Posted by: Kimbaforeva | March 28, 2011

Spoilers: 4th – 8th April

Wednesday 6th: Step one of showing Jackson that life is worth living: Aaron and Jackson head to a restaurant, where Aaron’s irked by the reactions of those around. However, when Jackson stands up for himself, Aaron’s relieved. Relaxed in each other’s company, Aaron and Jackson are enjoying themselves.

Thursday 7th: As Jackson and Aaron prepare to go to a football game together, they’re joined by Hazel, Jerry, Chas, Rhona and a kitted-out Paddy. When they arrive at the ground, Jackson and Aaron are ushered into the disabled area while the others find their seats a little further back. Jerry’s attempts to talk to Jackson are thwarted by a steward who won’t allow him in due to health and safety, and Jackson is amused by Aaron’s self control to keep calm.

Also: As Paddy builds up his courage to ask Rhona to move in with him. Will she accept?

These scenes will air during the week beginning Monday 4th April.


  1. Is it me, or does it look like Aaron is proposing in the first pic? 😛 x.

    • I was thinking the same… Its soo adorable… I can’t wait for next week… I’ve got a huge smile after seeing the first pic… 😀 Jackson looks so adorable smiling… Bless

  2. Next will be rocking…!!!… Can’t wait 😀
    Aaron-Jackson all the way…!!!…

    I just hope the writers sustain these happy moments and keep them coming, rather than venturing towards other angles which they will regret later on…!!!…

  3. I understand how seeing someone in Jackson’s condition would come as shock
    but I just find it hard to believe people would be so rude as to stare
    maybe I just have to much faith in humanity…..
    if that really how people act god help us because thats just sad

    on a light note i hope the moment doesn’t get ruined they seem to be having a nice adorable moments
    aaron fight for your man!!!

    • It really does look like these morons have never seen anyone in a wheelchair before, doesn’t it? Infuriating! Hopefully they’re reacting to a romantic gesture from Aaron as opposed to something that makes them want to swoon over the disabled ruining their swanky night out ! (gets ready with his bat, he does….:) )

      • Hi Mark, I hope it’s a reaction to something that’s happening between Aaron & Jackson too and not just a reaction to Jackson. In this day and age, I don’t understand why people react the way they do to the disabled.

        Maybe fear of the unknown but surely even that excuse is wearing a bit thin now.

        • Sharon, it might just be those evil writers heightening strangers’ apprehension – tho’ the idea that somebody would react with such abject curiosity and/or scorn today seems unlikely. Then again, the writers’ dismissal of counseling as a valid option for Jackson is just as bothersome to me. They have a story to tell and they’re going to tell it, alas.

  4. If that were me i’d tell them to mind there ps and qs but alot more vocal.

    i feel sorry for Jackson having people staring at him it’s not his fault he’s in a wheel chair. I hope Aaron does not kick off.

    I heard Jackson is taken Ill on a night out and that it could be serious, I hope this isn’t what pushes him over the edge.

  5. Two angels reunite for whole life even god can’t say NO ! that’s why angels don’t have sex. Paradis begins on earth for them who love each other. Like Aaron and Jackson we must fight to open our own paradis on earth, this is not always easy but don’t give up ! Parradis can be a little thing somewhere near you and maybe ….

    For Aaron and Jackson that would be a great new

    Emmerdale is just a soap but it has big surprise in store for us.

    Wait and see…..

    • A good suprise or a bad one. and how can you be sure?

      It would be nice if things turned out alright

  6. Awwwwww I ❤ the first pic too. Soo sweet & romantic looking. They look very HAPPY & Content Together. 😀

  7. Awwwwww I ❤ the first pic too. Soo sweet & romantic looking. They look very HAPPY & Content Together. If they`re HAPPY, I`m HAPPY. 😀

  8. I can see steve in some of the pictures 🙂 I like steve

  9. Hmm, I am intrigued! Cnt wait to see these eppy’s and find out what exactly is gonna happen….

  10. I loved Wednesday’s episode with the aftershave incident and the cuury house and most of Thursday’s double bill – until the end, where Jackson was lying in bed selecting music on his laptop, looking so depressed, so sad to watch. ‘Back To Black’ indeed.

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