Posted by: Kimbaforeva | March 21, 2011

Sick of Whitby

Members of the Emmerdale cast have been filming in Whitby for the fourth day in succession. Today saw them at sea filming on John Whitton’s boat Never Can Tell A. The word from a local man in the know is that the whole cast – with the exception of Pauline Quirk – were sea sick!

Although those involved in the shoot have been sworn to secrecy, word on the grapevine suggests that Jackson Walsh (played by actor Marc Silcock) is to be written out of the ITV soap and may meet his maker in Whitby.

Last month there were rumours of a possible assisted suicide storyline involving Aaron and Jackson, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Here are a few shots that Real Whitby News managed to get hold of from Thursday’s filming:



Updated: Marc Silcock, Danny Miller and Pauline Quirke have been spotted filming scenes in a boat off the coast of Whitby, leading many to wonder where this will leave Jackson. Despite speculation about a possible watery grave for Jackson, we can confirm that this fishy tale is far from true.

“They are not filming exit scenes for Jackson,” said our official source.

Phew! Poor Jackson has enough on his plate already, paralysed from the neck down after a train crash, without being man overboard as well. The three actors who play mother, son and his boyfriend, have been on location for the last four days, taking a break from their usual filming haunts in Yorkshire and getting some sea air.



  1. SICK is the very best word for this whole story. It has stunk like a prop-forwards jockstrap since the day the “assisted suicide” plot was announced. Whether the death is suicide or accident or natural causes it is proof all this programme is interested in is cheap gimmicks to increase its viewing figures.

    It has always been No 3 in the serial ratings and always will be no matter how many cheap stunts they pull. It hasn’t got the budget, the muscle, or the writing talent to be anything else

    • Oh f*ck off Alan, you do nothing but moan on here and on Youtube. Take your constant negativity and go and spew it elsewhere, i’m fed up of seeing your username popping up here there and bloody everywhere.

      I for one am very much looking forward to seeing these Whitby episodes.

      • Jane, If you don’t like what I write, don’t read it. Simple as that. I don’t like being told to “F*** off”, but I suppose tht just reflects the poverty of your vocubulary, so keep your gutter langauge to people who enjoy it.

        There is NOTHING entertaining about suicide – now that IS negativity, but I suppose it entertains people like you of what seems to be very low intelligence, and pig-ignorance.. Enjoy the depression while you munch your Maltesers and pizza.

        Sorry to be blunt – but your langauge doesn’t make you sound big – merely childish.

      • Well said Jane!
        Alan shits me to tears.

        Hows that for vocabulary.

      • This is a place for discussion. Of course you might not agree with everything being said here but to outright insult someone is just not right.

        YOU can be Miss Happy but not everyone will share that view. Like Alan said i don’t think i have ever seen such language being used here.

        Not nice Jane, just not nice.

  2. I bet you were chuffed when you came back on here and saw a new comment for you to reply to, you don’t half love your long, over-thought, drawn out replies don’t you? Sadly what you found was someone who is being totally honest with you, because you literally never stop commenting on here and on Youtube. You say ‘don’t read it’… if only Alan, if only.

    Of course suicide isn’t entertaining, but believe it or believe it not some of us are still very much interested in seeing where this storyline is going, whether that be suicide or otherwise. You are quite clearly not enjoying the direction that this story is taking, so why are you still watching it? And why do you feel the need to reply to EVERY comment that is written on both here and on the videos?

    Maybe my intelligence isn’t of your high standard, and maybe I am pig ignorant, but I also have a life outside of the internet, something which you are quite clearly lacking in.

    • Jane at least I gave you an excuse to practice your gutter langauge to prove how “clever” you are. I am sure you feel better for that, just a suggestion why not go and get a felt tip pen and write your favourite word(s) on lavatory walls? – even more people could enjoy your “wit” then.

      • Suggestion noted and duly ignored.

