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Spoilers: 21st-25th March

Monday 21st: Jerry asks Jackson to be Josh’s godfather but Jackson appears to be put out rather than pleased. Jackson questions his dad’s motives for asking him, but Jerry reassures his son that it’s influenced by admiration rather than pity. His heartfelt words clearly mean a lot to Jackson, but he remains adamant that he doesn’t want to be Josh’s godfather.

Tuesday 22nd: Aaron accuses Jackson of being selfish by turning his back on Jerry.

Wednesday 23rd: An emotional outburst from Hazel prompts Jackson to decide that he would like to be Josh’s godfather after all.

Thursday 24th (7pm): Hazel is planning Josh’s christening with military precision. Aware the day has been manufactured around him, Jackson decides that he can’t go through with it. In a moment of madness and fuelled by frustration, Aaron takes control and picks Jackson up – ready to drag him to the christening. With the realisation of his actions sinking in, Aaron is forced to admit the truth to Jackson – he and Hazel have seen his diary.

Thursday 24th (8pm): Jackson struggles to come to terms with Aaron and Hazel’s admission and is frustrated to realise that he has no control over anything. Jackson insists that Aaron leaves. Later, Jerry arrives at Dale Head with Josh and it’s overwhelming to see Josh’s love for his older brother. Jackson is agonised seeing all of the care and effort that everyone is putting into helping him.

Friday 25th: Jackson starts to open up and finally agrees to try to be more positive.



  1. It’s about time Jackson started appreciating everything his family and friend do for him, but especially so for Aaron, who at only 18 years old, is working so hard to show Jackson he really does love him and will always be there, through thick and thin.

    Hazel’s been so amazing these last few episodes that it’s no wonder she’s signed on for the whole season and (God willing) the next!

    I used to be a Corrie fan but Emmerdale has def won me over!!!

    Cheers from Niagara Falls, Canada πŸ™‚

  2. Let’s just hope that March 25th signals a new better direction for this story

  3. The concern that I have here is that Jackson has “decided” to try a more positive outlook.

    That’s not going to work. He’s severely, clinically depressed. He needs professional assistance, therapy, a support group with other tetraplegics and perhaps even medication. He can’t just pull himself out of a “funk” through sheer willpower.

    Anyway, onto the next chapter and all that.

  4. I hope things work out for Jackson and Aaron after all the pain they have both been through. Hazel is fantastic. Oh please let the characters have a happy time. No need for suicide plots, they can be together and Hazel should get a new man! that should beef things up. It would be nice for Jackson to be able to gain some movement, say the Docs got it wrong. I know people that have been paralysed but after physio they have been able to lead near normal lives. I know its only a TV show, but a damn good one indeed.
    ALL the actors are great in this. Let hope they win many awards this year for outstanding work.

    • Perhaps Hazel could become Cain’s new moll!. After all “Charity” no longer begins at home πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Guys

    After reading your comments about a pole about Emmerdale writing out Jackson, I thought that I better create one and see how though it goes. Let see if we can get about 200. If successful I will send it to ITV! The link is below:

    • Hi Paul, thanks for the link. I have just voted to keep Jackson!

      • Hi Paul and Keith, I have too.

        I just hope a new producer would not want to court controversy by having his name on the creditsof an episode which included an assisted suicide. I won’t rehearse all the arguments again, but Jacksn is not terminally ill, which frankly I think is the only possible excuse for such an extreme act.

        Also if you have lost mates or family through suicide it just turns your stomach over to think any TV producer or writer could even imagine such a devestating act can be regarded as “entertainment”

    • Jus done it. How many have u got?

  6. I so hope the producers DO NOT kill off Jackson. This is the perfect opportunity to show that becoming disabled even as severely disabled as Jackson, does not have to mean your life is over and that you have no quality of life. They can help so many newly diagnosed tetraplegics by a positive outcome to this storyline.

    • Agree with you 100%

      • There filming in witby and talk is they might kill Jackson there, there’s lots of photos of them up there
        I pray they don’t kill him though it’s just rumor but still

  7. I also agree with bikersu. Im sure they will do something positive

  8. I really hope the Jackson should not get killed off! I would feel so sorry for aaron! And them 2 are both great 2 geather!!

  9. Jackson is an amazing guy and so is Aaron. They are supposed to be together. Please do not kill Jackson off.

  10. judging by what I read on digitalspy with the Steve November interview, Steve November makes it clear that Aaron and Jackson have a LONG way to go and it will be a love story. No mention of killing him off. I think the producers and Directors have been overwhelmed by the public response to Marc and Danny portrail of the characters. Tonights episodes were done brilliantly as usual, so lets not lose faith as I said there is a long way to go, so there may be a twist.

    • November looks as if he missed his calling – he should have been a politician. He talks a lot but says nothing – just loads of hot air. He looks a bit like an unfrocked clergyman. Part of the Big Society, or perhaps just a Big Girl’s Blouse πŸ™‚

      You can’t really read anything into that interview because I think it was more about him telling the new series producer, with all the subtlty of a steam roller that he – November is in charge – not his new producer

  11. Just read the Steve November interview which I thought sounds quite positive for A & J. Hope I am not being too trusting and have to go back into my darkened room.

    • I really hope so, Rob.

      It is great to see Jerry trying so hard to make amends for his past atitude, to Jackson, and great,but typical, of Jackson to bear him no malice

  12. Phew there not gonna kill jackson in Whitby that is a relief
    I really hope he doesn’t die, he’s a good guy and they just make him suffer I don’t think it’s fair

  13. Some one should send these comments to the producer of emmerdale, show them how loved Jackson actually is

  14. Just sitting “getting over” tonight’s (Thursday’s) episodes. Wow, Marc, Danny and Pauline just keep getting better and better. So real, you want to hug Jackson and take his pain away. Will have a lie down now!

    • Yeah, it was pretty emotional stuff, Keith. I’m a little disappointed in Aaron’s reactions – he seemed like the hardened tough guy and challenged Jackson more than comforted him. He never bothered to tell Jackson that he loved him. But the acting was, as always, terrific. This story just finds new ways to get darker, alas.

      • Yeah, I agree with you, Mark. I can’t believe that Aaron didn’t try and comfort Jackson and/or told him that he loved him. What happened to loved-up Aaron or was this just the shock of Jackson’s breakdown, do you think? Or maybe just the writing again. But have to say, amazing performances from Pauline, Marc and Danny as usual. Completely heartbreaking and compelling at the same time.

      • Hi Mark and Shawn, I agree with you. Aaron’s “attitude” seemed a bit harsh, but maybe this is how he would react in this situation. He has finally found love, and someone who loves him back: now that person appears to be “slipping away” from him. He is angry about it. He has never been good at showing his feelings and clams up emotionally. I thought it showed maturity the way he went off, sat on the swings and then went back to Jackson. The “old” Aaron would have gone out and thumped someone, or smashed something up. The only time he showed anger was when he grabbed Jackson, but that was out of sheer frustration and he immediately regretted it and apologised.
        From his actions, it is clear he loves Jackson deeply. He is not the type to say “I love you” all the time. He doesn’t have any “pet” names for his boyfriend, only ever calling him “mate”, which he feels comfortable with.

        • Hi Keith, looks like you’re writing my comments for me again. Couldn’t agree with you more!!

  15. I am a little concerned with Jackson’s sudden change of heart in tonight’s (Friday) episode. I hope he means what he says and is not just telling Aaron what he wants to hear. As for Aaron, he is doing everything he can to talk Jackson round, bless him. He is being calm, assured and determined to get his message across without losing his cool. The boy is now a man.
    The only gripe I’ve got tonight is that the story now seems to have slowed to snail’s pace. It is like wading through treacle at the minute. I still love Marc and Danny who are still knocking it out of the park, but I wish things would progress a little more quickly!

    • Hi, Keith – Unfortunately, I think you have pegged the story exactly. Jackson is putting up more of a front out of love for his boyfriend and his mother. He knows they are suffering and feels guilty about hurting them. It’s asking way too much of Aaron (or anyone for that matter) to give Jackson a reason to live. Unfortunately, the idea of therapy and meds has gotten lip service here and I think that’s all we’ll see. The boys don’t have a lot of screen time in the next couple of weeks – I think we see Jackson Monday and that’s it until April 6, so this is the writers’ way of giving us a break from the heavy gloom descending on us all.

  16. in case you haven’t seen this yet….

    • Good article I could have written it myself.

      It’s time they dropped this repulsive plot. Just because “St Gav” dreamt it up at a harrowing time for himself, doesn’t mean we have to endure this sort of crude sensationalism. If I were the new producer, I’d stamp my own authority on the programme by having these scripts tornn up and a rethink of the options.

      He should also have the sense to drop the absurd “amnesia” plot, and forget to pay the actor concerned this month for his underwhelming performances.

  17. Hi Guys, Finally got around to watching Thursday’s & Friday’s episodes last night. Wow, what powerful performances, absolutely amazing. I couldn’t believe it when Aaron grabbed Jackson, wasn’t expecting that at all. I know I said I’d like to shake him but I honestly wasn’t expecting to see it on screen.

    I think Aaron’s reaction was spot on, that anger comes from sheer frustration, not from a lack of love for Jackson. Hazel was still not keen on telling Jackson they had seen his video diary, she rattles on about taking a holiday and cheering him up, Aaron’s getting no support from anyone and doesn’t know what to do. All he does know is that Hazel’s attitude is not helping. He’s finally got the man he loves and he’s losing him again. If Aaron had have tried to comfort Jackson, it would have seemed false. He did tell Jackson he loved him so that’s both mothers that have now heard him say it, I don’t remember the last time that Jackson said the same thing to him, though.

    The acting from all three was just brilliant. I watched stunned from start to finish. Marc’s performance probably moved me the most of any of his recent performances. The way he showed how disillusioned Jackson is with living, how thoroughly depressed he is and how he is so disinterested in everything, he can’t even be bothered to raise his voice when speaking was heartbreaking.

    Danny was fantastic, nothing new there, and as I said I liked the attitude and the anger. I liked the way in Friday’s episode, he went to walk away from Jackson telling him he didn’t need this. He may love Jackson and will do anything for him but he’s still letting Jackson see that he’s no doormat. Know what got me the most? It wasn’t a piece of dialogue, it wasn’t a look or an expression, it was Aaron’s quivering bottom lip and watery eyes at the end of one of Thursday’s episodes. Such a suble way of showing that despite his shouting and anger, he’s heartbroken too and that sadness is never far away from the surface.

    Compelling viewing from start to finish.

    • Hi Sharon. Enjoy the nuptials?.

      Yes they were very powerful performances by Marc and our SLFM, but I think for once Hazel should have just kept quiet. Aaron knows about the suicidal impulse, and has been there – I doubt Hazel ever has. The fact that Aaron is now mature enough to actually talk openly about that dark period in his life, only for Hazel tell him to shut up and Jackon (though it is the depression talking) telling Aaron he had a “pathetic” reason for wanting to die, made the character of Aaron far more admirble this week – especially as he “didn’t go off on one” when H & J said what they did. Aaron didn’t just swallow a few aspiring and let Paddy find him, there was no doubt last year he definately did intend to do the job properly.

      I loved the way Aaron said “My mate saved me. And I am so grateful he did, because there is nothing in life worth dying for”.

      It would be nice to think Jackson will be saying the same thing this time next year, but all my instincts tell me they are going to go through with the “Blyth plan” sooner or later

      When you remember that Aaron resented Adam originally for saving him, and said “you should have just left me there” it shows how far he has come

      • Hi Alan, you’ve been away to get some reply buttons, haven’t you!!
        I also wish they would dump St Gav’s AS plot and change course. The way Aaron and Hazel are acting at the moment, there is no way they would help Jackson end his life. Aaron loves him too much and, as he said, nothing is worth dying for. Hazel also says “You’re my life” and points out that Jackson still has a brain and should use it. If they now go down the AS route after this, it will be totally unrealistic (not to mention the “slap in the face” to the disabled).
        Anyway, on a lighter note, Danny and Marc have just picked up “Best Actor” and “Best Newcomer” respectively in an awards ceremony (see different thread). At last they are getting recognition for their outstanding performances.

        • Hi Keith, Yes I gave Ryan a pile of money to nick some buttons when he was “Nigel”.

          Great news for both Danny and Marc – could that award for MS save him from the “Gav Plot”?. Let’s hope so. It might make the producers of ED think again. Lets face it, other than D & M who else is going to win them awards?. “Jimmy”?. He’d probably “forget” to collect it. Of course, he should have won the award over Ricky Norwood last year – comparing the standard of him and Marc is like comparing your Aunt Nellie playing the spoons to a professional musician.

