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Suicide storyline?

Jackson Walsh will reportedly die in a forthcoming controversial assisted suicide storyline, it is alleged.

The Sun reports that Jackson’s mother and his lover will crush a lethal dose of tablets into a drink. The ITV1 soap, watched by eight million viewers, was apparently slammed last night by campaign groups who fear the producers are using the plot just to “chase ratings”.

Jackson, played by Marc Silcock, 22, was injured in a road smash last year. He will ask boyfriend Aaron Livesy (Danny Miller) and mum Hazel (Pauline Quirke) to help end his life.

An Emmerdale insider last night said: “Jackson will start discussing plans to end his life in the next few weeks. His resolve to see it through will strengthen, which will lead to many rows and emotional scenes.  Throughout the plot, there will be a phone number on screen for a helpline for anyone affected.”

Industry watchdog Mediawatch-UK slammed the storyline. Spokesman David Turtle said: “Emmerdale has been trying to push the boundaries for some time just to boost ratings. It’s a soap, not a serious discussion about a serious topic.”

Alistair Thompson, of the Care Not Killing Alliance, said: “I hope this is done for the right reason and not to chase ratings.”

In 2000 EastEnders character Ethel Skinner took morphine pills, aided by friend Dot Cotton. Assisting a suicide can lead to 14 years’ jail.

An Emmerdale spokeswoman said last night: “We do not confirm or deny speculation about future storylines.”

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  1. Trying to stay calm here – but if this report is true then this show has lost my support. Completely and permanently.

    • I am horrified beyond words. This is the most appalling story I’ve ever heard conceived. Why would the show take this depressing route? Why would we tune in to watch this dirge? And what about the message it sends to the disabled and to gays? Just so damn wrong.

      • IF this story is true – and I would have expected a denial by now – then it is staggering that the producers of this “show” would rather allow an assisted suicide plot development rather than present the story of two men in a committed same-sex relationship. This merely confirms my suspicions that Jackson’s paralysis conveniently stopped them from presenting a proper same-sex relationship and was really all about giving DM opportunities to emote. The underlying cynicism of all this beggars belief.

    • Why would the show comment now to verify if the rumour is true or false? They’ve already accomplished getting folks in a real snit over it. Talking, whining and ranting about it. Working yourselves into a frenzy. This thread has been so hilariously amusing. The harse negativity being directed against Danny Miller. The way that folks are demonizing an actual dead man that created BOTH Jackson and Aaron. If you guys wanted those two characters to be treated like “special snowflakes” then stop watching the show now and just read fan fiction.

      • So glad we have entertained you, but of course, you didn’t have to read what was written if it made you so upset and distraught.

        As I am one of those singled out in your little rant, perhaps I could just say the reason Danny has been mentioned is because of his sometimes strident interviews and comments, which makes him appear brash and conceited.

        As for “actual dead” Gavin Blyth, it seems he concocted this very depressing story and it is continuing beyond the grave. As his name appears in the credits still, obviously we have to assume he had some input. I can understand why he was depressed in real life, and I am genuinely sorry for him, but there was no need to inflict his sombre mood on the viewers.

        Much is made of what a wonderful producer he was. Was. As he sadly is no longer with us, it is time they found a replacement whose mind is perhaps a little less melodramatic. and melancholic.

        I can’t quote see what you mean by “special snowflakes” a rather obtuse term, but perhaps I could respectfully suggest you yourself “melt away” if reading these comments makes you overwrought.

      • I’m glad that you’ve found 5 minutes out of your very busy life to stop ragging on an actor who doesn’t have any control over what is or isn’t written for a character that he’s paid to portray. At least he and MS. Are able to have a distance between who they are and who they portray on the show.

        I, for one hope that the AS storyline IS true. JUST AS LONG AS IT CONTINUES TO DRIVE YOU MENTAL OVER IT, THAT’s wonderful news for me. I’ll even start a campaign in support of Aaron needing to end Jackson’s misery as the only way to prove that his love for him is real, pure and true.

  2. I can’t believe they would go through with this storyline and lose such a great actor from the show. The character of Jackson Walsh has proved to be extremely popular and ED run the risk of alienating a lot of viewers if they kill him off. There’s just no need. His story could easily take a different trajectory. Tragic!

    • I can’t believe that they would do something like that, it is crazy1 I watch the show for Aaron and Jackson. the idea’s they would give people in a story line like that is just down right stupid.
      If they want to do something to help the storyline, then have some doctor come in the picture and say that there is some kind of surgury that could let him walk again, or something like that, NOT some stupid storyline.

  3. If this is true I will stop watching. This is an absurd route to take on what could be a really great storyline. The writers need to realise that they could show a happy, loving couple that happen to be gay and one happens to be paralysed, not some twisted story about assisted suicide. I really hope this isn’t true, no matter the circumstance there is always another option, Emmerdale should show that instead.

  4. For f*#k sake …. That’s all I can say for now

    • My thoughts exactly!

    • I can’t even form the right words to express how I feel right now. This is seriously f**ked up.

      • Elsie – and everyone else – I don’t want to be a bore, but if you feel this outrageous and repulsive storyline should not go ahead the only way to stop it is to complain, and I would urge you to write to the executive producer, Steve November at the address I gave yesterday.

        Even if the Saintly Blyth devised this storyline, even if he were still alive, Steve November as exec producer would have had the power to stop it, he has the final say. It might help him reach the right decision if enough people contact him.

  5. when I saw this headline I literally got sick to my stomach
    I don’t know what to say
    I think I’m done
    I don’t know if i can watch this day after day with this in the back of my mind
    just wanting for this horrible episode to ruin my love for the show
    I can’t do this

    it’s crazy how invested you get I can’t believe how this idea has affected me
    its crazy and it can’t end this way

    please dont do this

    • Christa, you are not alone. I feel your pain. This is a terrible development.

    • i feel the same, but i don’t know wheather im sad or angry they cant do it, they just can’t, think what it will do to poor aaron, and hazel, they just can’t.

    • I felt the same way.

  6. I’ve seen this storyline coming for a long time….since Jackson broke down in hospital and begged Hazel and Aaron to help him. I’m not surprised with this news.

  7. I’m not surprised either, but Iam disgusted. I take it this is another of the late Gavin Blyth’s ideas, which have gone from being melodramatic to downright sick.

    I am sure that the knowledge of his fatal illness is commensurate with those bleak ideas he had in his final monthsbut surely ED has had enough deaths already this year and it is only February.

    It is time a new producer came in and got rid of some of these bleak stories

    • I totally agree. “Sick” is precisely the right word for this development.

    • The body count on this show is revolting. There’s no reason for this story. I’m really ticked off right now.

      • Hey Mark, Ticked off, I’m absolutely devastated. Can’t believe the programme would even consider doing this. What is going through their minds?

        I expected some misery after the happiness of the guys reunion but this??
        It just leaves me speechless. So glad I came back – not!!!

    • Alan, do you remember that July Gay Times interview we talked about? Asked about what kind of plot they’d dream of playing out, MS said he’d like to play someone with a serious illness. DM said he wanted to kill somebody onscreen.

      The boys have known for a year this story has been coming. Gavin must have been in one depressing frame of mind to come up with this sh!!!!t.

      • Hi Mark, I sometimes honestly wish that “Aaron” had succeeded in killing himself last year, simply because it would have satisifed the self-pitying aspect of his “tragic” character, and it would have stopped the physical and mental destruction of a far better man – Jackson. You SHOULD have just left him there, Adam

        Perhaps if they go ahead with this vile scheme they could turn it into Romeo and Juliet, with Aaron topping himself the same day. He is already Mini-Hamlet and Natasha was Lady Macbeth, Cain is making a fair impression of King Lear, so let’s have Shakespearian Emmerdale 🙂

  8. May I respectfully suggest that everyone who is as disgusted by this storyline as I am write NOW to Steve November the programmes executive producer to complain?

    The Sun is the biggest load of garbage on the market BUT they usually get these sort of stories right – probably the damned thing has already been recorded.

    It’s three months since he died but Blyth’s name is stgill on the credits, which suggests the programme is recorded long in advance.

    • f anybody does want to write to Steve November, Executive Producer, his address is:

      Yorkshire Television Ltd

      The Television Centre

      Kirkstall Rd


      LS3 1JS

      • Alan, is there any email address you can find that we can use to protest? Thanks

      • Alan, I agree 100% with you. Thanks for the address, I have written my letter. Let’s hope we can all express our dismay at Mr.November.

      • I have just noticed somebody has given me a thumbs down for just giving Steve November’s address where you can write – IF YOU WANT TO.

        Now I know about being a free country and all that, but I suppose it is the same person who votes down virtually everything I write.

        Fair enough, if you don’t like my opinions, give me two fingers, but don’t be so bloody stupid as to vote down a factual address, which was offered with no opinion attached to it whatsoever.

        How pathetic is that! – still it is half term I suppose 🙂

  9. Meta,

    No rely button – AGAIN

    I agree 100% with what you say. I have written to express my views to their executive producer and I hope others will.

    I know the Sun is a terrible rag, but they have been quite successful in the past at getting soap stories right (they said that a character in Eastenders would die during the live episode last year, and despite BBC denials it was so).

    Also the fact YTV wont “confirm or deny” suggests tacit confirmation.

    Perhaps they are kite flying?. Marc has already signalled he would be prepared to stay, so perhaps YTV wants to see how popular Jackson is amongst viewers – please get writing those letters.

    I suppose every man Aaron ever falls for will be despatched so he can buy a box of tissues every few months.

    Final thought: is “Aaron” worth loving?

    • To Meta and Alan, I applaud and echo your thoughts. The show clearly doesn’t want to present a loving same-sex relationship. It’s about DM crying onscreen so he can win more awards. Aaron will return to his self-loathing ways times ten – how could he not after killing the love of his life? He’ll face prison time for the assisted suicide.

      Throw away the damn key.

      I swear, if the show moves in this direction, I’m done. There’s no way I can watch and let this sickness into my life. What a wretched message to send: gay equals death, disabled equals death, depressed equals death.

      Are there no disability rights groups in the UK to protest this kind of story?

      • I couldn’t agree more, Mark. If they move in this direction then I am done with this soap.

    • In a word, Alan, no. Aaron isn’t worth loving.

      I knew I had good reason to be cynical about Aaron’s ILY on 2nd March. This news has completely overshadowed it.

      • It’s very much like the films Brief Encounter (Celia Johnstone and Trevor Howard) and Double Idemnity (Barbara Stanwyck and Fred McMurray). Doomed love – it’s a category in itself.

        In the case of Brief Encounter “Laura” (like Aaron) was concerned with what others would think and wanting to conform to the social mores of the time (1945) when you were not supposed to love anybody you wasn’t married to, and in Double Idemnity the affair was doomed from day one for different reasons, but there is no doubt from the first scene in both films there is not going to be a happy ending for at least one of each couple.

        I am heartily sick of Aaron, his anxiety to tell Jackson he would never walk again, when the doctors had advised against it, and if he does this repulsive act with Hazel, he will be, for me, totally beyond the pale.

        They won’t go to prison though – Hazel is contracted till December and while the ghost of Gavin hangs about Leeds, “Aaron” is fire-proof.

        If only they’d make me series producer – “Aaron” would be receiving a very unpleasant surprise when his contract was up for renewal. 🙂

  10. Is it weird I saw this coming?? I predicted some form of euthanasia when this story started so if this report comes true then I am worried about either I watch too much soap (more than likely) or i am psych-either way this story would soul destroying for viewers and the characters involved

  11. Hi Mark,

    No reply button, again. I can’t find an email address for Emmerdale per se’. There is this email address:

    BUT I would guess this is the equivalent of the BBC’s Duty Room, and any complaint might not get through to Emmerdale’s production Ofice.

    That said, if enough people flooded that address with emails I daresay they would have to pass them on to Emmerdale

    • Hi Alan,

      I used this email address from the website:

      If you have any queries or comments about an ITV show, you can email us at:

      • I have a feeling that these addresses, like the BBCs su=imilar department don’t really do much with the complaints they receive – the BBC “log” them, which just means on such and such a day we received 6 phone calls, 5 emails and a text about such-and-such. And that’;s the end of the matter.

        I would suggest, with respect, if you have the time you write to Steve November. Even if he doesn’t personally see the letters his PA will and you can be sure that your views actually get to the ED office.

        These viewers enquiries email addresses are on the whole used to shield the programme makers from their viewers. They are a very timid lot you know!

  12. I actually feel physically sick at the moment. I can’t believe the programme would do this. By all means, get the characters to talk about it as it would probably go through your mind at some point but please don’t make them go through with it.

    Just thinking about it is really upsetting. I know Marc said if he ever left, he wanted it to be on the back of a big story but surely not this. After the happiness of the thoughts of them getting back together, this is just the worst news. The thought of Jackson dying is bad enough but to go down this route, words fail me.

    I wish I’d stayed in France now and never read these articles. Even watching the happy scenes of their reunion will now be overshadowed by these horrible images.

    I can only hope that this is the programmes way of testing public opinion and that they can change the filming before it’s too late. I’m devastated!!

    • Hi Sharon, I think you had better divert some of Brenda’s booze to me!

      Frankly I think Gavin Blyth was taking out his frustrations and depression on the character of Jackson, echoing as it does the hopelessness he must have felt in his own personal circumstances BUT – and this is important – because Blyth felt naturally extremely upset at his own fate, you have to relaise that for people like Jackson there IS hope – through anti-depressant medication, psychology and even psyciatry if necessary to help overcome the depression.

      Virtually no attempt has ever been made to explore depression on the programme. I am very surprised that the charity MIND, or even the Samaritans haven’t spoken up about this publically, or that the programme made no efort to get their advice.

      As regards physical disability, given Jackson’s strength of character he would fight, I think. Mind you the writers managed to get Ryan’s character totally wrong last week, so I don’t have much faith in the muppets currently scribbling six episodes a week.

      On the more intimate side, even if Jackson can’t have sex or doesn’t want to, it doesn’t stop him being loved, or expressing love. After all sex and love are not indivisible.

      Throughout this whole story Jackson has been made to suffer, either physically through Aaron throwing that punch at him, mentally because of Aaron’s verbal aggression, the accident and now this cycle of depression and wish for oblivion.

      And it can be blamed on two things: the morbid mind of their late producer and the need or desire for Danny Miller to prove all over again what a sensitive and award-winning actor he is.

      • Alan, only if you promise to share it with me. I think you’re in England aren’t you?

        For once, apart from the last paragraph, I agree with everything you’ve said. What they’ve put Jackson through is cruel to the extreme. He’s a broken man and the writers have allowed this to happen when they could have done so much more, got him through his depression with the proper help, made him fight to regain some sort of life for himself, show that a disabled person can still be loved and have a life worth living. They could have made this story so positive instead of being soul destroying and about as negative as it can get.

        The only gripe I have with the last paragraph is, as I’ve said before, Danny isn’t responsible for the writing or the storylines. He could and probably will prove what a sensitive actor he is when he does the I love you scenes and whatever may follow. He doesn’t need to help his boyfriend to die to show these traits and we, as viewers, certainly don’t need to see it either.

    • Sharon, sorry you had to come back to this mess. How quickly things change in a few days.

      I’m heartbroken, gobsmacked, gutted….and really angry. So the point of injuring Jackson all along was first to break this fine lad’s body, then his spirit and now Aaron’s heart. While DM may not direct the stories, the crew knows there’s gold in those tears – and hence this revolting story. I don’t even think I want to watch next week’s sliver of happiness. What is the point when the payoff is Jackson’s death?

      • Hey Mark, I can’t believe what a difference a few days makes.

        I’m all the things you are and more besides. Even now, after having a few hours to think about this upcoming tragedy, I still can’t believe Emmerdale would go down this route. Revolting is a very apt word. Watching what should be happy scenes next week will now be overshadowed by horrible thoughts of what’s to come. I’ll try to block them out but don’t know if I can.

        AND without wanting to add any further misery, after any death comes a funeral. My worst nightmare is coming true in the most horrible fashion. I’ve said to both you & Alan before, a grieving Aaron speaking about Jackson at his funeral would finish me off, I know it would.

        God, who’d have thought when I first saw these two young cute guys almost a year ago that it would turn out the way it has. Rihanna sums it up quite nicely:
        On the first page of our story, the future seemed so bright
        Now it’s all turned out so evil, I don’t know why I’m so surprised.

        I think, if Jackson has to die, I’d settle for any kind of natural death rather than have to watch this story play out.

    • Sharon, I’m not sure I can even tune in for the alleged happy scenes. And from the even newer spoilers released a few hours ago, Jackson’s spiral begins the following week.

      Words fail me. I can’t believe the show is doing this. What does it say to disabled viewers?

      • Hey Mark,the message this sends out to disabled viewers is such a negative one, it’s almost past belief that Emmerdale are even considering going down this road.

        I will tune in next week, god knows, we’ve all waited long enough to hear Aaron say those immortal words. It might be the last chance we get to see a little bit of happiness for them both.

        As for the new spoilers, if you’re talking about the couple for the following week, I can see I’m going to get more & more hacked off. For Aaron to try so hard only to be rejected yet again is just becoming unbearable and by the sounds of it, for anyone who thinks Aaron is undemonstrative, unaffectionate, cold and everything else he’s been called, they should watch this space.

        What are they trying to do to these two characters and us viewers? I thought I’d test my resistance to Aaron crying by watching some of the hospital scenes after Jackson’s accident and I failed miserably. God knows what I’d be like if this story comes to fruition but I can make a pretty good guess.

  13. Alan – no reply button again. Yes, but the producers of Brief Encounter and Double Indemnity were telling a story of doomed or obsessive love that was dramatically plausible within its cultural and social context. There were good reasons for the dramatic choices that were made, for Brief Encounter especially.

    I don’t think the same could be said for ED’s portrayal of a same-sex relationship in 2010/11. There was no dramatic reason to portray A & J’s relationship as conservatively and as aridly as they did. There was no dramatic reason why J had to be permanently paralysed. It’s as if the producers asked themselves how they could secure an award for DM and worked their way from there. And if the story made little psychological or dramatic sense well, hey, that was a price worth paying. Again, all very cynical in my book.

    • A reasonable and plausable reason, Meta. Danny Miller will become the new Lacey Turner – every award must and will go his way (I hope he doesn’t end up like poor Miss T though, within months of ending her glittering EE career, she was reduced a couple of weeks ago to opening a public building in my area; Dahlings, she cut the ribbon BEAUTIFULLY – hold the front page! :-).

      I do sometimes wonder at Blyth’s unshaking belief in DM at the expense of other cast members.

      The reason for mentioning Brief Encounter & Double Idemnity (apart from showing I know old black and white films made long before I was born) was because I suspect many of the ED audience at 7 p.m. are still living in 1945. Just like Queen Victoria couldn’t believe there were such things as Lesbianism (which is why it was never illegal in Britain), back in ’45 as far as “decent hard-working families” (to use the politicians favourite phrase) were concerned, Aaron and Jackson would have had to do the decent thing and shoot themselves. They have to be punished. They were perverts, or at best, mentally ill – well, it looks as if one of them will be punished. The wrong one if “punishment” really is necessary.

      • I don’t know. Perhaps I’m naive, but I like to think that the 21st century soap audience is little bit more evolved. Even making allowances for differences in age, I would find it hard to believe that the audience demographic is wildly dissimilar to CS or EE, and in EE at least Christian and Syed are shown as a physically demonstrative, loving couple. I would accept that in the big three soaps same-sex relationships, taken as a whole, are not presented in precisely the same way as straight ones when it comes to sex or even the suggestion of sex.

        I wonder whether ED sometimes underestimates the good sense the commonsense of its audience. You will always get people moaning about two gay men kissing, but those sorts of complaints do not necessarily represent the majority view.

  14. I knew this was going to happen I mean it’s a gay storyline it always happen in a gay storyline something tragic has to happen in gay storyline’s to me its not a gay storyline unless someone is shot or killed it seems but anyway, what I don’t get if the report is true is the timing if it? I have left a comment before were the writers don’t know what you do or how to write for this storyline so they dont know were else to go but to kill him off but i feel they miss that oppertunity so whay now? I get ratings all about the ratings but why not just kill Jackson when he was in the hospital it would have been the honorable thing to do and also save the tv show from back lash and hate mail that there going to get if this storyline play’s out it just dosent make sense to me?

  15. I also agree that, if this AS storyline does come to fruition in the manner suggested, Aaron won’t do time for very long – if at all. If there is one thing this show is consistent about is that those around him will always find ways to rationalise his wholly egregious behaviour.

    • Yes I have no doubt that Chas will congratulate him and Paddy will assure him he did the right thing (he would have suggested putting him down if he were a dog) and even if Aaron gets a taste for killing, (perhaps Adam will finally give in to him and be rewarded with a dose of rat poision afterwards) Paddy will still love ya!

  16. i do not agree with this storyline
    i think should not do this

  17. I never agreed with the decision to paralyse Jackson in the first place. But I can’t blame him for wanting to end his life if that’s the way the story goes. He was really successful as a builder, outgoing and loved his life. Since the accident, he just sits in his chair or in bed and is fussed over by his mum. Plus, there’s no real prospect of him getting any better. Lots of people would rather die than live like that.

