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Spoilers: Feb 7th – 11th

Monday 7th: Hazel asks Jackson if he’s really okay about Aaron seeing someone else and he assures her that he’s fine. Later, when Hazel sees Chas, she questions if she knows about Aaron and Flynn. Chas confirms that she does and that she encouraged it. Hurt, Hazel can’t believe that Chas is being so insensitive towards Jackson. Chas asserts that although this isn’t easy for anyone, Hazel has to accept that life has to go on. Later that evening, Hazel’s heart breaks as she overhears Jackson making a video diary entry masking his true hurt about Aaron and Flynn.

Tuesday 8th (Hour-Long): With Jackson on his mind, Aaron is distant and abrupt with Flynn. Flynn is direct with Aaron and wants to know why he’s not the guy he met the other day. When Aaron can’t bring himself to tell the truth, Flynn leaves, telling Aaron he has his number if he wants to be honest. Conflicted, Aaron doesn’t stop him leaving. The next day, Flynn turns up at the garage and arranges to meet Aaron later in the pub so they can talk. Worried he’d be upset if he saw them together, Aaron tells Jackson that he’s invited Flynn for a drink. Jackson is thrown but covers by agreeing to join them for a pint. Later, however, it looks like Jackson isn’t coming and Flynn suggests they should go into town. Flynn spots the bus approaching and urges Aaron to hurry. Spotting Jackson and Hazel coming up the road, Aaron is faced with a choice. Jackson’s heart then breaks as he sees Aaron turn and follow Flynn…

Wednesday 9th: No episode.

Thursday 10th (7pm): Aaron confides in Chas that he feels guilty for not acknowledging Jackson when he saw him in the street last night. Chas tells Aaron not to beat himself up, but it’s clear that Aaron is troubled. Aaron later attempts to apologise, but Jackson insists that it’s fine. However, as Aaron goes to the bar, we see that Jackson has been covering his hurt.

Thursday 10th (8pm): Aaron’s thrown when Flynn leaves him an evasive message claiming that he’ll be out of town for a while. Later, Jackson apologises to Aaron for pushing him so hard and admits that he’s been a bit of an idiot about the whole situation. Aaron confesses that he doesn’t reckon anything will come of him and Flynn, and suggests that they should watch a DVD. Jackson is secretly chuffed.



  1. Does it seem to anyone else that Flynn must be involved with somebody else? He can’t be as decent a guy as Jackson (face it, there are NO other guys like Jackson on the planet). At least the week ends on a hopeful note, for a change. Until the next tidal wave hits and crashes Jackson to bits…

    • Yes I think Flynn is just after a bit of fun – a casual Flynn – er sorry, fling 🙂

      At his age (and I don’t mean that to sound patronising) most lads would be – gay or straight.

      Perhaps THIS will be Aaron’s dillema: does he go for committment with Jackson or opt for some years of casual one-nighters or one-weekers?

      Or: as a vicar might put it “Is an hour of pleasure worth a lifetime of regret?. If you think it is, will you please see me in the vestry afterwards and let me know how you manage to make it last an hour”.

      Don’t let the dour storyline ruin your birthday Mark.

      • Thank you, Alan, for the kind wishes. I did not watch last night’s ep and won’t be catching up until Friday – it’s just too brutal for words for me to sit through. I just can’t believe the upcoming spoiler – Aaron sees Jackson approaching, pretends he doesn’t know him and boards the bus with Flynn – WHO IS THIS MAN who pledged “me and you against the world, mate”? How cold is that? Ugh. I’m depressed thinking about it.

    • i know what you mean he’s see jackson and jackson see’s him, but he gets on the bus, my heart broke a little, i mean what is he thinking, but then again he is doing what jackson wants…. i can’t believe i just said that ignore it, please ignore it.
      Aaron better come to sense soon the Jackson is the only man for him and flynn, what is this guy for real, aaron would never be intrested in him, well i know he is but only for jackson.
      does anyone know what is happening in the spring because that is when something big happens, and i know niether aaron or jackson is leaving.

      • I think Aaron will never be content. His anger and self-pity will always win out and frighten people off – after all he did and said to Jackson, 99 per cent of others would have given him a wide berth.

        My guess is that Flynn will use him (perhaps he has a partner already but out of sight).

