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Interview: Marc & Danny


In what’s been yet another incredible year for Emmerdale, Aaron Livesy and Jackson Walsh’s touching romance has stolen the show. So it’s no surprise that super-talented stars Danny Miller and Marc Silcock have won the awards for Best Actor and Best Newcomer, in recognition of their performances.

“This is the first acting award I’ve ever won, so it means something special,” beams Marc.

“I’m over the moon,” grins an equally thrilled Danny. “Thank you to all the readers and viewers who voted. They’re the one’s who really matter.”

After admitting he was gay, Aaron embarked on a relationship with builder Jackson and their on-screen pairing gained the boys a loyal fan following.

“They’re two normal lads who just happen to be gay,” insists Marc. “When people think of Emmerdale couples they instantly picture Aaron and Jackson – it’s a real compliment.”

The actors also credit their firm off-screen friendship for helping to create that special on-screen chemistry. “Danny and I work together every single day, so it would be a bit of an odd one if we didn’t get along,” chuckles Marc.

“We’re always having a laugh, and exchanging tongue-in-cheek banter over Twitter, but if you think that’s bad you should see what we do to one another in the green room!”

It might be all fun and games in real life, but Aaron and Jackson’s happiness was threatened when a tragic train crash left Jackson wheelchair-bound and their young relationship was ripped apart.

“I was nervous when our late producer Gavin Blyth (who sadly died, aged 41, last November), told me that Jackson would end up tetraplegic, because it was such a massive challenge,” admits Marc. “But him putting his faith in me to do it justice meant the world.”

“Gav was such an inspiration to me,” agrees Danny. “I want to dedicate this award to him, because he’s the person who created Aaron.”

The harsh reality of Jackson’s disability caused the pair to split, only to be reunited when Aaron finally uttered three little words.

“I think it was a bit of a relief for all of us when Aaron said, ‘I love you,’ to Jackson,” laughs Marc.

“It’s a real sign of how far Aaron has come as a character,” adds Danny, “that he’s established connection with Jackson. But I don’t want the viewers to get too stuck on a new mature Aaron – he’ll be tipped over the edge soon!”

There was another tragic twist to the tale when Aaron secretly saw Jackson’s video diary and learnt that his boyfriend was feeling suicidal.

Danny admits this devastating discovery will have a lasting impact on Aaron: “He blames himself for Jackson’s situation, but knows he’s got to prove to him that his life is worth living – you don’t need the use of your arms and legs to have fun.”

With rumours rife in the press of Aaron and Jackson’s momentous journey heading towards a possible assisted suicide, both boys are tight-lipped on the matter. But whichever way things pan out, Marc promises that viewers are in for a treat.

“Whatever people think they’ve seen before will pale in comparison. From every single perspective, I promise you it’s all to come – Aaron and Jackson’s story will go down in Emmerdale history!”

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  1. “With rumours rife in the press of Aaron and Jackson’s momentous journey heading towards a possible assisted suicide, both boys are tight-lipped on the matter. But whichever way things pan out, Marc promises that viewers are in for a treat.”

    I admire Marc’s work very much, but in all honesty I wouldn’t exactly describe death and/or suicide as “a treat”. The opposite in fact, and even now the story can on occassion be harrowing to watch.

    • Obviously I’m wrong! At last 5 muppets (as at 1840BST 30th March)have given me a thumbs down so must seem to think that suicide IS a treat. Would that it were, would that it were…

      • 9 now! (0730BST 31/3). Such sickos must be having a ball watching the death and carnage in Japan on the news if they believe death and destruction is so enjoyable.Pathetic.

  2. “Aaron and Jackson’s story will go down in Emmerdale history”. Therein lies the problem. I think the producers are so intent, so focused on creating a spectacular, and dare-I-say-it, controversial, storyline that they have forgotten to treat the subject matter – tetraplegia, clinical depression and suicidal ideation – with the sensitivity and seriousness that it deserves.

  3. I liked the article alot glad Marc and Danny get along as friends they work together all the time.But Marc saying promises that viewers are in for a treat.” Is that a good thing that maybe Jackson doesn’t die that Aaron love keeps Jackson alive.Because if its bad then i don’t think its a treat for us fans.I don’t want it to happen.

    Aaron and Jackson’s story will go down in Emmerdale history!”
    This other is good thing or bad thing i am just so confused.

    • Hi Cathy, I think the clue is in the line where DM says that Aaron “gets tipped over the edge”. That doesn’t, to me, sound like he and Jackson have a happy and long future.

      Despite getting the “thumbs down” from a few of the regular thumbs-downers, I still have to say that Marc’s choice of the word “treat” to describe a story about physical and mental destruction, depression and suicidal thoughts (and possibly actions) is as questionable as DMs choice of the word “homosexual” in an interview with a gay magazine last summer.