  3. Go Jane, Go! 🙂

  4. My my we are all getting excited, I know this is not twitter but the only thing I can thing of interest said by David Cameron was his comment “two many twitters make a tw-t”
    As to the Aaron/ Jackson storyline, just want a happy ending, silly old fool that I am!!
    wish full thinking perhaps but who knows

    • Right with you, Rob. Hoping for some happiness for the boys.

  5. Jane, why is it OK for you to be excited about upcoming episodes while it isn’t OK for Alan to express his disgust about the way the story is going? This is a comments section where people express their opinion, and a variety of opinions may be supprted, what is uncalled for is telling someone to ‘f*** off’ calm down for goodness sake, don’t let someone’s opinion rile you up so much, you can express your displeasure without being so inflammatory. Strong as his opinions might be, they are consistent with what a lot of people have thought of the overall storyline. And really, when you are invested in a program, a bad story arc isn’t usually quite enough to keep you off the thing for good (I don’t like the direction either, but I am watching it!). It could be that while Alan doesn’t like the way the story is going, he also secretly hopes that his worst fears won’t be confirmed and that good writing will in the end prevail…@ the very least that’s my own position…

    • By no means am I excited about this storyline, I look forward to seeing it because the acting is very real, but i’m sure I speak for most when I say if I could choose a different direction for this storyline, I would.

      Of course Alan is allowed an opinion on this, my problem is that he chooses to express the SAME negative opinion over and over again, annoying countless YouTube users in the process, myself included. Maybe he’s not the only one, but people should be allowed to come on here and comment without worrying that once again, Alan is going to hijack their post with his own opinion. This is an Aaron’s Story blog, for fans of Aaron’s story believe it or not. It is not ‘Ask frigging Alan’.

      That’s just my opinion, i’ve avoided commenting about it up until now, but it’s beyond a joke when he pounces within minutes of a post appearing just to make sure he gets his point across first about how sick this all is. Whether people like it or not, this is a REAL scenario that they are portraying on Emmerdale. If people want to find storylines designed to chase ratings, look no further than Eastenders. 😉

      • Amen Jane!

        nice to see someone besides me giving Alan an earful.

        @Magicpaint if Alan’s comments ever varied from what a shite DM is in real life or what an arsehole the character Aaron is then people might not mind as much….but as Jane pointed out this is a blog devoted to DM/Aaron…for his fans and fans of the storyline to comment and chat with each other…and all Alan ever does is poo all over it.

      • Hi Jane

        I agree with you on the whole but thought the f-off was a bit strong.

        We are all entitled to our own opinions but sometimes I find that Alan is only too quick to shoot you down with his (sometimes seemingly superior) opinions which do come across as a bit strong.

        I don’t really like the direction this story is taking but it’s the fantastic performances from all concerned that’s keeping me hooked.

        Overall, I enjoy the comments that are posted on this site, there are some good thought-provoking points raised, some of which make me smile 🙂

  6. Ok guys, enough of the personal battles now, yeah? Back to the topics…

    • Agreed. I think we all get a bit over emotional at times but I think it’s because we love these two characters so much.

      On a lighter note, I love the picture of Marc hanging overboard… 😉 I bet the make up artist had their work cut out trying to make the cast look less green!

    • Thank you, Jon! Much appreciated. Sorry Big Daddy was needed to get the kids in line.

      Oh, wait, no I’m not….:)

  7. Troia, respectfully, you haven’t been keeping up with this blog. Alan has been full of praise for DM’s work last week – check out the postings – he really has been very complimentary of DM’s work in Aaron’s reaction scene to Jackson’s despair. Sorry, I’m not trying to prolong anything here, but I do want to set the record straight.

  8. I’d just like to say to Jane, I am sorry if she doesn’t like my opinions, and (this applies to Troia too) there is nothing in the contract that says you ahve to read what I say.

    As Jane rightly says this is “Aaron’s” story – and “Jackson’s” as well, I hope you agree, and notbing to do with me, but may I assure you both I am not being an armchair critic.

