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Spoilers: March 10th – 18th

Thursday 10th: Aaron is in high spirits now that he and Jackson are back on track and despite Jerry’s scepticism, both he and Hazel are pleased their son is getting on with life. Aaron suggests staying over but Jackson hides his feelings as he reckons it’s not a good idea.

Friday 11th: Aaron tells Paddy that he just wants to have a relationship with his boyfriend and heads over to Dale Head to tell Jackson he’ll pick him up later. As they arrive at Smithy Cottage, Jackson sees Aaron’s bed laid out in the front room and claims that it’s awkward and he wants to go home. Aaron tries to show that he just wants to spend one night in the same bed and Jackson hesitantly agrees.

Monday 14th: Hazel senses all is not well with Jackson.

Tuesday 15th: Aaron wishes Jackson would confide in him.

Wednesday 16th: Chas urges Jackson to stop shutting Aaron out.

Thursday 17th (7pm): Aaron makes a shocking discovery.

Thursday 17th (8pm): Aaron urges Hazel to watch Jackson’s video diary.

Friday 18th: Aaron struggles knowing Jackson is living a lie.



  1. In a strange way, this is the most romantic gesture Aaron has made in his entire life. Give the little nutter his due, he’s trying.

    Of course, I don’t expect the show to actually depict the lads lying together.

    Poor Jackson. This looks as if it is going to hit all his intimacy buttons at once.

    • I love that Aaron does this. Shows that he’s really trying with the relationship and trying to move things forward; even if he hasn’t thought it through on every level for Jackson ie. Jackson’s now got some intimacy issues, understandably. But this is the start of some dark days, I just hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. A great fanfic that I’ve just read which shows how Jackson moves beyond A/S with the right help and support is ‘Carry on Jackson’ by GinnyNoTonic. ED producers take note!

      • hi Jane, just read the story you mentioned, Carry On Jackson. The sooner we see that woman on our screens, the better. If they could transfer that story to the TV show, I’d be a very, very happy bunny!!

        Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Hi Mark, so, the boy comes good in the end. Shame he hasn’t quite thought the whole thing through but I love the fact that he’s trying. I think we will see the two in bed together, it has to happen at some point so why not now?

      • Sharon, I’m afraid we won’t see them lying together until Jackson has sipped his spiked OJ. This storyline looks to be accelerating fast. Not happy here.

  2. I just find this unbelieveable – a gesture of deep love from mini-Hamlet?

    What’s the betting when the episode is transmitted these scenes will have been edited out of the recording? – there will probably be something more important that crops up – Ella will have broken her nail, Jimmy will recover his memory or something! 🙂

    • Hi Alan, see, I knew my little mate would come through with something like this. For all his faults, Jackson is THE most important person in his life and for people he genuinely loves & cares about, Aaron will do anything. I love the fact that it’s him that’s making so much effort even though he obviously hasn’t thought it through completely.

      He doesn’t understand that, although they’re back togehter, Jackson will have problems with intimacy and so it should be interesting to see how this particular part of their story is handled. I think we may actually see the two of them in bed together or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my behalf!!

      • Hi Sharon, I don’t think you will see A & J in bed together. Please remember Mr Miller is a straight lad. From Manchester. I really don’t think he could do that.

        If only Adam could have just closed his eyes and thought of England, poor Jackson might still have been a happy builder…..

      • So true.

  3. Finally something warm and loving to look forward to.

    Can’t help thinking what is the point if them suicide theories are true.

    Think positive Paul. Think positive!!

    • Hi Paul, It is going to be a busy week – Jimmy tells Nicola he has no feelings for her, Cain is apparently going to try to kill Charity, and as a warning to Jai, he ties Nikhil up! (like you do). What is it about Cain and tying men up?. Next time they go looking for car parts in Bristol, I wonder what Aaron would say to a bit of bondage and S &M? 🙂

      • I’m actually looking forward to seeing Nikhil tied up. There I said. 🙂

    • Paul, unfortunately, this is a prelude to a lot more darkness ahead. Judging from the new spoilers, Aaron’s about to make a horrific discovery about Jackson’s emotional well-being. I just can’t imagine Aaron and Hazel ever agreeing to end Jackson’s life. And the message it sends to disabled and depressed viewers is so irresponsible.

      • Absolutely right, Mark, and, of course, there are a minority of viewers who get “ideas” from TV programmes. As somebody who has suffered depression in real life, I do know you can get through it, but not on your own. t needs professional help, and frequently medication

        The ED writers have always been cruel to Jackson, but they are being cruel to viewers too. You would think that depression was incurable. When you are in an especially low state you could believe that, which is why the programme owes it to viewers to deal with this subject. Hope is the message which should be delivered.

  4. Am i the only person to say,,, WHAT THE F**K !!!

    this is getting stupid,,, this story is so unrealistic,,,


    • Wrong. This is VERY realistic.. I see it every day in my family.. well not gay couple but still.. so please more understanding and less quick judgements, will ya?

      • Hi Peter, I think where this is a lack of realsim is that Jackson never receives visits from a GP (there doesn’t appear to be one ion the village, which is odd when you consider the number of elderly people living there).

        Also (I sound like a wrn-out record) after all thdese months nobody has realized that Jackson is seriously depressed.

        Apart from Aaron, Pearl and eclan nobody visits Jackson, certainly none of his own friends.

        And – biggest one of the lot: I can understand why Aaron would seek the friendship of people like Paddy and Adam as they have done so much to help him, but why would an outsider like Flynn put up with the moods, and perhaps more pertinently, why would Adam & Paddy want to stay his mate when he treats people with so much contempt?

