Posted by: Kimbaforeva | January 28, 2011

Aaron’s Dilemma: Danny Miller Interview

Danny Miller talks exclusively about Aaron’s relationship with Jackson.



  1. God, Chas’s voice could strip paint at 50 yards. .

    Again Jackson is painted as a burden and a problem and the villian of the piece in pushing poor meek little Aaron away, who of course has always done what his mum tells him to do.

    Why don’t you emigrate Aaron and save us any more of your journey

    • “God, Chas’s voice could strip paint at 50 yards”
      classic!! i almost lol’d myself outta my chair 😀
      yet again tho i disagree with almost everything u said after that lolz

    • Alan, I must tell you that I absolutely plan on ripping off that insult about Chas – sheer brilliance.

      Even Paddy is on the Dump Jackson bandwagon. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

      Sorry, will stop screaming now.

      • I am not disabled myself but I do wish the ED writers would stop treating Jackson as though he has to be endured. Apart from his understandable depression (which if anyone cared to lift a phone for him could be helped), Jackson is still the same man – still has the same qualities, not least putting Aaron’s hapiness before his own – as he was before he became disabled.

        If ever Paddy or Chas became disabled, I hope people would treat them with more consideration than they are showing to Jackson. I am honestly astonished that Paddy could be like that.

        I am surprised disabled support groups haven’t complained about the way they are handling Jackson’s story.

  2. I hope we get an interview like this with Marc Silcock about his take on the storyline.

  3. In an interview at the nta’s Marc Silcock said he would be “open” to saying on as Jackson but the way the storyline is going and a rumour l’ve heard, it looks like he may be killed off in the spring.

    What are the writers at ED playing at? First of all they seem to punish Jackson, a gay character, for entering Aaron’s life by paralising him with no chance now, it appears, of recovery and now it looks like it could be going down the assisted suicide route.

    This is clearly sending out two messages to me: 1) bad things happen to you if you are gay and 2) you would be better off dead than be paralised for the rest of your life.

    If this did happen l imagine it would cause uproar because it would be wrong wrong wrong.

    If Jackson is to be written out and l hope he isn’t, l would like it to be in a positive way.

    • I think it would be disgusting if they did kill off Jackson for all the reasons you say, Shawn.
      But the one ray of hope is that in Joe Jackson seems to have found somebody who can communicate with him in a totally equal, non-patronizing way and treats him like a human being and not a helpless cripple as everyone else – including Paddy to my great surprise is.

      I can’t imagine Joe helping him to die. If anything, Joe is a reason for Jackson to live, since they have an obvious rapport and can talk to each other, and he is being what Jackson needs right now – a friend as well as a carer – what a pity Jackson couldn’t have found somebody like him rather than arrogant Aaron. Of course “Joe” might leave and be replaced by a carer more of the “Chas” variety, who might encourage him along those lines, but I sincerely hope not.

      I would still like to know when all these episodes were recorded and written – if Blyth was still alive at the time. What an unpleasant mind the man must have had if he did plan this story, but it wouldn’t surprise me, given his own circumstances last Autumn

  4. I have to say I started watching this show ,mainly because Aaron and Jackson’s love
    story is amazingly told .These two actors are captivating ,the emotions are raw and they are the reason I am an Emmerdale fan.
    I would be very disappointed if the chemistry ends ,because Jackson is rumoured to be killed off.I am sure the writers of this show ,will come up with a more acceptable way to keep the interaction alive.This show is not just about ratings ,you have created characters that your audience have bonded with.
    Give us hope that the dreams of these characters can endure and rise above tragedy

    • I agree with your views Richard, but sadly, it IS – I am afraid – ALL about ratings.

      Because of the totally unnecessary (in my opinion) device of having two episodes within half an hour of each other on Thursdays (Eastenders occupying the half hour between) Emmerdale, or at least the late Gavin Blyth found it necessary to have a really “spectacular” event on Thursdays – murder, rape, kidnap, a drug-addicted farmers daughter resorting to prostitution, last week a suicide and so on, each plot getting more unbelievable than the last. The fire was risible, both in it’s “spectacular effects”, and the reasons for it happening – a demented corrupt policeman wanting to “save” the woman he had become obsessed with. Incredible in every respect. Mr Blyth had said the fire scenes would be some of the most spectauclar scenes every shown on the programme. Perhaps in his fervid imagination, but in reality, it looked what it was, a low budget trick with a few dustbins and chemical tins.

      Jackson’s accident was way over the top – a van crash on a level crossing would have been bad enough, but then a train crashing into the wreck. What a sick mind the man must have had.

      You can be sure the assisted suicide will play out on a Thursday evening if it goes ahead, which I hope it doesn’t, not only would it mean losing yet another fine actor from this series (they have lost everal in the past few months), it would show once and for all the programme is only interested in cheap sensationalism – Jackson’s extreme but understandable depression has never been addressed, either by those who supposedly “love” him, or the medical profession. They would go straight from depression to death without any psychological intervention (I suppose they feel that would be too boring for the audience, who, they imagione, are just after thrills and shocks).

      there is another danger: Poor Aaron is made to suffer so much and so often they are creating their own version of EEs “Ronnie” or C Streets “Gail” – in the end a character who is so unlucky becoesfaintly irritating.

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