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Spoilers: (14th -23rd March)

Monday 14th: As Aaron tries to feed Jackson breakfast, it’s clear that Jackson is uncomfortable, but Aaron remains upbeat and in love. When Jackson arrives home, Hazel senses that all is not well and later asks Aaron what happened as Jackson’s been in a foul mood all day. When Aaron insists he’s done nothing wrong, Hazel worries that Jackson may have had a change of heart.

Tuesday 15th: Aaron senses that he’s being frozen out when Jackson seems reluctant for him to stay over.

Wednesday 16th: Following fresh tension with Jackon, Aaron tells Chas that getting back with him seems to have made things worse between them. Later, Chas approaches Jackson and airs her concerns. Jackson explains that he’s only letting Aaron see how hard their future will be, but Chas brands him selfish – saying that he’s giving Aaron nothing back and waiting for the relationship to fail. Hazel and Jackson are thrown by her outburst.

Thursday 17th (7pm): Aaron is annoyed to learn that Chas has been interfering and is put out when he gets an unenthusiastic welcome from Hazel and Jackson. Aaron tells Jackson that he’s talking to his camera too often and should be confiding in him instead. Later, as Hazel, Jerry and Jackson head off to a hospital appointment in the ambulance, Aaron lets himself into Dale Head and finds the laptop. Aaron watches as Jackson opens up about his true feelings and he’s shocked to the core to hear Jackson say he wants to die…

Thursday 17th (8pm): In The Woolpack, Aaron tells Hazel that he’s seen the diary. She snaps at him for prying but he urges her to listen. Hazel refuses to discuss this, but Aaron begs her to at least watch the diaries herself and she reluctantly agrees. Later, Aaron and Jackson return home just as Hazel is replacing the laptop. Hazel pretends to be upbeat but a look passes between her and Aaron and it’s clear their secret is going to be a heavy one to bear…

Friday 18th: Hazel is determined to show Jackson that life is worth living and tries to boost his outlook. She and Aaron talk to Joe, who reminds her that it’s inevitable Jackson will have up and down days. Hazel encourages Bob to ask Jackson for his advice on the plans for the café, while Aaron urges Hazel to consider confronting him but Hazel refuses, insisting she’ll find another way.

Monday 21st: Jerry asks Jackson to be Josh’s godfather, but is upset by his reaction.

Tuesday 22nd: Aaron accuses Jackson of being selfish.

Wednesday 23rd: Jackson agrees to be Josh’s godfather.



  1. Oh no i always saw jackon with kids, i know its not bioloically possible but still, it must be really upsetting for him to see his brother and not be able to hold him 😦

  2. You can just see where this dark story is going and the pusillanimous parrotting of “we cannot confirm or deny” pumped out by the idiots who are responsible for ED is otiose. By not denying they are confirming. Marc leaves in July, so it does look to me as if they are going to produce their sickest storyline yet.

    When a programme gets down to that level it’s time they took it off

    • This is a pretty devastating story, just getting darker by the moment. I can’t imagine watching it and yet I can’t imagine giving up on it – the acting is just too good.

      Random questions, if you don’t mind: If Marc is out in July, does that mean his scenes will continue airing through much of the summer? It could mean Jackson dies as late as beginning of September. That’s six more months of this? Youch.

      As someone else posted on the boards, when the train crash was being hyped, many of the spoilers said someone would die. That obviously was incorrect. I hold out hope where I can get it…

      Finally, Jerry has a toddler son? Really?

      • Another spoiler came up – and explained the importance of Jerry handing off his key to Aaron. Frustrated by Jackson pushing him off, Aaron is going to use the key to get into the cottage to watch Jackson’s video diary when the family is out – and will hear Jackson talking about wanting to die.

        Forget about DM, I may be crying my eyes out. 😦

      • Hi Mark, Yes I would imagine recordings are stockpiled so he would be on screen for many weeks longer.

        Jerry apparently remarried after he left Hazel or she left him.

        I hope we can be spared suicide or death even now. I think we have had our quota for this year from this programme

  3. Alan, I fear the show may feel the need to end the summer on a down note. Given the hole they’ve boxed themselves in, it would take a supreme act of creative courage to move this forward in a positive way. Maybe that new producer – whoever, wherever he or she is – can take the leap.

    • I wonder if “Steve November” is going to take the job on himself, which would explain his reluctance to answer questions about when the current episodes were recorded, or to explain why they still include on the credits the dear departed GB as “series producer”.

      If that is the case, we can expect more downbeat, miserable stories like Blyth’s, and another round of sackings, and actors leaving – each one the victim of a terrible plot……….abysmal dialogue and sub-standard direction…….

  4. I’ve just seen this spoiler on a magazine called “Soaplife”:

    “Friday 18 March 2011 7:00 -7:30pm

    Hazel refuses to listen to Aaron’s worries about Jackson.”

    Is that woman really barking mad or is she taking a degree course in it?.

    Hazel, I said to myself, Hazel don’t break wind, girl or you’ll blow your brains out…..

    • How could she not take his concern seriously? She’s heard for herself some of Jackson’s confession to his videocamera. The only possible excuse I can make for this – mind you, not a convincing one – is that it comes down to context: She genuinely believes her son’s happiness is tied to Aaron and since Aaron and Jackson have reconciled, Jackson must be fine.

      Jackson is doing a great job of snowing her and everyone else – except Aaron. He’s got his work cut out for him.

      • Hi Mark, I hope Aaron remembers back a year to how much Adam and Paddy helped him after his suicide attempt. He is going to need a great deal of patience (like Paddy circa 2010) and to be able to help Jackson smile again (like Adam did for him).

        I just cannot believe an apparent doting mum could be so – what’s the word I want? – daft.

        People often think it is a hardship not having a family, but given ex-burlesque dancer Chas or Hazel, I’m rather glad I didn’t.

        I’m rather hoping Jackson can continue to reestablish his relationship with his dad, that way the writers would have a way of moving Jackson away alive, though of course, that wouldn’t be a very “exciting” Thursday evening double bill!

  5. Awww poor Jackson haven’t they made him suffer enough. Get some really producers emmerdale

  6. Also in other spoilers, it says Aaron discovers Jackson’s video diary where he admits he wants to die. One positive thing there – at least Aaron finds it before rather than after so he can confront Jackson.

    I’m pleased that Marc is now staying on until July, with him appearing on screen until September but during these next six months, obviously his story will get much darker with Jackson finally persuading Aaron to help him die by maybe saying something along the lines of “if you love me like you say you do, you’d do this for me”. I can’t see this story ending any other way now.

    ED bosses must realise what a great actor Marc Silcock is which is probably why they’ve decided to extend his contract and drag out this appaling storyline but I think Jackson’s story arc was planned long ago when they didn’t know how popular this character would become.

    The thing to remember though, is that this is Aaron’s storyline and Jackson is just one of those supporting characters within it. The trouble is, we’ve grown to love Jackson too much thanks to the wonderful protrayal by MS and it’s his mesmerising performance alone which will keep me watching to the bitter end.

    • I agree with nearly everything you’ve said. The only thing that gives me some hope is Marc’s extended contract. I really can’t see Emmerdale dragging this story out for the next six months. I think they feel they have to show how someone in Jackson’s position would probably consider a/s at some point but I don’t think they will let him go through with it. (I do have my fingers crossed though)

      If Jackson did say that to Aaron, all Aaron would have to say is “and if you love me like you say you do, you’d know I can’t do that.”

      Although this story was mapped out ages ago, there’s still time to change things. You’ve only got to look at recent episodes where the spoilers didn’t match what we saw on screen. I too will be watching until the bitter end, but hopefully, it won’t be as bitter as we are all thinking it will be.

      • Hi Sharon

        I’m trying to be optimistic like yourself but I just have that feeling…

        In an interview a while back, Danny Miller said that Aaron would suffer even more this year and I can’t see ED bosses just letting Jackson slope off in a taxi (which Marc Silcock said he’d to exit like that).

        I really do hope they don’t go down the assisted suicide route and I hope also that they keep Marc on but I can’t see them keeping Jackson as he is now, as a regular character. They’ll just want to finish him off and add to Aaron’s turmoil/anguish and get more tears from DM. I’d hate for this to drag out for the next six months, I’d be a gibbering wreck by then!

        If ED do decide to go with the A/S storyline, then as a gay man, I would be offended by this and I imagine the people out there who are both gay and disabled would be insulted and rightly so.

    • With all due respect, Shawn, I do wish people would not say “this is Aaron’s storyline” because if you are dealing with relationships it surely has to do with two people. Aaron isn’t even an especially pleasant character, and never has been, so his endless journey would be very tedious if it were all about him – the more so since Miller is plainly very uncomfortable playing a gay character, and he looks forever as if he is swallowing a spoonful medicine whenever he has to move out of his comfort zone, and actually look as if he enjoys being kissed or touched by another man.

      He reminds me of somebody who applies to work in a butchers shop, even though he hates the sight of blood. He must have KNOWN when dear old “Gav” asked him to play gay it would involve such scenes, yet apparently DM has such “power” he has the final say on what he will or will not do – there is no room for prima-donnas on a programme which has a tight schedule like ED does & it seems incredible that a 20 year old otherwise unknown actor can dictate terms in the way that he has. If we are going to have the tail wagging the dog, so to speak, I think they would have done better to make Aaron bi, or closeted. He could have married Holly and taken himself off to the Hotton Gay Sauna once a week, and that way DM wouldn’t have had to be embarrassed at doing love scenes on screen – his “shameful secret” could have remained off screen

      I do give him full credit for making the best of rapidly deteroriating scripts in recent weeks and his performances last week were exemplary, but again, we are back to emotionalism, which DM does better than anybody, but a really great actor would be able to cover all facets of his screen character.

      I have to confess that part of my problem with “Aaron” is the man playing him, who comes over as conceited, immodest, immature and far too pleased with himself.

      My biggest problem though is with any idea of an “assisted suicide” story: this stinks like a Sumo wrestlers jockstrap, to make “entertainment” of such an issue would be deplorable and send out an appalling message to people who are or will becom disabled. No doubt that idea was another of Mr Blyth, who, sadly for him, had a sick mind as well as a sick body.

  7. Have just read the new spoilers, better get my supplies of tissues at the ready because it sounds like I’m going to need them, either that or the wine again!! My stomach lurched just reading them.

    Here’s my hope, now we know that Marc is staying until July, we can assume he will be on our screens up to six weeks after. Even Emmerdale, who love to put us all through the wringer where A & J are concerned can’t drag out this a/s story from now until mid September. It’s too long a timeframe. My theory is that it will play out for a month or so, my fingers and everything else are very tightly crossed where this is concerned, and J will change his mind with help from A and Andy, the other guy in the wheelchair. He’s filmed 5 eps, we’ve only seen him once.

    As they love their twists & turns, I’d love them to surprise and reward us with a happy summer for the two of them, no more break ups, before J exits, hopefully alive. It will obviously still be sad to see him leave but as long as he doesn’t die, I’d be happy. This is going to be so hard to watch but compelling viewing too.

    On a lighter note, I was teaching my class of 5 & 6 year olds today. We have an Aaron and a Jack. I was calling their names to come and do some work with me and in all the time I’ve been watching A & J’s story, I’ve never called Jack Jackson until today. It just slipped out!! The kids just thought it was funny I got his name wrong, the other teachers said I spend too much time watching a certain soap, a fact I can’t really deny. I was just shocked to find that, even when I thought I was concentrating on something else, the two guys are still obviously in my thoughts.

    If you’d have told me when I first starting watching how involved I’d get in this story, I’d have told you you were mad. Now, I think I may be the mad one!!!

    • Sharon, if you’re mad, say hello to the rest of the asylum. 🙂

      Cute story about your students today – I think many of us find the guys live in our heads. The acting is just too damned real. If it weren’t, it would be easy to write this show off as one big bother.

      I don’t see Aaron giving up on Jackson easy. Now that he knows how he feels about him, and as Alan notes, given his own experience with suicidal feelings, he’s going to fight to bring back Jackson from the brink. I’m so pleased from the spoilers to see the old Aaron back, even for a minute – sneaking around the house and watching the video diary – that’s putting his bad ways to good use, for a change.

      Anyone else think it interesting that Marc’s contract keeps getting extended? Mind you, happy about it – makes me think this story is going in a lot of directions – they can’t possibly drag out A/S for six months, can they? Perhaps somebody realizes how popular the actor is.

      • Hi Mark, I agree, there’s no way that Aaron is going to back off this time, no matter how hard Jackson pushes him away – again. I also like seeing Aaron with some fire in his belly, it’s nice to see he hasn’t lost some of his old ways and boy is he going to need all that fighting spirit.

        I’m delighted Marc’s contract has been extended again, gives me hope that maybe we will not see the a/s ending that none of us want anyway. Maybe, with regards to Marc’s popularity, the powers that be at Emmerdale are just like Aaron, not the sharpest but give them enough time and they get there in the end.

      • Can I just ask, how do we know marc’s contract has been extended for 6 months? Is the source reliable? If so, I’m well chuffed. We may see some provisional light at the end of the tunnel. Aaron will fight to get Jackson through his darkest times and we may have a small window of happiness. (Please ED, we deserve it for sticking with it through the rough times). I love how Aaron is maturing slightly now and loving Danny’s portrayl of him. Marc as always is superb, just glad he may be around for a bit longer and Ed have recognised his talent and popularity.

  8. Hi, Sharon – Now that detailed spoilers are up, I’m more frustrated with the direction. Nobody’s talking to Jackson, nobody’s dealing with the problem head-on, everyone’s talking around him. It’s going to take an intervention, not a “cheering up” to help Jackson.

    One can almost understand Chas’ reaction to Jackson – from her view, she’s dead-on – Jackson is trying to make the relationship fail. What she can’t comprehend – nor anyone else at this point – is that Jackson’s pushing everyone away out of his depression.

    Aaron needs to step up – counting on Hazel won’t do anything. Paddy might be a better resource -though whether Paddy 2010 or Paddy 2011 shows up could have a big impact.

    • Hi Mark, I hated reading the new spoilers too. Aaron, bless him, is trying to get Hazel to realise how serious the problem is but she just wants to concentrate on cheering him up. He doesn’t need cheering up, if that was his only problem, it would have been solved last week with Aaron crouched in front of him pouring his heart out, telling him he loved him and begging to be with him again. (It would certainly have cheered me up anyway!!!!)

      To a certain degree, I can understand Hazel not wanting to believe it but she should know Aaron well enough by now to know that if he’s saying something that serious, he’s not making it up. Chas’s reaction is understandable but it’s not going to help. If Paddy 2010 can be resurrected, silly haircut or not, he may be of help but, how about this for an idea…..

      Aaron gets virtually no help from Hazel or Joe and, in desperation, has only one person to go to, Jerry. What better way to build bridges between the two of them than for them to get together to save Jackson? They’ve both lost him from their lives, both just got him back again, both love him and want to make amends for previous mistakes.
      It would show Jerry that Aaron has no intentions of hurting his son and he genuinely loves him. It would also show that Jerry is prepared to put his personal feelings aside for the good of his son. Jackson would live and everyone’s happy for a change.

      Oh to be a writer on Emmerdale.

  9. I dont post that often but I just had a disturbing thought. What if they go through with this assisted suicide plot and use the same teaser device they used for the accident. Who killed Jackson! Could it be Hazel? Aaron? Jerry? Adam? Chas? Tune in next week to find out! How sick would that be!

    • That WOULD be sick, but it would give them two “big” Thursday plots.

      I can’t imagine Adam ever doing anything like that – he is too sweet and positive to do that. I don’t think Jerry would either, it would obviously HAVE to be Aaron, because it is ALWAYS Aaron who has to decide, after all, allegedly it’s “his story”

  10. I have been watching ED for 3 years. I would not call Chaz a perfect parent, by no means and doubt very much she would lay claim to it herself when it come to how Aaron was raised. But I have to give her credit for working towards building a relationship with her son. Standing by him even humbling herself to him to show Aaron that she loves him. She is very emotional about her son, her only child and continues to stand by him even when he does not want her to and pushes her away.
    Aaron and Jackson’s relationship is complexed at best and she is only looking out, in her own way, for
    Aaron’s heart. Every time Aaron and Jackson broke up it was because Jackson pushed him away and told the very confused Aaron to move on. In return, Hazel accuses Aaron of running off or take the easy way out of a relationship that her son ended, even pushing Chaz to chastise Aaron for leaving her son.
    Chas sees how hurt and confused Aaron was about leaving Jackson the first time, but encouraged him to take his time and think it through and not let anyone one pressure him into a decision. Aaron decides to return to Jackson once again and then the same thing happens again with Jackson pushing Aaron to see others and live his life. Aaron realizes he is in love with Jackson and goes back to him again. Chas is not pleased but holds her tongue, which everyone knows is not easy for Chaz to do. The pair is back to gether again and here is Jackson pushing Aaron again. Aaron confides to his mother again what’s going on. Chaz has just as much right to confront Jackson about how he is treating Aaron as Hazel has been going off on Aaron. Like Hazel said to Jackson “ its not all about him “ everyone one around Jackson that cares and loves him is affected by Jackson condition. Chaz, for sure is going to get in trouble about speaking her mind, but its coming from the love she feels for Aaron.

    • Well in an ideal world, Darrin, both Hazel and Chas would keep their noses out of it – be there to support when necessary, but both men are just that – men – they are over 18 and have to run their own lives. With respect, Hackson seems to have few friends, his mum doesn’t even want to know abt his depression when Aaron tells him. Only Pearl, Aaron and Declan apart from Hazel appear to be able to stay in the room with Jackson. Paddy seems to thinkJ has a contagious illness.

      With mums like Hazel, treating poor Jackson as if he were an overgrown toddler, and confusing deep depression for a bit of a bad mood, and mouthy ex-striptease artiste Chas,there is a lot to be said for being an orphan, believe me! 🙂

      • Alan, Darrin – You both make some great points. I think what we’re seeing here is actually a smart take on the story – “no man is an island” and all that – Jackson’s depression and subsequent behavior have ripple effects that extend far behind his walls. (Ironic for Jackson, who thinks he matters to no one.) Chas and Hazel are the in-laws, neither one perfect, both determined to fight for their boys. I’m actually intrigued by Chas’ confrontation with Jackson next week – it sounds as if she hits on a cold truth and will take grief for it. Jackson is depriving Aaron of emotional comfort and setting them up to fail. Now his motivation, well, we all understand that: He’s suicidal. But put themselves in their shoes, they don’t know that. By the end of next week, Aaron at last will. In an ideal situation, they would join forces to get him the help he needs.

        On this front, I am not optimistic.

    • “She is very emotional about her son, her only child ”

      I’ll never be a mother (I refuse to have the operation 🙂 but if I had an only child, I would much rather have been Ryan’s mum than Aaron’s. Faye should be very proud of the way Ryan turned out.

  11. Hi Shawn, I read that as well about Aaron suffering even more this year. Well so far, since Christmas, he’s been frozen out by Jackson, dumped by Jackson, pushed away and told to get himself a new life and a new guy, bared his soul only to be taken back by Jackson, almost grudgingly. Then, to be frozen out again and then discover that his boyfriend, the love of his life, wants to die…..and it’s only the second week of March!! That’s a lot of suffering in a very short space of time and it’s going to get worse.

    That’s why I’m clinging to the hope that the a/s story will not be carried out. There’s only so much misery you can heap on these two characters before it becomes farcical. I also don’t think they can drag it out for six months which is where my little bit of optimism comes in. I’m close to being a gibbering wreck already, never mind six months down the line. This next sentence is probably one of the strangest sentences that I’ve ever written but ….

    I think it is a good thing for Aaron to find out that Jackson wants to die. At the moment and leading up to the discovery, he knows somethings wrong but has no clue what it is. He will probably think that the problem is him or that Jackson has changed his mind about being with him. At least after discovering the real problem, while Jackson is still alive, he will know the problem is not him and can concentrate all his energies on getting Jackson the help he needs. Aaron’s been through it, he knows the state of Jackson’s mind and will fight with everything he’s got to help his man.

    I still believe, unfortunately, that we will lose Marc from the show this year. My optimism only applies to the a/s story. I don’t think they will let Jackson just disappear, although I’d love him to leave alive. Knowing how the writers like us to suffer, how’s this for an idea…. no a/s, a relatively happy few months, an illness that Jackson won’t recover from followed by a death bed wedding and then, of course, a funeral. Cue plenty of tears from Danny and Marc and scenes that will haunt me and other viewers for a long time afterwards.

    I’m not gay and this story has got to me right from the start. I have no idea how it must feel if you are gay watching this play out.

    • Sharon, I really don’t want Jackson to die at all in any way (well not for 50 years). Please just give a thought to any young man or woman who has a serious accident this year and ends up like Jackson, and who watch Emmerdale. Death at 22?. Talk about a Job’s Comforter.

      No if this programme REALLY wants to help people, let there be a message of hope. You can recover from depression and suicidal thoughts, there is professional help available. Apparently not in Emmerdale. It is not “normal” even for a disabled 22 year old to die so quickly like that. Many people do achieve happy lives overcoming the most serious disabilities. THAT is what the message should be, but the plot seems to be going in the opposite direction, which reeks of Gavin Blythe. Indeed, if a plot could give off a physical stink this one does, which would no doubt please the late drama queen.

      The most obvious exit for Jackson would be that Aaron discovers his hormones and goes off with someone else, and Jackson goes to live with his dad, but no, that wouldn’t make for a great Thursday night, and we all know dear little Aaron will have to have yet another opportunity to break open the man size box of Kleenex again.

      • Hi Alan, I wasn’t saying I agreed with what emmerdale were doing, you know for a fact that I don’t. I would never be that flippant about such a serious situation. I have said that I don’t want Jackson to die, you know I want a happy ending for these two characters, I always have but I don’t think emmerdale do.

        I agree, the message should be one of hope, I said so in my correspondence to Mr November but unfortunately, I don’t write the show.

        I know more about recovering from depression than you probably would think and, being epileptic, I know about living with a disablilty, although obviously not one as severe as Jackson’s. I’ve lost friends through it and have come out the other side so I know it can happen with the right support and that’s what Jackson needs.

        I for one would quite happily not see Danny cry if it meant a happy outcome for this couple.

  12. Hi Sharon, I wasn’t wagging an admonishing finger at you, sorry if it sounded that way, I just get increasingly frustrated by the muppets who produce this programme. The air of gloom and morbidity is intensified by the insistence on keeping Blyth’s name on the credits (or should that be debits?) every night: he’s dead but he won’t lie down. I don’t think it appropriate to keep the programme as a shrine to him.

    And some of his more repellant plots should have been buried with him, quite frankly.

    By an odd coincidence I assist somebody who has uncontrolled nocturnal epilepsy and cerebral palsy so I know how debilitating it is.

    • Hi Alan, I obviously misunderstood slightly what you were saying, either that or I was feeling over sensitive today. I’m not usually one for outbursts like that as you know so I’m sorry too.

      I understand your frustration, I’m sure we all do. None of us want this story to go the way it’s going and it’s really not worth the price of the misery it’s causing, no matter how high the show thinks the ratings will be. I still keep hoping they won’t go through with it.

  13. Sharon, as you note, information is power, and Aaron is doing the best favor to Jackson with his snooping. The spoilers for late March get even more depressing, alas. Once it’s out in the open, it appears Jackson resigns himself to die. Suddenly this story seems to be barreling along a fast track straight to hell.

    Jerry’s presence, ironically, might be the one thing to tip this show into a positive place. Jackson might realize his survival is tied to new surroundings and a fresh start. Horribly bittersweet and devastating to Aaron, no doubt, but at least Jackson would be alive…somewhere.

    • “Once it’s out in the open, it appears Jackson resigns himself to die. Suddenly this story seems to be barreling along a fast track straight to hell. ”

      Hi Mark, It reminds you of that old musical number “A show, that is really a show… THAT’S entertainment?”

      Seriously, these scripts should be radically rewritten. This dark depression might have matched Blyth’s mood, but it’s time somebody with a more balanced mind took this programme over.

      I genuinely believe, if they continue along this road, the viewing figures will plummet – especially with the boring Cain/Charity/Toffee Boy story and Jimmy’s hammy “amnesia” performance plot considered light relief. A nd they have to remember in the UK the light evenings are coming, and given the choice of a spot of gardening, or this story of GB’s from beyond the grave ……

      They need a bit of reverse Shakespeare here: we have come to bury Gav not praise him……

      • Hi Alan
        “I genuinely believe, if they continue along this road, the viewing figures will plummet – especially with the boring Cain/Charity/Toffee Boy story and Jimmy’s hammy “amnesia” performance”
        I couldn’t agree more! I can’t decide whether Jimmy is “putting it on” or really suffering from amnesia, but with his performance, its hard to tell! He is one character who could be “chopped” (along with a few others) before they should even consider getting rid of the wonderful Marc Silcock!

  14. Hi everyone,

    As Aaron is going to watch the diary of Jackson, I’m asking myself how Aaron is going to react when he’s gonna realise how much Jackson is in love with him ? We know that if Jackson is so hard with Aaron, this is for give a chance to him to make himself a good life with another man and for sure a proof of real love.

    How after this reality Aaron would help Jackson to die ? (or maybe by love after all)

    I had a very good time reading with all your messages guys (and girls)

    Wait and see !