        Aaron’s shtick is sarcasm and rudeness – most people would only be prepared to take so much of it, before shrugging thier shoulders and leaving him alone to get on with it.

  5. Yes! Finally this story is getting the right direction and hope it’ll last this way for longer. Just can’t wait to see this week’s episodes. Just love the both guys perform their characters – ti be honest – cannot say who’s better – Danny or Marc:)

  6. Hi Mark, I sometimes find it hard to believe Nikhil and Jai are brothers presumably bought up together. I like Nikhil – again he is ind and thoughtful. I’d rather have Jai tied up, if only to get that rictus grin off his face.

    But Cain really does seem to have a “thing” about tying men up. He did it to Nathan (though for a good cause) but poor Nikhil – he’s done nothing to hurt Cain

    • How does Cain manage to escape the law? I love a kinky guy as much as the next man, but this is kinda nuts.

  7. Just read the updated spoilers … Dunno why I frigging bother !!

    • With that on that, Paul. This is just more gut-wrenching stuff. Very angry with the show’s writers for putting everyone through this story.

  8. Seems we are heading into a “dark place” very quickly! I would have thought the lads could have had just a little bit of happiness before the clouds form again, but that’s been the shape of this story all along: A&J get together, A&J split up again, A&J get together again, and so on.
    I don’t know what they are going to do with Danny Miller’s character if Marc Silcock leaves. Even when he had a half-hearted attempt at having another boyfriend (Flynn), he couldn’t bring himself to even kiss him. Same with that guy Nick at Bar West, he did a runner that time! I can’t see Aaron being portrayed as a gay character if he is going to forever be “self-loathing”!

    • Keith, I think they are determined to turn Mini-Hamlet into their own version of Coronation Street’s Gail Platt – every “relationship” has to end in tragedy of some sort or another.

      I have already said why I think the AS storyline is abhorent, apart from the cynical pursuit of awards and viewing figures, but I honestly wish they would make Aaron straight again. It’s great having a non-stereotypical gay character but Adam Thomas or Jim Sutton would have tackled the role in a much more mature way.

      Aaron is just so cold, you can’t imagine why any man or woman would want to be around him too long.

      Not the least thing that annoys me about Danmy Miller is his brash manner. Last week when news of this revolting plot broke, he was quite put out that people didn’t like it. “So what?” was his reaction to people complaining about Marc being written out.

      I hope he has the same philosophical attitude when the time comes to write him out – permanently I hope.

      His act is wearing very thin.

      He must worry about how (when they EVENTUALLY get round to it) a new series producer will rate his recent performances. Not as highly as St. Gav would be my guess.

      • Alan, you are probably right about DM. I used to think he was quite a nice lad in real life (better than “Aaron” at any rate, which wouldn’t be difficult!), but what you say about his attitude to the AS plotline has made me have a rethink.
        Also, I now prefer Marc Silcock both as an actor and, by the little I’ve seen “off set”, as a person too. Whenever they do joint interviews, Danny seems to hog the limelight, he seems to view Marc as very much the “co-star” who is just there to move his own story along.
        Maybe I am wrong as I don’t like speaking ill of anybody. I know Danny organised the recent football match to raise money for charity, so he can’t be all bad. But I do see where you are coming from with your comments.

    • Well, if killing your first boyfriend, your first true love, doesn’t make you self-loathing for all time, what will?

      So much for ED’s take on a modern gay relationship – gay equals death. Gosh, I’ve never seen that anywhere before.

  9. Keith, that is exactly my feeling. When Marc is interviewed he is the first to praise Danny and in the “Calendar” one he looks towards Danny, but Danny doesn’t reciprocate, and Marc hardly got a word in with the machine-gun delivery from DM.

    I feel that Danny sees Marc as a rival as well as a supporting player to him, and the “so what?” remark when people protested about Marc’s fate in the show I think shows a basic insecurity, and the desire to take centre stage again.

    If he does help to “kill” Jackson – for that is what it amounts to, I think even more people will find his character repellant.

    Yes he arranged the football match for Gavin Blyth’s memory and it was good of him – I suspect he feels he ows GB a great deal which he no doubt does, but boy did he hate losing!.

    As a defence point for him, somebody (I assume a 12 year old girl) wrote on the You Tube site for yesterdays episode that “DM is the greatest looking man in the universe”. Well, if she says so……

    March 1st and Blyth’s name is still on the credits, when are they going to get over this necrophilic worship and get a replacement?

    • Alan, I agree with you that this story is not going to win DM award nominations. It’s just too dark for viewers to embrace. The coming out story was exceptionally acted and written and represented hope for a damaged character. This….is too dark a journey and is a waste of talent – Marc’s.

      • Hi Mark
        You are correct as always. I don’t think DM will win any awards for “killing” his boyfriend (if that is what is going to happen). Especially as Marc Silcock is now a popular character.

        The coming out story last year was probably the best story I have ever seen in Emmerdale, both in terms of acting and production. That’s the problem that ED has now, how are they going to “top” that?

        Certainly not the way they are going now!

  10. Hi, Keith – Now at least, we understand the point of the train crash, of paralyzing Jackson in such an irrevocable state – to destroy his body and spirit to demolish Aaron’s heart. After killing his first real love, Aaron will revert to his wild, rage-a-holic days, his self-loathing embedded so deep into his character, it will never heal.

    And this is entertainment?

  11. c’mon spiked drink. Finish what the train started.

  12. I can’t sleep and have to get up at 2:15am, so I’m watching YouTube clips of Aaron and Jackson from last year. Jackson has just paid Mickey off and told Aaron he loves him. Oooops!!

