Posted by: Kimbaforeva | February 16, 2011

Spoilers: Feb / March

Friday 25th February:
Jackson hides his true feelings from Aaron.

Monday 28th February:
Aaron’s troubled when he is forced to introduce Flynn to Jackson, and is left increasingly torn between his feelings for the two.

Tuesday 1st March:
Jackson receives his new wheelchair; will it be the boost everyone hopes? Later, he offloads his heartache onto Jerry.

Wednesday 2nd March:
Will Aaron take the next step with Flynn?
Aaron confesses his love to Jackson – is he too late?

Thursday 3rd March:
Aaron is defiant that he’s sticking with Jackson and tries to embrace his relationship. Will Jackson accept Aaron’s wishes?



  1. I swear, if Aaron finally confesses his love to Jackson and Jackson rejects him, I may just blow up my TV.

    Mind you, my TV is an innocent victim here, but somebody has to pay for this. 🙂

    Looking forward to these momentous episodes.

    • right there with you.

      • Hi Elsie, I’m sure Jackson won’t reject Aaron, provided he can feel secure Aaron means it and isn’t just saying it – after all it is all he has ever wanted from Aaron.

        BUT – Aaron, or rather DM, HAS to make it convincing, not only to Jackson but to the audience as well. Given his sometimes half-hearted approaches to Jackson – the quick peck, the fear of getting close, he has quite a job on his hands.

      • On a more serious note, how does ED hope to continue the SL if Aaron confesses his love and Jackson accepts it. Marc’s contract is about to end anyway. I don’t think my poor heart can stand another heartbreak.

    • I Am Totally Agreeing With Youu On Thaat Onee :L My Tv Will Go Bye Bye :L

  2. about time too!!

    • you can say that again.

  3. i’ve been waiting for the updates from them lately! And hopefully based on what i’ve read, it’s not going to depress me. You know what for me personally, I want to see Aaron finally takes up the courage and confesses his love to Jackson. It’s because it is really about time for us to know whether he’s capable to express his true feelings by saying “I Love you, Jackson”. But another side of me, i don’t want to see Aaron and flynn are done just like that! But anyways, no matter what Aaron ends up doing, as long as he’s okay with it then I’m happy for him.

    • The only problem for me with the Aaron/Flynn match is that it is too soon for Aaron to have anything other than just physical attraction with Flynn. They have not been going out enough for it to be love like the feelings Aaron has for Jackson. If Aaron is feeling that confused about the lust he may have for Flynn and confusing it for love, than he should not be with Jackson. Now that there maturing Aaron he will stand up and be for love.

      • yes i see your point! However, we’ll have to wait and see whether we’ll get what we want! It’s because as i’ve said above, if Aaron finally takes the courage and declares his love for Jackson, and if Jackson still decides to push him away then i mean it’s really not Aaron’s fault for not being with him!

      • Darrin, that is an excellent point. Aaron can only be feeling lust for Flynn. It’s hard to imagine any confusion after a couple of dates. Who knows, maybe Flynn will stick around a bit to tempt Aaron post-declaration. Would hate to think the story would go that way, but I can see them ratcheting up the tension to test Aaron’s fidelity and Jackson’s faith in him. As much as I want to see the boys together, the way the story has been handled has been nonsensical. It’s not that young men at this age can’t commit to love; it’s that Aaron has never shown the ability or inclination to do so.

  4. I am in two minds about this, to be honest. It just feels too contrived. It really beggars belief that Aaron has only now realised that he is in love with Jackson.

    Oh well, we’ll see what happens. I hope that ED can pull it off.

    • The timing does seem odd, Meta. I think you are correct. Given the nature Aaron’s admission, these had better be blockbuster scenes – The characters – and the rest of us at home – deserve them. I don’t think I can do another round of Aaron vowing to stand by Jackson and Jackson pushing him away. If Aaron is going to really declare his love, he – and the rest of us – better get rewarded for it.

      • To be honest, a part of me is annoyed that Aaron has only been able to express his love after he has interacted with Flynn. If I were Jackson part of me would be thinking: “You’re saying this to me NOW. Why didn’t you tell me this before I got into that flippin’ van?”