          • Hi Alan, the wedding was great, thanks. I spent the morning after walking on the beach in the sunshine and after driving the 100 miles or so home, found myself in torrential rain. Don’t you just love the English weather!!

            I must admit, I winced when Jackson said Aaron’s reason for wanting to kill himself was pathetic. It doesn’t matter what the reason is for anyone to want to end their life, if they’re thinking of doing something that final, then it’s obviously a massive problem for them.

            Jackson has a real gem in Aaron if only he could see it, and I’m not just talking about as a boyfriend. Who else apart from Aaron can talk to Jackson from experience, of feeling exactly the way he does now, of having tried it and of how grateful he is that he wasn’t successful? I keep thinking back to the episode where they spent their first night together. Jackson asking Aaron if he actually meant to kill himself, struggling to get his head around the idea that Aaron wanted to end his life and how pleased he was when Aaron said he would never do anything like that again. Now, less than a year later, he’s going down the exact same road that Aaron did. Let’s hope he survives to tell the tale of being saved, too.

            Read a very strange article this morning about Jimmy’s amnesia story being the best story in ED at the moment. I read it a few times, looking for the sarcastice comments or any irony in the writing but no, they were being serious. Do these people actually watch what we watch because they’re obviously seeing something I’m not!!

            • Hi Sharon “Read a very strange article this morning about Jimmy’s amnesia story being the best story in ED at the moment.”

              Well if that is the best, I can’t imagine what the worst one is.

              I still can’t make up my mind whether Jimmy is pretending to have amnesia to get out of his comlicated and apparently rather sordid double life, or, to be brutally honest, if he is just a lousy actor. He certainly doesn’t convince you in the way Marc does that he is in a private hell. Jimmy seems to be more in a comedy show. You almost expect the late Hylda Baker to hit him over the head with a frying pan (I’ve seen those old repeats of Nearest & Dearest with Jimmy Jewel πŸ™‚

              I hardly see them winning any awards for the story or the acting. My advice to ED would be to hang on to Danny & Marc because they seem to be the only one likely to win them any prizes.

              We also have Ryan’s exit to (not) look forward to (I have terrible visions of that girl coming to the village with a policeman to arrest Ryan/”Nigel”) and of course there is the thought of Ella cradle-snatching Adam.

              If we have to sit through all that tosh, surely it is not asking ED producers too much to keep the award winning Marc on board?

    • Hi Sharon, welcome back. Yes, they were fantastic episodes, weren’t they!
      A pity we’re going to have another lull after Monday, with only Jimmy, Nicola and Kelly to look forward to next week (yawn!)

      • Hi Keith, took me ages to find you guys. I couldn’t find this thread to begin with. I’m really pleased about the awards, so well deserved, and interesting that both Danny & Marc won, not just one of them. Shows how people love the pair of them.

        If there’s no Aaron & Jackson next week, at least my sky plus will get a rest as well as me.

    • Sharon, welcome back!

      I think Jackson hasn’t reciprocated an ILU because he’s just in a position to feel it. I get the sense that he’s so depressed, it’s an effort to put together a sentence sometimes, and he does feel violated by the two people who claim to love him the most – even though we know they are acting with the best intentions (if not results, alas).

      Speaking of looks that got to me, at the close of Friday’s episode, Jackson smiles not once, but twice, but he’s essentially challenging Aaron to find him a reason to live. And Aaron smiles back and then looks up into the night sky, worried, with good reason. Fleeting happiness, tinged with an omen of disaster. Typical of ED right now.

      • gah…above to be amended to read “he’s just NOT in a position to feel it.” Apologies.

        • Hi Mark, I see you returned the lovely Marc to us safe & sound – wise move!!!

          I also liked seeing Jackson smile again and as you said, twice in the same episode. Lucky us. I loved Aaron saying that he would try to show Jackson he could have a good life with him. If only it could be that simple. I also loved Aaron’s ” you are lucky to have me” as well, and Jackson is lucky to have him although whether he can see through his depression to realise that is debateable at the moment.

          I think you’re right about the ILU. I’m coming round to your idea of a scene between the two of them, no Hazel or Paddy lurking, where they both just speak from the heart about their feelings for each other. Now there would be an episode worth watching.

          On a different note, one sentence from Marc that made me smile tonight and it’s not from an episode either. “Back to work tomorrow”

          Long may it continue!

          • Hi Sharon, I agree Hazel and Paddy – and Chas for that matter – though they mean well, do more harm than good. Aaron once said Jackson “got him”, and it is so sad at the moment that Jackson can’t see Aaron “gets him”.

            Jackson dismissed Aaron’s wish for self-destruction as “pathetic”, but though we were not allowed to see all the conversation between Adam and Jackson, when Adam visited him on that building site last year (“He tried to top himself”. “You what?”) what Adam told him Jackson must have realised that it was more than a cry for help or any empty gesture, and though it was the depression talking, Jackson was wrong to dismiss Aaron’s plight so lightly.Nothing that makes an 18 year old want to die can be regarded as pathetic.

            He is also being a bit unfair in more or less challenging Aaron to prove to him that life is worth living – a hard enough job for somebody twice Aaron’s age, especially given that Jackson is getting no professional help and aaron isn’t getting any help from Hazel.

            There you are – a straight defence of our SLFM. Of course, even Adam wouldn’t be able to help Aaron very much at the moment, beyond listening to him, but I think Aaron would do better to talk to Adam than Paddy or Chas. Poor old Hazel just seems to be faffing about with holiday brochures, tuning 180 degrees every few minutes, but again, for verisimilitude surely a concerned parent would be trying to get her son help snd talking to the specialist rather than the travel agent. Hazel, I said to myself………

            • Hey Alan, we must have been typing at the same time. I said something very similar to your comments on my reply to you.

              At least we know Aaron is not frightened of a challenge and I’m sure he will do everything he can to prove to Jackson that his life is worth living. Fingers crossed he’s successful.

            • Hi, Alan – Jackson is behaving unfairly – but as we all know, that’s due to his depression – he’s been acting out of frustration for so long. The best thing that ever happened to him in months was Aaron’s decision to snoop – that has forced him to get it out into the open and talking can only help. And I also think the snideness – and I don’t excuse it – reflected Jackson’s belief that being gay is not and has never been a real issue for him – but now he’s paralyzed for life, dependent on others to wash him and change his diaper and feed him, for the next fifty or so years. I can’t imagine a more bitter hell.

              Aaron is the best thing that ever happened to him, but Aaron is still a teenager himself. They all need a community helping them, which you would think is just how a village of ED operates – but alas, it seems to be three against the world here.

  18. Hi Alan, I agree. Did you see Friday’s episode – the looks are already starting from Ella towards Adam, god help him. He won’t know what’s hit him!!

    Award winning Marc – sounds good doesn’t it? Surely it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the best place for him is exactly where he is right now, doing some of the best acting we’ve seen for ages with our SLFM by his side.

    • Hi Sharon. If I were Adam I would keep a bucket of cold water beside me at all times – Ella is in heat and needs cooling off πŸ™‚

      I said on You Tube the other day that there are – literally – daily improvements in neurosurgery and just because Jackson can’t be helped much at the moment, that’s not to say that he couldn’t be in a few months or a year. He really does need professional help and shame on Hazel for trying to go into denial. As his next of kin, the doctors are likely to listen to her, if Jackson won’t say anything himself, more than they would Aaron, because as far as the authorities are concerned they are just friends and couldn’t discuss his situation with him, but Jackson ad Aaron have this great gift of being on the same wavelength due to experience, even though the experiences are different.

      I felt the way Aaron said “but my mate saved me, and I’m so grateful” to Jackson he was really saying he wants to help Jackson in the same way Adam heped him. There is no doubt, despiute some harsh words on occassion I have used abt Aaron that he is really now maturing and willing and able to give as well as take.

  19. Hi Sharon, Alan and Mark,
    Looks like Andy Walker appears in Monday’s episode. It will be interesting to see how his scene with Marc plays out. Can he make a difference to Jackson’s plight?
    We’d better relish the scene(s) as there will then be a few days quiet on the A&J story: I’m getting withdrawal symptoms already. Quick nurse, the screens!!!!!

    • Hi Keith, That will be interesting.

      Nothing to do with our lads but how the serials copy each other:

      “Corrie’s John Stape to die?”

      Followed by a story of how he intends to commit suicide. This was from my ISP, Virgin.

      2011 the year of suicide.

      Pass the sick bucket 😦

      By the way Keith have you read the backlash piece from the Telegraph?

      • Hi Alan, No, I haven’t read the Telegraph article. What did they say, in a “nutshell”?

        I read another post on one of the threads, where it was mentioned that there is a spoiler which says that Jackson is taken ill on a night out. That’s a bit worrying. It could be that Emmerdale are coming up with a different “reason” for suicide. I hope I’m wrong!

        • Basically Kieth, It was saying that disabled group and individuals were (rightly) upset about the negative spin put on this story, and there were examples of other people who have gone on with the same sort of problems Jackson has, to get degreesetc.

          Much as I love Jackson, I don’t like the way he is being written as almost toying with Aaron to give him a reason to keep living, almost as if it was a game.

  20. Just three little comments tonight.

    First, loved Aaron’s “I’ll do whatever it takes.” Spoken from the heart again.

    Second, hated Jackson’s expression after talking to Hazel about his night out. Hope his look reflected her suggestion and not anything more sinister.

    Third, the first spoiler pic from the episodes to be shown at the beginning of April where Aaron & Jackson are in the restaurant is lovely. Both of them smiling but I swear when I first saw it, I thought Aaron was proposing. Must be a strange camera angle.

    • Ooh, forgot to put that I hope Danny is ok. Still nothing from him since last week when he said he was going away for a few days.

    • Hi Sharon, I also loved the “I’ll do whatever it takes”: Danny at his best.
      Also liked the “chat” between Aaron and Jackson, almost like old times!

      • Yeah it was, Jackson telling him the only reason he spoke to him in Bar West was because he thought he was fit made me smile. It’s nice to see them like that again, talking and behaving like a proper couple.

        With regard to the spoiler you read about Jackson being taken ill, I read that apparently it’s some sort of breathing problem. I’m hoping it might be a one off, some sort of minor infection that a dose of antibiotics will shift but somehow I doubt it. Maybe a different way of getting there but it looks like the final destination is the same.

        I’m so sick of wishing and hoping that this will end happily but I can’t stop watching.

        • Hi Sharon, Keith, Mark.

          The Telegraph artice which has been printed somewhere on the Aaron’s Story website here (if you give links the “awaiting moderation” message stays on for days and the message doesn’t appear), mentions that one of the high achievers in Jackson’s situation has to breathe with bthe aid of a ventilator.

          It just seems to me that the whole of this lamentable and ultimately depressing story is just so they can kill off Jackson so Aaron can be a young widower – though what good that will achieve I can’t imagine. Aaron would not lightly get over it (if at all), ED lose one of their few excellent actors in Marc, (can they really afford to lose any more?) and they are causing distress to quite a sizeable section of the audience which actualy do have Jakson’s problems. Everyone’s a loser – that must have been the first of St Gav’s Ten Commandments

  21. Hi guys, I admit I was concerned when I heard breathing difficulties were going to be Jackson’s problem but as we still don’t know if it’s going to be a one off or an ongoing problem, I suppose we’ll have to wait and see just for a change.

    The interview with Danny & Marc about Aaron & Jackson’s story going down in Emmerdale history is an interesting one too. Going down in history for a good reason or a bad one? Also made me smile to see Danny say that viewers shouldn’t get too used to the new mature Aaron as he gets tipped over the edge soon. Hopefully, he will return at some point as even Alan likes him now!!!

    It was also nice to read what Marc said about how well him & Danny get on off camera. I’m actually looking forward to next weeks episodes. I’m going to grab what little bit of happines I can where these two are concerned as we never know what’s going to come at us next.

    • “Also made me smile to see Danny say that viewers shouldn’t get too used to the new mature Aaron as he gets tipped over the edge soon.”

      Hi Sharon. I think it’s obvious that when they kill off Jackson, Aaron will hit the bottle, and, indeed, hit anything or anybody else in sight. Sad really because I can’t see that regression will assist Aaron’s story, unless they want to make him the new Cain.

      I can’t really believe Danny would want to take on another partner as “Aaron” for reasons we have discussed so often, also, I don’t think “Aaron” would either.