    Memories !!

    • Yeah, I find myself watching old clips myself, too, Paul. If we had known what was coming….I would have found something else to watch.

    • Hi Paul. It proves Paddy was wrong in one thing. When he was beaten up by the lovely Aaron, and Marlon wanted Paddy to report it to the police, Pady did his usual defence (the hard life Aaron’s had etc) and said “he’s desperate for someone to love him”.

      Well, months later after tear-stained appearances in court, the holiday with Aaron & Jackson, the totally unnecessary criminal activity of selling a dodgy car, and Jackson paying of Aaron’s debt (he never did say thank you), Jackson told him he loved him…….. Perhaps he was not sio desperate as Paddy thought he was.

      I know I will upset Shrn when I say this, but I am sick to death of Aaron’s unhappy childhood always dragged in to excuse huis antisocial boorish behaviour.

      You can recover from an unhappy childhood, just as you can recover fom depression but Blyth and his fellow muppets chose not to take that on board.

      I sincerely hope they don’t go through with this repulsive AS story but if they do, I would write it with a twist – the glasses get mixed up and Aaron drinks the drugged one. As he realises his life is ebbing away, and Jackson can’t lift the phone to call an ambulance, Aaron can have his biggest – and final – crying session. What a way to go!. All the melodrama and pathos Aaron and his adoring fans could want, Aaron always said he didn’t care if he lived or died….

      • Alan, your twist on the story got me roaring. Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

        Here’s the thing: I think Aaron is showing growth – Since the accident, he has stayed with Jackson, as much as Jackson will allow him. Jackson is the one who pushed him away – for reasons we can all too sympathize with – and that left Aaron terribly confused. Mind you, I’d never call Aaron “bright.”

        But he’s trying. And he’s going to be stepping up in a way that Chas or Paddy could never imagine for him….limited twits that they are….

      • Hi Alan, you won’t upset me at all with anything you post on here about Aaron or Danny for that matter, I’ve said so before. Your opinion always makes for great reading.

        Please though see below a comment I posted under the Suicide storyline section yesterday where I actually agree with you!!!

        I don’t think that the fact his mother and others haven’t shown him much kindness when he was growing up is any excuse NOW for the way he does appear to treat certain people. Maybe he could use that as an excuse when he first moved to the village but with Pre -Rhona Paddy, Adam and of course Jackson all showing him how to give and not just take, that excuse has worn a bit thin. There, bet you never thought you’d hear me say something like that, did you?

        Much as it is difficult to witness, and we all know why he did it, some of Jackson’s depression is due to him sending Aaron away and that is down to one person only and it’s not Aaron. Tonight was a start, it’s over to Jackson now to see what his response is.

  13. Ok, I have to say that I’m very concerned at the pace of this story now. For ages, no one has noticed Jackson’s depression. Now, within a couple of weeks of reuniting, Aaron discovers how bad things really are thanks to Jackson’s new laptop and the downward spiral begins again. I really hoped the programme would at least let the guys be happy together for a while before bringing in the doom & gloom again. Looks like I was wrong – again!!

    I’m even nervous now about Wednesday and Thursday’s episodes. With the way what we have seen on screen this week has differed to what we were supposed to see, I wouldn’t be surprised if the three words we’ve all been waiting for Aaron to say have been deleted from the script and replaced with something completely different. I’ve never wanted to be so wrong about something before but I’ve just got a bad feeling about this.

    • Sharon, I understand the dialogue has been changed to: “I really love …. your wheelchair.”


      I think you’re right; the boys don’t even get a breath of relief. I’m trying to remain optimistic – a hard thing for me, as you know – in that Aaron will finally realize what Jackson is enduring. With that information, he could become Jackson’s most forceful advocate. I can’t see him or Hazel helping Jackson with AS right now, and the idea that Jackson could ever wear them down to that point seems absurd. What we need more than ever is that old Aaron Livesy selfishness: He’s finally got the love of his life – now he will fight to keep him.

      Unfortunately, I have no faith in the ED writers.

      • Mark, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that’s exactly what they’ll change it too.

        I’m trying to put the idea of a/s out of my head but it’s difficult. Every so often, I have a moment of optimism and try to cling to it but it’s getting harder & harder. Aaron is going to have fight like he never has before to turn this situation around. We all know how stubborn he can be and I think he’s going to need to be if he is to get Jackson the help he so obviously needs.

        Now we are starting to see a new improved Aaron, lets hope enough of the old Aaron is still lurking around and can be put to good use for once.

  14. I think Jackson’s final line in last night’s episode: “this is it, this is as good as it gets” confirms his dark state of mind and the obscene direction this storyline seems to be taking.

    It feels like we’re just waiting for the inevitable to happen.

    • 😦

      • Right with you, boys. This is getting dark very fast. I hope there are better times ahead for all of us. Can I recommend an antidote to the Aarson blues? Go to YouTube and look up Christian & Oliver – Chrolli – from the German soap Verboten Liebe – start with, I dunno, part 32 or so – the guys have been together for about three years now, share mad chemistry, and their story is filled with magic, love, heartache and hope.

        It’s nothing like the unending night of Emmerdale.

      • Cheers for that … Will have a look later

      • have watched a few from number 32 … must admit, im getting quite into it. Christian is quite sexy too lol.

    • Hi Shawn, The most repulsive thing about this storyline, apart from the disgusting message it sends out to the disabled is that suicide is even considered as a FIRST resort, not the last. We are asked to believe that no medical professional has picked up on Jacksons profound depression, or even his devoted mum. Come on……

      You just KNOW this story is being concocted to make DM eligible for another award, another round of self-satisified boasts in interviews. Not to mention the ratings.