  5. Fantastic news! I hope that Jackson doesn’t try and push Aaron away even after he has admitted that he loves him… I mean how long has he been waiting to hear that?!

    • I don’t think he will. I just hope Aaron means it and is in it for the long term. And please Chas and Paddy, keep your opinions to yourself. Unusually, Aaron would do better to listen to Cain, who has been much more supportive than I would have thought possible

      • This is another thing that bothers me about the wisdom of the post-crash storyline and the decision to severely disable Jackson. If Aaron is now in this relationship for the long term are we seriously meant to believe that he possesses the sort of emotional maturity and commitment now required for a (possibly sexless) relationship with Jackson – a commitment that would in many ways be akin to marriage? Assuming that even a smidgeon of recovery is off the cards, I think that if they do not address this issue frankly and realistically it will reinforce the suspicion that the producers did not think through the implications of disabling Jackson this severely or had other motives for introducing this development.

      • It is a Bizarro Universe when Cain is the supportive man and Paddy is a prat, isn’t it? Unfortunately, Paddy will be dragging on Aaron no doubt. As I’ve stated elsewhere, the actor who plays Flynn might be around for a few more weeks and I could see the story swinging in the direction that Aaron does sleep with him and realizes that he can’t make the commitment Jackson deserves. That would be a depressing but all too fitting twist for this story.

        I realize I’m being negative as we’ve got some great eps coming, so I apologize for being a downer. Just can’t help worrying about this story, it’s been so dark.

  6. Hi, Meta – I think you’re right – Aaron’s timing is a bit off, isn’t it? Not sure why dates with Flynn would prompt this admission. As I’ve said before, I wonder if Flynn will be around for a few more weeks (the actor is not longterm and has already wrapped his run) to tempt Aaron and to demonstrate to both him and Jackson, sadly, that he isn’t ready to commit to Jackson. That would be absolutely heartbreaking.

    And I do share your concerns about why the producers felt the need to so irrevocably (seemingly anyway) cripple Jackson. The story has been a depressing dirge and has managed to keep the boys sexless.

    • hi Mark & Meta….imo i think the route the writers are taking with this storyline is..since they really hammered home in the scenes leading up to the train crash the fact that Aaron feels he has never known true unconditional love so therefore wouldn’t be able to recognize when he was feeling it…so i’m thinking that the whole spending time with Flynn and going on dates will help Aaron finally see the differences between like/lust/love and he will come to the realization that Jackson isn’t just a mate he likes having sex with but that he honestly truely loves him.
      Now this of course might be too logical and far fetched for a soap but one can dream 🙂

      I also think this storyline has four possible roads to take…either Aaron makes the decision to stand by Jackson come what may and then the miracle healing starts soon after….or Jackson rejects Aaron and then complications arise and jackson dies off…or vice versa…or possibly Jackson rejects Aaron then leaves for south america to try some radical new procedure etc and is gone long enough for Aaron to fall in love with someone else then returns fully healed lolz.

      Cuz let’s be honest i dunno bout the UK but here in the US disabled people never oulast the storyline that cripples them/introduces them.

      But let me just say that i hadn’t watched soaps since i was a teenager 20 years ago and only got interested when i stumbled across the Brendan/Ste SL over on hollyoaks quite by accident..but only seriously got sucked back in due to this storyline(i later watched the Mcdean SL due to enormous online peer pressure lmao)…and if Aarson does end up in the shitter i will once again renounce soaps once and for all! lol

      • Troia, I just hope that it’s never too late for Aaron to declare his feelings for Jackson! However I still have to admit that there’s a possibility that when Flynn comes back and calls Aaron because he wants to spend time with Aaron, Aaron says yes and maybe he begins to have mixed feelings for Flynn and Jackson and he may confused his feelings for Flynn when it could be his feelings for Jackson instead! U know what I mean?

      • Hi Troia. You appear to have more faith in this storyline than I have.

    • And I wonder whether the producers realise the extent to which fans of Aaron and Jackson have been disillusioned by the failure to represent the physical and emotional intimacies of their relationship in any meaningful way.