    • Hi, Town – Great to see you here again. You raise an interesting point about Aaron discovering Jackson’s love for him. I don’t know the story is going in that direction. I think what he’ll hear on those videos is Jackson’s desire for death. It frustrates me that the boys have never had that one moment of peace in which they can declare their devotion to each other.

      But such a moment would naturally end in a kiss….and on this show….with this cast….I think we have better luck seeing Paddy treat a unicorn.

      • Hi Mark,

        It would be incredible that Aaron wouldn’t be able to watch the whole diary but only the moment where Jackson tells he would like to die. I can’t believe it, can I ?

        But I think you’re right ! they are going to insist to this point, I mean Jackson’s death ! Bad thing.

        About French kiss between our both friends, I have always been thought there could be a problem between Marc and Danny about such a scene…. ? in fact we haven’t got many pictures or interviews with the both actors together and when they are together there aren’t any funny moments like with Dominic BRUNT or ….. Are there some problems between them ?

        We will see soon if we were right to be worried.

      • Hi Mark
        You make a good point about the lads never having a moment of peace. The whole relationship has lurched from one crisis to another. Even when we finally got the “ILY” from Aaron, Jackson is in no fit state to be happy about it (and how very happy he would have been, pre-accident, if Aaron had returned his declaration back then!)
        It is only the the absolutely brilliant acting by MS and DM which keeps me watching this story. Like you, I wish the writers would “lighten up” a bit, but I suppose they see soaps as high drama and, to them, drama equals tragedy!
        On that note, I notice that one of Corrie’s gay characters, Sophie, is going to meet with a nasty accident and her life will “hang in the balance”. Will she end up either dead or in a wheelchair, I wonder? As you have said before, in soaps, gay = death or disablement it seems!

  15. Keith, it does seem as if all the soaps reinforce that tired message of gay equals death. ED is adding, disabled equals death and depressed equals death.

    About the only time the boys were happy (we think) is when they were off screen, on holiday. That was last summer, just before the train came hurtling down the tracks.

    I agree with you about the quality of acting. It’s the only reason to tune in, as painful as it is to watch.

  16. Hi Mark, today has NOT been one of my better days as you may have seen and hearing that the spoilers for late March say that Jackson resigns himself to die has not done anything to help. This story is certainly rattling along at a fair old pace now. I fear my positive head will be removed pretty quickly and I’ll be down to my really negative head far quicker than I wanted to be.

    • Sharon, just remember whatever head you’re wearing, you’re among friends. 🙂

      We’ll all get through this dirge together. Allegedly there are more twists to come, and at least with the truth out in the open by the end of the month, those who love Jackson should be in a better position to help him.

      • Hi Mark, I would feel more confident for Jackson if he had the same sort of friends Aaron had during his crisis: Paddy was like a combined dad and big brother to him, Adam was a loyal and constant friend. Really poor Jack only has Hazel, who initially refuses to believe J is so badly ill (Hazel, I said to myself, close your eyes, girl, and pretend it’s not happening) and Aaron, who, with all due respect, is not the most patient or understanding of men. I just don;t see everybodyt rallying round this most loveable of men in the way they did for Aaron

  17. Hi Keith, Sorry the reply buttons are hiding under all those elusive car parts in a BRistol breakers yard somewhere!.

    I didn’t want to say so in terms, but I think you’re dead right: “Jimmy” could be got rid of with no hardship whatsoever. Either he is a terrible actor or he is only pretending amnesia – can’t make up my mind which (to add to my confusion I recently saw a DVD of an old Steptoe & Son story called “The Colour problem” where the old man feigns amnesia to get Harold to buy him a colour TV set). My views on Declan’s family are well known, and I won’t weary you with repeating them.

    Apart from the stinking edge to the Jackson story, one thing I have noticed in recent times about ED is the pleasure they seem to get in making the innocent suffer: apart from J’s accident, we had Ryan being persecuted by Nathan, and last night poor Nikhil scared out of his life by psycho Cain, and, like Ryan, he has done nothing to deserve being punished.

    In real life would anyone offer a bully like that £5000 to lay off his brother?. As Jai has more front than Brighton pier I would have thought he would at the very least threatened Cain with the police, but if he is that scared, surely blood is thicker than water. Given Charity’s previous “career” & the fact that she is probably only after his money, and Jai is aware of this, I would send her off to the B & B – after all it’s Nikhil’s home as well as his she is infesting.

    If they want reality it is time Cain was sent down for his crimes, and as for the writers, well, having given up smoking and drinking they should find it easy to give themselves in too – they should put their hands up and admt to their terrible plots.

    I honestly hope viewing figures fall, perhaps that will make “Mr November” come to his senses. With British Summer Time just round the corner (March 28th) and light evenings do they really think carrying on down this route will encourage people to stay in and watch. I hope not.

    Also, sorry to labour the point, but I am getting sick to death (no pun intended) at seeing them pass off these recordings as produced by Gavin Blyth. They can’t be, and it just shows how stuck in the past they are. Let’s be honest, Blyth was no Hitchcock or David Lean.

    Sorry rant over for the morning!

  18. I don’t get the writers and producers. How much tragedy and heartbreak can befall one person. What kind of sick and twisted ride is this! Why does it have to be the gay storyline that gets this treatment? Why not Cain and Charity? Hell I would actually enjoy either Cain or Charity in a wheelchair! I am done hoping for a satisfactory ending for Jackson. All I can hope for now is that it is a double suicide and Jackson takes Aaron with him or maybe murder suicide where Aaron shoots Jackson then kills himself. Oh I know… have it be murder then suicide by cop! This way they can get some action injected into the show with Aaron being sprayed with bullets!!!! See Mr November I can write too! If this is not enough drama then maybe Aaron can be crying for Jackson as he bleeds out! IM DONE!

    • Please RoRo don’t give them any more lurid and morbid ideas – Messrs Blyth and November seem to have had quite enough of them already. I have suggested elsewhere if anybody else MUST die this year (and I’m agin it!) there should be a twist where either Hazel or Aaron having crushed pills into the drink of the man they both claim to love, take the wrong drink and end up being the victim. Hazel or Aaron take your pick. Hazel annoys me (Hazel, I said to myself, Hazel she really gets on my t!ts).

      There is a further problem on the horizon if they go down this route, and that is Mr. Miller. If they kill Jackson, presumably Aaron will remain gay, and given Miller’s obvious reluctance to really embrace the character of a gay 19 year old, all that is going to happen is that you will see him adopt the same frigid air he did with both Jackson and Flynn (and in real life how many potential partners would put up with his coldness?). I can see DM leaving the programme when his current contract ends, since there is nowhere else for him to go (apart from being Cain’s mini-me). A new producer (whenever he/she IS allowed to dismantle Gav’s shrine) may not take too kindly to one of her/his younger actors dictating what his character will or wont do, and DM himself, so obviously embarrassed/bored by the character he is playing, may want to move on to another serial where he can be what he is – a straight lad from Manchester. He will probably end up in Coronation Street eyeing “Rosie’s” cleveage!

      Given this death wish Mr Blyth planned out for Jackson, I do have to seriously wonder if his very swift demise last year, following diagnosis of his tragic illness was hastened by himself. To entertain the sort of morbid thoughts he had for the final plotlines he worked on………arson, suicide, train & van crashes, there was a very dark mind at workthere and it seems the only charitable conclusion to draw. All the more reason his name now disappears from the credits.

      • Hi everyone,

        I was killing myself laughing when I read your last messages. What a nightmare your thingumajig !

        Ok ! What about Hazel and Chas then ? maybe a butchery in the middle of Emmerdale’s main street after the death of thier respective son…… sorry guys !

        See, the story goes nowhere with thier atmosphere of total delirium. it’s a shame ! They had the posibility to do something good with a such story

  19. Hi Mark, It’s always nice to know that I’m among friends as boy are we going to need them.
    I now have a feeling that my I can’t take any more of this story head will be dusted off and in use a lot sooner than I wanted. These are a few of Danny’s tweets, I hope I haven’t breeched any copyright by putting them on here and, if I have, it was unintentional. As it’s a website for his character, I’m hoping he won’t mind.

    Time to put on a brave face and head to the village! Working all day today. Wonder what time my smile will make an appearence. If at all
    My tweet was about the cold this morning guys. Nothing to worry about x x
    Day two of waiting for a smile…

    Seems to me like some pretty heavy scenes are being filmed just in time to be aired around April. He is supposed to be a wind up merchant, I hope that’s what these are about but somehow, I doubt it.

    You’re right about the twists and turns, both Danny & Marc have said that there are lots of them coming up. This story obviously still has lots of ups and downs to come, I just would like more ups than downs. Not too much to ask for, surely.

    • Alas Sharon, I’m afraid that we shouldn’t waiting a lot of things in the next issue. The things seems already written ! We should be happy to watch Marc and Danny on TV but for how much time ?

      • That is a very good question and one, at the moment, we still don’t really know the answer to. We think Marc will be filming until July which means he will be on screen until about September. If the original story is still true, he will be finished soon and we will see him on screen until April.

        We should definitely enjoy seeing Danny & Marc on TV while we can, just a shame it’s not in a happier story.

    • Hi, Sharon – I saw those tweets as well…I don’t know if they refer to the work or what’s going on in DM’s personal life, which might be taking its own turns, and I shall refrain from any more public speculation out of respect for his privacy. I agree with you – we’ve been on the down staircase for months now. A little elevation would help us all immensely. 🙂

      • Hey Mark, I don’t expect you to say anything but I’m intrigued. How come you’re so far away and you hear things about what may be going on in Danny’s private life, and I’m about 3 or 4 hours away and know nothing?? Is there something you’re not telling us?

        Whatever it is, I hope he gets it sorted out quickly. I hate hearing someone sound so down.

  20. Hi Sharon, Though as you know I am not very keen on DM (slightly less keen than his character even), that tweet about “time to put on a brave face…” suggests to me it is not just the storyline getting him down. And for once have some sympathy.

    I still strongly suspect that he doesn’t like playing a gay character, but the atmosphere on the programme can’t be good, given the number of actors who are left or leaving and the fact that they have still not appointed St Gav’s successor. There must be a good deal of uncertainty amongst the team.

    I do seriously wonder if ANY of them will have a job this time next year. Can you imagine EE or CS not bothering to appoint a new series producer four months after the old one had departed? It would be unthinkable.

    If the are not very careful the good ship Emmerdale will become the Titanic.

    • Hi Alan, I don’t think he minds playing a gay character, I really don’t. He knew what he was taking on when they told him Aaron was gay and, without this story, Danny wouldn’t be where he is now, which he does acknowledge.

      I suspect, as well as the story which must be horrible to have to act out, it may be due to the atmosphere on the programme too. Last week and earlier this week, he was posting things like “really, really down”, just because you’re on a TV show doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen”. James filmed his last scenes yesterday which Danny said he was gutted about and, of course, Marc will be going at some point too. No wonder the poor guy feels miserable.

      I hope it’s just a blip, he’s usually pretty cheerful and it’s not nice hearing anyone sound so down. Maybe, this could work in our favour. If they won’t listen to us, maybe they’ll listen to one of their most prized assets and one of the fans favourites.

      With regards to our little bet, maybe things have just swung a little bit in your favour. You’ll understand why I hope not though!

      • Sharon, I don’t think DM is in a position to dictate story at this stage of what’s being filmed. Nor am I sure he would want to or could come up with a way out of the hole the show is digging.

        I do think we forget he is terribly young – 20 – and this is his first major job. He has worked very hard at it, but like any job, there are ups and downs. I do agree with Alan that he needs to get over already his reluctance to show any same-sex affection. It’s part of the job. Anyone who thinks he’s really Aaron is an idiot and not worth bothering about.

        You raise an excellent point about him having to say goodbye to actors he has worked closely with in the last year. I believe these are the first major departures in his circle and that’s bound to hurt. And you have to wonder, who’s coming in to replace them?

      • Hi Sharon TBH, If I had to put up with “Steve November’s” tantrums I would be leaving too. If he speaks to “his” staff like he talks to the public he must be an obnoxious little bounder. I’d still like to know why he changed his name from Steve Frost, his birth name. True there is a British comedian caled Steve Frost, but I don’t think they would likely to be mistaken for each other –

        It must be a horrible atmosphere to work in, the storyline concocted by a dead depressive which could so easily still be changed.

        Today’s burning question – just how much longer can they get away with pretending St Gav is still producing the programme?. Perhaps it’s just me but that mawkish, spooky gesture just adds to the air of morbidity. I have visions of him “on display” in a glass case at ITV Leeds, like Stalin in Red Square. As intriguing as Novembers name change – and miles more interesting than Cain’s fetish for bondage and Jimmy’s alleged “amnesia” 🙂

  21. Hi Mark, I may be biased but I think Jim Sutton is irreplaceable. That is why I dislike him and Marc going – not only are they great actors, but genuinely nice characters and I would think (especialy JS) a very nice man in real life.

    Personally I would have done everything to keep them, and would happily wave goodbye to Jai, Mia, Ella, Declan’s daddy, Cain, Jimmy and that “female Aaron” who is being fostered by Mr & Mrs Pollard. I just can’t raise any interest in those characters, let alone enthusiasm

    • Alan, I really dislike Mia. But I would keep Cain around, for some reason that is probably pathological on my part. In his warped way, he’s an honest guy – honest with his cruelty, honest with his support. You know where you stand with him. He stood by Aaron while he came out and he was the only Dingle who seemed to remember Jackson existed post-accident. For that alone, I kind of like him.

      • Hi Mark, If Aaron is Mini-Hamlet, then Cain is Othello – Charity (Desdemona) better not lose that handkerchief!, though tonight Cain “does” an Othello with a pillow, but not, alas as successful 🙂

  22. Mark, I also think it’s too late for Danny to influence his story at this late stage but he may be able to talk to them about future stories. It is easy to forget he is only 20, he carries a lot of expectation on those young shoulders and, at some point, this must hit home with him and he must feel the pressure. Unfortunately, there are people out there who can”t differentiate between Danny & Aaron. Not all of them are little old ladies who approach him to say that he & Jackson make a very sweet couple as has been proved by things that have happened to him in the past.

    I’m going to wait and see what happens over the next couple of weeks before saying anything more about his reluctance to show Jackson any affection as, according to what we’ve read, Aaron’s the one trying and Jackson is the one backing off. He’s already had one attempted kiss refused, remember?

    With regard to new characters, I read there’s another male character joining soon who will work on the Barton’s farm. My first thought was not I wonder what he’ll be like, it was please don’t let him be gay, NOT because I’m homophobic, I wouldn’t be so supportive of A & J if I was, but because I don’t want any more aggravation for Jackson & Aaron, no one else to throw a spanner in the works.

    Mind you, Jackson is doing a pretty good job of that all by himself..

    • Hi Sharon, You know I am as protective of Jackson (and Ryan and Adam) as you are of Aaron, and these are not nice things to have to talk about, I hope I don’t offend anybody, I’ll be as sensitive as possible, but from Jackson’s point of view, he will probably be very embarrassed at physical intimacy. Apart from his profound depression, which automatically blocks the male sex drive, you have to remember that the last time Aaron “saw” Jackson in that sense, he was able-bodied. Poor Jack would now be fitted with a cathetar and probably a colostomy bag as well, so you can imagine not only his embarrassment he is a proud man who has had his body and spirit broken) and distress, but also, he probably fears how Aaron will react. If it is difficult for Aaron, imagine how somebody in Jackson’s position would feel – does he fore-warn him or let him make the discovery for himself?.

      It’s a cruel, horrible story IMO, and as they obviously intend to go down the road Blyth set, there seems no vestiage of hope in this increasingly unpleasant story. Frankly, if it had been me in DM or MS’s position I would have refused to do this story with that sort of outcome. I would rather have been sacked.

      It worries me that Mr Barton is going to get a new worker to replace our Adam. I assume Adam will work for Declan, so romance can blossom between Adam and Mia temporarily (poor chap!), but I can’t see that being a long-running story, so is this the beginning of the end for one of the few remaining nice guys on the programme?

      Cain, Jai, Charity, Chas stay – Ryan and Jackson go – thats the trouble with ED – they never could stand anyone decent.

      • Hi Alan, I’m glad someone finally spoke about the physical changes to Jackson that will obviously be another barrier to him wanting to get close to Aaron again but Aaron has given him bed baths when he was in hospital so he is fully aware of how Jackson’s body has changed. How many more times can he say it doesn’t matter, he doesn’t care about the paralysis or the wheelchair before Jackson believes him?

        Yes, Jackson and Aaron will both be as terrified as each other but for different reasons. It reminds me of the first time they slept together. Aaron was the unsure one, the embarrassed, scared one and Jackson had all the responsibility of reassuring him, getting him to trust him and making him feel as comfortable as possible. Now, the roles are reversed. Jackson is the unsure, embarrassed one for different reasons obviously, and Aaron is now the one looking to provide the reassurance and trying to get Jackson to trust and belive in him.
        The main difference between the two situations though is Jackson’s depression. Nothing anyone can do will work until this is tackled.

        Yes, it’s a cruel story, probably the cruelest I’ve witnessed, but that’s because of what we feel for Aaron & Jackson.

        I don’t think Adam will be going anywhere because, if he does, Aaron won’t just be the only gay in the village, he’ll be the only male in the village!!!

      • Hey Alan, Yep, Danny’s Defender or Aaron’s Advocate, that’s me!!

        You are right, the brief piece of writing said that this new guy will be working on the farm to replace Adam who goes to work for Declan. With so many nice characters leaving, Adam has to stay. Emmerdale needs a nice guy like him and a few more as well. Now that Paddy has had a personality transplant, Adam is now the only one that Aaron can count on for total support and he is really going to need him over the next few months.

    • Sharon, as far as the intimacy issues go, it still works in DM’s favor, even more so now. His Aaron now wishes to be affectionate and Jackson, suicidal, is pushing him away. It’s the same result onscreen as before – nothing – and DM stays in his comfort zone. The writing has just flipped sympathies.

      I agree with Alan that Jackson must have intense issues about sharing a bed with anyone because of the paralysis. He made a reference to that with his father, that the closest he and Aaron could ever get was Aaron emptying his bag. Jackson has to be changed, bathed and fed – a horrible way for anyone to live and so dispiriting to Jackson, who was a successful young builder who ran his own business.

      • Mark, there is one major difference though. Before, Aaron didn’t want to show any affection and so we didn’t see any. Now he is certain he loves Jackson and wants to show Jackson how he really feels about him. He wants to be affectionate and, for Jackson to keep pushing him away and rejecting him, Aaron has to try and show the affection in the first place.
        Therefore, we have to see something, not an awful lot, I’m sure, but something nonetheless.

        Of course, I accept that Jackson would have issues about sharing a bed but, as Aaron has given him bed baths before, he knows what to expect with regard to how Jackson has changed physically. They love each other, and I think the initial embarrassment they could overcome IF Jackson’s only problem was embarrassment.
        We know, however, that the real problem is his suicidal thoughts and, until his mental problems are addressed, he won’t be able to cope with anything in his life or accept that someone can still love him for the person that he is now, different to the person he was before, yes, but no less worthy of being loved than anyone else.

        That’s the real tragedy of this story. It makes me very sad.

    • I don’t think you’ll see another gay character onscreen for several months. Flynn was a blip. Aaron will be left emotionally crippled, stunted and probably scarred for life after he kills the first love of his life. DM will act the hell out of it, but it sends a horrible message to young gay people.

      • Hi Mark, I reckon there will be a late night episode of ED in which “Uncle” Cain, finally flips, ties Aaron up, and have his lacivious way with him – there has to be a point to Cain’s interest in bondage.Aaron will REALLY have self-loathing then!

        In all seriousness, this story really disturbs me because depressed people DO see TV programmes and it might just tip somebody over the edge – there’s a line in Terrence Rattigan’s play “The Deep Blue Sea” in which Hester, the heroine describes her reasons for the “accident” with the unlit gas cooker to her estranged husband: “When you’re between the devil and the deep blue sea , the deep blue sea can seem very inviting”.

        God knows what message this sends out to disabled people, especially if the death is seen as “warm and compassionate” if you had recently became disabled, to be shown a way out that is sanitised and “loving” might make you want to give up .

        They really ought to be ashamed of themselves. I still can’t understand why a disabled lobby group havn group have not spoken out publically against this

  23. I don’t know how they are going to live this night together ? On the one hand, Jackson is now like a “baby”, I mean, He cannot do anything by himself and there are some physical fonctions of his body that he can’t even controled. I think jackson must be afraid by such things and if he want more of Aaron ?

    On the other hand Aaron is he going to be able to overcome all those difficulties ? he is probably going to want more also

    We haven’t to forget they have already shared the same bed but aaron was not sure to his feelings. now we have no doubt that he realy love Jackson.

    This situation it’s a real nightmare ! I wouldn’t live a such situation.

    Can we do everything by love ?

  24. Hi, Sharon – I do think you’re right – I believe in Thursday’s ep there will be a quick peck between the guys as Jackson rejects Aaron’s offer to stay over.

    I think this story has so much weight because it is playing in many ways in real time. Jackson was paralyzed about six months ago and his deterioration has been ruthlessly charted by the show. It’s that drumbeat of despair you can’t get away from.

    • I know, it just keeps banging away.

      The time frame is an interesting point, I hadn’t thought about it before. Six months to get from reuniting with the love of your life to wanting to end your life. What a horrible frame of mind to end up in.

      I really need something to smile about in this story soon.

  25. Just read the spoiler for 22 March: “Aaron accuses Jackson of being selfish.” Pot? Kettle? Black?

    • Blurgh. I didn’t realize the spoilers had been updated. We’re obviously lacking context for that moment, but it sounds as if Aaron’s temper gets the best of him. Let’s see, that’s worked out so great in the past…especially where Jackson has been involved. 😦

      • Hi Mark, That’s one of the reasons I am sorry that Aaron and Jackson got together in the first place and have reunited – Aaron flies off the handle far too much and too often. He is a bit like custard – getting upset over a trifle 🙂

        He is far too young and immature to make the sort of committment he has done.

        You can’t help who you fall in love with, but Jackson why did you have to meet up with Aaron again? 😦

  26. You have to hand it to Miller – he has chutzpah by the bucket load:

    His most recent tweet regarding yet another upcoming soap awards thing:

    “Please vote for me if u can as well guys at. ….. thanks you guys are awesome! X

    As one of my old teachers used to say “self praise is no recommendation”

  27. Alan, Mark, Aaron’s temper has been a problem in the past but when was the last time you can remember him losing it big time? He got annoyed when Jackson was pushing him away because Jackson wouldn’t listen to him or consider his point of view but he didn’t lose his temper. He raised his voice the night they reconciled again because Jackson wouldn’t listen to him and believe that he had the right to an opinion on their relationship but he didn’t lose his temper.

    Aaron has grown up a lot and is trying to act like a man. Hazel, Paddy, Chas have all either said or insinuated that he’s not prepared to make the sort of commitment to Jackson that he needs, that it’s too much for him to handle, that he won’t be able to cope. Now, when he does make the commitment, the argument switches to him being too young and immature to cope.

    He wasn’t too young or immature when Jerry & Hazel bottled it at the hospital regarding telling Jackson the full extent of his injuries. They wanted to wait til the morning, Aaron knew Jackson wanted the truth as soon as possible. They both agreed to Aaron telling him – a young man having to tell his boyfriend that sort of news – no one was worrying about him being too young to cope then, were they?

    Aaron has a mind of his own. He has made a decision that he is now comfortable with and it’s an insult to him to say that he’s too immature to make the commitment he has. He’s coped a lot better than I thought he would and even Hazel admitted the only reason he went was because Jackson pushed him away.

    You can’t help who you fall in love with. Aaron just happens to be in love with a man who is now severely disabled. His age should be irrelevant, it’s how he treats Jackson that counts and, so far, Jackson has had the better end of the deal. Give him a break and lets just see how he gets on.

    • “He wasn’t too young or immature when Jerry & Hazel bottled it at the hospital regarding telling Jackson the full extent of his injuries. They wanted to wait til the morning, ”

      Sharon, with all due respect, I can’t accept that. If you recall, the doctors had advised Jack’s parents NOT to tell him, simply because at that stage they didn’t know if or when he would regaiun some movement. In the circumstances, and I said so at the time, it was verging on cruelty for Aaron to go in, in tears and say to Jackson “sorry, mate” – and – as I said at the time – it was just before the end of visiting time, so Jackson had to endure that information all night – ALONE. Nighttime is the worst possible time to be told bad or depressing news, so I don’t give Aaron kudos for that, since he felt he knew better than the doctors who are in the best position to give advice and information, know how and when to do it and give full information.

      Jackson is a lot more forgiving than me. If I were he, I could NEVER forgive or forget that it was indirectly because of Aaron I was in the position he is now.

      But Aaron having the sauce to accuse others of being selfish! – almost as brazen as DM cadging votes again 🙂

      • Hi, Alan, Sharon – Obviously we need to see these scenes before we can render a verdict on them. I’m guilty of running the spoilers through my head when often the screen result is radically different.

        Sharon, I do agree that Aaron has shown great maturity recently and DM has played the hell out of those scenes, demonstrating Aaron’s transition from teenager to man as he staked a claim on what he wanted: Jackson.

        I bristle at the phrase “Jackson has had the better end of the deal,” even though I see where you are coming from. Jackson has pushed away Aaron first out of love for him, to set him free from a responsibility he truly wasn’t ready to take on and now because he’s mired in a soul-crushing depression. Think about this: Jackson finally has the one thing he always wanted – Aaron’s love – and there isn’t anything he can do about it. Is that a definition of hell or what?