    I spend a great deal of time in hospital wards (thankfully my own health is good) I see people who have reason to be depresed but every effort is made to help them overcome their depressions, because doctors and nurses pick up on the sort of negativity Jackson is showing very quickly – yes even in the NHS. That is my quarrell with the direction of the story. This has never been done with….but I won’t repeat that again.

    Spend a few nights in hospitals, fully awake . You see friends and relatives of people in great distress Just to give you one example a woman died right in front of my eyes on Sunday evening in an A & E department. I also at the age of 19 lost a friend through suicide. That is something you never forget.

    Forgive me then, if I don’t find death, and certainly not suicide as entertaining or entertainment. I don’t even like to see unpleasnt characters killed off – isn’t there enough death and destruction all around us every day all over the world?

    Death does happen of course, but not as often as all the TV serials make out in such a small geographical area. And in the case of Jackson, they are more or less implying death is his only option. Of course it isn’t, but it’s not a good message to send out to peole who struggle with chronic illness or disability.

    May I respectfully suggest Jane, you just ignore my posts and I’ll ignore yours? That seems a fair compromise.

  9. Alan, I do have to respond to your last comments. I do agree with you about the storyine withAaron and Jackson. This could have been such a good moment to educate people about the life of a disabled person. They are not just freaks to be killed off or end their lives by atempted suicide. Not even in a soap!!!
    For the last 5 years I’ve been a buddy to a “Jackson” in real life. It is astounding to see this young man cope and especially enjoy life once again. He lives on his own,has a carer who cooks and cleans, takes care of his personal hygiene and I and my “Jackson ” do the shopping ourselfs. Just imagine the fun we have buying some new clothes!
    Our supermarkets have been adapted to access it by wheelchair.Even our pavements have a lowered part in it so the wheelchair can cross a street.All our public buildings are required by law to have a slope for the wheelchairs and the doors are even wider than usual. Everything is being done to have our disabled part take in life as “normal”as possible. In all these years I havent heard a single remark or that my “Jackson”has been ridiculed.
    Our children are taught from an early age that disabled people just need some mechanics to get along…just that they are a little special.
    Of course the emotional part of it all is a different story. We are still trying to get the percentage of disabled with a job higher than it is at the moment(2010= about 15%). The disabled with a degree have a better chance of finding employment as those with now qualification. For them special workshops are available to participate in this society.So on the whole we try our best.
    As stated above, the emotional trauma (especially those who had an accident and know “normal” life before) is so much more complicated.
    About a year ago one of our public broadcasting companies ( like BBC3) started a show wich features young disabled who talk and discuss love, sex and relationships.
    Two presentors live with different disabled young people for a month and so we get an insight in their daily life. What I find wonderful about it is the fact that these presentors are of the same age.
    So, all in all I find that the storyline of Jackson and Aaron is a missed opportunity. We know Emmerdale is a soap, there could have been enough drama in it if the writers were a bit more creative. It is as if they did not know how to continue the story of the love affair of the two young men.

    We are not able to see ITV here in the Netherlands, so we have this blog to see all the episodes of Aaron and Jackson. Thank you so much for giving us this oppertunity!

    I’ll see my “Jackson” tomorow and I’m sure that we will have a heated discussion about it all.

    • Hi Chris, Thanks for your response (I almost hesitate to reply in case it looks as if I am taking over as some people seem to perceive I am), but you are right. One of the problems that Jackson feels (and I am sure that this applies to many people in that situation) is that he feels that people either pity him or see him as a freak, which of course he most certainly isn’t. He is still the kind forgiving bloke he always was (great to see his dad and him slowly making peace with each other, I saw John’s upload on YT from last night as I wasn’t around) and Jerry is making a real effort and I can see Jackson sees that, too.

      I totally agree with instilling in children from an early age that people with disabilities have exactly the same needs and feengs as the rest of us, they just need a bit of extra help (which let’s face it, most of us will do at some point in our lives for whatever reason).