      I really don’t see my interest in ED remaining after Jackson is gone – and if he “goes” the way Blyth/November seems determined he will, I certainly wouldn’t watch his last appearances, because I think the storyline is repulsive

      (Doubtless I will get another “thumbs down” from my hysterical stalker because I always do! πŸ™‚

      • Alan, I gave you a thumbs-up just to balance out that stalker!

        And like you, I don’t see any good times ahead for Aaron. What’s coming next looks to be the kind of thing you never come back from. The guilt he’ll carry will last a lifetime.

        • So Mark, are we nearly at the stage to take out our I can’t take any more of this story head and put it on or have we just reached the part where our negative head gets an airing??

          • Hi Sharon, Mark and Alan, I have put a comment on the thread Spoiler Pics (28th March) about last night’s episode. I’m afraid my “negative head” is on too! As I said, I thougt the meeting with Steve (Andy Walker) was a total let-down. I know Jackson is not going to suddenly “lighten up” at the drop of a hat, but I feel the writers could give us a respite from the misery, if only for a little while. Or are they trying to make the audience feel suicidal?
            As usual, Marc and Danny are splendid, but by what was said in their interview, I am not looking forward to what might be coming up.

            • Hi Keith, Last night was I agree with you a total waste – as Steve is only going to be in 5 episodes (we have had 2 already) I think they could have done more than just concentrate on Steve taking slightly voyueristic photographs.

              There is a horrible sense of foreboding and doom about this whole story – not helped by the fact that here we are on March 30th and they STILL credit the late Gavin Blyth as series producer. I think Tombola should stop sponsering the programme and they could get one of two companies who might be more appropriate:

              Co-op Funeralcare

              or (in “honour” of Jimmy’s wooden acting) – IKEA

              (And I bet that’s earned me another thumbs down from you-know-who! πŸ™‚

          • Hi, Sharon, Keith – I think I’m reaching for my negative head. πŸ™‚

            It’s pretty clear where this is all going. One long, dark road. The writing seems increasingly forced. The boys are doing great with the material, but the direction is reprehensible.

            Once again, I did like Cain, recognizing that Jackson was acting just like he would, acting out of frustration. At least he doesn’t mind coming in for a visit, unlike a certain vet.

            • Hi Alan, Mark, Sharon, (Alan, your supply of contraband reply buttons didn’t last long, perhaps your “stalker” is pinching them!)
              I think I have worked out what’s going on with this plot. As we know, Aaron started out mean and moody and has changed, mainly due to Jackson’s influence. However, he is obviously not going to be comfortable with any other male partner than Jackson, so if / when he loses him, he will return to his old ways (mean and moody). Losing Jackson will give Aaron the chance to “go bad” again and the fact that he is gay will practically be forgotton (plus it will give our SLFM the chance to overdo it again with the “tear stick”).
              Maybe I’m being cynical here but I really feel the writers can’t think of a way of keeping Aaron gay (and happy).
              It will also be a tragic waste of the award-winning Marc Silcock, as good as he will probably be in his “death scenes”.
              Oh, for another way out!

  22. Hi Keith, No Ryan couldn’t get many reply buttons with the small amount I was able to bung him. Money mad that lad!

    I think where serials are concerned “bad” is the new “good”. For wahtever reason people seem to prefer characters who do outrageous things. Like next week we have “troubled” Amy trying to seduce David, and being rebutted, she tries it on with Cain, who, I am sure, is the answer to every 16 year old girls dream.

    I think you are right when you say “but I really feel the writers can’t think of a way of keeping Aaron gay (and happy).”. I would add to that Aaron and Danny. I think it is unlikely he will want to have his character involved with anyone again, and I see a life of drink, petty crime and violence for the rest of his time on the show, which will probably be more comfortable for the actor than having to go through another set of Flynn, let alone Jackson scenes. If ED writers read the newspapers, I gave them a clue what they could do last week. Apparently – it was reported, you can buy an app for your I-Phone that “cures” you of being gay (or “homosexual” as DM would probably say). Or perhaps one day, while working in the garage, Aaron will knock his head and get long-term amnesia and forget he is gay. After all Jimmy can’t remember if he fathered a son. Or not.

    But that writing for Steve (Andy) last night was very poor indeed – he has already made 2 of his 5 appearances but they seem not to have helped or encouraged Jackson in any way.

    • Alan, the only thing I got out of Andy’s appearance last night was that Steve is a pervy photographer.

      That’s a huge help. No wonder Jackson didn’t want a second drink.

      • Hi Alan, Keith, Mark, I can’t add anything to your comments about Tueday’s episode, it did nothing for me at all and nothing for Jackson either. To be fair to Steve though, he doesn’t know Jackson is gay so he’s not to know that his “charming” photos won’t raise a smile.

        Being positive just for a minute, because that’s about as long as I can stay positive over this story at the moment, at least next week we can look forward to a couple of good episodes if the pictures that have been posted are anything to go by. Look at that first picture of Aaron & Jackson in the restaurant, when was the last time we saw Jackson smile like that? A proper smile, not a forced grin or a little smirk. The writers appear to be giving us a respite from all the doom & gloom even if it may be short lived so I think we should enjoy these episodes and see what happens.

        Marc put a comment on his twitter page about the Telegraph article saying that he wasn’t asked to comment on his character or put forward an explanation for what they were trying to show which is a shame as it may have helped us to see things a bit more clearly.

        I agree with all of you about what you think may happen to Aaron. It’s not where I want to see the story going but it does make sense.

        Mark, I apologise if the next comment doesn’t make any sense to you!!

        Now, I like the old Aaron as you know but I like the new Aaron too so which one’s better. There’s only one way to find out……….

        • Sharon, I know Jon doesn’t like us posting links here, so please go to YouTube when you get a sec and look up:

          Marc Silcock in Manhattan

          You’ll see I did my best to keep MS in the States! BHAHAHAHAHAH

          • Hi Mark

            Saw this clip and it was very funny, gotta love Marc Silcock, lovely guy.

            Though I’m a bit worried as he talked like he’d already finished on Emmerdale and had even shaved off some of his Jackson beard, leaving just a goatee. Nooooo…

          • Hey Mark, great clip. He seems like a really lovely, genuine guy.

            So were you the one who informed the video maker about the passport rule or were you one of the ones hovering in the background ready to grab him if he tried to make a run for it????

            Finally, I love just the goatee, much better than before (Sorry Shawn)

            • I’ve listened to it again and I’m pretty sure he says “where I play Jackson Walsh” not played although it’s pretty difficult to be 100% sure with the background noise. We do know for definite that he returned to work on Monday of this week.

              I am intrigued by him saying how many more ups and downs there are to come, I mean there’s been so many already, what else is there?

            • Hi Sharon, Just watched the clip (Thanks Mark for the YouTube pointer).
              I agree, he seems like a really nice guy (just like his character Jackson, really!)
              One comment made me laugh, about him being able to move and also straight! Indeed, two miracles!

  23. Hi Sharon, Alan and Mark, I have just read a TV listing mag for next week. No mention of A&J so it looks as if their story is currently taking a “back seat” (can’t have anyone stealing “wooden Jim’s” thunder, can we!)
    I don’t watch Eastenders, but the mag shows Syed, a gay character, being crushed by a falling iron beam! Who would have thought a gay character would have such a terrible accident in a soap! Good to see the EE scriptwriters have read their “gay character handbook”!
    One of Corrie’s gay character’s, Sophie, recently fell from a church roof. Two week’s later, she has’nt got a scratch to show for it! A pity Jackson couldn’t have made such a “miraculous” recovery!

    • Hi, Keith – the boys are on Wednesday and Thursday, and the Wednesday episode just might be the highlight of this “honeymoon” arc as the two go out to a swanky restaurant. And enjoy themselves. Jon’s got spoiler pics posted elsewhere here on the site for the week of April 4-8. Check them out! Smiles and everything.

      Is that a train I hear? Oh, never mind.

      • Hi Mark, it’s a great picture isn’t it?

        As you say, this may be as good as it gets for them so enjoy it while we can.

  24. Hi Keith, According to my ISP, Virgin (if you go through the usual http jazz and then put in virginmedia dot com you can read the spoilers for the coming week, with photographs, and I am happy to tell you Aaron takes Jackson t a football match on Friday. I am not so happy to tell you that “troubled” Amy, after being rejected by David, scores with grandpa Cain. Thats the Thursday humdinger for this week (viewers might wish to have a strong brown paper bag or a bucket handy). I was going to say something about the amnesia man…….but I’ve forgotten………:-)

    • Hi Alan and Mark, thanks for the “heads up” on next week’s episodes. I have seen Jon’s spoiler pics elsewhere so I did know our boys feature next week. What I meant by the “back seat” comment was that other stories seem to be dominating at the moment.
      Alan, you are right about the Cain and Amy thing. Bleagh! Another thing Cain should be arrested for, particularly as he has “form” with Debbie’s ex-“girlfriend” and other young girls. I guess this is why they split him and Charity up again, so he could easily get jiggy with any available schoolgirl!
      Adam seems to feature strongly next week too, with John and Declan also being heavily involved here. So it seems Ella is not about to pounce just yet (so soon after Cain and Amy, as you say Alan, people would need their sick-bags at the ready!)
      As for Jimmy, Nicola and Kelly: why did they drag Kelly back into this show? She is such a “pantomime baddy” I keep expecting her to start cackling and casting spells!

      • Hi Keith, Do you – or anyone else – know if Kelly is just “passing through” or if she’s staying?. If the latter, I think I will be spending more summer evenings out in the garden πŸ™‚

        Do you notice in all serials how people just turn up on the doorstep and expect o be taken in?. After all it’s not even Bob’s house is it, it’s Marlon’s. I think Marlon is too easy going for his own good.

        It’s too late now, since he is already out, but I wish the writers could have given Ryan some screen time before his departure. After “pervy photographers” and cradle snatchers, it would be nice to see one of the few truly decent characters in ED.

        I begin to think a lot of the scripts are written by frustrated, dirty old men with strange fantasies and, of course, just like the Carry-On’s, they talk about it a lot, imply and suggest….a nudge here, a wink there…. If only Sid James were still alive he would have loved to retire to Emmerdale, where he could have spent his declining years, watching Alishia pulling pints in the Woolpack, and Lolita from the B & B.

        • Hi Alan, I don’t know if Kelly is staying or not, but she doesn’t bring anything to the show, so I don’t know why she has been brought back again.
          You are right about people turning up and being taken in. I only watch Emmerdale and Corrie and it is the same with both of them. Tommy, Jack Duckworth’s grandson, has just turned up in Corrie and has been taken in by Tyrone. “Just like that” as Tommy Cooper used to say.
          It also strikes me as odd how all the characters in soaps find work so easily. They always work “on the doorstep” and flit from one occupation to another (hairdresser to knicker-factory undermanager for example). In real life, people struggle to find work at all and usually have to travel further afield for a job!

          • Hi Keith, What is really worrying me is that we know how soaps “borrow” plots from each other (the “new” EE building collapsing sounds suspiciously familiar, except there are no trams in E20). On C.S they have just started a story of cross dressing (Mark/Marsha).

            Who, in ED, is going to be seen sashaying down Hotton High Street in a wig and black stockings? Cain?, Paddy?, Mr Pollard?……

            I really do think ITV and the BBC should get together and think about reducing the number of episodes of each of their soaps they show each week, because it seems to me all of them are gettng desperate for storylines now: in EDs case being reduced to bringing back Kelly and introducing Declan’s cardboard family smack of sheer panic and desperation.

            Fewer episodes would mean better quality, less need for sensationalism for viewers and much needed savings for the companies

  25. Hi Alan, Mark & Keith, Have you seen the interview that Marc gave to the Boston Herald, it’s been posted on another website? So, we have a leaving date finally. I find it strange that in America, they have no problem letting people know when actors are leaving and we are not told anything although the programme is filmed here.

    I really don’t understand the secrecy. I now know when Marc’s going and it’s not going to stop me from watching the programme or ruin my enjoyment of his performances. In some ways, it’s almost a relief because I know exactly how long I’ve got to enjoy him on my TV screen.

    On the other hand, it still doesn’t stop me from feeling sad that he will finally be leaving and that one of the best on screen partnerships that I’ve seen will be finally ended. Aaron just won’t be the same without Jackson. As Aaron himself said “we belong together, me and you.” Obviously, not for much longer. 😦

    • Hi Sharon, TBH I wish Pauline Quirke’s contract ended sooner than December as well. I know I’ll get shot down for saying it, but Hazel’s overbearing manner, her wish to treat Jackson as a baby, despite his obvious anger and frustration at her doing so, really grates on me. The mixture of denial and comic relief seems to make the scenes more claustrophobic than they already are.

