Posted by: Kimbaforeva | March 22, 2011

I agree with Hitler…

I agree with Hitler… not words that you expect to say or hear in this day and age. But today, ladies and gentlemen, exceptions shall be made. Check out this great spoof from YouTube user steluvjamie.

Brilliant? Yes.


  1. I saw this clip dubbed as something else once but this is better. Steluvjamie makes such great videos!

    • Yeah, I definitely remember this clip being used elsewhere; however, I also agree this is much better.

  2. Brilliant!. It says everything I think so many of us feel. Does ED have no idea of the sheer quality of the acting of Marc Silcock?. To play the role he does, physically limited, must be as difficult as conveying the full range of emotions of a character on radio – and some of the biggest names in acting (films and theatre) often say that radio drama is the most difficult thing they do, but here is Marc delivering every time he appears performances of great power and believeability and the programme makers (if not the loyal audience) just seem to take him for granted

  3. I just saw that how strange is that

  4. Hilarious! Personally, I’d def keep watching even if he died because Aaron (DM) is still my favourite and sooo hot. 😉

  5. Hilarious, and very well done.

  6. Hilarious and brilliant. And he does a point…! Hope ED bosses see this 😉

  7. Full. Of. Win. ❤ ❤

  8. Well done ! Hilarious and brillant.

  9. Excellent and a point well proven.

  10. Since December 2010, I stopped watching Emmerdale. As I wrote at that time, the authors are more homophobic than gayfriendly.

    • I’m going to become an Emmerdale writer.

      As they like dark stories of April 29th I am going to get Charity and Toffee Boy married off in the basement of the sweet factory. Their witness will be Jimmy. On April 30th, Toffee Boy will shoot Charity and then himself. Jimmy will pick up the gun, and having amnesia, and not knowing what it is, he will think it is a dummy put it in his mouth and pull the trigger……Shame for them April 30th isn;’t a Thursday.

  11. I’m from Germany and as a native speaker in german, I think – in contrast to many of you – that it was an awful idea to build up any connections between this asshole Hitler and a gay storyline.

    Just people who don’t understand the devastating impacts of the Hitler regime can laugh about this.

  12. Here we go ! Hi (Awful video ????)

    It’s clear that for people talking German the video won’t be hilarious but please it’s just a joke ! Don’t see anything about Hitler himself in that video.

    People loving that video are not FASCIST but they like Jackson (Marc Silcock)

    Don’t come here to tell us the opposite with your hints, you don’t like this video, go away from here !

    It’s just a JOKE !!!!!!

  13. “Don’t come here to tell us the opposite with your hints, you don’t like this video, go away from here !” – “Michel”

    Very large minded and kind. You’re definitely not fascist but maybe untaught.

    • I think what the video is saying is that somebody as awful and evil as Hitler doesn’t want Jackson to die by assisted suicide or any other method, and as none of us here are as evil as him (well perhaps some people think I am :-), we don’t want him to dier either.

      This is a very dark story if they go ahead with it and sends an appalling message to the disabled – the Hitler video is ironic – remember Hitler exterminated the disabled (and gays) as well as Jews, and it could be argued that what the producers and writers of ED are doing to Jackon is something along the same lines, i.e. disability/gay equals death in their dark little world.

      Please don’t be offended by it, I know that it wasn’t made to offend.

      • Hi Alan,

        There’s no explanations to give ….come on, it’s just a big JOKE !

        I am very sorry about people who don’t understand the joke in this video. the gay story line is perfect with ” The Monster”, I hope you know why ?

        Today we can do nothing without to put labels on us because this or that thing, enough is enough !

        I like this video, I like Jackson (Marc Silcock) and I am maybe ignorant but I don’t give a damn !

      • honestly?
        I think you’re reading way to much into this

        but you’re right at one point: it’s just a joke!

  14. …well, it’s not that funny if you’re german and understand what he’s really saying… but year, I guess I do get the joke…

    strange idea, but not that bad after all^^

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