heinous witch. Love the actress, hate the character.

    I do think the writing is shifting to the point where the audience is finally and squarely getting Jackson’s viewpoint and more and more are seeing him for the remarkable person he is. Chas and Paddy and especially Aaron aren’t looking so great right now, when Jackson, whose motives are so pure of heart, is aching away for love. At least that horrible videocam prop has given viewers that much insight. Tonight’s episode looks like it could really unleash a backlash against Aaron – what kind of man ignores his disabled boyfriend to go off with a new bloke?

    • Hi Mark, disabled ex boyfriend according to Jackson however even I would struggle to defend Aaron on that score. Anyway, just to lighten the mood slightly and as I’ve obviously got far too much time on my hands, here’s my take on Aaron’s dilemma:

      As I am just a hooded teen
      I am unsure of who I should see
      Should it be Jackson? should it be Flynn?
      Such a hard choice for me

      One I think I love
      And one that I’ve only just met
      Don’t know who to choose just yet
      What a choice for me!

      • Sharon, I love your bit of poetry – well done! – but it does point out the sheer lunacy of Aaron’s “dilemma” – the man who has loved him unconditionally for a year under the most trying circumstances vs. the new guy he’s had two dates with.

        Really? It’s really a contest, Aaron? Yeesh.

        And. He’s. Going. To. Pretend. He. Doesn’t. See. Him. Tonight.

        I can’t even wrap my head around that. BOOOOM!!!

        On another note, wondering if the fact that we haven’t seen an official release statement for Marc means there’s a chance he could be kept on? Dunno how these things work.

    • Hi Mark, I didn’t even know Jim was leaving until you told me. Well, if he and Marc go I’m out of there. I don’t blame him though. He is given so little to do – Ithink Blyth had a thing about Danny Miller frankly, and had he lived the show by now would be called “Aarondale” the everyday story of a petulant 14 year old trying to play Hamlet. He had too much faith in this actors abilities and neglected other good actors.

      What can you say about last night? Any last vestige of sympathy for Aaron should have evaporated last night. To stare at your”mate” then turn and run shows the total emotional bankrupcy of the charachter of Aaron. Of course on the You Tube site, the usual suspects still defend him (“pooor Aaron…just doing what he was told”) since when did Aaron do anything anyone told him to do?.

      I think I now detect how Jackson will leave. He will be very angry at his mother treating him like a child, and he will at also see the rottenness of Aaron and I suspect he will decide to move into resdential care far away from Emmerdale or Hotton (what with the vile Chas and the cloying Hazel I’m rather relieved I didn’t have a mum!).

      The writers seem to take a sadistic pleasure out of torturing Jackson. As for Aaron, well, I think he’s the lowest of the low. I long ago gave up caring what happens to Aaron. Let me put it this way:@ the next time he decides to try to gas himself in a car, I hope Adam is on holiday…..

      • Alan, I worry about you when you get so angry. You remind me of a certain someone……now who could that be??

        Shame about Ryan being written out, shows what I know about how producers, writers etc think. Lets hope they don’t do the same with Marc Silcock, I’ve got my fingers crossed that he will stay. Emmerdale needs him, they need to keep nice characters like Jackson.

      • Alan, I’m so sorry you heard the news from me. 😦 iTV issued their usual press release, parting of the ways, sorry to see you go, etc, making it seem like a mutual decision, which I’m sure is done to spare the actors’ feelings.

        James is incredibly talented and I’m sure he will land another job soon. As for Marc, I do find it interesting we haven’t had that official statement regarding his departure. That either means his contract is of such a nature that he’s not considered a regular but a recurring character and doesn’t warrant it – OR he still could be re-signed. Of course, I hope for the latter and expect to have my hopes dashed, as this show does.

        I’m with you on the YouTube stuff, although I do think more and more viewers are losing faith in Aaron. I know I have. There is no way to excuse what he did. The character has been assassinated in my book.

        However they handle Jackson’s departure, I still have one question I desperately need answered: WHY did the writers choose this story? It just makes no sense to me. What was the payoff? And the only one I can foresee is Aaron realizing what he has just as he loses it forever. Cue the tears.

  53. Mark, Thanks for your reply. Didn’t realise it at the time but you’re right, it does highlight how ridiculous the situation is. This should be a no-brainer, Aaron shouldn’t have to think at all HOWEVER, as usual, Aaron is doing what Jackson has told him to do even though he knows it’s not what either of them wants. That recording that was made last night has to be the one that he eventually sees.

    Haven’t seen tonight’s episode yet, I’m saving that for later. As for Aaron blanking Jackson or pretending he doesn’t see him, even I may have trouble defending him for that behaviour.

    I really hope that they have had a rethink on Marc’s situation and extended his contract. Fingers crossed!!

    • Sharon, I’ve seen the ep and I’m boiling. And I no longer root for this couple. I root for Jackson to recover and to get the hell out of that village and away from the coward who ran away from him to be with his new bloke than acknowledge him on the street.

      These two should not be together.

      • Mark, I’ve now seen the episode too and I hated the scene. Poor Jackson stuck there so wanting to go towards Aaron so he wouldn’t leave while Aaron stood looking at him, torn as to what to do. As usual, he made the wrong choice. Even I can’t defend Aaron on that one and, God knows, I’ve defended him enough in the past.
        What disturbs me even more is that the more I see of Flynn, the more ok he seems. I really want him to be some sort of horrible person that’s easy to hate and who will treat Aaron terribly but it’s not happening, well, not so far anyway. He’s got Aaron to talk more about his situation in the last week or so than Jackson ever did, however, this may be the writers way of showing how Aaron has grown up over the last year and matured enough to be able to talk about his feelings now.
        I’m torn at the moment. Part of me thinks Aaron & Flynn could be a good couple and maybe Jackson would be better off without him. On the other hand, Jackson loves Aaron so much and wants him back and I know Aaron wants Jackson too deep down. I’ve wanted them to be together for so long, I can’t quite let go of that feeling either.

        I was thinking that today would be an Aaron/Jackson free day for me as there’s no episode tonight, maybe I wouldn’t think about them. Driving in the car, what comes on the radio – Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol. Back into my head came that lovely scene of happier days. Straight after, they play Complicated by Rihanna. Classic lines – You’re not easy to love!! Why is everything with you so complicated and the rest of the chorus which I’m not going to quote. Seems like somebody else had other ideas!!

  54. Sharon, sometimes it feels impossible to get away from A&J, doesn’t it? I find myself replaying key moments over in my head. Is that being a fan or mentally ill? 🙂 I wonder. The acting, I have to keep stating, is top-notch. But the writers have made Aaron unsympathetic here.

    I don’t know what to make of F word. It would seem there’s some slight mystery about him given his absence for a week or so out of Aaron’s life. But he’ll be back. I don’t know that the writers will invest much into him. We all know he’s short-term. I wouldn’t mind Aaron realizing he’s dating a jerk – he deserves that experience. We’ve all had it. And men like Jackson are hard to come by.

    • Hey Mark, You replay key moments, I think about future stories so whether that makes us fans or mentally disturbed, I’m there with you! I quite like the idea of Aaron dating a jerk, it would do him good as you say to realise what a gem he had in Jackson. The only thing is so far F word hasn’t been one. There has to be more to him than meets the eye and, if there’s not, I want to know what Aaron’s secret is and how he managed to get chatted up by two really nice guys one after the other.

      • Sharon, I only wish, in my more doleful moments, that when I was 19 I had been blessed to have had somebody like Paddy to offer me unconditional love, and a real mate like Adam, who has done so much to help Aaron, and in Jackson, there are so very few people – gay or straight – who are as “good” in the most non-patronising sense, as he is, patient, loyal, loving and understanding. He and Ryan, for me, are the two best characters on the show. If I had had a half-brother, (I might have for all I know) I certainly wouldn’t have treated him like Nathan did.

        As it was, when I was 19 all I had was me, a bedsit and a bottle of Clearasil and antibiotics for severe acne, so I wasn’t exactly a hit with anyone, (somebody I worked with once told me she couldn’t eat her lunch infront of me because my face made her feel ill – she wasn’t being rude, just honest) – all say aah! 🙂 if I had been as lucky as Aaron, I would have tried to be as nice as Ryan & Jackson combined, but I suppose if I had been as “cute” as Aaron I could have got away with punching and scowling.

  55. Hi Mark & Sharon (Sharon don’t worry I don’t get that angry – at least I am not going to go out and wallop Paddy or sell a deathtrap of a car to a psycho :-).

    I really feel worried for Flynn, he seems a nice lad, and deserves better than Mini-Hamlet. I suspect all that will happen is that Aaron (or DM) will have one outburst of the artistic temprament too many and Flynn will just tell him goodbye. I don’t think he’ll give him too many chances, and we already know he has got a big dad (so hurt Flynn, aaron and you might be enjoying hospital food).

    As for Jackson. He deserves some happiness and one thing I am certain of is that he is never going to have that with Aaron. I dread them getting back together for fear of what will happen to J next time.

    Jackson really needs a friend who will help him & get him away from his mum, who seems to think he’s about 5, and the brooding presence of Aaron.

    As for my other mate Ryan, his mum leaves shortly after a fling with Cain. As Ryan works for Cain (and how does a cheerful lad like that tolerate working with Cain & Mini-Me Cain?), I assume that his departure might be as a result of some run-in with Cain.

    I hope Marc stays, if he does I’ll stay watching but if he doesn’t – well, Aaron can continue his journey without me. I have had enough of him and more than enough of the female Aaron (Amy), the drunken widow, Declan’s dreary family, and Charity and Jai.

    Incidentally I am always fascinated by families. How can Jai be such a stupid, money grubbing smug twit and yet his younger brother be so considerate and sensible – almost the complete opposite?

    • Hi, Alan – as usual, your ribs are spot-on – “Mini-Hamlet” indeed.

      “To be or…nah, just pour me a lager.”

      I think you’ve predicted Ryan’s exit, as stupid as it is. Does this mean the garage will be hiring somebody new? Please don’t tell me Flynn is a mechanic. That would be yet another horrible twist. I’m kind of surprised at how little Flynn is being developed – he’s just another Aaron. Maybe he’s just the prop for this latest breakup between A&J. Honestly, this show can make you crazy.

      I’m willing to give Hazel more of a pass – yes, she is mothering Jackson too much but her heart is in the right place – unlike just about everybody else in that damned village (minus the wonderful Pearl). Jackson just might decide to live with his dad – the actor is returning – but I can’t see that giving DM the excuse for the waterworks the show just seems to thrive on. Jackson either starts to recover or he dies. It seems that simple to me.

      • Hi Mark. We have to remember ITV are renaming the programme: Aarondale: the Danny Miller Show,

        as his fans see him as the greatest figure of tragedy and misunderstood youth, I feel it is my duty, when he does move on to his own comedy series on BBC3 as is never heard of again, to give Aaron the exit I am sure would have been worthy of Gavin Blyth.

        Aaron enters the garage, seals up the doors and windows, throws aside the empty cardboard box of tissues from Poundland, tears streaming down his face. He gets in the car, switches on the car engine, inhales deeply and says:

        “take arms against a sea of troubles
        And by opposing end them. To die, to sleep–
        No more–and by a sleep to say we end
        The heartache, and the thousand natural shocks
        That flesh is heir to. ‘Tis a consummation
        Devoutly to be wished. To die, to sleep–
        To sleep–perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub,
        For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
        When we have shuffled off this mortal coil… and keep your flippin’ nose out of it this time Adam. This is my show, do you hear me? MINE – it’s me they’ve come to see, duckie. My mother’s got a shelf-ful of all my awards. Not to mention Uncle Cain’s cosh……”

    • Alan, glad to hear it. Don’t give up on the the show, who will I be able to defend Aaron against if you stop watching??

      Love your story for Aaron’s exit, very funny, I would love to hear Aaron say that speech, after all, he does do angst & sorrow pretty well and if there’s room for a few tears to be thrown in as well, then he’s sorted!

  56. I still think they ought to make Aaron straight again BTW. Since the star of our show is a straight lad (from Manchester), I think he’d be happier – and – considering he has hurt Jackson physically and mentally, but only physically where Paddy is concerned, perhaps he could rediscover hetrosexuality courtesy of Rhona.

    You can almost imagine the script:

    SCENE 1: Smithy Cottage breakfast time. Aaron is sitting at the table scraping a bottle of marmalade on to a piece of toast. Enter Rhona in her flimsy night attire – her bronzed young…… well, we’ll skip the stage instructions. Rhona speaks:

    “Morning Aaron. God what a booze-up last night, down at the PDSA!. My mouths like the bottom of a parrots cage

    Aaron: Shut yer mouth, you silly old tart, or I’ll fetch you a mouth full of knuckles

    Rhona “Thanks for taking me to bed. I like it when you talk to me rough – you were much better than Marlon AND Paddy AND my ex-husband. I’ll meet you at lunchtime for a quick one in the surgery.

    Aaron: Yer on!

    (At this point the camera moves outside to the staircase where Paddy, who has heard every word, is trying to cry as much as Aaron).

    Either that or he comes down to breakfast one morning and says to Paddy “I had this really odd dream last night. I dreamt I was gay, tried it on with Adam, he said no, so I wanted to run him over, but I came home and beat you up instead, then I met this bloke, then I hit him, then I try to do myself in.”

    Paddy reassures him “You had cheese for supper last night, didn’t you?, and you watched the DVD of Brokeback Mountain, but Aaron – whatever you are, whatever you do – even if you invade Poland – I love ya!”

    • Alan, you are a riot. I love this script. ….although I have to admit I don’t get the appeal of Rhona…for anyone….

      • I think Rhona is not unlike Aaron (except for the right hook of course), both have rejected men who really loved them, then rubbed their noses in it, by staying in the village to flaunt their new loves and yet still expect the support of the men they rejected. And both are so self-centred they can’t understand why their ex’s are upset, if they notice at all.

      • But I LOVE Rhona…..

  57. Hi Meta, I think Rhona is a nicer character than many others, but again, there is a cruel streak in the Rhona/Marlon/Paddy triangle of which she (perhaps I am being unfair) seems the biggest culprit. I still think Marlon & Paddy are so similar (they could be twins) that, as she tired of Marlon, she will do so with Paddy.As soon as Aaron becomes straight again, he’ll sweep her off her feet, you see! :-).