      Still, at least we are in for a laugh tonight when Cain tells Jai their girlfriend is an ex-hooker!. Whoever would have guessed 🙂

  15. Sharon, no reply button, so I’m down here…I share your hopes for Aaron. He isn’t one to let something fester. Unlike Jackson, who can bottle things up like nobody’s business, Aaron is someone who tends to fly off the handle and then think. This is going to throw him like nothing else in his life and he will not be able to sit on it. That bodes well for Jackson, at least in the short term. I can see Aaron making a determined effort to getting in touch with Andy Walker, to demonstrate to Jackson that his life has value…until the next setback. As far as I know, MS is still filming, so this story is not over. Some hope remains. We’ve seen how spoilers can go astray. Perhaps this one is designed to just suck us all in. Mission accomplished.

    • Hi Mark, Yes, MS is still filming, in fact they are filming a scene at a football match today, I wonder if it’s the one that was mentioned in Andy’s newspaper interview where he said his character would take Jackson out to show him he can still do whatever he wants if he puts his mind to it.

      As you say, this story is not over and while it’s still on going, there is always hope. Aaron will, I’m sure, fight tooth and nail to help Jackson. After all the break ups and finally getting his man back, there is no way he will sit back and do nothing. The other week as Jackson finished it with him, Aaron said “mate, I just can’t lose ya” and that’s when he was talking about the end of their relationship. He fought really hard to save that and he will fight even harder if it’s Jackson’s life he’s fighting for.

      As you say, if this story has been released to test public opinion, suck people in and get them talking, then it’s job done. As Aaron would say, though, I wish this a/s story would just jog on and not come back!!

      • Well said Sharon, I agree with everything you said. Aaron and Jackson Forever!!

      • Thank you for the update, Sharon – nice to know MS is still on the clock. That makes me wonder if the ultimate twist is to get Jackson back to some sort of emotional equilibrium with himself and Aaron and then throw another disaster at him. Hope not. I do think we’re past the break-up loop we’ve been trapped in for months. Aaron’s about to have his breakthrough with Jackson and that will settle things forever in his mind.

  16. Hey Mark, monsoon season must be over, no reply buttons again!

    I really hope we’re past the break up loop, I don’t think I can go round that one again. Aaron’s mind will be sorted once and for all, it’s Jackson’s that bothers me.

    As you say, maybe as the story progresses, Jackson will get his head sorted out and then we might, just might, see some happiness between the two of them. Wasn’t it April & sometime in the autumn that Danny mentioned as key moments in his story this year?

    I keep thinking back to when Danny said that this year, Aaron would have to make the biggest decision of his life. I, foolishly, thought that this probably related to whether or not he would finally grow up and decide to stay with Jackson but now……. who knows?

    • Sharon, you are correct about those calendar dates. We can do the math and I don’t like the sum.

      I don’t think we see much of Jackson’s reaction tonight – that should be tomorrow. Tonight is about Aaron pushing through his own doubts and forcing Jackson to hear him out.

      I will check out that short story later this week – bit of nutty time right now – but will check out anything positive for the lads.

  17. Mark, if you have a few minutes and you’re looking for hope for Aaron & Jackson, check out a fan fiction story called Carry On Jackson. I won’t say too much but it certainly made me feel better. Let me know what you think.

  18. Paul, welcome to Chrolli world – Christian & Ollie are a great couple, and a wonderful antidote to ED’s dreariness. There are real sparks between the two, and the actors are great friends in real life.

  19. Hi Mark, Sorry the reply buttons are all in Bristol again, in that scrapyard with all Cain’s rare car parts 🙂 Aaron will bring some back next time he goes…….

    You see one of the problems I have is this: AARON, who – let’s be honest about it, is sometimes as dim as a glow-worms armpit – is the first to see Jackson is depressed, what has Jackson’s overweening mum being doing the past four months – walking round with blinkers and earplugs. He apparently has hospital check-ups and no doubt sees doctors and nurses, but – yet once more – Aaron to the rescu.

    It’s all too Aaron-centric and unbelieveable.

    I’ve often said, if I could have had one wish in life it would have been to have been like Ryan, kind, forgiving, generous, thoughtful, but if I were Jackson I could never forget – still less forgive – the fact that it is due to Aaron indirectly that I was so seriously disabled, that it was Aarin who told me I’d never walk again, when the doctors had told him and J’s parents that they shouldn’t tell him then. It may have helped break his spirit.

    After going through this months of torment for Aaron to tell me now he loved me – when he couldn’t “because I have got nothing to compare it to” (forgetting he had had girlfriends and enjoyed affectionate friendships with Paddy and Aaron). I sometimes wonder at the meaning of that line BTW (is Aaron a “size-queen”, and was thinking that was what he wanted to compare?), anyway, I digress, after all that, if he told me he loved me now I’d tell him what he could do with it.

    Jackson won’t, Ryan wouldn’t. Alan, sadly, would :-(.

    I still think aaron would more likely appreciate a physically violent and abusive relationship with somebody like Cain or Andy – somebody who would, literally, “hit back”. Come to think of it, perhaps that’s why it took Aaron three weeks to get back from Bristol – perhaps “Uncle” Cain had tied him up and dumped him in the scrapyard 🙂

    • You have a point, Alan, that this was Aaron’s story. Jackson was intended only as a minor player. I think a shift in storytelling began right after the train crash as we slowly saw more of the world through Jackson’s view and the changes wrought on his spirit. MS won his own audience right there and has been steadily building on it.

