Posted by: Kimbaforeva | January 26, 2011

National Television Awards 2011

Tonight’s the night when we finally discovered the results of the viewers vote for the National Television Awards 2011! Danny Miller was nominated for Most Popular Serial Drama Performance, Marc Silcock for Most Popular Newcomer and Emmerdale for Most Popular Serial Drama. Check out all the pics and results below. You can watch the ceremony live from 7:30pm this evening, only on ITV1.

Arrival Pics:


Most Popular Serial Drama Performance
Nominated: Katherine Kelly (Coronation Street), Steve McFadden (Eastenders), Danny Miller (Emmerdale), Lacey Turner (Eastenders)
Winner: Lacey Turner

Most Popular Newcomer
Nominated: Olga Fedori (Holby City), Paula Lane (Coronation Street), Ricky Norwood (Eastenders), Marc Silcock (Emmerdale)
Winner: Ricky Norwood

Most Popular Serial Drama
Nominated: Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks
Winner: EastEnders




  1. It would be rotten if Marc lost out to that twit in Eastenders especially as I am sure he has been in it for well over a year now. One of the reasons I had to give up on EE was the return of the 2 squealers “Bianca ” (Rick-ayyyyyy!”) and “Kat” and the ridiculous characature “Arthur” alias “Fatboy” is – he seems to think Walford is somewhere in Detroit or that he is gtaking part in a bargain basement version of West Side Story.

    That said EE and CS nearly always win, but if there is any justice and viewers recognise REAL talent when they see it, it should be Marc, no question

    • Sad night for all of us. On one positive note, Marc and his girlfriend make a lovely pair.

  2. I can’t believe Marc didn’t win…

  3. I’m absolutely devastated that neither marc or danny or emmerdale won tonight at the nta’s. Marc and Danny definitely deserved to win their categories and all I can say is that I think Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Hollyoaks all split the northern vote and eastenders has the southern vote.

  4. Well, what a surprise, Eastenders won everything. Again. Same old. Emmerdale never win best soap – they are always the “third most popular soap”. And Lacey Turner always wins the catergory she’s in but Marc Silcock definately deserved to win his, he was the best by far, unlike that prick from EE. What a con. Emmerdale has been great this last year, they must get really disheartened. I know l am.

  5. The EE idiot?

    Wasn’t it Henry Ford who said that nobody ever went bankrupt underestimating the bad taste of the public.

  6. Let’s be honest, the NTAs are not about recognising talent; they are about recognising popularity.

    • That’s true – and if people think Ricky “Pratboy” er, sorry, “Fatboy” Norwood can act – let alone act well, they must be ver easily pleased.

      I think there are several problems here:

      Firstly I think and have said in terms in was wrong for Danny Miller to go round touting for votes to any radio/TV show who would have him. It looks like desperation. The fact that he won last year and that he was up against Dame Lacey Turner it was always going to be a mountain to climb, and he would have done better to have adopted a more relaxed attitude (like Marc).

      I bet DM wasn’t a happy bunny to work with today 🙂

      I think it is wrong the ED team only seem to think “Aaron” can get awards – why not some good stories for the excellent Jim Sutton?. For example, having been wrongly imprisoned he would be due compensation, and considering he very generously made sure that Will and not himself, got the inheritance to which he legally and morally was entitled. He could use the compensation money to buy the garage, as before long surely Cain will end up behind bars.

      I don’t think ED realise what a fine actor they have in Jim (“Ryan”) – though he handled the prison and trial story very well indeed, conveying a full range of emotions from bewilderment to anger to fear, they seem to more or less use him as an extra. A good chance to show one of the good blokes getting some high profile stories

      It is hard to understand why ED doesn’t get bigger audiences – it’s main competition is from a dire bargain basement ragbag of a programme on BBC1 called “The One Show”, which is flung together as a sort of live current affairs/tabloiud newspaper entertainment page It wouldn’t be worth wasting tape to pre-record it!)