    I just despair of the programme at the moment: I am so sorry to see James Sutton go – one of the most human characters on the programme, and the indecsion over Marc’s contract. I feel like an old record, but I just wish, to use that horrible political phrase, ITV would “move on” and apppoint a successor to Gavin Blyth. His name still appears on the credits, and I can’t believe episodes tx in February were recorded before he fell ill at the start of November.

    With all due respect, they seem to be turning the show into a shrine to GB, and sad and untimely as his death was a programme can’t just pickle itself.

    Until somebody is appointed they can’t really make long term plans. We know Gavin Blyth signed Pauline Quirke for a further year prior to his death, but I get the feeling at the moment they are just treading water with some stories – the absurd Jai/Charity flirtation, Declan’s pointless wife who wants to open a nail bar, and her equally wooly daughter who seems to think she is God’s gift to Adam – and what on earth is Declan’s dad for?. Then we have problem child Amy and her drunken escapades (could she be the female Aaron? – might she even be “Aaron” in drag – after all, you never see Amy & Aaro together). I think one sad-misunderstood-broken-home-naughty-but nice teenager is more than enough at any one time!

    I imagine it is the dearth of stories for “Ryan” that has made James quit – even his role in helping with the fire was eclipsed by the suspicions of Andy.

    I hope whoever is appointed, in all honesty, brings DM back to earth again – tactfully suggests a few less self promotional interviews, and where the script is concerned try to make Aaron become a halfway decent man . I was interested last night than once again Cain tried to make people see that Jackson was suffering more than Aaron – not the most sensitive of men but he comes over as more sympathetic than Paddy. With no proper producers direction I think they are floundering.

    • Alan, no, no, no, no, no, definitely not a straight Aaron. He wasn’t very nice. The gay one will be fine, just you see. He’ll come good in the end, you know he always takes his time but he gets there.
      I’ll have to look out now to see if Amy & Aaron are ever on screen together, no wonder Aaron always looks so troubled if he’s hiding this secret too.
      Interesting point about Cain being the only one to show concern for how Jackson must be feeling while everyone else is cooing over Aaron’s new mate. Maybe Cain has a soft side after all. And as for Paddy saying about Aaron “Ah, look at him, he’s glowing”, what’s that all about, he just looked uncomfortable to me and wishing he was anywhere else except there or did I miss something?

      • Hi Sharon, You saying “He’ll come good in the end, you know he always takes his time but he gets there.”

        I think I can see the scene now. As Aaron’s journey is so slow (they must be going the pretty way!) We see a Post Office queue. Monday morning. the residents of Hotton are lining up to collect their old-age pension. A shambling figure totters up to the counter, he hands his book over to the male cashier – their eyes meet and it’s love at first sight….that’s it – Aaron is finally comfortable with being gay. At 65. 🙂

        But I think straight is the way for him to go. He could team up with Brenda, and we could see them at the pavillion at nine in the morning, taking it in turns to swig meths from a bottle.

        Seriously, you are a lot kinder than me. After that final scene with Aaron running away from Jackson last night, any vestige of sympathy I might have found for Aaron is gone. He has done some low, unforgiveable things but I think that was the most hateful, spiteful inhuman thing he has ever done. I put that down to the same level as Nathan getting Ryan banged up for murder – and you know my views on him.

      • Sharon, Paddy is becoming more and more the village imbecile, IMHO. He’s going to be raising a special needs child and yet he talks about Jackson as if he’s disposable tissue. With him and the ever-delightful Chas pressuring Aaron, it’s a wonder Aaron didn’t get into that bus and back it up over Jackson.

    • Hi, Alan, quite agree about the producer concerns. The show seems to be treading water, and not very well.

      I also noticed that bit with Cain – it’s not the first time he’s spoken up for Jackson. Interesting that the “hard man” in the family is the one who can see the reality of the situation while his surrogate father Paddy, the one we thought had a heart, has turned out to be a flipping loon.

      I’m much more discouraged about Aaron as well. That scene last night was unforgivable in my book.

    • Oops. I put my response in the wrong place! Oh well.

  58. Alan, there’s no reply button on your post which is why this is not going to follow in the right place. Aaron is indeed a very lucky guy, he has good people around him, it’s just a shame he doesn’t like himself as much as they like him.

    As for him being cute, won’t disagree with you there, those blue eyes, that little smile, but that will only get him so far, he will need other characteristics to get on in life, and he could do a lot worse than look at Jackson & Adam for inspiration on that point. Plus, sometimes, when you’re cute as a teen, you’re not as an adult and vice versa so Aaron may have some work to do yet.

    As for that work colleague of yours, there’s no excuse for rudeness and, cute as Aaron or not, a scowl or a punch sounds justified to me.

    • Hi Sharon, To defend the lady in question, she really wasn’t being personally offensive, she just couldn’t stand flaws (she was speaking mainly abt another work colleague,who had the misfortune to only have one arm – she was saying that she genuinely felt sick to see deformity, and it prevented her eating in public – not a very pleasant attitude but she wasn’t being malicious: I think that it was her attitude as to what constituted “deformity”, and the fact that she was a very attractive woman, and the fact that the bloke who had one arm was a lot friendlier, nicer and happier than her, which has always made me look at what a person is like rather than what they look like that really matters. I think Ryan, Jackson & Adam could be as (physically) ugly as sin but they would still be beautiful because of their kind natures, which is much more important.

      The only thing that really puzzles me is why these gentle and thoughtful characters remain friends with Aaron, when they know what he is capable of (Adam and Paddy in particular), though Paddy’s attitude towards Jackson makes me think a lot less of him lately

      • Good evening, Alan. I really do like Rhona and I have a soft spot for the actress who plays her. In fairness I think it was made clear that she ended her relationship with Marlon because she didn’t love him; she loved Paddy. My one gripe is that before that particular plot development she seemed perfectly happy with Marlon and gave no hint of any attraction to Paddy. I think it yet another one of those occasions where the psychological makeup of a character is altered to suit the requirements of the plot.

        As to the wider points about ED, I am also completely annoyed about the loss of Ryan. I cannot say though that it has come as a surprise. The actors playing his siblings and his mother have all left or have signalled their departure. And the powers that appear to have had little interest in giving him another juicy storyline. I agree with you that the lack of a good storyline, indeed ANY storyline to speak of, has probably informed JS’s decision to leave. Well, that is ED’s loss and I suspect it is one that they’ll live to regret given the popularity of the Ryan/Wylde storyline and the number of viewers it helped pull in.

        I don’t know, to be honest, how much of what we’re seeing – or not seeing – has been affected by GB’s death. I can’t say that I know anything about the minutiae of producing a show like this and I would attribute much of the junk we see on screen to poor material. I don’t think the Jackson-paralysis storyline has done the show any favours and I understand that the ratings have taken a hit. Whether that is seasonal or whether it can be attributed to this and other developments only time will tell. All I can say is that it has made me very annoyed and I will be surprised if I am still watching the show after MS leaves, IF he leaves.

        Like you, Aaron’s story no longer interests me. I find the character rather repugnant much of the time and the worst part is his suffering hasn’t increased his awareness of the suffering of others or changed him for the better. I agree that it was telling that Cain hinted at his disloyalty to Jackson, though that might have had more to do with Cain’s present dissatisfaction with Charity (and if ever there was a woman who was ironically named it was her). And DM’s recent comments haven’t helped. I don’t know if DM realises it, but his admission that he was the one who decreed that Aaron will not be physically demonstrative with Jackson or any other lover has seriously backfired. It wouldn’t surprise me if that has caused some people to give up on the storyline completely.

        Even leaving that aside, the story doesn’t even make sense anymore. I for one have never swallowed the line that Aaron doesn’t know whether he loves Jackson or not because he hasn’t been with other men. I think love and other intense feelings of attachment are so innate, so instinctive that you cannot really be in any doubt. I haven’t been entirely persuaded that Aaron loves Jackson. It just doesn’t come across on screen, so I don’t really get Aaron’s “dilemma” at all. If he doesn’t love Jackson then he shouldn’t with him at all. End of, as Aaron might say. I also think they’ve overplayed their hand with the Aaron guilt thing. Aaron does appear to have a surprising amount of guilt for a “hard man”. I don’t know. Perhaps we shouldn’t think too deeply about the story. The Oresteia it ain’t.

      • I think the whole story regarding Jackson’s disability has made a lot of people rethink how they look at and treat people, not just disabled people but gay people too. Unfortunately, too many people still judge a book by its cover, wrong though that is.

        The reason those nice people you mention remain friends with Aaron is because they have all, at some point, seen the nice side of Aaron, when he lets his defences down and more of the real him comes through. As for Paddy and his attitude to Jackson, don’t even get me started. I’m so disappointed in him, I can’t tell you. If he wants what’s best for Aaron, he should listen to him and stay out of it instead of interfering.

  59. Alan, I’m hoping for acceptance mid twenties, but that’s very funny, especially the image of Aaron & Brenda swigging meths at nine in the morning. What a handsome couple they’d make.

    I don’t know about kinder, but I try to see the good in people rather than the bad, even if it’s only something tiny. It’s probably a bit of a naieve view and has got me my fingers burnt on a few occasions. That’s probably why I defend Aaron a lot.

    Compared to what he was like, he’s come so far, and reached so high… But seriously, he is a different person, as Jackson said, he’s less of a nutter now. I genuinely think he was torn last night, he wasn’t happy about Flynn coming to the garage, he didn’t want to go the pub with him and he definitely didn’t want to see Jackson while he was with Flynn. It’s still too difficult a situation. He came out of the pub and there Jackson was. He hesitated, and then made the wrong choice but he did hesitate, he WAS unsure.
    Hateful, spiteful, inhuman, I’m not sure, those actions are usually done by someone deliberately to cause pain to another and I don’t think he set out to hurt Jackson last night. He was faced with a difficult decision and unfortunately, his actions hurt Jackson a lot and Aaron will know that when he thinks about it. In fact, I’m sure by the time he’d bought his ticket and sat down, he realised what he’d done.

    That’s why this situation is different to Nathan & Ryan. Nathan deliberately set out to ruin someone elses life for his own selfish reasons and didn’t care about the consequences for that person, Aaron didn’t do that and wouldn’t.

    • Sharon, you are an amazingly compassionate person and you have helped me come down at least from my boiling hot rage over this story, and I thank you very much for that.

      I can see that what Aaron did was not intentional. He reacted on the spur of the moment. It doesn’t excuse his action – he better apologize his butt off to Jackson and I sure as heck hope we hear what a crappy night he had with Flynn- but intent has to be considered.

      And yes, he is a better person, because of Jackson’s love, which Chas even acknowledged as she was writing Jackson off and out of Aaron’s life earlier this week. Jackson did the work and reaped none of the rewards.

      HOWEVER (cough), nobody’s got a gun to Aaron’s head. He might be uncomfortable with F word coming to the pub and Jackson seeing him but he did agree to it. He’s not using the small brains God gave him to grasp Jackson’s obvious pain. It actually seems as if during certain moments that Aaron is deliberately burying his own doubts because Jackson is giving him a get out of jail free card and he wants to chase after F word more than hang with the crip – and he demonstrated just that.

      • Hey Mark, If you’ve read my latest post, you may have to rethink your first sentence lol

        Was that cough a nervous one because if it was, there’s no need. As you say, Aaron’s not being forced to do anything and as he’s said before “I don’t do anything I don’t want to do.” I just wish he would use the few little grey cells he does possess to think before he acts.

        Did anyone notice the episode was again changed from the spoilers – where was Aaron’s chat with his wonderful mother about how bad he felt for ignoring Jackson and her telling him not to be so hard on himself. Also, I would have felt a lot happier if Aaron had visited Jackson before the phone call with Flynn, not after. It smacked of going to see Jackson because he had nothing better to do.

        Also, you know how I feel about music playing in any Aaron/Jackson scene, the words are always significant. Tonight, we had love the way you lie, another Rihanna song. Interesting choice.

        Still, can’t help myself, Aaron looked so happy when Jackson apologised and asked him to stay, there’s got to be some feelings for Jackson still there but that’s about as generous as I can be towards him at the moment.

    • I get inspired with lines of dialogue sometimes. That Brenda and Aaron scenario, for example, as they sit in the pavillion, neither having washed or changed for a week, as the meths bottle gets handed to each other, they reveal their torment to each other:

      Brenda: “Terry – ee was my ‘usband you know, and I loved him”

      Aaron: “I was Gavin’s blue-eyed boy, ya know, and I lo……. er, I’m a straight lad. From Manchester.


  60. Mark, I agree. I never thought Paddy would behave as he is doing and as for Aaron’s delightful mum looking smug as if her son is ok now when he so obviously isn’t, she deserves a slap.

    No wonder Aaron’s head is mashed, as he keeps saying. With those two in his ear all the time, where’s the voice of reason?

    On a nicer note, loved Adam going to see Jackson even if it was only to lend him a DVD. Paddy, watch & learn!!

    • Sharon, to revisit an old conversation, now you have me wondering if Adam might be the one to first see one of Jackson’s videos – or perhaps pick up the wrong DVD (Hmmm!) – that might be interesting. There’s so much talk of people’s tastes in DVDs, I keep thinking some sort of massive hand-off is in the works.

      And yes, where is the counter to all the dumb chatter regarding Jackson? Who’s on his side, other than Pearl? Maybe Cain – but he’s hardly influential – although it does make me like the guy a wee bit more when he, at least, can recognize that Jackson is in pain.

      • Mark that would be a great idea. Adam is one of the few people prepared to face down Aaron and tell him how it is, not what he thinks Aaron wants to hear, and what’s more, Aaron is more likely to listen to him than anybody else.

        I like the way he risked a “decking” last April when he made Aaron confess that it was him who had savegly beaten Paddy up, and the obvious but subtle digust he showed.

        Adam worries me sometimes that he seems especially attracted to poor little rich girls, but he is all heart, and if anybody in that village is likely to be moved by those Jackson videos, it is him.

      • Mark, I would like it to be Adam who gets through to Aaron, at least he listens to him and Adam is not afraid to speak his mind and stand up to Aaron, even if it means they fall out. There’s a lot of people now who could end up with Jackson’s confession DVD, it will be interesting to see if the writers do use this as Aaron’s wake up call.