      • Meta, you are succinct and on point as one can possibly be here. This has been a terrible story for the last six months, and all we can do is speculate on the motivation. Perhaps the crew can put this right, but I remain skeptical. I guess we’ll know for sure as the next few weeks play out.

  7. I’m guessing Aaron and Flynn get it on, makes Aaron realize he does love Jackson and is willing to give up sex for him. lol

  8. No reply button, but Alan, you are correct. These are HUGE scenes for Aaron/DM. He has to sell them, not only to Jackson but to us. I hope the writing supports it. Given that the critical Thursday ep seems to be the battle for Jackson’s heart, I’m hoping for the best. God knows Jackson deserves some measure of comfort. Here’s hoping he gets it.

    • Hi Alan & Mark, I’m back!!

      Alan, I have every faith in Danny to make these scenes plausible. As I’ve said before, too much is riding on them for him and the writers to balls it up. If they weren’t aware before of public opinion on Aaron & Jackson as a couple, they certainly are now. They know how long the fans have been waiting for Aaron to finally tell Jackson how he feels and so everyone involved has got to make these scenes as good as Aaron’s court scenes.

      I don’t think it will be as simple as Aaron telling Jackson that he loves him and everything in the garden will be rosy again as much as I would love this to happen. I think Jackson will make it as difficult as possible for Aaron, will probably not want to listen to him and then refuse to believe him anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sends him away AGAIN. The interesting thing will be if this does happen, what Aaron will do about it. Will he be so crushed that he finally just gives up or will it make him more determined than ever to get through to Jackson?

      Mark, my little ray of sunshine, I go away for a few days leaving you relatively hopeful, I come back and what’s happened? Mr Doom & Gloom has returned.

      Maybe, just maybe, emmerdale will surprise us all and explore the story of how Aaron & Jackson can make their relationship work including having a physical relationship. They can’t keep putting us through Aaron trying his hardest to make things work while Jackson just keeps being bloody minded and sending him away all the time. This could be a great way of developing the story and moving on from the will they, won’t they merry go round we’ve all endured recently.

      Also, try to give Aaron a bit of credit. He’s so far never been the sort to sleep around and, if he’s gone without any sort of sexual relationship for this length of time, I’m sure another few weeks or months while him & Jackson try to sort things out won’t be too difficult for him. (If this comes back to bite me on the backside, I swear, I will drive up and personally slap the writers and tell them exactly what I think of them!!)

      Here’s hoping in a couple of weeks, none of us are disappointed and we’re all happy with what’s happening between the two of them.

      • Hi Sharon, Hope you enjoyed your break.

        I honestly don’t think ED will ever show a physical relationship between Aaron and Jackson – tellingly, when we left them last time it was at night and they were going to watch a DVD. The DVD must be long over, so we just have to accept that the days have gone on. WE have never really seen A & J being physical with each other – apart from the original kiss in June then we came back next morning.

        I think with subtle writing though, it could be implicit in time, but I certainly don’t think you are going to get any Jim Sutton “John Paul”-type affection from DM! (Even now you feel they probably have to have a bucket handy for him in case he is called upon to be affectionate – I haven’t gotten over that half second kiss in the Woolpack a few weeks back).

        Half of me (the romantic half, such as it is) wants them to be together and happy, but the realist half tells me that Aaron – who let’s be honest – could start an argument in an empty room, will sooner or later become impatient and ditch Jackson. Especially if he takes advice from Chas. It would be too painful to see Jackson hurt all over again.

        Also (I will incurr the wrath of quite a few here!) I still think Jackson deserves somebody – I won’t say better – but more stable and reliable and a bit less brooding. He needs somebody with Adam’s humour, Marlon’s reliability and Ryan’s gentleness, plus the old Paddy’s dependability and understanding.

  9. Elsie, Marc has about two months left on his contract – and there are reports this week that it could be renegotiated. There’s nothing definitive yet. The show has not announced a departure date, which in itself is interesting since they’re quick to issue press releases when anyone else is going (consider the recent news about James Sutton).