        I’m really curious to see the direction of the show in the next few weeks. I hope they don’t portray Jackson as a villain out to hurt Aaron and get his viewpoint across.

        I’m most frustrated with these spoilers is the fact that there is no mention or hint that anyone will think of the obvious – having Jackson evaluated pronto by a medical professional. Depression is treatable. He needs more than a cheering up from Hazel and Aaron.

      • Hi Alan, I always do my research.

        When Hazel pushed the doctor for an answer, he shook his head when asked if Jackson would ever walk again and then told Hazel, it was looking “highly likely that he will remain paralysed from the shoulders down.” Hazel then told Jerry & Aaron what the doctor had said, that he was facing complete paralysis.

        Hazel said they couldn’t tell him because of the state they were in. Jerry said to wait til morning and then said I can’t do it. That’s when Aaron said that he’d do it and they agreed. You are also making an assumption that visiting time was over as he was in a spinal injuries unit by that point and Aaron and Hazel appear to have been able to stay as long as they want to.

        Perhaps night time is not the best time to be given that sort of news but Jackson had drummed into Aaron that what he needed was to know the truth, no matter what, and that’s what Aaron delivered.

        Accidents happen, it’s too harsh to blame Aaron even indirectly, for the accident. All Jackson had to do was ignore his phone but he didn’t.

        Your last paragraph, however, I do agree with!!!

  28. Hey Mark, I apologise for using the phrase “Jackson got the better end of the deal.” I wasn’t talking about his physical condition, I was talking about how he had been treated by Aaron compare to how Aaron had been treated by him.

    Being in Jackson’s position, as you have stated, must be a living hell. To finally have the one thing you’ve always wanted and not be able to act on those feelings would be absolutely soul destroying. We need to see exactly what Jackson has been saying on that video diary. If he talks about his feelings regarding both the depression and suicidal thoughts and how he feels about Aaron honestly, there is no way the show can portray him as any kind of villain. We will see what he really is, a depressed young man who feels that his life is no longer worth living.

    Hopefully, he will then get the help that he needs, As you say, his depression is treatable. What about Joe, is he ever returning? Maybe he can help with a referral for proper help for Jackson

    • “I was talking about how he had been treated by Aaron compare to how Aaron had been treated by him.”

      Hi Sharon, with all due respect, Jackson is in the most dangerous state of depression, he has been “nasty” to his mum as well, but before we feel too sorry for Aaron, please remember Aaron punched Jackson in the face for nothing, got verval abuse for being kind and paying off the £200 he conned out of Micky and when Jackson left Smithy Cottage, Aaron bundled all J’s possessions in bin bags with great relish.

      In his normal state Jackson has shown Aaron nothing but love kindness and patience. Aaron has frequently shown Jackson beligerance

      • Sharon, Alan, Thinking about the history you’ve shared, I’m struck by how Aaron has behaved like many of us do – not realizing what he had until he lost it. He said pretty much that in his ILU to Jackson. He was a thug when he met Jackson and Jackson’s love opened him up to the possibilities of the world. He’s always known that Jackson made him a better person (see their talk on the night of the train crash). Jackson has never honestly blamed Aaron for his condition. It was a horrible accident, “end of,” as the boys might say.

        Joe pops up the 18th, according to the spoilers, but what help he’ll be, I don’t know. He’s not a licensed mental health practitioner.

  29. “Highly likely” though Sharon doesn’t mean “absolutely certain”. The doctors did advise postponing telling Jackson. Truth is beauty and beauty is truth, but it was late at night, A, J & H were about to leave and it was a horrible thing to do. Mind you, everything written for and about Jackson now is horrible. It would have been much kinder not to have told him late at night – first thing next morning, OK but …. well, I thought it totally insensitive, especially as Aaron wasn’t in full control of his emotions, either. And given the severity of Jackson’s injuries, there WAS a chance he could have made some improvement, and doctors would usually prefer to give this sort of information to the patient themselves.

    I don’t think it is offensive to say at 19, and not being the most stable character in the world, Aaron could not really make this long term committment – I think even my two favourites Adam and Ryan would find it too much for them, and they don’t have Aaron’s temper issues

    Just to be kind to Aaron, that spoiler might refer to Jackson saying he wants to die, and Aaron could say that it is selfish of him to say such a thing, knowing he would have to be assisted so to do. Anyway, it’s revolting whichever way you cut it.

    The whole story though stinks like a zookeepers boots 😦

    • Hey Alan, I’m going to take my Aaron blinkers off and agree that how he treated Jackson before, doing all the things you have listed, was appalling. Jackson deserved none of it.

      I still think he did what he thought was right at the hospital and, let’s face it, waiting until the next day wouldn’t have made it any less painful or difficult to deal with.

      When I’m writing on here, I tend to just think about how Aaron is now because that’s where their story is. The old Aaron is no more and has been replaced by the one we have today, the calmer, more mature version.

      I still think the story is horrible and, as you say, what will they do with Aaron next? Maybe he will join a monastery – surrounded by men but unable to get involved with any of them.
      Remember, our bet isn’t decided until after December so don’t count your chickens just yet!!!

      • Hi Sharon, I do hope Aaron never visits me late at night in hospital (and if he does I want a direct line to the Samaritans 🙂

        I think the worry with Aaron is that the “old” Aaron might only be in hibernation, and could return at any time.

        I HOPE I am wrong, BUT……..

      • Hi Alan, while Aaron has Jackson, I don’t think he will return to his old ways and behaviour.

        I’m sure that temper is still lying dormant, ready to erupt at some point, but hopefully, if it does come up to the surface again, it will be to serve some useful purpose like trying to get the right help for Jackson.

        I suppose, sometimes, it might be handy having someone in your corner who is not afraid to shout to get themselves heard and their point of view listened to.

  30. Hi Mark, I think if they do go ahead with this malodorous plotline, the options for Aaron become very limited. It is hardly likely he will have any better chemistry with any other male (except possibly Adam), so we are back to DM’s discomfort, but as for the character, it is hardly likely he will fall in love again “never vanted to” as Marlene Deitrich had it) so your scenario of him becoming a drunken recluse seems the most likely one – and how long will DM be prepared to play that (no awards in being a lush – ask Brenda :-), so he will become anti-social, perhaps get into bad company (e.g. Cain) and get into trouble with the police and get sent to prison. Either that or DM and us will have to endure the embarrassment of him getting not-too-close to another Jackson or Flynn – unlikely, I think.

    You notice there is little of the closeness now between Paddy & Aaron – there is one other possible plotline, and given EDs love of the melodramatic and downright miserable, it’s possible, that Rhona loses the baby, leaves Paddy (and Marlon) and for a time Aaron becomes the son Paddy never had, and they comfort each other at a very sad time for both. But again that’s downbeat an couldn’t last for long.

    I don’t want to put a damper on Sharon’s day, but I don’t see Aaron being in ED when his contract ends (which is about the same time as Hazel’s), in December. Hazel, I said to myself, Hazel better get down to the agents to see if there’s any panto work in January…..Aaron could be Buttons.

    • Alan, I do worry about what could possibly lie ahead for Aaron if this story plays out as we fear. It just locks Aaron down into his belief that anyone who loves him suffers. Killing the first love of your life inflicts the kind of trauma you just don’t come back from. His next date will likely be in 2025 at that rate.

      On the backstage stuff, I do think DM will stick around for at least another year, assuming a new producer doesn’t decide to inflict a cast massacre – that happened not so long ago on Hollyoaks when new management came in and clocked a third of the cast within weeks.

      • Hi Mark, I think Paul Marquess is Hollyoaks new producer?. When he took over the now defunct “The Bill” some years ago he wrote nearly all the regular cast out – by death – of course. HE could out-Blyth Blyh. He arranged for a policeman to firbomb his own station, and… well too absurd for words.

        As regards ED, one of the reasons if I were DM I’d try to relax into being Aaron is that I suspect that new producer (ESPECIALLY if it were Marquess) would not accept DM’s current portrayal of a gay man. It was Marquess (who is gay) who arranged the first gay kiss between 2 policemen in uniform (one of them PC Ashton was played by Scott Neal who was Aaron’s solicitor last year). It caused quite a kerfuffle in the right wing press, but it was just an old man’s whim, I expect!.

        I certainly wouldn’t want tongues down the throat and grunting in bed,but if I were producer I would at the very least expect him to demonstrate the same easy-going affection that he shows to Adam, or Marlon to Paddy – there is of course, no suggestion of sexual attraction, but you can at least see they LIKE each other.

        That is what I meant yesterday when I said their must be anxiety amongst the cast because of this nonsence of protracted mourning for Gavin Blyth, everything must feel very temporary

      • “It just locks Aaron down into his belief that anyone who loves him suffers”

        Hi Mark, I’m suffering, and I don’t even love him! 🙂

  31. Hey Mark, yet again, you are the voice of reason.

    I absolutely agree with everything you have said.

    • Thank you, darlin’, but if I’m the voice of reason, the world is an asylum. 🙂

      I expect we’ll have much more to talk about after tonight’s ep!

  32. Alan, you raise a good point: Whoever does come in as producer, whenever that is decided, is absolutely going to make changes to the show, just as Gavin did in his tenure, and will wish to remake it to suit his or her creative vision. That will obviously mean some characters will be dropped and some stories altered. I don’t know what that means for DM. He’s too critically acclaimed and too popular to be ushered out but it could mean any number of different story arcs for him.

  33. Well, what did you think guys?
    Nice interruption by Hazel just when the boys were going to kiss! Flashback to Paddy walking in on them months ago (have we not moved on since then?!)
    For my part, the lads featured too briefly in these two episodes, especially when we had to endure Cain, Charity and Toffee Boy for the umpteeth time, with no advancement in their story. As for Jimmy and Nicola, please, get a life! (Maybe I should take that advice myself!!!)

    • Keith, I think I’m more affectionate with my straight brother – and we’re from a proud, deeply repressed Irish clan. 🙂

      The setup is clear: Aaron is besotted; Jackson is cold. We’ve got a week of chill, apparently, before Aaron makes his discovery. The banter was amusing, tho’, and seeing Chas behave like a human being toward Jackson was a shock. But this positions her to play the Avenging Mum next week.

      I can’t even watch a Jimmy scene. My brain cries for relief.

      • Thank you Emmerdale for one episode featuring Aaron & Jackson that I could watch without an awful feeling of dread washing over me.

        It was so nice to see the two guys smiling, joking among themselves and enjoying spending time together. The teasing of Jackson by Aaron was amusing and, temporarily at least, the awkwardness between them seems to have gone too.

        I was completely surprised by Chas’ reaction in the pub, she’s never behaved like that with Jackson before although she has always said that she likes him. Perhaps she realises that if it wasn’t for Jackson, she wouldn’t have the relationship she now has with Aaron and Aaron wouldn’t be the person he is now. Maybe she’s making an effort because Aaron told her it’s what he really wants, who knows. Either way, it was nice to see.

        My one bugbear, and it’s no surprise, was the nearly kiss again. As Keith said, replace Hazel with Paddy and we’ve been here before. They do like to tease us, don’t they. Hazel’s sense of timing is impeccable, just a few seconds longer, that’s all we needed.

        Mind you, it wasn’t so long ago that I said I’d take any scraps of happiness in this story so I can’t complain too much. I said yesterday I needed something to make me smile again where Jackson and Aaron are concerned and I got what I wanted for a change!!!

    • No Keith: With you 100%. There is a strange sort of timidity abt ED – even the scene where Cain tries to kill Charity was very clumsily edited – you could almost see the join, certainly hear it. It reminds you of a beligerent drunk trying to nerve himself to strike a blow then ducking out of it.

      I notice that last nights two episodes had two different writers and two different directors – for what was virually the same story. And what a boring story it was.

      As for Jimmy is he just a terrible actor or is he only pretending to have amnesia? I’ve forgotten! :-).

      Surely a man who had lost his memoryand was struggling to regain it would show more anger and impatience than he is doing. The acting is so wooden I wonder they don’t get Ikea to sponsor Jimmy and Nicola’s scenes rather than Tombola.

      As for the A & J scenes, the two writers seem to have forgotten that Jackson is suffering prodound depression and has passed the point where he could pretend to be bright and breezy.

  34. Wow! Begging for scraps. What have we been reduced to. Like dogs at the dinner table. I don’t disagree with your analysis. I actually enjoyed their scenes together today except for that first Non-kiss. It was such a tease. It seemed to me that they were finally going to have a passionate kiss till Hazel popped in. That just killed me. Maybe DM is not getting paid enough to kiss a man intimately. Maybe he is just not that good an actor. There are many straight actors out there that can do it. Maybe he is just a bad kisser. I don’t know. Then when they actually kissed it was only what I would call a peck. Hardly satisfying for us viewers. I am not saying he has to stick his tongue down Marc’s throat but if your going to kiss than at least make it somewhat believable.

    • Yes those writers certainly bend over backwards to stop Mr Miller being embarrassed and making semi-plausable excuses to interrupt kissing scenes!

  35. The scenes with the CD’s made me laugh out loud…! So thanks for that 😉 Girls Aloud and Chesney Hawkes, haha, brilliant!

    • Me too, first time I’ve laughed at anything in their story for a long time. Nice to see some of the old banter between them coming back again.

  36. Well, Pauline came to Danny’s rescue otherwise he would kiss Marc. Poor Jackson ! If I was Danny, I would have done it after the departure of Hazel.This is not like this that Jackson will be able to get out of his depression. (Maybe with some good CD’s)

    I have a doubt, they are in love each other, are they not ?

    Pathetic ! and please stop telling me that is because Jackson is in huge depression.

    • Hi Towncarguy, Yes – Our straight lad from Manchester gets saved – yet again. I think if DMwants a future in the programme he has got to start being a bit more convincing – enough to convince a new producer (when he or she eventually arrives) that the character is believeable.

      As a lover of what your fellow countryman Hughes Pannassie once termed “Le Jazz Hot”, I think a good dose of Dizzy Gillespie might cheer up Jackson up – he always works for me. There is a version he made (in France coincidentally) of his composition “The Champ” which would swing you into ill-health, but I musn’t get on to my favourite subject!

      What do you think of “Jimmy’s” amnesia?. Is he just pretending or is he a lousy actor?

      • Hi, Alan, Town – The lack of physical intimacy is now becoming a major distraction for viewers judging from the fan sites and YouTube comments. It’s just not honest and everyone can see how the show is sidestepping the reality. (And Alan, thank you for the laugh about DM higher up.)

        Can I go off-topic for sec? When Jackson moved out of Aaron’s place, didn’t he move into Andy’s place? So his roommates were Andy and Ryan, yes? Even though we never saw them in the place together. In fact, I can’t think of a single scene that featured both Andy and Jackson. Just strikes me as strange that their roommate was paralyzed and neither one ever visited the hospital or comes by to say hello now. Not realistic. Adam has dropped by, of course. Anyway, my weird digression this morning. Thanks for putting up with it.

      • Hi Alan and Mark,

        I do know nothing about Jimmy’s amnesia. Who’s he Jimmy? I never saw an whole episode of Emmerdale just the vidéos of Aaron & Jackson on this site. Emmerdale can’t be watched in French TV or maybe on sattelite.

        try to tell the story of Adam & Eve without the snake and the apple and you will be ridiculus and far of the reality. for Aaron & jackson, they are ridiculus and far away of the life reality ! it’s just a simple statement of fact. it misses the snake and apple.

        I would like to know WHY ? and I am not the only one to ask myself why seeing the messages on Youtube.

        In France we have a lot of serial with gay character without any problem for the viewers like your serial “Queer as folk” (Danny should watch them)

        It’s bad because the story line is rather good but with all these wierd behaviour pattern, the story is getting boring.

        I am very happy to be able to improve my written and reading with you guys, I have been learning English by myself since 2 or 3 years, it’s not easy especially when you learned German at school.

        We will see with the next episode,if the things are going to change at night.

  37. Hi Mark, You raise a good point about Jackson’s lack of visitors. Jackson was always a kind friendly man, and yet he seems almost friendless – apart from Pearl, Aaron, Hazel, his dad (two or three times) Eclan and Ada once each.

    Paddy’s cackhanded visit is best forgotten…. Ryan is such a sweet bloke I can’t imagine him not popping in from time to time. Also,Aaron’s only friends seem to be Adam and Paddy when he can spare the time.

    I’m not being unpleasant to him, I can imagine Aaron having very few friends but not Jackson.

    There’s no reply button’s again, so I hope you and Towncarguy don’t mind sharing this reply:

    Town – if you haven’t seen Jimmy’s “amnesia” rest assured – you haven’t missed much. Or anything, really 🙂

    • Alan, agreed, the Jimmy story is a snooze.

      Cain also dropped by once to visit Jackson, but you raise an interesting point that the show has subtlety explored – Jackson did have many friends – we saw that in his interactions at Bar West – he was always surrounded by blokes whenever Aaron came by. I think that was part of the appeal for Aaron – he saw a man who was comfortable in his skin who was liked by others – everything he wasn’t. Then there was Jackson’s birthday, in which he had a couple of friends (granted, they were bitchy to Aaron, seriously, over his top? Sod off).

      Post-accident, in his first trip to Bar West, Hazel tried calling over an old friend who was uncomfortable talking to Jackson – so I think the show is trying to demonstrate how many people grow uncomfortable and just don’t know how to behave around the disabled, thus contributing to Jackson’s isolation and depression.

      • Hi Mark, My typing is getting worse or my keyboard is! I don’t think “Ada” ever visited Jackson – Adam, did, and “Declan” sorry for the slips.

        It is a sad fact of life I think that even today people only see the person in the wheelchair not the person for who he or she is.

        Basically Jackson is still the same man – but his spirit has been crushed by what has happened to him, and his isolation is intensified by people avoiding him.

        It is to Aaron’s credit that he has come back to him, but I just find the attitude of Paddy out of character – it was as if he were suffering fromSt Vitus Dance the day he visited Jackson, and I am surprised Marlon doesn’t visit him from time to time – after all he is supposed to be Aaron’s uncle, isn’t he, and he is a kind hearted man.

  38. Hi Alan
    Someone’s nicked your reply button! I also find it odd that Jackson’s friends are non-existant after the accident. As you say, Marlon would probably have visited, they seemed to get on well at Bar West on the night of the accident. In fact, I don’t recall a “Jackson and Marlon” scene at all since then! Maybe Marlon has caught Paddy’s “cack hand-itis!”
    I don’t know whether it’s having several writers or what. For instance, one minute Chas is against Aaron getting back with Jackson, the next she is all “kissy-kissy” with him! Not so long ago (when J was able-bodied) she was advising Aaron to beg Jackson not to dump him. I know she doesn’t want her son tied down to a tetraplegic, but she ought to regard his wishes and what makes him happy.

  39. On a completely different note here, did anyone else see Marc’s tweet about his 104 page script that got blown away and a second comment about a big tick on the list after today.

    104 pages – that’s a hell of a lot of words however you look at it even if they’re not all his.

    As for the big tick, let’s just hope that’s marking the end of some particular scenes and not the end of his time in Emmerdale.

    I still don’t remember where the story came from that he is staying until July although I’ve spoke about it before. Has anyone seen anything official anywhere or am I just worrying unnecessarily?

  40. I thought I’d share the obviously taunt emotions of one of the You Tubers. we have been warned! 🙂

    “all you danny haters shut up id like to see you kiss a person you barely even know so stop being so harsh and give the guy some credit most guys his age are out getting drunk some taking drugs but no he is making something of his life and good on him 😀
    Sophieepie 14 minutes ago ”

    She must knock about with some very odd 20 year olds if she thinks they are all drunken drug users. Sounds morelike a “Silly-pie”

    • Wow! That is funny. I don’t hate DM I just don’t think he is convincing as a gay character. Maybe I have been a bit harsh but I want this story to be more than it is right now. I don’t “HATE” anyone. As far as Jackson goes, I don’t think we get to experience enough dialogue from him because lets face it…..none of this is about him. Everything goes back to Aaron. It is mostly from his perspective. It makes Jackson a little 2 dimensional. Maybe that is a good thing. The writers would just mess his character up if they had more time writing scenes for him.

      • I think we would all like this story to be more than it is at the moment and have done for a while now.

        If it’s dialogue from Jackson that you want, we should get plenty over the coming weeks, starting with that awful admission next week of how he wants to die. We should see a lot more from Jackson’s perspective as the story progresses. I have no doubt Marc will act as brilliantly as he has done throughout this story, lets just hope the writing doesn’t let him down.

    • Hi Alan, if ever anything proved the difference between you tube comments and what appears on here, that quote is it. It’s priceless.

      I particularly like the “person you barely even know” comment. How long have they been working together, how many hours have they spent together rehearsing and filming?

      She is obviously one of the fans we spoke about before who don’t really care what Danny does on screen as long as he is on screen.

      • Hi Sharon, I was especially gobsmacked by the suggestion that if DM hadn’t discovered acting, he would be an alcoholic drug addict!.

        I am not DM’s greatest admirer, but I don’t think he would have that lined up as a second career option 🙂

      • Hi Sharon. Poor “Sophie-pie” (must be going on 9 now?) really got upset when I suggested to her she shouldnt tell people to “shut up”:


        @AlanRM1000 was i talking to you or about you no i wasnt i will say what i like thankyou very much my comment was directed to the people NOT ON HERE that have negative thoughts and reactions about this did i say it was about these comments no i didnt you wanna learn how to read love
        Sophieepie 12 hours ago”

        Sounds like the poor little thing is trying to do a “Vicky Pollard” for anyone who knows the “Little Britain”, or possibly even “Lauren” from the Catherine Tate Show”

        Anyway, I suspect my response to her will really make her wet her knickers this time!

        “@Sophieepie I can read “love” a lot better than you can “write” – you come over like “Violet Elizabeth”.

        You told people to “shut up” – with all due respect I was just reminding you that it is not for you to dictate what others write even if it upsets your frankly childish sensibilities. And, trying to understand your “logic” what is the point of telling ppl “NOT ON HERE” 2 shut up when plainly they are not here to read it?

        Get a piece of chalk and work it out, “love”
        AlanRM1000 2 hours ago ”

        I sense a sulk coming on from the pie 😦

  41. Ok ! we have just watched a wonderful episode, very emotional.

    Danny was perfect, he was in love tonight. I could feel it ! Good job.

    Marc …Well, He should receive a Oscar for his acting play !

    I am very surprised by what I saw tonight, for me it’s the night and day ! I hope that’s going to keep on moving like that even if we know about Jackson.

    “breath in”


    “Because it makes you lighter”

    Funny but also, you know… look at this kiss. very romantique.

    “you were always, just”


    “I liked making up”

    “me too”

    A lot of tenderness in this episode, big thank’s to our both friends for that.

    Can I ? Yes ! I will watch again this episode.

    See you guys

    • Yes an amazing job by Marc and Danny. Finally a kiss with some feeling behind it. The writing was spot on. I am very satisfied with this episode. So heartbreaking to see the look on Jackson’s face at the end. As much as he loves Aaron and as romantic as this all is….Its just not enough. When your that depressed you need professional help to get thru it. Maybe they will not kill him off but send him away to some facility where he can get some treatment and talk with others that are paralyzed like him.

  42. I loved this episode. There were bits that made me smile, bits that made me go “Aah bless him” and then just a little bit of sadness at the end when Aaron went to sleep with a smile on his face and Jackson looked so sad.

    The dialogue between them had just the right amount of emotion and humour, I loved it when Aaron said “I can’t believe you’re making me say this” after confessing that he missed sleeping next to Jackson and the kiss actually looked like there was real feeling behind it.

    You’ve got to hand it to Aaron, he pulled out all the stops for Jackson tonight and I think, even through his depression, Jackson saw what an effort he was making to prove his feelings to him.

    Danny & Marc did a great job again. Their acting just keeps getting better & better and, what’s more, their portrayal is very believable at the moment.

    • The more I think about this episode, the more it messes with my head. The boys are finally together, bantering, kidding each other. It’s old times. Almost. But being in that bed, so close to Aaron, just what Jackson has dreamt of, becomes a nightmare for him. He’s reminded of everything he cherished and everything he’s lost. What hell.

      • Hi Mark, They can never resist showing the nasty side to Aaron’s character can they?

        Poor Jerry is trying to make amends for his past behaviour and all Aaron can do is be sarky and rebuff him.

        Surely Aaron of all people should understand people can really regret what they have said and done in the past and try to improve. Or is he so selfish he thinks only he is allowed a second chance?

    • Hi Sharon, I could have written your post myself (so you’ve saved me the bother!) Everything about this episode was “right”. I’ve never seen the boys so close and, as you say, it was brilliantly handled by Marc and Danny as always.

      I have a bittersweet feeling about all this, knowing what might be on the horizon. I will hate the storyline, yet love the acting!

      • Hi Keith, the thing I keep clinging on to about this storyline is that at the moment its still only a what might happen. I’m still hoping that it will end positively.

        I love watching the two guys together and would hate it to come to an end.
        The thing that got me about Friday’s episode was that, right until that last scene of Jackson in the bed looking so sad, I forgot temporarily what we know about what’s actually hanging over them. Even Jackson’s reluctance at the beginning I could have put down to just nerves had we not known the real reason. They just looked like any other couple, having a laugh, talking and enjoying spending time together.