        Still trying to get my head around Cain being on Jackson’s side as opposed to Aaron’s. His comment tonight about Aaron trading Jackson in for a working model was close to the knuckle but got the message across. AND while I’m on one about Aaron tonight, what sort of response was “Are you going to let him talk to me like that”, where’s his famous fighting attitude gone? When we see more of him in a week or so, I hope the Real Aaron comes back because tonights Aaron did my head in good & proper!!

  61. Meta, couldn’t reply to your post directly, but I am deeply impressed with your analysis of A and the storyline as it is playing out. You’ve hit on the key problem regarding Aaron’s “dilemma” – if he doesn’t know if he loves Jackson by now, what will it take, and more importantly, why should we invest so much time in the story?

    The lack of physical intimacy – and I’m not talking kissing, although that is certainly a part of it – is just bewildering. Whether that is all DM’s doing or the production’s office concern about standards, it sabotages the emotional authenticity of the story.

    • Hi Mark, Yes I find Aaron’s clam that he “doesn’t know” if he loves Jacksn or not ridiculous. Wen, as a child, you are given your first pet dog or cat, you don’t question whether you love it “because I have nothing to compare it to”. You either instictivly do or don’t.

      Also, it was not as if Aaron was some fresh faced 16 year old virgin – he had sexual experience with girls, and without wanting to get into the realms of the “fan fiction” which I believe has been written about A & J (I haven’t read a word of it simply because you can imagine Danny Miller sneering at it), one would assume Jackson would be as patient and gentle in his lovemaking as his character is in everyday life – he wouldn’t have pressured Aaron to do anything he was uncomfortable with, so he would know by those experiences and subsequent time whether or not he loves him.

      I know there is a school of psychology which says you can’t love somebody else until you love yourself, and we know Aaron isn’t keen on himself (unlike the man who plays him!), so perhaps that is supposed to be the explanation.

      But Aaron’s journey is far too long, which would be sustainable if the character wasn’t quite so emotionally frigid and obnoxious and the actor painly uncomfortable

      • Agree with you, Alan. Aaron’s weird psychological barrier to love just makes no sense. What is far more likely is that the lad, forced out of the closet in court, would be all over Jackson and in fact would be more likely a clingy lover looking to make up for lost time.

        Then there’s the fact that Aaron came out – and as Jackson reminded him that fateful night in the Woolpack, he suffered no repercussions. Everyone stood by him.

        If he had declared his love for Jackson and then this accident happened and the story proceeded as it has – with Jackson pushing him toward Flynn – it would create a more realistic scenario that would involve more viewers.

    • Yes, I agree with both comments. I have seen this said before, but what would be really interesting would be a relationship between Jackson and Flynn. It would be novel and unexpected. It would also create angst-filled scenes for DM to act as Aaron is sidelined and would give Marc and Ryan other opportunities to shine. Ticks all the boxes IMO.

      • Interesting idea, Meta. Tho’ I don’t think that E will go in that direction – I would like to see somebody express an honest interest in Jackson. That would bewilder most of the village, alas, and given how the writers have cast Jackson in the role of a sad sack, seems unlikely. But he is desirable and worthy of love, much more than mini-Hamlet, as Alan would say. 🙂

  62. Hi Meta, No reply button again I’m afraid, so apologies if this is out of sequence.

    If you are ever offered a part as a mechanicin a soap – don’t take it. Ryan has been sidelined in much the same way a character clled “Garry” was In Eastenders a few years ago, when “Walford” was a little nearer to earth.

    Because the studio is cramped and they aren’t mechanics there is little for them to do except go and get the coffee, which is what happened to Garry. Like Ryan he was a nice, cheerful, rather loveable character, who, had the writers bothered, could have been given better stories.

    While we are in the garage, a word to support Can, I honestly don’t think what he said the other night had much to do with “Charity” (which in her case doesn’t begin at home). Back in November I remember Aaron was moaning (as if) at the garage to Cain & Charity that the hospital had mentioned Aaron learning how to give a bed bath. “That’s not normal, is it?” is Aarons line, then Cain says something like “Well, best get your head round it lad. If you love him, he’ll be like this for quite a while. This is a wake up call”

    When Charity questions whether Can would do it, he quite vehmently says “I would” and the way he said it you could tell he was being truthful.

    Talking about inappropriate names “Chas” is short for Chastity, isn’t it? – and Chas in addition to being a former stripper and Aarons mum is the ex-mistress of (as Mark rightly suggests) the village idiot.

    Which brings us to Paddy: a man who is going to bring up a disabled child would, I hope, be very upset, if people suggested that “normal” children should keep away from his son or daughter because of their disability, which is more or less what he and Chas connive to tell Aaron.

    I am sure this is to do with the writing and lack of direction: we now have Cain more compassionate than a formerly very kind man.

    As for knowing their plotlines so far in advance, am more than ever convinced that the producer has his favourites and they are told in advance what is in store for them, just to keep them uinterested in the show. For example, last summer just before Ryan got arressted for Mark’ murder, Jim was asked in a radio interview what was going to happen and he said he honestly didn’t know – they had filmed several different endings and he had no idea which they would use. His prison romance with Abi petered out, and presumably if they had decided to go with the sending down for life story with no later confession, Ryan would have been seen in the odd episode in jail, then he would have vanished frmth screen. Which suggests to me that Mr Blyth was more keen to keep Danny than he was Jim. had I been the producer, I would have made it the other way around. Ryan really is the embodiment of the “good deed in a naughty world”. It was about the time Jim gave that interview that the woman who played Natasha announced she was leaving, so I imagine the confession was a good expedient.

    • Alan – just to echo a few of your fine points here – I do think that all the chatter about DVDs is going to lead to some sort of mixup – perhaps even deliberate on Hazel’s part – in which somebody is going to see Jackson’s diaries.

      I remember well that scene you describe with Cain and Aaron in the garage. It was so surprising because it came from Cain, and it was clear that he meant every word of it. Cain has also visited Jackson recently and seemed far more comfortable than Paddy, even chiding Aaron on the way he was babying Jackson.

      Tonight we get a small bit of comfort, I think, but we’re back to Aaron’s dithering over Flynn the end of the month. Really not enjoying any of this.

      • Hi Mark, Aaron is a complex character for sure, but I rather suspect he is one of that rare breed (thankfully) who actually enjoys being unhappy. I think, frankly, he enjoys victimhood (he would be well pleased with some of the You Tube comments on “poor loyal Aaron” being “driven away by Jackson”, but how many times has Aaron pushed people away? Paddy, Adam, Marlon and (perhaps not unsurprisingly) his mum. Even Flynn is being given the mean and moody treatment.

        There is also a strong streak of almost maudlin self pity(“Nobody has ever given a damn about me” he told Jackson last October). We all know that isn’t true, and Aaron must know that himself: the other half of what he said is demonstrably true (“and I don’t know if I can give one back”). If people had turned against him since he came out, some of these feelings might be understandable, but with the sole exception of “Wayne” way back and Jackson’s dad (perhaps understandable in the circumstances since he blames Aaron for the accident, as do I, if I am honest) the whole village have been great towards him. TBH I would have expected Cain to be hostile, but he is amazingly open and understanding, especially, thankfully to Jackson.

        If only Aaron opened his eyes he would realise he has so much to be grateful for. If people were not there for him when he was young, he certainly has some wonderful friends now, but even so, you get the feeling that the aggressive unpredictable Aaron is always going to predominate his character.

        As you said before his own unhappiness has never made him see unhappiness in others., which I think, is the one gift of depression – you sense it in others and have an affinity with them.

        I really want Marc to stay, especially now Ryan is going, but I would rather he found true happiness with somebody more steady and reliable than Aaron, you just get the feeling that Aaron will never make anybody happy, not even himself.

        I do hope Flynn isn’t going to take his nonsense for long. I have a feeling that it will be Flynn, rather than Aaron who will call it a day sooner or later (we know he isn’t going to be around for long), and, that, doubtless will be the cue to order in more boxes of tissues to Smithy Cottage.

  63. Alan, I have no doubt you are correct on one thing: More tissues will be delivered to the village. At this point, I guess all we can hope for is that Jackson’s dad comes back, they patch up their differences and Jackson goes away to live with him. At the very least, it keeps Jackson alive. However, it fails to provide any sort of dramatic end to this story and to answer that burning question of mine: WHY? Why was this story necessary?

    So that’s why I fear Jackson will succumb to some sort of infection. Aaron IS going to see those videodiaries. It’s only a question of when.

    • I sincerely hope he doesn’t die, Mark. It’s bad enough losing Ryan – I’d have no reason to watch anymore 😦

      Tonight Rhona reminded me again why I don’t like her – she is manipulative – she wants to get her best mate and Marlon together to get him out of the way & have less to do with his own kid.

      I think more than ever Aaron should be straight again, and take up with MIa: both are self obsessed, arrogant and up their own a****, and perhaps he could make her as miserable as he does everyone else.

  64. Right guys, brace yourselves, hope you’re sitting down.

    Aaron tonight, hate him, hate him, hate him!!!! I didn’t mean to run off the other night he said, good start to an apology. If I hadn’t I’d have mised the bus – what a complete prat! What the hell is going on in that tiny little mind of his? He’s been telling everybody to back off then listens to advice from Paddy of all people who has been an absolute idiot in recent weeks.

    I swear, if I could get my hands round that scrawny neck of his, I’d happily throttle him myself.

    • Ah, Sharon, I feel your pain. 🙂

      To speak to a point in an earlier post, I noticed, too, that the spoilers were off. I suspect some material gets cut for time – remember how Hazel’s first meeting with Aaron was released as a deleted scene? (I’m still puzzled how that could ever be dropped – it was so well done). As for losing Chas’ lousy advice, I’m not missing that.

      Aaron’s apology was worth nothing. And I do think he showed up at Jackson’s because he had nothing better to do, which is pathetic. And I’m really bugged that Jackson was put in a position where he apologized. However (here I go again), I keep rewatching the last moment of the ep and am, one, deeply impressed by both DM and MS handling of rather dry dialogue. Aaron seemed genuinely happy and surprised that Jackson wanted him around. Jackson dropped his wall by an inch or two and seemed happy, for a moment, at last.

      Honestly, I think I could be getting high off of that alone. 🙂

      The background music is disturbing because it has always has said so much about the boys.

      We know they’re off next week and then F comes back and Aaron will be tempted again. We know they have to get a lot closer and we know that Jackson is in for much more pain before this story gets any sort of resolution. Flynn and Jackson have to come face to face. That’s inevitable.

      I’m just glad we have a moment of peace for Jackson.

      • Hi Mark, having slept on it, I’m going to change my opinion on one aspect of last nights episode and that’s Aaron’s visit to Jackson. I’m going to assume that they had already made plans to meet that evening when they were in the pub earlier which would have been before the phone call from Flynn.
        Speaking of which, wasn’t Aaron just supposed to get a message saying that he would be away for a while, when did that change to a phone call?

        As for Jackson’s apology, with what his mum has been saying to him and with time to think, maybe he can see that he’s gone too far this time. It’s one thing to push Aaron away so that he’s not tied down to him but to push him into seeing other people so soon as well was maybe a step too far.I think Jackson knows this and that’s why he apologised. I agree, that final little scene between the two does give me hope for them (AGAIN!!). Aaron did seem genuinely surprised at being asked to stay and Jackson’s little smile at the end was lovely but with Flynn returning, it’s not going to be straightforward. Still, with Aaron & Jackson, when is anything straightforward?

    • Hi Sharon and Mark, The key to Aaron is that he is, sadly one of life’s takers, that, and his overweening self pity and his inferiority complex compels him to act in a way most of us would regard as frankly reprehensibel.

      I hated the way he used Jackson last night. It would be bad enough to use an able-bodied mate like that, but he went to Jackson because he knew where to find him and he didn’t tell the entire truth to J. Certainly he feels at the moment it is over with Flynn, but I know – we all know, if Fyn had phoned Aaron while he was with Jackon and changed his mind, Aaron would have been out of that door and on a bus to Bar west before you could say selfish so & so.

      But I have a bigger worry – an awful sense of foreboding. I have read somewhere that Jackson soon gets an electric wheelchair which will allow him to go out on his own. Given his state of mind, there is the terrible possibility of accidents, either dliberate or – accidental. The half-cut Zac in that deathtrap of a secondhand van for example (how does it pass it’s MOT?), CXharity in her fast snazzy passion wagon, – then Aaron has been seen driving a lot recently…….

      • Hi, Sharon, Alan – Just to add my voice to a couple of points…Aaron did wander over to Jackson because he had nothing better to do…however, it might not be an intrinsically selfish act…He’s wanted to spend time with Jackson and has been confused by Jackson’s behavior. Now I love Jackson dearly, but if you take it from Aaron’s point of view (which is limited on a good day), he’s got a mate who keeps being rude to him and pushing him away. Aaron was pleased when Jackson asked him to stay. And we all know how Jackson felt about Aaron hanging about. (I feel another sigh coming on.)

        Ok, something odd you might have seen elsewhere linked about: the young actor who plays Flynn said he started filming his two-month stint on the show in November. Given that we’re just seeing him on the screen, that means this show is filmed waaaaaayyyy in advance and during GB’s tenure, yes? I don’t have my dates handy to confirm that. So Flynn probably won’t depart onscreen until end of March our time. Anyway, the actor is done now, and said nice things about the cast (no one by name).

        This has me wondering about MS. We know his contract ends in spring but conceivably we could be seeing Jackson through the summer by this logic, yes?

        And Alan, you are correct that Jackson will finally start to gain some independence – but if they kill him off in some sort of bizarre wheelie accident, the show will officially crossed the line into macabre comedy, not to mention the absolutely horrific message it sends about the disabled.

        Still hoping for a reprieve about Jackson.

    • I think I could solve Aaron’s problem tomorrow. As I see it, he wants a deep bond with another bloke, without, it appears, any hanky-panky. He should join the Army. If anyone here saw the “Gary” & “Quinny” s/line in Coronation St you will know that Gary, a character very like Aaron (similar backgrounds with a tendency towards agression) has a (straight) friendship bordering on platonic love for his mate (who sadly got killed).

      There seems to me little doubt that “Gary” loved Quinny in a way I feel Aaron will never be able to love anyone. Perhaps aaron is just frigid?.