      Jackson is lucky in that he has family and a friend who will give him every support all that is needed is the will on his part to accept help and for him to be offered it in the first place. That has been my main problem all the way along, together with the fact that you have a producer who obviously has a fixed idea how he wants the story to end, and I have tremendously admired Danny’s recent performances especially, he has really matured Aaron’s character. The other problem, and I have constantly pointed this out, is not Marc or Danny or Pauline’s fault, is that the scripts can be very hit and miss – Thursday’s was so much better than Fridays it is hard to believe the same person wrote it.

      It is good that Andy Walker has been written into the programme to offer a contrasting picture of what life could be like for Jack, and again, I think that is a very positive step, and one the ED team should be applauded for, and it is great that you speak from personal experience. I sometimes feel that people think when you make a negative comment about a story it is done out of sheer ignorance or awkwardness, but when you do have some personal knowledge I think you have the duty as well as the entitlement to say, well, no it doesn’t have to be like this. There is always more than one way to go

      • Alan, I definitely think the way Jackson’s depression has been handled is a little out there. I mean to some extent I can understand Hazel’s denial since considering the possibility of Jackson’s depression(and suicidal thoughts) is too painful a possibility but I also think that Hazel has been built up as a character who would ultimately do what’s best for her son, and the approach she is taking isn’t (Aaron’s side is totally understandable though give the stage of his character development). It is baffling that she hasn’t even considered the possibility of some professional help and with each growing episode it does stick out more and more. The best way to paint this ridiculous picture is kind of like when someone is really sick, well, you don’t just sit there and think in your head that the person would get well…but you actually take the person to see a doctor.

        The themes they are reaching for are interesting and relevant, but yeah I am with you on the script writing. It is contrived and the internal logic of the story is being compromised for the sake of a possible sensationalist plot scheme. I do sincerely hope I am wrong, but the story’s progression leads me to think we’re heading for something grim.

  10. Alan, yes indeed , there is always more than one way to go! Is’nt it the case for everyone of us ! Many a road to Rome !
    I agree with you that the writing can sometimes be almost haphazerdly done it seems.
    Aaron’s character has matured, absolutely.
    As far as Jackson is concerned, great acting, seeing that he cannot use body language to illustrate his emotional state. I had a quick conversation with my “Jackson” on the phone (yes, he has one, a very smart contraption which works via voice recognition) told him about your points of view and he had this to add: “I caress them. undress them and make love to them…” and he had a wonderful boyish chuckle. And knowing him I’m sure he had some extra colour on his cheeks!!! So for him that is his fullfilment. So you see, it is possible, just in a very different way. I whish the writers of Emmerdale had this insight and maybe some more compassion.Perhaps with the “real”disabled actor coming along this might change. Otherwise, to be honest, I dread to know how this storyline will be continued.

    Goodnight Allan. And please keep on being critical, there is too much of a status quo in this world of ours! Attitudes must evolve even using a soap to do so!

  11. What a bunch of softies, that sea was like a plate !

  12. Hi Alan,

    I’m very sorry for some comments about you in her, I just came here to tell you that I like to read your comments even if sometime I am not ok with you.

    Don’t be too annoy and reading you again will be a pleasure !

  13. I am late on this. Accidentally stumped on Aaron’s storyline a few weeks ago on YouTube. I think this Alan guy is really annoying. He thinks he knows best. After reading so many of his comments seeming to claim he’d be a better writer and producer for ED, I started thumbing down his comments.

    Most of us love Aaron’s storyline and can tell the difference between the reality and soap operas. We really don’t need soap operas to tell us how to live life, and don’t need soap operas to mimic real life. After all, most of us watch soap operas to get a break from real life, and vent off our emotions in some fictional characters that we know, in the end, are fictional!

    P.S. Alan, if you think you are such a writer and producer of gay stories, why don’t you create one and post it on youtube, maybe you can ask MS to star in it.

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