      Eastenders of course gets a lot of newspaper publicity, because it is the most voyeuristic and smutty of all the serials, Bryan Kirkwood it’s executive producer is forever dreaming up grubby storylines to “outrage” the press.

      It must worry Coronation Street that, twice the age of EE and at one time the most viewed ITV programme, it fails so often to pick up awards these days. Some of their storylines though are now verging on the risible and desperate.

      They actually have more to worry about than ED I think, because expectations have always been higher for it.

      Bad luck to ED, but perhaps it’s time “Aaron’s story” (especially without Jackson) should be tailed off a bit, and we should promote some of the other excellentg cast to major stories

  7. I agree with all this. These soaps are ultimately just melodramas and as such they thrive on sensationalism. They are not about artistry or artistic merit; they are about ratings. That is why the most sensational stories appealing to the widest demographic get the greatest number of viewers and the biggest number of votes at the NTAs. People may deny it but what normally gets viewers are stories featuring adultery, sex, violence and violent appeals to the emotions. I am not really surprised that ED is normally overlooked in favour of EE or CS when it comes to awards based solely on public votes because the last two soaps excel in this and are especially good at marketing these storylines.

    So as disappointed as I am, I am not really surprised that Ricky Norwood won for “Fatboy”. I can certainly understand how a wide demographic of viewers has come to find him adorable. I don’t think it has anything whatsoever to do with talent. In fairness as well I am not surprised that Lacey Turner keeps winning awards. In my opinion she really is a very convincing actress.

    The need to pursue the most sensational/controversial storylines – and gain or maintain viewers – drives all the soaps. ED is not immune and that is no doubt one of the reasons why the producers went down this idiotic, disappointing and wholly unnecessary route with Jackson. The ONLY silver lining so far has been the opportunity it has given Marc Silcock to demonstrate his talent.

    • Yes, you’re right.

      Also the viewers seem to like the old and familiar. Ant & Dec won their category YET AGAIN. I suppose they are good at what they do, but is it worth doing? – things like “I’m An Old Fading X Z-List Celebrity, Get Me Onto the Front Page of the Daily Star!” 🙂

      At least those of us who watch know that Marc has been one of the best actors ED has ever been lucky enough to have. I have to say for the first time ever in my life he has made me think really seriously about what such severe disablement would do, not just to the body, but to the mind as well. Absolutely first rate performance.I can’t imagine it being done better by anybody else.

      • But there is no getting round the fact that Ant and Dec are popular and their shows are a testament to how much of a celebrity-obsessed culture we have become. It seems that people are becoming celebrities not because of any intrinsic talent but because they have managed, one way or another, to have got their faces in the newspaper or on TV. I also suspect that soap producers and writers are prompted to focus on melodramatic storylines because a lot of people read or watch it. The days when quality drama like “Play for Today” could secure respectable audiences are well and truly over. That’s the bottom line.

        I agree with you about Marc. Like you, I greatly admire the subtleties of his performance and the TPTB will be fools to let him go. I think though that it will be difficult in the long run to write storylines for him whilst his character is still tetraplegic. I still think that Jackson was disabled for reasons of sensationalism and convenience. Nothing I have seen on screen so far persuades me that the producers were driven by a desire to explore the situation faced by people living with tetraplegia in any serious way. It still comes across to me as a way of creating more angst for Aaron, hence the focus on Aaron’s perspective (a rather condescending approach, in my view). As I said, soaps are about sensationalism and I simply don’t think the producers are up to the job of creating storylines for a tetraplegic character. I suspect that they will either kill Jackson off probably through some medical complication (I will be horrified if they go down the AS route) or have him quietly leave the village. I really hope that I will be proved wrong.

      • I, too, suspect that Jackson will be leaving in a body bag, probably due to a medical complication. I don’t think the new guy is a threat to A/J as much as another stumbling block to get us to another reunion, another “breakthrough” for Aaron. Of course, there’s a reason why he’s hasn’t said those simple words “I love you” to Jackson – he can only do so while Jackson is dying. Like you, Meta, I’d like to be proven wrong, but E just seems driven in this direction.