        If the “self loathing” of Aaron is to continue, being used by Flynn and perhaps others will reinforce that feeling of self-loathing.

        My guess would be the fling with Flynn will last until the spring (reminds me of the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain -I’m a poet and didn’t know it:-), then Aaron will discover he has been taken for a ride. Cue more tears, because by the time he finds out, hopefully Jackson will find the love with someone else that Aaron is incapable of giving him.

      • but dont you just want them to be happy, all i want is for aaron to tell jackon he loves him, because come on lets face he does.
        aaron and jackson are meant to be together… and some how they will end up back to together i know it 🙂

  2. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been keeping up with this story after the story brought Jackson home. I just don’t get this show anymore. It’s still interesting, I’m sure. I just get too depressed watching it at this point. What I still don’t understand is why the producers don’t appear to make the storyline anymore viable by exploring more options outside the U.K. From what I’ve seen in the east, acupuncture has been known to extremely aid in spinal injuries and have also been seen to reverse the damage altogether. I get this is soapland, so why don’t the powers-that-be run with something like that? Sorry, I just needed to vent my frustration. -_- Thnx 4 reading.

    • Always nice to get another viewpoint. I think the truth is the writers and their late producer wants Jackson out and so for that reason nobody notices that Jackson is severely depressed and needs help. He is basically an optomist but very obviously he has gone through hell. There seems to be no medical or psychological back up at all for him, which I don’t think would happen even in Lansley’s NHS.

      We must also bear in mind Aaron always has to be the victim and therefore the centre of attraction. He is a great actor. He keeps telling us.

      Last night was just too ridiculous for words, Hazel is out A & J are alone, and Aaron who we are led to belive loves Jackson doesn’t as much as touch his forehead, let alone kiss him.

      THis cold calculating selfish man who just weeks ago pleaded with Jackson to stay in the village and assured him it was “me and you against the world”, can’t get away quick enough to respond to the text of a lad he met only a couple of hours previously.

      You can’t help who you love, but Jackson deserves far better, able bodied or disabled he is a far better man than Aaron will ever be.

      I just cannot understand why disabled groups haven’t complained to ED about the way Jackson is treated as a burden, or mental health groups the way nobody has even noticed, let alone tried to help, his depression.

      I am afraid the story is beginning to make me angry (unusual for me), and it’s not helped by the fact that I dislike the actor who plays Aaron (brash and big headed) as much as I am bored with the character he plays, and I just don’t think he is very convincing playing a gay man

  3. Why hasn’t Hazel asked Jackson what happed the night of the accident? If she did, I am sure she would not be so determined to keep Jackson and Aaron together. They broke up that night right before the accident. Jackson was upset that Aaron did not return his feeling of love and instead of paying attention to the road, Jackson went to answer the phone and lost control of his van. Unfortunately, for him he almost lost his life. It was not Aaron’s fault that Jackson had the accident, but Aaron has tried to stick by Jackson thought it all. Only time he was not there was when he was pushed away. First by Jerry and then by Jackson himself when he found out that he would never walk or use his arms again.
    Aaron may love Jackson now(even though he has yet to say it out loud) and want to stay with him, but Jackson clearly knows that with Aaron being so young, that it is wrong to have him give up his chances of a normal life by being there every waking moment. Why is it that Hazel can’t respect Jackson wishes and stop trying to pressure Aaron from moving on. She seems to bully Aaron into staying with Jackson, even though Jackson has made it clear that this is what he wants.
    I understand that she’s looking out for Jackson’s happiness, but why can’t respect Jackson’s reasons for wanting Aaron to be able to move on? How can Jackson truly move on with the rest of his life if he’s feeling guilty over Aaron. He has expressed to her that no matter what it takes, whatever he has to do he is determine he is not going to let Aaron go down with him.

    • Darrin, I think Jackson’s head tells him Aaron won’t stay around, but of course his heart still wants to believe he will, which is why he agreed to stay in the village, and give Aaron another chance.

      Jackson’s only fault is in loving somebody who seems incapabe of loving him back, but I suppose all of us at some time or another have persisted with a relationship because we want to believe we might be wrong. We rarely are.

