Posted by: Kimbaforeva | March 11, 2011

Aaron’s Discovery

Aaron watches Jackson’s video diary and makes a terrible discovery…




  1. This is absolutely an extraordinary preview of what promises to be the most gut-wrenching aspect of this story – as if it could possibly get any more heartbreaking. Looks like we’re in for some great performances – and one helluva wringer.

    • Hi Mark
      I am almost in tears just watching this preview!
      Nice of Danny to credit Marc’s performance in his interview.
      As you say, we’re in for one hell of a heartbreaking story (and so much better than most of the other “dross” on Emmerdale at the moment!) In fact, they could just run this story alone as far as I am concerned.
      Were my eyes deceiving me? Were A&J actually in bed together? (I suppose it’s “safe” now that Jackson can’t make love to his boyfriend!)

      • Yup, Keith, the bedroom scene was both touching and amusing at the same time – another way the show has dodged the intimacy issue.

        But the performances look to be all-around amazing. DM’s Aaron just seems so happy in the opening, just to be close to Jackson. And Jackson is in hell. And that video reveal looks like it might get us all weepy. Should be another painful week in the Dale.

      • Keith, I totally agree with youu… I waas very teary eyed when watchin this becuz of amazing actors Pauline, Danny and Marc aree and the reaction os Aaron as he watches the videos go from smiles to tears almost… and Hazels reaction too whaat Aaron saays is probably the best reaction to news likee thaat I have ever seen !! I have a feeling thaat everyone who watches these episodes are gonna be very teary eyed aswell !!!

  2. Wow wow wow can’t wait !!!

  3. Oh my god, I have a lump in my throat from that trailer. What am I going to be like when the full episodes air?

    From the little we’ve seen, it looks like the performances are going to be outstanding again. Danny crying kills me every time and I cried when Jackson spoke of his feelings about Aaron and Flynn in his video diary. I’m going to be a wreck.

    Fair play to Danny saying what a great job Marc did with the scenes. I love seeing Aaron so happy again and his world is going to come crashing down around him in the most horrible way possible.

    These scenes sound like they’re going to be the most heartbreaking we’ve seen in their story and we’ve seen a few.

    Mark, on a slightly different note, looks like I was right again. I told you we would see the boys in bed together and I even said Aaron could keep his t-shirt on. That makes me two out of two so far!!!

    • Sharon, your predicto record is perfect. Well done!

      DM’s praise of Marc was extremely commendable and gratifying to see.

      I will say that this is THE happiest we’ve ever seen Aaron – he wasn’t even this happy when he first got together with Jackson – which, of course, is all part of the heartbreak. Jackson took the first train; Aaron gets hit by the second when he opens up that laptop.

      Geez, he really does lose his phone a lot, doesn’t he? 🙂

      • Mark, that’s because most of the time, he wears those horrible trackie bottoms which obviously have crap pockets in them so things like his phone keep falling out. Now, if he would wear some nice jeans more often, this sort of thing wouldn’t keep happening!!

        This is definitely the happiest that Aaron has ever been, I’ve missed that smile. Shame it’s going to disappear again all too quickly.

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