  8. One good thing, in that interview with Marc, he seems to suggest that Jackson might stay on, trying to get back to a normal life.

    I think if the writers are sensible, and manage to handle it properly, he could become a sort of standard bearer for seriously disabled people. There is definately room for Jackson in Emmerdale with or without Aaron

    • True. He does seem to suggest that, doesn’t he. But as I said above I think it will be very difficult for them to create a soap storyline for him.

    • Alan, I do think in that moment that MS was signaling his witness to stay on the show to the producers, hoping that there might be a reprieve for him and his character. I’m sure he’s sincere and that he’s enjoyed playing out the story – from an actor’s point of view, he’s been handed amazing material and elevated every scene possible.

      The problem, I fear, is that the stories are plotted rigidly and so far in advance that the show just doesn’t have the wriggle room to make a course correction. I believe E is still working off of Gavin Blyth’s stories, and with all the backstage turmoil, the interim producer probably fears making any changes. The best we could hope for is that MS would be written off (alive) and might return some months down the line. But I don’t know if management would have the creativity even to manage that, and furthermore, it would be asking Marc a lot to stay idle for some time while they hash it out. I’m not even sure E’s staff understands what they have in Marc. Writer Jane Pearson has tweeted her admiration of him but has offered no clues as to what Jackson’s future holds.

      On the positive, if you revisit those YouTube clips of Jackson’s diagnosis, the writing did leave the possibility open for some sort of recovery. It would be very plausible and acceptable to the audience if Jackson were to regain some movement.

      • Not “witness,” “willingness” – God I am witless today. Please excuse.

      • Mark I find myself in agreement with you so often you might be my twin brother!.

        It will be harder now for Marc to stay becaus h didn’t win the award – if he had have done, I think the ED team would have rejigged the scripts.

        I like you believe Jacksnis a great character in his own right.

        He doesn’t need “Aaron” (or Danny Miller)

        I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but I think you’re right about these being Gavin Blyth’s ideas and of course an interuim producer won’t have the power to meddle too much, but what a drak miserable mind the late Mr B must have had – nasty and perverse.

        I hope a new series producer is apppointed soon, who has the same regard fo arc Silcock and Jim Sutton that Blythe had for DM

        I’m free if Yorkshire TV is interested. I promise I’d be a bit more upbeat, though Charity & Declan’s wife would be advised not to make any expensive purchases as I don’t think I’d be renewing their contracts!

  9. Meta: I suspect that, in the end if they do write Jackson out it will by him leaving the village (alive) because he just finds his mum and Aaron too much of a strain to live with. I think in the end, Joe will become his ally. Anyone can see Hazel (bless her) is smothering him and it is very significant that Aaron has never told Jackson he loves him. I think Jackson knows deep down he doesn’t.

    Also, if the writers can bear to admit that there are cures for depression it may be, given Jackson’s strength of character he will gradually come to terms and perhaps find a new meaning in life. I think it would need to be with somebody more mature than Aaron though.

    Jackso is a much better man than me. If I were him I couldn’t bear Aaron near me, and as for “mum” well I’d be pleading to be taken off to a home just to get away from her 24/7.

    Ant and Dec – the poor man’s Cannon and Ball – or junior Chuckle Brothers 🙂

  10. Yes, Jackson is a brilliant character. What I find so attractive about his character is that his goodness or nobility of spirit has been continually been tested and has never been found wanting. I find myself constantly rooting for him in a way I never expected. I think that is a testament to the way the character has been written and acted. In fact I find myself becoming quite angry when Aaron doesn’t give him the respect he deserves or even realise how lucky he is to have a man like Jackson. I just hope that if/when he leaves it will be on a positive note. I will be happy if he finds someone who will give him the love and devotion he so richly deserves.