      I have to repeat last night, even though Aaron knew Hazel was out he didn’t show any affection to Jackson by a touch or a kiss. The Friday kiss in the Woolpack seemed to me more for public display than affection – perhaps he thought Joe expected it of him?., All he said was “will you be alright till Hazel gts back” because he was in such a rush to read what Flynn had texted him. Aaron is very shallow.

  4. I don’t think they would end Flynn and Jackson so quickly. It doesn’t make sense for us to see any of Flynn and Aaron’s progression in a relationship if nothing is going to come of it.

    Plus the way Danny and Marc have always talked about the relationship (saying that because it’s aarons first.. it won’t be his last) it seemed like it was going to end.

    Idk, now i’m totally confused by that last spoiler lol.

  5. Darrin good point that uve mentioned there yet don’t u understand why hazel doesn’t want Jackson to lose Aaron because she knows that Jackson loves aaron and that she knows jackson’s love for Aaron will never change so from her view, even though Jackson is always reassuring that he wants Aaron to move on and have a life, but she can tell that Jackson is not happy with what she sees or even hear! That’s why Jackson has to cover his sadness so deep tht maybe only his mom and himself knows! I truly understand from jackson’s view but as of aaron’s he knows he wants to be with Jackson yet he thinks Jackson truly wants him to move on and have his own life! So maybe tht apology from Jackson can somehow indicate to Aaron tht he’s hurting and hopefully Aaron is smart enough to sense that!!

    • I do understand her motives for them staying together is Jacksons happiness , but she needs to have a true heart to heart with Jackson to understand what is going on in his mind. She is acting out of a mother’s love and against Jackson’s wishes. She may think that she knows what’s good for him, but her son is worried about tying Aaron down to a life of sitting around tending to him. Jackson has more than once expressed his dissatisfaction with Aaron feeling the need to be with him all of the time, when he could be out has a laugh with friends and living the life of able-bodied young man.
      I do agree that someone needs help Jackson through his depression about everything that has happen to him as a result of the accident. Jackson needs to feel that life is not over for him.

      • Umm I necessarly don’t think she’s going against jackson’s wishes well maybe in the mean time she is but once she realizes that Jackson is hurting from the fact that Aaron is seeing Flynn and doesn’t acknowledge him when Aaron sees him and chooses to walk away
        with Flynn then she might start to realize how things maybe no longer the same bw her son and Aaron! And eventually she won’t question Aaron or anyone else because I think at that point since hazel loves her son, she will have to accept that Jackson can maybe be happy when Aaron and Jackson are not together for a while!! U see where I’m trying to go here?

  6. Yeah. It will be interesting to see where the writers are going with this storyline. I have been watching Emmerdale on youtube for a year and I use to watch it when it was in syndication on channel 9 from Windsor, Ontario CA., but we the U.S. switched to Digital TV and I lost channel 9. I Think Danny Millier, Marc Silcock and the rest are top notch.

    • Hi, Darrin, Kara – I think Hazel is responding from her gut knowing that her son is in so much pain – and so much of his happiness depends on Aaron. She senses, I think, more than anyone, that Jackson is lying about his desires when he pushes Aaron away and is doing so for the worst reason – because he doesn’t think he has anything to offer anyone – which is a tragic bit of conjecture, given that he’s probably the most selfless loving person in the village, next to Ryan.

      If Aaron were smart, he’d recognize a man like Jackson comes along once in a lifetime. But I did say “if”…:)

      • Mark, yup you are right! Jackson is the person that has so much love to give Emmerdale yet he doesn’t receive one simple love from Aaron and has to suffer from the accident and unfortunately he has suffered even more now that he is by himself facing the current situation:( (well if to be specific, facing it with his mom) but of course people have emotional limits and there’s no way that we can accept everything in a way that people expect us to be!! And for Jackson’s case, of course its even harder to deal with his emotions because there’s already too much pain that he has NOW!!

      • Hi Mark, I hope yesterday was a good day for you.

        I agree with you totally Jackson has so much to give and Aaron would never find another man as loyal and understanding as he has been. In a way, it is part of the nasty side of me, I know, but I rather want Aaron to get hurt by Flynn, so he will understand, in part, what it feels like to be mistreated in the way he has done in the past to Jackson.