      I really can’t see the point of her hanging around, unless Blyth’s last trick was to see who could cry longer and better – Aaron or Hazel. NO contest. He should have known the SLFM could outdo all-comers.

    • Sharon, go back to to see revised interview. It has been updated with lots more information. There were technical issues. Also check out the blog Love that TV for more commentary from Marc.

  26. Thank you, Alan, and I’ll add this link to my blog if anyone wants more:

    Hit me with any feedback. Thanks.

    • Hi Mark, Sharon, Alan, so we finally know! Thanks Mark for the link, so weird how ED in the UK are being so “coy” about Jackson’s exit.
      Marc says, after May, he is an “unemployed actor”. Not for long, Marc, not for long! I am sure he will be snapped up by someone very quickly, if not in the UK then maybe in the US, where he seems to have many fans. Are we looking at an Oscar one day? I, for one, would not be surprised.
      I am trying to be upbeat here, but will miss Marc so much. ED will never be the same and, the way it’s going at the moment, won’t be worth watching.

      • Hi Keith. I quite agree. To lose Marc or Jim Sutton is bad enough but to lose both. Two of the best (and nicest characters) gone and some of the old cr@p that’s come back.

        Frankly I don’t give a damn if “Jimmy” ever gets his memory back (it would be nice though if he could remember he is supposed to be an actor), and I don’t give a toss whether he goes off with Kelly or stays with Nicola. Knowing the implausability of ED , of course they won’t “go off” out of the area. they will just set up house next door to Rodney & Nicola (perhaps moving into to the very small flat above Leyla’s very small shop which appears to have elastic walls).

        You can almost see the predictable stories coming. Before long Mr & Mrs Pollard will be hearing the patter of tiny feet at the B & B (if “Amy”, troubled or not, drops her drawers so readily for Cain, it can only be a matter of time), Chas & Dian will be at each others throat. Aaron will be at everybody’s throat.

        If Jackson leaves in June, what’s the betting that St Gav’s name will stay on the credits until then, even though a new producer started work weeks ago?. It doesn’t sound as if the new captain has full control of his ship.

        I hope it is a nice hot summer, so ED can see it’s ratings fall πŸ™‚

  27. Hi Mark, Alan & Keith,

    Well, way to go Emmerdale. How to put a dampener on my Sunday in one fail swoop. Although we knew it was coming, it’s just so final seeing it in black & white. Anyone else notice that that means we will probably see Marc’s last scenes around the middle of June, one year from their first night together.
    Do you know, when I started watching this, I thought it was just going to be something I could watch for half an hour or an hour on a Thursday just to forget my day and let it wash over me. What I hadn’t banked on was the brilliant acting, on screen chemistry and either heartwarming or heartbreaking performances from Marc and our SLFM. As I said before, their story just got to me and, much as Danny has always been my favourite it just won’t be the same without Marc. Whenever I see Aaron, I will expect Jackson to be not very far away. I suppose that’s a tribute to their performances but it’s little comfort. What someone my age is doing getting so wrapped up in the life of a fictional gay couple, I have no idea but I have been caught up in it well & truly.

    Mark, I went back and read the two articles. They’re good interviews and I couldn’t agree more with Marc when he said that we have had too much misery recently and deserve to see some happiness between Aaron & Jackson, no matter how short lived. I also agree with him when he said a/s is something that should be talked about. I said at the time that I’m sure anyone in Jackson’s situation would consider it at some point, it must cross their mind but I didn’t like the idea and I didn’t like the idea of it happening to Jackson and I still don’t.

    I think empathising with Aaron for so long has made me as slow on the uptake as he can be sometimes so I may be way off the mark here but the author of the articles with Marc’s interview in being called Mark and it being the Boston Herald, and you being called Mark and hailing from Boston is too massive a coincidence to be just that, isn’t it????

    • Sharon, sorry your Sunday was ruined. I fear a lot of people are having that reaction today. The outpouring on Twitter has been enormous, so much I had to just log off. I don’t think ED knew what it was getting when it hired MS. If it’s hard for us to comprehend Aaron without Jackson, imagine how it will play out onscreen. I don’t know if I’m ready for Aaron Self-Loathing 2.0.

      And Sharon, I’ve always thought of you as one of the smartest people in any room. πŸ™‚

      • Aah, Mark, you always say the nicest things and you are one very lucky guy!!!

        I’ve been amazed at the amount of comments this news has provoked, as you say, a lot of people having a bad day with this information. Interestingly, there’s nothing on the official Emmerdale site yet, no doubt that will follow shortly. Interesting piece in the interview about how he could have been killed in the crash but chose to stay on as a tetraplegic. He obviously likes a challenge. We’ve been saying for ages how much Emmerdale underestimated the popularity of Marc as an actor, Jackson as a character and Aaron & Jackson as a couple and todays outpouring just backs that up.

        I really really like the new Aaron and just know I’m not going to like watching him go back to what he was like before, especially after he has come this far. I dread to think what he will do and how he will act. Plus, on a purely selfish point, whose going to get me through it all, who can I thrash ideas about with, when Alan, Keith and yourself, all massive Jackson fans have jumped ship on me 😦

        • Hi Sharon, I’d like to add my voice to Mark’s, I won’t be “jumping ship” either, as much as I moan about how ED won’t be worth watching, I know deep down I’ll still have to watch Danny’s performance post-Marc, though I too am not looking forward to “self-laothing” Aaron again!
          But, as said before, I will miss Marc terribly (what has that guy done to me?) It will be like losing a personal friend, which sounds daft and I don’t quite believe I’m saying it!
          I know the show is bigger than one character and all that, but I really think ED are making a mistake here. It seems to me that A&J have their own “fanbase” (outside the general ED fanbase), and that following could disappear with the departure of Jackson. It would not be the “ratings winner” they are hoping for!

          • Hi Keith, I have to be careful what I say, as I am in enough trouble already (see “So Long Marc” if you’re interested :-), so I ought to start by saying that Gavin Blyth was the great dramatist since Shakespeare, that Steve Frost-November is as sweet and lovely as Doris Day and that the SLFM is the worlds greatest actor. That can be taken as read by the gang.

            Apart from the general distaste I have for this story (suicide as entertainment), I cannot see why November tried to pretend they had researched the story, when they never addressed the psychological help that could be offered (we know why now).

            I will be bringing my viewing of ED to an end next month.

            For a very long time this show has stretched viewers loyalty and credulity. The amnesia plot for example (Jimmy is supposed to have lost his memory, not his marbles – would he really be taken in by old trout pout, given what his friends and family have told him?)

            This is going to encourage the “readers” who tell me to “F off” and call me “d***head” out of their boltholes again, but let’s be honest: there are 2 reasons why this story is going where it is. one is the late producers love of ratings-chasing and melodrama, the other was to accomodate the discomfort of the actor playing “Aaron”. Would they dare risk another frigid encounter a la Flynn?. Obviously Aaron will become a loner or revert to his old ways, and how long can they persist with deja vu?

            • Hi Alan,
              So, you are going to be the first to “jump ship”, as Sharon put it! I don’t blame you mate. I know your views on “suicide as entertainment” and respect that.

              I do feel inclined to give up on the programme myself, but want to see how Aaron’s story pans out (if it goes the way I think it will, I may revise this decision myself!) There is certainly little else to entertain me now: Jimmy “memory man” King, Kelly “panto villain” Windsor, the toffee brothers with Charity the glamourous granny, Chas v Diane for pub landlady of the year, Declan v John (seconds out, ding ding!) Ella with her mitts on Adam, Cain with his mitts on Amy, it is becoming the “village of the damned!” Aaron and Jackson were one of the few remaining really good things left (apart from Ryan) and look what’s happened there!

              The other good thing left is my chats on here with yourself, Sharon and Mark. So, you’ll be missed!

  28. Hi, Sharon – I like this Aaron as well. DM has done a great job showing the character’s maturity, even imbuing depths to some shoddy scripts. I’ve been greatly impressed by everyone involved here.

    But how does anyone come back from killing their first love? Especially with Aaron’s history.

    Don’t you worry about anyone jumping ship. We haven’t yet, and every single one of us had many a reason to do so.

    • Hi Mark,
      “But how does anyone come back from killing their first love? Especially with Aaron’s history.”
      You’ve hit the nail on the head (again) my friend. As you said before, this is Aaron’s story and Jackson is just a “side product” of that. Emmerdale did not count on Marc Silcock becoming as popular as he has done in his own right, which is why we are getting such a “backlash” from devoted fans (me included!)

      The problem is, I think, although Emmerdale had this idea to make Aaron a gay character, they “lost the plot” with how to portray him as a “happy” gay character. He started out as miserable and self-loathing and they now want to put him back in that pigeon-hole. Unfortuneately, it will take Jackson’s demise to do that, as Jackson is the one that makes him happy! Even when Jackson repeatedly pushed him away, he kept coming back for more (Jackson was his “drug” and he could not do without his “fix”!)

      So, when he loses Jackson, no matter how it happens, he will be lost. He is definately due to return to his “old” ways, something I am not relishing. Danny will act the hell out of it of course, but I preferred the more mature, calm Aaron that we’ve seen of late.

      It does look as if there will be a little happiness for a while, but in a way that is so cruel as we know what is ultimately to come. Even a little happiness is dished up with a side order of misery!

      • Hi Keith and Mark, I am really bothered by what this will do to Aaron too. I’m not looking forward to the anger, lashing out and self loathing that is to come for him. I’m sure our SLFM will deliver some more outstanding performances but I like him more the way he is now.

        Keith, I love your description of Jackson being Aaron’s drug. That’s a great way to describe their relationship. I wish I’d thought of it!!! Also, I know exactly what you mean when you say losing Jackson will be like losing a friend. Marc has done such a great job, we all feel like we know Jackson personally so it’s not as daft as it sounds.
        My worst nightmare has always been Jackson’s death followed by a funeral. I genuinely am scared about what my reaction would be to seeing Aaron delivering a speech about Jackson and what he meant to him. Aaron crying kills me every time I see it and, if it were in these circumstances, I could be a wreck from start to finish. In fact, I should just substitute could to will be.
        Someone posted on a different website their idea of what Aaron could say at Jackson’s funeral. I thought I’d test the water, read it and see how I would cope. Three, yes three, sentences in, I was gone. I am going to need some serious help to get through the real thing if that is anything to go by.
        It will be interesting to see what happens to the viewing figures as Aaron & Jackson definitely have their own fans who watch the show purely to see them. If I’m honest, I make sure I see episodes they are in and I’m not so bothered if I miss episodes they aren’t in and I don’t think I’m the only one.

        • Hi Sharon,
          I have a bit more of a “positive” head on today. I was just thinking that Marc leaving Emmerdale might be a good move for him. I know we will miss him and his partnership with Danny, but he will be “free” to pursue other offers (which I am sure will come his way!)
          The way Emmerdale is going (and you know I have watched it for some time now) I think “getting out” is probably a good thing for an actor of Marc’s calibre. The scripts and stories do seem to be taking a “dip” at the moment. Also, I think with such good actors as Danny and Marc in the show, many of the other actors pale by comparison!

          • Hi Keith, glad to hear you have a more positive head on. I will have to dig mine out and join you πŸ™‚

            If I seperate Marc from Jackson, I can see how leaving the show could well open a lot of doors for him. He’s been turning in great performances on a regular basis for over a year now and I’m sure he won’t be unemployed for long. The concern I have is that I know whenever I see him, my first thought will be there’s Jackson. I think Jackson will follow Marc around for a long time, a testament to his ability in creating a character we all love.

            Aaron will be in a similar position. He will always be associated with Jackson, you only have to look at my mistake with my class the other week to see how the two go together. Think of Aaron and you think of Jackson too. It will be interesting to see what happens to Aaron after Jackson goes and what the writers will do to him.

            I’ll miss seeing the two of them together but, looking on the bright side, he could have gone after the train crash so by the time he leaves we will have had an extra seven or eight months of Jackson for which I will be forever grateful.

  29. “The other good thing left is my chats on here with yourself, Sharon and Mark. So, you’ll be missed!”