    • But Jake, nobody no family member or friend, certainly no medical professional has ever given a thought about his depression. He is going to feel helpless and hopeless (his mum woudl drive me round the b******y bend!), but they should at least go down this route.

      I am sure 99% of people who become disabled after living very full lives of physicality must feel like this – who wouldn’t?, but there has been no single attempt made to at least give him the chance of dealing with his depression.

      What ED producers/writers need to remember is that they have an audience of 8million. Some of those people are disabled, or viewing with disabled friends or relatives or any one of them may become disabled in future.

      What is this programme telling them?. You’d be better off dead, and not even try to cope with the very understandable grief and depression you fgeel.

      Surely every programme owes it to their audience to offer hope.

      • Yes -absolutely, Alan. Every program DOES owe its viewers some hope. But this is Emmerdale, where hope is rarer than a unicorn.

        Jackson has been paralyzed for approximately five months. That’s not nearly enough time for someone to become adjusted to such a life-altering circumstance, nor do make the decision to end his life. He should be receiving intense psychotherapy to help him adjust.

        This story is about giving DM another round of tears for the next awards season.

  18. Hi Sharon – no reply button again (next time Aaron and Cain are in Bristol seeking rare car parts perhaps they could look out for a reply button in a scrapyard?).

    “The only gripe I have with the last paragraph is, as I’ve said before, Danny isn’t responsible for the writing or the storylines.”

    True, but I think he enjoys being the centre of attention and has frankly been allowed to think the whole story revolves around him – all the casulties are merely incidental, everyone else a mere bit player for his scenes.

    Did you notice for example on that Gavin Blyth Memorial Ball promo, that Danny introduced he told us we were going to see afew of the great scenes Blyth had been responsible for?

    Remember the very first clip?

    Aaron, in tears on the phone on the night Jackson met his destruction in the accident. Aaron has to be first always.

    I have been told that Carl and Jimmy are on the lookout for an extra large lorry for the fleet of Emmerdale Haulage vehicles to carry Danny’s ego round for him 🙂

    • Hey Alan, if you remember, in the beginning this story WAS all about Aaron. Jackson was a bit like Flynn, only brought in to help Aaron’s story along. Then, they made a great decision and decided to keep him in the programme and, the longer he’s been on our screens, the more popular he’s become, not just as Aaron’s boyfriend, but as a character in his own right.

      It’s been said by both Danny and Marc that nobody, including them, expected Aaron & Jackson to become as popular as they have, either as a couple or as individuals, and I don’t think Emmerdale knew what to do when their popularity soared.

      Haven’t seen the clips that you mention but am not surprised if the first clip shown is the one you mentioned. It was a great scene!! Now I know why Jimmy keeps disappearing in that lorry of his, it all becomes clearer now.

      • But (oh dear I KNOW this will not be a politic thing to say) once Aaron had got the tears and violence of coming out over with, and then whining confession at his trial, it couldn’t just be Aaron’s story. For one thing you can’t be in love with yourself, and, for another, Aaron (lets keep the actor out of it as a concession) is at base rather a boring, self-pitying character. He needed a partner (though God help them) he is to my mind one of the most undemonstrative arrogant partners you could wish for.

        Truly I don’t think he was as ready for this role as dear old Gavin thought he was, so they need somebody like Jackson to balance it.

        This is Aaron & Jackson’s story, not mine, but I have to say when I was growing up I met lot’s of “Aarons”. At the end of the day, whenever they got caught at some indescretion or act of bullying or some selfish transgression they always tried to excuse it with their victimhood. They could cry real tears and really move you. An hour later it was all grins and boasting. The truth is Aaron would have been selfish, aggressive and arrogant whatever his background had been.

  19. Meta: the reply button disappears again, sorry.

    “I would find it hard to believe that the audience demographic is wildly dissimilar to CS or EE,”

    I think on the whole ED audience is likely to be a bit older (the nightly live excitement of BBC1s “One Show” is too much for them). EE has quite a young audience and because it has been around for so long ITV wouldn’t dream of getting rid of it, so they can do more or less what they want (I read there is going to be a cross-dressing boyfriend for old Audrey – wow!). Such a plot would have been unthinkable even five years ago. When they did a male gay story (the character “Todd”) a few years ago, there WERE complaints and he was written out. They tolerate Sean because he is a bit of pantomime camp, the sort of Carry-On figure who talks about it but would never dream of doing it (“Are You Being Served” all over again).

    Eastenders being a BBC production doesn’t have to worry about complaints so much and always hids behind it’s “we are offering a public service” ethos.

    ITV have to worry as much about advertisers as it does about the viewers. I daresay, judging by the otiose little song of EDs sponsors (an on-line bingo company),they wouldn’t like to be associated with gay goings-on – what would “Vonnie Digglie” and “Jens Dad” not to mention “Loonylegs” make of that (I apologise to viewers outside the UK who have no idea what I am talking about – boy you don’t know how lucky you are!).

    But quite frankly I would rather see two men in a committed relationship than the constant and boring bickering of Cain and Charity or Declan and his raddled wife. We all know it can happen, but do ITV?.

    Of course Channel 4 has never had the same sort of problems with “family values” so they can do far more in Hollyoaks at 6.30 than ITV can do at 7. Stupid I know, it’s 2011.

    • I agree that the fundamental concern is ratings as these guarantee the revenue stream from advertising. Though to be fair to CS, the Todd/Nick kiss only generated 21 complaints to the ITC (, which doesn’t really suggest that the audience as a whole is greatly concerned about pre-watershed kisses. There will always be special interest groups who make it their business to complain about what they see as the promotion of the “gay agenda” and such groups will probably complain about any positive representation. But I doubt whether such groups are actually representative of the audience at large.

      • I agree 21 is a small number, the problem is these nutters usually manage to stir up an MP or two who goes on making a noise about it (if I remember in this case it was the now ex MP Anne Widdicombe).

        We have recently had in the UK a case where a couple who run a seaside guest house (I think in Torquay where Fawlty Towers was set, or at least in the West of England) refused to give a room to two gay men on the grounds of their strong “Christian principles”. The two men sued the couple and won their case, but this pair of wonderful Christains have appealed the courts decision with the aid of a very vocal Christain Organisation, whose name escape me (possibly the Christain Alliance but don’t quote me) which has the ear of certain sections of the British right-wing press.

        It has to be said that most of the press have sided with the guest house owners, because they feel their “strong Christian principles” (some of us would call it bigotry) should be allowed to take presidence over the law of the country, and poor things, if they have to pay up they will lose their business.

        That is Britain in 2011, and even where fiction is concerned I think some companies and programmes are still so anxious not to offend that they pander to that section of the audience who disapprove of something and want to see it stopped or punished.

    • Hollyoaks has made a star and a leading man out of a closeted gay who routinely beats his boyfriend. And you know what? It’s still a more positive show and story than Emmerdale. Huh. Go figure.

      • Well said, Mark.

  20. Alan, Cain & Aaron need to get to Bristol quick to get that reply button, it’s badly needed.

    I agree that after the court scenes, it stopped being Aaron’s story. There were others involved at that point and, while it is possible to be in love with yourself, I’ve come across plenty of people in my life who fit that description, Aaron certainly isn’t one of them and a partner was needed. Jackson is the opposite of Aaron in so many ways, the old ying/yang thing and they always say opposites attract.

    As you’ve made a concession by keeping Danny out of it, I’ll make one too. Undemonstrative, I agree with although we have seen a slight improvement recently. Arrogant I’m not so sure about – aloof maybe, closed off possibly.

    The difference between Aaron and the people you describe is that Aaron has never been a cry now, grin & boast about it later type of person. His tears, when we’ve seen them, have been real & genuine. Aarons’s selfishness and agression were self preservation tactics to keep people away so he wouldn’t be hurt by anyone and people wouldn’t see how vulnerable he really was. Somehow, Jackson saw through all this and the rest , as they say, is history.

    Funnily enough, when I was in France, I saw quite a few Aarons, which surprised me. It appears that they are a global brand even having their own uniform – trackie bottoms, hooded tops, trainers and a permanent frown on their face!!

    • Hi Sharon: “. Aarons’s selfishness and agression were self preservation tactics to keep people away so he wouldn’t be hurt by anyone ”

      I honestly wish they had stayed away. Because it always ends up others get hurt more than him. Honestly he is not worth it. I don’t want any more deaths, but as ED seems to have a fetish for it, if there must be a suicide let it be Aaron – he’d enjoy that final, tearful moment of tragedy “Put out the light, then – put out the light”…..he’d have a ball! “Oh that this too, too solid flesh would melt and hasten into adieu….Nah, I’ll just use this old Cortina” 🙂

      • See, now you’re echoing what Aaron thinks of himself, that he’s not worth it. I’m telling you, under that exterior, is a basically good guy, slightly flawed maybe, but with some good qualities. I’d have him in my corner any day.

        Whilst I’m sure he would cry for England in his own suicide scene, the powers that be obviously have other things in mind for him. I just wish they would forget about death and concentrate on letting people live and be happy. Surely that’s not too much to ask.

  21. Hi Sharon, Agree with you entirely about living – with proper professional help Jackson could be far better – he is a strong man really, but naturally feels defeated because no idiot has thought to get him the help he desperately needs.

    When I say Aaron isn’t worth it, I mean that he is not worth the pain and suffering caused to Jackson, the casual way he will cast aside Flynn.

    Aaron is one of life’s natural loners. He will always feel an outsider, and however many friends like Adam and Paddy he has he will always be somewhat isolated, and I think there is some part of Aaron who wants to be alone.

    Aaron should never have come out – he has been in some respects even more wretched since he did. I begin to feel he should go back in again

    • Hi Alan, I agree Aaron is comfortable with his own company but that doesn’t mean he wants to be alone. That’s why I hate the way this story ended up. He finally admits that he loves someone only for that person, if the rumours are to be believed, to ask him to help end his life.

      • But it would be safer for everybody, Sharon. Given his lack of affection towards others and his arrogance (this will sound crude and I’m sorry) but he and everyone else would be better off if he stayed in his room with some DVDs of an adult nature and a computer for cybersex. He would have to be affectionate then

      • The story’s contrivances are mind-boggling. I do agree that Aaron is worth loving. Every human being is, and Aaron can be intensely loyal to those he cares for.

        What we all need to be careful about is separating Aaron from DM. They’re not the same person, after all. 🙂 One might have needs and limitations the other doesn’t. And I do smell the rank hands of the producers here who recognize how good DM is at crying. It’s about sobbing for ratings.

        Man, am I depressed today.

  22. Everyone should start bombarding the cast and crews twitter feeds if you want them to know how you feel about this storyline. I think that would be the most effective as they would see it for sure.

    • Great idea T.M. Everyone who is repulsed by this storyline should use whatever means they can (and more than one if possible) to register their dislike. I do know though, that letters sent through the post always carry a bit of extra weight. In cyberland there are no sheets of paper, loads of letters cant be ignored.

  23. I find the fact that the Sun article “appeared” shortly after the Emmerdale spoilers informed us that Aaron would finally declare his love for Jackson next week extremely weird. These 3 words are such an important part of Jackson’s destiny and it is something the fans of Aarson have been waiting for for months. And instead of allowing the fans to look forward to this episode they are being confronted with more gloom and heartache right away. I don’t really understand the PR strategy behind it.

    It makes me very, very, very unhappy that Emmerdale apparently has decided to take the route of AS to end the story of Aaron and Jackson – maybe because Marc Silcock will leave the soap, maybe because the producers don’t know what to do with the Aarson s/l anymore. Anyway, Emmerdale will not only loose a very talented actor and an interesting character but probably a lot of viewers as well.

    But they will also have to change Aaron in order to make this s/l believable as well as bearable. Something that would make quite a few Aaron fans not exactly happy I assume.

    The decision to help a person you love to commit suicide takes a lot of strength, deep love and altruism. You need to let go which is so hard and difficult to do, you have to put your fears, despair and pain aside. Usually you would do anything to prevent a loved one from dying. But in the case of AS you are actually helping a loved one to die although you know that it will break your heart. And something like that will change you forever. You will never be the same again and will see life from a complete different angle.

    So, until the departure of Marc Silcock I will enjoy every minute of his acting because I know he will be brilliant in such a storyline. And I am sure for him as an actor a s/l like AS is a huge challenge and he will enjoy working as part of it immensely.

    • “And I am sure for him as an actor a s/l like AS is a huge challenge and he will enjoy working as part of it immensely.”

      I don’t think the word “enjoy” is applicable frankly. I think it is a miserable, disgusting story, no doubt instituted by Gavin Blyth from beyond the gravepoor MS will jut have to go along with it

      • I have been astounded by MS’ range in this part. The episode in which he simply exhaled after Aaron left the room devastated me. But I don’t think I have it in me to watch him carry out this arc of the story. He’s that convincing an actor that it’s too painful to even consider watching Jackson give up on life and demand death.

  24. I knew this would happen I said it ages ago as a joke, its awful, I like Aaron and his story, but this is shit, and I don’t agree with it! Let me guess, Hazel gets done for it and ends up in prison too? Then Aaron gets away with it and moaps around feeling sorry for himself for a few months then just carries on as normal?

    • Yep – that sounds about right.

    • Oh yes, for sure Aaron will get away with it – no doubt after another whining tearful court appearance like last May’s.

      But if he takes part I think he should go to prison – after all poor Ryan went inside for three months for something he didn’t do, and Aaron is tougher than Ryan

  25. Ok Peoplez i’m gonna try not to get up on a soapbox here and just make a few points:

    1. This is a soap opera…not real live people.
    2. the actors do not write the show….I’m pretty sure no matter how popular one character/actor is they don’t get to decide the direction of their own storylines.
    3. we all knew ages ago that Mark’s contract was ending in the spring…ever think maybe he chose not to resign?

    Alan…as much as i think you make some really awesome points occasionally, you are one big ole drama queen lmao…and i still can’t for the life of me understand why someone who so obviously and strongly dislikes a character and/or actor spends so much time on a site dedicated to that character/actor with seemingly no intention other than to complain about that character/actor.

    but free country etc etc blah blah

    i guess i’m the only one who thinks that it takes a bit o ballz for a soap to go this route with the storyline…..i doubt an american soap would try it…and as much as it might “sicken” some viewers, assisted suicide happens everyday all around the world in some form or another.
    now don’t get it twisted i’m not advocating for it at all…just sayin it’s a fact.

    living your life as a tetraplegic can be devastating physically, mentally and emotionally..and probably on a daily basis…not everyone has the fortitude or resolve to live out their life this way.

    plus if every character on a soap got “the proper help” for their depression, psychosis, neurosis etc etc, then the shows would be pretty damn boring wouldn’t they.

    I hate this twist as much as most of you guys and it breaks my heart for these characters i’ve somehow invested much more of my emotions than i ever intended…i wept when i read the spoiler for march 2nd and bawled when i read this article….but when does any sl ever end up with happily ever after?

    • Troia, you make some good points and let me try to answer a couple.

      Marc has been very open about his willingness to stay on the show and said as much in the pre-show interview before the NTAs.

      What roils me is that the show is taking the one gay man open and willing to love and has systematically destroyed him, first his body, then his spirit and now his life. And it will use that as a device to ruin Aaron, who will pick up his self-loathing with a vengeance. And how could he not? Imagine the next night at Bar West: “Tell me about your ex.” “I killed ‘im.”

      Yeah, I think Aaron will be single for a looooong time.

      This could have been a story about hope, about recovery, if not physical, then emotional. But Emmerdale is choosing the most ghastly, reprehensible twist, one that says disabled people are better off dead. If Jackson had succumbed to an infection, that would have been a far more, well, understandable death and served the same purpose – leaving Aaron bereft. Instead, Jackson will demand his death from Aaron, who has finally realized he loves Jackson.

      I should shut up now. This thing has me wrapped up in knots.

    • Point 3: As late as last week Marc Silcock had publically said he was open to staying in the programme.

      Yes real life does have some horrible things, all the more reason not to put stuff like this on, on a soap that has already had three deaths already this year, and in real life where some of the actors concerned are so fed up with things they have chosen to leave.

      Why lose an assett to the cast, just so you have something “exciting” to show (probably on a Thursday so you get a double dose of misery).

      And as for critisising Aaron, well he is hardly a saint is he? beating people up, always prone to self-pity.

      If ED don’t want to keep MS they could write him out so he leaves alive it dosn’t always have to be you exist Emmerdale in a coffin. It is becoming something of a tiresome cliche’, but there are some very serious moral issues (sorry to use the word) about assisted suicide and it shows rather poor taste to make it the subject of cheap entertainment.

      There is a place for bleak misery despair and OTT plots, and that place is Eastenders – you get pathos and melodrama there by the bucketload

    • Hi Troia, I agree with everything that Mark and Alan have said. The fundamental point is that the A/S storyline – if it is true – is being used, not as a way of sensitively and intelligently exploring the reasons why a person would choose that path, but merely as a way of securing higher ratings. It is cheap, exploitative and sensationalistic. I appreciate that such storylines are the meat and drink of soap-opera, but this really does leave a nasty taste in the mouth.

  26. Sorry my reply above was for Troia – strange things seem to be happening on the site!

  27. If this happen’s. I believe it is sending the wrong message.

    It is saying that if you ar edisabled your lif eis over. Jackson is adjusting it is a devastating time for him. But for goodness sake living with a disability need not be a life sentence of hell with no way out but killing yourself.

    He is relatively healthy i.e. not in any danger of dieing.

    The show would win my vote if they showed Jackson accepting what has happened to him and forgeing ahead and succeding to live a happy life.

    • I totally agree.

      • That goes for me too, Karen.

        It is highly irresponsible, even for a soap opera to suggest or imply that there is nothing a disabled person ca do but roll over and die.

        It is inconceivable in real life Jackson would not be under close medical supervision, and even if Jackson himself or his mouthy mum didn’t tell the doctors Jackson was depressed that he or she wouldn’t note this and suggest councelling, or the medical doctor would refer him to the psychology dept.

        They depict being disabled in 2011 in a manner worthy of Charles Dickens time, and depression as unmentionable.

        It also seems to imply that being a blackmailer is OK (Cain), even aiding and abetting a murderer nd perverting the course of justice is something you can walk away from (Nathan), but being gay and disabled has to be punished by death.

        It’s like one of those gloomy “morality” films of the 1950s

  28. I will say this as well. If the show really goes down the A/S route I sincerely hope that we will spared the spectacle of various individuals touting for votes. That really would be adding insult to injury.

  29. I hope this is not true because there has been to much emotional drama for Aaron and Jackson and this would just send me over the edge…. I know their storyline would never just be sunshine and daisys but it could show his recovery and just Jackson being Jackson again I really hope they don’t go ahead with this storyline because instead of them boosting viewers they would lose quite a lot including me.

  30. This is totally not the best way to end Jackson’s role in Emmerdale:( I can’t believe this: first he’s being hit by a train and now he wants his loved ones to help him die? Especially after Aaron has declared his true feelings to Jackson… OMG you know what if it does happen, i swear I’m not going to watch it because i noe that it’ll never be easy for me to watch something like this happen to Jackson! And besides, I don’t think the producers are bring the correct message to the audience too. Are they trying to say that when people in the real life experience the same as Jackson, they should ask their loved ones to help him die instead of living their lives normally with their loved ones? like seriously i just feel like they are trying to discourage people from being gay and from being to live their lives normally!

  31. Hi, Alan, this is a response to your posting above re the Christian couple. Sorry, no reply button – yet again! I am not sure that the case you refer to is indicative of British public opinion. It might reflect the views of the right-wing press. But when I read the various op-eds on the issue I was struck by the fact that what they were really bewailing was the loss of their Christian traditions.

  32. Hi everyone! Well I agree with you all!! To be blunt, I think this A/S idea is absolutely f***ing disgusting!!! How is this entertainment??? And DM and co bang on about public support for the show, well why the hell don’t they bloody listen to what us supporters/viewers want??

    MS has said that if he did leave, he’d want to go with a bang, not just disappear in a taxi so read into that what you will. I believe that Jackson would be feeling this desperate about his situation but ED bosses have a responsibility to show this story in a positive light. If you end up like Jackson you’d be better off dead? Please!!

    This is completely the wrong way for the story to go and is most definately sending out the wrong messages. If I was gay AND disabled I’d be insulted by this. Shame on Emmerdale.

    • Totally agree.

  33. Who wants to start a betting pool that the first and last time we’ll ever see Aaron & Jackson in bed together – clothed, of course! – will be when Jackson sips his hemlock?

    And the cliches just keep a-coming!

    • I can picture it now! Aaron lies on the bed (not in it, which is where jackson is – duvet separates them). aaron’s arm round jackson’s shoulders kissing, sorry, kisses , his forehead whilst hazel feeds jackson his drink. Yeah defo picture that!

