Posted by: Kimbaforeva | February 1, 2011

Aaron & Flynn: Video Preview

After their initial awkwardness subsides, Aaron and Flynn really hit it off on their date – poor Jackson…

The following day, Aaron tells Jackson about his date with Flynn. Will Jackson be able to hide his true feelings?

These scenes air on Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th February on ITV1.



  1. Yay! Finally i’m the first one commenting:) So far, I think Flynn is a really cute, young guy. He is good looking, cute and sometimes funny:) I like how he came up to Aaron and then said “Winner stays on” when Aaron and Adam were playing pool. And also, Flynn is somewhat being the aggressive type, he’s the one jumping in and indirectly asking Aaron for his mobile # (even though he said “it took me ages to pluck the courage” but there must be something about Aaron that makes him want to *chat him up! I find that cool and omg flynn has amazing cute smiles too. Finally, i want to say at this moment i really want to see Aaron being able to relax a bit because sometimes i feel like if things are really that bad between Aaron and Jackson, then someone has to take the step and cool things down a bit. (In this case, even though Jackson is the one who’s cooling things down, but i mean Aaron will have to too because being stucked at one position will not do him any good!)And especially when two people are in a relationship, things get much harder as you spend more time with each other.


  3. I totally agree with you kara 🙂 flynn is so good looking 🙂

  4. Jackson’s pain is palpable. He’s dying inside and Aaron doesn’t have a clue.

    • Mark, that’s the point that I always want to make. But don’t you also realize that Jackson has never been listening to what Aaron wants to say to him? There’s not even a chance that he will allow Aaron to talk to him about how he feels and stuff. All he has said to him was, “Don’t you have better things to do?” “You should be at work, why are you still here?” “We are not together anymore, me and you are different because i’m not capable of being with you and i know that it won’t be enough for you…” So how can Aaron really know that Jackson is hurting because he has pushed him away? And also, i mean with Aaron’s character on Emmerdale, i think you can realize by now that once he has come out of the closet, meet Jackson and then later Jackson and Aaron become mates and then up to now Aaron has told Jackson that he’s in a relationship with him, all he has ever done is listen to what Jackson tell him to do. Even though some of the times Aaron won’t listen because he doesn’t agree with what Jackson has said, but almost the rest of time Aaron does things because Jackson wants him to. (For example, when Jackson got hit by the train, and Aaron and Jackson they spent time at the hospital and stuff, when Jackson has become conscious and awake, Jackson wants to see Aaron and so he will be there for him. Another example would be the most recent episodes where Jackson is pushing Aaron away again (before he kind of did while he was in the hospital) and no matter how Aaron doesn’t want to and he kind of thinks that there’s no point of staying there because Jackson sounds like he really doesn’t want Aaron to be around him right… So I just think that allowing Aaron to be away from Jackson temporarily is not a really bad thing. Because i think it’s a good opportunity for Jackson to really think things through and realize what he has done. Last, I just want to say Aaron all along has really tried his best to be with Jackson.

      • Kara, I do think you make several great points here. Right now Jackson has made a decision and he decided he knew what was best for Aaron. He’s adopted the Tough Guy routine because he figures it’s the only way to get through to Aaron. It’s one that’s costing both lads tremendously.

        I’m not sure I can give Aaron as much credit as you do. Pre-train, he was beating or pushing Jackson away. Post-train, he’s been barely able to touch him in any manner.

        This is just epic soap heartbreak. Jackson loves Aaron so much he’s willing to sacrifice his own happiness to ensure Aaron’s. Aaron is conflicted and confused. I can’t even talk about tonight’s episode. The acting has been brilliant.

  5. I think the performances this week from Danny and especially Marc have been amazing and very emotional to watch.

    And please don’t hate me for saying this guys but l really liked Flynn, he was cute and cheeky and l could see why Aaron was attracted to him. But Jackson’s despair at this nearly broke my heart, just so sad.

  6. Mark, how do you think about tonight’s episode? It’s a little bit intense to watch eh? Aaron is telling Jackson about how he feels toward Flynn and even comparing Flynn with Jackson. I mean what it is that he’s thinking, is he trying to make things even worse between himself and Jackson? Shouldn’t he be thinking about Jackson’s feelings before he say those things to Jackson? Because obviously Jackson is hurt over the fact that *there is someone other than him that make someone that he’s caring so much feel the same kind of feeling that he gives. Actually when i really think about it, it seems to me that Aaron says that because he wants Jackson to care about him and ask him to stay instead of pushing himself toward Flynn. *It’s just a thought.*

    • Kara, I think you hit on the essential tragedy here. Both boys want the other to say, ‘I need you. I want you.” And they’re just torturing themselves and each other in this scenario. Jackson is doing what he thinks is best for Aaron. Aaron is doing what he thinks Jackson wants him to do. It’s gut-wrenching to watch.

      • But obviously things have to change bw them because we don’t want this to be lasting any longer than the producers want them to be!! Either Aaron realizes that he loves Jackson or Jackson is fighting for Aaron over Flynn if things between Aaron and Flynn can last for a bit longer. I just think that Flynn is quite cute! Did u realize from yesterdays video, there was a second tht he’s looking at Aaron when he’s abt to leave!! He just looks gd!

  7. I like flynn he cute hope we see him again when he comes back from being away 4 a while 🙂

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