    Hi Keith, the reply buttons are out of stock – as I will be closing down shortly, I don’t see any point in restocking the shop πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your kind words (the first I’ve had all day!). I think I will just give it this week – the spoonful of happiness we have promised (though even that seems rather hollow given what is in store), and “leave the village” (hopefully alive) on Friday. It would be nice to think in my last week with the show that we would see Ryan, but I suspect there will be no air time for him as the show has far more important and weighty matters on it’s hands – Whatshisname (I’ve lost my memory) King trying to remember how to act. I certainly won’t be missing “Strippers Versus Werewolves” when it comes to a fleapit near me – what you don’t see you don’t miss.

    Now I must retuire to my room and write 200 lines for Jon: “I must not say “nasty” things about St Gav”….. (Even if I believe it to be true! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Alan, I’ll be sorry to see you leave too but, like Keith, I fully understand why.

      I found some links the other day to some old threads on here. Me and you have had some right old debates over the past months, you championing Jackson, me defending Aaron but they’ve always been good fun. We’ve even found some common ground recently and, reading some of the discussions we’ve had in the past, that’s no mean feat.

      Take care of yourself and you know where to find us if you feel like popping back!

    • Alan, I’m sorry to hear that you plan on leaving us soon. I think you always raise some good, thought provoking points on this board.

      I totally respect how passionate you’ve been about this storyline; never have I been so gripped by or affected by a soap before. I often have Aaron and Jackson scenarios buzzing round in my head at all times of the day! There is also the site that has stories about the boys written by fans, such is their popularity.

      I’m completed gutted that Marc Silcock is to leave ED, he is a fantastic actor and has created a wonderful character in Jackson, one of the most likable I’ve ever come across and I will find it very hard to continue watching the show after his departure.

      I think we all get over emotional about this storyline beacuse we have grown to love and care about these characters so much and have been blown away time and again by DM and MS’s breathtaking performances but I was surprised Jon suspended the comments on the ‘So Long, Jackson’ thread. We all have strong views on the terrible direction this storyline is taking and wish it could be different but I feel that you go a little over the top at times with your comments to the extent that they do overstep the mark, hence the backlash. Talk about emotions running high, though they will definately continue to do so!

  30. Hi Shawn,
    Keith and I were saying the exact same thing. I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that neither of us can believe how involved we’ve become with Aaron & Jackson and how strongly we feel about them and their story and you’re spot on, the reason people get so emotional is because we care.

    I’ve never been so caught up in a story before and I don’t think I ever will be again. Danny & Marc deserve all the credit and praise that they’ve been getting for creating two amazing characters who will stay in people’s memories for a long time to come.

    • Hi Sharon, You and I are “cut from the same cloth”! You say the right things about the way I’m feeling about A and J, that’s because you know we both feel the same way about them!
      I love to delve into “old” clips of their story (courtesy of Jon’s YouTube uploads). I have loads of them saved to my computer to watch when I like. They will be even more precious once their pairing is no longer on our TV screens! It occured to me that, if I watched them “in order”, back to back, it would be like watching a feature film. The quality of acting is certainly A-List standard!

      • Hi Keith, we’re certainly on the same wavelength where Aaron & Jackson are concerned which is really handy because if I don’t put a comment on here, I know whatever you put will sum up what I’m thinking!!!

        Because I joined Aaron’s story late, I went back to when Danny first came in to the programme and watched all the clips on You Tube in order until I’d caught up. It took me an absolute age to do it but I’m so glad I did, there were some great moments both with and without Jackson. I too have some favourites stashed away that I watch if I need a “quick fix.” I wouldn’t know what to do without them.

        I usually go for the happy ones but, for some reason last night, I watched the episodes where Jackson finds out Aaron & Hazel have seen his video diary. I thought it might be easier viewing second time around. As Jackson said once in one of my favourite episodes “Wow, I got that one wrong didn’t I.” The bit where Aaron grabs him still shocked me even though I knew it was coming this time and the power & emotion of the acting, well, what can I say? So, to balance it out, I had to watch the one where Jackson stayed over at Aaron’s. It was a good choice, made me smile again.

        Maybe someone will release an Aaron & Jackson story on DVD. I’m sure it would fly off the shelves.

        • Hi Sharon,
          “Maybe someone will release an Aaron & Jackson story on DVD. I’m sure it would fly off the shelves.”

          You’ve done it again my lovely! I very nearly finished my last comment with a statement exactly like that! (We must be “joined at the hip” or something!) I actually had that thought after I’d already posted! Yes, an A&J DVD would be a big seller I’m sure (I would certainly buy it!)

          Looking forward to tonight’s episode, looks like we might get the “old” A&J back tonight, even briefly.

          By the way, I know you are a late-comer to ED, but did you know Marc Silcock previously used to be “Josh Hope” (Bob Hope’s son by one of his many wives). I think the clips are still on YouTube. I looked at them not so long ago and it is amazing how Marc has changed as he’s got older. Maybe they could bring him back as Josh Hope in the future! Aaron would be stunned to meet a “look alike” of Jackson!

          • Hi Keith, maybe we were seperated at birth!! Whereabouts are you anyway, in England or somewhere else?

            An Aaron & Jackson DVD would certainly go very nicely in my collection. I’m sure me and you wouldn’t be the only ones to buy one.

            I liked tonight’s episode, the old Jackson was back, the sarcasm, the teasing, winding up poor Aaron. He looked really worried at the restaurant when Jackson was talking about someone dying after eating a hot pepper. It was nice to see both of them happy, relaxed and enjoying being with each other again. My only gripe is that I would have liked their scenes to have been a bit longer.
            Still,a little of what you fancy does you good and that’s what I got. I fancied seeing Aaron & Jackson happy together and it did me good.
            I’ll have to see if I can find those old clips of Marc playing Bob’s son and have a look. Should be interesting to see how he’s changed. Imagine if ED did that and brought Josh Hope back. I don’t think stunned would be Aaron’s reaction. He’d probably think he was going mad, seeing Jackson everywhere he went, and end up in a nice little room with padded walls!!

            • Hi Sharon

              Agree with you, loved the banter tonight between Aaron and Jackson. Made me smile but their scenes shouldv’e been longer, though any scene where Jackson/Marc smiles is just fine by me πŸ˜‰

              The aftershave scene at the beginning made me laugh out loud, Joe was absolutely smothering Jackson in it and Jackson’s expression was priceless as was was Hazel’s “cor, ‘ave you been sprayin’ that air freshner round again? You know it makes me wheeze” – classic. Loving these little gems of comedy in the stortline, let’s just make the most of them before you-know-what :’-(

              I back your idea for a dvd – ‘The Aaron & Jackson Story’. I’d definately buy it! Maybe Jon could do something, thought ITV wouldn’t allow it, copyright and all that. Nice thought, though!

  31. Hi Keith & Shawn,

    Shawn, I loved the bit with the aftershave too, especially Jackson’s “anything that doesn’t smell of diesel or lager is wasted on Aaron.” What you said about scenes where Marc/Jackson is smiling, I feel the same about Danny/Aaron so we were both happy last night.
    It’s these little bits of happiness that keep me going so hopefully we’ll see a lot more of them before the end. Marc did say lots of laughs and lots of jokes before things got serious again so I’m hoping he wasn’t lying. Mind you, I don’t like the sound at all of 18th April’s episode if the spoilers are to be believed. 😦

    It seems like the Aaron & Jackson DVD could be a winner, that’s three copies that would be sold for definite and which Aaron/Jackson fan wouldn’t want one to look back on? Maybe if Jon spoke nicely to emmerdale, they might let him do an unofficial one, then again….still, as you say, nice thought.

    Keith, I found those old clips, oh my god, what a difference a few years make. It was only the voice that convinced me it was Marc. I know you said he’d changed a lot but he’s like a different person almost.

    Talking of Mark’s, where’s our American one gone. Hopefully not to the place where the reply buttons go or we may never hear from him again!!!!

    Football episode tonight to look forward to, hopefully more of the same as last night but longer.

    • Hi, Sharon – Thank you for asking after me! Much appreciated. I’m sort of off the grid – heading out to Rome in a couple hours – where I expect to watch the boys on my iPad for the next week right in the heart of the ancient city.

      I’m still waiting for happy scenes with the boys. Last night seem fraught with an undercurrent of anxiety. Aaron worried for Jackson, Jackson obviously putting up a front for Aaron: “Would I lie to you?” “Well, ya, you would.” So true. They aren’t sure whether they can trust each other. Aaron doesn’t want to push it; Jackson wants to make him happy.

      Looking forward to the footy scenes. Seems like the entire village is going to the game. πŸ™‚

      • Hi Mark, you’re welcome, glad to see you are keeping in touch. Off to Rome, you lucky devil you. Some people have all the luck:-)

        Yes, I agree it was a little bit fraught but it was a lot better than it has been. I guess there will always be that undercurrent of anxiety, Aaron will be worrying about Jackson all the time but who could blame him? I did think that Jackson was being honest when he said he was having a good time though.

        Speaking of Jackson, well Marc really, is there anything you can spill that we haven’t read about like his height for example. Trivial I know and don’t laugh but I can’t find an accurate recording anywhere. Pleeeeeeease!!!

    • Hi Sharon, Mark, Shawn, I too loved the all-too-short scenes last night. Aaron and Jackson looking happy together always cheers me up. Also loved the “after-shave” scene with Joe. I wonder if Joe leaves the same time as Jackson? A shame as I like his character too!

      Sharon: yes, I am in England (Bedfordshire). Are you also in England? I know lots of places in England as I have friends and relatives scattered all over from the south coast up to Shropshire!

      Glad you found the old clips (2006 I think) of MS as Josh Hope. As you say, amazing how he has changed. Like you, I thought his voice gave him away but he looks different now (back then he had no beard and a different hair style). I always thought it funny how Bob never recognised his long lost son!

      I was watching the Bar West clip where the lads were getting close and I’m sure Aaron said, before he went outside, that he “needed a cig”. Funny, but I have never seen him smoke or make any reference to it on any other occasion. Seems like it was just a “scriptwriters excuse” to get him to go outside (and spy Mickey! If only he hadn’t done that, we would have all been spared what was to follow!

      • Hi Keith

        Small world! I’m in Hertfordshire, Stevenage to be precise!

        • Hi Keith & Shawn, I can make it even smaller still, I’m in Northamptonshire.

          Keith, you’re spot on, Aaron does say he’s going for a cig. The only other episode where I’ve seen him smoke is the one after his & Jackson’s nearly kiss, 9th April last year.

          I enjoyed tonight’s episodes again. Jackson at the football reminded me of me when I go except his language was far better than mine and he had a better view lol.
          Paddy made me laugh out loud with the face painting and Chas bringing binoculars to look at the players legs was brilliant. As for Aaron, taking things right down to a shallow level, loved the fact that the trackie bottoms had been banished for the evening, the jeans were a much better choice. Also, more smiles from Aaron & Jackson so I was happy UNTIL we saw Jackson going through his music looking for something to listen to. He certainly wasn’t looking happy then, was he?

          • Hi Sharon and Shawn,
            I am not far away Shawn! I often go to a shop in Old Stevenage which is about 20 minutes drive from home!
            Sharon: I once nearly moved to Northampton a few years back, but didn’t get the promotion at work which would have caused the move.
            Anyway, tonight’s episode! I think this is going to “set the pattern” from now on. Jackson looking happy (football match) to start with, then looking depressed (flicking through tunes).
            Oh dear!

            • Hi Neighbour πŸ˜‰

              I also enjoyed tonight’s episodes – until that end scene with Jackson lying in bed selecting music on his laptop, settling for Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back To Black’, obviously reflecting his mood.

              So this is the Jackson we now have to see – painting on a smile for the world but letting it slip when he’s alone , his depression plain to see. I think this is mentioned in next weeks spoilers, when Aaron spots this. I thought Jackson promised to make a real effort to be more positive but how can he without professional help? Seems like he’s just biding his time. 😦

  32. Hi Keith & Shawn, it’s not looking good for Jackson, is it? I suppose while he’s out doing something like at the football or the restaurant, he can forget for a while and enjoy himself but when he’s back home, on his own, the reality of his life comes back to him.

    The music in Aaron & Jackson episodes has been so important so far and usually gives clues as to what’s going on with the characters beyond any dialogue. Back to Black for example reflecting Jackson’s dark outlook & mood. In the episode where Jackson is trying to convince Aaron he’s ok with him seeing other people, the music in the background is Love the Way You Lie. When they got back together recently and went to the pub to celebrate, When We Collide was playing in the background.