        You can’t help but admire the acting but the storyline is still so difficult to witness. It won’t stop me watching it though, I must be a glutton for punishment!!

  43. Hi everyone,

    my first name : Michel ! that’s more nicer.

    It’s surprising to see and realise how Danny has changed in this episode. his acting is very subtle. as if he had heard our criticism. The bad boy coming from Manchester is surprising and he is getting very good actor when he is ok with the storyline. We have waited too long after Danny, the one that can make us cry without a word.

    “I can’t believe you’re making me say this” We couldn’t believe it either and yet Danny said it last night with some tenderness words. I was over the moon ! The KISS was so romantic and yet so little thing. We could feel love in the air ! Danny was in his character.There was clearly a deep bond between them. the whole scene before and after the kiss was fabulous.

    I have a soft for Marc. he is realy incredible ! he tells us so much things with only his face. It must be very hard to play ? I think he is 23 years old. that young man’s got a great future ahead of him ! even if the next episodes will be very hard to watch, Marc has my confidence to give us his best acting.

    it made me laught when I saw on youtube the remarks, a lot of people would like that Jackson would be able to get back his arms . Noboby wants to see jackson die and everyone would like to see Aaron & Jackson growing up together in a love life.

    It’s a serial, maybe that’s possible ? but I am sure that fans of Emmerdale love our both friends for the good reason ! So, please Danny and Marc keep on acting like that.

    • Hi, Michel! Nice to know your name out here. As you say, it was a deeply romantic episode, made so bittersweet by the ending. Aaron has never been so happy, and Jackson has rarely been so miserable. They’re so close and yet so far apart.

      Has anyone else noticed that when Jane Pearson scripts, the episodes are about 10 times better than anybody else’s? I wish she could have done the ILU sequence.

      • Hi Mark, I must admit, whenever I see Jane’s name at the beginning of an episode, I relax a little bit because she just seems to “get” Aaron & Jackson so much better than the other writers.

        On the whole, I really enjoyed the episodes last week. The thing I noticed about Danny, apart from the obviously great acting, was how he seemed far more relaxed about everything and in a week where Aaron touched Jackson more than I think he ever has as well.
        Maybe, his alleged reluctance in the past to relax and show genuine affection in his role really was based, as he said, on Aaron not being very demonstrative and not wanting to show his feelings rather than his personal choice to avoid physical contact.
        Now, Aaron’s sure of his feelings towards Jackson and who he is and what he wants, the barriers have finally come down. He must feel like a weight has been lifted and he can express his emotions openly and without awkwardness and that’s what we’re seeing with Danny’s latest performances.

        I’ve already been out and bought my supplies for next week – tissues, chocolate, tissues, wine, more tissues because after watching, I know I’ll need something to cheer me up!!

        In a weird way, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing next week’s episodes, not for the story content, but to see some more great acting from the two guys.

  44. I think its realii sweet thaat Jackson agrees too be Josh’s godfather but I think thaat Hazel and Aaron should tell Jackon thaat they know his secret… face the disappiontment… and make him enjoy life again in a happy honest life !!!!

  45. Alan (sorry, down here responding), I think the Aaron/Jerry interactions are really on the mark for these two men.

    First off, they’re both so alike in temperament, they’re bound to dislike each other. Both treated Jackson violently in the past and Aaron no doubt sees that aspect of himself in Jerry. One of the things that always attracted Aaron to Jackson was Jackson’s gentleness, his belief in a nonviolent way of living. He aspires to that even though he knows he’s closer to Jerry.

    Aaron retaining some thuggish qualities fits his character and demonstrates that love hasn’t turned him into a new person. He’s fiercely, proudly loyal to Jackson – anyone else has to earn their way in, and Jerry hasn’t and probably never will.

    Jerry, for his part, is overcoming his homophobia but still sees Aaron as the guy responsible for hurting Jackson in the past. Then there’s pure alpha male behavior, staking their territory. Both want to claim Jackson’s future, and that’s the groundwork being set here. If this story proceeds in such a negative way, Jerry will go after Aaron with everything he has for taking away his son.

    • Hi Mark, very well said. (I can tell you’ve done a “case study” on Aaron!) It goes to show how two people who are alike can dislike each other. Did you notice the look on Jerry’s face when Aaron kissed Jackson in front of him? He’s accepted his son is gay, but still has problems handling it when he’s confronted with it up close. I almost think Aaron did that just to score a point with Jerry.
      Also, Paddy seems to be returning to planet Earth in the latest episode: the kitchen scene was quite touching and he obviously helped Aaron to move the bed. Even Chas seems to be coming round (probably, we are being set up for a fall as we know!)
      I also agree about Jane Pearson and her scripts, a pity they can’t give the whole A&J story over to her!

      • Hi, Keith – I agree, Aaron loves to wind Jerry up, and that kiss was more theater than anything.

        I think you’re on the money about Chas & Paddy. The “stink eye” Chas gave Jackson may be an aberration – it was too over the top. Her reaction to Jackson this coming week, judging from the spoilers, actually makes more sense and is understandable in its own way. She’s right to be concerned for Aaron if his boyfriend is mistreating him, and he is by withholding affection. What she doesn’t have the intuition to understand is why, since Jackson has been so adept at covering up his feelings. Should be an even more intense week ahead for all of us.

  46. Hi Alan, I would imagine you may get more than a sulk from your new found friend!!

    I believe Danny’s second career choice was joining the police if I remember rightly so he would be trying to stop the drug takers and alcoholics rather than joining them!

    According to some spoilers I’ve read, you may be in for a pleasant surprise next week providing they make it on air of course. When Aaron accuses Jackson of being selfish, it is over the way that Jackson is turning his back on Jerry. As you say, Aaron probably realises more than anyone how people can change and deserve a second chance. He may still have problems with Jerry himself but it sounds like he’s trying to put that to one side to try and make Jackson see sense.

    Although, as you know, I had a soft spot for the old Aaron, this new, improved Aaron is growing on me more and more. I like him a lot, funnily enough!!

    • Hi, Sharon – Agreed we have great episodes coming up – but I don’t know how much this wee head can take. It seems as if the show has fast-tracked Jackson’s suicide arc – I just can’t imagine Aaron and Hazel agreeing to this unless Jackson took a turn for the worse. The boys did some location shooting last week and have more apparently for this week, which makes me wonder if Jackson will expire in some sort of beach/great outdoor venue with Aaron by his side. In that timetable, Marc could be offscreen by the end of April. Do hope I’m wrong about all of this.

      • Hi Mark, I really hope they don’t kill Jackso off either by suicide or natural causes. I know I am repeating myself but it would be an appalling kick in the teeth for people who are disabled to ythink they are going to be lucky to reach 23.

        Apart from his disability and the severe depression (which is the bigger killer) he seems in all other respects to be physically robust: I am just wondering if the programme wants to continue with Blyth’s “Aarons self loathing story” if there might be yet another accident, a fatal one this time.

        I really feel my time with this show is coming to an end. It’s like watching a 1940s film noir, and you don’t feel in any way optimistic (or at least I don’t), I really find the lack of attention to Jackson’s mental state not only insensitive but also completly unrealistic, given that the doctors he would be seeing would be specialists who would be trained to look for signs of depression (and to refer them on for specialist help).

        That feeling of crushing depression you get with this story is only highlighted by that little legend at the end of each programme which says (c) 2011 Series Producer: Gavin Blyth. He wasn’t S.P for one day of 2011.

        It really is time this unhealthy, mawkish “tribute” was taken off screen now, and if the programme has a long term future (which I begin to doubt) it is time to appoint somebody actually living to take that job title.

        On a very different note: Several comments have been made about Paddy’s hair, or lack of, and I am wondering if he is/has been ill – some treatments can cause hair loss

  47. Hi Mark and Alan,

    Mark, I too hope you’re wrong. I have a nagging voice that I’m trying to ignore that agrees with you that Jackson could be gone from the show by the end of April. On the other hand, if I’m trying to be positive, which as you know I find difficult sometimes, maybe it just means that they are going to draw the suicide storyline to a close sooner than expected with Jackson not going through with it and the story can continue along a different path.
    No matter how hard I try, I just can’t see Aaron & Hazel helping Jackson to kill himself given Jackson’s relative good health. It really is his mental problems that need sorting out, nothing else.

    Alan, when I first read what you had written about Jackson being involved in yet another accident, it seemed too unrealistic. What I had forgotten, however, is that Jackson can now move around independently so technically, there is nothing stopping him from putting himself in harms way AND he wouldn’t need anyone’s help to do this. What a horrible thought. Lets hope that no one lets him out on his own while he’s in this state of mind.

    I still don’t want to see Jackson killed off either. I’m sure they could turn him into a positive role model for overcoming adversity if they wanted to. Aaron and Jackson’s story could go in a completely different way if they wanted it to with the vast majority of viewers wanting a happier outcome. The million dollar question, I guess, is do they want it to? Time will tell.

    I hope you don’t give up on the show, at least not until the New Year, when you can congratulate me on winning our bet during your final post!!!

    • HI Sharon,

      No I honestly don’t think I can take much more of it. You have hit exactly on my fears. If Aaron & Hazel won’t help him kill himself (and I really don’t think they will), he could now arrange things for himself (probably a collision with one of Carl’s lorries).

      This would be typical of the cesspit of a mind of the late Blyth and the still breathing November – they just seem to enjoy sick stunts – especially on Thursdays.

      I think the only hope for all these shows is a reduction of episodes each week, because every one of them seeks even bigger “shocks” – Coronation Street is about to “entertain” it’s audience with a cross-dressing man (he was first seen mincing about on Friday – not a friend of Sean’s but Rula Lenska’s boyfriend)). Jimmy’s “amnesia” on ED whatever cr@p is being dished out on EE – there are just too many episodes to fill, and they are mainly filled with junk. In EDs case in recent months it has been frankly depressing junk.

      I really think the programme has run it’s course, and the reluctance of ITV Leeds to appoint a successor to the late drama queen suggests to me it might be heading in the same direction as the same studios “Heartbeat – i.e. the TV knackers yard. In fact, I think Heartbeat had more mileage left in it than ED has now, it’s tired, drear and they are repeating plots and intgroducing really cardboard characters.

      I’ll probably give it this week, but after that if it continues along it’s morbid course – Goodnight, Vienna

      • Hi, Sharon, Alan – You have both hit on something that might ultimately sway Hazel and Aaron. If Jackson pushes himself in harm’s way, they might feel as if they must help end his life peaceably. Still don’t like it or accept it, but it could be one of the twists ahead. Now that I think about it, couldn’t Jackson just drive himself into the lake and end up a floater like Shadrach?

        Does anyone read “the emmerdaily” – the emmerdale fan site? The first installment of a letters to Pearl section comes from “the Bearded Wonder” who seeks advice on topping himself. Wasn’t happy with the advice offered. It does include a couple of powerful testimonials from real-life tetraplegics but it also notes the story of the 23-year-old rugby player who decided to end his own life 18 months after his injury – I wonder if his story served as the inspiration for Jackson’s plight.

        Alan, finally as to Paddy’s hair, Dominic tweeted sometime ago that he just felt like shaving it off – but if you look at his scalp, you’ll see he’s been bald up top there for some time – I’m guessing he got tired of wearing a wig. 🙂

  48. “as to Paddy’s hair, Dominic tweeted sometime ago that he just felt like shaving it off – but if you look at his scalp, you’ll see he’s been bald up top there for some time – I’m guessing he got tired of wearing a wig.”

    Hi Mark. So, now Paddy has found a little “piece” (Rhona) he has lost a little piece: She will probably come downstairs in her nightie to polish his dome – hair today, gown tomorrow 🙂

    Seriously with the lighter nights round the corner I can’t stand to see Jackson’s torture much longer.

    I think where ED make the big mistake is this: they have signalled the end of the story – I mentioned film noir last night, and while even I, Carry-On and British thrillers of the 50s/60s fan (they made some fantastic low budget black and white second features at Beconsfield – I have many on DVD), can take the occassional viewing of Double Idemnity or D.O.A (Glenn Ford, 1953), I wouldn’t want to see one of these ultimately despairing films every night and that is what the “November Frost” is inviting us to do every night, witness the ultimate destruction of a blameless 22 year old, who has been offered no hope or help to want to live.

    True, they leven it out with “hilarious” escapades from secretary of the year of Toffee Boy or aging WAG, Ella, and dim daughter Mia, and pottering in the garden daddy, and Jimmy’s Am-Dram performances, and a dollop of sex from the barmaid’s skimpy dresses, and Charity turning tricks with toffee boy, but you just can’t get over the sense of foreboding and bad taste that is being brewed up

    • Alan, agree with you completely about the darkness of the show. If it’s any consolation – and it’s not – the story seems to be on the fast track. Both boys are filming on location this week – from the various cast tweets going back and forth I surmise this is the climax of their story, in which case Jackson could expire onscreen by the end of April. The boys apparently are not onscreen for about a week end of this month, and I never thought I’d say it, but I’ll be grateful for the small respite – before the deluge, naturally.

      • Hi Mark, I know Sharon (and many others) will hate me for saying this, but if they write Marc out I wish they would write DM out as well – we all know what we will be in for – weeks of weeping, followed by his decline into a miniature Shadrack with lashings of Cain’s aggression.

        I still suspect that he will go anyway at the end of his contract – either of his own accord or a new producer using a new broom – what excuse will they dream up for the next man to get him to be shown Aaron’s lack of warmth – and if there is a next one, he’ll get it in the neck, but I don’t think there is anywhere left for Aaron to go.

  49. The story locks Aaron into a prison of self-loathing the likes of which no angel could open. I know the performances will be shattering, but I am considering how long I will keep ED on my calendar. It’s just too much darkness to let into my head.

  50. Hi Alan, Mark, What are you two like? I know we’re all dreading this upcoming story but we still don’t know for definite how it’s going to end. I thought I was bad but you two are way ahead of me in the misery stakes. Where there’s life, there’s hope.

    If you stop watching, you might miss something unexpected and, if it does end the way we all fear, then you’ll miss some of the best performances the guys have ever given. It comes to something when I’m having to try to persuade you to remain positive, as you both know, me and positivity are not usually the best of friends.

    Come on, don’t leave me to go through this on my own!!!!!

    • “if it does end the way we all fear, then you’ll miss some of the best performances the guys have ever given. ”

      Hi Sharon. Yes a mammoth MIiller cryfest. No thanks. I am afraid I find the story repulsive, and November Frost is as sick as Blyth was for even onsidering it (I suspect that he has done more than “consider” it).

      On a purely personal note, I once knew somebody who committed suicide, and that is bad enough – haunts you for years, was there something you might have said or done that might have changed things? – the notion of HELPING somebody destroy themselves is too repugnant for words. Offensive isn’t a strong enough word for it, especially in a so calle “entertainment” programme

      And what is it for? – just to boost ratings on a flagging TV show, which is now so past it they can’t even be bothered to take the dead producers name off the credits, to give them some “big” story however disgusting to fill their Thursday night double and so that Miller can tout for yet more awards on his otiose “Twitter” page and on radio and TV

      • Hi Alan, I’m sorry to hear about what you went through, knowing someone who ended their own life. You obviously have a far more personal view on this story than I do and it explains why you feel as strongly as you do.

        No one apart from the writers wants this story, we all find it horrible and depressing and I’m sure there will be a huge outcry should it go ahead. I don’t agree with the story, never have, never will, and it’s certainly not entertainment.

        If you do give up on the show, I will miss your comments and banter but, having read what you’ve just written, I understand too.

      • Sorry to hear that, Alan. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to have experienced the suicide of a close friend or relative.

        I agree with every word you’ve said about this dreadful storyline. The thing that gets me as well is not so much that the people around him cannot recognise the signs of clinical depression; it’s their lack of empathy and imagination. I was staggered by the fact that those closest to Jackson do not appear have realised that he is struggling to adjust to his new life and that this is the problem that ails him. (I have also been struck by the fact that Aaron doesn’t appear to miss his sex life. I find that hopelessly unrealistic as well.)

  51. Just had another thought, if Emmerdale want to keep the story as true to life as possible, then surely they have to show how Jackson might think about killing himself but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will.

    • Sharon, the boys are filming on location in Whitby this week – I don’t know the UK that well – isn’t that a seaside/beach kind of town? That would fit with my theory of a sunset ending for Jackson. Although if we take ED’s taping schedule to be six weeks in advance, that seems like an awfully fast timetable to getting Aaron from discovering Jackson’s secret onscreen this week to helping him end his life by end of April.

      I will be watching the show, at least through Marc’s final scenes, if and when they come. I owe that much to myself as either punishment or reward for signing up for this misery cruise in the first place. 🙂

      Alan, I feel for your loss. This story punches my buttons in a different way, and I find it to be especially irresponsible. The ED writers better have some magic planned to redeem this.

      • Hey Mark, you’re right, it is a seaside town in the north of England.

        Six weeks is a very short time from discovery to helping end Jackson’s life so maybe it won’t end the way we think it will. I really can’t see Aaron doing this for Jackson.

        What if this trip away is to celebrate the fact that Jackson has changed his mind and the two guys go on holiday to get away from it all for a while or Aaron may take Jackson away to try and convince him that his life is worth living, that they can have a future and a good life together.

        Glad to hear you’ll be with me til the end whenever that may be.

  52. Sharon, the story does seem especially accelerated, given that the boys are allegedly offscreen for about a week the end of the month. Then there is the not-so-small matter of ED filming things out of order – we know Andy Walker taped his episodes already, reportedly five, but only one has aired. So who knows what to make of this jumble?

    I much prefer your scenario, but then, that would involve ED extending MS’ contract.

    You’d think Jackson would wait until the weather got a little warmer. Can’t imagine it would be nice this time of year in ole Whitby.

    • Hi Mark

      I thought I heard Marc’s contract had been extended till July now?

      Please don’t tell me it was a lie, I can’t take much more of this speculation…!

      • I thought that was a rumour, but it seems that he is still filming so who knows.

      • Marc is filming this week – after that? Nobody is sure. Everybody is speculating, more out of hope, I think, than anything solid. iTV is being close-mouthed about the entire thing.

    • Hi Mark You are right about it being cold in Whitby this time of year: his Mum will need to dress him up with two scarves at least! I am sure Whitby once featured in Heartbeat, which Alan mentioned. Funny how TV people seem drawn to the same places to do their filming!
      Getting back to ED, I have watched the show for a long time and have just remembered that they ran an “assited suicide” storyline once before. Sam’s wife, Alice I think it was (Samson’s mother), was dying of cancer and was helped to end her life. So, if ED were to run a story like this again, at the very least they are repeating themselves (perhaps the writers cannot think up original ideas anymore!)
      I will see this through to the bitter end (no pun intended). I really want to see what is going to happen with A and J. However, if Marc leaves, one way or another, I am not sure what they will do with Danny’s character. If I am reading Aaron correctly, he is comfortable being gay as long as Jackson is his “other half”, but he doesn’t seem comfortable with any other man as a partner. I just can’t see him hooking up with anyone else post-Jackson.
      Ideally, I’d like to see them stay together as they work so well as a pair.

      • Hi Keith, hope you don’t mind me sticking my two pennysworth in.

        I think you are right with what you say about Aaron, I’ve also said before that he is completely comfortable as long as it’s with Jackson. He genuinely isn’t interested in anyone else while Jackson is in his life and that’s what has stopped him from being comfortable with prospective other partners.

        If there is a post Jackson, I would imagine Aaron would be on his own for quite a while. The only thing I could see happening some time in the future is for Aaron to meet up with Flynn again. Aaron did like him, he knows all about Jackson and their history and it was only Aaron’s feelings for Jackson that prevented anything happening between them.

        I would love nothing more than to have Aaron & Jackson stay together, I love watching them on screen. Apart from the acting, the eye contact between them is amazing, very subtle, but enough to let you know what they’re both thinking and feeling.

        Nice to know Marc & I will have company watching this story conclude, hopefully with a better ending than we all think we’re getting.

  53. What happened ? the writers are out to lunch or have a screw loose ?

    I didn’t understand anything about the last episode !

    Who is that Jackson ? I don’t like him !

    I am thinking more and more to pack on’s bags and go far of that shaggy-dog story.

    • I wonder if spending the night with Aaron has made things worse for Jackson. It must have been a painful reminder of the fact that he and Aaron will never be physically intimate again (at least in the makebelieve world of Emmerdale). When he was separated from Aaron he may have appreciated the point hypothetically but it is probably hitting home now that they have got back together and Aaron has declared his love. He must feel like that guy Tantalus in the ancient Greek myth; the thing he needs so badly is now constantly out of his reach. (Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.) I am finding Jackson’s behaviour at this point consistent and plausible.

      • I’m with you on this, Meta – Jackson probably didn’t sleep a wink in that bed. It’s telling that Aaron couldn’t remember their last time together, but for Jackson it’s burned into his memory – his comment about how he liked how they made up after a row just was so poignant. Jackson’s depression might be inadvertently exacerbated by Aaron’s kindness – it infuriates him on some level because Aaron never behaved that way before the accident and so it must be coming out of pity, to Jackson. Jackson’s depression is manifesting itself in anger, and he’s taking it out on everyone else around him. He’s going to be viewed as selfish- because he’s surrounded by idiots, apparently.

        And yes, Aaron’s lack of a sex drive is absurd. At 19, he’s a hormone bomb. But ED has never depicted these two like a real couple, so we’re supposed to admire Aaron’s “sacrifice.”

  54. Mark, my apologies for spelling your name wrong in my reply to Keith. I’ve never done that before. Again, subconsciously, you know who must be on my mind!!!!

    • Haha, Sharon, that kind of confusion is a supreme compliment.Big hugs!

      • Big hugs back to you too!!!

    • Hi Sharon and Mark
      Glad you cleared that up Sharon! I had visions of you sitting next to Marc Silcock, watching the TV (I’m sure you wouldn’t mind that one bit!) If you were sitting next to him, or Danny, I expect you wouldn’t be looking at the TV anyway!!!
      The latest spoilers are giving us a bit more hope with this story. Fingers crossed!

      • Hi Keith, Yeah, me, Marc & Danny, I’ve known them for ages, did I not mention that??? How else do you think I’ve got a couple of bits of the story right, they do like to chat when you get them going…

        God, if only and funnily enough, if I ever was sat next to them somewhere and a TV was on, I really don’t think I would be watching whatever was on it. I think my thoughts may be elsewhere – big brown eyes one side, lovely blue ones on the other but enough of that, back to reality.

        The new spoilers do indeed offer a slim chance of hope, I’ll be crossing my fingers and anything else I can think of until this story concludes.

  55. Hi Meta and Sharon. Yes for me the suicide story – assisted or solo is a very raw subject. It was somebody I was in the childrens home with – a year or so after we went out into the world (which you do at 16/17) we met up once or twice a week (neither of us had that many friends) he had a good job, the company he worked for went bust…and to cut a long story short weeks later he drowned himself (having given no real clue as to his real emotional state), but of course you always wonder if there wasn’t some little clue you might have picked up on, and it really haunts you.

    Well, that’s a long time ago now, but how anyone, even somebody in the state Blyth was in last autumn could ever regard such a sick story as entertainment is beyond my comprehension, and for November to even consider persisting with it, shows his mind is as sick.

    I’m sorry to keep bringing this up but I believe more than ever that the TV companies should get together and have an agreement that serials would go back to being twice weekly, so the stories could be more true to life, less sick and sensational – too many hours to fill with so much rubbish. For example, I have one of next weeks TV magazine listings magazines beside me: “Ronnie” Eastenders answer to Aaron (everything happens to them) tries to persuade her thug of a relation Phil Mitchell to kill a man who has discovered she swapped her dead baby for a live one (of course no mother would recognise her own baby, would she?). Mitchell has already done several murders he has always gotten away with. And for added titillation (purely for “public awareness and information” of course) a former victim of child abuse turns to prostitution- on a regular basis. In ED Cain steals the keys to an expensive car (with it seems the help of a totally out of character Ryan). I wont even weary you with the nonsense that Coronation Street is cluttering up the evenings with.

    In desperation I have written to one of the TV magazines pointing out that suicide should always be a last resort (if then) and not a first option. If it is published I will no doubt upset drama queen Steve November-Frost again, but I can live with that. He should start his own production company: “Cretins R’Us”.

    Finally everybody here is very intelligent and sensitive, but I have sugested to the YTubers who complain that Jackson is a ******, nasty to Aaron and his dear mum, that they read a very short factual book by the American writer the late William Styron (who died of natural causes) called “Darkness Visible”,based on his own exerience of profound depression in the mid 80s – written entirely without self pity but with great honesty and insight. Anyone lucky enough never to have been depressed should read this book to show what it can do to you. I would suggest November and his writers read it, but I doubt they can read any better than they can write 🙂

  56. I Mark, After having got all that off my chest – good morning. I find myself, as usual inc omplete gareement with you – Jackson must feel why couldn’t he have been like this with me before, why did I have to be ruined for him to feel this way now.

    It sounds rather crude, but as regards Aaron;s apparent lack of sex drive. I can only assume that he has a stash of magazines and DVDs of an adult nature in his bedroom at Smithy Cottage and a jar of hand cream. Paddy, for all his recent faults, would respect Aaron’s privacy, so Aaron would know his little secret would never be discovered or discussed. And – again – I apologize for sounding crude – but my guess is that “Aarons” erotic fantasies centre around Adam and what might have been. I still feel Aaron loves Jackson out of loyalty and pity – I don’t dispute it’s love, but I think deep down, Adam will always be the love of his life, just as Marlon is Paddy’s – nothing will ever happen, but…..