        He is, indeed, another Ryan in that both of them put others before themselves (and Adam has really been the only one to totally stand up for Andy since the boozing widow has been flinging her allegations around about the fire) – it is good that three of the kindest characters are quite young, which challenges the idea that it is only older people who can be wise and kind in serials).

        I think Jackson’s best hope of a brighter future is Joe. I have a feeling Joe might be keeping his sexuality quiet at the moment because he is acting as a professional carer, but I think Joe will turn out to be Jackson’s “best mate” rather than Aaron, because he treats Jackson as an adult and does his best to cheer him up and be positive.

        By the way, with his hood up on his coat at the garage last night, Aaron looked like the Grim Reaper. I hope that is not an omen 🙂

  7. Hi, Alan – Hadn’t picked up on the Grim Reaper look – LOL. Foreshadowing? Hope not.

    As much as I already love Joe, he’s established in dialogue his backstory – straight as can be. I think he and Jackson will be good mates, nothing more. He does treat Jackson well, probably because he has the emotional distance and the professional training to realize what Jackson needs as opposed to everybody else’s muddle of guilt and regret.

    Flynn HAS to be hiding something. DM has all but confirmed in recent interviews that Flynn is not longterm, and I don’t see the show building up a new romance to that degree at Jackson’s expense. It’s one thing to tease it, but given the show’s nature, I don’t think they’ll be hitting the sheets, not while Jackson lingers in misery.

    I have to give everyone credit on the show, the acting the last couple of days has been extraordinary. I’m dreading the big breakup tonight because I know it will be devastating. Of course, Aaron is going to only need a day to get over Jackson to go out with F word.

    One thing that bugs me about next week’s spoilers is that Jackson apparently apologies to Aaron for pushing him away. Why is Jackson apologizing? His crisis is real; Aaron’s too thick to see any of it.

    • Hi Mark, If you look at the You Tube Aaron & Jackon thread for last nights episode you will see there is a lot of sympathy for Aaron (which must please the ED writers!):

      ONe person regards Jackson as “an a***hole”, others as boring and nasty, because of his attitude to poor little Aaron!. They seem to forget the physical and emotional blows Aaron landed in the past….

      I think some of our viewers have as little feeling and imagination as Aaron & Chas!

      • Alan, don’t take those commenters too seriously. They’re looking for snogging scenes – (and boy are they watching the wrong show). The immaturity can be dismaying but I do give the ED writers a bit more credit. Whatever Jackson’s final fate, Aaron is not embarking on a torrid romance with this new guy. F will be back in a couple weeks, no doubt, A will have his head turned again and then F’s secrets/anxieties/tranny wardrobe will spill out. That’s how I’m reading it now, anyway.

  8. I think Aaron and Jackson will get back together again as they love each other and Jackson understands Aaron s mood swings and they get on well and have a laugh together

  9. Something has to make Aaron see that it’s Jackson he loves and Jackson he should be with so I hope Flynn treats him badly and it opens Aaron’s eyes to the fact that there aren’t many Jackson’s in the world.

    • Sharon,
      Right now I think Aaron is getting there, he’s going to realize that Jackson is the one that he wants to be with (even though he’s kind of realizing it at this moment). What i mean is it’s kind of a natural thing for Aaron to realize that he loves Jackson, I don’t necessarly think that there will be something about Flynn that makes him realize that. *Personal opinion*

      • Hi Kara, I kind of agree with you. Aaron does appear to be very slowly realising that what he feels for Jackson is love. I was just thinking that, maybe by being with Flynn for a while, it will only reinforce what he’s starting to realise which is that Jackson is the one for him.

        It’s always good to hear someone elses views, though

      • Hi, Kara, Sharon – I’m a broken record on this, but I keep thinking about those videos J is recording. If A ever sees them – and he will at some point, you know it has to happen – he’ll understand how much Jackson truly loves him. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later.

    • Helllo
      finally people who want aaron and jackson together, i think aaron will realise that jackson is the one for him, i think being around flynn will make aaron realise how much he misses jackson, and will see the video recordings, because like you said it will happen. Something in the spring is happening with aaron and jackson, all know is that niether of them are leaving.

      • Hi, Nice to find someone else who wants Aaron/Jackson to stay together.

      • Hi Mesha, I didn’t know that Jackson wasn’t leaving – last week Marc Silcock said all he knew was that he was there till the spring in other words so far his contract had not be renewed.

