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March Previews

While on a date with Flynn, Aaron is finally honest with himself and admits he is being distant.

These scenes air on Wednesday March 2nd.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Jackson share a rare tender moment next week, but is Jackson struggling to accept a future with Aaron?

These scenes air on Thursday March 10th…

Check back later tonight for detailed spoilers for the week beginning March 7th!



  1. Hmm, so I’m confused was that whole suicide story untrue? Or is that still happening in the coming weeks?

  2. I wish we was teased all of the time !!

    • ^ wasn’t teased !!

  3. i’m going to try enjoy this long awaited moment
    and ignore the voice in the back of my head telling me not to
    damn it 😦

  4. The much-heralded “ILY” is really going to take some convincing if this little snippet is anything to go by.

  5. Just watched the bar scene with Aaron and Flynn having a pint and talking when Jackson and Hazel comes in. I had to wonder what the point of this scene with Aaron keeping his distance with Flynn. They have been going out enough for at least a quick peck on the lips good bye, all Flynn gets is a “whoa”and a look of whats your problem from Aaron. Once again this is not reality of any date whether straight or gay. Anyone with half a mind would have said “have a nice life”.

    • The show’s conservatism around gays rears its old, senile head. In real life, Aaron, at 19, would be a horndog. And he would have taken the very willing Flynn on the second date. Then he might experience some guilt, confusion, etc, over his true feelings for Jackson.

      What’s odd about the Aaron/Flynn pairing is that Aaron seems to be dating himself, personality-wise, and enjoys bossing the younger one around.

      As for the non-kiss, I gather we’re supposed to think that Aaron on some level believes he owes that physical contact to Jackson and Jackson alone.

      As it stands now, I’m mightily confused as to where this great declaration of love will come from. Aaron seems more confused by Jackson’s thought processes – why he hasn’t told his father that they two are split – than his own allegedly divided heart.

      • You are so right Mark, this storyline has no real human romance at all. How can Aaron be conflicted about dating Flynn when there is no true emotion to speak of between them. Their played so distant and untouchable that I wonder why Flynn even bothered jumping on a bus to see Aaron in the first place. Aaron’s reaction to Flynn attempting to give him a kiss should have seal the deal with the two that this is not working out. Why bother worrying about Aaron calling him back, when he just responded like Flynn had a something nasty on his lips.

  6. Lets face it Jackson does love Aaron too, but Aaron being younger doesn’t know how to say it as he is still learning. To say you love someone from the heart does take alot in any relationship, which will become apparent to Aaron this week. We all know Jackson, just want to hear the 3 words, which he will this week.
    I do hope they dont kill Jackson off as the 2 characters bounce off each other and despite their troubles everyone wants them to be happy ever after.

    Every relationships has its ups and downs in real life and I think Emmerdale has hit the nail on the head, so top marks for that. Lets hope it continues, as Hazel had signed a contract for another year I cant see Jackson going anywhere for a good while yet.

  7. Hi, Darrin – Aaron’s dating Flynn is strange – Aaron seems to enjoy bossing the younger man around. Perhaps that’s the appeal. In any case, I think we see the last of Flynn Wednesday, who should be grateful to escape the village spiritually and physically intact.

    • Hi Mark
      Well, the “I love you” from Aaron finally arrived tonight, Hooray! (sorry, I know it’s doomed from the start according to the spoilers, but have waited so long it feels like a weight has lifted!)
      I’m glad Flynn escaped intact, as you say. He seemed a nice lad, but I struggled to catch what he was saying at times, so I’m quite pleased if he is not going to be in it anymore.
      It occurs to me that Aaron and Jackson are one of the few couples in ED who are loyal to each other. When you think of all the straight people (Cain, Charity, Jai, Faye, Carl, Chas, Eve, Paddy, Rhona) they seem to spend their lives cheating on their partners. Aaron never slept with Flynn (or that guy Nick) and Jackson would have never done the dirty on Aaron (not that he could now, anyway). Maybe that’s why the writers keep driving a wedge between them, we can’t go having a “happy couple” can we!!!

      • Hi, Keith –

        I feel a bit underwhelmed by the ILU at the moment. I thought the acting was terrific from both DM and MS, but I don’t understand this epiphany coming now. And I wonder why the show never bothered to show the scene in which Aaron is enticed by Flynn and then refuses sex – that was a natural story beat to play out. My suspicion about the show is that it truly has a problem with same-sex affection of any kind, so we get these moments offscreen…and Jackson is paralyzed, ruling out intimacy there, apparently.

        What I did enjoy was Aaron standing up for himself, for the relationship and yes, for Jackson, although Jackson doesn’t see that yet. Aaron’s refusal to be shut out is long overdue. What I need tomorrow is for Jackson to return the ILU. I don’t know if we’ll get that. If he half-heartedly takes Aaron back – which is my suspicion – I shall feel mightily cheated. These are the words Jackson and viewers have waited for months to hear – there needs to be a payoff for all of us. I guess we’ll know soon enough. Look forward to your views on Day Two.

  8. Hi Mark
    Sorry, no reply button but here goes………..
    I also enjoyed Aaron standing up for himself, and he did again tonight. He explained clearly and calmly that he wants to be with Jackson, no matter what. The “fly in the ointment” now seems to be Chas, even Paddy seemed to return to our planet in tonight’s ep. I know Chas doesn’t want her son to be “tied down” to Jackson as it will be tough being a carer as well as a lover, but he has realised he loves Jackson and it’s his choice. Besides, she’s not exactly the no.1 person to give good relationship advice!
    I liked that Adam was pleased for his friend also. I think as a true friend he has always known Aaron only ever wanted Jackson, and has supported them from the start.
    Like you, I find it “odd” that the break up with Flynn was handled off screen. It’s not as if they were going to be shown having wild, passionate sex. They just “went upstairs” but, according to Aaron’s account, he couldn’t go through with it, which fits with him having his lover Jackson on his mind.
    I don’ t know what’s going to happen next, but I am pleased, for the moment, they are back together. Plus, of course, Danny and Marc are still turning in spell-binding performances.

  9. Keith, I really loved the acting as well. Not sold on the reunion, as I posted elsewhere. But Aaron has really grown up and seems happy now that he knows what he wants.

    As you say, the story beats have been off. There should have been a scene between Flynn and Aaron rather than a simple off-screen reference. Flynn deserved at least that screen time to process Aaron’s reaction.

    Chas is the meddling in-law. Jackson will never be good enough for her son until he makes the local footy team. I don’t see her as a serious threat, and I thought it interesting that Aaron didn’t sugarcoat her feelings to Jackson. He’s being incredibly honest with Jackson – who is in no emotional state to return the same, alas.

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