    • Hi, Alan – Thank you for sharing a very painful part of your youth. I lost an acquaintance to suicide many years ago and everyone in his family is haunted to this day with questions about what they could have done differently. And the tragic thing is that many people who are suicidal and have made up their minds to end their lives do not communicate that to others. They’re so far lost in their own pain.

      Back to ED, the story did an unconvincing job getting Aaron to realize he loves Jackson. It just made no sense and seemed a plot point to move the story to this next arc. As for Aaron’s sex life, I wish the show would acknowledge that he and Jackson can have sexual experiences with each other – yes, it can be done tastefully, with after the fact winking, whatever, without frightening the viewers. Jackson isn’t dead, and tetraplegics can enjoy some intimacy with their partners.

      As for the other spoilers, I’m suddenly worried the writers are planning to write out Ryan with a prison sentence. The misery here…

      • Hi Mark, In a strange way, I wish Aaron had actually slept with Flynn because it would have made his realisation of his love for Jackson more believable. He admitted he liked Flynn, that Flynn made him feel like Jackson used to, so it would have been feasible for them to have slept together even if it was as Keith said just for “release.” Then afterwards,he could have realised it wasn’t what he wanted, didn’t feel right, whatever, and his admission that it was Jackson that he loved and wanted to be with would have been more realistic.

        I agree with you, the show could quite easily show how Aaron & Jackson could have some sort of sex life without being too graphic. A lot could be done with dialogue and, as most of us who watch are adults, we wouldn’t need too many clues to figure out for ourselves what’s going on between them. At the moment, though, Jackson is too depressed to even consider trying to have a sex life with Aaron, he’s struggling enough to cope with having a relationship with him.

        We keep coming back to the same point, until Jackson’s depression is dealt with, he’s not going to be interested in anyone or anything, even a sexual relationship with the love of his life.

        Maybe this is where Andy comes in, the guy in the wheelchair. In the show, he has a wife/girlfriend so the assumption is that they have a sex life. Perhaps him and Jackson get talking ( please don’t ask me how you would even approach having a sensitive conversation like your sex life with someone you’ve only met once) but, if they did chat, it would show Jackson that it is still possible for people in his situation to be intimate with their partners.

        And lets face it, Jackson needs all the help he can get at the moment, wherever that help may come from.

    • Hi Alan, so sorry to hear about your friend. I knew a 19-year-old lad once who committed suicide. I didn’t know him that well (son of a neighbour) but the shock is still in my memory. As you say, you always feel you could have had an inkling or said or done something to prevent it.
      I think TV producers always go for “shock value” rather than good entertainment (or even reality in some cases). Like you, I would rather have better story-telling with less shows a week. Marc Silcock is a better actor than the material he is given to work with!
      I agree with your thoughts on Aaron and how he must be “taking care” of himself! It is interesting that, even with Flynn offering it to him “on a plate”, he still “couldn’t go through with it”. I know it was supposed to be because he realised he is in love with Jackson and that’s the reason why, but I think, realistically, a 19 year old lad would have too many raging hormones to refuse such an offer, even if it was just for “release”. Your comments about Adam are also valid. I remember that Aaron tried to kiss Adam, even before Aaron had recognised his sexuality. As far as we know, the only guy he has actually kissed is Jackson. Even Flynn got the cold shoulder on that front.

  57. Ok, not wanting to put a damper on our tiny bit of hope, but is anyone else concerned that Danny, Marc and Pauline are filming in Whitby this week?

    This does not bode well for my little scenario of the boys being away together to either celebrate Jackson’s change of mind or for Aaron to be using the break to convince him that life is worth living.

    They give you something to be positive about one minute and then they snatch it away from you again. What a bummer!!!

  58. Sharon, I agree with you that an encounter with Flynn would have made better sense for Aaron’s realization – tho’ I wonder if the writers refrained from that because Aaron’s admission to Jackson would have driven Jackson further away. As we know, Jackson was heartbroken at the thought of them being intimate and that knowledge would have impeded the reconciliation we are now “enjoying” (haha) onscreen.

    Apparently Hazel (Pauline) is in Whitby as well for this week’s shooting, which makes the idea that this sequence is some sort of vacation even less likely. And I question whether the show would really go to all the expense of a location shoot for a romantic getaway – more likely, it would spend the money for the allegedly award-grabbing final, tear-soaked moments. Given the six-week schedule, it looks as if this story comes to a head in late April. That’s incredibly fast, and not nearly enough time to address, much less note, Jackson’s underlying needs.

    • Mark, I agree with everything you’ve said.

      April has always been the month mentioned by Danny for something major to happen. Whenever I read about it or think about it, it still makes me so sad because it’s so unnecessary.

      Cheesy as it sounds, Emmerdale won’t be the same without Jackson and nor will Aaron. Saw this on a petition website talking about Marc:

      Too good an actor to lose, too good a partnership to break up, too good an opportunity to waste.

      kind of sums it all up really, doesn’t it??

    • “Apparently Hazel (Pauline) is in Whitby as well for this week’s shooting, ”

      Hi Mark, perhaps she has gone along to shoot a remake of Moby Dick, in that famous scene, where she wins all our hearts, when she overturns the boat 🙂

  59. Hi all
    Not regular forum person but was glad to find you all as I was starting to think I was going off my trolly the way the Aaron /Jackson storyline filled me with such sadness and regret for what might come.
    Busy at the moment editing all the episodes I have on disk as I’m sure I can come up with happy ending after all its only a writers imagination causing all the thoughts of doom and gloom , that’s what I keep telling myself.
    Will be recording all the episodes from now on will decide if to watch them after reading your posts.
    I live in hope that the storyline will not take the AS rout and Marc Sillcock and Danny Miller are given a chance to show us more of there fine acting and the comic ability that they seem to posses in spades/
    Lets hope we have not to endure some of the other storylines and dismal acting while Jackson dies in whatever twisted way they can concoct and a good actor like Marc Silcock leaves a village populated by some of the least interesting characters /poor actors on tv.
    I add in possible defence of the actors derided that my perception of there abilities might be due to some of the dire scripts and storylines they have to act.
    have enjoyed reading the posts on here in particular yours Sharon.

    • Hi Rob, Agree so much with you. Some of the “actors” are real amateurs (I especially single out Declan’s family and Jimmy’s pathetic attempt at pretending to have amnesia), but of course there are others.

      The best actors have been leaving in droves (the whole of the Wylde clan) and now Faye and Ryan.

      I am truly disgusted by the idea that you can make suicide – especially assisted suicide – in any way “entertaining”. I can see why people who are terminally ill with very painful cancer, for example, might chose this route, but it is still not entertainment

      I got this from the new fan site mentioned on another post:

      “Andy Walker, a former rugby player who is paralysed neck down as a result from a diving accident five years ago, appears as Steve Kelly on Emmerdale. We first saw Steve in the hospital lounge telling Jackson about his smart wheelchair. Steve will make four more appearances as Jackson’s motivator, making him realise that there is life after tetraplegia.

      Walker said, “I play the same role in the programme as I do in life, showing that disability doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thing. Life goes on with a disability, and in some ways it can be better. I will explain to Jackson that he can still go abroad on holiday, I will take him to the football, and meet him in the pub.””

      Surely it would be a slap in the face to him – and all the other thousands of people in a similar position – to suggest that suicide is a first resort.

      I am tired of pointing out to the half-witted, egotistical, executive producer of Emmerdale that depression is a treatable condition, his depression you will notice has never even been noticed, still less treated) and for people who are in that very bleak lonely spot, such a story – especially done in a “romantic” way (i.e. Aaron and J’s mother helping him) might encourage other people to think the same way. people are influenced – for good and bad – by what they see on TV and a responsible programme would be delivering a message of hope. For their own cynical reasons, and because they have an extra half hour to fill on Thursday evenings, it seems they are thinking of falling from the gutter into the sewer.

      • Alan, if the story moves ahead as we fear, then the show is both shamelessly exploiting Andy Walker and in essence telling him he and other tetraplegics are better off dead. Furthermore, at this reckless pace, both Aaron and Hazel will have to have undergone lobotomies to agree to assisted suicide. After what they’ve done to care for Jackson, to do a 180 and help him end his life is preposterous.

        Sharon, that website said it beautifully. Couldn’t agree more. And DM did peg April and September as big months for his character. Trying to play positive – I know, me, right? – If we assume the theories about M’s contract extension are correct, and he will in fact be filming through July, would the show do a location shoot for an elopement sequence? That’s a huge leap, granted (and supported by nothing, mind you), but it’s the kind of reckless and romantic stunt Aaron is more positioned to pull off now than spiking Jackson’s OJ.

    • Hi Rob, Thanks for your compliment and welcome to the madhouse!!! Now you’ve found us, hopefully we’ll hear more from you.

      Your comment about the scripts is spot on, they’ve not been the best apart from when Jane Pearson writes them. If you ever see her name on an episode, the writing is much better. She wrote the episode where Jackson stayed over at Aaron’s place which I loved.

      I too have loads of episodes which I’ve thought about editing but only starting from the crash episode, none of the other stuff unfortunately. Plus, knowing me, I’d think I was editing and end up deleting them instead so maybe it’s best if they stay put for the time being until I know what I’m doing!

      We’re all dreading the a/s storyline which appears to be drawing ever closer so, if you can come up with a happy ending, please feel free to do so. You’ll have friends for life!!

      • Hi Sharon and Alan
        Thanks for the welcome, I agree about the AS plot it just makes me feel sick, and what anyone with a serious disability feels god knows, I think there is enough gloom in the world without that sort of thing being thought of as entertainment.
        Sharon: I have all the episodes from Aaron’s coming out to Paddy , Its hard work at the moment as I have them on 2 hard drive recorders and also on pc hard drive so am converting the hard drive recordings to wav then its easy editing on the comp, the originals stay as is after editing.

        As I said before am determined to sort my self an happy ending.
        Will look out for Jane pearsons name as like you I thought the episode with Jackson staying over was very well written and great acting and brought a lump to my throat

    • Hi Rob,
      Welcome aboard! “after all its only a writers imagination causing all the thoughts of doom and gloom , that’s what I keep telling myself.”
      You are speaking our language! I’m not the sort to get too involved with TV drama usually, but this story has me hooked, good and proper! As Bette Midler said on the Paul O’Grady show where he interviewed Danny Miller, “I’m very cold-blooded, I watch and observe but don’t get swept up”. That’s usually how I am, but not where Aaron and Jackson are concerned! It’ s a testament to the acting of Danny and Marc that I am glued to my seat when they are on screen.
      It will be a travesty if they get rid of Marc, especially if they go down the route of the “plot that dare not speak its name”! If Jackson dies, for me, so will Emmerdale!

      • Hi Keith
        Thanks for the welcome, like you I’m hooked on this plot line, just wish the writers would inject in a bit more happiness , but then again gay characters normally have to suffer in TV land.
        Can’t think that I will bother to watch Emmerdale if they kill off Jackson, and Aaron go’s back to trying to be a Cane clone, only have to walk the streets localy to see that, so my viewing will down to a quick look at the news.
        I’v watched more in the last year than I have for years

  60. Alan, here’s a rarity, I agree with everything you have just written although maybe your last paragraph isn’t exactly how I’d have phrased it!!

    My emotions have been up & down like a fiddler’s elbow today. From what you’ve just posted, are we to have any hope from the phrase “Jackson’s motivator” and “making him realise that there is life after tetraplegia.”

    This story is messing with my head big time!

    • Hi Sharon, I am sorry, perhaps I shouldn’t be so forthright about EDs Exec Prod, but the bloke is totally up his own a***, frankly. He’s actually younger than the programme (how did they survive b4 he left school? :-).

      In many ways I rather hope ED doesn’t win awards this year (Marc should have won best newcomer rather than that little twerp from Eastenders), because I don’t think the way the management have treated some of the best cast members forcing them to leave due to lack of opportunities, yet bringing in a bevy of no-hopers and pointless characters), the lack of security they must feel while they allow the show to meander on in a state of flux, because they are too squeamish to appoint a new producer, they don’t DESERVE awards – perhaps then the November Frost could return to where he came from – C oronation Street, which is more down to his level, and to go home from an awards ceremony empty-handed would make him – or his bosses -reconsider his position.

      ED needs to lighten up and the current shower seem unable to cope

      • Hi Alan, no need to apologise for speaking from the heart and anyway, a little bit of naughtiness never did anyone any harm!!! Thanks for the reminder though about our lad from Manchester, I do forget sometimes.

        Now, getting back to Aaron/Danny, where me and you always seem to end up. Somewhere on here is my argument for why we saw some reluctance before from Danny to show affection to another guy so I won’t go through it all again. Since the ILU moment, there has been a marked improvement. Aaron has been more tactile, looks a lot more relaxed and is far more open about everything including his feelings.

        I think the scene of them in bed together was just right. Aaron’s sole purpose was for them to spend the night together in the same bed, nothing more. He knows Jackson is still unsure, not completely comfortable with their situation, so the last thing he wants to do is put pressure on him by trying something neither of them are ready for yet. It’s clear from the dialogue that intimacy is on both their minds but I think it was right for Aaron to do nothing except what he said he would do – just sleep next to Jackson again AND he did make a great point when he told Jackson that he couldn’t stay a prisoner in his own house.

        Who’d have thought Aaron would have made so much sense and behaved with a certain degree of maturity? See, I told you my little friend would come good!!!

  61. Hi Sharon:

    “Hi Mark, In a strange way, I wish Aaron had actually slept with Flynn because it would have made his realisation of his love for Jackson more believable.”

    Naughty girl. Please remember, ALWAYS remember, our lad is a straight lad. From Manchester. Poor DM would have had to clamber into bed with Flynn AND take his vest off!.

    That scene last Friday, for example, with A & J in bed. I can understand from the dramatic point of view, why they showed them so physically apart (so near, so far). Aaron had a good excuse for keeping his top on, as poor J can’t touch Aaron, but here is Aaron with the man he loves so much, not even bothering to caress J’s face, which he COULD feel.

    I still feel a lot of the problem (apart from the cr@p writing) is due to DM’s reluctance to be intimate with a bloke & the script is written around that stricture.

    • Hi Alan,
      I agree with you up to a point. That “straight lad. From Manchester” may have issues with intimacy with another man. However, I still believe that most of the problem is with the producers being s**t scared of getting complaints from viewers on a programme that airs at 7pm.
      Danny is a very good actor and I’m sure, if he were given a similar role in a “late night” programme, he would be willing to do a proper love scene with another guy. He could have said “no” right from the start when St Gavin asked him to play the role. As they seemed close, I’m sure he didn’t feel that the producer would have kicked him off the show if he’d refused the part. He probably knew that he wouldn’t be required to do sexy nude scenes at 7 in the evening. I agree that, sometimes, he seems a little hesitant with physical contact, but isn’t that just part of “Aaron’s” make-up?
      At one time, I felt the same as you to an extent. That said, since the scene when they were finally seen in bed, I feel that Danny’s performance (and Marc’s of course) was spot on. The way he said “I’ll keep you safe”, the looks that were exchanged between them, the gentle way Aaron persuaded a reluctant Jackson to share his bed, many moments were very touching and, perhaps for the first time in this story, convinced me that they are in love. Even the kiss was convincing, albeit brief (as usual).
      On a different note, did you notice, in the latest episode, how Pauline Quirke kept her arm covered up by wearing her coat indoors? Later in the episode, she is supposed to have injured said arm!

      • Hi Keith, you could be right but fore and aft you have gay scenes in Hollyoaks (6.30) fairly explicit lesbian scenes (with younger actors than D &M) in C. Street at 7.30.

        Anyway… another thing about Steve November is that when he was Steve Frost and reigned on Coronation Street, I believe it was he and Blyth, who worked on the show at the same time who introduced the 70s throwback “Sean”, mincing about like Charlie Hawtrey – although openly gay he had ambitions to be a dad.

        Dare I suggest November and Blyth were a bit homophobic trying to show how “liberal” they were. Just a thought, strange though that the greatest physical & mental agony has been meeted out to the two gay characters. Gay men are only tolerable when they are “safe”

  62. Hi Rob, Sorry reply buttons are in very short supply round here (Edna dishes out a few from the collection plate on Sundays :-). Anyway, it’s Tuesday and this weeks supply is exhausted.

    If you would like to to comment to Emmerdale’s executive producer on assisted suicide, or anything else to do with this story his direct email address is:

    But I have to warn you he has a very fragile ego, poor little chap, so replies are not likely to be cordial!

  63. Alan, allow me to raise your concern with the thought that “gay men are only acceptable when they’ve been castrated” – which, in essence, has been Jackson’s fate. He was the only gay character on the show who was mature, open and ready to give and receive love. And his reward?

    Beating an old drum, I am.

    • Hi Mark
      I’m with you on this one, as you already know I expect!
      The only gay characters I can remember on ED prior to A&J were Paul (the camp Drag artist) and Ivan (the “Bi-sexual” binman). Oh, and Jonny, who became Paul’s boyfriend. All of them a bit two-dimentional.
      A&J were the first attempt at “real” gay men, if you follow my drift. As you say, look what happened there!

      • Keith, it’s especially galling as Gavin promised we’d be seeing a modern take on a gay relationship. Instead we’ve been given that classic 1950s cliche, gay equals death. Aaron will be left traumatized by this, so much so that he’ll in emotional lockdown for years.

    • Hi Mark and Keith, Too true. That’s why I raised the spectre of “Sean” in Coronation Street. He is practicaly neutered – when he wanted to be a dad, it was because was friends with a girl, who had quite an attractive boyfriend. I can’t remember why the girl and her bloke couldn’t have kids, but SEan became sperm donor and then wanted to interfere in bringing up the baby, so much so that the girl and her bloke had to move quickly and get out of town overnight.

      Sean talks about men, but rarely looks at them, let alone “does” anything. As all the other men in the serial are straight, he is content to be one of the girls, literally, in the knicker factory. A most demeaning character.

      There was so much hope for Aaron & Jackson, because for once, especially Jackson, was a man who combined the best elements of being a man, strength, toughness, practicality but sensitivity and warmth and compassion plus a non-apologetic attitude for being himself, though he never flaunted it.

      Now if this isn’t bad enough it looks as if the other really nice guys have bad futures hanging over them – next week Decaln decides he wants Adam to work for him (no doubt he wants him to take that idiotic daghter off his hands) and poor Ryan looks as if he might end up in jail. You can be sure Cain won’t (it should never be forgotten that partly thanks to his blackmail Ryan ended up in prison before because of Cain), because, of course, Cain is one of those fireproof characters they will never get rid off.

      If Ryan is going to really end up on the wrong side of the law yet another good character gets punished. Perhaps Ryan and me should go round stealing “reply” buttons and selling them on, and we might end up as cellmates 🙂

  64. Hi guys,
    I find it odd that ED seem to be “timid” when showing two men in a gay relationship, presumably in case it offends the middle-aged to elderley audience, yet are not afraid to offend people with a suicide story that insults disabled people! All smacks of double standards, don’t you think!
    Alan : if you do end up in a cell with Ryan, can you arrange for some “jailhouse scenes” to be broadcast (after the watershed, of course!) Who knows, maybe Aaron can join in too, if he gets put away for murder!
    Better stop there before I incur the censor’s blue pencil!!

    • Hi Keith, I think I’d be content to end up having a “Paddy & Marlon” relationship with Ryan – he’s way out of my league – a much better bloke than me in every sense (and better looking!). Actually it would be great if we could all have a Paddy & Marlon (pre Rhona of course) or Adam & Aaron friendship – no complications but somebody you knew you could always rely on.

  65. Hi Mark, I’m way down here as no reply button.

    I agree with your observation about Aaron & Hazel having to have had lobotomies to even consider helping Jackson end his life. Aaron may not be the sharpest tool in the box but there’s still no way I can see him going along with this, Hazel either.

    I know where you’re coming from with regard to positivity where this story is concerned. Me and you do it so well, not!!

    I like your idea of a kind of elopement. In tonight’s episode, Jackson is invited on a stag night in Blackpool which he’s not keen to go on. It’s not too much of a stretch of the imagination for Hazel to insist that Aaron go along to “look after” him and for him to decide that he doesn’t want to be there and to ask Aaron to take him away somewhere. That would give the boys some time alone together. Hazel would have to be told when they don’t come back when they are supposed to return and would insist on meeting up with them which could explain the three of them together in Whitby.

    As you say, there’s nothing to support the idea apart from the fact that it would give us all a happier outcome than we are expecting. It is far more likely that Aaron would go along with this than go along with helping Jackson kill himself.

    Don’t know about you but it makes perfect sense to me now. Maybe my psychic powers have now transferred themselves to you!! How cool would that be?

    • Hi, Sharon – Not feeling so great about my psychic powers. 🙂

      Given the concentrated amount of filming the lads are doing in Whitby – note that Danny has barely tweeted at all the last few days – I’m guessing iTV opened their wallets for what they expect to be the big money payoff scenes – Jackson dying on the beach with Aaron and Hazel at his side.

      Given that they are practically working round the clock to do the scenes, I’m guessing the sheer volume would be doled out and played out over several weeks, so we could be seeing MS oncamera through end of April, which coincides with DM’s earlier predictions for Aaron. For the life of me, I don’t understand how the writers will justify Aaron and Hazel’s complicity.

      And a new producer has finally been appointed to the show, as I’m sure you all know. Pity it wasn’t months earlier when something could have been done to derail this dark train.

      • Hey Mark, I thought that about Danny’s tweets. They’re certainly putting the hours in, that’s for sure.

        As you say, a stockpile of episodes to show taking us up to Awful April.

        I still, even now, with all the evidence pointing to the story going ahead, can’t get my head around Aaron or Hazel helping Jackson to do this. It just makes no sense.

        I saw that a new producer has been appointed. I hope he is in a very fast car on his way to Whitby with a new freshly written script in his hand to do something about this story before it’s too late.

  66. Hi Keith, it seems that you and I have swapped roles. On one of my earlier posts, you said that you could have written it as I said what you were going to say.

    Reading your reply to Alan about Danny/Aaron and intimacy, you’ve said exactly what I was going to say. Your comments about the episode where Jackson stayed over at Aarons are spot on. It’s an episode I will watch again to cheer me up when things go downhill between the guys.

    • Hi Sharon, maybe you an me should be writing the scripts? What do you think! I’m sure we could come up with a happier outcome for Aaron and Jackson than what we are getting at the moment!
      Like you, I will re-watch that scene again and again, whatever happens. I just love the way Danny and Marc played it. They really seemed like a couple at last (love the “Shut up!” “YOU shut up!” exchange: so natural for a real couple who are comfortable in each other’s company). Also loved the contented look on Danny’s face as he settled down to sleep. So many subtle little details in these scenes show what great actors Danny and Marc are, and why we love them so much.
      Let’s hope Mr Blackburn, the newly appointed producer, is listening to our calls to keep Jackson.

      • Hi Keith, yeah, I’d happily write scripts with you, we could certainly do no worse than what we are being subjected to at the moment as far as Aaron & Jackson are concerned. I’m sure we would be able to put a smile on everyone’s face again and get the doom and gloom to “jog on” to use one of Aaron’s phrases.

        Everytime I watch that episode, I see something else that makes me smile or something that I hadn’t noticed before, lots of it very subtle like you say. I liked the next bit of that scene, the ” breathe in, why, cos it makes you lighter.” It was nice to see them going on like a proper couple.

        I’ve said it before but both Danny & Marc are brilliant with their eye contact. Whether it’s looking at each other or one looking at the other without the other one seeing, their eyes show so much. I could watch the two of them all day.

  67. Rob, sounds like you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. Hopefully, it won’t keep you away from watching the guys in action.

    I don’t watch any other soaps apart from emmerdale and am completely caught up in Aaron & Jackson’s story. There is just something about these two that got me right from the beginning and it’s keeping me there right til the end, whenever that may be.

    For two young actors to have got so many people involved in their story is a massive compliment to their acting abilities especially as a few of us have said that it’s not something that we normally let happen to us. I hope it continues for as long as possible

  68. Morning everyone

    Five words that gave me hope this morning: Jackson opens up to Aaron


    Maybe, just maybe, there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Yes. That light is another train, Sharon.



      • OK, more seriously, I do believe that bump in the story is there to give us all a pause from the angst. Think of it as the end of one chapter before starting the next. The boys look to be offcamera for about a week, so this is a way of giving everyone a temporary respite, a bit of hope before…whatever.

  69. Sharon, I fear there’s no incentive for a new producer to rock the boat. According to iTV’s press release, the new guy is heading into his first longterm story meeting this week. ED is up in ratings this year over last by about 4 percent – so he’s not going to jeopardize that.

    One could argue, I guess, about keeping the cast intact, but I think he’ll feel dutybound to honor GB’s final story. …Although I did wonder about DM’s ugly tweet from yesterday (go look it up) about feeling screwed over. Dunno what that might mean for Aaron when DM’s contract expires in December.

    • Mark, You hear the news before I do over there in the USA.

      Glad they have a new producer, and (sorry for any offence to anyone) I will be delighted to see Blyth’s name com ff that caption. Every evening it just seems to make the programme more grisly and gloomy than it already is.