        Hope you are right anyway.

        I can’t help feeling a bit sorry for Flynn – we know the unsure Aaron is even more unsure than ever, so I suspect the poor lad will be yet another casualty in the car crash that is Aaron’s journey.

        If (and I think it is a VERY big if) Aaron does love Jackson, then let them be together, but I still feel, given Aaron’s immaturity, Jackson would be better off and happier with somebody who will care for him and respect him and love him. Jackson’s happiness is more important to me than Aaron’s I have to say. Jackson has been hurt too much too many times.

  10. Maybe if Flynn is hiding something, it could be that he has a girlfriend!

    • That would be very funny – however, I then fear it would wander off into yet another coming out story, with A helping F out the closet. I’d rather see F word as a “down low” kind of guy who has no interest in changing his life – and thus angering A when he realizes not everyone is capable of Jackson’s honesty and compassion.

      • Hi Mark, your scenario would be even funnier. Aaron coped so well with his own coming out, he would be just perfect to help somebody else out!!!

  11. Pity Flynn isn’t going to become part of the fixtures and fittings. But happy this storyline is at lest going somewhere. But seems to end up exactly as it has been for the past month :/
    Next storyline, Jacksons goes to American to get a new spinal treatment op and can walk again! PLEASE!!!!

    • Oh, Mattie, please write the show. Would love your kind of resolution. Alas, I don’t see it. 😦

  12. Alan – as you say, nothing publicly has changed in MS contract status. Perhaps the news would be held, but given the competitiveness of the soap press, I believe we’d know it if it changed. I still think, sadly, Jackson’s exit will be one to give DM a lot of material to cry. The next week of eps are going to be tough to watch – I just can’t envision how Aaron is going to turn his back on Jackson (!!!)

    There’s got to be more to Flynn than just another nice guy. And he has still has yet to have any contact with Jackson, so who knows how he’ll behave.

    • Hi Mark,

      I can’t see that anyone would want or be able to have a serious relationship with Aaron as he is (or as DM plays him). Jackson has more patience than most people gay or straight. His whole attitude seems to me that he is looking for a casual one-nighter and that might be what Flynn wants.

      I wondered if there was a clue last night when Flynn mentioned his dad was a big tough bloke. If Aaron treated Flynn half as badly as he treated Jackson, he might find he had Flynn’s dad to deal with!

      I genuinely think though, that if they want Mr Miller to continue to grace Aarondale they would do better to drop the gay angle and “cure” him. He was going through a delayed phase, late because of the childhood from hell he had, and he’ll come out the other end chasing Scarlett and Mia at the end of his “journey”.

      I think DM really needs to watch other straight actors who play gay characters or even, as I suggested the other day, watch Mikey North’s portrayal of the tormented ex squaddie Gary in Coronation Street. He is tougher than Aaron and in many ways not unlike him, and though there is no suggestion he had a gay relationship with his best mate Quinny, you can tell how deep the bond was between them and how lost and lonely he is without him. His sobs as he looks at the video footage of him was very well done – not so much glycerine in the eyes, as DM might use but you could sense the lonlieness sorrow and isolation in him, like you can with Jackson. You can see he felt something for Quinny very deeply in a way I can’t with Aaron towards Jackson

  13. So sad watching Jackson make his latest video diary entry. I wish Aaron would watch it before it’s too late 😦

    • Yeah, that was one heart-ripping performance from MS. Unfortunately, I don’t think Aaron will realize what he has until he loses it forever. Aaron’s going to find all those videotapes – when it’s too late to make any difference.

      • U know what mark I hope it will never be too late for Aaron to truly realize what is it that Jackson is feeling when he’s not around!! Hopefully hazel will tell Aaron that her son is missing Aaron and that he’s hurting over the fact that Aaron is spending time with Flynn!

  14. Such a moving performance by Marc. He is truly an acting tour de force and ED are lucky to have him in this role.
    Would so like to see A&J together but I know this is unrealistic as this is “soapland”! That’s a place where there are never happy endings!
    If I were writing the story, J would recover, one way or another, at least the use of his arms, and he and A would settle down together.
    But I’m just a hopeless romantic.