      I can forgive Hazel because she’s his mum and she’s doing the best she can – and what mother can face the fact that a child may be suicidal? Given all that Hazel is enduring herself – and yes, being a caretaker is terribly challenging, even with the delightful Joe around – I can give her a pass.

      Aaron is the first to notice because, in this “grand romance,” he is Jackson’s great love, his partner, the man Jackson values above all others. You might question that judgment on Jackson’s part – I know I have – but that’s the story we have. Now we have one lover trying to save the other – that is the stuff of soap, if nothing else is.

      Yes, Aaron can be incredibly thick, which makes this story all the more challenging for the character.

      Slightly off-topic, I’ve always thought Aaron was a pushy bottom. But we can continue that conversation, if you wish, privately. 🙂

  20. Although we are only talking about fictional characters here, the sad fact remains there are young men and women like Jackson who suffer from terrible disabilities.

    Given that we all know he is very depressed, his active life as a builder over and the great sadness he feels, it is good to know that You Tubers worry about the REALLY important things.

    For example:

    “….. U may be confussed, actually there is a big possibility that Jackson’s penis dosn’t work….”

    That does it/doesn’t it conversation appears several times. I have tried to point out that severe depression results in a lack of libido, you lose your appetite for everything, but, no, that one part of his anatomy seems to concern many of them. Much more important than the bloke may be close to killing himself, and has been in obvious mental distress for weeks. I think some people think “depression” is just that feeling some people get for half an hour on Monday morning when they’re fed up because it’;s the start of another working week. With friends like that, who’d need enemies?

    • Agree with you, Alan, that Jackson represents a sizable group of people who often go unnoticed in the world. I’m right on those YouTube boards with you, as you know, and I urge you to just ignore the trolls – many of them just say anything to get a rise. It’s like arguing with a tree stump. The stump is still going to be just as enlightened as it was before you started the conversation. Save your breath – for us, over here, who enjoy and welcome your viewpoint.

      • Hi Mark, I sometimes wish they would transmit the programme late at night after the kids have gone to bed. Some of the You Tubers seem to have all the insight and intelligence of 8 year olds – I suspect some of them ARE 8 year olds! 🙂

  21. Mmm guys your missing one slight detail

    Not all suicide attempts kill u

    Go on fanfiction and look at sugarmouse574 fic was it in vain

  22. Hi Sharon, Reply buttons gone to Bristol again. I was greatly impressed with Danny Miller’s performance last night, understated, no tears or histrionics, and above all – believeable. He did well with a script well down to it’s usual level. I have caveats abt the script, which I have posted on another thread and won’t bore people by repeating here.

    If anyone – yourself or anyone at all wants to tell Mr November-Frost what they feel about the idea of assisted suicide, and the darkness and inplausability of that being used as a first resort, I can give you that wonderful gentlemans direct email address.

    Don’t expect an especially warm or polite reply from him though. Quite tetchy, he is, poor lad. He wasn’t known as ” The Ice Man” for nothing, you know! 🙂

    • Hi Alan, nice to talk to you again.

      I, too, was impressed with Danny’s performance last night and tonight’s was just as good. I did say that I thought he would pull it off and I’m pleased to have been proven right. The fact that there were no tears made it more believable for me. It showed Aaron’s growing maturity, he basically just told the truth and trusted that his honesty alone would make Jackson believe him. Still don’t think Jackson’s quite there yet although he obviously wants to be.

      I have decided that Paddy must be a twin. Yesterday and today, we had a quite sensible Paddy again telling Chas to keep out of it, not that I think she will, she won’t be able to help herself. The other twin is obviously the one that appears when Rhona is around and who did nothing to support Aaron the other week and was so awkward around Jackson not so long ago that he couldn’t get away quick enough.

      It looks like I may have been wrong about Jerry. He still has a problem with Aaron but appears to be keeping a lid on it for Jackson’s sake which is all you can ask. I think, however, if we needed any proof of exactly where Jackson’s affections lie between his dad and Aaron, we saw it tonight with Jackson asking for the key back from his dad to give to Aaron and asking for more time to decide whether he wanted to go to the football with him. Obviously, those memories of what happened to him at the hands of his dad are still not completely forgotten.

      • Sharon, you weren’t wrong about Jerry – it’s just that, unlike just about everyone else on this show, he’s showing real character growth in a positive direction. He’s genuinely trying. In many ways, he’s still a lunkhead but he’s attempting to be a reliable lunkhead to his son – He’s trying to take him to footy (on location scenes which they filmed today, apparently) and his biggest concern is that Aaron might hurt him. He might still be dragging his knuckles, just not so loudly.

  23. Hi Mark, Certainly Jerry behaves much better towards Jackson than Chas does towards Aaron (and Jackson). If “Chas” ever loses her job in ED she has a great career ahead of her in pantomime as one of the ugly sisters.

    I felt slightly sorry for Jerry tonight – and an alarm bell rang – being asked to hand back the key to Jackson’s house – surely Hotton has a branch of Timpsons? (sorry an establishment that cuts keys – are there Timpsons in the USA? – there seems to be one in every British town). Could there be some sinister reason for this? – given we know Marc is leaving in the summer. I hope not.

    I was greatly impressed with Mr Miller again – and Marc is so authentic you can feel his despair,but once again that script……

    First evening back together, the ex stripper has shown her disapproval of her son and Jackson being together, Jackson knows this, and so Adam & Aaron head off to the gay bar!. I think both would have actually wanted to help Jackson home.