      Personally (sorry Sharon) I suspect DM will be out of the show by the end of the year. I don’t think he will be that sorry, really, because I still don’t think he’s happy about being gay (on TV). If he “loses” Jackson, I don’t think they would find him another partner, and all poor Aaron will do is to prop up the bar at the Wolly, and perhaps go back to bad ways. If they can contemplate that for Ryan, I am sure Aaron wouldn’t be immune. There is a lot of contact between CS and ED – I read not long after Blyth died a local newspaper repot (I found it via Google) where one of St Gav’s relatives said she thought he (GB) would have returned to C Streetas Executive Producer had he lived. I bet Weatherfield, while they are no doubt sorry that he ceased upon the midnight, are relieved they don’t have to endure his gloom-ridden stories.

      • Meant to add, perhaps Danny Miller will be “promoted” to Coronation Street. They lose loveable “Graham” (Craig Gazey) this summer and they need somebody to wind old Dorris (sorry, Norris) up.

        He could even be a new love interest for “Sean”, or perhaps even “Gary” 🙂

    • Hi Mark, I was wondering about that “tweet” too! Seems strange Danny should say that and then, next day, we hear there is a new producer! Presumeably the new guy is not obsessed with DM in the same way as St Gavin was! I’m not being disrespectful about Danny as I think he is a very good actor, but it sounds as if he is not now getting things all his own way!
      Alan : on the subject of DM moving to Corrie. That could easily happen, no doubt, but do you really think he’d play another gay character? I’m sure our straight lad. From Manchester would want to play a straight lad in Manchester!

      • Hi, Keith – As you note, any change in management brings turmoil – and a new producer will want to reshape the show to his vision to prove he’s worthy of the job. I’ve no doubt the cast got wind of this before the official announcement. What it means for DM’s longterm future I have no idea, but as I noted earlier, when Hollyoaks switched producers, he sacked a third of the cast within weeks. I don’t expect ED to behave so drastically given that its ratings are actually up over last year, but it is inevitable that a new producer with have character favorites.

        As for DM, I’m pretty sure he’ll never take on a gay role again. That’s a given.

      • Hi Keith, I think the truth is that St Gav very much let Danny be autonomous in the way he interpreted “Aaron”, whereas anyone else coming in (especially somebody who has been involved with the programme throughout his big story) might have a different idea how the character is interpreted, and might not let DM do it “his” way.

        In a way I feel sorry for all the cast because any new producer is bound to make changes – and that will mean contracts being terminated.

        Mind you they have got rid of Ryan (or made his stories so weak Jim decided it best to leave), if Jackson goes, as far as I am concerned he can do what he likes. They were my two favourite characters (I suppose because like “Aaron” I would like to be like them in character), they hardly give Adam any decent storylines & I read this week “Declan” is going to toughen up and intends evicting Rodney and Nicola – and next week he employs Adam – no doubt to take his empty-headed daughter off his hands. If he is going to toughen upo I wish he’d evict his raddled bimbo of a wife who seems to serve no useful purpose whatsoever.

        I was only joking about Danny taking a gay role – just imagine him with “Sean” (I really would pay to see it, especially iof he was as surly as Aaron).

        I have just reread an article published in “The People” newspaper last April – an interview with DM and it was obvious even then he wasnt too happy about playing a gay character – and that was before he got “involved”. (just add the http//www. before

        Mind you, “Gary” obviously loved Quinny platonically if you saw the CS story (I felt Micky North frankly played the tough lad breaking down even more convincingly than DM), so there could be a few yearning, meaningful glances across the Rovers REturn bar 🙂

  70. Hi Guys, Paul Hayward has put up a link on another thread. It is a petition to keep Marc Silcock / Jackson in Emmerdale. Here it is again:

  71. Ok, call me shallow if you like but a topless Danny – thank you very much!!!!

    There is a god!!

    • Hi Sharon
      Funny how he was topless only when he wasn’t sharing the bed with Marc! (I suppose they don’t want to frighten the sheep!)

      • Hi Keith, I thought that!. In fact I wondered how he coped when they had the football match with Coronaion Street last month. I wonder if Danny got his mum to write a note to have him excused showers after the game – he probably had his football kit on under his tracksuit. After all, having to get undressed and showered in front of all those other men – a straight lad. From Manchester! 🙂

  72. Hi Alan, I’ll have to get down to Dingle Dell for some more reply buttons!
    Not only the showers, what if he had scored a goal! I expect a brisk handshake with the other lads would have been in order (can’t have all that hugging and kissing stuff!)

  73. Now, now, Keith, don’t you start. It’s bad enough having Alan making comments about our straight friend from Manchester. Don’t give him any encouragement!!!

    Anyway, in bed with Marc or in a sleeping bag on the floor, it didn’t matter. The story has been so miserable, I needed something to cheer me up and that did the trick.

    Just over 30 minutes to go and my supplies are ready – tissues cos I have a feeling I’m going to need them, chocolate for a quick pick me up provided I can get it past the lump that will no doubt be in my throat of course and wine for later for when
    Marc and Danny’s performances will probably still be haunting me.

    Remind me again why I put myself through this…

    • Hi Sharon, There’s nothing wrong with a manly handshake if you score a goal from the other chaps, provided they don’t go too far. That’s the trouble with footballers today, all silky shorts, tight shirts, long hair and touching. I saw a film clip of a pre-war Cup Final a few weeks ago – shorts down to their ankles, thick tops, and hair nicely Brylcreemed. There are some straight lads from Manchester who would have been better off being born in 1931 rather than 1991. All this “new man” stuff. In those daysin the Dales men were men and the sheep were frightend! 🙂

      • Alan, brilliant, made me laugh out loud again. Poor Danny, what would you do without having him to have a dig at??

        Anyway, just read an interview with your best buddy Mr November on a website called dannymillerfans. It’s about Aaron & Jackson’s story and what’s supposed to be happening. I’ve just read it and I am completely confused, I don’t know what to think anymore. I’d be interested to hear what you think after you’ve read it and please, feel free to enjoy the very nice pictures of Danny while you’re at it!!!!!!

    • Hi Sharon, sorry for giving Alan more encouragement! He does make me laugh sometimes (Alan that is) with his comments about the straight lad. From Manchester! You know I hold Danny in high regard really, especially after tonights episode. Danny and Marc have put in another barnstormer of a performance and I am still buzzing. Pauline was good too, I liked the comment “What’s he going to do, hold his breath?” I am pleased Aaron acknowledged that he had tried suicide himself. Let’s hope he tries to talk Jackson out of it (not help him do it!) Really not getting the feeling that Aaron or Hazel would help him end his life (at the moment!)

      • Hi Keith and Sharon. Yes I have to give our SLFRM Manchester full credit tonight. For the first time I felt he really did understand Jackson’s plight and would do all he could to stop him. I could have done without the glycerine tears, but the fact that he acknowledges his own desire for self destruction showed a great deal of maturity. Real empathy for once

        I am worried about Adam now – he is turning really bolshy with his dad, and I think Declan is going to be “Nathan” in nature before too long.

        As for Jimmy’s “amnesia” I felt he gave the game away tonight when he said to Amy he doubted she ever went to school. How would he know if he didn’t know her history? and he had never met her before tonight?.Cr@p acting? or Cr@p writing or both?

  74. Omg just seen 17 march episode 1 I cried sooooo hard

  75. Hi Keith and Alan, another great performance from Danny and Marc, they just keep on delivering them.

    Keith, Alan makes me laugh too with his comments about Danny and , believe me, he doesn’t usually need much encouragement!!

    I was doing fine until Jackson said something like “what’s Aaron supposed to do, wheel me around for the rest of his life” and Aaron said “yeah, course I will.” That really got me, a simple statement that shows Aaron is going nowhere, no matter what may happen. He’s made his decision about what he wants and he’s sticking to it. I also liked Aaron & Hazel’s scene outside the pub, we don’t often see them two together without Jackson.

    Alan, I liked the way Aaron talked about his own suicide attempt showing just how much he has grown up over the last few months. Empathy is not something we’ve really seen from him before but, tonight, he showed it big time. He said to Jackson once ages ago “you get me”, well tonight, he showed that he got Jackson.

    You’re right to be concerned about Adam but not for the reason you’ve stated. According to a spoiler I saw somewhere, Declan’s wife decides she’d be better for Adam than Mia and decides to show him that an older woman can be much more fun….if, as I say, you can believe the spoilers.

    I’d like to know what’s in the air up there, he’s not been away from Scarlett that long and he’s already got a replacement with another to follow shortly…

    • Hi Sharon, Poor Adam being chased round by that revolting old hag! – it get’s worse! They ought to remember that a lot of people are eating when this programme goes out. Also, she is older than Adam’s mother (in fact they should have called her “Eve”, and not because she is as attractive as the Eve they already have.

      It would keep up the Biblical namecheck in ED….. 🙂

      I am trying to check down that November Frost interview – he has been a busy little exec this week hasn’t he?. He will be taking next week off with nervous exhaustion.

      I liked the way DM portrayed Aaron tonight. There is no way he would help Jackson kill himself as things stand, but he needs to know where to go and get help for him. I don’t think Hazel will as she fesse is encroaching on J’s privacy. You could see in those final well-naunced scnes last night when Aaron arrived at their home she had seen the diary and was upset with Aaron for “making her”

      • Hi Alan and Sharon
        Nice to know you are enjoying the story as much as I am (makes it all the more poignant if it’s going to go down the “wrong” route later!) If the spoilers are true regarding Jackson’s fate, I am really going to miss watching our great lads and their acting.
        Sharon, you are spot on with Aaron’s comment “of course I will”. Such a simple statement yet the way he delivers the simplest phrase can tug at your heartstrings, I know it did mine! As you said before, why are we putting ourselves through this! But then again, I know why really, we have the “A&J addiction”, “simple as” as Aaron might say!

  76. Hi Keith: I can’t get over Adam and Ella. This is going to be Carry-On land all over again with Matron Hattie persuing Dr Kenneth Williams.

    You can jut imagine the scripts can’t you:

    ENTER Ella into the stables, while Adam grooms a horse. She is wearing only a skimpy negligee, Adam looks worried:

    Ella: “Come here you beatutiful creature and let me run my fingers through your hair”

    Adam: It’s cold in here, ma’am, hadn’t you better go and put on a dressing gown?

    Ella: “No. Hair today. Gown tomorrow”

    Adam: “But, I could never satisfy a beautiful young woman – let alone an old bag like you”

    Ella: “But I want to give you my all!”

    Adam: “But I don’t want your all – I don’t even want a bit!”

    Ella: “MY – what a STRONG lad you are!”

    Adam: “Well, yeah – it’s working on the farm. I was once a weak man”

    Ella: “Well – once a week is enough for any man!”

    I can’t get over it fifty something Ella and sweet young Adam – the woman must be a paedophile (I thought if she was going to hang her hat up to any man it would have been Toffee Boy)

    The though of it! – ugh – Matron, Matron – take them a w a y….. 🙂

    • Hi Alan, ha-ha! You’ve made me laugh again! (Even with a regurgitated Carry On script!) My favourite was Carry On Screaming: “Foul feet smell something terrible!” Great stuff!
      Aaron and Jackson have just reached another peak for me. I was so moved by last night’s episode, as I said to Mark. Nice to know that you’ve given our SLFM some credit where credit is due. Sharon will be “cock a hoop”, to quote Pearl!

      • Hi Keith, Yes I remember “Screaming” – we must explore Avery Avenue 🙂

        If Declan finds out about his wife and Adam, which he is bound to, I suppose we will have Adam running from Home Farm shouting “Infamy! Infamy! – they’ve all got it in for me!”

        Had I been Adam Thomas I don’t think I would be able to do such scenes with a straight face – what minds those ED writers have – assisted suicide now necrophilia 🙂

        Still, I am still on a high after last nights knockout episodes. Aaron’s “Of course I will” seemed to me to be the equivalent of the marriage service with that bit about in sickness and in health and the response “I will”. You could hear and see he meant it.

        I am astonished – genuinely – how mature Aaron was. He could even teach his mum something about love now.

  77. This is not any pity, Jackson ! But what you didn’t hear and see is a real cry of love. Aaron loves you for the best reason, the one we don’t know and that we cannot explain.

    Aaron closed the door and turned the key of his heart for the last time, this key belong to Jackson now and forever.

    I hope that Emmerdale’s writter will find the way to give the key at Jackson. He must know and find a way to keep on moving.

    Like snow on hight mountain, the love between them is eternal now.

    Amazing !!!

    • Michel, you have an absolutely beautiful way of expressing yourself. Very romantic and sums up the boys so well.

      When Jackson choked back, “What’s Aaron supposed to? Pu-pu-push me…” and there I lost it.

      Some questions for the rest of audience: From the looks of the episode, Aaron spent several hours in the dark mulling over what he had seen. When Hazel and Jackson arrive home, he’s in a hurry to get out of the place. Did anyone else find that odd? I felt for a minute I was watching Paddy scrambling to get away from Jackson, though I guess the point was Aaron was confused and probably didn’t know if he could contain himself and needed to get some fresh air of sorts.

      Then there was the second episode – there was no talk of Aaron staying over, and you think with what he had learned, Aaron would have found a way to insist on it. Would you leave the love of your life if you found out he was suicidal? Yes, he did insist on making plans for the next day.

      Finally, the one thing that bugs me here is the lack of tactile comfort – why has Aaron never touched Jackson’s face? A simple caress might break through all of that defensive facade and provide more comfort than a million words, especially for someone who feels locked away from the world.

      I am absolutely nitpicking here, and not with malice, please believe that. I’m curious as to what others think.

      I do say this with malice: Adam gets stuck with the most inane stories of anyone on that show – well, next to the dullard amnesiac.

      • Hi Mark, Our Michel is French – l’amour, they are always better at romance.

        As you (and Sharon) know I have often said some harsh things about Danny (SLFM), but I thought his performance was genuinely beautiful last night. That “course I will” was said with such simple sincerity) I could finally believe he really does love Jackson.

        I have been in the very strange position of defending Aaron with the You Tubers today some of whom think he has “betrayed” J and gotHazelto watch to “share his guilt”.

        Speaking for myself, if I could go back some years and “betray” and interfere like that, to stop a very good friend from self-destruction I would have done it. I would have done exactly what Aaron did.

        As to your comments about part 2 Mark, I suspect that Aaron was suffering from a mixture of shock, understandable pity, and remembering his own circumstances last year which promoted him to want to end his life. I can imagine, also, given Hazel’s over-protective manner, he didn’t want to stay around just in case she (or Aaron) gave away what they knew. It would take a bit of time to think what best to do. I think I would have done the same thing, though I would have made physical contact with Jackson by stroking his face or hair but Hazel last night was obviously angry with Aaron, so I suspect Aaron thought Jackson would detect the atmosphere.

        I suspect in the end Jackson will have to make the choice between Aaron and his mum. Hazel is overbearing – you can see she even resents Jerry for taking an interest in his own son, I think in time she will resent Aaron as much, sadly.

        On a different topic, did you notice how Declan succumbed last-night to “Paddy-itis” The writers changed his character: Declan has always been generous, aimable, almost a soft touch, last night he threatend Rodney with eviction and seemed to delight in poaching our Adam off John.

        As for Adam & Ella (pass the sick bucket somebody!), I wonder if this is a subtle way of turning him gay: kissing Aaron would seem a better fate than kissing the wrinkled skin of a woman old enough to be his mother – older. Perhaps Mr November has developed a taste for “granny sex” 🙂

        One thing that worries me about Adam is that he has always had a taste for rich girls, surely they won’t make him Ella’s gigolo?. They have even changed Adam somewhat. I can’t believe he would let his dad down by walking out without giving notice. Adam like Aaron has a basic loyalty, and he is grown up enough to know that you can’t leave a farm to run itself while you are chasing after a bit of skirt.

        What are they doing to me? They’ve got rid of Ryan, likely they will get rid of Jackson, one way or the other :-(, now we are likely to have Adam and unpleasant scenes with Declan’s wife, and whatever consequences Declan dreams up for taking advantage of his wife. Because of course, she will pretend that Adam found her irrisistable

      • Hi Mark
        I’ll start by saying what a stunningly beautiful episode it was last night. I am not usually one to wax lyrical about soap scenes, but if you were to have a “perfect” episode, the boys just provided it in spades. Like you, I was moved by the ““What’s Aaron supposed to? Pu-pu-push me…” from Jackson and Aaron’s “of course I will”. I have always thought Aaron loved Jackson, right from Jackson lying in a coma and Aaron saying “if I could take his place, I would!” If that’s not love, I don’t know what is (even if Aaron didn’t know what love was, at the time).
        I take your points regarding Aaron’s rush to get away and not touching Jackson’s face, but I think given Aaron’s character it was probably how he would have reacted. He is changing bit by bit, and I think (hope!) that he will become more tactile with Jackson as he learns what he needs to do to help his boyfriend.
        I do find these two such a refreshing change from the straight couples on ED, who always seem to jump in and out of bed with everyone like some giant, grotesque “swingers” party. The fact that A & J truly seem to love each other is heartwarming, not to mention the astonishing acting skills of Marc and Danny.

  78. Excellent points, Alan, thanks for the feedback – That makes sense that Aaron would be reacting out of shock – He simply didn’t know what to do with the information he’d learned. I hadn’t considered that he’d naturally have to go to lengths to cover up what he’s discovered, for as long as that deception will last, anyway.

    The YouTubers are for the most part idiots. Of course Aaron would and should go to Hazel. The show drew on his history in a natural way that felt right. I’d like to see him go to Paddy – I think the real one might show up to help him in this crisis. Aaron is still only 19, and it’s a lot to take on. The admirable thing here is he’s taking it on and wants to be there in every way for Jackson. I just hope before this story reaches its damnable end that we get some moments of actual happiness between the two, where they’re both together and in love and sharing that with each other. They’ve never been on the same page with each other.

    Adam is becoming unrecognizable like so many other characters on the show. Honestly, I can’t watch the Barton stuff any more. It’s a different family now. James Sutton filmed his last scenes today. Sad stuff.

    • Hi Mark, As watched Aaron watching the computer and seeing him putting his hands to his eyes and mouth, I felt (such was the power last night of our SLFM) that he was actually remembering sealing up the garage door last April and switching that car ignition on, and waiting for what he though would be oblivion. I found it very moving, especially telling Hazel about his own exprince, and last night I actully found myself loving (there’s a shock for Sharon) Aaron for being mature, compassionate and so feeling. Yes he certainly loves Jackson, and I think his love will be more seen by actions than words. It’s his way.

      I, too, would like him to talk to Paddy. Paddy is a vet, but usually professionals know other professionals very well, and Paddy might well know medical and psychiatric doctors, because in things like foot & mouth disease vets and medics do work together. He might know somebody who knows somebody.

      Hazel is in denial. I understand it, but she made me a little angry – especially that flippant “whats he going to do? – hold his breath?”. Has the silly woman forgotten he now has a certain degree of independence with that mortorised wheelchair and there are lorrie and heavy farm machinry in the village.

      One remark in Jackson’s diary struck me as especially ominous when he said abt getting a motorbike and sidecar “perhaps I should keep away from motorised transport”. Why did that bother me?. because knowing Aaron’s luck, Jackson could go over to the garage in his chair, Aaron could be driving a car and temporarily distracted. It’s the sort of sick stunt Blyth and the November-Frost would stoop to. In some ways that would be even WORSE than Aaron helping Jackson committing suicide because it would be an accident.

      I think though, if Jackson does die (and I still hope against hope he doesn’t) it will effectively be the end of Aaron – he couldn’t stay in the village with such terrible memories, and, having tried to die once, he might try again, and Adam will be playing about with Granny Ella & won’t be able to help next time

      • Alan, I believe Sharon has read these comments and fainted dead away! Stay strong, Sharon, help is on the way! 🙂

        Agree about DM’s powerful performance. Aaron has always been more about actions than words so it will interesting to see how he works to save Jackson’s spirits.

        I, too, blanched at Jackson’s comment about motorized transport. The show likes to foreshadow it’s doom and gloom – just look at Jackson’s comments to Aaron that fateful night about confessing his love – “I can still walk and talk” – eh, not for long, could he?

        I think the show might face a backlash even it couldn’t surmount if it killed off one half of its gay couple and then had the survivor commit suicide. That would be even too gruesome for this show. I think.

  79. Forgot to mention about the last day of Jim/Ryan. I just hope he doesn’t leave in a police car – or worse, knowing that shower!.

    I feel a bit like Ryan talking to Nathan last year about my own connection with Emmerdale:

    “You’ve torn my life to pieces. You have taken everything good about my life away from me. I did nothing to you”

    I am sure Ella is an Essex girl – she only wears knickers to keep her ankles warm 🙂

  80. Hi Keith, Sorry all the reply buttons are gone for the week – we will have a new stock in on Monday.

    I must admit until last night I always doubted Aaron loved Jackson, because he just didn’t seem to understand the word, but after last night, there is no question – it’s not guilt or pity, it really is a genuine love and concern for Jackson. Beautifully played – I don’t think anyone could fail to be moved by that simple but affectionate “of course I will” from Aaron.

    As for your remarks about the villages straight swingers – I’d love to know your views on aging Ella chasing poor young Adam around – if you ever saw the TV series “Keeping Up Appearances” it looks like Ella is about to become “Rose”, which is ironic since the first “Rose” (Shiela Stelfox) is now Emmerdales “Edna” 🙂

    • Alan, you’re right about Aaron: He didn’t understand the word “love.” This story has been about him maturing from a teen thug to a man capable of giving unconditional love and support. Like a lot of us, for Aaron, it was something that sneaked up on him, something he resisted and fought against – and ultimately just couldn’t be denied.

      More press reports say the Whitby shooting was not a death sequence. Perhaps there are a few brighter days ahead for Aaron and Jackson.

      • Hi Mark, Relieved for the news about Whitby. Did anyone get Sharon some smelling salts, she has not been about today to witness my declaration of love respect and affection for the new Aaron?. He could yet become as warm as Ryan and Marlon!

  81. Hi Alan, you’re right about those reply buttons! The poor things must be exhausted with all our wittering on!
    I was thinking exactly the same about Aaron’s “course I will” and the wedding ceremony. If I were writing the scripts, I’d marry them off on Royal Wedding day. That sort of commitment from Aaron could do wonders to cheer Jackson up! But, sadly, the likelyhood of that happening is probably lower than zero!
    Thanks to your “Carry On”, I now have visions of Ella sidling up to Adam and saying “Time for Tiffin!” Not a nice image, not nice at all!

    • Hi Keith. I reckon they’re remaking Carry On Loving. You had Terry Scott getting on a train, with a vicar sitting in the carriage and Scott says to a man outside the carriage “Thanks for a nice weekend, old chap, and your wife makes love magnificently”

      The vicar looks astounded “Excuse me sir, I understand you have been a guest in that gentlemans house for the weekend, and you tell him – to his face – that his wife makes love magnificently. Do you think that is quite correct?”

      Scott considers: ” Well, no. Actually no. But he’s such a nice chap I did’nt want to offend him”

      Digital Spy report that Adam, Declan and Ashley will be shooting the scene on location at Leeds Station next week 🙂

  82. Keith, I agree with you about the boys’ acting and the near-perfect pitch of the episodes. I just wish we had one episode in which the boys were in the same room, just once, expressing how they felt about each other to each other.

    Now THAT would be romantic. Still time for that, I guess.

    • Oh Mark, you old romantic, you!
      Yes, I would love to see a scene like that, even just once. With all the angst we’ve had to endure, it would be a real tonic!
      Danny could even whip his shirt off for Sharon’s benefit! (The chances of seeing him whip Jackson’s shirt off are probably nil, unfortunately). Mind you, I’d settle for the same room at the same time, on their own.

      • I suspect their love is sort of tacit and unspoken Jackson this week said to Chas “you know I love him”, and she admitted she did know. Aaron did tell Jackson last week that he did love him, but of course Jackson is very withdrawn, but I suspect they both know it without having to keep saying it.

        Strange how you recall little snippets of conversation. I was thinking about the Paddy/Aaron confrontation on March 25th last year when Paddy said “At some point you’re going to fall in love. You can’t help yourself”, and a defensive Aaron says “I am 18. I don’t want to fall in love”, and I never thought he ever would -or rankly could. 51 weeks later to the day……….

      • With you on that, Keith. Maybe we’ll finally get to see some romance between the boys. It seems long overdue.

  83. Alan, that’s a good conversation to recall. It occurs to me that for all his bluster, Aaron has been so terrified this last year – of coming out, of accepting he’s gay, of taking Jackson’s affections, of losing Jackson, of dealing with Jackson’s condition.

    He’s not afraid. Not any longer. He knows what he wants, finally. And he has it. Now he has to keep it.

    He’ll never be as warm as Ryan or Marlon. 🙂 That’s just not Aaron’s nature. There will always be that side that is suspicious of others or expecting the worst. But not with Jackson. Finally.

    • Hi Mark, that’s a really good “summing up” of Aaron.
      Was a bit disappointed with tonight’s episode. I suppose it was inevitable after last night’s stellar performances. The acting was still great, of course, but Hazel and Aaron just ended up saying “I dunno” when trying to figure out what to do about Jackson. What about counselling? Jackson is depressed, for God’s sake! I know Aaron is still too immature to figure it out, bless him, but Hazel should have more of a “handle” on what to do. Joe wan’t a lot of help either with his “good days, bad days” speech. Still, at the end of the day, it seems like sloppy writing to me. The actors can only work with what they are given.