      I don’t want to offend any ex-Army personnel but I believe such friendships are not uncommon in the Army. I don’t mean to be vulgar, but who knows what happens after lights out in the barracks?. Don’t ask- don’t tell, and it could all be forgotten next morningtill the next time: Problem solved – end of

  65. May I just say again I want Aaron and Mia together. They could be the Yorkshire Dales answer to David & Victoria Beckham. She is vain, conceited, empty headed, unemployable, and a total waste of space and poor Aaron is as dim as a 5 watt light bulb. I doubt she’d make too many “demands” on him, since she is totally in love with herself and all she needs is a mirror.

    They won’t listen to me of course, last night Declan and Essex Girl Mrs Declan were quite obviously trying to palm her off to poor little Adam

    By the way Adam is a hardworking farm lad. The days are getting longer now, so would he have time to work for Declan as well?. A farm day starts at 5 a.m. with the milking and goes on till after dark (around 5.30 pm in the UK at the moment). Don’t tell me after letting Ryan go they want one of the few remaining good guys to keel over with a heart attack from overwork 😦

  66. Hi Sharon, sorry the reply buttons isn’t there.

    You said:

    “I’m going to assume that they had already made plans to meet that evening when they were in the pub earlier which would have been before the phone call from Flynn.”

    Afraid not. Jackson’s first line is “What are you doing here?” so he wasn’t expecting him.

    No, sadly, Aaron is being Aaron, using (in this case Jackson) because he is at a loose end and has nowhere – better – (in his opinion) to go.

    Jackson once said he felt more like Aaron’s social worker than his boyfriend. I know you can’t help who you fall in love with, but I just wish Jackson would realise how worthless Aaron is, and I hate to say it, I hope one day Aaron will be hurt physically and psychologically himself as he has done so many others.

    See why I wish I was “Ryan”?. Ryan would never have a thought like that one! 🙂

    • Hi Alan, ok, the assumption was more to make me feel better but, when Aaron arrived, after Jackson said “what are you doing here?”, Aaron said ” Well, I was just checking that you weren’t stuck inside all day staring down that camera of yours.”Correct me if I’m wrong but hadn’t he seen him in the pub earlier and spoke to him, even had a drink with him because Jackson sent him to get a pint. He would, therefore, know that Jackson hadn’t been stuck inside all day.
      I wonder if that scene had been re written for some reason.

      I agree with Mark, Aaron still wants to see Jackson, he can’t cut himself off from him completely because he still cares so I’m going to be kind and say he used an unexpected free night to go and visit him and see if he was ok. He didn’t have to, he could have stayed and sulked in his room like he used to do. See, I knew I’d find something nice to say about Aaron if I tried hard enough!!

      Even you had to see how genuinely pleased and surprised he was at being asked to stay and you could see having Aaron there made Jackson happy, his smile at the end said it all.

      Alan, I wouldn’t want you to be Ryan, like I said, who would I be able to defend Aaron against if you never said anything horrible about him in the first place?

  67. Hi Mark, Thanks for the info about recording dates Gavin Blythe died on November 26th, and according to reports at the time had worked up until 2 weeks before his death (from lung cancer which was apparently beyond treatment), so I assume, Nov 26th being a Friday, if that press report was accurate he finished work on November 12th, so by my reckoning there can only be about another week, perhaps 2 of GB produced recordings, though of course he had probably given the go-ahead for stories beyond that time, and given his rather dark mindset……..well, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

    It also means that the inhabitants of Emmerdale had their Christmas in early September!

    • Alan, take my information with a grain of salt – and then some. Another source familiar with E’s production schedule informed me that the show typically films six weeks in advance – but often out of order – so make of that what you will.

      Over 200 comments here alone on this sub-section. Wow. 🙂

      • Hi Mark, where did you find out that the guy who plays Flynn is finished with the show?

        I’ve been thinking about Jackson and how he is supposed to gain some more independence with a different wheelchair. If he is involved in another crash of any kind, he would have to be the unluckiest guy on the planet.

        Let’s hope instead of looking for ways to get rid of him, they are finding ways of keeping him on the show where he belongs.

      • Hi Mark, I wouldn’t be surprised if the episodes were recorded so long ago. I remember in late October there was an outdoor scene with Zac and Lisa, and I remember remarking at the time the trees being still green and in full leaf – even in Southern England by late October the leaves are brown (I think the American’s term “fall” is much more fitting than our “Autumn”, also outside shots of the Woolpack showed summer bedding in the hanging baskets still flowering prolifically earlier that month (again by that time those remaining even here in Southern England which tends to be warmer). I know a bit abt plants (one of the few things I DO know about!)

        Hi Sharon, Sorry no reply button again. Yes I agree Aaron & Jackson did look content last night, but you always fear the next argument & you know given DM’s ability to cry so easily it’s not going to be like that for long.

        I like Jackson so much and fel he has suffered too much already, which is why I would rather he and Aaron be friends, rather than anything deeper so J gets hurt all over again.

        But we need more Ryan’s in the world – wouldn’t it be great?. I’m just sorry I could never be as kind and generous as he is. I wonder what his reaction will be to the demise of his policeman who charged him with murder on such flimsy evidence – Henshaw?. Knowing Ryan he will probably just want to get on fixing cars, because vindictivness just isn’t part of his sweet nature.

  68. No reply buttons for any of us! Well, they are a scarce natural resource. 🙂

    Sharon, I don’t have the link handy – got it off my Twitter account – but the local paper in which the young actor resides talked about doing both Emmerdale and another show and that he was now looking for new jobs. He seemed like a perfectly nice guy and said his experience was pleasant on the show. If I can retrieve the link, I will post it. But he was clear his job lasted two months and was now over. So Flynn has been on for two weeks, is off next week, and that would mean five more weeks, taking us up to about March 18. That would coincide with a big J/A reunion – perhaps both boys finally do talk it all out – and then of course the tragedy we’re all dreading in April.

    Alan, I suspect Ryan will exit with his mom after he learns of the affair with Cain. He won’t want to work with him after that. Seems like a shabby way of handling the character. I just don’t understand why the E folks run through so many castmates. Odd business, that.

    Sharon, I do agree with you that both lads seemed so pleased to be with one another. I realized that Aaron, especially, craves Jackson’s approval on a certain level and Jackson has been denying him so much lately, for reasons we know why. Remember that line in Bar West after the court case: “You helped me,” Aaron said, with so much emphasis, and Aaron on some level has never forgotten that debt.

    It was a nice present to us – boy, have we earned it. We don’t use the term “chuffed” over here in the States but I rather do like it.

    • Hey Mark, a reply button, Yippee!!!!

      Thanks for confirming the story about Flynn’s exit. If you can find the link, great, if not, don’t worry. Your time frame would be about right as Danny said something big happens in April. As you know, I’ve been hoping for the boys to have as I’ve been calling it “a lay all your cards on the table” chat, complete honesty from BOTH of them, so fingers crossed, it might happen. I only want this chat though if it ends in a reunion, if it keeps them apart, forget it!!

      You make a great point about Aaron craving Jackson’s approval and I don’t think he will ever forget what Jackson has done for him. There was something Aaron said during the scenes leading up to the crash something like “I’m not exactly doing cartwheels about it but I’m getting there. For the first time in my life, I don’t mind being myself anymore and that’s down to you.” As you say, he’ll always be in debt to Jackson for helping him and, whatever his faults, he’s always loyal to people he cares about.

      After the turmoil of the last couple of weeks, it was nice to smile at something between them again. I was well chuffed too!!

      • Hi, Sharon – I would like to be wrong, but I do believe the boys are actually headed for a big reunion in late March that will move their story forward, finally – and then Jackson will die. It will be about a year after DM’s (extremely well-done) court scenes, and I think the writers are itching to give him a reason to turn on the waterworks again.

        And I have no doubt DM can rise to the occasion. It’s me I’m worried about. Not sure I’ll be able to watch that. 😦 Not ready to say goodbye to Jackson.

        There is a part of Aaron – don’t know if he or even we can categorize it as love – I’m still on the fence about that – that will always need to check up on Jackson – not because of the accident, but because of the impact Jackson made on his life. That’s why I find it hard to imagine a scenario in which Jackson moves away with his dad.

  69. Hi Alan, At last we agree on something. Maybe my compassionate nature is rubbing off on you!!
    Jackson loves Aaron, he can’t help himself and I bet he would be prepared to give their relationship another try no matter what may happen in the future. How many times in the past has he said,no, I can’t do this anymore only to change his mind? Sometimes in life, people really get to you and even though you know they shouldn’t, you’d probably be better off without them, everyone tells you you’d be better off without them, you recognise all their flaws and the againsts far outweigh the fors, you just can’t help it. That’s what Aaron is for Jackson.

    I like Jackson too and want him to be happy just as much as I want Aaron to be happy but, for Jackson his happiness is tied to being with Aaron, and Aaron’s happiness to a certain degree, is tied to Jackson. And remember, every time something bad happens, Aaron gets hurt too.

    As for Ryan, his reaction to that horrible policeman will probably be something philosophical, probably something about him only doing his job and not worth him getting upset about. He’s moved on and as you say, he doesn’t do vindictive.

    Not many of us can do kind & generous all the time but we can try!

  70. Hi Mark: I think Emmerdale writers have it in for Ryan as much as Jackson. Tonights episode where Charity & Cain argue about his night with Faye in front of Ryan. later in the pub he says, more in sorrow than in anger “mum – why do you do it? To cause trouble?”

    So I guess you’re right and Ryan will feel obliged to leave, not least since Cain’s daughter knows the sordid truth and, once again, true to Emmerdale form, this bloke who has done nothing wrong will have to pay for somebody else’s mistake, just like he did over the murder of Mark Wylde.

    Seems that decent blokes like Jackson & Ryan are just born to suffer on ED.

    Watch out Adam!

    • I fear you are correct. Ryan, at least, will probably leave with his mother. He won’t be alone, for what it is worth. Most importantly, he won’t be dead. Take some comfort in that, my friend.

      • Hi Mark, There is never any knowing with Cain, if you cross him, but I hope Jim does get Ryan out alive – the problem is there is that old saying about “Whom the Gods love, die young”

        Last nights episode really was standard British soap opera stuff: the slightly unbelieveable scene where Charity whinges to her own daughter than she hasn’t slept with another man for over a year, for exame.

        I really do despair sometimes. We see characters like Ryan go, who are a reminder of the good that can be in anyone and we have them replaced by complete time wasters, typified by Ella and Mia, who because the former married money and the latter lives off daddies money consider themselves “superior” – a situation that is still all too common in the UK sadly (Essex is full of them!).

        My head tells me Jackson will leave (my heart doesn’t want him too), but all this silly procrastination abt appointing a new series producer (which in itself is ironic considering the way it treats death as an everyday , usually dramatic or painful occurrence), because they want to keep the memory of Gavin Blyth alive, probably means the stories were fixed in stone long ago. I just hope he is allowed to leave alive as well – my only guess/hope in that regard is that Jackson will finally be totally exasparated at Hazel babying him and it will become too much for him and he will choose to go into a residential care home. Though he is as forgiving as Ryan, I can’t really see him being able to totally forgive his dad, so I, too, can’t see them living together

        If they don’t get round to replacing GB soon the programme will drift and all we will have will be the staple soap fare of the Cain/Charity/Faye sort and DEclan’s wife and her faded glamour.

        Final thought: Faye obviously did a marvelous job of bringing up Ryan alone, considering how he turned out, how come she manages to make such a wreck of her own personal life? – she was under no illusions as to why Cain went to bed with her, and was prepared to be used.

        Of course that sort of behaviour – typical really, underlines how loyal Jackson was to Aaron, but the ITV audience at 7 pm would be more likely to accept the Cain/Faye sordid encounter, (in that we were actually invited into the bedroom) than they would any sign of committment or affection by two gay men. Odd, us British!

  71. Mark, the reply button has gone again. I don’t think that Jackson would ever go to live with his dad, too much water under the bridge there.

    I like your thinking about the reunion, not so keen on the Jackson dying bit. I’ve already said the thought of Aaron at Jackson’s funeral trying to make a speech and sobbing his heart out would finish me off good & proper. No more Jackson either, no sarcastic little comments, no big brown eyes, no thanks. Too much to bear.

    If they want Aaron to turn on the waterworks, can’t he cry cos he’s happy to be back with Jackson again? That I could cope with – just about.

    By the way, where in the States are you, if you don’t want to say, I understand, just curious!

    • Hi, Sharon – Unfortunately, I think ED has failed to grasp how popular A&J have become. Jackson was only supposed to be around for a brief time – and then Gavin conceived the train wreck story, for whatever reason. Any interview I’ve read with either DM or MS has stated that Aaron was never intended to end up with his first boyfriend. Jackson’s popularity, which has surged in the last few months thanks to MS’ incredible performances, really must be a surprise.

      I’m in Boston. Visited London for the first time last March for a week. Best vacation of my life. And while I was there I happened to see a little soap about a farm community. Thought it was boring. Hahah.

      • Mark, I don’t think that Aaron & Jackson were ever meant to stay together as a couple, certainly in the beginning. The popularity of these characters as a couple and individually has soared as the storyline has progressed with viewing figures increasing massively. That’s why they keep having to re write where their story is going and I bet, even now, they are still not completely sure how it will conclude.

        Just think how much heartache and pain you could have saved yourself had you not visited here last March!!

  72. Hi Mark: Boston. Is George Wein’s “Storyville Club” still there? (I love jazz and the Storyville was as famous as Ronnie Scott’s in London). George Wein started the Newport Festival, but I digress.

    I often wonder if the ED team ever read any of our comments. If they do, may I put it on record that with Ryan gone, if they kill Jackson off I will never watch it again, like Ryan “didn’t acre about his [dads] money” & meant it, I really don’t care about Aaron and his journey (Sorry, Sharon!:-) and I will seriously advise Marlon to move away from the selfish Rhona and Adam to get out and away from baby-brains Mia,and Holly shooting up in the East wing. There are some good farms in South East England! 🙂

    • Hi, Alan – Storyville is gone – replaced by a pizza franchise, alas – but the Newport Festival remains a strong annual event.

      Good question about whether the ED folks follow the boards. I guess they must have some sense of the temperature out here but I don’t know that it can make a difference regarding the stories we care about.

      While ED does have a shockingly high mortality rate, even for a soap, I don’t think Ryan will die. He’ll exit with his mum.