    Adam was the only one who seemed happy for J & A. Paddy could be said to be neutral and we all know what Cruella thinks.

    I do wonder about Adam’s enjoyment of gay bars. Could we possibly be getting to a moment in the kitchen when Adam says to Moira and John “I’ve got something to tell you?”

    • The key thing threw me, but for a different reason. The way Jackson’s house is set up it seems the doors are left unlocked all the time and people just barge in on Jackson all the time. I would have thought Aaron would have had a key by now, if he ever needed one.

      I’m guessing – and again the crappy writing forces us to fill in the blanks – Jackson said he was tired and Aaron, determined to prove he’s a boyfriend and not Jackson’s carer – a big point for Jackson – said, OK, off you go then, see you in the morning.

  24. Hello everyone,

    The only think I don’t understand this is the storyline ? I mean, we know that Jackson is in love with Aaron (since the begining) and the day where Aaron says to him “I love you” ‘jackon says NO for a tender moment : I need some time ……???

    Come on ! That was just a tender kiss.

    Be honest, would you have reacted like that in the same situation ?

    There’s something wrong in emmerdale about Aaron & jackson and I don’t like that.

    We waited so much this moment where Aaron said to Jackson “I love you”…. The real life is not like this, NO ! there’s no emotions in thier reunion.

    I hope that this is no because this is a gay story ? We are in 2011, that’s would be ridiculous !

    Wait and see the next ……..

    Forgive me my english writen (a french guy)

    • Bonjour (about the only French I know)

      You have to bear in mind that Jackson is seriously, clinically depressed (shame on the writers for not dealing with this). He is imprisoned in an imobile body all day, unable to do much except think. Jackson is a very intelligent man. When Bob came to call about the cafe’ the other day, Jackson’s mind immediately went back to when somebody else asked his advice about building. He knew that first occassion was to make him feel useful. Bob may or may not have had the same motive – that was so well written, it is for the individual to decide whether it was a genuine request or not.

      Looking from Jackson’s viewpoint, he knows his mum knows how sad he is at having given up Jackson. He also knows Hazel talks a lot. He might well have thought that Hazel had talked to Aaron and he was saying “I love you” out of pity.

      I genuinely don’t think he was. But it will take Jackson time. The depression he is suffering is so profound, it is like he has a brick wall around him he can’t see through. He feels numb, and worthless. Lack of self-esteem is one of the greatest tragedies of depression. He feels how can anyone love WHAT he is now rather than WHO he is.

      He so desperately needs professional help to overcome the depression and the lack of this support, bearing in mind he has a pro-active mum and is under the care of a hospital just is incredible.

    • Towncarguy, I think your English is great. I agree with you. The guys should have shared at least one kiss. And a kiss might have been the one thing to reassure Jackson that Aaron’s feelings were genuine. This was not a romantic reunion.

      • Hi Alan, I understand your point of view but for me there’s something missing.

        Hi Mark, for you too there’s something missing.

        Where is the real life in that episode ?

        All here we know the badly situation of Jackson and his nervous breakdown but we know too how deep his love is for Aaron. The scene where Jackson recorded his diary talking about his feelings and the wishes he wants to Aaron. My god ! there was a lot of emotions and tenderness (Marc gave us a great actor moment)

        So, when Aaron said the three words… I haven’t had any feeling,emotion, I mean Danny (the crying boy) could have crying, not for pain but for joy ! he knows what love is and this one is called Jackson. The man he has always loved t.

        Why in a same moment jackson was watching the floor like he wouldn’t hear what he has always wanted ?

        Our both lads need to be together for tenderness moments and not just to talk…

        We are not voyeurs, I don’t need to watch dirty thing between two men to be happy but the mimimum would have been for the best especially when they are talking about LOVE.

        Do you think that there would be a diffrence if that scene was made with straight couple ?

        There was no reason for Jackson to push tender aaron’s kiss away.

        I hope the things are gonna turn in the best way in the future for our both friends.

  25. Hi, TownCarGuy, I, like you, would have loved to see some romance between the boys. As you say, Marc just killed us all with scene last week in which Jackson confessed to his camera how much he wanted Aaron’s love.

    I actually liked Danny Miller’s take on Aaron: He declared his love with tenderness and conviction. I think Jackson’s behavior – looking down at the floor – was meant to convey his confusion, some fear and his depression. It’s not the happy moment we all wish because Jackson is seriously depressed, as Alan notes. The next part of this story appears to be Aaron discovering how much pain his boyfriend suffers.

    You ask a great question many of us have wondered: Would a straight couple in love act the same way? For whatever reason, Emmerdale seems reluctant to show two men being romantic.

    On YouTube, one viewer posted, “I hope they do something before the Mayan prophecy comes true,” which made me laugh, anyway.

    Great to hear your comments, and I hope you will keep coming back to share your view.

  26. Bonjour again, Towncarguy. I wish I could speak French, but what you have to remember is that Jack is suffering severe clinical depression (?de’prime?). In fact, he is a classic textbook example: his reactive depression (how he reacted to his appalling accident) was never properly dealt with and he has now reached the next – more dangerous – stage of clinical depression.

    It is absurd that we are to believe that neither his mother, or the carer or doctors looking after him have noticed this. It is I am afraid an example of the crass writing this programme endures, together with the whims of our late producer, who, in addition to being a (melo) drama queen, was himself gravely ill when he devised the accident,the horrific injuries, the recent fire and subsequent suicide. One can only suggest his grim outlook was caused by his own sad circumstances. The only other explanation is that he had a morbid, rancid imagination naturally.