  34. Although all of this has yet to be confirmed by ED, I would just like to make a point to them. This A/S storyline is causing a furore, which I imagine is what they want to happen, however what they haven’t banked on, is the total viewer support for Jackson Walsh’s character. Since coming into the show as merely someone who assists Aarons s/l. He has fast become one of the most well loved characters in Ed for his warmth, generosity of spirit, endless witty sarcasm and general gorgeousness! The bearded wonder has won us viewers over totally and most of us cannot envisage the dales without him. Like most of you I think ED had this s/l mapped out for a long time, but they weren’t banking on Jackson’s huge popularity. The producers may need to do an EE and bow down to public opinion and do a swift 180. They need to realise their viewing figures, although high for the sensationalist eps, will gradually fall away. What they should be doing (IMO) is quickly rewriting the s/l. They could touch briefly on the subject of a/s but let Jackson fight back from the brink of despair with proper counselling and the love and support of his boyfriend and family. Show the viewers a smidgeon of hope and show that gay and/or disabled people can have a good quality of life with the appropriate help. Come on Ed listen!! I have also let these views be known on several other forums and fansites. A new one The Emmerdaily is definitely looked at by ED, so check it out and record your views on there. They will be seen by the powers who be!

    • Well said, Jane.

    • Jane, you are my kind of girl! Completely with you on everything you say 100%. LET’S SAVE JACKSON!!!

    • HI Jane, I’ve said it before, and make no apologies for saying it again, all the serials suffer from the same problems:

      Too many episodes churned out each week by too many writers, many of whom seem to change the natures of the characters (in this case esp Paddy and Ryan) to suit their own particular story

      An overwhelming desire to “shock” by dragging in “challenging subjects” thus we have had in various programmes:

      Dead baby swaps

      Tram crashes

      Car/train accidents


      “Accidental” deaths and killings

      ….and so on. Each stunt has to be bigger than the last, and as a consequence, more unbelieveable.

      In Emmerdale’s case they are especially anxious to shock on a Thursday night, so we had a low-rent fire, trailed by the late Mr Blyth as one of Emmerdales biggest stunts, it was nothing of the sort. It was cheap and looked it. Low bidget thrills, if you can it such.

      Last week we had a kidnapping and suicide.

      Each plot gets more ridiculous, more out of touch with reality and in the end boring and predictable.

      I think each of the three main soaps should be reduced to 2, or 3 at an absolute maximum episodes each week. They could then concentrate on producing better scripts rather than resort to headline grabbing sick stunts

  35. This storyline makes no sense at all. There is no reason for Hazel or Aaron to ever want this for Jackson. Even if Jackson wanted this, why after rooting for him to stay strong and fight, would they turn around and help him kill himself. We witnessed what Hazel went through to make a life for her son by providing him a home. And how about Aaron, after being pushed away time after time, finally finds that he cannot live without Jackson and truly knows he is the love of his life, vowing to stay by him. This does not make any sense, unless there is something in Jackson’s physical condition that gets worse. Like him losing his ability to breathe on his own.
    Either way, If it is true, I wish MS all the best and I will be looking out for anything else he does in the future. He is a really talent actor and I can see nothing but greatness for him.

    • Darrin, while we are all upset at the way that Jackson is allegedly being written out, thank you for reminding people that two other characters are going to be affected by this as well and, as you point out, it makes no sense after everything Hazel & Aaron have been through with Jackson for them to agree to help him end his life.

  36. You’re gay. Go kill yourself. You’re tetraplegic. Go kill yourself. What the hell is ED trying to do? All for the sake of boosting their ratings? This is bull crap! There has been more downs than ups in this A&J storyline so much so it’s depressing and exhausting to watch. I’m to the point of having enough already. And now … a guided suicide plot … this just sickens me! If this plot is realised, then I’m done with it.

  37. Back to the subject at hand:

    1) On principal I don’t ever believe a word The Scum says.
    Emmerdale NEVER confirm or deny these sort of ‘leaks’. They didn’t say anything about the ‘Christmas civil ceremony’ remember.

    2) I can totally see why Jackson might prefer to be dead & I can imagine Aaron helping him, if he really believed that that was what Jackson wanted, but I cannot see Hazel being so quick to dispatch her only son.
    It has only been 4 months & while they have probably been 4 very long months for Jackson, I’m sure that she would definitely want to explore every possible avenue before heading down this cul-de-sac.

    3) Gerry on the other hand is a different kettle of fish.
    I can just see him wanting the simple solution of rubbing out the disappointing son & starting again with his new one.
    He has a second chance to raise a son to be a ‘proper man’ & I’m sure he’d rather not have the old broken one hanging around, putting ideas in his brothers head.

    4) You all knew that Jackson was leaving, how else did you think he would go? He literally cannot just walk away!
    After professing his love for Aaron why would he even want to leave, to go & live somewhere else without him.
    If Jackson is going & Hazel is staying, then death is his only way out. Unless you would rather he lived with his dad, personally I would prefer death!

    5) It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that Jackson could die of natural causes.
    This sort of injury can severly shorten your life span, look at Christopher Reeves.

    6) If you want to stop watching, then just do so & stop going on about it. No-one is making you watch.
    Some of you hate the programme & the characters so much, I wonder why you ever started watching it in the first place.

    • 1) With the greatest respect, I think you have misunderstood the motives of the people who have posted on this blog. Everyone accepts that reports in the British press often have to be taken with a pinch of salt. What people are simply saying is that IF the show goes down this path of assisted suicide it would send out the wrong message. Incidentally, the point about the Christmas civil ceremony is wide of the mark. One of the soap magazines suggested it as something they would like to see. It was never a “spoiler”.
      2) Agreed – but much depends on the timescale.
      3) Re Jerry? Are you serious? The show has never suggested this. Jerry has never truly accepted the fact that his son is gay, but he doesn’t wish him dead. And why would Gerry worry about Jackson influencing his half-brother when Gerry was the one who wanted Jackson to live with him when he came out of the hospital? It was Jackson who refused to live with him.
      4) Yes – we all knew that given the extent of Jackson’s injuries that death was on the cards, as you say. But why does that have to mean assisted suicide? Why not natural causes? It is the motive behind the choice of assisted suicide that commentators deplore, NOT the fact that Jackson might die.
      5) Agreed.
      6) I would say that the overwhelming majority of the comments have been posted by individuals who have become deeply invested in the storyline – I recognise many of the names. They do not hate the show; they wouldn’t be taking the time and trouble to post on this blog if they didn’t care. As I have already said, they just deplore some of the dramatic choices taken by the producers over the last few months. Many of the commentators were drawn in to Emmerdale by Aaron’s story. Some have been viewers for many years. But I am sure I speak for many when I say that all of us posters have been moved by Marc Silcock’s performance as Jackson Walsh and the talent he has displayed. Naturally, we would prefer that the producers recognise this and retain his services. There is certainly nothing here that could be characterised as hatred for the show or its characters.

      • Meta, thank you for your concise, well-thought out reply. I agree with your fine many points here. While I am disappointed MS is leaving – we all know it was a possibility, though I hoped the show would keep him on – I am horrified by the story’s direction. It sends out a repulsive message to gays, the disabled and the depressed, and it seems designed solely to manipulate ratings points – though I must say I won’t be tuning in for that.

        As for Gerry, in his own lunkheaded way, he does love his son – and I suspect we’ll be seeing more of that. Was he phobic? Oh, yes. But he’s trying in his own way – and as you note, Meta, he genuinely wanted Jackson to live with him. Hardly father of the year, but not a villain, either.

        While Aaron’s coming out story was well done, the introduction of Jackson – a mature young man capable of giving and receiving love – was the attraction for me. That this character has been systematically annihilated is the tragedy for me.

        MS is an incredible actor and I am sure he has a bright future ahead of him – on a show that will value his talents.

      • Hi Mark. Totally agree with everything you’ve said here. Jackson is the only reason why I stuck with this show after the coming out episodes.

    • “An Elephants Child” With respect, to take your last point first, if you are as bored by our comments as you imagine we are by the story, nobody is forcing you to read them.

      AS for Jackso’s dad (sorry if things bore you) he actually said at the hospital in October that he wanted Jackson to have a wife and famil “now I’d just settle for him being alive” Note those last 8 words and re-read your para 3.

      re para 4 We “Don’t all know Jackson was leaving”. Certainly until a fortnight ago the actor who plays him didn’t know, and was signalling his willingness to stay on.

      If Blyth devised this loathsome plot obviously he and his team of writers kndew but the person most concerned aparently didn’t otherwise he wouldn’t to put it bluntly, have made a fool of himself offering to stay only to be virtually “sacked” weeks later.

      Para 5: Christopher Reeve was a lot older than 22 and had been disabled for a much longer period of time.

      I agree with your comments about the “Sun” (it’s slightly to the right of Ghengis Khan) but they do have a good track record on TV spoilers – usually because “an insider” leaks the script for a financial consideration.

      Finally, could I just say that it is a rather emotive thing to use te word “hate” in relation to a person or a character. There might be a dislike, but hate is far too theatrical and play-groundy.

      It is not to “hate” Aaron to point out that he can be moody and aggresive verbally and physically or that “Jackson” was ill-advised to go back to Aaron after he hit him for nothing in the pub, or that “Paddy” and too many others (including viewers) are far too ready to make excuses for violent and abusive behaviour.

      • Well said.

  38. Noooooo jackson don’t do it 😮

  39. Have just listened to “Just Say Yes” by Snow Patrol.

    Brought back memories of Aaron and Jackson’s first night together.

    Can’t believe the way things have turned out. Never thought it would be like this. Such a shame.

    Also can’t believe where all them months have gone!! This was back in June 2010 !!

    • Agreed, that song will always now be associated with Aaron & Jackson in happier times. What a sad way for their story to end.

      • They can’t do this it’s just to sick they can’t can’t can’t gonna protest on there facebook page they can’t so this I’ll never ever watch emmerdale again of they do it’s just to sick to see they’ve ruined the show now the f****** indiots

    • Ah Paul, happy days mate, that episode back in June was fantastic. We were so full of hope for them back then.

      • i know, tell me about it.

        could just forget about it and hope there are more great stories being written for FanFiction !!

      • It’s amazing how it all went to sh!!! so quickly and how long we’ve been suffering through this. What a dirge. Paul, if you’re on, check out degniman at

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  41. I had a horrible, horrible sneaking feeling they were gonna do this, and it looks like it’s gonna turn out to be true. I feel GUTTED!

    • And let’s face it, we all know this will happen on a Thursday night, because having two programmes to fill, they always cynically use “shocking” storylines, be it murder, suicide (Henshaw), rape, to fill up the double episodes. Cheap and predictable as well as depressing and unnecessary

      Mind you we had a shock last night – after three months Mia has learned how to answer a telephone. She will be learning to read and write before we know it!

      • Haha @ Alan !!

        Hope you are well

  42. Hi Paul, Yes I’m OK thanks, just wondering to what depths Emmerdale is prepared to sink on Thursday nights.

    They will run out of big shocking stories one day. I suppose we could always have Jai and Charity abducted by little green men from Mars, bribed by Cain, of course! 🙂

  43. Am I being stupid? A while back Marc Silcock said in an interview posted on this site that Jackson slowly starts to adapt to his new life, now it’s reported he decides he wants to end is life? I’m confused.

    Marc also said he’d be open to staying on, though surely if this storyline is planned so far in advance, he’d have an inkling he wouldn’t be sticking around? Or maybe he just said that as a smoke screen?

    Forgive me if I’m cluthing at straws here!

    • Clutch away, I’m right there with you.

      Marc also said before the NTA’s that he would like to see Aaron & Jackson happy together again either as friends or boyfriends but there were going to be lots of twists and turns before they got there.

      well, an assisted suicide seems pretty final to me and doesn’t really leave much room for any twisting or turning.

      It seems like we’re all just gonna be kept guessing.

      • We’re all so desperate to grasp at any positive sign for this story. I know I’d welcome any hopeful omen. I just see another train coming. Sigh.

  44. Does anyone get the impression that this soap is going downhill?
    Regardless of whether the “suicide” story is true (and I pray to God it isn’t), just lately we have had Chas and Carl’s non-wedding (copied by Leanne and Peter in Corrie), Henshall’s suicide after going “manic” within one episode, Jimmy’s sudden vanishing act after meeting up with a character who left ages ago, Lisa’s “covering up” for her rapist, the list goes on and on. The Natasha Wylde murder plot was dragged on for months until she suddenly said “I did it” as if she was admitting to shoplifting.
    Anyway, even the suicide of a man in a wheelchair plot has been done before on this soap. Charity’s previous husband, Chris Tate, was in a wheelchair and took his own life. Depressingly, ED have got “form” for this sort of thing!

    • “Does anyone get the impression that this soap is going downhill?”

      Many times, Keith, many, many times. Many times.

      In “Cain” you have EDs answer to EEs “Phil Mitchell” a thug who happens to own a garage.

      Rodney is EDs “Ken Barlow”

      The spoilt overbearing bossy brat characters of Nicola, Rhona, Ella, Mia and Charity are too similar.

      the complete uselessness of Declan’s family jars (last night ageing bimbo Ella insults Adam in the line “you got that, Adam?, small stonews on top of big ones”, as if she were a building exprt and Adam was a 10 year old – the character of Adam is a harder worker than she has ever been – again it’s the “us and them” syndrome, of a witless character who thinks she can insult and humiliate not because she is intelligent but because she married money. It took 3 months for Mia to learn how to answer a phone, now overnight she has become a qualified secretary. As for loveable road daddy, I think the actor concerned was far better as Father Jack in that he only had to learn three words every week.

      Paddy and Marlon are becoming Laurel and Hardy

      And – sorry to mention it again – Gavin Blyth’s name still appears as producer, which either means these episodes were recorded by the mile last year or they are keeping the programme as some sort of depressing shrine to his memory. Hence the morbitity of recent stories. As far as I know his successor has STILL not been appointed – are ITV thinking of doing to ED what they did to Heartbeat ?(i.e. stockpile recordings then not make any more).

      The way things are going, TBH, I wouldn’;t be too upset if they took it off, or at least reduced the number of episodes each week so we could have quality writing, believeable plots – quality rather than quantity.

    • Forgot to mention Keith, that one bizarre twist in the “Jimmy” story next week is that he loses his memory (mind you if I was married to Nicola I think I’d pretend I had, too). She is even more distraught, when, having persuaded him to go back to Aarondale he chooses to stay with Carl ratrher than her.

      How long before CS or EE borrow the “amnesia” plot in exchange for ED “borrowing” the fire from EE

  45. Well, this is totally ruining my holiday, gee.

    Now, if u were look up the word “Emmerdale” in any dictionary, it says “this word should b used when u run out of words such as disgusted, rubbish, horrified, etc or when to describe feeling beyond anger, outrageous or sick etc”

    How is that justice when Jackson gets to end his life by the two persons he loves the most in this world? How are us viewers gonna feel when in the very first of March we get 2 see the greatest scene we’re all long for, and then comes April we’ll witness the saddest moment of all?

    We love this story so much so believe me when I say this on behalf of most viewers that this is one story that we’re all happy to throw away all logic out of the window ( I personally smash the window if needed ) just 2 see Jackson get full recovery and have a happy life.

    If this turns out 2 b true, then “Jane Wilkinson” was right when she said Emmerdale will get the highest rating 4 that. Oh, we will tune in but not because u want us to but because we had loved Jackson the moment he took that pint from BarWest so we will stand by him till the very last moment he takes that “lethal drink”. Tragic, yes, heart breaking, yes, but we have 2 do this, we want 2 do this for our beloved character.

    One last thing, Emmerdale may have a stellar casts and amazing stories to tell; however, the lack of courage and heart in writing and directing and the most important factor is the ignorance of affection and opinion from viewers that makes Emmerdale always was, is and will remain the third one in UK soap land

    • ….not to mention, Harry, the writers and late producers entire ignorance that depression IS a curable illness.

      I have to say I will not watch the episode where they kill the character (if they do). It is sick, not least because, in their quest for sensationalsim nobody has ever addressed Jackson’s depression, not even his over-bearing mum and he apparently never sees doctors.That is totally unbelieveable in 2011

  46. Somebody tweeted yesterday that the show should be renamed “EmmerDie.”

  47. Mark (and Paul) Sorry no reply button again. I’ll have to take a three week trip to Bristol to find one……..

    Thanks, Mark for the link to the fiction. The writer is very talented – there are two stories there. I especially liked

    “Where does your life go?”

    Where indeed!

    The opening line gets you. Or it got me anyway – perhaps I’m just in a wistful mood today. Part of that is the shock on looking at the voting figures that so many people think it would be good or entertaining to see Jackson die. It’s not enough that they’ve seen Jackson’s body broken, now they want his spirit broken too. Their minds must be as warped as Gavin Blyth’s was (and I would say that, to his face, if he were alive)

    I still find it hard to believe that one of the mental health organisations like MIND here in the U.K. have not made a public comment about how they are just allowing this story to be shown, without suggesting help is available, or to advertise at least the Samaritans phone number. Depression CAN be a killer if it is not treated.

    Yes Mark, “Emmerdie” would be more appropriate as a title three deaths in the past six weeks, how many more before they are putting up the fake snow and tinsel when they record the Christmas episode in August?

    • Alan, I am equally baffled at the lack of response from mental health groups and groups for the disabled. Perhaps they’ve got bigger concerns than a third-rate soap clutching for ratings (sorry, my bitterness is what it is), however, ED is still seen by eight million folks, allegedly.

      I suspect that with the introduction of a real-life tetraplegic later this week – a wonderful development and long overdue – the show is setting us up for Jackson to suffer a huge medical setback – thus “justifying” Jackson’s request to die. In a way, that makes the use of the young man guesting – a friend of Kelvin Fletcher – even more reprehensible in my book.

      Don’t take the poll seriously, Alan. Some people just like to mix it up for the sake of causing a ruckus.

      Other people have noted this: The timing of the spoilers is very odd. We allegedly are getting a huge breakthrough scene next week, one of utter romance. I wonder if that scene fell so far short in the execution that somebody had to leak this?

      Don’t mind me. My head is scattered today.

      • Hi Mark, I can only assume that as the programme is recorded so far in advance (assuming Blyth really did have a hand in the programme as is indicated by the end credits), the story hs already been recorded and somebody in the ED office or one of the actors has leaked the script to the Sun “newspaper”, however, even if it has been recorded if there is a big enough backlash it might be possible to change it so that he only attempts suicide and doesn’t succeed (if they have to go through this gruesome procedure at all that is)

        It really should be for MIND or the Institute of Psychiatry or some other recognised body to point out that a dangerous depression isn’t being treated on a fairly major TV series.

      • Hi Mark (and Alan)
        In one of Jackson’s “telling offs”, he said to Aaron “this is off the scale of wrong”. Well, we could say the same to the producers and writers of ED if this plot goes ahead.
        Jackson has always been an upbeat character. He has always been optimistic about things (hell, you’d need to be to stick by Aaron as he has!) So I think his desire to end his life is totally out of character with the way he has been portrayed. OK, I know depression could drive an optimist to suicide, but I still think Jackson would still fight for life (remember when he said to Aaron “Did you REALLY want to kill yourself?” after Aaron’s attempt).
        So I don’t think the writers are being “realistic” here. Strange how they are determined to be “realistic” when it comes to the prospects of Jackson’s recovery (even then, realistically, some people in his position do get feeling back, at least in their arms).
        If this comes to pass, I will really miss Marc Silcock. I think ED are going to lose a wonderful actor and hope he is snapped up by someone who will cherish his outstanding talent.

  48. Hi, Keith – I think you are right about Jackson’s essential character. He has been horribly depressed, but much of that has focused on his belief that he isn’t worth loving and that Aaron would be better off without him. Next week, that, at least, will be settled.

    You and others recently have picked up on Jackson’s health. The show’s fan site the Emmerdaily ran an ambiguous story about the spoiler and noted that many people in Jackson’s condition do recover the use of their arms. I wonder if the twist is that he’ll get some feeling back and THEN suffer a setback that will put him on a ventilator.

    That would be extreme torture. I fear the show is gunning for Jackson (and all of us) with this horribly bleak story.

    The attention to “realism” is absurd on a soap that just introduced an amnesia plot. Please.

  49. I’m just wondering, with regard to Aaron’s big announcement next week, whether it’s not the fact that the scene didn’t go very well that has prompted the release of this assisted suicide story but that the people who write the show changed their minds on how they wanted the story to progress.

    Maybe, the original plan was to get Aaron & Jackson to reunite for a while and for something to happen to Jackson medically that would cause his death. Now, someone may have decided that that story wasn’t sensational enough for them so, while they still let Aaron tell Jackson he loves him, it’s still not enough for Jackson to want to live, hence the assisted suicide. If this is what has happened, then it sucks big time.

    I found a quote from Danny in an interview a while ago which went something like this – ” Steve November told me that, with what I’m going to do with Aaron this year, by the end of the year, you’re going to hate me.”

    Make of that what you will but it doesn’t sound great to me.

    Also, has anyone seen the tweet from Danny saying people are different which means decisions are different. I’d love to know what that was about!!

    • Hi Sharon, With all due respect I don’t think Danny knows what he is talking about himself half the time. Just says things for the sake of saying them. Too much of the “hey ma, look at me!” self aggrandisement abt him. I can’t deny it, I just don’t like the cut of his jib.

      • Alan, you always crack me up. Thanks for that laugh today! 🙂

    • Sharon, I, too, have questioned the timing of the spoilers….also, note, that in the pics, DM has another pimple outbreak, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Snow Patrol was playing in the background….

