Posted by: Kimbaforeva | March 21, 2011

Spoiler Pics (28th March)

Monday 28th: With Jackson’s promise to give life another go, Hazel and Aaron are positive about the future again. With everything out in the open, Hazel asks Jackson to always be honest and announces she’s asked Joe to arrange for Jackson to go for a drink with other people in his situation.


  1. i heard that that guys paralyzed in real life, dont know if it true

    • I know that Jackson for sure isn’t paralyzed because it’s just part of the plot, his accident and all else, but it would make more sense to have actors that actually are tetraplegic playing the roles of the other people since they’d be acting from life experience, not just researching their roles.

      • Yeah suppose your right

  2. The guy pictured with Jackson (Marc Silcock) is Andy Walker, and he is indeed a tetraplegic and quite a remarkable man.

    I hope he gives Jackson a boost in spirit.

  3. What does this mean anyway? Is Marc in for the long haul or not?

  4. its the 1st anniversary of when Jackson came to the show. CANT BELEIVE ITS A YEAR TODAY WE SAW HIM THE FIRST TIME!

    • Hi Chicky,

      You’re right and Marc show us in all episodes how much he is a very good actor and how much his acting has been growing up.

      We are lucky !

  5. After seeing tonight’s (Tuesday’s) episode, I feel a bit deflated. I was hoping for Steve (Andy Walker) to lift Jackson’s spirits a bit, but all that happened was Steve showing Jackson pictures of girls (which,of course, did nothing for him). He was not in the mood to go to the pub and hates to have things “arranged” for him.
    I get the feeling that the scriptwriters are hell-bent on showing us how miserable Jackson is feeling (as if we didn’t know). We all know why they want us to get that impression, but the misery is becoming a bit relentless now.
    Oh for a bit of happiness just for once. Still superb acting on Marc’s part which keeps me watching, but I wish they could lighten the mood just for a bit!

    • Hi Keith

      Totally agree with you. I thought Jackson agreed with Aaron he’d give life another chance, therefore I expected him to be a bit more enthused about his meeting up wih Steve.

      And when he got back home, that last look on his face worried the hell out of me.

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