    The point is when somebody has reached this stage of depression they are totally disinterested in everything – depression causes physical as well as mental distress. Tell him he had won a million pounds and he would still stare at the floor.

    He also has very low self esteem (which is why he wonders why Aaron has told him he loved him) and feels worthless. If you feel you are worthless how could anyone else think you are of value?.

    It really angers me that Steve November who supposedly is the executive producer of this programme can say that this story has been “well researched….with experts, when the most junior of doctors or nurses could see just by his demeanour that he is seriously depressed, let alone his mum who lives with him, and is supposed to love him.

    Frankly we know why this incredible course is being taken – so they can kill off Jackson, as, for reasons only known to themselves, they are parting with Marc Silcock (Jackson’s) services in the summer. As you may know there is a vile plot being considered of assisted suicide, which is just about the sickest scenario that this series has ever stooped to.

    I am glad Aaron refrained from crying this week – he cries far too readily for a tough teenager, who likes to project a hard image.

    I still encourage and invite everyone to write to Mr Steve November at ITV Leeds if they find the idea of assisted suicide disgusting in the name of entertainment – I can’t guarantee you will get a very friendly reply – you may even get a mild telling off, but he needs to remember without his viewers he wouldn’t have a programme, or a job.

  27. Hi guys,

    I have to do a lot of effort with my english writen but it’s great ! I have been learning by myself, so…..

    How can’t be in deep depression when you’re thinking at the situation of Jackson. That’s why, I was not suprised by an idea for assisted suicide. What I regret is that we don’t have the feeling that Jackon and Aaron are happy in love together. Yet plenty of little things tell us the opposite way. that ‘s wierd !

    I just would like that Jackson realise he could still have a great life with Aaron before he die (or not) even if he is on wheelchair.

    I simply think that all Emmerdale’s fan would like coming back in the past when everything was fine between our both friends and where Jackson was standing.

    I don’t know what is gonna happen in a few days in Emmerdale but please don’t let Jackson die.

    Marc silcock is unbelievable in his role of Jackson, a realy great performence like the others actors.

    • Hi Towncarguy, Just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your comments on here.

      Your English is far better than my French so you don’t need to apologise.

      I look forward to reading your future comments.

  28. Changing the subject … I work on the railway … James Sutton (sexy Ryan) is on my train!!! Mmmm mmmm

    • I’m nosy, Paul. What do you do on the railway?

      If you speak to Jim, tell him he will be missed. He is one of the few good things left in Emmerdale.

      I honestly wish he had played Aaron, though I can understand he wouldn’t have wanted to go into another serial playing a gay character so soon after Hollyoaks

      • Hi alan,

        Train manager aka guard

    • Hi Paul,
      I work on railway too (a french railway SNCF) RER-B Paris
      James Sutton, Great ! Say Hello for me,will you.

  29. “Monday 14th: Hazel senses all is not well with Jackson.”

    No! So soon!!. Hazel, I said to myself, Hazel I’m definately going to apply for Mastermind this year.

    • ROFL, Alan – thanks for that one! 🙂

  30. Hi Paul. Hope you enjoy your job, and don’t get too many bolshy passengers!. At least you have an excuse to approach Jim to punch his ticket!. It could have been Declan’s old dad – or her Ladyship Ella 😦

    • To be honest Alan I really enjoy it. Sexy James upgrades because the train was rammed lol!

      Towncarguy … I work for CrossCountry … Not long been taken over by DB Schenker !

      • Hi Paul, I should think Jim is a really nice bloke – in photos he looks cheerful and natural, and I think he is one of EDs best actors, though it is disgusting they have given him so little to do – especially when you think of some of the characters that DO clog up the screen, and have far less talent.

        I just hope he escapes from Emmerdale alive, intact, and not another of Cain’s bondage victims 🙂

      • Hi Paul
        Interesting that you work on the railway. I don’t, but I am a complete “anorak” where trains are concerned!
        Did you notice, on the terrible night of Jackson’s accident, that he was hit by a Class 47 diesel? Being that there are hardly any of these left in service (if any!), how unlucky was Jackson to be hit by one!
        I believe the sequence was filmed on a “preserved” line. I suppose the Emmerdale budget couldn’t run to a Cross Country voyager or HST!!!

  31. Marc Silcock and his outstanding acting skills are being mentioned in the Boston Harald –

    • “The best acting on TV isn’t happening here in America. It’s happening on a nighttime British soap called “Emmerdale.” Marc Silcock plays builder Jackson Walsh, who became paralyzed below the neck in an accident months earlier and has been struggling with soul-crushing depression ever since. Silcock, calling to mind a young Hugh Laurie (“House”), is deft at comedy and high-angst drama. He is gut-wrenching in his depiction of a young man losing the will to live. Available on YouTube.”

      Amazing isn’t it?. No man is a prophet in his own country, but the American’s seem to appreciate Marc’s great talent more than the idiots who employ him in Leeds.

      Who knows perhaps he has a future in the States?, but he will be a loss to us.

      • Wow, what a massive compliment and thoroughly deserved too.

        I wonder if there’s some way of getting this article to the powers that be in emmerdale. Should make interesting reading for them.

      • Just had another thought. Can this be sent to Marc instead, show him how highly his performances have been regarded. I’m not great with technology so I don’t know.

      • Hi sharon,

        Don’t worry I’m sure they already know. Great news for Marc and for us !

      • I second that. Marc has been absolutely brilliant as Jackson.