      I do think the endgame has always been about Aaron killing Jackson. It fits with his worldview that anyone who gets close to him suffers. Well, who has suffered more than Jackson? It will allow DM to play the self-loathing gay and thus demolish any chances of Aaron getting into a real relationship with another guy.

      As much as I enjoy both DM and MS onscreen, I finally came to a realization: The two have absolutely no chemistry together. A lot of it I blame on the writing, which has done little to foster a sense that these are two lads who are passionate for one another. Blame it on the show’s conservatism or actor preference – maybe both – but it’s hardly realistic.

      • Mark, I agree with you that what has happened to Jackson reinforces Aaron’s view that everyone he cares about gets hurt and suffers but they don’t need to kill Jackson off to prove that. The condition he has been left in would be proof enough.

        I didn’t notice the spots in the picture, what good eyesight you must have, but if spots for Danny means a kiss is coming our way, it had better be a good one after keeping us waiting this length of time.

        Also, Aaron had this thing about no public displays of affection. Well, if he’s going to tell Jackson he loves him, he’s got nowhere to hide anymore with regard to showing affection and nor have the writers, especially if they want the story to be believable. They have to give the two guys better scripts and go back to some of the style of writing we saw last year which did show some good banter between the two of them and some genuine affection.

        Unfortunately, any chemistry between them was shown more in the dialogues and the looks between them rather than anything physical. If we’re to believe the direction of this story, with Aaron declaring his love,
        the writers have to be braver and give the actors more to work with.

      • I couldn’t agree more with this.

  50. I really wish they would make Aaron straight again. It would help Danny’s skin trouble and it might mean he could make Mia’s or even Ella’s (if his in to the mothering type) life as big a misery as he has Jackson’s.

    • Alan, much as I like Aaron, you do make me laugh with your comments about him.

      But I’m sure even Aaron has standards and, remember, Adam likes Mia. He wouldn’t cross that line now would he?

      • Hi Sharon, Did you see Danny (as opposed to Aaron’s) face after losing that football match last weekend?. Talk about a bulldog chewing a wasp 🙂

        I really genuinely applauded ED for having a non-stereotypical gay character (which they have in Jackson 100%), but I still think “Aaron” was the wrong choice for the other half of the equation. I honestly think Adam would have been more comfortable in that role, or Ryan (though I can understand Jim Sutton wouldn’t have wanted to be typecast having just done Hollyoaks). They too, would have been non-stereotypical and I don’t think there would have been all the angst and certainly none of the violence. And really there was no need for that – just have 2 blokes comfortable with each other, and perhaps, to make it more believeable, a little bit of opposition from some of the villagers (virtually everyone was 100% supportive to Aaron, which is not likely, especially amongst some of the older inhabitants – Edna for example).

  51. Hi Alan, yes I did see Danny’s face and he wasn’t a happy chappy but he had cheered up when he stayed behind to sign autographs and have his picture taken with his fans.

    Me and you, I think, will probably never completely agree on Aaron although we have been known to find some common ground and we definitely won’t agree on Danny but I love the banter all the same!!!

    Aaron was chosen, as you say, for being the least likely person in the world that you would think was gay. He was already an angry, brooding, surly teen with violent undertones but all of those characteristics were supposed to be because he was gay and couldn’t handle it. Once he accepted who he was, with help from Jackson, Adam and a much nicer Paddy than the current one, his personality started changing. He will always have a temper but he’s kept it in check since the accident apart from defending Jackson that night they went to Bar West with Hazel.

    Jackson was a lovely, gentle, caring man and if you had put him with another person of a similar make up, like Adam or Ryan, it just wouldn’t have worked. They would have been too similar and maybe a bit dull as a couple. I’m not saying that Jackson deserved to be hit by Aaron, even I wouldn’t defend that, but the anger was part of his coming out, and has largely disappeared.

    I think in their own way they are comfortable with each other, both accepting the other person’s habits and personality and, whilst they are both very different characters and you’re going to hate me for saying this, they do share some characteristics too. They are both stubborn, they are both fiercely protective of those they care about, they’re both loyal and will stand up for what they want regardless of opposition and they both have a need to be loved.

    I would have thought that someone in the village would be opposed to their relationship too, but, as there was a gay relationship before Aaron & Jackson, maybe that explains everyone’s acceptance. Maybe Edna, like everyone else is just abiding by the rule live & let live.

    • Sharon, Alan,

      DM just tweeted, for no apparent reason, “Oh so what…! Other stories more severe have been explored”

      Read from that what you will.

      Sharon, I think we’ll be disappointed in the affection department. The latest twist according to spoilers will be that Aaron will try to get physically close to Jackson and it will be Jackson who is uncomfortable.

      This could be a farce if it weren’t so sad.

      • Mark, I read that spoiler too and made some comment about how people who think Aaron is unaffectionate, undemonstrative, cold etc might be having to eat their words. I hope as it only mentions Jackson’s discomfort that this will just be yet another obstacle for the guys to overcome as their relationship continues. I suppose Jackson is bound to feel uncomfortable, they haven’t shared a bed for a long time, however, I would imagine Aaron would feel exactly the same. Poor old Aaron looks like he’s got his work cut out for him doesn’t it?

        I also saw that tweet and the earlier one about people are different and decisions are different. I’d love to know what they’re about. I hope people are not using twitter to abuse him because he’s pretty good to people who contact him on there. If people are getting in touch, I hope they’re just asking questions or voicing their opinions in the right way but he sounds like he’s not happy. People’s opinions are obviously running high and this could be just the beginning.

        Then again, I could be completely wrong and it might have nothing at all to do with Aaron & Jackson.

      • Hi Mark, Sharon will hate me for saying this, but I think Miller the actor will love the assisted suicide story (assisted by him, of course) because it will put him right back in the spotlight. Sure, he’ll have to share the spotlight to some extent with Hazel but thanks to DMs adoring fans that will be no real competition. MS is bigger competition.

        He really IMHO sounds even more obnoxious than his screen character sometimes

    • Hi Sharon, Before I say anything else, (and I apologize that this will make little sense for non-UK viewers), if you want to tell a story full of sadness and pathos, like somebody setting fire to a cottage, then going off his head and blowing same off with a pistol, or the very serious theme of rape, or van/car crashes, and assisted suicide) a word of advice to the producers: You DO NOT build up the required gravitas if before the programme, at the advert break, at the start of part two and at the end of the programme, have some silly woman, who sounds so manic you’d think her knicker elastic was too tight, singing a little ditty with words such as:

      “Beautiful day it seems, love this life…” etc and “100 feet of the ground it seems”.

      THis all accompanied by pictures of morbidly obese exhibitionists, doing silly things that are unseemly (Vonnie Diggle will know to what I am referring. One of these bespectacled ladies looks like a dodgy geezer in a wig, but I can’t recal her name.

      Anyway, time for a new sponsor. Goodbye “Tombola”. Perhaps a company of funeral directors would be more appropriate. It is risible to deal with serious subjects when you have to follow nonsense like that.

      Had to get that of my chest. Sorry.

      I know what you mean, Sharon, about Aaron being the most unexpected gay candidate, and if DM could relax a bit more, and be less prone to pathos and tears it might have worked. Sadly, DM and his alter ego are so determined to be blokey and tough, I find it impossible to believe that he is gay, because he is so reluctant as an actor and a character to really let go.

      That said, I don’t think it would have been a bad idea to have had two committed compatible gay men living together, because it would have been an antidote to all the bad marriages that are depicted all the time and everywhere in Emmerdale, apart from certain characteristics unique to them, there is little difference between the conflicts of, say Declan/Ella (when she can remember her lines) Cain/Charity or Jimmy/Nicola, and the would-be adultery that is forever going on. The only relatively contended couples are David/Leila (though they have their moments) John/Moira (ditto) and the vicar and his wife (I thought the vicars wife had an uninteionally funny line last night when the vicar said “Thank God” and she said “why bring God into this?” – that’s supposed to be his job, honey!.

      I think a pairing of Jackson and Adam or Ryan would have bought a feel-good factor which is badly needed, and would also have quashed another gay stereotype, that is, of running off to Bar West every five minutes. Sure they would have had the occassional night out, but being a farmer and a mechanic they wouldn’t be dancing the night away every nightThey would still have had the two ordinary lads who happen to be gay scenaro, and especially with Adam, there were plenty of dramatic possibilities – perhaps non-acceptance of his mum and dad, an dhow they would gradually have come round. I also think it more likely “Andy” would have given him a harder time at work than Cain or Ryan did or does Aaron.

      Andy & Aaron. Now THERE would have been an explosive relationship, if it is fireworks they’re after!.

      I agree with something Mark said yesterday, that there is no real chemistry between Aaron and Jackson, or the men who play them I have a private theory as to why DM in particular is uncomfortable, but I don’;t think it is something I would be advised to mention on a public site (and I am not implying I think DM is in the closet because I am sure he is not)

      • Hi Alan, I would never hate you for anything you say on here and I love the way you’ve even dropped Danny’s first name from your comment. He really does get under your skin doesn’t he?

        Maybe, after Aaron’s declaration and providing of course that Jackson believes it, we will get to see a different Aaron and Danny will have to let go as you put it. It very much depends on how brave the writers are prepared to be with the next step of this story.

        Your last paragraph intrigues me, I’ve been thinking about it and can’t see what your theory might be. Shame it’s a public site, I guess I’ll never know. Another mystery to plague me in the early hours of the morning when I can’t sleep.

  52. All this speculation is seriously stressing me out 😦 damn those tabloids!! But to hell with the storyline I say! The stories on are much more enjoyable and most of them have happy endings, yay 🙂

    And is it just me or is Emmerdale turning into Eastenders in a bid to try and win more awards?

    • You called it, Shawn. This is about award bait. But I don’t think it will do much for the show or DM. Not exactly a feel-good story on any level.

    • I’ve read pretty much all of them stories now … some are good, some are briliant.

      They seem to cover a wide variety of scenarios from them both getting married to Jackson dying.

      One in particular ‘a selfish kind of love’ covers the subject of Jackson dying … its written brilliantly too … you can feel Aaron’s pain

      I wish i had only just found them though because i’ve got no more to read now, have got so many on the go, i get confused with the updates lol

      • Hi Paul!

        These stories are pretty brillint, I’m up to all hours reading them!

        A Selfish Kind Of Love is one of my faves even though Jackson’s not in it. Also I’m Right Here, told from Jackson’s POV is brilliant as is Where Does It Go posted more recently.

        Soooo much better than the ED storyline!

      • I’ve gone back to some of the early ones I haven’t read before … I want you, I always have … This is set on their first night together and is a bit graphic lol. But still, good to read!!

  53. Sharon, I think I fall between you and Alan on the matter of DM. His twitter audience seems to consist mostly of young girls who fawn all over him (not that there’s anything wrong with that. He is a 20 year old). I don’t think he’s getting much abuse there, so I’m not sure why the defensive comments went up – and then were deleted. He might just be trolling the web/newspaper boards and seeing the horror expressed there. On his own (unofficial) fan site, posters have been vocal about their unhappiness with this direction.

    A lot of Aaron’s unresponsiveness can be traced to DM, who has stated he doesn’t think Aaron would be affectionate and he doesn’t want to play it anyway. So I’m a little cynical at this twist that suddenly makes Jackson cold as ice. It still serves to keep DM in his comfort zone as an actor.

    If this was intended as award bait for the new year – as I fear it was – it’s not going to work for DM. Audiences tend to correlate their actors with their characters on a soap because of their daily presence in their homes. It’s one thing to reward DM for Aaron’s painful coming out; it’s another to reward him for dosing his boyfriend’s OJ. Same buckets of tears, different results. It’s not a crowd-pleasing, uplifting story. ED will have better luck with Jane Cox for her performance as a rape victim. That’s a story viewers/awards shows can back.

    Just my two cents, one cent short.

    • OK, some updated spoilers have been released for second week of March…and I am man enough to admit that this show might just surprise us all with a little romance. Don’t know how it will be executed onscreen but at least the show seems to be willing to address the issue that Jackson isn’t dead (yet!) and is deserving of some human affection.

    • Hey Mark, I went back to look at Danny’s twitter account and couldn’t see the posts we were talking about. Thought I might have imagined them for a moment.

      By the way, has anyone noticed according to the Emmerdale website, the I Love You scene has now been moved to Thursday 3rd March with the words”but will he take him back” now added. I wonder if there’s been some last minute re-filming?

      Danny has always said he would play Aaron that way but after telling Jackson that he loves him, he can’t be that unemotional and unaffectionate anymore. Judging by the new spoilers that have been released, it certainly looks like he’s going to be more affectionate than we have seen. Well, we can hope so anyway.

      You make a good point about people correlating actors with their characters as Danny himself knows all too well. I think Emmerdale will lose a lot of viewers if they persisit with the a/s storyline and, surely at the end of the day, the show would rather keep viewers with some good storylines and good acting rather than have a few awards stuck on a shelf somewhere gathering dust.

      • Hi Sharon, I think that, as ever, the story will be more sympathetic to Aaron than Jackson, what will generate the tears more from Aaron and sympathy from his fans than if Jackson rejects Aaron? – Mini-Hamlet rejected and reduced to tears. Sadly I can see that scenario.

        Perhaps DM will be more circumspect on Twitter if he senses he is upsetting some fans of the programme and of him, and curb his more gung-o “so what” retorts.

        Did you ever see the film “Sunset Boulevard”? (Gloria Swanson, Bill Holden). I think DM is the new “Norma Desmond”, only it’s adoring girls sending the twitters instead of Eric Von Stroheim sending the letters:

        “I’m ready for my close up now, Mr November”…….

      • Hi, Sharon – Oh, you imagined nothing – those tweets existed – I copied one as a direct message to another ED fan before DM deleted them as part of our own ongoing conversation about the direction of the show.

        I believe Aaron says the words at the close of Wed’s ep and Jackson’s reax starts Thursday action.

        I do believe we are entering the closest thing these two will know of bliss as they become as intimate as the show will allow before killing Jackson off. In other words, enjoy the honeymoon. The bill is coming due shortly. Aaron will push for physical affection and Jackson will resist, initially, but I do think he will relent. Jackson loves Aaron more than anything in this world and once Aaron says those words to him, how could Jackson refuse him anything?

        But again I felt watching tonight’s ep: Where is the chemistry here? They barely seem like friends. Aaron’s declaration is going to come out of left field.

        Nice to see Gerry again as he is thawing. I suspect after Jackson dies, he will push for Aaron to be prosecuted. He’s certainly not going to be in the loop before the fact – Jackson wouldn’t turn to him, and Gerry would never allow his son to die.

  54. Yes its a shock, but one i think needs to be told, and i cant think of three actors that can tell that story better than anyone.

    • Why does such a story need to be told? It has been told before by other programmes, what makes ED think they can do it any “better”?

      Why not explore other options first, like dealing with Jacksons depression, which has NEVER been done?

      I mentioned to somebody the other day, how some people can sit and munch chocolates while they watch news reports of war and famine, as if it were entertainment. DEath, real or fictional is not entertaining. IMO this bleak, repulsive storyline isn’t in the least entertaining, serves no purpose except another pathetic attempts to boost the Thursday night ratings

    • I’ve no desire to witness a young man’s systematic destruction and death, and then months of another’s suffering for his role in his death. That borders on lurid. ED is singularly without hope and imagination. I’m also suspicious that this is happening to the lone gay couple on the show. Nothing as powerful as that old message: gay equals death – from the hands of the man who loves you, no less.

  55. Totally agree with all of the above and have vented my anger to some of the writers of Emmerdale.
    As someone else wrote, they have never once tried to help Jackson with his depression, they haven’t even looked at rehab or gadgets. That is what is so disgusting about the way the S/l as played out. Its all for ratings and basically they don’t care about viewers.
    I have mentioned that I have no problem with them discussing the option of sucide. I am sure that anyone in that situation would probally think about it, but in no way do they need to go through with it. Why can’t Emmie go against the norm and actually show an inspirational storyline, a story of hope. In these bleak times we could certainly do with it.
    But I fear they won’t as the allure of ratings and winning awards seems to drive soaps these days.
    Well if this happens I will not be voting for anyone in Emmerdale except for Marc Silcock

    • Jude, the lack of hope on Emmerdale is beyond comprehension. It’s one slog after another. This story is giving me an excuse to watch less TV, that’s for sure. Marc has a brilliant future ahead of him, on a show that will recognize his talents.

      • Agree Mark, I have stopped watching Eastenders and Corrie and will only dip in maybe once a month. Mainly due to the totally depressing storylines and ruination of characters that I once liked.
        Guess I will be adding Emmerdale to that least too.
        Though part of me wishes that they would just come out with confirmation that this is actually happening and its not some ploy to get everyone talking and up in arms.
        I keep living in hope. Though I know the bosses at emmerdale need an excuse to Danny Miller to get that tear stick out. Though I becoming a bit immume to his tears now.
        If I actually heard that he was leaving as well, I don’t think it would worry me to much as the writers and bosses are determined to ruin his character with this storyline

  56. Jude, you raise a really good point – the speculation alone is no doubt going to drive some viewers to the telly. I hope for a miracle – or just some common sense on the part of the writers – but with Marc’s contract coming up, I think they are committed to giving Danny other round of award nominations. I just don’t see this story doing it for him, though. At the end of the day, he’ll still be the guy who spiked his boyfriend’s OJ and then sobbed for days afterward.

    • Also Lacey Turner last year and Corrie 50th!! Do they really think they have a hope

  57. I don’t know why ED worry about winning awards. Most of us who watch are aware of the acting talent of those involved (especially Marc Silcock, Danny Miller, Pauline Quirke and, by last night’s performance, Jane Cox as Lisa).
    However, whenever “the public” votes, the awards go to EE and Corrie, for no other reason than more people watch these soaps than ED.
    Surely it must dawn on someone at Emmerdale that they are always going to be the “third” party (a bit like the Liberal Democrats!) The only way they can be put in first place is if they form a “coalition” with one of the bigger players, God forbid!
    Anyway, to get away from politics, I wish Emmerdale would stick to telling a good story and forget about awards. I know they want a large audience, but I think assisted suicide is actually going to decrease their audience rather than enhance it.

    • Well said, Keith. ED is analogous to the LibDems here in Britain in that they are never going to have the budget, for one thing, to compete against the “Big Two”.

      I read (I forget where now) that this time it will Jackson who rejects Aaron – you can see what the writers are doing can’t you – make Jackson less popular and make Aaron the poor innocent little “victim” – again, show him in a good light.

      The writers treat A & J like a minority of parents behave if they have two kids and prefer one over the other – Aaron gets all the new stuff Jackson gets the cast-offs.

      In ED DM/Aaron is ALWAYS going to be the favourite

  58. You know what struck me when I was watching the utterly compelling final moments of yesterday’s show? The reason why the A/S rumour is so galling – quite apart from the ugly message it sends out to those in Jackson’s position – is that it feels like the last in a long line of cop-outs. The late GB promised us a “modern” same-sex relationship, but what has been presented on screen has never really been a relationship, let alone a modern one. And certainly not one which has been developed in the same way as an opposite-sex one would have been.

    Yesterday’s scene between Zac and Lisa, with all its nuanced interaction, really brought that home to me. Their body language, the way they spoke to one another, the way the actors conveyed their deep love for each other and the hug at the end were the very modest, but perfectly natural, gestures of any couple determined to support each other through a crisis. Nothing like that has been presented in the case of A and J, despite their many (contrived) crises, so any viewer who, like me, has been invested in this storyline is going to feel completely cheated by the way the story is now rumoured to end.

    ED completely dropped the ball with the A & J relationship. The first big mistake I think was to present the relationship in such an arid way, especially on the part of Aaron (no touching, aside from the odd half-hearted kiss, no hugging, no gentleness, no civility). It was to my mind completely unrealistic, psychologically, and required a suspension of disbelief that many were unable to make. The second big mistake was to leave the ILY till after the crash. Aaron’s confusion over his feelings just didn’t make any sense at all and I suspect that next week’s resolution will in all probability make little sense. I hope I will be proved wrong, but I really don’t think that Aaron’s ILY, coming as it does so late in the day and for very dubious reasons, will actually work dramatically. It will always look, to me at least, like guilt. The third big mistake was to paralyse Jackson so severely that he couldn’t be touched in any meaningful way. It gave the show a plausible, and all too convenient, excuse for sidelining any physical interaction.

    It is hard to believe that the people who got it so right, dramatically speaking, with the coming-out story should have got it so badly wrong with the A & J relationship, given that minutiae of relationships are the actual meat and drink of soap-operas. I really hope that the message will go out to the people producing these shows not to introduce gay characters if they are not prepared to do them justice.

    Rant over.

    • As rants go, Meta, that was spectacularly well-nuanced. Well done.

      As for A/J, I agree with you on all fronts. We’ve never seen much affection between the boys. The most honest, realistic scene in my mind aired when they returned from holiday. Aaron chucked crumbs at Jackson as they sat in the diner. That was the closest to real warmth and humor I can recall between the two, ever.

      Jackson’s paralysis made it easy for them to dodge the intimacy issue, although even Grams at home probably was irritated when Aaron couldn’t even be bothered to given Jackson a peck on the cheek after being away for weeks on an auto parts run with Cain. (Another story that made no sense.)