    But the best example of the use of music in one of their episodes is in our old favourite, their first night together. Snow Patrol’s Just Say Yes said everything so perfectly, there was no need for much dialogue between Aaron & Jackson, the song said it all. In fact, I think there’s only five lines spoken in that whole scene from where the song starts.

    If I ever hear My Way playing in the background somewhere, then I know Jackson’s in real trouble 😦

    • Hi Sharon and Shawn, Just catching up on t’internet after spending all weekend in the garden (mending the shed!) The weather has been gorgeous this weekend so I took advantage to work outside (I expect, as my “neighbours”, you’ve had the same weather).

      On to your points about Jackson, that was well spotted Shawn, recognising “Back to Black” from the intro! (You’d do well in a radio phone-in competition: I did that once on BBC Three Counties when I spotted the intro to “Grooving with Mr Bloe” and nobody else did!)

      Sharon: you are so right about “Just Say Yes”. The song fitted the scene perfectly and Danny and Marc didn’t need to say much! That sequence of scenes, Jackson helping Aaron with his tormentor, Aaron helping Jackson “carry some wood”, the two of them having a heart to heart in the pub with everyone staring and the final scene before they slept together for the first time, those scenes have all “lived with me” ever since! I even loved the bit with Paddy “He had my tea on the table!” and Aaron’s “It was only fish fingers and chips, they were burnt!”

      I suppose, looking back, it was more enjoyable then as we didn’t have Jackson’s departure hanging over us. Maybe that’s why we look back with “rose coloured glasses”!

      • Hi Keith, I love those scenes. After the nearly kiss and the train crash episodes, they have to be my favourites. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched them. Paddy’s response to the “they were carrying some wood” when he said “is that a euphemism” makes me laugh every time. And, how could we forget Aaron’s ” I don’t do anything I don’t wanna do.” Everything about those scenes was spot on, the writing, the acting and as we said even the music at the end.

        The fact that we remember bits of script, the way we’ve watched those scenes over and over again and still enjoy them might be because we want to remember a good time between Aaron & Jackson. Back then, all we had to worry about was how long they would stay together before Aaron would do something to ruin it again!!

        Now, things are very different and with Jackson’s departure hanging over us, I suppose scenes like these do become a bit nostalgic. I have to say, though, even before Jackson’s accident, I would still watch those scenes on You Tube simply because it’s a great piece of drama involving two characters that I love watching together. These scenes always make me smile and make me feel like all is right with the world if you know what I mean.

  33. Hi Sharon and Keith

    Hope you both enjoyed the sunshine this weekend, I too had some much needed gardening to do.

    Keith, I love doing ‘spot the intro’ in pub quizzies, I make everyone laugh with how quick I name the songs!

    Sharon, I agree, the ‘Aarson’ soundtrack has been great, the songs really suited to the particular episodes. The other day we talked about a DVD, well how about a soundtrack CD? I’d buy it!

    My favourite episode was from June last year where the boys got together. Everything was spot on, the writing, the acting and the music – ‘Just Say Yes’ indeed! I bought the Snow Patrol best of CD just for that song alone! πŸ˜‰

    Those episodes before the crash really were ‘the good old days’ *sigh*

    • Hi Shawn & Keith, the sunshine was great today and my garden looks half way decent now too.

      I have to confess Shawn that I also bought Snow Patrol’s greatest hits when I saw Just Say Yes was on it. I liked some of their stuff but once I saw Just Say Yes was on there, I had to have it. An Aarson CD to go with the DVD sounds good to me. Who needs a marketing executive for Aaron & Jackson when there’s me & you?

      Those good old days seem like an awful long time ago now. That’s why I’m glad that I can go to You Tube and revisit them. I watched the one where Aaron & Jackson went for dinner at Chas & Carl’s house the other day. Carl & Aaron wishing they were anywhere else but there and Chas & Jackson making all the effort to make it bearable. Some good lines in it too. Ah, happy days!!

      On a slightly different note, the fan fiction site have now got some stories on it about Jackson’s death. One of them talks about Jackson leaving a message on his laptop to be played after his funeral. I hope to god emmerdale don’t do the same thing. It was hard enough reading the story, very emotional, never mind actually having to see it on screen and someone’s written my worst nightmare – a story about Jackson’s funeral and Aaron telling everyone what Jackson meant to him. The tears were rolling down my cheeks as I read it, soppy cow that I am.
      I’m not reading any more unless I can find a happy one!!

      • Hi Sharon

        Yep, my garden is also looking half decent now too, though I think I over did it a bit!

        The tea at Chas’ episode you mentioned was brilliant, the bangers sticking out of the mash that she served up made me laugh so much – Jackson’s eyebrows said it all! Happy days indeed *another sigh*

        The fanfiction story you read, ‘The Long Goodbye’ had the same effect on me, but I hope they do this on screen. I know it will be hard to watch but I think it would be such a fitting tribute. Though I’m still clinging onto the hope that Jackson will disappear into the sunset rather than dying but I think I’m living in cloud cuckoo land :-s

        Incidentally Sharon, on the fan fiction site, check out ‘I’m Right Here’ by Sinead M. Two chapters one from Jackson’s POV, one from Aaron’s, amazing story AND Jackson has recovered after the crash, yay πŸ™‚

        • Hi Shawn, I read “I’m right here.” I really enjoyed it, a happy story, thanks for that πŸ™‚

          I’ve been thinking about what you said about a speech from Jackson to be played after his funeral. It would certainly make a fitting tribute but would be just so hard to watch. Mind you, it can’t be any harder to watch than Jackson dying or Aaron breaking down at his funeral. I think everything that happens as this story draws to an end will be difficult to watch in one way or another. The acting will be fantastic but just so sad.

          There’s an article in a magazine that asks will Jackson’s death be the saddest ever soap death. I think “yes absolutely” answers that question. How about you?

          • Blimey Sharon, is it just you and me on here now?? Will the last person to leave please turn the lights out? πŸ˜‰

            Glad you liked the fic, it’s one of my faves and I really get into these and enjoy them unlike the bloody awful scenario playing out on screen at the moment. Also recommend if you’ve not already read them, ‘Where Does It Go?’ and ‘My Name Is Aaron Livesy’ both by DegniMan and both are one shots. Also ‘Breakeven’ by Sam’s Wish, very long but had me gripped. Let me know if you need any more!

            I agree the after funeral video message would be so hard to watch, not to mention the funeral itself. Think that episode (probably a Thursday double bill!) would finish me off – I’d be so hysterical the men in white coats would turn up on my doorstep to take me away! πŸ˜‰

            You mention the end of the story – is this the end, do you think or merely the end of this particular chapter? Can’t see where Aaron would go from there to be honest. Though after the last year, I can’t imagine Aaron without Jackson.

            I also read that article about ‘the saddest ever soap death?’ and yes, I definately think it will be, mainly because I, like the rest of us, have been completely hooked and reeled in by this storyline. I’m still clinging on to my hope of a miracle, though, but there’s more chance of me winning the lottery!

            • Hi Sharon and Shawn, fear not, I’m still here! Didn’t get on the computer much yesterday, so just catching up with your latest messages.
              I haven’t really got into the fan-fic stuff myself. I prefer to stick with just the story as it plays out on TV. I know we’re disappointed with some of the stuff that goes on and the looming departure of Jackson, but I view the fan-fic stories as “wishful thinking”. But it’s nice that the lads have made such an impact with people that they feel inspired to write about them!
              Shawn, I too am wondering what they will do with Aaron’s character in future. As you say, it has now become “Aaron AND Jackson” and I can’t imagine how Aaron will cope without him. I imagine even a trip to Bar West will stir up too many memories of the “love of his life” that he has lost. I know he was never meant to be with Flynn, but I don’t see him being happy with anyone else either. Jackson will remain “the one” forever!

  34. Hi Keith & Shawn, looks like this particular thread has become our own personal chat room. Maybe when some new spoilers are put up, some of the others will join us again.

    Shawn, I’m with you. Jackson’s funeral and whatever comes next, a video message or something else will definitely warrant a Thursday double bill. If you leave your windows open, you’ll probably hear my sobs from your living room!! I still don’t know how I’m going to watch what’s about to unfold.

    As you & Keith have said, the question is what happens to Aaron next. He and Jackson have now become such a double act and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way but whenever you think of one, you think of the other. Naff as this may sound but, as soap couples go, Aaron & Jackson are like Den & Angie or Jack & Vera. One will always be associated with the other. Again, I guess it’s a compliment to Danny & Marc that they’ve done this with their characters in such a short space of time, the other couples were on our screens a lot longer, but it does create a problem for the writers now.
    Aaron’s not going to be looking for a relationship any time soon, his self loathing is guaranteed to return as is his reinforcement that anyone he gets close to gets hurt.
    Everywhere he goes will have memories of Jackson, even Bar West, the one place he could really relax and be himself. Jackson will always be “the one” as far as Aaron is concerned.
    He’s going to struggle to cope without Jackson on so many levels. Jackson was his boyfriend, his counsellor, his mentor, his security blanket, a calming influence when things got tough and now Aaron will be left on his own to cope with his loss. I fear the old Aaron will be returning pretty quickly.
    As for the future, here’s three words I never, ever thought I’d be saying – bring back Flynn. I think he’d be good for Aaron, not as a boyfriend to start off with but as a mate. He won’t have the same feelings about Jackson as the rest of the village, he didn’t know him well enough. I would imagine the village will become very claustrophobic for Aaron and Flynn would be an escape route. He already knows Aaron’s story, what he’s been through and Aaron did like him, mainly because he stood up to him and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind . It might be just what Aaron needs because I think he would get pretty sick of the sympathetic approach very quickly.

    Just a thought πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sharon and Shawn (my personal chat room mates!)
      Sharon: “He’s going to struggle to cope without Jackson on so many levels. Jackson was his boyfriend, his counsellor, his mentor, his security blanket, a calming influence when things got tough and now Aaron will be left on his own to cope with his loss. I fear the old Aaron will be returning pretty quickly.”
      That is such a wonderful summing up of what Jackson means to Aaron, clever girl! (Wish I had penned that statement!)
      I remember “that guy Nick” talking to Aaron in Bar West, chatting him up and saying “you could do better” when speaking of Jackson. Well, if ever there was an incorrect statement, that was it! Aaron could NEVER do better than Jackson. Here was a guy who truly loved him, unconditionally. A kind, patient, calm, caring soul. Aaron was so lucky to “strike gold” with his first love and is unlikely to ever find that in a man again.
      I agree with you he did like Flynn, bit seemed unable to even kiss him! Maybe that was because he felt he would be “cheating” on Jackson, but he has never seemed comfortable kissing anyone else (even his Mum!) I agree Flynn might be a “help” to Aaron, but couldn’t see him sticking with Aaron the way Jackson did, especially as Flynn would obviously want more that Aaron seems willing to give.

  35. Hi Sharon and Keith

    Welcome back Keith, thought it was something I said… πŸ˜‰

    Really agree with you both. This website is based on Aaron’s gay self loathing storyline so I think it will be inevitable he’ll return to his old ways and without Jackson there anymore as that calming influence, he probably will go off the rails for a while.

    I like the idea of Flynn coming back, not as a boyfriend because that would be wrong and Aaron wouldn’t be looking for that after such a big loss, but as a friend. Flynn knows what happened between Aaron and Jackson and Aaron himself admitted to Jackson that he was attracted to Flynn saying “I don’t really have a type but if I did, then he’d be it” so I think they could become friends and that possibly could lead to somewhere else. There won’t be that spark we first saw between Aaron and Jackson but there would be room for progression. Maybe?

    Aaron’s meant to go through another traumatic time around September, any ideas there?

  36. Hi Keith & Shawn,

    Keith, thanks for the compliment about my comment. I thought when I first read it back it might have been a bit OTT but I really feel Jackson is so much more than a boyfriend to Aaron and that’s what I was trying to get across. As you so beautifully put it, Aaron certainly struck gold with Jackson.

    The more I think about it, the more I would like to see Flynn come back. The problem between them the first time round wasn’t a lack of attraction, they both liked each other, it was just that Flynn wasn’t Jackson and Aaron loved Jackson,
    simple as. A lot of people, me included to begin with, didn’t like Flynn for the threat he posed to Aaron & Jackson but , the more we saw of him, the more I liked him. I agree Shawn that it would be wrong for him to come back as Aaron’s boyfriend but there’s definitely room for manoeuvre as time passes.