    One possible angle here is that Aaron declares his love, Jackson accepts it and then Aaron is tested by Flynn physically. Aaron and Jackson would sadly realize that they can’t or aren’t ready to have a commitment together. (Of course, the show keeps dodging the fact that a tetraplegic can have a sex life….) Jackson might go off to live with his dad. It wouldn’t be ideal but at least Jackson would be alive.

    • @Mark duuude u made me seriously ROFL…and yeah now that u mention it Aaron does seem like he’d be a bossy bottom! hahaha

      • sorry replied to wrong post and can’t figure out how to delete this one 😦

  10. This looks like an eventful week for us Aarson fans! But even if Aaron tells Jackson, finally, that he does love him, I can’t see them staying together.

    Even if Marc Silcock does stay on (and hopefully he will) and even if Jackson does decide to give their relationship another go, I don’t think Aaron will be able to stay faithful. He’s too young and still has his needs so will go off with the Flynn’s of the world for sex and then back to Jackson for love.

    By the way, as much as I love Jackson (which is alot) I really liked Ryan Prescott as Flynn, much more than I thought 😉

    • Shawn, I think your view makes a lot of sense within this really depressing story. Aaron probably has the best of intentions but will find himself physically drawn to others and both he and Jackson are headed for an inevitable breakup.

      What the show refuses to acknowledge is that Aaron could have a sex life with Jackson, even with his paralysis. Tetraplegics can have sexual experiences. Jackson isn’t dead or the Elephant Man for goodness’ sake, but the show would have us believe he’s not worthy of any human contact. (Or are they telling us Aaron is really a pushy bottom? Never mind….:) )

      Why the writers chose to cripple Jackson in such a revolting manner is beyond me. The only way I can see MS being properly utilized is if they allow some form of recovery and thus give him a fighting chance for Aaron’s body and soul.

      • @Mark duuude u made me seriously ROFL…and yeah now that u mention it Aaron does seem like he’d be a bossy bottom! hahaha

    • I totally agree.

    • Shawn, couldn’t agree more! Because i just feel exactly the same way as you! At first, I didn’t really like flynn because I think he’s not the type of guy for Aaron! Like I don’t know how to describe the feelings that I have for Flynn (his first impression to me was he’s the type of guyt that doesn’t seem to have a lot of patience when things aren’t the things that he has expected)but i just want to say that when he’s not on the screen, I start to miss him…
      whereas Aaron and Jackson, I think after the time that he has spent with Flynn before he leaves town, he has become to realize that maybe Jackson is the one that he wants to be with at the end yet i think he also knows that Jackson can’t give what he wants deep down which leads to the next point that i want to say is: Aaron’s love for Jackson is just something that is both mentally and emotionally. That’s why at this moment whenever he sees Jackson, he keeps on reminding himself that there will be nothing going on between him and Flynn because he has only been having a few drinks with Flynn and because he thinks he has been brushed off by Flynn. But as he spends more time with Jackson (now that flynn is out of town), in my view yes he will be more sure about his feelings for Jackson, but on the physical level he wants to be with flynn because by being with flynn, if he also likes flynn then he can *express his feelings to him by you know making out or something… I don’t want to go too far from now but hopefully you see my point. *cheers.

  11. THANK YOU! im so glad that he finally tells him he loves, you could tell from the last epiosde how happy they bith wereto be in each others company, im just glad that it has finally reached to where it needs to be 🙂 🙂

  12. Hi Alan, no reply button but I had a great time thank you and Brenda’s booze is on its way special delivery!!

    I would never expect to see any scenes in Emmerdale like the Hollyoaks ones but, as you say, a lot can be implied with dialogue and even seeing the two guys in a bed together would be enough for us to figure out what’s going on. Aaron could even keep his t-shirt on if he likes if he’s not brave enough to go topless.
    Also, Aaron has grown up a lot and if he really is committed, his defences will have to come down and scenes of them together to some degree will have to be shown especially if the story is to be believed.