      But as much as I could get behind your vision for Jackson, I don’t think we’re moving in that direction. DM has to cry. The audience by now is practically salivating for the next crisis to open the tearducts. I’m being sarcastic but I’m not mocking the actor, who can really, convincingly cry- it’s just that the show knows that and wishes to leverage that.

      My sense for the next month or so is that Flynn will continue to woo Aaron, making Jackson miserable, who will become both more moody and more independent – that new Stephen Hawking type wheelchair is bound to show up soon. But Aaron will remain baffled by his moods and will not discover that trove of videos until after Jackson’s death. Those videos aren’t for our benefit; they’re for Aaron. I can imagine him dumping Flynn and going on a summerlong bender after Jackson’s death.

      Once MS is gone, I will find it almost impossible to watch the show. I know I will have to give it a breather, that’s for sure. The hell this show has put Jackson (and us) through… As you have said, Aaron’s journey right now is not interesting.

      • Spoilers are out for end of Feb- March – Thoughts, anyone? I’m concerned. One read could be that A decides he will date F and keep J as a friend, devaastating J.

        Soaplife Spoilers : 25 February – 3 March 2011

        Friday 25 February 2011 – Jackson hides his true feelings from Aaron

        Monday 28 February 2011 – Aaron’s increasingly torn between his feelings for Jackson and Flynn

        Tuesday 1 March 2011 – Jackson gets his new wheelchair.

        Wednesday 2 March 2011 – Aaron dates Flynn – but has unfinished business with Jackson

        Thursday 3 March 2011 – Aaron reveals his intentions to Jackson

      • Don’t like the sound of these new spoilers. As we know Flynn is going to be around for a little while yet, Aaron is obviously going to try a relationship with him while just remaining friends with Jackson. Will it work, hopefully not but who knows. According to Marc’s interview at the NTA’s, there are lots of twists and turns in Aaron & Jackson’s relationship still to come before any conclusion is reached so watch this space.
        Although it says Aaron is torn between his feelings for Jackson and Flynn, I don’t think they’re the same feelings. I mean, he’s been seeing Jackson on and off for nearly a year and still hasn’t made his mind up what his feelings are for him (allegedly).

        I like Alan’s idea of Jackson leaving the village with Hazel sworn to secrecy on where he’s gone. Much better than killing him off but Aaron still has to see those video diaries at some point and I still think he will get a chance to tell Jackson he loves him while Jackson is alive to hear it.

        As for some scenes of Aaron crying, they have to be on their way. You are quite correct when you say seeing him cry wrecks the audience, and not just the young women either. I hate seeing any man cry but him especially and unfortunately, I’m not young!! Without sounding patronising, no-one can cry on camera like Danny can although Marc’s scene from the other week ran him close.

        I just wish we knew whether Marc was going to stay. It still wouldn’t help with the Aaron/Jackson storyline which will no doubt twist and turn its way to whatever conclusion they have in mind for it but at least we would know whether Jackson would stay in the programme and it would get rid of this horrible feeling of his possible death hanging over us.

  73. Hi Mark, Thanks for the info about the Storyville Club – I have several recordings made there which were issued commercially. Sorry it’s not there anymore.

    As for the programme, yes it does seem time for Aaron to get his tissues out again: for a lad that is supposed to be really hard, cynical and tough, I do feel he cries a bit too easily (the nearest version of him in Coronation Street, “Gary” the ex-squaddie sobbed, but only once, when he saw the video of his mate, which while it might not have been overwhelming was just about right for the character). I know DM does it well but I think the writers get him to overdo it. I don’t know if it is the British “stiff upper lip” thing, but in reality very few young men cry in public in Britain or in company (what they do in the privacy of their own homes, of course….).

    The danger day on ED is always THursday because they show two episodes on that night here in Britain. I hope rather not to see Jackson or Ryan listed on Thursdays, just in case. I’d let half the cast go, just to keep Marc and Jim on the programme.

    I just cannot understand why Declan’s family had to be inflicted on us. The father’s main claim to fame was that he appeared as a drunken priest, forever swearing on a Channel 4 comedy series cled “Father Ted”, but his occassional appearances on ED seem as pointless as they are fleeting. I could also do without Amy and Jai.

    Funilly enough I am fascinated at the differences between Jai and Mikhil, brothers probably bought up together but where Nikhil is introverted, thoughtful and quiet, Jai is brash, manipulative and competitive. They don’t even look very similar.

    But this “drifting”, due to the lack of a day to day producer is really beginning to spoil the programme, I feel. Last night’s episode seemed more like an episode of Eastenders, and some stories seem to have been abandoned altogether – for example Holly’s drug problem. The last we heard was that she was on Methadone, but that is still a heroin substitute and I think it’s probably a palliative rather than a cure. Mr Pollard’s son disappeared in what seemed the middle of a story, and it seems that Doug’;s loan to save the landlady of the Woolpack hs been forgotten now he is sailing off into the sunset.

    All a bit puzzling (but then, what happened to Gail’s father in Coronation St?: he was introduced as Audrey’s former lover before he became gay) and was in his 70s, he was around for a few months then disappeared without explanation. I suppose it was just so Granada could say they had an elderly gay character in the show)

    perhaps another problem now is that the teams of writers are too big and the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing?

    • Alan, I share many of your concerns. Don’t understand the direction. And yes, have learned pretty quickly to be wary of Thursday episodes. Harbingers of doom in one way or another. That’s why I’m almost certain Aaron will “clear the air” by telling Jackson he plans on proceeding with a romantic relationship with Flynn.

      The scheduling format baffles me – we have nothing like it in the States in which a program takes a break for a half hour and then comes back – why not just run the hour together? I remember watching American Idol in London – and was surprised the two hours were broken up by another hour of something else. What’s the thinking behind that?

      DM’s crying just wrecks the audience – and accounts for much of his appeal with young women and those who put together awards nominations. Again, not trying to be callous here because it really is hard to cry convincingly oncamera and damn, DM can do it. He has to lose Jackson before he realizes what he truly had.

  74. Hi Mark, The reason the Thursday episodes are half an hour apart is because at 7.30 the BBCs soap “Eastenders” is shown, and as they get a very big audience, I suspect ITV are worried that rather than miss that wonderful heartwarming slice of London life, the ED audience won’t bother to tune in 7 for fear of losing them at 7.30, so they sort of concede (They do the same thing with Coronation St on Mondays and Fridays which is tx at 7.30-8.00 and 8.30-9.00. On both those evenings the BBC are back with Eastenders, and with ITV is all abt ratings – if they started falling the shows would either get demoted or scrapped altogether (on the occasions when ITV pick a turkey you would know without looking the ratings were going down because they’d start off tx at 9.00, then it might go to late night or even (has happened in the post) transferred to the afternoons for the rest of the run.

    I haven’t seen EE for months now, though from the synopsis it is still as crass as ever (some of the stories they like to play out like Shakespearean tragedy others are treated more like a Carry On film – EE doesn’t “do” comedy well – it comes out very heavy handed or embarrassing. One of the last stories I saw on it was beyond belief)

    But thats the reason Emmerdale has two THursday episodes, and I suspect they like the lurid or tragic story to come just before 7.30 to hook them back in at 8.00)

    • Thanks, Alan, for the explanation – I have noticed how Emmerdale likes to play with viewers on Thursdays. That’s why I’m dreading that conversation between A&J. Haven’t seen anything of EastEnders – don’t think I’d find it appealing from what you say – and not sure how much I’ll invest in ED after MS is gone.

      Starting to feel like A will never say the words Jackson so craves. I can imagine Aaron viewing those videos after Jackson is laid to rest and blaming himself for not being able to love and becoming the next Shadrach. Another unpleasant cycle to watch.

      • Hi Mark, well if Marc goes (and I still hope he might stay) I honestly won’t watch because it will mean my two favourite characters have gone (funny how Ryan and Jackson have such similiar characters and qualities).

        This whole debate about whether Aaron “loves” Jackson. I was rewatching the 25th March 2010 episodes again the other day to try to define why I was more sympathetic to him then than now (he was still obnoxious, but with a slight air of insecurity) and I came to the conclusion that it is not so much the character (though he has done some repellent things) it IS, I am afraid the actor, DM seemed much more a team player and more modest, since he won his awards last year he seems to have given himself airs, which frankly look pretentious for a 20 year old.

        Anyway I think the clue is in the episode when having confessed to being gay to Paddy, Paddy mentions the possibility of falling in love. The scenes are shown as three seperate parts – I think this is in part 3:

        “I’m 18. I don’t want to fall in love. I just want to have fun”

        Presumably that is why faced with the choice of Jackson and Flynn last week he chose to get on the bus with Flynn, and judging by the spoilers I suspect he will choose Jackson.

        There is then just the chance that Jackson ill want to move away, perhaps making Hazel swear not to tell Aaron where he has gone – so they can both have a fresh start.

        Shortly thereafter I suspect the relationship (such as it is) with Flynn will come to an end and he will realise he has lost BOTH J and F – ergo DOUBLE TEARS. I wonder who victim no 3 will be?

        I just don’t think ED should have any more deaths this year – looks like Henshaw is on his way out horizontally this week

  75. I should have said Mark that the BBC transmit EE on Mondays and Fridays at 8.00 rather than 7.30. That said, they repeat the whole sorry farrago most of Sunday afternoons, so if you miss it the first time – well, there’s the audience chance to improve their aim! 🙂

  76. Sorry I meant will choose Flynn.

  77. I agree, Alan, there are a lot of deaths on ED lately. … Flynn isn’t the endgame either, and we know the actor doesn’t stick around. So does the character have a brain between those ears and realize what Aaron can’t or won’t articulate and bolt or does he get dumped by Aaron? We just don’t know much about Flynn to say.

    I don’t give those words to Paddy so much weight. He hadn’t met Jackson yet. He couldn’t imagine meeting another gay guy who was decent and handsome and not queeny. At that moment, he was very much expressing his fears for his future and wishing that he could just go on as Adam’s best mate.

    DM is very young, and I wonder if the recent experience with the NTAs and the backlash over his recent interview has helped mature him a bit. He does seem to recognize that Jackson has a fanbase. I just think Aaron will be alone and more miserable than usual this summer.

    I would Love your scenario to come to pass in which Jackson moves out of town. It always leaves the possibility for him to return several months later showing some form of recovery. Honestly, no viewer would be upset with that kind of plot twist.

    • Yes Mark, thinking about it you’re probably right about the conversatio with Paddy.

      In many ways (not because I have erotic fantasies for either) I think Adam and Aaron would have been great together, though of course it would have made Aarons journey shorter. They could have had a dramatic conflict though if they had made Adam bisexual.

      Although they are the same age, Adam is much more mature than Aaron, he can be affectionate because he has come from an affectionate family, and is never afraid to tell Aaron when he thinks he is wrong, and, best of all for somebody like Aareon, Adam could make him laugh (he did just after Aaron came out of his suicide bid coma).

      One thing abt Adam puzzles me: his mum, Moira has implied more than once that all three of her kids have been trouble, or that she and John didn’t do a good job of bringing them up. Holly is a bit of a mess, Hannah is just a normal teenager, but I would have said Adam was a model son, he is a hard-worker, loyal and, like last night where he talks to Andy, shows real sense and understanding. If Moira is disapppoited in him, imagine how she would have felt if Aaron or Nathan had been her son!

      • Alan, you’ve hit on the key qualities that attracts Aaron – like many of us, he’s drawn to those things he lacks – Adam’s humor, open affectionate manner probably seemed too good to be true and then just got under his skin. In some ways, in some scenes, I think Aaron still longs for Adam.

        Dunno about the Barton family. They seem like a good, decent lot. Yeah, I know Holly went druggie, but that happens in the best of families, and it doesn’t mean she’s irredeemable – just troubled.

  78. Hi, Sharon – no reply button (!) but I want to add my small voice to yours. It would be great to know if MS’ status has changed on the show. I suspect that if he is ending, he’ll be filming his last bits fairly soon. Perhaps we haven’t heard an official word because they’re either jiggering his contract or just trying to keep the rest of us in suspense – so we’ll keep tuning in.

    DM is a fantastic crier. MS manages to do more than an exhale than any actor working, IMHO. Both great actors.

    I’m in favor of any story that keeps Jackson alive, but I don’t see one on the horizon. These have to be big tears a-coming. I also can’t envision Hazel ever letting her son go off without her, and we know Hazel is around to at least the end of the year.

    • Mark, good point about Hazel, I’d forgotten about her and as you say she is here until the end of the year at least.

      As for Flynn, see I’ve relented and am using his full name now as he seems like a nice guy at the moment, we still know very little about him apart from the fact that he’s not afraid to confront Aaron and speak his mind when he feels its necessary. I think it will be a mutual decision between Flynn & Aaron about splitting up. Aaron will realise he’s made the wrong choice but will be too stubborn to admit it, Flynn will want more than Aaron is prepared to give and figure out that Aaron isn’t really interested especially if he meets Jackson at some point. Flynn will realise what Aaron hasn’t so far articulated and will get Aaron to admit it and they will split.

      I’ve said before, sod trying to stick to reality, let Jackson have some sort of recovery. Who could possibly object to that, especially if it meant that he could stay in the programme?

      Danny has said he would like Aaron & Jackson to have a split up and get back together storyline so maybe all is not lost.

      • Sharon, I have many regrets (!) but I will never regret making my way to your fair country. I had a great time and expect to go back at some point and, hey, it ultimately led me here to all of you fine folks. That’s a gift, in my book.

        DM really has given some nice interviews recently – I do think you are correct that everyone was taken by surprise by the audience reaction to the two. Whether that will change anything….

        My true confession: I’ve yet to watch a full scene with Flynn. I watch a bit, fast-forward – It’s not the actor, it’s what he represents – a threat to Jackson. And they ARE going to meet. Bank on that bit of torture. There’s no way that the writers are going to let that opportunity pass. I expect it to be a public scene, perhaps at the Woolpack. Flynn and Aaron will be having a good time, openly affectionate. And then finally Jackson will have one grand public emotional collapse.

        That’s drama for ya.

      • And, yes, Sharon, I concur, this is a bloody soap, not a documentary. They’ve made their point. Let Jackson recover already! And I’ve watched those hospital scenes enough to know that the writers did indeed leave that possibility open. So take it already.

  79. “Danny has said he would like Aaron & Jackson to have a split up and get back together storyline so maybe all is not lost.”

