Posted by: Kimbaforeva | January 28, 2011

Aaron meets Flynn: Video

Aaron has his head turned while on a night on the town with Adam. Will he mention it to Jackson?

These scenes air on Monday 31st January 2011.



  1. This is going to be painful to watch.

  2. Right with you, Meta. Right with you. The agony Jackson is going to endure over this. It just seems another plate of cruelty to the lad.

  3. Why do you guys already hate flynn so much already? I’m probably going to get 50 thumbs down, but I like him. Already, he told aaron to do something and aaron listened, and i love his voice.

    • I like him as well Flame i think that he needs to, in some ways move on becuase he wont live otherwise and i no it souds harsh but its true xx

    • I don’t think anyone has said anything about hating Flynn. It is the complete destruction of Jackson that I will find painful to watch and that started with the totally unnecessary paralysis plot, well before Flynn arrived on the scene.

      • Thank you, Meta. Flynn is another plot device to torture Jackson. I don’t think he’s longterm, and I kinda doubt he’ll get more than a kiss or two out of Aaron. He’s there to divide the boys.

        The brief snippet of Jackson hearing about Flynn in the preview absolutely gutted me. MS’ acting is brilliant; the story of a young man being systematically destroyed physically and emotionally is cruel.

      • I agree with you, Mark. They’re basically turning Jackson into a male version of the sort of tragic character Bette Davis used to play in the 1940s.

  4. Meta, the acting is so spot-on and yet I feel there’s a homophobic tinge to the writing. The only stable gay man in the village, able to give and receive love, first discovers his affection is not reciprocated, then his body is broken and now his spirit is being destroyed.

    There are moments I almost wish Jackson had died in the train crash. It would have been more merciful to the character and the audience. But Marc has been just brilliant depicting Jackson’s descent into depression.

    Someone made a point on another thread here that E is not a documentary and that we need to cut it some slack. I would be willing to do so if the writers would behave in the same spirit, that is, offer Jackson some measure of, if not recovery, then hope. This is one long dirge.

    • I have a lot of sympathy for that view. Like you, I am very uncomfortable with the fact that this has happened to Jackson, one of the best representations of human being who happens to be gay. I have long suspected that the producers paralysed him in part because it gave them a plausible excuse for not showing the physical and emotional intimacies of a same-sex relationship and I have a sneaking suspicion that Aaron’s angst will very conveniently prevent him from getting to physical intimate with his new “love interest”, Flynn.

      It may or may not be homophobia, but it is definitely cowardice in my book. Aside from giving the principals an opportunity to demonstrate their acting chops – and even that is stretching it a bit – I cannot think of any other reason why Jackson’s injuries had to be this severe or this permanent.

      I also agree with observations made by you and Alan in earlier posts that Jackson is being left to fester, if not physically then certainly emotionally. Again, I attribute that to bad writing and too great a willingness on the part of the writers and producers to present Jackson’s disability from Aaron’s perspective. I have found that particularly annoying. I know Marc said in one of his recent interviews that this would be changing soon. It cannot be soon enough in my opinion.

      • Like you, Meta, I’m puzzled by the direction. I keep raising the issue of “the end game” – and I fear it is to bring Aaron to the point where he realizes he does love Jackson – just as Jackson is at death’s door. I don’t know if they’ll choose assisted suicide or infection, but I do think Jackson will perish to complete this cycle. And for what? So DM can cry (as he does, very well) through a few more scenes.

        Those video diaries Jackson is recording could be key to the next plot bump. I thought they would be found after Jackson’s death, but now I wonder if there’s a possibility Aaron will find them sooner and realize Jackson has been lying to him out of his own despair and thus end it with Flynn. I agree with you that Aaron will not be getting physical with Flynn. He’s a straw man in this story. I think even the writers realize it might make audiences too uncomfortable for Aaron to be moving on that much in his life when Jackson is rot. Flynn is there to flame Aaron’s angst.

  5. I agree, Mark, that the video diaries are ominous and I can see ED going down the road of Aaron realising too late that Jackson is the one he loves and the one he wants to be with. I must admit that I am finding this whole Aaron-doesn’t-know-whether-he-loves-Jackson-or-not scenario very unrealistic. If he doesn’t know now – after all that has happened – he never will.

    • It does seem strange, Meta, that Aaron is so conflicted on that point. And that he could suddenly feel so torn between Flynn and Jackson after a couple of dates with Flynn. Maybe we’re supposed to realize that Aaron is just simply young and can’t and shouldn’t commit to anyone. Fair enough. Then just let Jackson go now so he can find some happiness. But I don’t think Aaron is anywhere selfless enough as Jackson – he still needs him on some level that he can’t describe.

      New spoilers for Feb. 7 are up and depressing as heck.

      • where?

      • Yes, I know. I’ve just read them on the DS website. It’s going to be so heartbreaking to watch.

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