  32. Hi Sharon,

    You could cut and paste the web address for the article and send it to the wonderful Mr November direct. I dare not do it as he was in quite a strop with me – he might hit me with his handbag! , or else if he sees my email address he’ll squeam and squeam and make himself sick 🙂

    The “Great man’s” email address is:

    When you have said to him whatever you’d like to say, about how rotten the idea of assisted suicide for entertainment, for example, just paste the URL to the email:

  33. I lovee the fact thaat Aaron just wants too spend one night in the samee bed as Jackson !!! I think its’ realii sweet !!

  34. haron, If you want to send that newspaper article to the Emmerdale production office, just send the link in an email to:

    Steve.November at

    Just change the word “at” to the @ sign and don’t leave spaces between the r of his name and the i of itv.

    I posted this link last night but I note it is still “awaiting moderation” for some reason – I had no idea we were dealing with Royalty 🙂

    • Hi Alan, thanks for that, I’ll give it a go and see what happens.

      Shame we’re not dealing with Royalty really because, maybe with that sort of intervention, we would get the story to go in the direction we all want it to go.

      I suppose, all things considered, we should be grateful for small mercies and if Marc’s contract has only been extended by a few months, well, it’s a few months longer than we thought we’d have him for. Also, who knows, when that time comes around, they may extend it again. Seems like my positive head is on again today, wonder how long that will last?

      • Hi Sharon, I think Mr November THINKS he is Royalty – well, TV ROyalty at any rate. He is one month older than Emmerdale (Farm) which started in Oct 1972. He started in Sept 72, but he writes reproving emails like a Dowager Duchess. Never mind. I am sure they didn’t call him “The Ice Man” for nothing when he was Steve Frost………

        I think Mr November, Mr Frost – call him what you will (or what you’re allowed to – I think he would prefer “His Holiness”) really does need to learn that he is prepared to let yet another great actor leave, after so many others have gone in recent months, leaving all the tat, and that suicide is never entertainment, and assisted suicide is somehow even more offensive.

        I hope he gets lots of emails, though his replies will probably get ever more tetchy as he defends his “well researched” story. I reckon “Mia” did the research, on an especilly dim day 🙂

  35. Towncarguy: I am sorry to say I don’t think the Emmerdfale shower really do know high highly regarded Marc is, as his contract has only been extended for a few more months.

    If you watch regularly you will know in recent months several of the better actors have left the programme – some of their own accord, some having just been discarded by whatever rabble is in charge of the programme.

    Following the death of the series producer some months ago, nobody has yet been appointed as his replacement, so you get the feeling the stories are just drifting on, and I expect many of the cast are feeling insecure not knowing what the future holds.

    One actor left recently to appear in a stage play – not in London, but in the provinces – not highly paid, but he obviously felt he needed to get away. I would imagine morale is quite low at the moment, and it seems incredible they are prepared to lose first rate actors like Marc, for the amateur dramatic performances of some of the newcomers (think Declan’s family – cardboard cut-outs).

    Also the plots get more absurd – this coming week for example, Cain is going to abduct and tie-up Jai’s brother Nikhil, and attempt to smother his wife (Both of course criminal offences which he would get arressted for) and Jimmy has apparently got long term amnesia. I don’;t know if it’s te acting but I think he is only pretending he has.

    Too many episodes, too many writers, too much rubbish. But the other two major serials are just as bad.

  36. Hi everyone,

    I was killing myself laughing when I read your last messages. What a nightmare your thingumajig !

    Ok ! What about Hazel and Chas then ? maybe a butchery in the middle of Emmerdale’s main street after the death of thier respective son…… sorry guys !

    See, the story goes nowhere with thier atmosphere of total delirium. it’s a shame ! They had the posibility to do something good with a such story.

    • Towncarguy, While you are here, could I take advantage of your knowledge of French. Nothing to do with Mini-Hamlet & Co, but I ahev recently been reading a book (English) but the writer is fond of slipping in the odd French word. Most I can guess at, but could you tell me what “bouleverses” means? (acute accet over final “E” – it is in the context of “Debo and me went to the hospital and were bouleverses to find my wife much better”

      Thanks in advance. Thnk you, mon ami.

      I’m still trying to get my head around “High Noon” in Emmerdale: mind you the way they do it would probably be more like “Carry On COwboy” 🙂

  37. Hi Towncarguy, finally something that made me laugh amongst all this misery that we are going through. The thought of Hazel & Chas fighting, I wouldn’t know who to put my money on.

    You’re right, we’ve been saying for a long time that the writers have missed a great opportunity with these two characters to show a very positive outcome to a very sad story. It’s such a waste of two good actors talents as well. I just hope that the writing lightens up a bit and we move away from the darkness that this story is covered in at the moment.

    • HI Sharon, That might be a good plot for ED. The two women use one of Mr Barton’s fields to “discuss” their differences. There has been heavy rain, suddenly wrestling in mud comes to Emmerdale as Hammerhead Hazel takes on Crusher Chas. Two pinfalls, two submissions or a knockout to decide the winner.

      I should think Chas would be good with the hair pulling and fore-arm smashes, but I would put my money on Hazel winning with a flying tackle and a folding sissors press 🙂

      • Hi Alan, just what I needed. Something else to make me laugh out loud. The images in my head now, brilliant!!

        Thank you for putting things in perspective. I really need to remember it’s just a programme but sometimes, with the stories and the quality of the acting, if not the scripts, it’s very difficult not to get involved.

      • Maybe, instead of a field, they could do it WWE style with entrance music, costumes, the full works. The village could do with something else to do except go to the pub.

        As long as there’s no sign of the Undertaker, I’m happy!!!

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