      The ILU moment is huge for the lads, and for us at home, yet it feels utterly contrived. Why would it take Aaron so long to realize his feelings? And why would a few (nonsexual) dates with Flynn do to prompt this realization? Newish spoilers today suggest Aaron will be pressing Jackson for physical intimacy. The show might finally address the idea that a tetraplegic can enjoy affection, tho’ I just think we’re all being set up for a huge fall on this show.

    • You’re right Meta. I have never bought this “Aaron can’t gveor show affection” routine since he has been cuddled by Paddy and he didn’t flinch, and he wanted to get intimate with Adam, long before Jackson.

      Also when he was trying to gerrymander after Jackson told him he loved him, when he said “nobody has ever given a damn about me”, he seemed to forget all Paddy’s kindness and forgiveness to him, and Adam saving his life – if that isn’t giving a damn what is?.

      I also, like you, feel that Aaron’s love is more to do with guilt – on Monday for exampl Aaron opens up to Flynn AFTER Aaron has seen Jackson

  59. One good sign today – Jackon’s dad seems to be thawing.

    I know he was a pig last October, but if “Aaron’s” fans are willing to forgive him his past behaviour, surely they have to admit that Jerry might have turned over a new leaf, and having so nerly lost Jackson in all senses, he has a chance to rebuild their relationship.

    It would give ED a chance if Marc has to leave (and I still say he shouldn’t as he is willing to stay), to let him get out alive, he could go and live with his dad, who at least would treat him like an adult.

  60. Alan, I have seen the film you mentioned but Danny gets just as many tweets from adoring guys as he does girls, a sign of more modern times perhaps?

    My head is all over the place, one minute all the spoilers say they’ll reunite, then we get the but will he take him back comment. Then, the week after, we get Aaron’s disappointed that Jackson is keeping his distance which has now had added to it that Aaron is happy him & Jackson are back together and suggests spending the night together!!

    I just wish we would get the same spoilers so we all know where we stand. I hate thinking one things going to happen only for something else to be suggested that contradicts the first spoiler. It’s just one more thing to keep me awake at night and I could do without it. Maybe I should just give up on spoilers and watch the programme as it happens, that way I can’t be disappointed or upset and might actually get a good nights sleep for once.

    Than again, if I don’t read the spoilers, I’d have nothing to talk about on here so any suggestions??

    • As you might be able to guess, I’m not my usual self today

    • Hi Sharon, I think the mixed spoilers is just indicative of the shambles that the production is at the moment – and I don’t think it will get better till they finally make a decision to appoint a new series producer. If Blyth was involved in the production of the episodes we are still seeing then they are pre-recording a hell of a long time in advance. If he didn’t then to keep his name on the screen after all this time is a bit weird – like Lenin’s cadaver still being on display in Moscow nearly 90 years after he shuffled off this mortal coil.

      I think ED writers are still either working to GBs instructions, or just churning out these melodramatic scripts because they think “that’s what Gav would have wanted.

      I can’t believe that episodes being shown in late February could have been recorded before the first week of November when GB had to stop working.

      I am afraid it seems to be a series in decline, just existing on ever more desperate and silly plots (amnesia, anyone? – you’re in luck that’s next week).

      I can’t imagine for the life of me what they are doing or what they are going to do but Emmerdale at the moment just seems to be a shambles. How much more of the stupid Jai/Charity/Cain plot do we have to wade through, I wonder?

      The only hint of optimism tonight for me was Jackson’s dad, believe it or not, because this seems an escape route for Jackson to leave alive. I think Jerry does love his son, which is something I didn’t really believe before

      • Hey Alan, there’s no way what we are seeing now could have been recorded that long ago, there wouldn’t have been enough hours in the day to have got through them all and ready for broadcast. I’m sure I read somewhere that what we see on our screens is recorded about 4-6 weeks beforehand.

        Haven’t seen tonight’s episode yet but will be able to see it later thanks to sky plus, but from the sounds of it, I’m interested to see how Jerry & Jackson get on. Although if they get on well, it would give Jackson a way out of the village alive, I don’t think Jackson would opt to live with him. Some wounds just go too deep.

  61. Hey Mark, Haven’t seen tonight’s episode yet but will watch it later.

    I guess we are getting to that stage where we have to enjoy whatever bit of happiness we can get from these two as I’m sure the misery is on its way. I hope Jackson doesn’t reject Aaron, as you say, he loves him so much, how can he refuse him anything?

    I am on a real downer today over their story, don’t know why, I’m usually pretty optimistic but I’m struggling today. Hopefully, I’ll be in a better frame of mind tomorrow.

    • Sharon, you’re in the right place, with the right folks to share your feelings. Don’t feel as if you can’t vent. I can admit honestly: When I heard the news Tuesday I started full-on blubbering. (Over an effing TV show? Yes!) And I daresay my tears rival any of DM’s. 🙂

      We’ve all known this was probably looming on the horizon, but the sheer scope of the horror just makes it exponentially worse. I credit MS with giving us such a wonderful character for us to care about and making him so damn real. I suspect Gavin saw we’d all fall in love with him, hence that initial contract extension, and this godawful story.

      Don’t be a stranger. Hugs!

      • Thanks Mark, once I picked my chin up off the floor, I too had a few tears.
        A horrible end to their story. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not real, that it’s a TV programme for effs sake as you so eloquently put it but can’t seem to help myself. I guess that’s a credit to both of the actors for drawing people in to their characters. And tears to rival Danny’s eh, and without the aid of a tearstick, I bet.

        This is probably not going to sound like I mean it to but it’s not so much that Marc will be leaving that I have a problem with. We’ve known for a while it would probably happen, it really is the way that they are proposing to do it that I’m really struggling with. That doesn’t mean that I won’t miss Jackson cos I will. You know if push comes to shove, I’m on Aaron’s side first and foremost but, as Jackson grew as a character, so did my affection for him and I suppose others felt the same way.

        God, what a state to be in over a fictional gay couple, who’d have thought it?

      • Hi Mark
        You are so right about us falling in love with Jackson. Funny, in the beginning, he was just a guy who Aaron met in Bar West who we didn’t know, and was just there to help with Aaron’s coming out story, and since then we have indeed fallen for him, mainly due to Marc Slicock’s wonderful portrayal of the character.
        I was always a fan of Danny Miller as an actor, but have to say I think Marc’s talents have now surpassed him, which makes it all the more painful if we are to see him go.
        I have to agree with Alan on here that we are getting fed up with the Jai/Charity/Cain fiasco and dead wood like Ella and Mia. The best actors are leaving (Ryan) or already left and I just don’t “care” for most of them in the same way as I care for Jackson.
        The TV mags for next week say that Aaron will finally tell Jackson he loves him. Thinking back to the wonderful “open air chat” scene (before the terrible accident), Aaron said to Jackson “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me”. If only he could have said “I love you too” back then, Jackson may still be in one piece, although we wouldn’t have had the brilliant acting by Marc which followed.
        Anyway, the point of this ramble is to say that if Marc goes, I don’t think there will be many reasons to keep watching ED after that!

  62. Having watched tonight, I cannot honestly comprehend what changes in Jackson life that he is willing to committ suicide.
    The writers in Emmerdale and the bosses should really be ashamed of themselves if this is the only way they can think of to complete this story.
    As someone said they have completely lost their way since the going out storyline, with only small glimpes of brilliance, the night out and the roadside talk before the crash being one.
    To do this they need to completely change characters ie Hazel would in no way assist her son with this. Well they way they have written her in the past. But I am sure that we will have a character transplant for her .
    As far as I am aware as well this will be the third time that a/s has featured in Emmerdale. Sam and Alice and also didn’t Ashley father Sandy end his wife’s life due to her having cancer (Forgive me if I have got this wrong and I know that this wasn’t actually shown on screen). I cannot believe that Emmie would again give out this message. Have they really short of ideas

    • Jude, I only have a hunch, but I suspect Jackson will take a turn for the worse. Because, as you say, there’s no way Hazel or Aaron would ever help Jackson end his life in his present condition. They’ve supported him through too much and they know he’s a strong man at heart. I think we’ll have a few weeks of relative happiness for Jackson before the show lowers the boom on us all.

      I’d really like to be wrong here….disgusting end to this story and this fine character.

  63. Hi, Sharon – another reply button AWOL, so I’m replying here…A friend suggested to me that what really attracts so many of us to the Aaron/Jackson story is the sheer impossibility of their love. We’ve all invested so much precisely because the omens of tragedy have been circling it practically from the beginning. The greater the obstacles, the more we root for them.

    We’ve all known MS would be leaving, and everyone involved with the show has always stated that Aaron would never end up with his first boyfriend, yet we’ve been hoping against hope that such a damaged soul as Aaron might find some real happiness for a change, that a story with a such a dark twist could end well.

    And now we know the end is even more horrific than the middle act. In a sense, I would have preferred if Jackson died in that train crash. The show has methodically detailed his struggle and his emotional deterioration, to the point where it has been torturous. MS has been exceptional in this role. Killing Jackson is all about killing Aaron’s heart, reinforcing his view that terrible things happen to anyone who gets close to him.

    I really don’t want to see any of that.

    • Hi Mark, Your opening paragraph – I have often felt that we are seeing a version of Brief Encounter or Double Idemnity for the 21st century a story (to borrow Cole Porter’s words) of “love that cannot live but never dies”.

      But Fred McMurray’s fate in Idemnity was sealed the moment he killed Barbara Stanwyck’s husband, and Laura nd Alex by the social conventions of the time and Laura’s scence of duty and decency.

      But the problem with ED is that it is shown too early in the evening to be able to depict a grown up relationship – odd really when you consider some of what DOES get in the show: for example on Thursday night, the tarty barmaid (I have so little interest in some of the new characters I genuinely don’t know their names. Anyway, Leila’s sister). That dress she was almost wearing to serve drinks – and she was working in the kitchen that night. Nothing under the dress which hardly had any front to it. I shudder to think of the danger she was putting herself in if she was frying chips in Maron’s kitchen, and on a health and safety issue, if she was serving soup there was a danger her dumplings would have kept falling into the soup bowls.

      But anyway in the odd world of ED it is perfectly acceptable to have gratuitous sex slapped on thick with a trowel, like this and the antics of Cain/Faye and Jai/Charity, yet, for whatever reason, they have to be remarkably chaste about Aaron/Jackson.

      There seems to me to be a basic dishonesty to much of ED now

      • Can’t argue with your points, Alan. A lot of the show seems familiar and wasteful. James is essentially an extra on the show, and has been for weeks.

        Love the Cole Porter line – it really sums up the A/J story, alas.

    • Hey Mark, your friend made a good point,one I hadn’t thought about before but it’s so true. The more difficult the situations, the more you want people to come through them and not many people have had more difficult situations to cope with than Aaron & Jackson.

      I wish after seeing the new guy in the wheelchair that Jackson met last night that some of his optimism and positivity would rub off on Jackson. He seems to have a real zest for life and hopefully Jackson will realise that he can live a fulfilling life and have some happiness with Aaron before the end comes.

      I’m still hoping that they will forget the a/s story but it’s only a small hope now.

      • Sharon, the latest spoilers – and am I only one who feels as if new ones are leaked every day? – suggest Jackson’s emotional health issues will be coming to the forefront by mid-March. I think Andy Walker (who is an amazing individual) will have a positive impact on Jackson, but I fear the show will drop another anvil on Jackson, that will take us into the A/S story.

        These lads can’t even get three seconds of happiness. I don’t think there’s any way out of the A/S story. Award season and all. I try to focus on all the great things MS will be going onto. He’s going to have a good career.

  64. Hi Sharon, No reply button.

    All I can say is that if the episodes we are now seeing were all recorded after the death of Gavin Blyth, the morbid fact that each night they are crediting the work to a man long dead who had nothing whatsover to do with the production, suggests that they are keeping the programme as a sort of shrine to GB.

    That is plain unhealthy and incredible, and rather reflects the mindset of the people behind the programme. That terrible old showbiz cliche’; “the show must go on” means that they have got to get over this adoration of Blyth and find themselves a permanent replacement who can guide the show long term intoi, lets say, less melodramatic waters.

    I have never known a programme before of any genre who continues to give a screen credit to somebody who has “left” – whether that is by death, artistic temprament, or P45, usually they would delete the persons name whenever her or his work ended.

    What we are watching is the ashes of a doomed relationship being stirred up occassionaly, leading up to what (they think) will be another ratings boosting when they finally kill off one of the few decent characters on the programme. Let’s not forget that Jackson has never harmed anybody – physically or emotionally.His destruction seems an unncessary device. But a basically good kind man – Let’s just say we can’t say the same thing about the saintly Aaron.

    And where does the story go after they have givn this final Thursday night shocker for Jackson?

    My guess is DM won’t hang around for long. Having won awards, and not being too much bothered by modesty, my guess is that when his contract is up for renewal he will remind ED of his awards a demand a pay rise, which, given EDs budget probably won’t be feasible, and he’ll be off. I think DMs loyalty was to Blyth rather than the programme – it is plain they thought the world of each other, and I think I will risk saying they both thought each other was far more talented than is the case in reality. Blyth’s “spectacular” fire scenes were a damp squib, if he really thought they were some of the best stunts ever seen on ED he was strangely deluded, for example. I won’t repeat my caveats about DMs ability to do more tender scenes, though he is an absolute master at crying and temper oubursts.

    I just cant raise interest, much less enthusiasm, for some of the dross we are currently having to endure: the boring paltry relationship between Cain and Charity, Jimmy’s supposed disappearance and subsequent amnesia, the silly French farce of Mia and Adam persuing each other, and the Punch and Judy show that is Declan and Ella.

    The thought that they are prepared to sacrifice Marc Silcock’s character for a cheap ratings booster, while we have to endure some of the bargain basement characters they have bought in, the fact that they seem unwilling to face up to the fact that Gavin Blyth is gone and a fresh pair of hands is needed to steer the programme back to some sort of credibility, makes it harder and harder for me to watch.

    AS regards that remark apropos Jackson and his dad that some wounds are too deep, I am not so sure. Jackson is a very kind and tolerant man. If he can forgive Aaron’s physical violence and verbal agression towards him I am sure he could forgive his father

    • Hi Alan, You make some good points about some of the stories in the show at the moment particularly the Cain/Faye/Charity/Jai situation. I do think, however, that the scenes between Zak & Lisa were beautifully acted and very moving.

      Danny has said before that he will stay on Emmerdale for as long as they want him. His contract lasts until the end of the year. I suppose the proof of the pudding will be when that runs out. He’s obviously comfortable living in the north of England, he likes his family close by him, which limits his choices. I just hope he keeps grounded, stops believing all the hype, IF he does, and concentrates on his current acting career rather than looking too far to the future.

      Still don’t agree with sacrificing Jackson to boost ratings or to destroy Aaron and make his feelings of self loathing return again. Who knows, maybe Jackson will forgive his dad and they can rebuild a relationship but I don’t think Jackson will ever forget. How could you?

      • Hi Sharon, I certainly agree that the Liza/Zac story has been handled in a sensitive and adult way, but in other areas I just sense the good ship Emmerdale is heading towards the rocks now the Captain is no longer in charge of the ship. I do have to admit though, the melodramatic way Captain Blythe was steering the vessel in his last few months, I would be advocating a Yorkshire “Mutiny On The Bounty”.

        Emmerdale used to feel slightly different to the other soaps, but it is getting as dour and dreary as EE has always been, and as silly and contrived as C St has become in recent years, and so many characters are now virtually interchangable (the brassy barmaid at the Woolpack could easily be C Sts “Becky” is one obvious example).

        I just wonder how long it will be before flying saucers arrive in the Dales.

        Meanwhile getting Ella and Mia is no compensation for losing Ryan and Jackson.

        J & R are assets to the show, the vacuous duo of Declan’s seem to serve absolutely no purpose (or his father come to that). Perhaps they could be written out – Declan’s dad could become a priest, Ella could go and open a nail bar in Essex and Mia could be taken up to Harley Street for a brain transplant.

        I’ll have a private cyber bet with you that Mini-Hamlet will depart at the end of the year. Quite frankly, I will bear his departure with fortitude! 🙂

      • Hi, Sharon, Alan – interesting point about DM’s status. Didn’t realize his contract was up the end of the year. I see him leaving – but not yet. He’s 20. Anyone advising him would tell him to stick out a couple more years and save some money and build on the exposure the show has given him, which, I do think he’s done very intelligently. After that, I can see him trying something else, for any number of reasons. The time to get out there to spread your wings is when you’re young.

        Sharon, I think we’re already seeing Jackson and Jerry getting closer. Jackson’s nature is to forgive, and Jerry is trying and is showing growth. I suspect he’s around to persecute Aaron after Jackson dies.

        Alan, I would love to see flying saucers in the Dales. That would be something interesting to watch!

  65. Who ever casted Ella and Mia should be shot. Totally ruined the character of Declan and is anyone really interested in Adam and Mia. Nice bloke, but has no standout features as a character (a bit like his real life brother).
    Also why do I keep expecting Dermot to shout out “Drink”, would certainly make him more interesting.
    Alas I fear for the futher of Emmie, once Jackson goes in will be the endless stories of Andy wanting Katie back, Cain and Charity falling out, Alicia going on for the 1000 time that she doesn’t want Justin seeing Jacob, Aaron crying cause he has such a hard life and Marlon waving his hands about.

    Sounds like fun Not

    • Somebody after my own heart, Jude. I agree 100%.

      You can almost see the stories coming. After a short on/off relationship Adam and Mia will marry, John will be appalled, Declan’s wife won’t consider being a farmers wife will be “good enough” for her daughter & persuade Declan to give them a house, near enough to Home Farm, so she can be the mother-in-law from hell. Adam becomes Estate Manager.

      After a short stormy marriage, Mia will leave Adam for a footballer and become a WAG. Adam returns to dads farm.

      Jacob is bound to find out his aunt is his mum one Thursday evening.

      By autumn “Aaron” will be in tears because St. Gavin’s eventual replacement will not rate him so highly, and Aaron will just become the mechanic seen in a few inconsequential garage shots (which is what to their shame, they have reduced Ryan to – all that genuine talent wasted).

      Diane won’t sell the pub, Cain will burn Jai’s factory down in a fit of pique (if no casulties on a Friday – if fatalities Thursday of course).

      Knowing their love of tragedy and pathos Rhona will miscarry one Thursday.

      But Ella & Mia are probably the 2 most unnecessary characters in years. They could just go into the tanning saloon in Hotton one day and never be seen again. Nobody would notice – or care.

  66. Hey Alan, I’ll take you up on your cyber bet. I think Danny will sign a new contract and stay on. He has no reason to move on at the moment, he’s only 20, has an adoring fan base and a job that he says he loves.

    I look forward to seeing him in the dales in 2012!!!!

    • Hi Sharon, Will be interesting to see which of us is right. Personally I don’t think the show is big enough for his ego, but we’ll see.

      we had better be careful what we say tonight, we have a sick little kiddie on here called “@bba”, and we don’t want to excite it any more in case it wets its bed. 🙂

      • I know I saw. I’ve read some strange comments on here but none quite like those.

  67. Sorry this prat doesn’t have a reply button by his/her childish comment:

    ” @bba:
    I’m glad that you’ve found 5 minutes out of your very busy life to stop ragging on an actor who doesn’t have any control over what is or isn’t written for a character that he’s paid to portray. At least he and MS. Are able to have a distance between who they are and who they portray on the show.

    I, for one hope that the AS storyline IS true. JUST AS LONG AS IT CONTINUES TO DRIVE YOU MENTAL OVER IT, THAT’s wonderful news for me. I’ll even start a campaign in support of Aaron needing to end Jackson’s misery as the only way to prove that his love for him is real, pure and true.”

    Either you are a 12 year old (8.15 way past your bedtime) or you are kinky about death.

    You are obviously derranged and I’d advise you not to break wind in case you fart your brain out because that is where, obvious you keep it.

  68. Hi Mark, no reply buttons, where are they going, there must be a collection of them somewhere.

    You know my feelings on these spoiler releases, saying one thing then another and we just end up more confused than ever. I’m glad that it appears that someone finally notices his emotional problems and tries to help him. Looks like those video diaries will come in handy after all and while Jackson is still alive too. There’s a bonus but I hate the fact that Aaron & Jackson don’t ever seem to get a chance to be happy, even for a while. It looks like Marc was right after all when he spoke about many more twists and turns in their story.

    I agree that Andy Walker will have a positive effect on Jackson, how could he not, so something medical will have to happen if the horrible a/s storyline is to be pursued or if they change their minds about that particular nasty subject but decide to kill Jackson off anyway.

    I’m still undecided about Jerry, I think I’ll reserve judgement until after Tuesday’s episode when Jackson tells him about him & Aaron and also how he reacts when they get together again. The only fly in the ointment that I can see between them is Aaron, if Jackson has to choose between Jerry & Aaron, there’s only ever going to be one winner.

    • Hi, Sharon – A reply button! I’m hoarding this one. 🙂

      As you’ve said, the difference between the spoilers and what we see onscreen can be dramatically different. The best example is, of course, the Xmas Eve episode in which Aaron visited Jackson and sat 10 feet away from him.

      I really hope the show will not try to push AS in Jackson’s current medical condition. That makes its use of Andy Walker repulsive. And it just doesn’t make sense that Jackson would be ready to die once Aaron declares his love – it’s all he’s been living for, frankly.