      • Hi Keith, the only thing I enjoyed seeing was Aaron standing up to Hazel when they were talking in the house. As you say, how is he supposed to know what to do, he’s hoping Hazel will help him and she’s just burying her head in the sand.
        Was I hearing things or did one of Jackson’s builder friends call him Davros? Surely, they’ve not been around long enough to tease him like that, have they, especially as they struggled to even talk to him in the pub the other day..

  84. Hi Keith, Alan, Mark, so, did you miss me then?

    Sorry I’ve not been around much today but you know what those casualty departments are like. You have to wait for ages to be seen. The last thing I remember was reading some comments on here about how good Danny was in last night’s episode, saw they were posted by Alan and, the next thing, I’m picking myself up off the floor with a lump the size of an egg on my head. Thought I’d better go and get it checked out, as you do, but they’ve said that’s it’s fine, no permanent damage or amnesia, now there’s a bonus!!!!

    Having re read what you’ve all written, I used up the remainder of the tissues left over from last night. It brought a lump to my throat, especially Alan’s use of “the L word” aimed at Aaron. Sharon, I said, Sharon our SLFM did good, real good. I’m very proud of him!!

    Mark, I’d love a scene like that between the two guys, I’m sure we’ve spoken about it before. It’s way overdue and we need more stuff to put a smile on our faces. I’m glad to hear the Whitby scenes are not Jackson’s demise, we can all relax for a while (hopefully)..

    Keith, you know me so well in so short a space of time. How to put a smile on my face, get Danny topless – simple!! Failing that, he could just smile, that works just as well. You know now no- one’s going to take my comments seriously anymore don’t you? I wouldn’t give up hope of seeing a topless Jackson with Aaron just yet. A couple of weeks ago, I said that I thought we’d see Aaron & Jackson in bed together and a couple of people who I won’t name said no way. Then, we all saw them in bed together a little while later. I think we will see the two of them topless in bed, there, I’ve said it, and so far, I’ve got a 100% prediction record regarding these two so they better not let me down!!!!

    Finally, Alan, well, what can I say? You’ve made my day. Loved your Carry On version of Ella & Adam. As usual, you have a knack of making me laugh when I least expect it. I’m not sure she’s as ancient as you make her sound and a lot of older women like young guys, someone to mould and teach, kind of like a blank canvass.

    Your comments about my little friend could have been written by me, how bizarre is that? and having to defend him on You Tube as well, what a strange position for you to be in. Seriously though, you have always said that your comments have been based on what you really think so Danny must have done a great job to receive such high praise from you.

    Thinking about characters whose personalities alter overnight, I have to mention Chas. I thought, for once, when she spoke to Jackson in the pub about his treatment of Aaron, she handled the situation quite well. No screeching or dramatics and what she said made sense. She’s supporting her son and, for her, she was quite sensitive about it. Then, when Aaron is talking to her the next day, she went back to saying she didn’t agree with them being back together again.
    Also, I can’t equate the Declan who was so generous to Hazel & Jackson with regard to getting the house renovated with the one who now wants to evict tenants out of the blue.

    I see you found that interview I was talking about. I enjoyed your comments!!

  85. Hi Sharon, sorry to hear about your mishap. Hope you are OK. Glad you havn’t got a touch of the “Jimmy’s” coming on! You do recognise Kelly, don’t you?

    • Not yet but maybe if I keep looking at some photos, something will click!!

      • Hi Sharon, Hope that there was no damage, apart from the hours f ennui spent in A & E looking at the walls. They are usually cardboard grey, at least locally. With a dash of teal on the nursing station. Hope you are better.

        I do have to issue a warning though: Ashley is going to be a lot busier with funerals in the coming weeks: with desperate Ella cradle-snatching Adam half the village will die laughing. Not to mention the audience.

        Just a thought: Aaron understandably doesn’t know what to do. Hazel should, but why doesn’t Aaron have a talk with his surrogate dad, Paddy?, for all his recent silliness, Paddy is a very compassionate man, and he knows that by helping Jackson he will also be helping Aaron. Aaron has been able to tell Paddy things he would never tell anyone else, I am sure he could talk to him about this.

  86. Good morning Alan and Sharon. Alan, your reply buttons have gone off for a weekend break, maybe they are in Whitby on a boat or something!
    You make a good point about Paddy. Aaron can indeed tell him anything, he was the first person to confide in that he was gay. Plus Paddy kept his secret for ages (I remember Marlon thinking that Aaron had some sort of “hold” over him before he knew the truth).
    I think part of the problem here is the writers. They seem to have quite a few and, although they hold meetings to discuss plotlines, there must be a degree of divergence when different people are scribbling their pieces. As you say, Sharon, Declan is suddenly wanting to evict tenants “out of the blue” when previously he has been amazingly kind towards Jackson and Hazel. Also, Paddy has been living on two different planets recently and Chas keeps being happy for A & J one minute, then putting a spanner in the works the next.
    I really feel that it would be better to have a writer per character, if that makes sense. Maybe if one writer always wrote for the same person, the character would come across as more consistant.

    • Hi Keith, I found a reply button – it was hiding down the barmaids cleveage of that dress she was almost wearing on Thursday :-).

      I felt really let down by last nights script – written by the same man who wrote Thursdays beautiful episodes. They must put mind-changing drugs in the Emmerdale water supply.

      I agree with you, I think there ought to be writers who oversee a small number of characters, so they don’t change as fdramatically as this lot do. erhaps one writer for the Barton family, one for Declans brood Zzzzzzzz (thats the one who draws the short straw obviously).

      Personally I would like to have written for Ryan. I would have made sure he had the happy life he deserves.

      But back to Jackson: Paddy would do anything for Aaron – he is the “dad” everyone should have (at least pre Rhona), but what can you say about Hazel?
      “My boy has lost the will to live. I’m going to ignore it & hope it goes away, like magic. Hazel, I said to myself, you’re as dim as a 2 watt lightbulb, girl – I’ve never heard of doctors, anti-depressants, and councellors”

    • Morning guys, I’m feeling a lot better thank you.

      I hope Aaron does speak to Paddy. He did talk to him about Jackson being reluctant for them to spend the night together and, as they live in the same house, Paddy can’t help but notice that something is drastically wrong. Also, on the whole, he has been really supportive of their relationship, realising how important Jackson is to Aaron and how much he has helped him.

      Keith, I like your idea of one writer per character. It would seem a simple way of ensuring continuity as that person’s story progresses. As far as Aaron & Jackson are concerned, I’d like to see Jane Pearson write all their episodes. She’s very good with incorporating the right amount of feeling, emotion and humour when she writes for them.

      • Hi Sharon, I’m glad you are feeling better. I think Alan had better lay off praising our SLFM as it seems to turn your legs to jelly!
        Going back to one of your previous comments, yes the builders did call Jackson “Davros”. But Jackson did say to his diary in a previous episode that those two, at one time, would have “teased him mercilessly”, yet they had been so quiet in the pub. So he wouldn’t have minded the banter, I’m sure, as he wants to be treated the same way as before the accident.
        I hope your predictions continue to come true about our boys, although whether the producers are brave enough to feature two shirtless gay lads in Emmerdale remains to be seen! As Alan has pointed out before, they’ve been more forthcoming with gay characters in Hollyoaks (which I can’t comment on as I’ve never watched that), but I imagine Hollyoaks and ED are aimed at an entirely different audience (one younger, the other older).

      • Sharon, do hope you are feeling better.

        Like many, I was disappointed in Friday’s episode. Everyone was acting like an idiot. Aaron was even avoiding Jackson. The spoilers for next week don’t indicate much progress here; the climax seems to suggest Jackson will try to be more positive. Right. That’s going to work as much as wishing on a chickenbone. I can almost forgive Aaron’s confusion, but Hazel’s borders on criminal neglect. Again, we’re faced with good actors given lousy material.

  87. Hi Mark, I think our STFM can be forgivn because he is still shocked (though he only needs to remember back 11 months to recall how Paddy Adam nd even his mum tried to help him, by actos and gestures, not by ignoring him.

    Jackson ss as you say he will TRY but his depression is so deep and ingrained he could not do it alone, as his mum should well know.

    One final worry about my Ryan: he refuses to take money from Cain next week after another of the latters disgusting scams, but I note in the photo he actually touches the envelope containing the money with his bare hands – i.e. his finger prints will be on it, if Cain tries to make him take the blame for it. It’s bad enough he is leaving, but I really don’t want him set up again.

    • Hi Alan, the weekly’s say that the actress playing Faye Lamb is leaving next week (Faye is, apparantly, moving abroad). I think it would have been nicer to have written Ryan out in the same way. It would even have been possible for him to go with her, or follow on later. But no, once again ED have to “twist the knife” with a nice character. It almost feels as if Nathan will have won in the end!

    • Alan, I am worried for Ryan. The fact that his mom gets a nice tranquil exit all but guarantees he will not share the same. It seems like a purely malicious act aimed at the fans, IMHO.

      • Hi Mark, Ryan, & Jackson – the two most loveable decent men Iin ED who have done nothing but good get treated like dirt, as King Lear said “I am more sinned againt than sinning”..

        It was thanks to Cain’s greed in blackmailing Nathan and Natasha that Ryan ended up in prison last summer. If I could write a few episodes, Cain would finally be charged and convicted for a least one of his many crimes (theft, attempted “murder” of Charity though the attempt seemed pretty feeble. He murdered the script better), abduction (Nikhil), and he could spend a few years behind the wall cursing his own greed. Ryan would accept the money due to him from the police for wrongful arrest and false imprisonment, and buy the garage from Debbie.But the trouble with ED is that they just can’t stand anybody or anything decent 😦

  88. Hi Keith, maybe next time Alan is going to be REALLY nice about Danny, he could type WARNING before his comment so I can prepare myself!!! I don’t want to put him off completely though.

    You’re right, I’d forgotten about the bit Jackson recorded saying they would have teased him before. It must be very difficult both for him and them to know how to react. I too hope my predictions keep coming true. If the producers want Aaron & Jackson’s story to be realistic, which they appear to be trying to do now, it’s not too big a leap for them to show them both topless in bed, after all, surely the biggest hurdle was showing the two of them in bed together in the first place.

    I watched a few episodes of Hollyoaks when Alan and I were having a debate over our SLFM funnily enough and how convincing he was playing a gay character compared to James Sutton’s performance of a gay character when he was in Hollyoaks. The programmes are poles apart in what they show and who they are aimed at. If Aaron & Jackson were in Hollyoaks, you would have no problem seeing them tearing their clothes off or rolling on a bed together. Obviously, there’s no way Emmerdale would go that far and I don’t think I’d expect them to. It’s not their style but, two guys topless in bed together I’m sure wouldn’t be a problem. Fingers crossed anyway!!

    • Hi, Sharon – Hollyoaks is so matter-of-fact, it makes ED look like a product of the Victorian age. James Sutton’s stories on that show were so deeply romantic. I’ve felt many things about A&J but romance…I’m still not sure, honestly. The boys have never been on the same page, not for a minute. I hope we get to see that, just for a scene.

      • Hi Sharon and Mark,
        Sharon: you say the show is now trying to be more “realistic” with A&J. After Thursday’s ep, I think that’s true. If only they could make episodes to Thursday’s standard all the time! I think, as we’ve all said, the attitude of most people in the soap close to Jackson, in not acknowledging Jackson’s depression, is not realistic and is just being done to create “suspense” with the viewer.
        Mark: you say that ED is like something from the Victorian era. I agree totally with that statement! One of the things that bugs me about the programme is Sharma’s sweet factory. Surely, in this day and age, putting sweets in boxes would be automated! Also, who is actually making all these sweets that are being packed? They just “appear” from behind a screen! I think the researches could have come up with a much better “realistic” occupation for the factory workers! For example, I know for a fact that workers (mainly female) sit stuffing envelopes in bulk mailing houses, though even some of that work is automated these days.

    • Hi Saron, It’s probably a question of budget. The make-up girl would have to make up J’ & A’s torso’s, and they have spent their allocation on make-up on Pollyfilla for Ella and Charity 🙂

      • Alan, meow, I thought it was us girls that were supposed to make remarks like that!!

      • Hi Sharon, I’m just being practical. Poor old Ella has got to try to make herself alluring for an 18 year old boy, who, as far as we know, has perfect eyesight. Perhaps is he is desperate she should try Sam? 🙂

  89. Hey Mark, thanks for your kind wishes.

    I think Friday’s episode was always going to struggle after Thursday’s brilliance. I wish Hazel would stop burying her head in the sand and acknowledge, as Aaron has, that Jackson needs proper help. I know it can’t be easy to hear someone you love say something that drastic & final but pretending he just needs cheering up isn’t going to help.

  90. Hi Keith, No reply buttons again, so they are probably all in the pew at Emmersdale Church listening to Ashley’s sermon :-).

    Talking of Victorian times, you almost have Bill Sykes and Nancy in Cain & Charity, and you can just see Hazel in a bonnet!.

    You’re right about Toffee boy’s factory as well – you think they could at least run to a FX (sound effect) record of light industrial machinery churning away in the unseen “factory”.

    it’s the same with Coronation Street’s knicker factory: Tey have only one client, and each of them make about one pair a week.

    Obviously media types have never worked in the real world.

    Actually you could go back further than the Victorians for Charity & Toffee Boy: There is a scene in “Carry On Henry” where Sid (Henry VIII) chases a girl around and finally catches her:

    Girl “Oi – men pay handsomely for my favours!”

    Sid: Oh Gawd, I’ve only got two bon”

    Girl “Oh, I haven’t got any change!”

    But this week I am worried for Ryan, Jackson, and poor little Adam. Surely if “Ella” is on heat she could have an affair with somebody more appropriate. Cain perhaps?. After all there are so many old wrecks in his garage, one more old banger would hardly notice 🙂

  91. Hi, Alan, Keith – Regarding Cain, I know it’s a deep personal failing of mine, but I happen to like the character because he’s so clear with everyone on where he stands – and he has been a defender of Jackson, when others seem to think he dropped into the ocean. But that said, one rule about good villains is that they always pay for their sins and I never see that happening with Cain. He gets away with everything. That bit with Nikhil was absurd and should have led to assault and kidnapping charges.

    Meanwhile, Ryan’s fingerprints on an envelope will probably lead to 20 years behind bars.

    Keith, the writers seem to think ED functions outside of modern society. It’s a farming community, sure, but it’s not set 90 years in the past. Jackson’s home, for one, could be much more automated with voice activation features – I’m surprised they finally realized laptops can be rigged that way. And I’m still trying to figure out how a village that small manages to keep Debbie’s garage backed up with a line of cars that need work done. Does Edna smash up a new car every week?

    • Hi Mark, I fully agree Cain is one of the few to treat Jackson properly – BUT my problem with him (and with his Eastenders counterpart another garage owner called Mitchell) is that he is a bully.

      For example, if Cain wanted for some reason to put the frighteners on Paddy all he would have to do is do something to Aaron, because we know his deep feelings for the lad, an yet he chose to take out his anger on Nikhil. Why not on Toffee Boy himself?. Because he knows Nikhel is a “softer” chractr, even though from what we can see Jai and Nikhil are not really that close (that story last year for example when Jai finds out Nikhil is still a virgin – he almost treated it as a joke – as did the writers, he failed to be moved by Nikhil’s sensitivity (or perhaps I am just too sensitive myself?), he has moved that woman into their joint house without even seeing if Nikhil minded, and she treats Nikhil as if he were of no account), and now – the most unforgiveable thing of all, he wants to try to involve Ryan in a crime. He knows how scared the lad was in that remand centre and prison for three months. If Ryan gives that woman his name (which again being honest he will) she goes to the police and they will soon know where to find him, and Ryan being Ryan he would not inform on Cain. How could Cain do a thing like that?. Just a basic rottenness IMO. I also think if he were going to involve one of his employees in that sort of scam he would have used our SLFM. I don’t want to rake up old history but we do kinow Aaron isn’t adverse to a bit of “shady dealing”, on the other hand Ryan has always been 100% honest. And of course with his mum going he has nobody to look out for him this time.

      • Alan, now that’s just cruel. She’d eat him for breakfast!! Mind you, I don’t fancy Adam’s chances either. What’s he done to deserve not only Ella but her daughter too.

        Suddenly, Aaron is looking a much better prospect!!!!

  92. Hi Mark, bizzarely, I like Cain too. He tells you to your face what he thinks of you and you always know where you stand. Maybe the writers should send Cain round to talk some sense into Hazel. After all, he didn’t pull any punches when he told Aaron he’d have to get used to the bed bath duty and having to wipe Jackson’s backside if he wanted to be with him. I’m sure Hazel would soon see the light if he had a word.

    As for romance between Aaron & Jackson, we didn’t see a lot I agree with you, but now we have our new improved Aaron, I’m sure things will get better. You’ve only got to look at the episode where Jackson stayed over, probably the most romantic thing Aaron’s ever done. Also, Jackson has to overcome his depression in order to allow any romance between them. It may take a while but I’m sure they’ll get there…..and when they do, I want more than just one scene!!!

    • But Sharon – please – What about what he is doing to my Ryan? 😦

      Just as Paddy isn’t old enough to be Aaron’s real dad, he is like a son to him, that’s how I feel about Ryan. Daft I know. He hasn’t got a surrogate dad to look after him.

      I can even forgive out SLFM for hitting Paddy, and Jackson, because he seems to be making good of himself, but I just can’t forgive Cain for the damage he might do to and for Ryan

      • Hi Alan, I’ve got a reply button and I’m not afraid to use it!
        I think the upcoming story is one of those “Emmerdale mad moments”. They need to write Ryan out, so they want a “cliff-hanger” to do it with. This involves putting a character (unfortunately in this case, Ryan) into a position they would never usually be in a thousand years. Like most of these mad moments, it also makes no sense as Cain was the one who kidnapped Nathan in an attempt to get Ryan out of jail, so why would he put Ryan in danger now? For all his faults (which are many) Cain usually sticks up for people, like the Aaron & Jackson example when he said something to Aaron like “if you love him, you’ll do what it takes”.
        I suppose we are due another “personality transplant” like the one we had recently with Paddy. Or is the “multi-writer” syndrome striking again!

    • Hi Sharon, I got another reply button, and I’m not afraid to use this one either! I got one for Alan too!
      Yes you are right. Putting that bed in the lounge was the most romantic thing Aaron has ever done. Jackson appreciated it too, as he admitted in his video diary which Aaron watched. In a way, I’m glad Aaron sneaked a peek at the laptop, as I had concerns that he would act a similar scene after he had lost Jackson. Let’s hope the two of them do find some kind of happiness together for a while and they don’t succumb to the “personality swap-itis” of some of the other characters!

      • Keith, you’re a lucky guy. Those reply buttons are a rare find and you get two in one day.

        We all had a horrible feeling that Aaron wouldn’t find out what Jackson was thinking until after he was gone so I was really happy he found out while there’s still time to do something to help him. Mark made a good point about Aaron & Jackson having their roles reversed within their relationship but hopefully their personalities won’t change. Having said that, Jackson has been doing mean & moody quite well lately, he would give the old Aaron a run for his money!!

        Happines for them, even for a while, sounds good to me. Lets hope we get it.

        Nice to see you’re as mad as the rest of us on here, you’ll fit right in!!!

  93. Sharon, with all due respect, had Cain gone to the police with that wallet and not used the credit card and blackmailed Nathan & Natasha, Nathan wouldn’t have had the time or opportunity to frame Ryan. Agreed, he helped him – after he had been in prison for three months and he had been convicted. During that time Ryan was beaten up by his thug of a cell-mate

    I feel like Paddy talking to Chas now, but Ryan would NEVER be a thief. One of his greatest qualities is that fact that money means little to him – he had two chances to make money – once out of Nathan, but he chose to make sure the money was held in trust for Will, and also he has never sued the police for wrongful arrest.

    If the writers DO make Ryan into a criminal it will show the muppets have lost the plot – literally – altogether.

    Ryan is no criminal. End of as the SLFM would say! 🙂

    • Hi Alan, I know Keith and I have being saying a lot of the same things recently but fancy getting us mixed up. I read your reply to me at least twice thinking I don’t remember mentioning Cain kidnapping Nathan and I didn’t, Keith did. I thought I was going mad for a minute.

      As for your Ryan, what can I say, he’s a nice guy and probably putty in Cain’s hands at the moment as he is his boss. I agree with you, money is not his motivation especially as his mum leaves him with a cheque before she leaves. That’s why this escapade with Cain makes no sense. As I said before, there is something very strange in the air up there at the moment.

      I have a feeling that he will be just fine, he will leave the village in one piece, either to go and join Maisie & Will or maybe take his money and set off on a round the world holiday or something. Trust me!!!!!

      • Sorry Sharon, It was a strange day yesterday. Almost as strange as an evening in Hotton o n drugs with Holly!

        Ryan’s life has been so fraught, yet he keeps his cheerful nature. I hope though, for his own sake, he doesn’t go to Maisie & Will. He would be a wonderful role model for Will (the world needs more Ryan’s), but I have a feeling Masie wouldn’t be content just to have the nicest brother anyone could hope for, she would end up getting him back in prison – in solitary confinement for his own protection, because I got the feeling before she left she was still “interested” in Ryan, which is why she turned Nikhil down (who is probably almost as kind as Ryan)

      • Hi Sharon, funny how Alan got us mixed up! A bit like Cain getting Ryan and Jai confused. This “confusion” must be catching (maybe Jimmy’s amnesia is is contagious!)
        Glad you seemed to like my “fantasy” take on the story. I did it to emphasise the way the writers seem to come up with more and more outlandish plots. I remember an American series a few years back called “Soap”. It was a spoof on soap operas and all sorts of things cropped up, such as central characters being replaced by look-alike aliens. It was hilarious, but I don’t want a “serious” soap to go down that sort of route!
        Thanks for your comments, I’m just as “mad” as the rest of you, so I feel at home!

  94. Sharon, Keith, Mark: I have just read in one of the Sunday supplements abt this week’s Emmerdale that before she leaves the village Faye hands Ryan the keys to her car and a cheque.

    I just hope he gets out of the village before anything else happens to him – and please Ryan, be careful of that bloody level crossing.

    And perhaps I could just pop into “Paddy” mode for a moment and say to Ryan:

    “You’re a son to me. I love ya”

  95. Hi Guys, I’ve just worked out why Declan suddenly wants to sell off some of his properties. He wants the money to fund pioneering stem cell treatment for Jackson! Why would he do this? Well, he and Ella once had a baby son, born in the same hospital and at the same time as Jackson. Declan and Ella believe their son died shortly after the birth, but because of a mix up at the hospital, it was Hazel who lost her boy and Jackson is really Declan’s son! (That also explains Declan’s generosity over the house and refit). Jackson even gets his “gay gene” from Declan, who as it turns out, has been in the closet for years (looking at Ella, that is no big surprise!)
    Anyway, Jackson’s treatment works and he is nursed back to full recovery. He and Aaron live happily ever after.
    Well, if the scriptwriters are going to go off to “Fantasy Island”, so can I!
    PS. What am I doing with my life??!!!!

    • Keith, you’re absolutely flipping insane.

      The good news is, you’re with family. 🙂

      Sharon, I hope you’re right about the boys in the future. There’s been talk of personality transplants lately, and I can’t help feeling the same here. Aaron is now Jackson pre-accident, ready and eager to love. Jackson is now Aaron pre-accident. frightened. I hope things change, obviously.

      Alan, I had forgotten about that check Faye hands her boy. Here’s hoping he buys himself a nice cruise around the world, free from any malevolent bosses. I can’t figure out why Cain would want to set up Ryan in the first place. Ryan has always been a friend. Now Jai, I can see him setting him up. I don’t mind Cain being a villain just so long as he got his comeuppance now and again – and lately he’s been invulnerable, which is odd and wrong.

      • Hi Mark. Whoopee! I got a reply button! Yes, you guessed it, I’m totally bonkers! Nice to know my “family” here will get me through it! The doctor says if I keep taking the tablets I’ll be fine, as long as I don’t get hold of any sharp impliments!
        Seriously though, I think Cain should get his comeuppance as you say. I think the last time anyone got “one over” on him was when Debbie set light to his stash that he had nicked from the Kings.
        Maybe Cain has mistaken Ryan for Jai, should have gone to Specsavers!

    • Great Ideas, Keith. I should think Ella could turn any man gay. And their drippy daughter is probably the best advert for abortion you can think of :-). Spoilt, too much time and money or their hands, and no talents.

      If Emmerdale can visit fantasy land, perhaps it could be discovered that Nathan wasn’t really Mr Wylde’s son and he was the love child of Natasha and Zac in a moment of madness, and a few bottles of rough cider. Ryan’s brother was me, and though I still wouldn’t be as nice as him, I would never have treated him like Nathan, and as I am like Ryan in one respect – I have no great desire for money, we would have got along well, no jealousies about inheritences .

  96. Hi guys. Any thoughts on my little friend’s tweet about not taking things for granted, never knowing what you’ve got until it’s gone etc?

    I get concerned when his tweets become deep & meaningful. I’m happier when he’s asking for votes and having his usual jokey banter. At least then I know he’s ok. Hate the thought of anyone being miserable, I just want to give them a hug!