    Hi Sharon, I want Jackson to stay so if this is a possibility, lets hope Gavin Blyth’s replacement is as influenced by DM as he was

    We can’t let 2 of the very best characters leave – one is bad enough

    • Hi Alan, agreed!! we all want Jackson to stay and if you look at a lot of the other forums about Emmerdale, the consensus is definitely for Jackson to stay. Both Danny & Marc have said that they enjoy working together so why get rid of such a popular character?

      The writers could do so much with these two if they put their minds to it, shame to throw away a good opportunity if there’s no need.

  80. Mark, sorry the reply button has disappeared again, but I agree with you when you say “In some ways, in some scenes, I think Aaron still longs for Adam. ”

    I have often felt that to be true. It is interesting that Aaron wanted to show affection for the first time in his life to Adam, as I remember it, Adam takes Aarons head in his hands because his forehead is bleeding, and Aaron wanted to kiss him.

    I have no doubt if at any time Adam had told Aaron he loved him, he would have said the same thing back even if he “didn’t have anything to coMPare it to”.

    You never know with soap – Adam seems increasingly at home at Bar west!.

    Now there would b be the biggest dillema of them all – Adam or Jackson – the first bloke he loved or the first bloke who loved him?

    • Hee Hee – MS has teased Adam Thomas on Twitter that all the award noms would have been going to him if he had just leaned in during that scene for the kiss…

      What we’re seeing between Adam & Aaron is the real affection between the guys – they are flatmates. What is a pity is that a certain someone can’t make that leap to his onscreen love interest…(cough)

      Do love your rendition of “coMPare.”

      Adam does like Bar West, doesn’t he? It’s the pool table, people, the pool table. Yeahhhh….

  81. Mark, no reply button, so annoying!! I too have watched those hospital scenes numerous times, the talk of pins & needles in his arms, the consultant saying nothing is guaranteed, anything can happen etc. They did leave themselves the chance to improve Jackson’s condition so as a certain sports company’s slogan says just do it!!!

    I’ve watched the Flynn scenes in full and they are quite uncomfortable. It just doesn’t feel right seeing Aaron without Jackson. Admittedly, we haven’t seen them kiss or anything yet, now that is going to be uncomfortable to watch, especially as, if the spoilers are to be believed, Jackson witnesses it. Still can’t make my mind up about him, he did seem genuinely concerned by what had happened to Jackson & Aaron after Aaron told him about the accident in the pub the other night. On the other hand, he does threaten Aaron & Jackson’s relationship so…..

    I think Aaron would still be uncomfortable about showing affection to Flynn if Jackson is around so, if Jackson does see them kiss, I think it will be from a distance with Aaron not knowing he has seen. Jackson’s distraught reaction will probably be captured on his camera, another must see clip for Aaron to see at some point.

    • Sharon, at this point, Aaron’s got a winter’s worth of vids to sit through. It will confuse him more than all six seasons of “Lost.”

      I did watch enough of that Woolpack scene to see Flynn’s reaction to Jackson’s plight. He could be the kind of guy who realizes he’s the third wheel in the relationship, that Aaron is trying to move too fast away from his first love. Then again, he might view Jackson as a viable threat. Some character shading would be appreciated. I would love to have Chas and Paddy’s unconditional support for Flynn to backfire on them.

      But I’m convinced the three will soon be interacting a great deal, adding great stress to Jackson.

      • Unusually one of the first things mentioned by Flynn was his dad. Of course, it could turn out that Flynn’s dad is a train driver. And he was the driver who crashed into Jackson’s van that fateful October night

  82. Alan, that would be some plot twist. I don’t know if even the village is that small for something like that to happen. 🙂 From the spoilers for early March, I’m guessing Aaron is going to decide he has to tell Jackson he’s developed feelings for Flynn and is ready to embark on a sexual relationship with him. Poor Jackson. Sigh.

    • Hey Mark, slow down, they haven’t even kissed yet and this is Aaron we’re talking about. Hopefully, you’re jumping the gun a bit. He will tell Jackson that he wants to have a relationship with Flynn, I’m certain about that, I’m prepared for it I think!!! Whether he is ready to jump into bed with him yet, I’m not so sure.

      • Sorry, Sharon, didn’t mean to alarm you or anyone else! I do think Aaron is just at the talking stage with Flynn by the point in March – and he’ll tell Jackson he’s ready to move forward with Flynn.

        You may be prepared for that, but I’m not. Good lord, this story is worse than water torture and waterboarding combined. Can’t stand the way they’re putting the screws to Jackson. Since Aaron’s big chat comes on a Thursday, I’m expecting Jackson to be immolated by the conversation. MS will knock it out of the park…sadness all around.

        But Flynn is only around for a month beyond that. I do imagine they will become physically involved but as to how it ends or what it means for Jackson, I don’t know. I wish they’d give Jackson some recovery. It would be interesting if Jackson told Aaron how he truly felt, for a change, and decided to fight for his man. ….I suddenly have this urge to lock both Chas and Paddy in a closet somewhere…

  83. Alarm me, my heart rate has just about returned to normal and my stomach has stopped churning now. I thought you’d read something I hadn’t seen!! As you say, Thursday is a strange day in the dales, either something really good happens, Aaron & Jackson’s first night together was a Thursday, or something horrible happens.The upcoming scene where Aaron tells Jackson what he’s going to do falls into the second category.

    Marc and Danny’s acting will be brilliant again, it’s going to be very painful to watch.
    Sitting here on a Sunday evening with the scenes over a week away, I can say I think I’m prepared for it. When it actually happens, I’ll probably be a wreck, just like last time.

    If I could choose what would happen, I’d have Aaron & Flynn’s physical encounter be the catalyst for Aaron to realise that he doesn’t want Flynn and make him rethink about Jackson. In an ideal world, it would be an attempted encounter with Aaron not able to go through with it because of his feelings for Jackson but Emmerdale do like to put us through the wringer with these characters so who knows?

    I would LOVE Jackson to have a change of heart and fight for Aaron, tell him the truth for once. He’s said before when he was talking about telling Aaron his feelings “What’s the worse that can happen”. At the moment for Jackson, he’s virtually at rock bottom, he’s lost nearly everything including the guy he loves, it really can’t get much worse for him so I’d love him to show some of the spirit he had before and fight for what he wants.

    I would suggest something bigger than a closet as we need to fit in Rhona, the creepy policeman Henshall, Amy, Holly, Roz, and Jai and that’s just for starters….

    • Sharon, I love ya to bits. You’re a viewer after my own heart. I’m happy to start constructing that cell for Rhona, Chas, Paddy, and everyone else….except for Pearl and Cain and Ryan, dunno who I’d miss!

      Funny, I do think Jackson is going to regain something of his spirit. I think we saw that in the last episode. He apologized to Aaron, in essence, for pushing him so hard and he invited him to stick around. God, the work those two boys did with such meager dialogue. I really am in awe of their abilities. How E can think of letting MS go is beyond me.

      With that motorized wheelchair on the horizon, Jackson is going to regain a measure of independence. I hope he’ll fight for Aaron – and that Aaron will realize where his heart belongs before it is too late. The hardest part of this story is that sense of looming danger. Don’t need to see Aaron sobbing over some vids.

  84. If it’s ok with you, I’d quite like to keep Andy and Adam out of whatever size cell you construct. Andy needs all the friends he can get at the moment and Adam will be needed at some point to help Aaron out, he usually is.

    Hopefully, when Jackson gets his motorized wheelchair giving him more independence, he will regain some of his confidence and pride in himself and that will give him the incentive to fight for his man. Totally agree with you about the dialogue they had to work with but it did leave Aaron some time to show that shy little smile of his, always a pleasure to witness that.

    Still have a feeling that Aaron will at least see some of Jackson’s video pieces, not all of them just a couple of specially selected ones. We will then have to witness not only a crying Jackson but a crying Aaron too. That will definitely push us viewers to our limit, don’t you think??

    • Both DM and MS have absolutely charming smiles. MS’ little crinkle was just so sweet to see.

      I don’t think Jackson will be around when Aaron sees those vids, alas. That’s the whole point of them – for Aaron to realize the depths of Jackson’s devotion too late. In one scenario, I can see J’s death ending A’s relationship with Flynn – he will be overburdened with guilt and go on a summerlong binge of remorse.

      Of course, in a better scenario, someone slips those vids to Aaron before it’s too late and the boys reunite. But when has there been such a hopeful twist on E?

      ….really like to be wrong…unfortunately, I’m still got a perfect batting record around here.

      • Hi Mark, I have to cling on to the idea that Aaron sees those vids while Jackson is still alive. The thought of him seeing them after Jackson’s death is just too cruel. Imagine having just buried your first boyfriend, only to then find out from those vids just how much he really loved you and wanted to be with you. The knowledge that things could have been different had you told each other the truth, the time you could have had together. What a way to push a young guy close to the edge as it is right over it. I hope so much they don’t go down this route.

        I know you have a good record with predictions but I really hope this one is wrong.

    • Yes I think we have to keep Adam out of the cell too – he is really a civilizing influence on Aaron, (and Andy) as much as anyone can be, and I think the two characters are really fond of each other – I think each sees the other as the brother he never had. Adam shows real maturity in his advice. And Pearl and Declan are abt the only 2 who don’t think they’ll catch something by spending time with poor Jackson

      Perhaps we could have Chas, Charity, Paddy (in his present bumbling state), Derek, Jai that awful Ella woman and baby Mia all standing at the bus stop to go into Hotton on Thursday and Brenda, in her customary drunken state, could knock them all down in her car.I think Henshall will deal with himself this week, as for Rhona, I just think she is another selfish character who doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she gets what she (thinks) she wants.

      I know most people like unpleasant characters in soaps – why? ( I read yesterday that the gurning tart, Tracey, in Coronation Street has had her contract extended beyond May when she should have pushed off), but I really resent the way the decent characters (& actors) get written out while the cr@p (characters and actors) seemingly go on forever. As you can see, I still haven’t got over losing our Ryan.

      • Alan, good points about Adam and Declan – had forgotten what a good guy Declan has been to Jackson. I can’t help wishing more from Adam, though. While he is a good mate to Aaron and has even dropped in on Jackson (for yet another talk about DVDs, foreshadowing, foreshadowing! 🙂 ), I want him to really talk to Aaron about his actions and the consequences.

        Anyway, I feel your pain about Ryan. Unfortunately, ugly characters drive more story, or at least that’s the view. Must say I dislike Rhona more every day.

      • Hi Alan, like the idea of Brenda getting rid of a load of characters in one fail swoop, that way there’s more room in that cell for any others that get on our nerves!!

        Adam & Aaron haven’t been seen much on screen together apart from the night that Aaron met Flynn. I honestly think if anyone can get through to Aaron and make him really think about what he wants and what he’s doing, it’s Adam. He’s got through to him in the past by talking honestly and making Aaron listen, even if it’s uncomfortable and he doesn’t really want to.

        The bottom line, I think, is that Aaron really trusts Adam. I’m pretty sure that Adam was the first person from the village that Aaron let see him kiss Jackson and I don’t mean when he saw them outside Bar West. I’m thinking of the scene at the hospital when Jackson was on his way to the operating theatre and they arrived late. In fact, if I remember rightly, Aaron looked back at Adam before he did it.

        He knows that Adam has his best interests at heart, that’s why he usually listens to him. Let’s hope history repeats itself and he listens to him again.

  85. Hi Mark, I am always surprised that Aaron doesn’t open up to Adam more – after all Adam really knows all Aaron’s secrets and the fact that he has remained his best friend regardless must make Aaron know that Adam wouldn’t turn his back on him.

    Now that Paddy appears to be going gaga, Adam is the obvious person for Aaron to talk to – and they are of a similar age.

    I must admit that while I don’t dislike Rhona in the way I dislike Ella and Mia (at least she is supposed to do a useful job whereas the other two just ponce off Declan), I don’t like her selfishness and the way she is trying to get Marlon off her hands with her old friend.

    Ever since the Paddy/Marlon/Rhona triangle I have disliked her and Paddy more – I think it was unforgiveable of Paddy to betray his best mate like that. Like Ryan, Marlon must have a very forgiving nature to be able to remain friends with them both

    • Alan, agreed, Marlon’s behavior is strange. He’s practically marked himself a doormat and laid down on the floor.

      I think Aaron & Adam interact less because their storylines don’t cross much any more. I think we’re supposed to assume they still communicate, they just do it offscreen.

  86. Sharon, no reply button, but allow me to say that I am quite happy to surrender my crown. I would very much like to be wrong. In fact, I play on dancing the Snoopy dance. But I don’t see how the show can give DM the meaty story to win more awards if Jackson survives. Jackson will be sacrificed for those very tears of torment that will plunge Aaron into a hellish summer.

    And y’all will have to tell me all about it…don’t think I’ll be tuning in for that misery.

    As for Adam, it would be interesting to hear where he stands on the whole J/F situation. He seems to like J and supports A dating F….so is he Switzerland? I’m not sure how helpful he’d ultimately be to Jackson – unless Hazel returns his Star Trek DVD with something else completely.

    • Mark, you know if you’re wrong, I’m going to hold you to that statement about the dance and I’ll want evidence too!!

      The problem with Jackson dying, apart from it being absolutely tragic and a waste of a great actor with a growing fanbase, is that it will continue to make Aaron believe that bad things happen to anyone who gets close to him. Someone has to break this cycle in Aaron’s mind or he’ll end up in a nice little room with padding on all the walls!!

      • Sharon, you know from my posts here that I’ve been bothered by the question of the “end game” – the point of this story. What prompted the decision to cripple Jackson? Why put the audience through it?

        And as I mull it further, I do believe the point is to destroy Jackson by degrees to break Aaron’s spirit: to convince him that he is indeed, as Alan has called him, a mini-Hamlet, a man who will doom all those who love him. The show has reaped ratings and rewards with its self-loathing story and this is the most expeditious way to continue it. There’s no reason to break Aaron’s cycle, not when it continues to draw in viewers.

        And yes, I will happily provide all necessary documentation to my Snoopy dance if the show allows the wonderful MS to continue. 🙂

  87. Sharon, Alan, updated spoilers are up for early March – I’m in full-blown shock. If you haven’t seen them, let me just say the story is going to veer toward the romantic – and the driver in the seat is Aaron.