    In my opinion, Flynn also shared some of Jackson’s characteristics. He was patient, considerate, not afraid to stand up for himself when he thought it was necessary and had a cheeky sense of humour. He knew while Jackson was around, he would never stand a chance with Aaron but with Jackson gone, then things could be different. He might, therefore, be prepared to start as friends again and see what happens.

    As for September, if I was writing, Aaron’s trauma would revolve around meeting Flynn again and him wrestling with his conscience about moving on, thinking he’s betraying Jackson, trying to get over feeling guilty for spending time with someone he likes and still having a life while Jackson doesn’t. (I’m finding it really difficult to write about Jackson in the past tense, sorry!)

  37. Hi Sharon and Shawn. Hmm…. September, eh? My guess is that Aaron might get mixed up with Uncle Cain’s car-stealing activities (especially as Ryan is leaving the soap). In fact, there was an inkling of Ryan getting involved again in last night’s episode and we know the spoilers suggest he gets into trouble and therefore leaves the village.
    But I wouldn’t like to predict what will happen with Aaron in September. After all, we’ve had spoilers before promising things like “Christmas miracles” and look what happened there!

  38. Hello to all my friends from Rome! What do I get the first chance I get to check in here? Everybody talking about Flynn. Jackson isn’t even cold yet! That’s it, I’m staying here to open my own gelato stand. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Mark, nice to hear from you again! When in Rome, etc….

      Yes, Flynn has cropped up in our conversation, but only because we were trying to predict what will happen with Aaron, post-Jackson. As you know, none of us want to lose Jackson, but we have been told that is going to happen. I know we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves and we haven’t had you to keep us all in order! You’ll have to smack our wrists if we get out of hand!

      Seems the lads are due another outing (excuse the pun) tomorrow night, at Hazel’s birthday bash. But things take a turn for the worse for our lovely Jackson on Friday. Boooo!

  39. I can understand everyone’s frustration. This just gets sadder by the day. Apparently we are in for Jackson wearing down Aaron and Hazel, to get them to agree he should die. Truth, I do not know what is wrong with me that I’m watching this. Beyond this, I have no investment in Aaron.

    • Hi Mark, so how goes it in the eternal city?

      There is nothing wrong with you for watching this, we’ve all said at some point that we don’t know why we put ourselves through it but the answer is because we care about these characters and what’s going to happen to them. We know we’ll see some great acting and be left with some fantastic memories.

      Who’d have thought I’d be wishing for the return of the F word, bless him as I started calling him. It’s weird how things change.

      But how can you not have any interest left in my Aaron after everything he’s doing at the moment for your Jackson? Shame on you!!!!

  40. Hi Sharon, Keith and Mark, welcome back!

    Mark, you would say that about Aaron, we know you favour Jackson/Marc for obvious reason! πŸ˜‰

    I agree, though, why are we watching still? We’re gluttons for punishment and/or want to blub like girls (no offence, Sharon!) when Jackson delivers his final line?

    The more time passes, the more I think Jackson will develop health problems as I hear his condition will make him prone to this and I think he’ll decide to refuse treatment and an infection could prove fatal. I’d rather this then the assisted suicide plot, not that any of us want to see him go at all.

    Sharon, would like to see Flynn return like you said. Think he could be the only one to get though and really understand Aaron.

    Keith, you’re right, thinking about what will happen so far down tne line could send you in all directions and fry your brain!

    • Hi Shawn & Keith,

      Shawn, no offence taken!! Anyone who has been watching this story unfold and has not cried or has said they haven’t cried either has ice in their veins and no shred of emotion or compassion in their body or is a liar. No one can have failed to have been moved by what we have seen so far. Crying can be very endearing, just look what happens whenever Aaron does it, everyone’s heart melts πŸ™‚

      I’m with you, I still refuse to believe Aaron & Hazel will help with assisted suicide. I’m hoping they will talk about it, as anyone in Jackson’s situation would probably think about it at some point, but not actually go through with it. I’d rather see Jackson go with an illness or infection although given a choice, I’d rather he wasn’t going at all.

      Keith, as for thinking ahead, maybe it’s just a distraction to stop us dwelling too much on what we know is coming. Thinking about something else for a while means putting off the misery we know is only a couple of months or so away. 😦

      • Hi guys, have you seen tonight’s episode? (Stupid question!)
        Aaron was in “sweet” mode again! Smiling, giving Hazel a card, feeding his lover. When he is like this he is sooooo adorable! (Pity it won’t last, as we know!)
        Sharon: agree with you 100% as always. If we are to lose our lovely Jackson, I’d rather it be “natural causes” rather than AS. Still can’t see Hazel or Aaron agreeing to that!

      • Hi Sharon

        I’m in total agreement with you, how can anyone who watches Emmerdale fail to be moved by the Aaron and Jackson storyline??

        I believe the boys’ best performances are still to come, ‘save the best to last’. You better believe it! We’ll be blubbing so much there’ll be a flood!!

        The more I think of it, the less I think the suicide storyline will play out. Jackson will want to do this, will want Aaron and Hazel to help, but I think the decision will be taken away from him when a health complication arises, like you suggested. Still praying he won’t go but I think my prayers will be left unanswered 😦

        • Hi Shawn & Keith

          OK, just how adorable was Aaron tonight, and his “as long as it’s just us and away from here, it’ll be fine” line followed by that smile was lovely to see. I want an Aaron, but a straight version!!

          Also, loved his face when Hazel opened her birthday card from him and commented on the joined up writing – classic. As you say, Keith, we need to enjoy this Aaron before the old one returns 😦

          Glad you both think like me regarding Jackson’s exit. Lets hope the writers think like us too. As for the guys future performances, you just know they’re going to be fantastic and have everyone sobbing.

          On a completely different note, it appears Aaron now has some competition for the role of the hoodie wearing guy with the nice smile.Wonder how those two will get along?

          • Hi Sharon, you’re in luck! You can have a “straight” version of Aaron: Danny Miller! As Alan was always reminding you, he is a straight lad, from Manchester! I’m only teasing!

            Are you referring to Alex, the new farm hand? Difficult to know how he and Aaron would get along. Would Aaron be miffed that Alex has taken Adam’s place on the farm, or would he be more concerned with Adam’s welfare, and accept Alex as Adam has “gone up in the world”?

  41. Hi Keith, now why didn’t I think of that??? What a great idea! With Alan no longer on here, I forgot temporarily that Danny is a straight lad, from Manchester, thanks for the reminder. Not sure I would have the energy to fight my way through all those other adoring girls and lads in order to get to him though plus, he may be just a bit too young for me!!!!

    Still, thanks for the suggestion πŸ™‚

    Yes, I am talking about Alex the new farm hand. I have a feeling that, as Adam doesn’t like him being around at the moment, nor will Aaron. Aaron is a very loyal person to those he cares about, and Adam is one of those select few. Upset Adam, you upset Aaron.

    I’m just glad he’s not gay, he may have been just a bit too similar to Aaron for Jackson to resist. He does like a man in a hoodie does our Jackson! After all, you can have the best of anything but still enjoy a bit of window shopping and, as Jackson has said before, his mind still works perfectly well!!!

    • Hi Sharon, yes, I think you’re right about the “crush” of girls (and boys) wanting to get their paws on Danny (ladies and gentlemen, form an orderly queue please!)
      You are spot on with regard to Aaron’s loyalty. As you say, he is fiercely loyal to those he cares about (Jackson, Adam and Paddy all come in to this category). So I think like you, if Adam doesn’t like Alex, neither will Aaron!
      I like your comment that “Alex is not gay”. OK, he seems to be flirting with Hannah at the moment, but isn’t that how Aaron started out with Holly? You never know what these scriptwriters have up their sleeve!
      Yes, Jackson seems to go for a “type”. Remember Aaron’s comment to him in hospital: “Have you been dreaming of Dermot O’Leary again?!” I’ve always thought that Danny has a similarity to Dermot!

      • Hi Keith, you know those Barton girls could have a lot to answer for!

        Tonight’s episode was sad, horrible to hear Jackson struggling to breathe, hated seeing Jackson in hospital again and as for Aaron’s little face at the end, well it said it all 😦

        Hazel appears to be crumbling and is relying quite heavily on Aaron already – make sure he has a good time, I’m glad you were with him, I can’t take him telling me he wants to die.

        That’s a lot to put on him and if Jackson stops pretending he’s ok and tells the truth about how he is feeling, he is going to be relying on him too so who helps Aaron? Only him & Hazel know what Jackson is contemplating so, as far as I can see, he’s on his own with the person he loves most in the world wanting one thing from him and Jackson’s mum and him wanting the complete opposite.

        He is going to be torn apart.

  42. I don’t even want to comment on how miserable tonight’s episode made me feel, seeing Jackson lying in a hospital bed again 😦 The storyline is so getting so dire, it’s only seeing Danny and Marc acting their socks off that’s making me still watch.

    • Hey Mate, I feel the same way.

      Thanks for the recommendations for the fan fiction stories. I’ve now read all of them and enjoyed them all too.

      Any more happy ones, let me know

    • Hi Sharon and Shawn, last night’s ep was a bit “subdued”, I thought. I don’t know whether it’s because we know what’s coming (or because the actors know what’s coming!), but Jackson lying in hospital with an oxygen mask had a definate feel of “been there, done that”.

      Shawn, I agree 100%, the storyline is getting dire. I know it’s all building up to Marc’s departure, but I’m starting to wish it would happen sooner rather than later, and that’s something I thought I’d never, ever say!

      • Hi Keith & Shawn

        There was definitely an air of foreboding about last night’s episode. Maybe the enormity of the storyline is hitting home. There is a big weight of expectation on Danny & Marc’s shoulders every time they act and this storyline now is so controversial and has upset so many people, it has to be acted spot on. That’s a lot of pressure on two actors who are still, at the end of the day, two young guys.

        Still, we have got the holiday episode to look forward to, hopefully, there will be some laughs in that for us. We so need it. I wonder as they filmed for a week whether we’ll get the whole of Thursday’s two episodes for this particular section of their story or whether they’ll spread them out over the week.

        On a lighter note, I was hoovering this morning with Just Say Yes playing in the background. Am I the only one who can picture exactly what was happening on screen when the relevant part of the song plays? Every time it gets to “I can feel your heartbeat through my shirt”, I expect to hear a can of lager being opened πŸ™‚

        • Hi Sharon, No, you are not the only one! Music has a powerful effect in stirring memories of related events. For example, I never hear “Bolero” without thinking of Torvill and Dean ice-dancing to it!

          Sorry if I sounded a bit “downbeat” this morning. It’s just that, for the first time ever, I didn’t enjoy last night’s episode. The scene outside the club, in particular, did not seem “convincing”. As you said, the “weight of expectation” lies heavy at the moment, so maybe that’s it!

          I so wish we could have “happy” instead of “sad” for once! This story, all the way so far, seems to have been 20% happy and 80% sad! The “happy” ratio needs upping big time!

          • Hey Keith, no need to apologise, you’re not the only one to feel down, Shawn was just as bad last night as his comment showed and so was I so you’re in good company!

            You’re right, the happy/sad ratio needs tipping towards the happy and soon. If we don’t get our fix of happiness, we’ll struggle even more to get through what’s ahead.

            It would just be nice to be able to watch an episode without a sense of dread hanging over us. What happened to Marc’s assurances that there would be lots of laughs before the serious stuff. Unless, of course, he wasn’t aware how much of the story we had seen already when he gave that interview and was talking about episodes already aired. Where’s Mark when you need him!!!
            As soon as Jackson hears that these chest infections are part of his condition, he’s going to start looking for a way out again. We were promised more ups and downs, lets hope the ups come our way soon.

  43. Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

    Apologies for sounding like a right miserable git on my last comment! Friday’s episode just made me feel like that, though it doesn’t look like it’ll get any better next week 😦

    Sharon, you want more fics? Another one by Sam’s Wish, ‘Home’ sees the boys split up and get back together in their 40’s! Also two long ones that follow on from each other by GinnyNoTonic, ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’, also ‘Carry On Jackson’, a different take on the paralysis story and if you want a really happy one, ‘Today Was A Fairytale’ by Izzies Belle, you’ll see what I mean πŸ˜‰

    ‘Just Say Yes’, everytime I hear that song on the Snow Patrol CD, I always expect to hear the ringpull sound when it gets to the ‘I can feel your hearbeat through my shirt’ bit!!

    Keith, I agree, the scene outside the comedy club didn’t seem convincing and the scene in the hospital seemed like treading old ground. Apparently Jackson ends up having to stay in hospital for a while so it sounds like a miserable couple of weeks. Hope the Whitby trip will be a happier time, though as we now know the outcome of this story, at times I just wish they’d put their feet down and get to the end sooner eather than later.