      I understand your concern about Jerry, but I believe, short-term, he’s there to be wary of Aaron in Jackson’s life, fearing he will hurt him. I don’t think he’s coming from a phobic place any more. The Friday ep demonstrated more growth on his part. If this AS story goes off, and we have every reason to believe it, Jerry will be the one to demand Aaron’s prosecution.

      • Hi Mark, Though in theory assisting a suicide in the UK is punishable by a long term in prison, in pratice this is always a suspended sentence, so Aaron or Hazel wouldn’t go to prison (so no chance of Aaron meeting that 6 foot axe murderer that Adam envisaged as his cellmate :-).

        I really felt Jerry had changed for the better (unlike Paddy) and he wants to be part of J’s life – if Hazel will let him (she is not so forgiving as Jackson). Indeed, a conflict between Jerry & Hazel could steer the story away from AS and lead to Jackson choosing to live with dad

        Jerry may in the past have been cruel to Jackson, and I think he bitterly regrets it, but frankly I feel Hazel is (unintenionally) being cruel to him now, in ignoring his depression. I find it hard to believe that nobody would try to help him, as he can’t pick up a phone for himself. I had hoped Joe might have picked up on it and talked about it, but, like the reply buttons here, Joe seems to have disappeared

  69. Keith, no reply button to your post, so I’m down here responding. I agree with you about Marc. He really wasn’t intended to stick along much from all accounts, but Gavin obviously recognized his talents and he’s just carried so much of the show for me. I am fans of both Danny and Marc, and Marc just seems so well-rounded and nuanced, capable of playing both humor and drama. He’s going to be a great leading man.

    Ah, yes, that fateful conversation that night before it all went to sh!!!t. Funny how close Aaron WAS to saying he loved Jackson – I can still hear his frantic “You’ve got me!” cries in my head. He recognized how important Jackson was to him – he just couldn’t say three words.

    The episodes this week have to be huge to make up in any way for what we’ve endured the last several months. We’ll all have to come back here to compare notes.

    • Hi again Mark: I got a reply button, must be my lucky day!
      Your comment “I can still hear his frantic “You’ve got me!” cries in my head.” struck a chord with me, so can I! That outdoor, night time scene was one of the best I have ever seen on this soap, so sad it all went t**s up after that!
      I will enjoy comparing notes on here after next weeks episodes, nice to discuss views with other fans like yourself and Alan, it’s all part of the fun of watching.

      I hope we’re in for a little happiness between the two lads, Lord knows we’ve been put through the wringer these past few months and deserve a bit of light relief. Personally, I don’t care if Aaron doesn’t snog the face off Jackson, just so long as the actors involved can demonstate real love for each other, I will be a happy bunny!

      I know we’re sure to be in for a rough ride again, but surely we can have a little light relief for a little while, rather than the relentless doom and gloom (as Alan says, you might as well watch EE (which I don’t for that very reason!)

      • Hi Keith, Like you I don’t need Aaron to be the worlds greatest kisser this week (and in reality he has not had a lot of experience), but he has to really convince the audience as well as Jackson. I hope he does well. I will be the first to say so if he does, but it is made even more diffficult (for me at any rate ) by the foreknowledge of what could be round the corner – it’s like getting fond of a turkey in late October).

        Were I playing Aaron, especially this week, I would watch again and again the tapes of Jim Sutton declaring his love for Craig in Hollyoaks. Like DM he is straight, but he played his role faultlessly – he convinced you he loved and wanted him so much – like Paddy told Aaron the night he came out “you love somebody so much you think you might die”

        I think Danny would be too proud to ask JS’s advice, but I think he could have helped him a lot in showing the more vulnerable and gentle side of being a man.

      • Keith, Alan – really enjoy your comments on this thread – I agree, Alan, DM could do some research with his co-star and pick up a few tips. Tho’ I seem to remember an interview with Mr. Sutton in which he said they hadn’t discussed it and he didn’t expect to since DM had his own views on Aaron. (I apologize to anyone if that comes out harsher than was intended – I’m just paraphrasing from memory.) James was completely believable as John-Paul – really one of the most beloved gay characters out there.

        Alan, I do so like your comparison of liking a turkey in October. I think you’ve hit it on the head, again. This is bitter spring we are approaching. We’ll know more by the end of the week. Once MS is gone, I don’t know how much interest I’ll have watching Aaron make a muck of his life. His destiny seems charted, to follow in his drunken grandfather’s footsteps.

  70. “I was always a fan of Danny Miller as an actor, but have to say I think Marc’s talents have now surpassed him, which makes it all the more painful if we are to see him go.”

    Keith Sorry no reply button again (Mark took the last one!), but frankly I think MS is a more complete actor than DM.

    Like Jim Sutton in Hollyoaks, he is a straight man, but is able to use his imagination and lose himself in his character, so everything he does seems authentic. He is a strong man, but not afraid to show a more tender loving side to the character. I still get the feeling that DM has to really force himself in scenes which are not of angst and anger. I hope this week BTW he proves me wrong and can seem more convincing.

    I have to say if MS does leave I won’t watch ED again. If you want unrelieved gloom EE does it better, and being on the BBC at least they can explore situations in more depth in a way ITV and the sponsors would never allow – but there is enough gloom and death in real life, I don’t need or want melodrama.

    If it is just silly boring characters you want – well who needs Ella, Mia, Declan’s dad, the barmaid, Jai Cain and Charity when Coronoation Street can offer you Carla, Fizz, Becky, Tracey, John Stape, Norris and David and Gail Platt……….

    • “I have to say if MS does leave I won’t watch ED again”.
      Alan, me too!
      I hope ED are listening!

    • Alan, regarding Hazel and Joe, I wonder if they are too close to the situation to understand it. Mind you, a weak defense, but I’m trying to see it from their eyes. Hazel has really exhausted herself caring for her son. She is trying to be there in every sense for him. From her perspective, thanks to his videodiary, Jackson’s greatest loss is Aaron – and that’s about to change. Jackson is also (finally) getting a better wheelchair that will allow him some independence.

      I don’t know about Joe’s training – he seems to be there for the physical needs – he apparently does the wash as well – so I don’t know what a carer’s qualifications are and whether he’d have the understanding of the situation. As you say, it’s terrible, but spoilers point to Aaron being the first to getting a bead on Jackson’s distress.

      I, too, would prefer a scenario in which Jackson exits with Jerry. He’d be alive, somewhere. But I fear ED has purchased too many boxes of tissues for DM and is determined to use them all up.

      • Hi Mark, The majority of care workers employed by agencies wouldn’t have medical or psychological training, but seeing the withdrawn state Jackson is often in, it would be very noticeable, and he/she would be encouraged to get the client to seek hlp. If they were physically unable to lift the phone, as Jackson is, they would probably report this to their manager, who could liase with the local health authority (playing by the book) but in reality in a close relationship like J and Hazel has, he could “drop hints” to her off the record about Jackson’s mental state.

        For some reason it worries me that Aaron is going to be the one to get to know abt J’s depression first. A man who has already made a suicide attempt himself, and after the event still wished he had died, is perhaps not the best person to handle this. I wish we could be reassured by having a considerate GP who made house calls and would immediately pick up on this.

        They need kindly “Dr. Carter” from Coronation Street, who appears to be the only Dr at the health centre who actually works!

      • Hi Mark and Alan
        Alan you mention Coronation Street. This is going to sound a bit like going “off thread”, but I have read in the papers (so I know it must be true!) that CS are going to hold a gay civil partnership ceremony involving Sean Tully (and I believe, his ex-BF Marcus), on the day of the Royal Wedding.
        The reason I mention it is that the paper suggested this is the first time it has been done in a soap. But didn’t ED do it some time back with Paul (Val’s son) and Jonny (I think it was?) Or am I mistaken?
        Anyway, it seems strange for CS to conjure up a storyline involving an actor who left the soap some time ago (the actor who played Marcus).
        I’d have thought ED would have been more “legitimate” to marry off an existing couple (I’m thinking Aaron and Jackson), rather than drag someone back into a soap just for the purpose. Not that I think ED ever will feature such a commitment between A&J, but it was just a thought.

  71. Hi Keith, As far as I remember “Marcus” was a nurse and left “Sean” because he was obsessed with becoming a father! (don’t laugh).

    It does seem a strange development, but I understand from a newspaper article that garage owner Cain – er – sorry “Phil Mitchell” (EE)is also getting married on Royal Wedding day, so it will be interesting to see which of the 3 marriages breaks down first.

    Perhaps they could bring Sean & Marcus into the Dales: Marcus could look after Jackon (as I remember he was quite a nice bloke) and Sean could replace our Ryan at the garage.

    You can just imagine him mincing into the garage on the first day and upsetting Cain & Aaron with the words “Hello, boys. Is that spanners you’ve got in your pockets or are you just pleased to see me?”

    Seriously though, I don’t know about you, but I’d settle for two good well written and credible episodes of each pogramme each week, rather than some of the nonsense they do dredge up just to keep the programme churning out

    • Hi Alan, well said. I think that’s part of the problem nowadays, there are so many episodes that there is bound to be a lot of “padding”, resulting in weak and boring storylines.
      I do remember the Marcus character and the Sean fatherhood thing. I think Marcus was a sonographer and that’s how they met, when Sean’s pregnant friend Violet went for a scan. Being a man with a medical background, he would be ideal as Jackson’s carer (though I would rather Joe continued in that role!)
      Liked your “spanners” scenario for Sean: very Mr Humphries (or Carry On!)

    • “It does seem a strange development, but I understand from a newspaper article that garage owner Cain – er – sorry “Phil Mitchell” (EE)is also getting married on Royal Wedding day, so it will be interesting to see which of the 3 marriages breaks down first.” ROFL.

  72. Alan, Aaron probably is the wrong one to realize Jackson’s depression – but who in the village is the right one? I would have stated Paddy even a few months ago, but the character has been rewritten into a moron. At the very least, it’s going to alarm Aaron enough that he’s going to try to alert others. He is, still, a teenager. Odd that there isn’t a doctor who is a part of the regular cast.

    The Corrie stuff is interesting – I vaguely remember that couple – but isn’t there another gay couple already on the show – Christian and Syed, I believe? (Sorry, don’t watch it enough, apparently). Wouldn’t they be more obvious candidates for a service?

    I can’t see Aaron ever getting married. I do see him being rolled into the clink for several years, however.

    • Hey Mark, a reply button, finally, so I thought I’d use it. I’m sure Alan won’t mind!

      I would like to be proved wrong about Jerry but, as I said, I’m reserving judgement. As you can see, I’ve chucked in my two pennies worth about whether Aaron is the right person to realise Jackson’s predicament but as you say, who else is there to notice? At least with Aaron, he won’t just let the situation fester, he’ll try & get help for Jackson somehow, it’s whether anyone will take any notice of him that’s going to be the problem.

      I’m sure, however, that if people don’t listen, he will use all his usual tact diplomacy, articulate conversation etc to get his point across….or maybe not!

      • Hi, Sharon – I suspect Aaron could be just the right person to understand Jackson’s pain. As you say, he’s been there, and now that he is about (spoiler!) declare his love for Jackson, he’s not about to let him go into that good night without a royal fight. That’s one thing about Aaron – he’s intensely loyal and now Jackson will be the most important person in his life. I think this is where the real-life tetraplegic comes in – he apparently filmed five episodes total – (I’m so sorry, I’m blanking on the young man’s name) – and he could provide the boost Jackson needs. The fact that he’s married is a wonderful detail that could help Jackson with those intimacy issues.

        Unfortunately, we have that other spoiler hanging over Jackson’s head.

    • Hi Mark, Yes I have been wondering about who would be the best person to really confront Jackson’s depression and I cant help feeling Declan might be a good choice. He adapted his house for him, Jackson had done so much work for him and they obviously like and respect each other. Declan has shgown himself to be a generous and thoughful man, and I think he would see Jacksn got the help he needed, whether that meant getting through to Hazel, getting through to wherever the doctor is in that village, or even paying privately for a course of treatment.

      Whatever did happen to Paddy?. I used to appreciate his kindliness, his tolerance, understanding and patience, not to mention the very believeable and natural deep friendship with Marlon, but since Paddy stole Marlon’s lover from under his nose he has turned into……. well, I don’t quite know what. Once Marlon forgave him and they were mates again they have turned the pair into Laurel & Hardy, and Paddy is quite insensitive. He hardly seems to have any of those “father and son” chats with Aaron any more, though I should have thought Aaron needs more support this year than he did last.

      BTW “Christain & Syed” are characters in EE. I haven’t seen the programme for quite a long time, but it was an unusual pairing since Syed came from a strict Muslim family and Christain was….. how to put this nicely?…. a bit of a gay tart who enjoyed casual pick-ups and rarely spent more than one night with his new partners. I think they are still around and together, but as I say, I haven’t seen even a minute of the programme since last June – that’s how much I like it.

      Good morning, Sharon, as there is only one reply button, and we are all such good friends now I hope you won’t mind sharing this one with Mark? 🙂

      What concerns me is whether anyone will listen to Aaron when he tells them the bad way Jackson is in (they must all be blind or deaf in the Dales), and what he will do if they don’t?. I don’t hink Aaron would find him the help he needs, he will just shout and, well, be Aaron….. which will get him and poor J nowhere. hat is not a critisism of Aaron BTW. It is very to get help for somebody else. A couldn’t ring the Samaritans on his behalf or anything of that sort, because they would naturally think when he said he was “speaking for a friend” that he was talking about himself. Similarily, only his mum (or dad) could ask the doctors for help on Jackson’s behalf.

      I wonder if it has even crossed the mind of EDs writers that in a village with a high mortality rate they don’t have a G.P?.

      Sharon you said you liked Jackson ALMOST as much as Aaron!. When I think of those two, I am reminded of a line Cain says to Nathan last year about Ryan:

      “He’s ten times the man you’ll ever be”.

      That’s how I feel about Jackson. J to me is as loveable as a cute puppy, whereas Aaron is a bit like taking a semi-wild cat into your home – never know what the mood is going to be.

      Speaking of the composer Wagner, his fellow composer Rossini said “Wagner has some wonderful moments……..but some terrible quarter hours”. That’s exactly how I feel about Aaron. he can show almost unconcious interest and concern, small gestures of generoisty of spirit, but then along comes a look of thunder and another selfish transgression. I know he is only young but he is not supposed to be that much younger than Jackson or Adam or Ryan. Both A & R are younger in the show than they are in real life (24 and 28 respectively, I think)

      • Alan, excellent point about Declan. I had overlooked him. He would be the ideal person to help, with the resources to match the concern. Of course, he’s got his own problems now, doesn’t he?

        Thank you for correcting me on EE – shows you how much I follow the competition.

        What I respect most about Jackson came to the forefront I think in the recent ep in which his mother tried to keep him from going to the Woolpack. Even in his condition, he quite forcibly and irrevocably made his decision and asserted himself as a man. And he represents in a sense an ideal, probably deliberately so on the part of the writers, a solid man capable of giving and receiving love but demanding to be treated well, even if it hurts him in the long run – hence his pushing away of Aaron, his refusal to live what he sees as a life of lies. It costs a lot to be a man of integrity, and Jackson has paid that bill with interest.

        Aaron is, as Jackson said, a work in progress and, poignantly, “less of a nutter,” thanks to Jackson. And the fascinating thing to me is that Aaron knows this – look back to the night at Bar West post-coming out – Aaron’s “You get me” line, the spreading of Clyde’s ashes or even that godawful night out. For any of his failings, Aaron recognizes how Jackson has changed his life.

        Now he’ll return the favor – by ending his.

        Can I bring down a room or what? Yeah, weird Monday mood. Hope we have great eps Wednesday and Thursday.

  73. Hi Alan, still no reply buttons although I noticed Mark got one, lucky devil.

    Here’s a thought for you, maybe Aaron could be exactly the right person to find out about Jackson’s depression. As you say, he’s been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
    He’ll know what Jackson is going through and, although he did try to commit suicide, he knows it was the wrong thing to do. When him & Jackson had that chat in the pub on the night they first slept together, they spoke about it.

    The problem, it would seem, is going to be getting people to believe him when he says that Jackson needs help.

    I’m still putting my faith in Danny to do himself justice in these really important scenes and show that he can pull off a good performance when necessary.

    Maybe then, people will get off his back. I’m NOT in any way aiming that last comment at you, I wouldn’t do that as I hope you know but some of the things that have been said to him and about him on twitter recently have been downright disgusting. He’s twenty years old and doesn’t need that sort of mindless ignorance and hostility thrown at him.

    Who’d have thought it, me defending both Aaron & Danny in one post!!

    • Hi Sharon, I got a reply button! (Someone is watching over me tonight!)
      You mentioned the chat in the pub the night A&J first slept together. Something I have noticed is that several people have mentioned a lot of past scenes from this storyline, (the pub chat, the open air scene before the crash, Paddy’s advice on loving someone and so on). It strikes me that, with everyone holding these scenes in their memory, that goes to prove how compelling this story has been.
      It also shows what good actors DM and MS are and how difficult it is to understand why they would want to “get rid” of MS.
      Personally, I have loved every scene that Marc has been in (with or without DM). In fact, some of my favourites were the pub scene with Pearl “I bet you love your Grans!”, the scene loading a fireplace into his van and the scene with his Mum, buying sweets. All have shown a gift for comic timing as well as an outstanding acting talent.
      If he does go, I will definately watch out for him in other things. (Maybe he will join Corrie: he might win some awards then!)

      • Keith – completely with you on MS. He really can handle anything they throw at him. I just happened to rewatch the scene you refer to in which he buys some flying saucers and his mum snatches the bag because he won’t share and he feigns a panic attack. Very funny stuff. Then there’s the classic “Bear the Gum” line. And I’ve always loved Pearl and Jackson together. She’s his biggest booster in the village now that Paddy was replaced by one of the Pod Creatures from the Planet Stupid, and she will always have a place in my heart for her kindness.

        Looking forward to what MS does next. You know it will be brilliant.

      • Hi Keith, I hope you realise how lucky you are, two reply buttons in one day!!

        I totally agree with you, so many of us remember scenes between the two of them so vividly, we can even quote some of the dialogue – “I don’t do anything I don’t want to do.” being one of my favourites. I have said before that I don’t watch any other soaps and have only been watching Emmerdale for just over a year but there’s something about Aaron & Jackson that has got to me right from the start. The story is compelling and the fact that these fan sites have been set up and are used so frequently shows how popular these two characters have become. DM & MS deserve a lot of credit for their portrayal of these characters.

        I can’t understand why they would want to get rid of Jackson either. As you may have guessed, I have always been an Aaron fan but now I like Jackson almost as much. The dales won’t be the same without him.

        You mention some of your favourite scenes, my favourite Jackson scene without Aaron is the one where Jackson is waiting outside the pub for Aaron the day Clyde died and he starts teasing Cain and winding him up. Marc does show a talent for comedy as well as being able to act his socks off when he has to. I’m sure he will be successful in his career, I just wish it would still be in Emmerdale.

    • Hi, Sharon – Reply buttons everywhere! It must be monsoon season! Or something…

      Anyway, with all the emphasis on DM, we’re overlooking an equally important, if not more, part of the Big Reveal: Jackson’s reaction.

      With all the anguish he’s suffered, the character simply has to lose it. The man’s walls have to crumble before us if we are to believe that Aaron has reached him and convinced him at last with the three words he’s longed to hear so desperately. I have no doubt MS is up to the challenge. I question whether the writers will allow a truly romantic moment.

      The fact that the boys immediately head out to the Woolpack – really? – doesn’t inspire me with confidence.

      DM is but 20 and he’s still growing into his own talents. I am cautiously optimistic about the week.

      • Hi Mark, I was just going to reply to you without the use of a reply button when hey presto, one miraculously appeared.

        I had thought about Jackson’s reaction, too. Surely after waiting this long, he won’t reject him again. He has to believe Aaron, after all, he was the one that told him before the crash that Aaron would love someone one day and when it happened, he would just know. AND we all know that Aaron has never lied to Jackson about his feelings and he always said he never would. Put those two facts together along with some heartfelt dialogue and Jackson will have no choice but to believe Aaron. I have no doubt that both DM & MS will make these scenes into ones as memorable as the pre crash ones.

        I don’t like the way that they are supposed to head out straight to the pub either but, as we know with spoilers, things can change. Still wish we didn’t have the other thing hanging over Jackson, too.

        Going back to one of your earlier comments, I too loved the way that one of the first things we were shown about the other disabled character, the actor’s name is Andy Walker but the character’s name escapes me, was the fact that he was married and was perfectly happy and so was his partner. I’m sure at some point it will help Jackson with any intimacy issues he may have and also show him that his life is far from over.

        I would love to see Aaron, Jackson, Andy and his wife have a night out together ending up in Bar West. I bet they would have a whale of a time.

        I have just realised that I won’t be able to watch next weeks episodes on Tuesday & Wednesday until much later in the evening so I will not be able to add any comments until much later so don’t go having too much fun without me!!

      • Mark, having re read what you last said to me, it may actually be Jackson this time who has to do most of the crying because, as you say, all that bottled up emotion will have to be released and the front that he has been trying to show will have to come down. Tissues at the ready, I think.