    Still trying to wrap my head around it all. 🙂

    • Mark, Alan, Oh my God, Oh my God. IF these spoilers are to be believed, I have just become the happiest little Aaron/Jackson fan in the world!!!!

      Can’t believe what I’m reading. I did actually let out a little squeal, God knows what the neighbours thought. I was genuinely not expecting that. Only slight concern is the word tries, apart from that, I’m a happy bunny.

      I have a nagging little thought at the back of my mind, however, that won’t go away but I’ll save that for another day. I’m going to enjoy this little moment of happiness while I can.

      So, Mark & Alan, does this mean you’re going to stick with the show then as I’d miss our little debates & chats if you left me to face this story all on my lonesome?

  88. Sharon – I’m gobsmacked. Without getting explicit for those who haven’t seen the spoilers, Aaron’s moment is the BIGGEST breakthrough in his life.

    Should we declare a national holiday?

    Problem: Jerry is back, and that portends nothing good. I wager he’s there to convince Jackson to move away with him, hence that final spoiler about Aaron fighting to keep his relationship. With Flynn due to stick around for at least another month, I’m not sure what this all means. Would Jackson temporarily move away? Is this how they’ll handle MS’ exit? So many questions!

    Sharon – and you, too Alan – I consider you both friends and hope to remain very much in contact with you both. You both have added immeasurably to my enjoyment of this show – and, well, keeping my sanity as the twists grow more torturous.

    • Mark, glad to hear it! Now the initial euphoria has gone and as this is Emmerdale, a slight reality check has hit home. That nagging thought I mentioned. Without saying too much in case people haven’t read the spoilers, what if it makes no difference, what if it’s too late. As for Aaron trying with a relationship, which is what the last spoiler says, what if that relationship is him & Flynn because Jackson still won’t listen to him.

      As you say, Flynn is around for a few weeks yet and that could be one way to keep him there. I think Jackson could well go and stay with his dad for a while and it could set up a scene for a few weeks time where Aaron could turn up and try to convince Jackson again that he wants to be with him. We were promised lots more twists & turns remember before this was sorted.

      I really don’t want to be all doom & gloom again, god knows we’ve had enough of that but it just seems too good to be true at the moment. Please let me be wrong!!!!

      • Sharon, I’ve done some digging around on iTV’s press site as well as a couple of other places…Brace yourself: We might be in for a shockingly good turn of events.

        Flynn’s appearances now apparently end first week of March, according to one report. If that’s true, that fits with the spoilers: Aaron makes up his mind and stakes his claim to Jackson. And the conversation between the two boys is supposed to be life-changing. As it should and would be, given that Aaron has never reached this point in his life.

        And here’s another kicker: speculates MS is renegotiating his contract. I have NO PROOF that is true. But my legs are starting to kick out in the Snoopy dance. 🙂

  89. Hi Mark and Sharon,

    I wonder if ITV have been shamed into renegotiating Marc’s contract after he said in an interview that he was open abt staying on. I assume Steve November the executive producer (who used to be called Steve Frost, apparently) will have to make an “executive” decision, but I do wish they’d hurry up and find a replacement for Gavin Blyth. If they had appointed me I would have tried to have kept Jim (Ryan) on by giving him better stories, but with one genuinely nice character going we can’t lose Jackson as well. Every series needs a Jackson or a Ryan or an Adam. Whether they need Ella, Mia or boozy Brenda is another matter… 🙂

    (I can’t say anything abt the March spoilers as I cn find them – but I am having computer problems today)

    • Alan, I wonder if the ED folks have realized just how popular MS is. He’s been getting a lot of critical attention for his work the last few months – daunting given that he’s a supporting player but a tribute to him given that he so carries the story.

      Perhaps we’ll get some good news there.

      Please do share your reax to the spoilers. They represent a huge step forward in the story, and especially in Aaron’s development. I really can’t wait to see how this plays out.

      • Mark, you’ve made my night, if you weren’t so far away, I’d kiss ya!

        Maybe, just maybe, we might get what we’ve all wanted. From what you’ve said, it looks like I might get my “lay all your cards on the table” chat, with BOTH guys finally telling each other the truth about how they feel. As you say, life changing for both of them, especially Aaron.

        I would love to hear that Marc is staying and his contract has been extended. What an asset he’s been and one they definitely shouldn’t let go. Then I’d like to see Emmerdale do something they probably thought they’d never have to do – be brave and show Aaron & Jackson as a proper couple in a proper relationship. I’m not necessarily talking about the physical side of their relationship although it would have to be addressed at some point, I mean just showing them as they would any other couple in the show. It would send out a great message on so many levels.

        Perhaps the powers that be have seen the comments posted on various websites and the reaction that came after Danny’s alleged comments about people wanting Aaron & Jackson to split and have decided to go with what the public want at least for the time being.

        Looks like we might be seeing that dance of yours sooner than we thought. I’ve got everything I can possibly cross crossed in the hope of a good outcome for Marc!

    • Hi Alan, I think you’re probably right, I think somehow they’ve realised how the public feel about Aaron & Jackson and it looks like they may be trying to do something about it. Here’s hoping that’s the case anyway.

      Changing subject slightly, I’ve been thinking about Adam and whether they should pair him up with the empty headed Mia. I thought when he was with Scarlet, there seemed to be some attraction there but now he’s available, she doesn’t seem that bothered. Maybe a case of forbidden fruit, do you think?

      Boozy Brenda still bothers me, I hope they hide her car keys until she sorts herself out. Maybe we can put her in our cell until she dries out.

      Looking forward to your take on the spoilers when your computer starts to work properly again.

  90. Sharon, I share your hopes: I want the boys to connect. Aaron is going to make his play at last and it looks as if Jackson will hear him out. I can’t imagine a scenario in which Aaron bares his heart and Jackson pushes him away. That would be felony cruelty to the audience.

    I do believe the E folks are aware on some level of the critical acclaim MS has earned the show. As we’ve heard nothing of a departure date for MS, let’s take that as a good sign. With Jerry in town, however, I fear he will try to play on Jackson and get him to go away with him. I’ll try not to think about that….

    Sharon, I’m ready to dance. Fyi, if you have a sec, go, look up author degniman. There’s a short story you should read. “My Name is Aaron Livesy.”

    • Mark, I agree, surely to god emmerdale wouldn’t have Aaron tell Jackson he loves him only for Jackson to tell him it’s too late and he’s not interested. That would just be too tragic. I dread to think what it would do to Aaron if that were to happen.

      One thing I don’t understand is the spoilers said that Jackson tells Jerry of his heartbreak. Why would he open up to the man who beat him up for being gay and who he hasn’t had any relationship with for years?

      I read the story you mentioned. The impossible becomes possible after all!! I read another one similar but A used J’s hand instead. I guess the message is there are ways to make things work out if you want them to. Loved the last line. If Emmerdale could go down a similar route, happy days!!

      • Sharon, really good point about Jerry. I can only guess that Jackson reaches the point where he has to confide in someone and even dad is better than anyone else because he has some sort of distance from the situation. Who knows, now that Paddy turned out to be a jack(bleep), maybe Jerry will be kinder.

        I suspect Jerry is there to whisk Jackson away and to come between the boys, for his own mixed motives (homophobia and the belief that Aaron will only hurt Jackson – which one matters? Same effect)

        The March 2 episode is too damn important for it to be screwed up – This is a major turning point for Aaron – to admit to Jackson how he feels. It’s the Thursday double-header: He’s going to get through to him, at least for that moment. He’s going to have to be very convincing. 🙂 The next day indicates he’s fighting for the relationship – which could mean against Jerry, Chas and Paddy.

        Until we know the status of MS contract, I don’t want to go overboard celebrating. (It is damn hard not to want to throw a freaking party) Marc is still filming, so if the show is six weeks ahead, that means he’s working on episodes that would air end of March, beginning of April.

        Alan, please weigh in on spoilers, buddy. Want that input!

  91. Hi Mark and Sharon, Managed to see the spoilers at last.

    If Aaron is to make this great leap forward, I hope Aaron (and DM) make it sound convincing (and of course A really means it). I would hate for Min-Hamlet to change his mind next month again.

    I find it hard to believe that Jackson would be able to talk to Jerry abt his feelings, given that Jerry is intolerant of his son (and anybody else’s) being gay, unless, of course Jerry has mellowed (in the hospital he said he just wanted Jackson to have a wife and family “now I’d settle for him just living”), perhaps, like when Chas thought Aaron was going to die, he realises how much he loves Jackson, and will show more understanding. After all, if that old harridan can mellow, there is hope for evrybody. If J & J could be reconciled, it would also enable Jackson to exit if the time comes, alive, by going to live with dad. I think Hazel will, to use one of Aaron’s favourite expressions, “do his head in” if she continues to treat J like a baby.

    I am wondering if A & J will agree to an open relationship, as ITV and E don’t want to frighten the horses, it would be a win/win situation. Aaron could demonstrate love, committment and devotion to J on screen, while his “needs” could be met safely off-screen. It would also save DM embarrassment, in that he could just be J’s best mate, like he is Adam’s.

    Reverting to last nights episode (Feb 15th), I was embarrassed by and for Rhona in her juvenille efforts to match Marlon with her friend – you can’t even say she was misguidedly trying to “help” M – she was just using her friend to get M off her hands, which shows the utter selfishness of her character. I still feel Paddy & Marlon love each other more than either ever will Rhona: I could see P & M living together as two asexual friends, enjoying their computer games & each others company – both men are, at base, lonely rather than sexual beings.

    • Alan, you make the most succinct observation about Paddy and Marlon – they would be better as lifemates – nonsexual partners – because they really are (were) best friends who enjoyed each other. I miss that aspect of their lives now that Rhona has mucked it all up.

      I don’t think E & ITV can go the open relationship route – they’re too conservative and it also implies on some level that gays can’t be monogamous. Given that A&J barely had a sex life to begin with, I don’t see it happening here.

      Aaron’s moment will rank up there with his court coming out if handled properly. It has to be momentous if he is going to break through to Jackson, who has swallowed so much hurt to push him away. Given that Aaron has never acknowledged anything like this before, should we expect tragedy to follow the next week? I know, I know…keep seeing those dark clouds. …

      • Hi Mark, Though the characters have nothing in common the Paddy/Marlon friendship reminds me of the friendship of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. For some reason, probably Victorian morality and to stop any “doubts” Conan-Doyle pointlessly “married off” Dr. Watson, though his wife was rarely mentioned and only in one or two of the stories. I feel Rhona will become EDs Mrs John Watson.

        Conan Doyle at the start of the 20th Century and ED at the start of the 21st can’t seem to accept that two men could have a deep friendship based onaffection and respect for each other. Well, Britain has always been a slow country.

        I like that concept of “lifemates”, which I guess is “Bromance” when you get a little older.

        I think DM will really have to give the performance of his life, especially now the Saintly Gav isn’t around to inspire him.

        I think one of Aaron’s problems, is that he can be made to believe anything (when he confided to Paddy abt being gay last March he expected people would expect him to become effeminate, for example). My guess is that Flynn will tell Aaron that he (A) hasn’t moved on from Jackson and that he (F) believes Aaron still loves Jackson.

        The only good thing about Aaron is that he is nothing if not stubborn, and the more Chas Paddy and Jerry try to break things up, the more likely Aaron will want to make a go of things.

        It really would be unforgiveable if Aaron hurts Jackson again.

        Sharon, hi (is it my machine or is it that the reply button keeps disappearing? – I’m getting a Mac next month, so perhaps I’ll find out). Your point about Mia and Adam, I hate to sound like a dyed in the wool leftie, but I suspect we have a subtle case of prejudice there. Mia and her mother think (in as much as they are capable of thought) that Adam is just a poor (in the financial sense) little manual worker, and is, therefore either not “good enough” for Mia socially, or that Adam is golddigger, after the family money.

        The fact that Ella probably came from humble beginnings herself, wouldn’t enter into it – they have now “arrived” and therefore have a higher social status (she probably secretly enjoys being the lady of the manor). Perhaps I’m being unfair. In my view Adam is too good for Mia not the other way around, money or not.

  92. Hi Mark & Alan, March 2nd is definitely THE important episode. For Aaron to finally drop all his barriers and admit to Jackson how he really feels is huge. He’s never told anyone that before. I really hope that Jackson responds in the right way. If the writers don’t allow this, I think they might have a riot on their hands! I’ve said before that Aaron will need actions as well as words if he is to convince Jackson. I’m going to stick my neck on the line and say that Danny will be completely convincing in his acting. This is too big a scene for them to mess up.

    Alan you made a good point about Jerry saying that he’d be happy if Jackson just survived the accident. He also had that chat with Aaron where they kind of came to an understanding. Hopefully, his attitude will have changed. I hope that when he listens to Jackson, he realises that love is love whether it’s between two guys or any other combination of people. I hope he ignores any negative feelings that he still might have and does what he can to help his son.

    There was mention of an open relationship months ago but then it went quiet. Don’t know if they will go down this road straight away because it basically says that it doesn’t matter if you love someone and commit to them, it’s ok to have sex with other people. It’s taken A so long to get to the point of telling J that he loves him, I think they will have to leave them alone to just concentrate on making each other happy and on being together for a while. Besides, without getting too graphic, surely there are avenues A & J could explore first before going down the open relationship route.

    As usual, you are spot on about Rhona. Definitely put her in that cell and let Marlon & Paddy get on with their lives without her.

    • Sharon, agree with you on March 2nd. Just wonder, tho’: Does it seem like a real, organic thing for Aaron? I’m not trying to put a damper on it, please, I’m psyched for it, but as I sit back, I wonder why it takes a few dates with Flynn for him to realize it’s Jackson he loves when Jackson has been there all along – and it could have come, say, at Christmas, when he recommitted to Jackson. Hmm….

      The scene has to be momentous. As I noted with Alan, Aaron’s going to have to work double-time to get through to Jackson, who believes Aaron can never be happy with him. How does Aaron overcome that? And until MS contract status is clarified, I’m not going to be able to relax 🙂 Remember, Aaron believes that bad things happen to those who love him – this moment is risking the wrath of the gods.

      Finally, Sharon, if I can just point you to one more story. Go to and scroll down to “Stay.” I only mention it because this story got me sobbing and I’m man enough to admit it. It presents a plausible resolution to the guys’ situation and the final line haunts me.

      Ugh. I want to believe in hope here. I want to believe in love. I want to believe Jackson will be OK. Sorry. I think I’m more concerned than ever for him, despite the great news.