    • Yes when you see Aaron scowling or acting surly in front of Jackson, you realise how it must put doubts in Jackson’s mind. I think that is one of the reasons he want’s to free Aaron – to save them both future heartbreak

      My two favourite ED characters are Jackson and Ryan: both have very similar qualities – both have a basic humanity, generosity, kindness and decency, and both have had difficult periods in their lives – like Aaron, but unlike Aaron they do what they can to make life better for others, they don’t have a permanent resentment.

      The world would be a far nicer place with more Jackson and Ryan’s – I wish I could be as pleasant as them, but I know I’m not

      • Which makes the decision to permanently paralyze Jackson all the more difficult to take. His situation is truly tragic. He fell in love with Aaron, a person who really wasn’t worth it, and along with Paddy turned him from a suicidal teenager into something resembling a human being. He appears to have got very little in return by way of affection and, to top it all off, as an indirect result of Aaron’s inability to express his love he ends up being hit by a train and becoming permanently tetraplegic as a result! I am a bit surprised that they haven’t hit him with a terminal illness yet.

  11. I agree Meta. Aaron wasnt worth it, and IMO never will be, at least not for years. He takes everything and gives little back. I suspect he still has violent tendencies (his dark threats about Carl this week for example). He will always be a basically selfish, self-pitying man, and too many people are ready to make excuses for him.

    I hate the way he is being made to appear a burden , even in the eyes of Paddy and Aaron’s mum. You’d expect nothing better of boozy ex-striptease artiste Chas

    • To be honest I see Paddy and Chas’s intervention primarily as bad writing and a blatant device to get us to the Flynn stage. I doubt that the writers meant to suggest that Aaron shouldn’t commit to Jackson because disabled people are a burden, but I can see how it could be interpreted. I think that this is all about Aaron’s youth and character and I accept that there is a respectable point to be made about whether Aaron has the emotional strength and maturity to cope with this fundamental change in Jackson’s life, especially given that Aaron and Jackson are not even married to each other.

      • Meta, you touch on a point that has really been bothering me this week, seemingly everyone in the village ganging up on Aaron and telling him to dump Jackson.

        Paddy was ridiculous this week. He talked to Jackson in his room and was so fidgety and so eager to bolt you would have thought paralysis was a communicable disease. I’ve never disliked him – until this week. Everyone seems to be meddling, and you attribute some generous qualities to the writers and the characters and I appreciate that viewpoint.

        Aaron is young, and hardly the most mature teen in the village. But Jackson’s emotional immolation is nigh-impossible to watch.

  12. Alan, hello, my brother, and yes, you should be the E producer. Let’s see what we can do to make that happen. 🙂

    Until then, we are stuck with this. Unfortunately, none of us knows what Gavin was thinking, alas. I wish someone from the show would talk about what the story’s overall point is. Blyth died before MS really took hold as a character in his own right and built his own base. He might have been as surprised as anyone else and moved to accommodate him. While Aaron’s story drew viewers in, Jackson is the reason why I (and many others) now tune in.

    I do grow apprehensive. It’s been at least two months since DM had any sort of crying scene and you know how much the writers love to get DM gushing. Ugh.

    • I’d love to know when these episodes were recorded, Mark. Even now the credits stil carry Gavin Blyth’s name, so I can only assume he was alive when these episodes were recorded (usually if a producer dies, they take his/her name off the credits as soon as they have exhausted the episodes recorded prior to their death, and just show the name of the director, and in this case the executive producer, Steve November). As far as I know GB was woking to within a few weeks of his death on 26th November, so it is possible these episodes were recorded in October and November, and during the recent outside scenes in daylight after the fire the sky looked very bright blue for January in the North of England).

      I do think though they need to hurry up and appoint a new seres producer otherwise the series is in danger of floundering and losing it’s way, and I think the Aaron/Jackson story is a good example of this floundering. Normally if a series producer resigns (or is sacked) there is somebody usually waiting in the wings, but in this case ED seems to be in limbo.

      I do so agree though, I care about what happens to Jackson. I have to be honest and say I could really care less about Aaron’s journey any more, and you’re right about Danny not switching the waterworks on for some time. That was why I was convinced Chas would die in the fire – what a tearfest that would have made! 🙂

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