        I would love the writers to give us a romantic moment, we can but hope!

  74. Hi, Sharon – From all the spoilers, it looks as if we’ll get some small reward for what we’ve endured: Jackson and Aaron will be united as a couple. That alone will be so astonishing, I think my wee brain could explode. And yet I’ll still be more intelligent than Paddy…. You are correct: Jackson has always demanded the truth from Aaron, who in turn has delivered it, no matter how painful. There’s no way Jackson will be able to brush this moment off as Aaron has never lied to him. The lads will apparently be working together for a change. …. I love your idea of the two couples hitting Bar West.

    Don’t worry about posting late; I suspect we’ll all be up and around and buzzing about these eps…

    • Hey Mark, we certainly deserve some happiness after what this story has put us through.

      Your comment about Paddy made me laugh and is so true! I thought pregnancy affected the mother’s brain while she was carrying the baby not her partners!

      I hope these scenes will be good, Aaron has been brutally honest in the past at Jackson’s request. Who can forget him having to tell Jackson he was paralysed. Hopefully these scenes will have a happier outcome. I just want to see the two guys smile again and be happy, not too much to ask, surely?

      • Sharon, I agree with you about Jackson. The more I think about it, the more it becomes a dance between the two men. DM has to lead, but MS has to pick up the pace. This is the moment where Jackson’s secret, most heartfelt wish is realized: Hearing Aaron declare his love for him. We, the viewers, need that catharsis as much as Jackson does. MS has been so incredible playing simultaneously two sides of Jackson – the tough bloke AND the anguished lover. Aaron’s declaration – which Jackson will not be ready for on any level – should demolish that facade.

        I hope the writing is worthy of the moment.

  75. Good morning Mark, (those reply buttons are still asleep, well some of them!)
    Love your comment “And I’ve always loved Pearl and Jackson together. She’s his biggest booster in the village now that Paddy was replaced by one of the Pod Creatures from the Planet Stupid”
    I am hoping beyond hope that they put A&J together properly as a couple, but your comment about Paddy reinforces the way the writers can suddenly change someones personality overnight!
    I hope the spoilers are right about this weeks eps, but I still have the “Christmas miracle” in the back of my mind, which always leads me to disregard spoilers on the whole. Still, the next few days will tell!

    • Keith, right with you on the “Christmas miracle” – (I felt like Charlie Brown in that Halloween special: “I got a rock.”) Given that the boys make a beeline for the Woolpack – the hot spot for every gay lad, apparently – I’m not feeling like we’ll see much romance – or even much reaction from Jackson.

      But this IS the week.

      • Hi Mark, I am developing a theory. Aaron kissed Jackson in the Woolpack a few weeks ago (well, alright, brushed against J’s mouth), now, reunited, they go there again.

        Could Aaron have an ulterior motive?

        Adam is often in the Woolpack…..could Mini-Hamlet be trying to make Adam jealous?

  76. Alan – You hit on the best and only reason for the two to go to the Woolpack -to demonstrate they are on with a full-on kiss in front of their shocked, respective parental figures. …If only Chas could choke on her lager…

    What better way to get the message across? That alone might make the show worth sitting through this week.

    I know many people still root for Aaron and Adam as a couple but I think we’d see a better chance of a Ryan/Maisie reunion before the show would ever go there. 🙂

    • Pity really – Adam is the only one who genuinely seems to make Aaron happy. Flynn got the Jackson treatment tonight. Sarcastic remarks, grudging conversation. I think Adam is the love of his life, just as Paddy is Marlon’s. Aaron resisted Flynn’s attempt to give him a quick kiss.

      I still say make Adam bi, or let Aaron go straight again!. I’d love to see him marrying Mia – history would repeat itself like Cain and Charity. The grumpy man and the self-obsessed bimbo

      Knowing the dark tone of this programme, and the way Cain seems to be getting more dagerous and unbalanced, I cross my fingers that Ryan is allowed to leave, intact and unharmed, and not yet another dead body.

      • Alan, the spoilers re: Cain are just bizarre.

        I do think Ryan is safe. Alas, I think we’ll find out he’s left when Aaron finds a note by the mugs in the garage. In other words, don’t expect a send-off – but at least it won’t be another ED-stamped body bag.

        The dynamic between Flynn and Aaron is odd. Flynn is very much like Aaron in personality. Aaron enjoys bossing him around, yet likes keeping him at arm’s length, as we saw.

        Dunno how this declaration of love will be convincing.

  77. Hi Alan, I said virtually the same thing about Aaron being the one to discover the true state of Jackson’s mental health and whether he will be able to get anyone to listen to him. I think he will fight for Jackson and not literally for once. I also love your last paragraph describing the good & not so good of Aaron’s personality. See, me & you have found some common ground again, we’re getting good at this!!

    You shouldn’t be surprised at my comment regarding liking Jackson almost as much as Aaron, you know my first loyalty is to Aaron, god knows I’ve defended him on here and spoke on his behalf enough times. What’s happened is that Jackson has grown on me but just not quite on a par to Aaron. While Jackson is cute with his puppy dog eyes and long eyelashes, and is probably a better man than Aaron though ten times the man may be pushing it, I have to say that I’m a sucker for dark hair, blue eyes, a smile that can melt your heart and the knowledge that under that unpredictable exterior is a basically good guy who has improved as he’s got older. Aaron is like a box of chocolates- you never know what you’re gonna get!!

    I was watching some older episodes tonight of Aaron & Flynn in Bar West. In a couple of scenes, two people walk by them that Aaron looks straight at. From the camera angles, you don’t see their faces but, one is wearing a check shirt and the other a t-shirt and jumper. Just a coincidence that these people walk by wearing clothes that he & Jackson wore on nights out or a way of Emmerdale letting us know that he’s still thinking of him & Jackson despite being out with Flynn? Just a thought…

    • Good morning Sharon. In real life, I don’t think Flynn, who is as young as Aaron would stay around to be rebuffed by Aaron, tolerate his sarcastic looks and comments, his frankly rude abrasive manner, even if he were the best looking man on earth. Perhpas Aaron IS the best looking man, at least in ED, though I don’t honestly agree. To me, I’d settle for somebody being plainer but having a nice personality, almost the opposite of Aaron

      The “relationship” between Aaron and Flynn is as frosty as the original one with Jackson and Aaron, and it is almost deja vu (we are lucky Flynn didn’t end up getting punched like Jackondid last night when Flynn tried to kiss Aaron. So to that extent he HAS “moved on”, but only by a few feet.

      What I find so hard to take about Aaron is his willingness to take without giving anything back – on a rather petty level, he always expects the other person to buy the drinks: Flynn is a student and it has virtually cost him a lot to get the bus into the village to see Aaron, and yet Aaron can barely be polite.

      Of course, he has never learned much about giving and generosity of spirit, given the harridan of a mother he has – Chas is Mini-Hamlet’s very own Gertrude, but Paddy, before he started taking the personality change tablets, has tried to show how to give, as has Adam. By now he should have STARTED to learn – it’s not rocket science as they say.

      I do admire Aaron’s loyalty, the fact that he doesn’t go running off with any man who looks at him twice, but I really do feel that it is time he lost that chip on his shoulder, and realise just how much love and support he has been given

      • Hi Alan, I don’t think Aaron is necessarily the best looking guy in the village. There are a couple of others who spring to mind but he DOES have the cutest smile and there is something very endearing about him, you’re just drawn to him. It’s almost like you know there’s more to him than he lets you see and you just want to find out what it is.
        I agree, in real life, Flynn would have told Aaron to take a hike long ago and I don’t know why he hasn’t. At the start of their friendship, he did walk out on Aaron and tell him if he didn’t sort his head out, he’d lead a lonely life, where’s that fighting attitude gone?

        I don’t think that the fact his mother and others haven’t shown him much kindness when he was growing up is any excuse NOW for the way he does appear to treat certain people. Maybe he could use that as an excuse when he first moved to the village but with Pre -Rhona Paddy, Adam and of course Jackson all showing him how to give and not just take, that excuse has worn a bit thin. There, bet you never thought you’d hear me say something like that, did you?

        I think he does realise how much love & support he has received and now we will start to see him give a lot more. I just hope it’s not thrown back in his face.

        Tut Tut Alan, I’m disappointed. Fancy saying that everyone apart from those three deserve better than Aaron as a friend. As we’ve said before, if you do have Aaron as a friend, and he regards you as a friend, you won’t get all of the rudeness, stroppy attitude etc that poor Flynn is getting at the moment. I feel very sorry for him, he’s a nice guy and I never thought I’d say that about him. He doesn’t deserve the way that Aaron is treating him but there’s a very simple explanation – he’s not Jackson and Aaron doesn’t really want to be with him although he does like him. So Aaron does what he always does which, by the way, I’m not saying is right.

        I know the actor who plays Flynn has finished his run but, if the story goes the worst way possible and Jackson dies by any means, I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned up again later in the year.

  78. Hi Mark, you are a genius. Now I can see the reason for that visit to the Woolpack. I would love your scenario to play out, a very public display of affection with the added bonus of Chas and Paddy being shown in no uncertain terms that this is Aaron’s decision and they can like it or lump it!! Brilliant..

    I thought tonights scenes involving the guys were pretty good, all things considered. We saw a concerned Paddy who actually said something sensible for a change. I liked everything about the scene in the pub – Aaron’s initial reaction when he saw Jackson, Hazel & Bob’s looks across the bar at each other, Aaron’s discomfort at introducing Flynn, the way there was no eye contact between Aaron & Jackson at all and the way that Marc managed to show anger, humour and sadness in the space of a few seconds as Aaron & Flynn left and Bob asked him if he was ok. Best bit of all – Aaron not letting Flynn kiss him at the bus stop.

    Good point about us as viewers needing this I love you scene just as much as Jackson does. As you say,it will be the last thing Jackson will be expecting to hear. Hopefully, the same writers who wrote the scenes before the train crash will have written these scenes too because then, I think, the scenes will be in safe hands. By Wednesday/Thursday, we will know and I hope we are not disappointed.

    • Hi, Sharon – I have mixed feelings about the Monday ep – I felt like there was a lot going on that could have been stretched out to hit the proper beats. The Jackson/Flynn meeting, for example, could have used a bit more play. Paddy showing half a brain was a shocker. Aaron seems more confused over what Jackson is thinking – not telling his dad they’ve separated – than his own emotions. Bob’s concern was nicely understated. Aaron in some ways seems incredibly relaxed around Flynn and then knocks him back when Flynn tries to get affectionate. Any guy who has been built up like Flynn would have taken that bus from Mr. Moody and not looked back.

      Also worth reviewing – the spoiler for this very ep from Digital Spy:

      “Meanwhile, coming out of the pub laughing with Flynn, Aaron is thrown to see Jackson. Seeing Aaron is quiet, Flynn reminds him he is a good listener, and Aaron is grateful for the offer. Flynn then casually suggests going back to his place, but aware he wants to take things further, Aaron makes his excuses and it’s clear that he’s becoming increasingly torn.”

      Note how different the ep was from what was described above. Makes me wonder more about what the rest of the week holds.

      • Good morning Mark, You make a very good point about the spoilers – they are virtually all trailers and no big picture – they rarely match up to what we actually see.

        But the writers are very busy: there are about three dozen of them, and when they are not trying to find rare car parts and old bangers for Aaron to drive back from Bristol, they have to teach Mia to read the autocue (and they still haven’t quite got through her potty-training! 🙂

        Seriously, though. Flynn has very little money and yet what little he has he is prepared to spend on getting another evening of Aarons rebuffs and rudeness, and buying Aaron drinks. He is as sweet as Adam and Ryan, a pity he is virtually being used by Mini-Hamlet, or the gentleman who plays himasyet another supporting player for his great acting masterclass.

        Sharon will hate me for saying this, but everyone (with the possible exception of Cain, Jai and Nathan) deserves better than Aaron for a friend.

  79. this assisted suicide plot is really messing with my head. i just can’t stand the thought of jackson dying and never coming back. i love jackson as much as i love aaron (and the actors too!). i guess the writers are stagnant when it comes to developing interesting plots for jackson now that only his head can move. shame on whoever who decided to make him a tetraplegic.

    anyway, i’ve been wanting to get a fansite running for AJ for a long time. i put my plans aside because of lack of motivation and time (plus we already have a number of A/J fansites already). and now that i have the motivation and time, especially with the thought of losing jackson forever – i needed to create a monument of sorts, you know, just in case AJ was not meant to be.

    so, i finally got my fansite up – We Love Aarson ( pardon my shameless promotional stunt, but there’s a petition on my site to keep marc on emmerdale for a long long time. so, i urge you lovely people to sign it or just get over to

    • Good for you. I shall certainly sign.

      As for who came up with the idea for this revolting stunt of “assisted suicide” I’d bet a thousand pounds to a Girls Aloud single, that it was the diseased mind of Gavin Blyth. I am sorry for the guy that he died that young and in those circumstances, but he devised the drowning of one character last year, the terrible car/train accident, the arson and suicide for this year – a truly sick mind in a sick body.

      There is on You Tube a recording of him made last July, just 4 months before his own death, where he looks terribly pleased with himself, gushing on to a daytime TV audience about “his” stories. He seemed to enjoy melodrama, and obviously had more interest in his own career and awards than he was with the audience of “his” programme.

      I just wish they would now remove his name from the credits. There is no way he “produced” what is now on screen, and it is the height of dishonesty for ITV to pretend that he did. I am sure the stories were his, but the production is not, but he seems to have achieved sainthood at ITV Leeds. It seems at best mawkish, and at worst, ghoulish to pretend he is “producing” from beyond the grave.

      I think, frankly he was a very average producer, given to too many silly stunts: I think it quite fitting that his epitaph, the last thing he acully worked, on was that fire which he himself described as “Emmerdale’s most spectacular stunt”, but was in fact, risible and – pardon the expression a damp squib.

    • There I have signed.

      If you want to contact the shows executive producer, to let him know your views, his direct email address is:

      The more people who do the more hope there is of preventing this obscene plot

  80. Hi Mark, I can see where you’re coming from with regards to last nights episode, I’m just glad that it wasn’t as painful to watch as I thought it might be.

    I think Aaron being confused over what Jackson is thinking is because he already knows what he thinks and doesn’t understand Jackson’s mixed messages. If he is trying to move on and forget his own feelings for Jackson, it doesn’t help when Jackson sends him away, then asks him to stay and watch DVD’s, then doesn’t tell his dad they have split up.

    With regard to the spoiler, I wonder if they’ll incorporate some of it into Wednesdays episode. Flynn could always invite Aaron back to his place while they are on their night out, Aaron could then either refuse point blank or accept and then leave when he realises that Flynn wants more than he’s prepared to give. The official Emmerdale spoiler just says “while on a date with Flynn, Aaron is finally honest with himself and admits he is being distant.” Not giving a lot away are they?

    Jackson gets his new wheelchair tonight, Hopefully he’ll meet up with that guy again while he’s there to offer him some more hope and improve his outlook.

    • Hi, Sharon – You could be right about Aaron’s internal struggle – I just feel as if it hasn’t been portrayed adequately for the payoff later this week. Jackson has been guilty of sending Aaron mixed messages; I’d just like Aaron to sort it out in a way that makes sense. Why the ILU now? Not that I’ll be unhappy to see it….

      The spoilers truly do a number on my head, I have to say. The newest ones indicate we’ll see Aaron’s romantic side – but that Jackson’s own turmoil (cue the deeply ominous music) torpedo the couple. I really can’t believe the show is going into the AS story as such. With the introduction of Andy Walker, the show is demonstrating that tetraplegics can have meaningful, loving lives – and underscoring that what Jackson truly needs is some qualified medical help for his depression. The only way Aaron and Hazel could ever agree to AS in my book is if Jackson suffered a further medical setback – which I believe is in the cards.

      Ghastly story all around. I don’t want to watch and yet I feel an obligation to because of MS’ incredible contributions to the show.

      • Mark, me and you both. The spoilers are the bane of my life at the moment. One minute positive, the next, slapped back down to earth with a bang.
        I have to say that the latest spoiler releases intrigue me. It’ll be interesting to see Aaron as the one striving to make the relationship work, dropping all defences and trying to be the boyfriend that Jackson deserves while Jackson is the one intent on destroying the relationship and Aaron in the process. It’s like some kind of weird role reversal.

        I just don’t see Aaron & Hazel agreeing to the A/S in any way, shape or form unless, and we’ve both said it before, some other medical problem comes along. If Jackson is to die, I would prefer it to be of virtually anything else but this.
        Do I want to see this on my screen – definitely not!!
        Will I watch the story until the bitter end – definitely yes, I’ve invested too much time in these two characters not to stick with them and feel like after both their hard work in bringing this story to us, it’s the least I can do.

  81. Hi Sharon, The reply button is missing again, but you said:

    “I know the actor who plays Flynn has finished his run but, if the story goes the worst way possible and Jackson dies by any means, I wouldn’t be surprised if he turned up again later in the year.”

    I feel sorry for Flynn, and I quite like him (& I think he deserves somebody who will treat him better), but I don’t want Jackson to die by any means, but if he does, and if Flynn came back it would mean Aaron was using him for a second time.

    Aaron is far too quick to take advantage of the good nature of others.

    • Hi Alan, I feel sorry for Flynn too and you know howe I felt about him before he even hit our screens. I was surprised how much I ended up liking him actually.

      I too don’t want Jackson to die, it goes without saying but I can see a scenario where Flynn would come back after Jackson’s funeral to see if Aaron is coping now he knows their history and what Jackson meant to him. He was a nice guy and he did like Aaron, isn’t that what a friend would do? I don’t think Aaron would go looking for him though.

      • Sharon, Alan, I have to agree that I was pleasantly surprised how much I came to like Flynn in a short amount of time – and I was prepared to dig a grave on the Barton farm and fill it with lime for him. Good actor, interesting take on the character. So why did a college student have to leave town for a few weeks? Oh, never mind, those silly writers.

        Anyway, Sharon, the spoilers have the same affect on me. I need to stop reading these things. As I’ve said, tho’, it seems really odd that all these terrible ones would be leaked before the boys’ one moment of happiness. This should be a romantic climax of sorts, a year in the making, and it’s been ruined completely by what we know is coming. There’s no respite and the scene seems more like a speedbump in getting to Jackson’s demise. If that’s the case, the ED writers really are afraid on every level of same-sex affection. We’ll know soon enough, I guess. Look forward to comparing notes with everyone on the board here.

  82. Hi Mark & Sharon, Why did Flynn have to leave town for a few weeks being a student?

    Simple – he was on a work placement, dismantling old cars in Bristol so Cain and Aaron could find parts for that old 1987 Cortina.

    UNlike Sharon, I will not watch to the bitter end – that is and we all know it will be, that Thursday night when Aaron turns killer. I already despise the lad for his arrogance and self-pity, to see him do that (AND get away with it – more tears in court followed by a three month suspended sentence).

    Can’t you see what they are doing though? Turning Jackson into the “baddie” spurning Aaron so the viewers will see poor little Mini-Hamlet – yet again – as the blameless little victim, and get them back “on side”, meanwhile in real life Motormouth Miller will appear on any radio or TV show that will have him, cadging votes in whatever Award ceremony is coming up. And he will be the sole “star” on his journey again.

    Enough already.

    On a more positive note, it was good to see Jerry being genuinely supportive last night, and Hazel not bickering with him.

    • Hi Alan, so that’s where Flynn went, I’m glad you sorted that out for us.

      Alan, I know you dislike Aaron and you dislike Danny even more but I don’t think I’ve ever read anything you’ve posted before that’s so filled with venom.
      I don’t think it’s a case of turning one into a baddie, it’s just a way of showing how Jackson’s problems will manifest themselves and how Aaron, as his boyfriend, will try to help him.
      We know the story is getting darker with Jackson’s depression getting worse and we all know that when you are like that, you have horrible, terrible thoughts and lash out at the people you care about the most because they’re the ones that are there.
      As for trying to get people back on Aaron’s side, I honestly doubt whether the teenage girls and boys that make up a vast majority of his fans even care what’s happening in the story as long as they see him on screen. I mean if the best they can comment on an episode is that Aaron is the best looking guy in the universe, that tells you all you need to know.
      His other fans, teenage but more mature and people like me are quite capable of making up our own minds what we feel for Aaron. We certainly don’t need Jackson’s demise to help us on our way to a conclusion and most of us would still like Jackson to stay in the programme either as Aaron’s boyfriend or on his own.
      There, my little rant for the day over.

      • I think what’s happening here on the board is proof of how much we’ve all become invested in the story and the acting on display here. And I think it would help if we could all take a breath and remind ourselves this is just an effing TV show effing with our heads for ratings. 🙂

        And frankly, I direct that advice at myself more than anyone else because this show really messes with my wee brain.

        I am suspicious that this story was mapped as award bait. I don’t think ED will see anything for it. The story involving Lisa Dingle is far more powerful, relevant and has the potential for helping a lot of people. Who does an AS plot help exactly? Who does it entertain?

        The people with brains in the audience will not view Jackson as a villain. The lad is suffering immeasurably, and we all get that. MS work has been so on-point, it’s been at times unbearable to watch. DM is a powerful actor in his own right, growing into his talents, and now he faces his greatest challenge: playing a lover fighting for his man. Let’s give him a chance.