    • Hi Shawn and Sharon, I’m glad I’m not alone! Although I felt down after Friday’s episode, your comments have cheered me up! So thanks for that!

      Shawn, as Sharon said to me bless her, there is no need to apologise for sounding miserable. We are all in the same boat here mate! I don’t know what was “wrong” with that episode (apart from obviously not wanting Jackson to suffer AGAIN), but the scene outside the comedy club almost seemed surreal. The other actors who were bystanders added nothing to the proceedings, almost as if they were a “rabble” who had been dragged in off the streets! (Maybe that’s all the ED budget will stretch to these days!)

      It occured to me after my last “happy and sad” comment, that most of the happy times have occurred off screen (the boys holiday together for example). Aaron even referred to that as a happy time when talking to Jackson in hospital (we are now going to have to say “the first time Jackson was in hospital”). Most of the good times take place behind our backs and are only “referred” to by Aaron: that holiday, how many times they’ve “done it”, even passionate kisses (which we assume would have taken place between them) are kept from our view. I’m sure ED believe we would need the smelling salts if we saw them lock lips for longer than a nano-second!

      • Hi Shawn and Keith,

        I think the best thing we can do is try to forget about Friday’s episode. I didn’t enjoy the episode either and I’ve never said that about an episode that has Aaron & Jackson in it. As for Monday and Jackson’s reaction to his bad news, probably not going to be easy to watch as it says he “breaks down.” I hate that phrase as it usually involves tears and I’m not good with blokes crying, especially if they happen to be Aaron or Jackson.

        Should be interesting to see Aaron trying to comfort him. Will it be done with words, with gestures, will Jackson even let him get close enough to offer some form of comfort?

        Keith, you’re right about the happy bits. Not too many of them we’ve actually seen on screen. I’m surprised they didn’t put a warning out before the episodes of June 17th so people could have smelling salts ready, just in case!! I’ve never understood it, we ‘re all bright enough to know what’s going on between them, we know how couples behave so not to show them kissing for example has always puzzled me. It even took them over a year to show the two of them in bed together. I could understand maybe at the beginning when Aaron was still struggling with everything but after that, no, don’t get it.

        Shawn, thanks for the other stories. I’ll read through them and let you know what I think. I’m looking forward to the really happy one, I’ll save that one til last πŸ™‚

        • Hi Sharon and Shawn, I’m the same, could never get my head round the lack of intimacy between them. I can only put it down to both the time it is aired and the “supposed” older, more conservative audience (ITV don’t wan’t law suits for giving Granny a heart attack!) For a long time A&J seemed liked mates rather than lovers. As you say Sharon, most viewers know gay people exist and (sharp intake of breath!) actually sleep together! It is interesting to note that, when they were finally seen in bed together, it was after poor Jackson wasn’t in a position to make love to his boyfriend! I suppose the producers then felt it was “safe”!
          I wonder if they actually got any viewers complaints after the “Just Say Yes” kiss. I’m guessing not, or very few at any rate.

          • Keith, as you say, it was safe for them to show Aaron and Jackson in bed together when they did although, without being too graphic, I’m sure they would still be able to have some sort of sex life if they tried. It’s never been explored has it?

            As for complaints after the Just Say Yes kiss, I don’t remember hearing about any. In fact, the whole Aaron/Jackson story led to increased viewing figures from a younger audience than would normally have watched emmerdale and so were probably more accepting of seeing two guys kiss. I could be wrong here but I’m guessing that the fact that the two guys involved are easy on the eyes, young and very cute together also helped.

        • Sharon, I think once again we’ve been misled by iTV spoilers – what a surprise. There was no Aaron comforting Jackson, just him looking on as Jackson repeated his wish to die.

          I just wonder why Aaron has never once caressed Jackson’s face. Somebody has made that creative decision, for whatever reason, but it smacks of cowardice.

  44. Hi Sharon and Keith

    Hope you are both well? Feeling right at home with you two now putting the world of Aaron and Jackson to rights!

    Not looking forward to seeing Jackson break down in Monday’s episode. Hope Aaron does more to comfort him than just holding his hand, I’d like to see him at east giving him a hug!

    Sharon, you’re ‘not good with blokes crying’? Blimey, we’d better not ever watch an emotional episode together – I’d cry you under the table πŸ˜‰

    Keith, I’m also confused at the lack of closeness between the boys on screen, I think I can count how many times they’ve kissed on one hand! I think we’re meant to fill in the blanks ourselves. Well it is only 2011 and we can’t have two blokes kissing on the tele at 7 o’clock too often πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to their Whitby trip, though. I think this will be a happy time for our boys (he said in hope), though after this, it’s bound to be downhill with no brakes!

  45. Hi Sharon and Shawn, I’m going a bit β€œoff beam” here, but a tiny memory just crept into my brain (heaven knows, there’s plenty of space for it!). I know you are not a long term viewer of ED, but back in history (before Aaron realised he was gay) and probably before he tried to kiss Adam, a customer came to the garage and took a shine to Aaron (who wouldn’t!). It was obvious this chap was gay (though it was played in a subtle way) and Aaron reacted with his trademark sneer. I only mention this because occurred to me that a similar β€œsituation” could arise in future and would be a way of Aaron finding someone else in the future, rather than going to Bar West (which seems to be the only place in Yorkshire where gay men meet!) Aaron would be likely to steer clear of Bar West anyway as it would probably hold painful memories for him, so a β€œchance” meeting with someone would be a way of introducing a new love interest.
    A better scenario, of course, would be the producers having a change of heart, keeping Jackson and making him better. Then they wouldn’t need to go to all that trouble!

  46. Hi Shawn and Keith

    I was trying to think last night how I found this website and I have no idea how I came across it but I’m glad I did cos I love our little chats too πŸ™‚

    Shawn, I’d like to see Aaron at least hug Jackson as well. How could a hug from Aaron fail to make you feel better even if it’s only for a little while? The problem could be whether Jackson will let Aaron comfort him, he can be a stubborn little devil when he wants to be!!

    As for you crying me under the table, where these two are concerned I could cry for England so we may have to call that one a draw πŸ™‚

    I’m also looking forward to seeing the Whitby trip, probably the last time we’ll see them happy together before “it” rears it’s ugly head again.

    Keith, I remember the guy you’re talking about, I saw that episode on You Tube. A chance encounter may be the way forward but I don’t think Aaron will be able to stay away from Bar West. Apart from it being the only gay bar close to the village, it holds a lot of good memories for him too. If he hadn’t have paid it a visit, he wouldn’t have met Jackson and they obviously spent some good times there. Plus there’s always the friendly barman for him to chat to, you know the one who bought Aaron and Jackson the drinks the first time they visited after the accident?

    I, like you, would prefer Jackson to stay though. Still can’t believe they’re going to break up an on screen partnership that works so well and is so popular with the viewers.

  47. Hi Sharon and Shawn, I’m still using our “chatroom” page for comments, maybe we’ll move on to another one eventually!
    Like Friday, I’m disappointed with tonight’s episode. This one was marginally better, but the end result is the same, more misery heaped upon us!
    I don’t know how much longer we have to endure the “Jackson is taken ill”, “Jackson wants to end it all” scenario. I do feel it’s getting a bit “old” now, like we’ve seen it all before. OK Emmerdale, we get it, Jackson wants to die!
    The actors are doing a good job, but it feels like they are being given the same script to keep repeating over and over at the moment!
    It is all so depressing when we know what the outcome will be.
    I think I’ll revisit some of my “happy Jackson” moments to lighten the mood!

  48. Hi Sharon and Keith

    We must stop meeting like this, haha πŸ™‚ I’m sure we’ll get evicted from this thread at some point as it’s fast becoming the Sharon/Keith/Shawn chatroom!

    Was disappointed with tonight’s episode, more doom and gloom though I expected this, but the spoilers were wrong. No Jackson breaking down as such, just him admitting again that he wanted ‘out’ and so no comfort from Aaron 😦 Though is it just me or does it seem like Aaron is afraid to actually touch Jackson? Apart from the rare kiss, Aaron doesn’t even put his arm around him or ruffle his hair or show any kind of affection towards his boyfriend. Or are we meant to be reading between the lines again?

  49. Keith, the circles the boys are stuck in remind me of the arcs they had all winter long – Jackson pushing Aaron away, Aaron going away then coming back to him – it seemed like an endless loop of breakups and tepid makeups. Now we’ve got Jackson wearing them down with his wish to die. So this will go for another two months? Yikes.

    • Hi Mark, welcome back to the “Sharon, Shawn, Keith AND Mark” chatroom!
      You are right, we are caught in an arc, or endless loop. Even the YouTube commenters are calling it “groundhog day”!

      It is such a shame after the wonderful start to this story last year, that we’ve been reduced to this.

      Emmerdale wanted Jackson’s plight to be “realistic”. But there is nothing realistic about the way they are portraying A&J’s relationship. Even the suicide idea is not being handled well. I’m sure most people who want to end it all keep it a secret from everyone and then quietly do it, which is why it is normally such a shock for the loved ones left behind. I don’t think they would admit this wish to anyone: even a “video diary”!

      The way they are handling this at the moment, I don’t have much faith that the eventual “death” scenes will be handled well.

      That’s it, rant over!

  50. Hi Guys, Mark, welcome back!!

    Hope we don’t get evicted from this otherwise how else would we put the world of Aaron & Jackson to rights?

    Last night’s episode wasn’t great. Jackson’s resignation to wanting to end his life is plain for all to see and not pleasant to watch. Aaron’s reaction was probably pretty accurate, he doesn’t want to just keep saying “Ah,there, there” as he knows the sympathetic approach won’t work so he’s treating Jackson as he would normally if he had said something that annoyed him. The only difference this time is that we know Aaron’s not going anywhere no matter how hard Jackson tries.

    As for affection, it’s the same as always, we’re having to read between the lines. Take the scene where Aaron had a dig at Paddy for getting drunk. Paddy said that he and Jackson had sloped off early and Aaron said something about Jackson wanting to get off and not watch OAP’s getting drunk. We can therefore assume that Aaron & Jackson spent some time alone together before Hazel got back.

    Spoilers, I’ve decided the only ones I’m going to take any notice of are the Emmerdale ones. All they said about last night was Aaron & Hazel worry about Jackson’s reaction – spot on unlike some of the others although, if I’m honest, I didn’t miss seeing Jackson break down.

    The beginning of May looks like our best shot at some happiness she says with everything she can possibly cross crossed!! That’s when the Whitby scenes are supposed to air over the course of the week AND I still keep thinking about Marc’s interview promising lots more ups and downs before the end. I so hope he wasn’t fibbing.

    I disagree regarding the death scenes. I’ve got a feeling they will be some of the best we have seen. Putting aside how Jackson will eventually die, they will want to finish off Aaron & Jackson’s story with the best writing and best acting possible. Jackson deserves this.

    Oh, and Keith, you’ve got a lot to answer for!!!! Thanks to your suggestion of how I could get a straight version of Aaron, I ended up dreaming about our SLFM last night. Wrong on soooooo many levels although nothing really happened – honestly!

  51. Hi guys

    Just watched the last three Aaron and Jackson episodes on You Tube, s**t, I feel miserable now!! You can already feel the life slipping away from Jackson and we’ve got another two months of this…??!! Groundhog day indeed.

    I’ve decided it’s best not to read too much into the spoilers as they do get it wrong and disappoint me. Remember the so-called Christmas miracle?

    Am also looking forward to Whitby. Please let there be some laughs, please…?

    I know it’s going to be painful to watch but I agree that Danny and Marc’s best performances may stiil be to come.

    Oh and Sharon? You really are a naughty girl, aren’t you? πŸ˜‰

    • Shawn, you have no idea!!!

      I’ve read all the stories you recommended. Liked all of them but loved Today Was A Fairytale. I read the whole thing with a stupid grin on my face. I couldn’t help it.
      If only πŸ™‚

      • Hi Sharon

        Think I have some idea!! πŸ˜‰

        Glad you liked the ‘Today Was A Fairytale’ fic, it was one of my favourites. If only indeed. Also strongly recommend ‘A Selfless Kind Of Love’ by friendoftheearth. It’s post Jackson but a fantastic read, let me know what you think.

        Am going to jump ship before they serve the eviction notice (!) and join Keith on the Jackson goes skydiving thread. See you there?

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