    Slightly harsh comment about the sick bucket, I can see Danny has still not been forgiven for some of his previous acting. I think Aaron has become more reliable and more stable. He doesn’t kick off like he used to and he became Jackson’s shadow when he came home from hospital, barely leaving his side apart from to go to work and sleep. Him and Jackson used to have some good banter and Aaron does have a sense of humour, it’s just recently, he hasn’t had much to laugh about has he? Brooding, now let me see, no, can’t argue with that one but he has to keep some of his old characteristics otherwise he wouldn’t be the Aaron that some of us love would he?

  13. Hi Sharon: Glad Brenda’s booze is on the way – Diane has even had to put the pub uyp for sale while you’ve been away because she can’t cater for Brenda’s liquid needs :-).

    I honestly don’t think you’ll ever see A & J in bed together – some of the more conservative viewers wouldn’t like it, I don’t think DM in all honesty would like it or be comfortable with it. I think I remember reading an interview with that doyen of British romantic novel writers, Dame Barbara Cartload, and she said that she never bought sex into her books – you left the couple gazing intoi each others eyes at the bedroom door, and then it was up to your imagination.

    I have never read a word of Dame Barbara so I have to take her word for it!.

    I think the only way you’d get gay bed scenes in ED is if they poach Paul Marquiss from Hollyoaks, who is gay and bought fairly explicit scenes into The Bill when Scott Neal played gay PC Luke who was having an on/off affair with Sargeant Gilmore.

    I have always said I understand Aaron and I have some sympathy for him, but honesty compels me to say I have never really “liked” him – he is a bit cold, give me the warmth of Ryan, Adam, Marlon, David any day.

    Aaron and Andy are the two supreme “brooders” on ED. And Cain of course. Now perhaps, that Charity has left Cain and Andy has given up on his ex-wife, Smithy Cottage will soon echo to the patter of tiny feet (they’ve got the mice in again) and Ryan is leaving, perhaps all three of them could share the house together. What explosive fun they could have….

    • Alan, I’ve caught up on a few episodes since I got back and saw Diane was putting the pub up for sale. Maybe she won’t have to now Brenda’s got her own supply en route.

      Could you imagine those three sharing a house together – what a bundle of laughs that would be. I bet the conversations would be a joy to behold!!!

      • They’d probably rename the cottage Bleak House, and the walls would be painted black and festooned with boxing punch bags, whips and chains and Andy – and the ED viewers, would finally get to know what happens when Uncle Cain and Aaron go away for 3 weeks at a time to Bristol – “looking for car parts” indeed!

  14. Alan, I’m so glad you’re on here, that’s the first thing all day I’ve read that’s made me smile. Thank you.

    Apparently, Danny said there’s some interesting scenes coming up between Aaron & Cain in the summer. With the image you’ve just planted in my mind, those scenes could take on a whole new meaning now!

    • You never know Shron, if they can get Paul Marquiss to take over you should get a lot of steamy scenes if you remember his “Bill” days.

      I am not sure how the 7 pm ITV audience will react to line like:

      “Quick Aaron my piston rod is overheating”

      or Aarons “Cain, hold tight to my exhaust pipe – it’s is dropping off”

      I think we will have to edit out lines like “oil the ball bearings”, “do you think you can handle this chasis?” and “Grip hold of this with the pliers” is right out of the question 🙂

      • Alan, even better, they made me laugh out loud!

  15. Sharon, I promise you that if they make me series producer, in addition to sacking Aaron, Mia, Ella and Rhona, I will give you every evening instead of “Vonnie Diggle” and her friends, the lines I have cut from that nights script on the grounds of taste.

    For example Page three scene two: we have cut Aaron’s line “I can’t take it any more”

    Page 5 scene one at Smithy Cottage Rhona’s line “This thing is bigger than both of us!”

    and Page six scene three we have cut Cain’s line “Us sadists deserve a fair crack of the whip”

    Finally, on grounds of taste and P.C. we have cut Ryan’s line on page 12, scene two in the garage where he hands in his notice and says he has had enough “Hazel’s big end has gone”

    • love it apart from one thing and you know what that is without me even having to say it!!!!!!

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