  83. Mark, Breath taken!!!

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said. Thank you, I was beginning to feel I was beating a lone drum in my view on this story.

    Remember, though, if it wasn’t for this story and it messing with our heads so much, we’d none of us got talking in the first place so every cloud as they say…

    • Agreed, Sharon! Just hours away from part one of the big reveal. Do hope it lives up to our expectations. And Jackson’s reaction is just as important for me. He better let Aaron know how he feels about him. Should be an interesting couple of eps.

      • Too right Mark. In a way, Jackson’s reaction could eclipse what Aaron actually says to him. I hope he reacts well and we’re not disappointed. A year we’ve waited for this, can’t believe it.

        I look forward to reading what everyone thinks later tonight.

  84. Well, Aaron or rather DM did a very good job at interpreting the lines – the performance being better than the script.

    I have BTW received a tetchy little reply from “Steve November” the executive producer of Emmerdale, who plainly still has his widows weeds on.

    It is in essence the same pusillanmious little effort handed out by the press office last week – he “cannot confirm or deny” etc , but I think the fact they don’t deny really confirms it.

    Perhaps the most remarkable line of his essay in buffonery is that they have “researched thoroughly” with medical professionals and disabled people. I can just imagine him or his researchers asking severly disabled people if they would kill themselves .

    That is risible and dishonest because any doctor worth his salt – or any nurse come to that – would have noted Jackson’s depression a long time ago, and got him to at least talk.

    To return to tonight’s episode, Hazel said that Jackson “did it to himself” (e.g. have the accident and become disabled). Very tactful. Hazel, I said to myself, Hazel – I’m an ignorant pillock……

    • Alan, are you running a fever? That was most definitely a compliment directed at DM. Medical help is on its way. 🙂

      Great news that you got a reply – somebody DID read your letter, it appears, so thank you for fighting the good fight. I, too, question this research allegedly conducted. However, ED is all about ratings and this tempest is no doubt getting more eyeballs to tune in. I hope they will show sense.

      Mind you, I’m not putting any money on that bet.

      • Hi Mark, Yes he was very convincing. I am never afraid to admit when I am wrong. I could actually believe what he said.

        The script though contained it’s customary faults: not to do with this story, but Adam is employed by his dad, so he wouldn’t have just been able to run off to Declan like that, and being a businessman himself, I think Declan would have had the courtesy to speak to John before offering Adam work. JOhn could hardly afford to let Adam go off during lambing season, left with only Andy and his two daughters (one of whom is unwell and coping with drug problems) and wife.

        Obviosuly the 18 year old scriptwriters know nothing about farming. A handicap when you’re writing abt a farm.

        Declan seems desperate to offload his waste of space daughter. Poor Adam!
        They also did what they have done to Paddy & Ryan – changed Adam’s character – he would not leave his dad in the lurch – he is a loyal lad.

        As for Blyth/Novembers “research”, I reckon they asked a passing drunk at closing time.

        Just one quibble: Aaron says he “never” wanted to see Flynn. Why did he, then?. And worst still, why make this young student buy him drinks he could ill-afford. Thats not a point against Aaron/DM, but our beloved writers, back tere on Planet Zog. “I never do anything I don’t want to do” remember?. Why see a man you don’t want to see half a dozen times?. It would also have been more plausable to see Aaron and Flynn say goodbye.

        Biggest Emmerdale mystery of the lot, though: Steve Frost, born Sept 1972 and producer of Coronation Street, changes his name to Steve November on becoming “excutive producer” of ED. Why?. much more interesting than what Jai/Charity & Cain are up to?

        Well done though Danny Miller for making the absolute most of a patchy script

    • Today’s episode left me rather cold, to be honest. The performances weren’t bad at all, but the script was dull and uninspired. If ever an episode cried out for the Jane Pearson touch this was it. And Aaron’s epiphany following his inability to sleep with Flynn felt far too contrived for my liking. So he realises he loves Jackson because he was unable to sleep with Flynn? But a very similar situation had arisen in relation to Nick last year, so why couldn’t he say it then? I don’t know. I may change my mind after watching tomorrow’s episode. Who knows, it may surprise me.

      • I hadn’t considered that point about Aaron’s epiphany, but it’s a good one, Meta. I guess we’re to gather he needed more time to figure out that he loved Jackson and wasn’t frightened by his condition. I really don’t know. But the acting itself was incredible. And I’m glad Aaron finally found the stones to call Jackson on his BS, that he knew all along that Jackson was just lying to him about his feelings. That’s overdue – and progress.

    • In all fairness to Hazel, I don’t think she was referring to the accident when she told Jackson, “You did this. And whether you like it or not you’re going to have to live with it.” I think she was referring to the fact that he had pushed Aaron away when he didn’t want to go.

      • I took it that way as well, Meta. She was calling him out on his behavior regarding Aaron and telling him he couldn’t have it both ways – he couldn’t send him out the door and then feel sorry for himself.

        Hazel has really tried under very difficult circumstances. I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to care for a loved one with an illness, and it can wear down the hardiest soul.

        And my favorite part of the ep was not the ILU but Aaron calling Jackson out on his BS, that he was pretending not to care when Aaron knew full well that he did. Aaron has a tough road ahead getting through to Jackson. Here’s hoping the little nutter succeeds.

  85. Oh, I meant to say this last week but it completely slipped my mind. Re: the reply buttons. This blog only allows you to reply to a post OR reply to a reply. Anything more than that and the reply facility disappears. That’s why the reply button does not appear against any post which has two vertical lines/indents alongside it. Hope that clears that up.

    • Thank you for explaining that, I always wondered why sometimes the reply buttons were there and sometimes not.

  86. Right, half time on the Aaron/Jackson reunion and time for the analysis.

    I liked the way Hazel told Jackson it was his decision to send Aaron away and now he would have to live with the consequences. Jackson has been saying to anyone who will listen that he wants to be treated like a fully grown man and, if he had still been able bodied, Hazel would have spoken to him in exactly the same way.

    I thought Danny’s performance was as good as I hoped it would be with the script he had to work with. My stomach did nearly drop through the floor though when he started telling his story of going back to Flynn’s place. I didn’t want to hear it nearly as much as Jackson didn’t. I liked the way Aaron showed a bit of fighting spirit and I thought the scene suited him to a tee. It was never going to be a big hearts & flowers declaration, that’s not Aaron, so I’m glad the writers at least kept that bit real.

    Second half tomorrow and over to Jackson I guess with some more of Aaron thrown in for good measure too.

    • This is something I wrote on here yesterday afternoon:

      With regard to the spoiler, I wonder if they’ll incorporate some of it into Wednesdays episode. Flynn could always invite Aaron back to his place while they are on their night out, Aaron could then either refuse point blank or accept and then leave when he realises that Flynn wants more than he’s prepared to give.

      Am I allowed to feel just a little bit smug that I guessed right for once???

      • You smug, cheeky lass with ESP you!

        You are certainly allowed. Bask in the glory.

        Right. Back to deciphering the other spoilers for us now. You’re only as good as your last prediction. 🙂

    • Sharon, I agree with you on your analysis. Great acting on everyone’s part even if the script lacked something. Hazel was on the money regarding Jackson’s behavior. I loved Aaron sticking up for himself and the relationship and calling Jackson out on his BS – the fact that Aaron realized Jackson was pretending he was fine with him dating when he truly wasn’t.

      I am concerned about Jackson’s reaction. I would love to hear him reciprocate the ILU but I fear his depression runs so deep, instead, we’ll get a half-hearted reconciliation similar to the hospital scene months earlier. In other words, Aaron once again pledges his love and Jackson takes him back but remains skeptical they can work.

      This viewer truly needs something more, just for a moment.

      • Hey Mark, full time analysis then.

        More great acting from Danny and Marc with a slightly better script. I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

        I loved the way you could see Jackson gradually coming around to the idea the more Aaron spoke. I liked the way that Jackson took a while to try and get his head around what he was being told and the fact that Aaron never made any together forever promises. What he said was spot on – that they were like any other relationship. They were two people who love each other and who want the same thing so what was stopping them from trying. It was Aaron’s honesty all the way through that made the scenes between them so believable.

        Jackson is still not completely sure, which is understandable to a degree, but I think he’s getting there. Aaron is now the stronger one with complete faith in his feelings for Jackson and their relationship and Jackson is now the one that needs convincing. It’s very weird, there’s definitely a role reversal going on here because I’m sure I made the same comment about Aaron getting there not so long ago.

        Looking back, whilst I loved hearing Aaron finally say I love you, it wasn’t my favourite part of the three episodes.

        I loved the fact that Aaron spoke with complete honesty all the time, no tears, showing a growing maturity and making the whole thing believable. I loved the way he crouched in front of Jackson in tonight’s first episode to get some eye contact when he asked him outright if he would give him the chance to be his boyfriend again. The simple gesture of putting his hands on Jacksons knees while they were talking showing he’s not afraid to touch him and finally, my absolute favourite bit……

        In the pub, that gorgeous smile in Jacksons direction when he was telling his “lovely” mother that they were back together again. No words needed as to what he was feeling, that smile said it all.

        I’m also glad in a way that there was no kiss between them. Jackson asked for time to get his head around everything, as you would expect and Aaron agreed although you could see he was disappointed. A kiss between them at that point wouldn’t have seemed genuine, Jackson was still too shocked. Better to have left it out than put one in just for the sake of it and when it wouldn’t have seemed right, if you know what I mean.

        Having said that, I expect to see one soon, though.

        Now Alan has been nice about Danny, we don’t want any reasons for him to start talking about Danny’s aversion to kissing a guy again, do we?

  87. Is Jackson contemplating it, probably. Will the producers go through with it? I doubt it. If they are trying to write Jackson off then they will be writing off Aaron or Hazel as well because someone will have to be blamed for the assistance. So instead of losing one character they will lose two when the other one goes to prison. I bet that they are playing out a type of role reversal situation. Jackson ‘saved’ Aaron when he was going through his ordeal and now Aaron will ‘save’ Jackson from his ordeal.

    • Bozz, I would welcome a scenario that would allow Aaron to save Jackson. Hazel, however, could conceivably take the blame for an AS. The actress is contracted to the end of the year. No idea how long this story will run. Am looking for anything positive, however.

  88. Sharon, you make some great points, and I wish I felt the way you do, but I walk away feeling more disappointed by the episode. Danny has done a great job in these episodes, really displaying Aaron’s strength and emotional maturity. He’s not a teenager anymore. He’s a man claiming what he wants for himself.

    But this reunion rings false to me. Jackson’s actions and reactions speak of a man mired in depression who agrees to a reunion more to get along and get out of a moment than anything. There was no breakthrough, no loving connection there. I saw confusion and acquiescence. As Aaron noted, he’s not especially excited.

    This arc is all about Jackson’s will to live slipping away. That’s what I saw in their scenes together.

    No, you don’t have to worry about Alan talking about DM’s aversion to kissing a guy. But you might have to hear it from me. 🙂

    • Mark, I’ve tried to write forgetting about what may be hanging over us in a few weeks.

      I’m going to watch the episode again bearing in mind your comments and I’ll come back to you.

      I hope you don’t jump on the DM aversion to kissing a guy bandwagon, or me & you will be having words!!!!

      • Sharon, as I watched both eps in their totality, I was struck by how much Jackson is withdrawing in on himself. In the opener yesterday, he’s spinning (literally) in his new chair, listening to some birds outside, and then refuses Aaron’s offer to go out.

        Aaron finally surprises him – and perhaps reaches him on some level – but Jackson isn’t all there. He never returns the ILU. And why shouldn’t he trust it? Aaron has never lied to him and Jackson, more than anyone, knows that.

        The writing, in this one respect, is seamless. This is laying the groundwork for the next few weeks. Aaron is besotted right now, feeling (justifiably) proud of taking a positive stand. In his mind, he has what he wants and everything is grand. No one understands yet how bad off Jackson is – it’s not coming out of nowhere, the show has been depicting his emotional deterioration for weeks now. Aaron is in for one helluva surprise.

        Now, friends can have words, so long as they’re not cross, and we shan’t be having that. But I will ask: When was the last time you saw a romantic couple reconcile after months apart and there wasn’t even a cursory peck?
        Hmm….Nothing to see here. Literally.

    • Funnily enough, Mark, I completely understand Jackson’s reaction. I found it the most realistic part of the episode. Remember, Jackson wanted two things most. He wanted Aaron to tell him that he loved him. But he also wanted to be able to get up from his wheelchair and put his arms around him. Aaron’s declaration, coming at a time when, from Jackson’s perspective, it can never be physically expressed, must have been a very bitter pill to swallow. I think Marc conveyed all this superbly, as well as Jackson’s ongoing depression.

      I also liked the fact that he wanted to know what had led Aaron to this moment of epiphany. I wasn’t surprised by Aaron’s unsatisfactory answer, and I wonder whether the writers have put themselves in a position where they are simply unable to square the circle.

      There was also quite a bit I didn’t like. Some of the words that were put into Aaron’s mouth seemed oddly discordant. I rolled my eyes when Aaron said, “It’s like every relationship this, innit. In the end two people are trying to do the same thing, together.” All this from a man who has taken six months to discover that he is (supposedly) deeply in love with his boyfriend!

      I know Jackson is paralysed, but the lack of any physical affection – and I am not talking about kissing – was all too evident. It just didn’t ring true, and it is yet another one of those occasions where DM’s unwillingness to involve himself in intimate scenes substantially undermines the story’s credibility.

      I was also stung by Chas’s surprisingly vituperative reference to Jackson. Judging by her reaction a casual viewer might have thought that Jackson had subjected Aaron to a heavy bout of domestic violence. In this one shameful moment she completely forgot all the love and devotion that Jackson had showed to her son; for which he had paid a devastating price. It was a stark reminder of how unpleasant Chas can be.

      All in all the episodes have been competent. But they haven’t been the landmark episodes they ought to have been.

      • Hi, Meta – I appreciate your insights into Jackson’s reaction. Marc’s acting continues to resonate. I do think the writers had no idea how to get Aaron to ILU – they just needed to do it, fast, to get us to the next part of this story, Jackson’s continuing disintegration. I have to give Danny Miller credit for flavoring arthritic scripts with depth and meaning the words didn’t support. It’s funny, we’ve all been focused on the ILU, but I think these scenes represent Aaron’s transition from teenager to man, and thus the words actually mean little to me. Aaron is deciding what he wants. How did he get there? Umm. OK, I don’t have a clue.

        The lack of physical affection between these two is taking the show into sci-fi. I don’t know if it’s the actors or the producers but somebody needs to get a grip and get out of the 1870s already.

        Chas is loathsome – remember Aaron’s first date with Flynn – Chas gloated in Jackson’s face at the Woolpack. But I don’t take Chas seriously because she’s just so over-the-top. She might as well be on a broomstick. In classic soap tradition, every couple needs someone out to break them up, and you can argue A/J have been lacking outside opposition and this is both overdue and fair. Better to see that than their endless breakups.

  89. Ok I just heard Marc Aja jackson is leaving in July 2011? So I can assume that the storyline is true then??

    • Where did you hear this from?

      • Also,if this is true and Marc leaves the show in July, that would mean he will be on our screens until about September ie Autumn, the second time of year that Danny said something important happens in his story.

      • Sharon I happen to google emmerdale wiki and it pulls the show list of actors and then pull up the list of departing actors from the and there it was under Ryan lamb and Faye lamb leaving in the sprung 2011 it read Jackson walsh departing July 2011 and it give you the link reference article as well

  90. Hi Mark, I’ve watched the episodes again and I can see where you’re coming from.

    Jackson is very withdrawn and, although he doesn’t say I love you back, he does say you know what I think of you, what I’ve always thought of you which is basically the same thing. He was certainly happier in the pub, the only time he went miserable again was when people questioned him about him and Aaron being together.

    The writing, if you think about it, concentrated on Aaron. We didn’t hear much from Jackson at all. I’m guessing, therefore, that at some point Jackson will have to speak to Aaron and let him know what he’s thinking. Whether this is face to face or via Jackson’s new laptop remains to be seen. We know where this story is going up to a point and as you say Aaron doesn’t. He has no idea, bless him, what’s gonna hit him in a couple of weeks. No one knows how bad a state Jackson is in until Aaron finds out. I suppose that’s why the writing is starting to lay the foundations now.

    I tried to explain why I thought there was no kiss so I won’t go through it again. There will be one, there has to be, and it’ll be a good one but this IS Aaron & Jackson we’re talking about and we never get what we want when we want it with them two. See, as you said, no cross words!!

    I think last night and tonight, I had my positive head on and that’s what I was looking for in the episodes, something positive. Obviously, as the story goes on, this will be replaced by my not so positive head, followed by my negative head, finishing up with my Oh god I can’t take any more of this story head. I just don’t want to think about any upcoming misery just yet.

    • Sharon, I love your “Oh god I can’t take any more of this story head” I have one on my shelf too.

      Meta, above, raised a really good point, that Jackson’s swallowing a bitter pill. He’s finally hearing the words he’s longed for but he can’t do anything about it. He can’t get out of the damned chair. So that’s just killing him, adding to his self-immolation.

      Regarding a kiss, I think I’ll just settle for a scene in which the guys just smile at each other. I’ll take what I can – scraps 🙂

      • Hey Mark, me and you both regarding the scraps.

        Meta did make a very good point. I suppose it would have been just a bit too unrealistic if Jackson had said I love you too with a big grin on his face as we know how he is suffering.

        I re read that story I told you about last night, Carry On Jackson. If this or even part of it became their storyline over the next few weeks, my oh god I can’t take any more of this story head would be shelved permanently!!

    • Good morning Sharon and Mark,

      Again excellent performances from both MS and DM last night. The only nasty thought that crossed my mind was when ex-striptease artise Chas was propping up the bar, if anyone has to have pills crushed into their drink, let it be her…..

      There was just one discordant note, I felt, and had nothing to do with DM , but as ever, the writers: A & J on their first evening back together – hostility from the harridan, bemusement even from Paddy, yet Jacson goes home on his own while Aaron and Adam head of for an evening out – to a gay bar. Aaron doesn’t need to, would Adam really want gto?. Wouldn’t it have been more plausable for A & A to take a few cans back to Jackson’s house, if only for an hour. I know they said Jackson was tired, but again, extreme tiredness is a symptom of depression, and Jackson was well aware of Chas’ hostility, surely Aaron – and Adam given his nature, would have wanted to try to cheer J up

      • Hi, Alan – agree with you about the sloppy writing. There should have been some sort of goodnight moment between the lads, something that spoke of the affection we’re all starved to see.

        As ridiculous as Chas is (and I must admit I love the actress), I actually think her opposition is a good thing. Every classic soap couple needs and has somebody out there trying to break them up. The boys will finally have an outside obstacle to deal with, instead of their own baggage. It’s progress, in an odd way, to see the boys get that kind of treatment. No one in the audience will sympathize with Chas for trying to get her son to dump Jackson.

        Adam does seem to be the only one happy for the boys – a tribute to both his nature and his knowledge of Aaron – he knows what Aaron cherishes, and like a good friend, shares that.

        We know from the spoilers Aaron is about to get a crash-course in understanding depression. Here’s hoping he’s man enough for it.

  91. This is really sickening, their storyline is really too heavy and miserable, why write a gay storyline if they don’t have the guts to go through with it ?
    I’d rather have no gay couple att all instead of them being ruined , seriously is it so hard to write a gay coupe happy together ? we can give them ideas if they don’t know how to do it
    Needless to say , I ‘ll never watch again if they go through with such a nauseating story !

    • That sums up everything that is wrong with ED’s attempt at a gay storyline.

  92. Hi Alan, I agree where the drink with the crushed tablets should go, I’d even buy it for her.

    I missed a goodbye moment between the two guys too, it didn’t even have to involve a kiss. We just need to see some affection between the two of them. We’ve been starved of it for too long now.

    I was glad to see Adam being happy for Aaron, I have a feeling Aaron may need his support again sometime very soon.

    On a slightly different note, I followed Mikel’s above instructions and there is no reference to Jackson leaving that I could find. Can you try and see if I’m missing it or has it been removed?

  93. Sharon, I did read that story – thanks for recommending it. I loved the ending bit especially. If only…

    I realized earlier today that we’re in for one helluva ride here: Aaron is genuinely happy, perhaps more than he has ever been in his life. And he’s in for one horrific wake-up call. The story just grows more tragic.

    • Agreed Mark. I want that lady to visit the village as soon as possible and get things sorted.

      The story will grow more tragic with twists and turns along the way. The acting will be sublime as always and that’s what will keep us watching but commenting and talking on here will be what keeps us sane!!

      Just watched the first half of the crash episode, five months on and the scenes in Bar West with the 4 guys still make me laugh. I just needed to see Aaron & Jackson happy & smiling again.

      • Sharon, I found myself doing something similar today – watched the eps in which Jackson got Aaron ready for his mom’s arrival – practice that smile! – and then when Jackson decided to take holiday and Aaron surprised him by getting a ticket as well.

        So strange to see Jackson so happy and free. In contrast, Aaron still had clouds around him – now he’s genuinely happy, more than he’s ever been. And the clock is already ticking down on that…

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