    • Marc’s performance actually made me cry last night. I’d love to see Jackson get the use of his arms back, sod the fact that they keep saying there’s no chance of any recovery as they want to keep the story real, I’d happily accept a bit of artistic license in this case.

      I’d love to see Aaron & Jackson back together too. With the right script, they could do so much with these two characters that is positive.

      • Even if in one scene Jackson wakes up in the middle of the night and shouts for Hazel to scratch his arm because its itching or something … At least then it could start off some kind of recovery

    • Keith, after last night I wouldn’t wish Aaron on my worst enemy. Oh I don’t know they could bring Nathan back and have him and Aaron in a weird S & M relationship!

      • Alan, I know where you’re coming from regarding Aaron (though Aaron and Nathan would be an S&S relationship, don’t you think?!)
        I think Aaron is still coming to terms with being gay. The way he is “stand-offish” with Flynn is partly because he is still emotionally attached to Jackson, but partly because he still feels uncomfortable “dating” another guy.
        A few months back, on a night out, Adam said to Aaron “I don’t mind if you want to cop off with someone”, but Aaron did not want to, all he wanted was Jackson. Even now, he has only gone to Bar West because Jackson has pushed him away and says he wants him to do it (we all know Jackson doesn’t really want this). Aaron only wants Jackson and only ever has. He hasn’t told him he loves him, but, that’s part of who he is: “I’m not used to anyone giving a damn about me, and I don’t know how to give one back”.
        So you are right, I wouldn’t wish mixed up, abusive, cold Aaron on anyone either. But, Jackson loves him and I’d like Jackson to be happy (or as happy as he can be, poor boy) and for that reason I’d like to see the two of them together (especially if Aaron does cotton on that he loves Jackson and tells him so). I think that, given the spoilers on here, the “Flynn” thing is just a way of proving to Aaron how he really feels about Jackson.
        I agree with some other posts on here too. Marc Silcock is acting out of his skin and his performances are almost too hard to watch. I would give the “best actor” award to him ahead of Danny at the moment.

  15. Kara, I do like the way you think, but after tonight’s episode I’d rather Hazel took that woolly hat and shoved it down Aaron’s throat.

    He. Ran. Away. From. Jackson.

    That is unforgivable to me. He doesn’t deserve Jackson. I’m done rooting for them. Let Flynn have Aaron for all his moody glory. I hope Jackson finds recovery and true love with someone who will appreciate him. And that person is not Aaron.

    • Mark, I couldn’t agree more, I’m also done rooting for them to stay together.

      I’d love for Jackson to make even the slightest recovery and to get some kind of independance back and meet someone else.

      I hope Flynn tires of Aaron and dumps him because Aaron doesn’t deserve him or Jackson. Infact I’d like to see Flynn with Jackson right now and Aaron out in the cold. Cue more angst and tears from Danny Miller.

      Overall, I have to praise Marc Silcock. His outstanding performace is far eclipsing Danny Miller’s at the moment.

      • Shawn, I do agree: Marc is turning in amazing work. I don’t think the ED folks knew what kind of an actor they were getting when they hired him for what was considered a short-term role. I hope they reconsider letting him go, but I fear his exit is part of propping up DM’s sob sister status.

        There’s got to be more to Flynn than we’re seeing. He just can’t be a regular decent guy – that’s too boring. Given that he seems a lot like Aaron, I can only hope he has half his temper. That would give Aaron a taste of his own medicine.

    • Mark, really is that what you are gonna do? I thought you will be the same person as me that you still want Aaron and Jackson to be together afterall despite the fact that Aaron is sort of changing at this stage! But just don’t give up on them yet they still have a chance! It’s because Aaron says to Jackson that there will be nothing going on between Flynn and him! And you know what, i really do see the problem that A and J have as two ways: 1) A and J will somehow find a way to be back together because J will realize that he should not be doing this to Aaron because he’s feeling sad deep in his heart that he’s pushing Aaron away and 2) Aaron doesn’t say anything to Jackson when he sees Jackson is because from his perspective, it sorts of make sense to him that he shouldn’t say anything because all he has even believed is that Jackson is fine with him being with this new guy and that it’s not like he truly doesn’t want to say anything to Jackson at that moment. If he truly doesn’t want to say anything to Jackson, he wouldn’t be standing there and looking at Jackson when Flynn is calling him. Can’t you tell that he has at least hesitated from leaving him? And I just want to say that “yes maybe Aaron has some sort of responsibilites that he should say something to Jackson but it’s never easy for Aaron to be in that kind of situation (as you might have known).” And i know that this may sound really stupid but Aaron just doesn’t love Jackson (that hasn’t changed from before the accident, after the accident and even NOW). At least not to a point that the way that Luke loves Reid from ATWT or even the way Ian loves Teddy from 90210. But i mean, isn’t that who he is all the time? It’s not like all of a sudden he becomes the way he is. But still as i’ve been keep on saying it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care for Jackson and doesn’t want to be with Jackson because i still believe he’s going to know that eventually! I mean that’s my way of seeing the situation, whether you agree or not!