    • Sharon, DM’s girlfriend tweeted a little bit after that that she had broken up with DM due to his outrageous behavior and then asked for some privacy. It’s all pretty sad right now. DM is taking a few days off, so hopefully that will do him so good. Marc arrived in Manhattan today for vacation. Fair warning: We may not give him back. 🙂

      • Hi Mark, I had an idea it might be that, it’s horrible at that age, you feel like your world has ended. I remember it well. Bless him, and he’s got to work in the same place as her too.

        I saw that your namesake had headed over your way. Don’t even THINK of not letting him come back. No Marc & Danny, no Aaron & Jackson, remember!!

    • Hi Sharon, it is a bit odd, that tweet. Is he still talking about Gavin? They did seem very close and I imagine Gavin was like a mentor to him. Maybe, now he’s gone, Danny is feeling insecure with the new order for some reason. (It reminds me of his “us against life” speech to Jackson in the hospital.)

      • Hi Keith, I thought that when I read it. Apparently, he’s split from his girlfriend so a sad time for him and I bet work at the moment isn’t a bundle of laughs either. No wonder he’s taking a few days off to get away from it all.

        Hope he’s ok, like I said before, I hate the thought of anyone being miserable.

    • Hi Sharon

      Apparently after Danny made those tweets, Kirsty Leigh Porter then tweeted an announcement saying she and Danny had broken up due to his outrageous behaviour and disloyalty. She asked for privacy then suspended her twitter account!

      Danny earlier tweeted he’d been an idiot – maybe he’s been a naughty boy with somebody else?

      • Hi Shawn, thanks for the update.

        You could be right, I guess we’ll never know for sure unless some young girl comes crawling out of the woodwork with her story.

        It’s a shame for both of them, hope they find a way to get over it soon.

  97. I think Mark may have solved it, so my “Gavin” hunch is probably off beam!
    I wonder what “outrageous behaviour” she was referring to?

  98. Hi Keith, Sharon and Mark, I won’t be much on here for the next few days (nothing to do with a lady called “Jane” who has told me to “F*** off” on the new thread called “Sick In Whitby”) and not due to “outrageous behaviour” – I would need a fortnights notice and some pep pills for that!, but at the risk of inducing another of Jane’s tantrums, Keith, it’s strange you mentioned “Soap”, the saga of the Tate’s & the Fletcher’s because I was only thinking the other day, how much more entertaining & believeable, Mr Fletcher ‘s amnesia was than Jimmy’s pathetic effort. If you remember when Mr Fletcher got his bump on the head, he thought he was Marlene Deitrich, and came to the breakfast table limply waving a handkerchief, and would only respond if his wife, family & butler “Benson” called him “Miss Deitrich”. If only Jimmy….

    Oh well, I’ll be off now, rather than F off, if that’s alright with “Lady Jane” 🙂

    • Hi Alan, hope you’re ok. Don’t stay away too long, you’ll be missed.

      • I agree with Sharon. Please don’t let anyone chase you away, Alan. The point of this board is to discuss the show and the story and the performances and no one has any right to bully anyone away. We’ve all disagreed with each other at one time or another, but the most part, it’s all been extraordinarily respectful, especially commendable given the highly charged nature of the story. (Seriously, is ANYONE worked up over Jimmy’s amnesia? Hands? Didn’t think so) I know I’ve learned a lot from everyone here and really appreciate the feedback and the viewpoints on the story. I expect you here Alan to keep us all in check!

  99. Alan, you are among friends here (I’m sure I speak for Sharon, Mark and myself). Pay no attention to people who resort to abuse as they lose the argument by doing that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, it is a democracy after all (or so they tell us!). Your views are just as valid as any one of us.
    We know, by reading your posts, the reasons you feel the way you do about the plot of ED.

  100. I liked Jerry’s speech to Jackson tonight especially his honesty about if it hadn’t been for the accident, he still wouldn’t be in his life but how proud he is of him now.

    Also, from a purely personal point of view, how cute were Aaron & baby Josh together? A few months ago, Aaron would probably have held him at arms length if he had held him at all. Now, he looked very comfortable with him. It was also a nice gesture from Jerry, like he’s finally accepting Aaron.

    Also, loved Charity’s comment about Aaron “doing an Elton”, his face was a picture.

    • Hi Sharon

      Aww, loved Aaron with baby Josh too! I must admit, I was surprised that Aaron seemed so comfortable holding him. I would have thought that he didn’t “do babies”. Maybe it was because he knew he was holding Jackson’s baby brother, coupled with the fact that Aaron is loved up now?

      Also loved Charity’s “blimey, what’s going on ‘ere? You doing an Elton?” Brilliant, just one of those little comedy moments that make you laugh out loud and lift an otherwise ‘down’ episode.

      • Hi Shawn, you’re right, there wasn’t much going on tonight so a little bit of humour always comes in handy.

        There’s something very endearing about a young guy like Aaron and a toddler. As you say, maybe it’s because it’s Jackson’s little brother that he’s making an effort but he didn’t even pull one of his funny faces when Josh was handed over. I loved the way he was left on his own in the pub holding the baby, literally, and even that didn’t bother him or Josh come to that who seemed very happy & contented with Uncle Aaron!!!

        It’s been said that you can tell a lot about someone by how they are with young children and, after tonight, Aaron seems to have passed the test.

      • Hi, Sharon, Shawn – Tonight’s episode was quite moving and humorous. I, too, was especially impressed with Jerry’s honesty and his growth as a person. It felt very real to me. Here’s a guy who has done a lot of soul-searching and genuinely wants Jackson back in his life. I believe him when he says he is proud of him.

        Hasn’t Aaron always been good with kids? I seem to recall a few minor bits with Cain’s kids back in the day, when he watched them in the garage, but I believe this could have been pre-coming out.

  101. Sharon, I’m waaaay down here because of no buttons.

    Marc is in Manhattan this week with the lovely Amy.

    No, I’m not giving them back to the UK. Pfffftttt to all of you. BHAHAHAHAHAH (evil genius roar)

    • Hi Mark, Hi Sharon,
      So Mark, what are you going to do? Hold Marc hostage? (Cain would be proud of you, evil genius that he is!)
      I feel a “free Marc Silcock” campaign coming on! We want him back, big time!
      Anyway, I agree with your good self and Sharon, Danny’s performance with baby Josh was touching. It somehow reinforces the fact that he loves Jackson deeply (after all, this is the child of Jerry, who Aaron hated at first). Also loved the “Elton” comment and Jerry’s heartfelt declaration to Jackson.
      All in all, a good episode.

      • Hi Keith, I like the way that Jerry is finally coming around. He has obviously done a lot of thinking and realised he was wrong. Obviously, he can’t fix things overnight but it’s nice to see him trying. I also like Aaron’s reaction to him, they are both trying to get along now for the sake of the person they love.

        Hi Mark, I’m still trying to catch up with old episodes and have finally seen one of your favourites, the “bear the gum” episode. I didn’t realise it was the same one as Jackson telling Aaron he loved him, what a fab episode it was, really enjoyed it.

        As for keeping Marc, I only have one thing to say – don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!!!

        • Hi, Sharon, Keith

          I do love the bear the gum moment – ED does have some great comedic beats. I hope we get to see more in the weeks ahead. Have you seen the one in which the boys are back from holiday? I think it was aired last September. They’re in the diner and Aaron is throwing pieces of food at Jackson – another funny bit that spoke to the relationship between the lads.

          • Hi Mark, I remember that bit well, Aaron was like a little child throwing bits of food at Jackson. It was a good way of giving us an insight into what their relationship was like when they were on their own and how comfortable they were with each other, none of which we saw on screen of course.

            There’s some nice scenes between them in the episode where Clyde dies too. There’s a great scene between Aaron, Jackson and Cain towards the beginning and a brilliant bit with Jackson teasing Cain and winding him up. Also, there’s some nice moments between just Aaron & Jackson after Clyde dies.
            If you haven’t seen the episode, check it out, it’s only a few back from the bear the gum episode.

            • Sharon, you do point out some great eps….more I have to snag for my iPad library. I hope we’ll have some new ones to talk about in the weeks ahead. And in case anyone wants to mark the holiday, apparently a year ago today Jackson made his first appearance onscreen.

              Please celebrate responsibly and stay away from all train crossings.

            • Hi Sharon and Mark, It is amazing to think that Jackson has been in ED a year now. Who would have thought, 12 months ago, he’d be in his present condition now!
              Lovely that you both talk about various scenes with such affection. Every one you mention, I recall (I must admit I’ve watched them all, more than once!)
              Tonight’s ep (Tuesday) was a bit non-descript: just Hazel and Aaron telling Jackson he should be Josh’s Godfather. But even the smallest scenes with these three are played to perfection.

    • Hi Mark and Sharon,
      You may know this already, but Marc Silcock’s name is actually Marco (I always thought it might be short for Marcus!) Sounds a bit Mediterranean, that would explain the lovely big brown eyes and dark, curly hair!
      Nice to know he is in the US with his girlfriend (lucky girl!) Interesting that Marc is still with his girl, yet Danny has split up with his. I suppose Danny is younger and not yet ready to settle! Unlike his character Aaron, of course, who has found the “love of his life” with Jackson.

  102. Hi Sharon, I’m down here as they’ve not given you a reply button, you’ve done something to upset them, but I don’t know what!
    Yes, I remember the “bear the gum” episode. In fact, that’s when I fell for Marc Silcock. The guy is a superstar, the way he has made us love Jackson with his remarkable acting talent is nothing short of amazing.

    • Hi Keith, I don’t know what I’ve done either, maybe it’s because I’m a girl!!

      Marc is a couple of years older than Danny and went to university for a while so I suppose he is more mature and has a different outlook. Those couple of years make a difference when you’re in your twenties. Plus, Marc has said that his girlfriend is not in the “business” and has a normal job, that may be another reason. Mind you, I doubt very much that when Danny is ready to start seeing people again he will have a problem finding someone!

      I’m glad his real name isn’t Marcus, that name always makes me think of the soap El Dorado (if you remember it, I’m probably showing my age now).

      Marc has definitely made a lot of people fall in love with his character. You only have to read some of the comments on here to see how much he is thought of and the uproar that was caused by the possible “you know what” storyline only confirms how strongly people feel about him, me included. I’ll be honest, I liked him at the beginning but never loved him as such. The more he’s been on screen, the more I grew to love his character but…..

      not as much as I love Danny’s character. For me, lovely blue eyes, dark hair, a smile that can melt you in seconds and a real vulnerability hiding behind a tough guy exterior wins every time. There’s always been something endearing about Aaron, even when he was a pain in the neck thug. It was almost like you knew there was more to him than met the eye and you just wanted to break down the barriers and find the real him. Jackson and I obviously had the same thoughts!!!

      Now, I love seeing the two of them together although obviously I’d be happier if the story was happier. I’m still hopeful we will see more great moments from them both and in a few months we will still be saying ” I loved the bit when Aaron & Jackson…..” and out will come another scene or another few lines that we liked.

      I bet Emmerdale had no clue what they were creating when they put these two
      together but they definitely know now!!

      • Hi Sharon, you won’t get any argument from me! I too love Danny as Aaron. As you say, even when he was a “teenaged tearaway” there were times that you could have cheerfully throttled him (ike when he tried to set light to John Barton’s barn), but that only goes to prove what a fine actor he is! With someone of less talent, I’d have just thought, so what! (I must admit that’s the feeling I get now when watching Jimmy and a few others).
        I know you prefer Danny to Marc by your comments, but for me it is a close run thing. By the way, when Jon posted up the “shirtless” Aaron clip, someone called him a “stunning young man”. I know they were referring to his looks, but he has “got it all” as far as talent goes. The “Yeah, ‘course I will” statement when watching Jackson’s diary still echoes in my head. Such a moving performance! Yet they were the only words he spoke during Jackson’s heart-wrenching speech, (which brought tears to my eyes too).
        They couldn’t have found two better actors to play this story out, it truly is an A-List movie standard with these two!

        • Hi Keith, guess what – I agree!!!!

          Mind you, it wasn’t just when he was a teenage thug that I could have throttled him. There’s a post on here under the heading First Look Flynn, I think, from when Aaron apologised to Jackson for ignoring him the night before and running off to catch the bus with Flynn. I was so annoyed with what he said, something about how he had to go or they’d have missed the bus that I think I said if I could get my hands around his scrawny little neck, I’d quite happily throttle him myself. Perhaps I got a bit carried away but that’s how his acting made me feel and Jackson definitely had all my sympathy on that occasion.

          Normally, a teenaged thug in a hoodie would not be my cup of tea and I wouldn’t be interested in any story regarding his life but Danny’s portrayal drew me in long before Jackson appeared on the scene. That’s probably why my first loyalty is to Aaron.

          When you say I prefer Danny to Marc, are you talking physically or about their acting abilities? I’m just curious so please be honest as you may be surprised by my answer.

          Danny’s given many moving performances and no-one cries like our SLFM does. That line “yeah course I will” floored me just as much as the “Jackson, you’ve got me” from the crash episode. Again, simple words but spoken with such anguish, such emotion, they still get me whenever I see that episode.

          • Hi Sharon, I think that you prefer Danny to Marc purely from your previous posts. As you said in this one about your feeling “my first loyalty is to Aaron”.

            I’m not really talking “physically” here. There is no doubt that Danny is a very attractive lad with his blue eyes, fit body and cheeky smile. Marc on the other hand is, to my mind, not “handsome” in the same way as Danny, yet there is something about him which is very attractive. I think with Marc it’s the “likeability factor” (as Louis Walsh might say) with him. I think he is the type of guy most people would like as a friend. In the programme, Pearl once described him, early on, as “very good looking”. I couldn’t see it at first, but when he started to appear more and more it’s almost as if he became more attractive as time went on. There is no doubt you could stare into those big brown peepers forever! Anyway, irrespective of their physical attributes, I think you prefer Danny as an actor. I will be interested to hear your answer!

            As I have said before, I cannot really put one ahead of the other where their acting is concerned. But, if I had to choose one over the other, I think Marc would have to come out on top (if you pardon the pun!) But they are both so good it’s difficult to pick a favourite, simply because they both bring different things to the table. A bit like Aaron and Jackson themselves, I suppose!

            Staying on the subject of Marc, I remember him playing “Josh”, who was Bob’s son, when he was younger. Funny how he now has a half-brother called Josh! It’s amazing how he has changed since then, he is not recognisable as the same person. (Probably why Bob does not recognise his “long lost son”!)

            By the way, I do remember El Dorado! I didn’t watch it (nor did many other people it appears) but I do remember it being on TV (showing my age aswell!) There was also a Marcus character in Coronation Street, who was Sean’s boyfriend!

            • Morning Keith, interesting!!

              As you said, physically, it’s a very personal thing. For every person who, like me, happens to like blue eyes, you will find someone who prefers brown. I do think that both guys have lovely eyes, Marc has eyelashes I’d kill for, and they both have the most beautiful smiles. They are both attractive in different ways.

              Now, acting wise….

              Danny was always great with his portrayal of Aaron and nothings changed. When Jackson first appeared as someone to help Aaron’s coming out story, I thought he was just the sort of guy Aaron needed. Someone comfortable with himself but who remembered what it was like to be scared, what it was like to have to tell people and someone who would be able to help Aaron get through it and Marc portrayed this really well.
              As their story progressed, the acting got better from both of them but Danny still shaded it. What changed my opinion of Marc was the crash episode and what has happened since then. Those scenes between the two of them before Jackson drove off and tried to answer that blinking phone, Marc matched Danny every step of the way and what he has done from then on has been outstanding. To show so much when all he has to work with is his face and tone of voice is nothing short of incredible.

              At the moment, it’s a very close call to make, a lot closer than I thought it would be. I never thought that Marc would be able to act like he has. If push came to shove, I would still have to say I prefer Danny but the gap between them is now miniscule. It’s very difficult to choose one over the other because both their performances have been so powerful and emotive. I think they bring out the best in each other. If one raises their game, the other follows and we reap the benefits with what we see on screen.

              I don’t remember Marc being in ED before, mind you I’ve only been watching it for just over a year and I don’t watch any other soap. There’s just something about Aaron & Jackson that gets to you, I know it’s been said before, but it’s true, I don’t know how else to explain it.

  103. Hi Mark, no reply button, I’m beginning to get a complex!!!

    Bet your iPad library makes great viewing when you need a pick me up.

    Have you watched the Hitler clip from You Tube that is posted on the top of the Aaron’s Story home page? If not, please watch it and let me know what you think. I’ve just watched it, it’s brilliant, very funny and makes a great point too.

    I’ve been thinking, dangerous I know, but it seems strange to me that all of a sudden we are getting little bits of info released and questions answered about Aaron & Jackson’s story by the exec producer and other “Official Sources”, like saying the filming in Whitby was not Jackson’s exit scenes. A lot of the questions are things we have mentioned on here and things that have been mentioned on other fan sites such as Marc’s character being backed into a corner, whether we’ll see some happiness for them both, will there be any heartwarming moments etc

    Is it possible that he may have took some notice of us and had a look at what people really think about these two characters or just coincidence?

    • Afternoon Sharon (sorry Mark, for treading on your reply button!)
      “There’s just something about Aaron & Jackson that gets to you”. Sharon, you’ve done it again, taking the words out of my mouth! I don’t know what it is about these two either. I suppose it must be, as we’ve both said, the incredible acting talent of both of them. As you say, they are so evenly matched on that score. In fact, it is now difficult to think of Aaron without Jackson, or vice versa, which brings me to another point…………..

      I don’t think the producers realised how popular Jackson would become, or indeed how popular they would become as a couple. They have almost become inseparable now and seeing one without the other wouldn’t seem right. I know that Flynn, for example, was only introduced as a “device” to prove to Aaron how he really felt about Jackson, but throughout their mini-story the pairing just didn’t seem to work. As Aaron said, “It felt wrong”. As I say, I know this was what we were supposed to feel, but Aaron just doesn’t “fit” with anyone but Jackson. Now to another point……..

      All that said, I can’t see how they could get rid of Jackson as things are now. It’s almost as if you took away Jackson, then part of Aaron would disappear too. I really don’t know what they would do with Aaron’s character if Jackson wasn’t there for any reason. The way they are portraying Aaron, he would be uncomfortable with anyone else. He never seems to enjoy Bar West if Jackson isn’t there, he never seem s to want to “cop off” with any other blokes. No, Jackson is his “One and Only” (we’re back to Chesney Hawkes again: sorry Hazel!)

      I have seen the “Hitler” video. While it is highly amusing, it highlights the depth of feeling that so many people have for the character of Jackson. I’m sure they could “realistically” improve his condition. I read in the paper recently about a young man in exactly the same position as Jackson, yet after a while, he got movement back in his upper body. I’m sure the producers of the show must have, by now, picked up on Marc Silcock’s popularity, and could give Jackson’s character just a little more mobility.

      Let’s all make a “group wish” and hope it gets through!

      • Hi, Sharon and Keith –

        Love the Hitler video – wow, four words I never thought I ‘d say.

        Anyway, I’ve no doubt all these leaks exist to stir up interest in the story as it nears its climax. The producers know interest translates into ratings. I do think the endgame has been and will always be to reinforce Aaron’s self-loathing. Intrinsic to his nature is the belief that anyone who loves him gets hurt.

        In other words, I don’t think anything will stop the next train. I think we need to cherish the next few months. Sorry: I know! Not the romantic mutterings you’d like to hear. Carry on!

        • Hi Mark, Finally, a reply button, whatever I’ve done to have not had one for so long must be forgiven by now.

          Aaron’s story has so far been one of self loathing but now things have changed. He’s happier with who he is, happy to be with Jackson and far more settled than he was. I wouldn’t necessarily go as far as to say he loves himself as a person but he likes who he is now.

          Why can’t the writers use this opportunity to then push him forward in a more positive manner? There’s no need for him to be self loathing anymore. At some point, they have to do something to take away the belief that anyone who loves him gets hurt.

          What happened to Paddy and Jackson when they were both beaten by Aaron was all tied up with his coming out. What happened to Jackson that horrible October night was an accident although Aaron will probably always feel some degree of responsibility.

          Although I agree with you that the outcome of this story will probably not be what we want, I just wish the writers would think about what they are doing. Aaron has come so far, I don’t want to see him going back to the way he was.

          • Hi Sharon and Mark,
            I suppose, if I’m honest, Jackson will leave one way or another, and Aaron will embark on another “angst-fest”. I don’t want this to happen and still hope I’m wrong. After all, the producers probably still see this as Aaron’s coming out story, which is what it was at first, of course.
            However, with Jackson’s inclusion, it has become the “Aaron and Jackson Show”. Something which, as I’ve said before, the producers did not foresee.
            I think a big problem here is, once the producers had “turned him gay” as Paul O’Grady put it, they didn’t have a well-thought out plan of how to portray him. It’s as if they had the idea for a “gay, coming out, self-loathing” storyline, but didn’t know how to follow it up!

          • Sharon, Keith – I share your wishes but I think the producers have always viewed Jackson (erroneously) as expendable, as part of Aaron’s journey and not a destination. The fact that we are so invested in this story no doubt delights them – but I do not think it will deter anything. I suspect Aaron will fall to a new low after losing Jackson – how could he not?

            The writing this week seems inexplicable to me. Jackson is behaving like a bear and Aaron and Hazel act as if they left their brains in the Woolpack.

            • Hi Mark, Sharon,
              Mark, you are right, this week’s episodes so far have been rather odd. Aaron and Hazel almost seem to have forgotten the “discovery” of last week. I know from this week’s TV mag that Jackson finds out that Aaron and Hazel have seen his diary, but, from tonight’s episode (Wednesday) I don’t see how they will bring up the subject.
              As you say Mark, inexplicable writing. Danny, Marc and Pauline seem to be struggling with what they have been given tonight!

  104. Hi Mark, Hi Keith, Well, this weeks episodes so far have put me all over the place. Monday was the cuteness of Aaron with Josh coupled with Jerry’s honesty, Tuesday was the strange event of Aaron defending Jerry and trying to get Jackson to be reasonable (good luck with that, mate) and tonight’s episode just made me feel sad for some reason.
    I felt sad for Aaron and wanted to give him a hug, I felt sad for Jackson but just wanted to shake him and try to get through to him somehow. I’m normally a really patient person but not tonight and I even felt sad for Hazel. For the first time, she really let her frustration get the better of her and told Jackson some home truths big style. I don’t know, maybe that bang on the head that I got did something weird to me after all.

    I read something that said that the powers that be on ED wanted Aaron to find love and then be faced with another big obstacle so Jackson’s accident was always planned. Now whether it was always going to be this extreme, it didn’t say but please tell me why they would want to do that? I’ve tried to find a reason and I’m struggling. At the moment, my positive head is well & truly gone and I just feel flat about the whole thing. I feel like one of Danny’s tweets ” day two and still no smile”

    Anyway, I’ll have to love ya and leave ya as I’m away from tomorrow until Saturday. My sister is getting married, she always did have a great sense of timing!!! So, Mark, it’s you and Keith now, you two against the misery that is emmerdale at the moment. I look forward to reading your comments when I get back and after watching the episodes I will have missed.


    • Hi Sharon, was just typing my last bit while you were typing yours! Hope the wedding goes off OK. Look forward to your comments when you return (we may be on another thread by then, as this one is up to today!)

      Mark, Now “it’s you and me mate, it’s us against life”, as Aaron famously said!

      • Hi Keith, I’ve just seen a small trailer from one of Thursday’s episodes but I won’t say too much apart from both boys scrub up very nicely!!!!! Shallow me is back, it put a smile on my face again.

      • Hi, Keith – Good to have company on this ride, wherever it takes us.

        Sharon, hope you enjoy that wedding! Sounds like a wonderful time. We’ll keep the boards warm for ya! 🙂

        • Nothing to do with Jackson and Aaron, I am only able to see what Jon puts up at the moment AND read the listings mags, and one thing has just struck me about our Ryan, and that is for such a loveable kind, unselfish bloke he really doesn’t have any close friends.

          I would imagine if he ever thought of Cain as a friend he will soon be disabused of that, he has never been close to Andy, Aaron has little time to spare these days and if I think about it, he and Adam have never really shared a conversation.

          It seems to me the mean-spirited writers who gave us Jackson’s torture and Aaron’s self loathing are now marginalising one of the few remaining (ut not for long) characters. Even his mum leaves this week. I don’t know if that old saying “a boy’s best friend is his mother” (and looking at Hazel and Chas I have my doubts), but it just seems incredibly bad writing and plotting that Ryan doesn’t have a good mate. Even at his worst Aaron had Adam and Paddy, Paddy has Marlon, depite the Rhona incident, but who has Ryan got?.

          Finally, back on topic, when will the writers and Steve November who is so proud of how the so “thoroughly researched” story has been shown, discover anti-depressants and psychotherapy?

          • Alan, I think you’re correct about Ryan. Weren’t he and Andy flatmates for a time? Actually for that matter, so was Jackson, before the accident and we never saw the three together, nor did the guys ever visit Jackson, which is beyond strange.

            Part of the problem with ED, I think, is that characters so rarely cross over into each other’s lives like they would, especially in such an allegedly small village. They stay in their own story with a few others and that’s it. I would have much preferred seeing Debbie and Ryan together than this Cameron idiot, who looks as if he needs a month’s sleep and a delousing. But ED never gets that creative, does it?

            Apparently, Ryan’s only companion is Cain and that looks like the road to perdition.

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