      • Hey Mark you little ray of sunshine you!!

        I don’t think it’s the few dates with Flynn that has brought Aaron to this huge moment in his life. I think it’s been building for a while. Aaron has grown up a lot over the last year. He’s gone from a stroppy self centred pain in the backside to someone who stood by their guy in the most difficult of circumstances and was determined to be there no matter what. He only wasn’t there when Jackson sent him away. As he’s matured, so has his way of thinking and I think his view of what it means to love someone has changed.

        I think he knew at Christmas. When he told Jackson about Nick who he met in Bar West, he said I couldn’t go through with it cos all I wanted was you. At that moment the important thing was to convince Jackson not to leave and that he would be there for him. Jackson if you remember wasn’t exactly making it easy for Aaron. It’s not the easiest thing to say to someone and that just wasn’t the right time.

        When Jackson came home, of course, things went downhill. Aaron was being treated more and more badly leading to him finally being pushed away again and meeting Flynn. He liked Flynn but he recognised the feelings were different to what he felt for Jackson. I think he knows Jackson is determined to stick by his decision and he knows if he wants to change Jackson’s mind, he’s going to have to tell him how he really feels about him. Remember, Aaron has never lied to Jackson before when talking about his feelings even if it meant hurting Jackson and Jackson knows this.

        As for convincing Jackson that he can be happy with him, I think saying I love you is only the start. The rest will have to come through his actions I guess providing Jackson gives him that chance. If, as you say, Jackson ends up being the one to hurt Aaron, that reinforces Aaron’s belief that he’s not good enough to be loved by anyone. You can just imagine him thinking about everything he went through, everything he did to try and make it work and it still wasn’t good enough. This cycle needs to be broken so why not now by Jackson?

        This scene is so important. We’ve been waiting nearly a year to get to this point. Jackson AND Aaron have been to hell and back so the writers have got a difficult task on their hands to get it right. I so hope they do.

        I read that story you suggested, Mark. Thanks for that…. I was so miserable at the end. It took away all hope I had for a relatively happy ending. The ending in the story was completely plausible but would absolutely break my heart. For Aaron to say I love you only for Jackson to say it’s too late would be too cruel. I hope Emmerdale don’t do this. The characters deserve some happiness and so do we.

        Anyway, I’m off to France for a few days tomorrow so I look forward to reading any comments you’ve made when I get back.

  93. Hi, Alan, another lost reply button – so let me say that I agree with you that Aaron’s moment is going to have to be momentous. I’m struck by the odd timing – Jackson was hit by a train, almost died, is paralyzed, yet it takes a few dates with another lad for Aaron to realize the truth?

    From my reading of the spoilers, I’m not sure what role Flynn plays in this. He seems more like cannon fodder in Aaron’s war on his own feelings. We know he and Jackson will meet, and that Aaron is going to be come mightily bothered by that. He will go out on another date with Flynn but realize he has to talk to Jackson – and that takes us to March 2nd. It just seems like a deeply contrived setup to get Aaron to a moment he could have naturally experienced a long time ago. Not that I’m complaining if Jackson finally gets some happiness…..Whether we’ll see Flynn again seems unlikely. As we’ve discussed, it does appear Chas and the rewritten Paddy will exist as roadblocks. Jerry will probably be the same way. Hazel? Dunno.

    Funny, I have the feeling that Jackson will be the one to ultimately hurt Aaron. I think Jackson will be the one to say that they can’t be together – but that seems like a repeat of the last four months for the boys. Whether that signals his exit out of the village, I don’t know. And then there’s those damn vids. They have to turn up somehow.

    Suddenly there’s all this buzz about MS’ contract again. It might be wishful thinking on our part. He’s still filming so he should be onscreen through beginning of April at this point.

    I think you’re on the money about Adam. He’s the poor farmhand to these folks.

  94. Hi Mark, What makes it worse for Adam is that though he works on his dad’s farm, his dad is the tenant of the farm which is owned by Declan, so thanks to the feudal system of this country, he is – as far as Ella and Mia are concerned – a mere labourer.

    I hope eventually Adam finds a woman who will be a bit of a mum to him (in a non-patronising way), I always think back to when Adam told Aaron off for beating Paddy up, when Adam told him this is the guy that “looks after you”.

    I think Mia would find it beneath her dignity to “make his tea, wash his stuff” – he’d get home from a hard day on the land to find her painting her nails or something equally arduous and important to her.

    I hope that whoever is in charge at ED now is, as we speak, getting a new contract together for Marc – he is too good for them to lose. One good sign might be him signalling his willingness to stay on, when so many have recently decided to walk away. To paraphrase Lasy Bracknall: “To lose one character may be regarded as a misfortune…to lose both looks like carelessness!”

    • Hi, Alan – I think you make a good point about Adam & Mia. I sometimes have trouble understanding the class issues in UK shows. Not that we don’t have them here in the States, but not to that degree. (And I don’t mean to sound patronizing, please – just that some of the stuff doesn’t translate over here. We’ve certainly got our own problems)

      You make a good point about MS openness to stay – he has been a good ambassador for the show – and that should count for something. I’m suspicious over those press statements for, say, Faye & Ryan that make it seem as if the actors chose to leave. Maybe they did, but I suspect it was more of saving face for the performers because the writers just chose to go in another direction. Some smart show will snap up James.

      Have you seen his Hollyoaks work? I was watching it again last night. Spectacular stuff. Still highly thought-of.

  95. Hi Mark, I have seen some of Jim’s Hollyoaks work, and really with all due respect he could show DM how to be a straight lad (in his case from Sutton Coldfield in the Midlands) and yet manage to convince the audience he was gay and really had deep feelings physically as well as emotionally for his friend.

    The class system in this country will always be there I think – the only slight adjustment these days is that if people like Ella (and possibly Declan, I don’t know abt Declan’s background) come into money they are sort of elevated from “working class” to honoury “middle class” (a good example is the way our – and now your – footballer David Beckham, who was born in very humble circumstances in a place in East London called Leytonstone – only a few miles from where I was born incidentally, and his ex-pop singing wife) rose to being accepted in “celebrity” and government circles, more for the fact that he has become a millionaire than even his football skills – Mrs B didn’t even have that excuse (come to think of it she is David Beckam’s “Ella). Another good example is the British chef Jamie Oliver (who I believe has been busy offending American audiences recently). Though he was from the working class, and that was his trademark and he traded on the image, is now highly regarded becus he is wealthy.

    I don’t say that out of sour grapes – like Ryan, whatever my faults “I don’t care about his money”, but money can buy you status and power in the UK

    • Alan, James did an outstanding job on Hollyoaks – really set a high bar and you absolutely believed in his feelings.

      Interesting thoughts on the class system. Here, alas, celebrity of any dubious nature buys status. Thus the barnacles of reality TV who make fortunes out of being dolts.

      On behalf of my nation, I would like to apologize for “Jersey Shore.”

      Back to ED, naturally, I wonder anew how the writers will frame this moment for Aaron and Jackson. It’s the moment many of us have waited for almost a year. Jackson’s been to hell, is still in hell, and Aaron better get on his hands and knees and beg for his love. Just sayin’ ….:)

  96. Sharon, dearest, hope you have a lovely trip to France. Sorry about my cloudy outlook. Worry about the boys is what I do. As you say, Aaron has grown much in the last year and he has always been honest with Jackson. Now it comes to Jackson to prove he can accept Aaron’s love, and that may be the most difficult thing of all, because Jackson does feel like a burden to everyone. Hopefully, the new wheelchair will give him a boost. I want them both to be up to the challenges. The story has to move in a different direction, and with MS’ contract running out, we may get some bliss before the last blowout.

    Geez, do I need a life or what?

    Sorry for that short story. It left me in tears, and still gets to me. There’s some amazing fanfic out there, I’ve discovered. Lots of people care about these characters.

    • Hi Mark, I think if A & J can have a serious stable relationship, it might help Jackson, not only psychologically, but give him the will and energy to try to overcome some of his handicap.

      At the moment he is depressed and can see only the negative things – and Hazel babying him doesn’t help, or muppets like the new Paddy treating him as if he had something contagious. He feels a burden & that people see looking after him as a duty to be bravely borne.

      If Aaron can convince him he really does love him for who he is, at the very least it will help his mental outlook, but he may be spurred on to achieve new things because somebody wants him for himself.

      I am probably being hopelessly unrealistic, but again liKE Paddy & Marlon, in A & J you have two people who are really lonely deep inside, but are too proud to admit it.

      • Excellent point, Alan, about A&J. They are both stubborn, proud men who often would rather suffer than admit weakness. Funny how they do have that much in common…

        I do think it’s no accident that Jackson gets his new wheelchair earlier in the week. He’ll finally have some new measure of independence. That is bound to lift his spirits a bit. Now he has to be man enough to listen to Aaron and vulnerable enough to accept the love that is tendered him. We talk about Aaron’s growth, but here is a moment that will require Jackson to show real maturity. He has to recognize it’s not pity but genuine devotion.

        And I think the Muppets like Paddy are the roadblocks Aaron faces on the following Friday. His family will not support this relationship. And I will want to throw another rock at Paddy. I can almost forgive Chas because she’s, well, Chas, but Paddy is an educated man who knows better.

      • Alan and Mark, some excellent points really well made. Jackson’s reaction is critical to this scene. He has to trust Aaron and believe in him like he used to. Should be very interesting to watch.

    • Mark, Thank you, I’m sure I will. I worry about them too, god, the sleepless nights I’ve had because different scenarios are running through my head. I’ve said before, no two characters have ever got to me the way these two have.

      Interesting point about Jackson now being the one who has to take what someone is telling him and believe it. Lets hope he can accept what he’s being told and they can both be happy again for a change. It would certainly take the story in a different direction from all the misery they’ve both gone through. Hopefully, Marc’s contract will be extended and we will be seeing a lot more of him. If not, then surely we are due some happiness for them before his exit, however that may be.

      Don’t apologise for the short story, it was really well written but so sad. I’ve read some of the fanfiction stories, a lot of people have very strong feelings for these two characters. Here’s a recommendation for you, it goes back to the good old days, pre accident, but it’s worth a read. It’s called Walk through the Fire by brencon. Let me know what you think.

      • Thank you for the recommendation, Sharon, I will check it out. As I mentioned to Alan, Jackson might have the toughest work here – he has to overcome his depression and doubts to see the truth in Aaron’s declaration. It has to be good. It has to be convincing. And Jackson has to finally trust Aaron. In a sense, he hasn’t done that in a long time, not since Aaron sold that lemon to Mickey.

        Well, we’re all strapped into this roller coaster. Let’s see where the ride takes us….

      • Great story, Sharon – thanks for recommending it. Nice to see the boys happy. Sigh.

  97. Hey Alan, it’s not your machine, the reply button keeps disappearing on me & Mark too. I agree with you, Adam is far too good for Mia. In fact, I’m struggling to think of anyone in the village who would be good enough for him.

    Back to my little mate, Aaron. Danny will nail this performance for one very simple reason. He has to. So much has been made of the comment he was supposed to have said about people wanting A & J to split and it backfired big time. His popularity took a knock and he knows he has to make this convincing as he will be scrutinised even more during this scene. As you’ve said on numerous occasions, no one doubts his ability to turn out a great performance of angst, sorrow, misery etc.

    Aaron’s stubborness could actually work in his favour here especially if he doesn’t get the reaction he wants from Jackson. He’s grown up a lot. Whereas before he would have stomped out shouting I can’t be doing with this as he went, now he stays and tries to talk things out. I seriously don’t think Aaron would hurt Jackson, not now. He’s put too much on the line by finally opening up to him to risk hurting him and losing him again.

    I’m still not sure how this is going to pan out. I feel uneasy about it when I should be ecstatic.

    As I said to Mark, I’m away for a few days so I look forward to your comments when I get back.

  98. Hi Sharon, Hope you enjoy your trip to France. While you’re there you might bring home a few dozen cases of wine for boozy Brenda, because she has almost drunk the village dry 🙂

    I have a feeling that Aaron might have one night with Flynn & BECAUSE of that will realise his feelings. If you remember A & J had their first night together last JUne, less than 3 months after A called himself “queer” and that he “didn’t want to be part of that freak show”.

    It was interesting they showed you the morning after, because though Aaron was slightly embarrassed (probably because he knew Paddy was downstairs) he didn’t feel dirty or ashamed, which would have been the reaction I would have expected from him, so obviously he was comfortable with J. My guess is that he will spend a night with F, and have some of those negative feelings, and will then be able to differentiate between sex and love, and realise the former without the latter is not what he needs. He has enough examples in his own family to show him that, but he will only learn it by personal experience.

    • Hi Alan, I’ll see what I can do for Brenda. Can’t leave her with nothing to drink now can I?

      When we were talking before, I mentioned maybe an attempted physical encounter between Aaron & Flynn where Aaron wouldn’t be able to go through with it would be what made him realise that he really loved Jackson. Your scenario is better because, if Aaron doesn’t sleep with Flynn, he may always wonder what if. As he said before the crash, I’ve got nothing to compare it to. Sleeping with Flynn would solve that little issue.

      That first night they slept together, Jackson was the one who wanted to sneak out in the morning and Aaron was the one who made him stay so he was definitely comfortable with what had happened.

      If it takes one night with Flynn to sort his head out and send him back to Jackson, then I’d put up with it. I just hope Jackson believes him and welcomes him back.

      • Hey, Sharon, Alan, if we’re talking about A&J’s first night, can I share what still bugs me about that?

        Jackson woke up in bed; Aaron was already dressed, staring mournfully out the window. There was some banter about Jackson getting a shower or something and Aaron said that Paddy had used up all the hot water.

        It felt to me like a distinctly unromantic, ‘oh-my-god’ what have I done reax from Aaron. True, he did stick up for Jackson when they were caught by Paddy, but the morning after, to me, was a letdown.

        Sharon, I don’t see ED going the route of Aaron getting truly physical with Flynn. The show seems skittish enough. Plus DM would be in theory kissing two men in one week! (Alan, please weigh in here, hee hee)

        It all depends on how they write Jackson’s reaction. On the one hand, this could be a glorious, long overdue step forward. On the other, it could be the final nail in their relationship as Jackson braces himself against Aaron. I do not want to think about that possibility. The show couldn’t be that cruel.

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