Posted by: Kimbaforeva | February 21, 2011

Spoiler Pic: 2nd March

Monday 28th February: Coming out of the pub laughing with Flynn, Aaron is thrown to see Jackson. Seeing Aaron is quiet, Flynn reminds him he is a good listener, and Aaron is grateful for the offer. Flynn then casually suggests going back to his place, but aware he wants to take things further, Aaron makes his excuses and it’s clear that he’s becoming increasingly torn.

Tuesday 1st March: Jackson picks up a new wheelchair and Hazel optimistically hopes that it will give him a new level of independence and a fresh start. Later, Jackson tells Gerry the truth about the situation between him and Aaron – and it’s clear this has done nothing to endear Aaron to Gerry.

Wednesday 2nd March: While on a date with Flynn, Aaron opens up and admits to him that he can’t stop thinking about Jackson and is struggling to make sense of his feelings. Flynn tells Aaron that he is disappointed but pleased he has finally been honest with him.

Later, Aaron arrives at Jackson’s and asks him to be honest with him. Although Jackson begs him not to do this, Aaron says that he can’t just turn his feelings off and he never stops thinking about him. He asserts that he has always told him to tell the truth and will do so now. He then says: “I love you.”

Thursday 3rd March (7pm): Jackson is thrown that Aaron has finally said the three words he’s waited so long to hear. Aaron assures him that he’s not going anywhere this time – they’re going to get through this together and he isn’t doing it out of sympathy. Arriving at the pub, Aaron and Jackson tell everyone they’re back on for good, but Paddy and Chas are worried.

Thursday 3rd March (8pm): Aaron assures Paddy and Chas that his reunion with Jackson is what he really wants and he finally knows what love is.



  1. Poor Jackson looks so sad, MS portrays the depression and despair Jackson feels so well, I can’t imagine anyone else doing it better or even as well

    • Hell, yes, Alan – I think that’s why this story has kept us tuning in long past the point of sense – MS is just brilliant. Here’s hoping the writing gives Jackson a lift for a change. Aaron has to really make a great, grand gesture to get through to Jackson. And we all deserve to see that after the months of torture we’ve had to go through.

      • Yeah i think you are both right… Marc has been brilliant
        but I think it would be an understatement if I said “I’m worried” about how Danny’s performance will be for this confession….more like “I’m terrified”
        so I’m trying not to get my expectations to high

        Danny… come on, knock this one out of the park
        We faithful fans need to believe this!!! please

    • I agree, Alan. I’m crossing my fingers here and hoping that the 2 March episode exceeds my expectations.

  2. What does this picture even mean?

    • Good question, Elsie – It appears Aaron is actually getting within a foot of Jackson. That alone might be cause for a national holiday.

      No, I don’t sound bitter at all, do I? 🙂

      Here’s hoping DM can pull off the biggest scene in his career – convincing a man he loves him.

      • Oh no, not bitter at all and you ARE right, it will even more difficult than his coming out and we all know how big THAT was. **fingers crossed**

  3. well its not before time is it?

    • I know. The phrase “too little too late” springs to mind.

      • My own feeling is that they will get back together, but it is a question of for how long.

        When I remember myself at 18, and how I was different by 21, nothing is very permanent at 18. A week seems like a month (or at least workdays did) and you might really believe or want a thing but later you change your mind.

        I probably sound a bit superficial, but I don’t think I was unique, and I just feel that anytime there was a problem Aaron would storm out and head for Bar West.

        I would love to be wrong,but we must never forget “Aaron” thrives on angst, conflict and emotionalism!

  4. Christa, Sorry there was no reply button. I think DM is going to have to give a performance up to the level of that one – “the” one last March when he came out to Paddy (though hopefully with no violence this time! :-).

    I really applaud the idea of a non-stereotypical gay couple, and Marc really has done a convincing job, like Jim Sutton did in Hollyoaks. Jackson has proved that you can be gay but be exactly the same as a straight man in all respects, I sometimes feel Aaron (or DM) tries too hard to be hard and aggressive.

    If I were directing this episode, I’d take Danny aside and tell him that I wanted him to, relax, be convincing and give his all and – I would warn him, if he didn’t, I’d approach “Sean” from Coronation Street to stop stitching knickers in Underworld, and come and be his new “love interest” in ED.

    • Good one, Alan, tho’ I think Brendan on Hollyoaks could be a good love interest for Aaron – he likes to beat the bleep out of the boys he loves. 🙂

    • All good points, Alan. The irony is that there is no contradiction at all between being intensely demonstrative with another man and being conventionally male. As I recall, the best example of this was the character of Omar Little in “The Wire”.

  5. he won’t be too late, jackson loves him, and i know DM will perform it immensly as in my opinion he always does 😀

  6. Blimey, Jackson looks miserable in that photo – despite the fact that the guy he loves so much is FINALLY about to say the same thing back! Maybe Jackson is thinking “you what? Why the hell didn’t you say that last October instead of putting me though all this bloody misery, you div?” 😉

    Seriously, let’s hope they do get back together following Aaron’s declaration, even if it is only for the short term. Good knows we deserve a bit of happiness as well as them!!

    • Hell, yes, Shawn!

      And here’s a message for Paddy and Chas: Jump Off a Cliff, You Hateful Harpies.

      Love the actors, hate the writing, especially for Paddy, whose character has been assassinated in recent months. Don’t recognize the guy.

  7. Phewwww at last… And I hope that Flynn guy will be gone for good.. I just hate to see Aaron and Jackson being apart.. although the situation is more than complicated.. two so young man and such mess.. so far the both actors were briliant in the dramatic scenes. Marc just broke my heart in the scene talking to the camera his true feelings about Aaron going out with other bloke and Danny is terrific as ever potraying Aaron’s dilemas and torn apart soul…
    BTW – never saw so cinematic quality stuff in soaps.. ever.. way to go.. But what I just read about suicidal solutions just made me shocked. Are you guys insane or what?

  8. OK, I just realized something funny in this picture. DM has another pimple outbreak. The last time he had a big one was during his first big love scene with MS while Snow Patrol played. Looks like we’ll see a kiss then. 🙂

    • Mark, wow, you’ve got good eyesight. I never spotted that.

      I was thinking, however, that Aaron is in a good position to move in for a kiss.
      After the length of time we’ve all been waiting, it had better be a good one too!!

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