      • Kara, I hear you and I really want to get behind what you are saying….but I can’t get past that image of Jackson, forlorn on the street, Aaron running away after some new guy he’s had two dates with.

        Aaron isn’t worthy of Jackson. Today, at least, I don’t believe in their romance. I don’t believe they have any future. Or, let me say, I believe Jackson should have a future with someone who can truly love him.

  16. I’m worn out. Don’t know how much more I can take of the storyline. Marc’s performance the other night when he was recording, and he started to cry that he wanted Aaron to come in and say he loved him and he would reach out and hold him, almost killed me. I cried when he said it would never happen…..someone else would be holding him. Just unbelievable scenes. Tonight? My God, when Aaron turned and Jackson was yelling to Hazel to hurry up, and Aaron turned away, I lost it completed. I felt so sorry for Jackson. Thought about it all day today. (Really need to get out more). But both MC and DM have been excellent recently, regardless of all the negative reactions to the press interviews. He’s a kid anyway, both on the show and in real life. We’ll have to cut him some slack.BUT NOT THE WRITERS………Good night everyone.

    • Michael, I quite agree with you. As critical as I am of Aaron – and boy do I want to throttle him right now – the acting on everyone’s part – Marc, Danny and Pauline – has been superb. The story IS exhausting. If it weren’t for the quality of the work onscreen, I would be watching anything else. Hell, I’d be watching paint dry. 🙂

      • Hi Mark, yeah you would hope that the bosses at ED would have realised by now how popular and great Marc is but I suspect the storyline was planned in advance before Marc’s popularity soared… I hope they do let him stay on, especially now that James Sutton is leaving.

        As for Flynn, I think there’ll be more to him that meets the eye. I think he’ll hurt Aaron in some way and that will make him run back to Jackson but it will be too late for them by then, hence the further turmoil Aaron will go though this year.

  17. Hi, Shawn, I suspect you are correct. The story line was plotted so far in advance, that is already dried in stone. Coupled with the uncertainty created by the death of producer Gavin Blyth, the show is not prepared to accommodate MS’ growing fan base.

    DM has said a rocky road for Aaron this year, with spring and fall key crisis points – interesting that the actors are told so far in advance what their stories will be. Here in the States, actors typically don’t know what’s going on until they get their scripts – the shows are that paranoid about spoilers leaking.

  18. Adam’s going to help Jackson end his life round about the late spring/summer. My guess.

    • ADAM? Did you mean Adam or Aaron?. Though I wouldn’t put it past Aaron I honestly don’t believe Adam would do such a thing. He is too full of life and hope to assist anyone in that way.

      I hope nobody does it by the way.

      If the 7 pm ITV audience have to be “protected” from homosexuality, I sure as hell hope they will be protected from euthanaseia. It sounds out a shocking message for anyone who is, or might become disabled.

      • As dark as my heart can get, I don’t see the show going a euthanasia route. It would just send such a revolting message out to the disabled – and didn’t another soap just get hit with all sorts of bad press over a cot death story?

        It seems more likely that Jackson will perish from an infection. Another accident would make him more clumsy than Mr. Bean and more tragic than Hamlet. I’ve often debated on this site what the possible “end game” for this story could be and I do believe it is to reinforce Aaron’s view that anyone who gets close to him suffers. He’s going to go on quite a tear this summer through the village, I’d imagine, as the self-loathing returns with a vengeance.

  19. I love what you guys are up too. This type of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the amazing works guys I’ve included you guys to my blogroll.

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