      If people regard death and destruction as “a treat” then all they have to do is watch the thirty minute news programme which preceeds ED in the UK – “treats” galore and every night.

      • I agree, but i have to add that i think that Marc refers to ‘treat’ as perhaps the way the story will be presented.

        P.S Do the people who thumb you down actually have a problem with what you write or just feel like it because of a recent incident on this discussion board that i would rather not mention.

        • Hi Elsie, I still think to use the word “treat” is unfortunate for anyone who has ever been involved with suicide. I don’t honestly believe there is any positive way a story about death and despair can be presented. I suppose a production of “King Lear” or “Othello” can be described as powerful or overwhelming – buut a “treat”?. Definately not!

          Believe me, I like and admire Marc’s work very much indeed, but I frankly found the word as insensitive and inappropriate as Danny’s use of the word “homosexual” in an interview with a gay magazine. I know that sometimes a word can come out wrong in an interview, but you should be on the ball enough to avoid such howlers, and prepare yourself in advance.

          I think MS probably just let the word “treat” slip out, but DM’s use of the Greek word sounds rather more censorious and disapproving.

          I think Blyth’s depression and Danny’s reluctance is the main reason we are where we are.

          Regarding the second part of your message: Yes – I think it is a bit of both! Say anything in the slightest negative abt DM and you are a “Danny hater” to his fans (which is absurd, because I am the first to admit he has handled some often clumsy writing with superb 5 star performances of great maturity), and others seem queasy when you point out that it is bizarre and rather macabre to keep crediting the production to a man who has been dead for nearly five months – it’s a bit like the Conervatives pretending Harold McMillan is still their leader (or for balance) Labour suggesting Harold Wilson is still at the helm. But I think the lady who invited me to **** off last week probably enjoys giving a thumbs down as a matter of course.

          • I agree, the word choice was the problem.

            The turn of events last week were just unfortunate to say the least. I’ve read your comments on other posts and i realise that the thumbs down are mostly unnecessary and obviously biased. I just don’t see why we can’t say what it is without being shot down.

            P.S Who gave you a thumbs down again? It’s like they come on with just one question in mind, “Has Alan posted anything yet?” You are definitely a celeb around here.

            • Hi Elsie: I reckon in a teenagers bedroom somewhere there is a little wax effigy of me and if I don’t post anything – even something complimentary – I just get pins stuck in me at midnight! I managed to get a thumbs down the other day just for saying with no reservations at all how much I thought both MS and D deserved their recent awards…….oh well 🙂

            • Re-reading this ghastly piece, I noticed something. Marc doesn’t directly use the word quote. The writer is paraphrasing him, no doubt condensing the conversation – if there was one- to smooth the quotes along. He may have used the word – but it’s not directly attributed to him, and given the dubious nature of this entire puff article, I would be surprised if he actually said it.

            • Gah. Too early in the morning. What I meant to say was that nowhere does Marc directly use the word “treat.” Somebody put that in his mouth.

              and this is me shutting up 🙂

          • Heya Alan,

            I just wanna go on record saying i haven’t been “thumbs downing” you lolz.
            I also want to apologize for jumping on the hater train last week when i should have just minded my business:( .
            You and I have had a few debates here and there about DM etc and i’d like to think that more often than not however passionate they were at least kept civil.
            I have noticed lately that your posts seem to be alot more balanced than they used to be, but you do have to admit that for quite a while you were pretty heavy handed towards DM/Aaron for whatever reasons you had.
            Anyways just wanted to say sorry if i was an ass…still friends?…or at least frenemies? lolz jk 🙂

            • Hi Troia, No I didn’t think it was you (I have a fair idea who it is) and I certainly don’t regard you as an enemy.

              I do try to be balanced – and I have admitted that DM and MS play their roles brilliantly well – given that they are often working with shoddy scripts they go above and beyond the call of duty. In fact the atmosphere currently being created on the show is that you feel claustrophobic afterwards – I am sometimes surprised DM & MS don’t need a hotline to the Samaritans o well do they play their roles.

              Where I have issues is that despite Marc now being a poll-winner they seem to want to go along with this horrible AS plot just to honour the memory of their late producer, and are prepared to let another of their very best actors go. I don’t think I do Blyth’s memory a disservice if I say he was somewhat prone to melodrama (he’d probably regard it as a compliment), but there is no doubt that both DM and MS are just about the best actors on the show now (frankly they put Ms Quirke in the shade IMHO – she oftens seems to be reverting to her “Birds Of A Feather” character), and as for some of the other plots – Jimmy’s amnesia – for example – the acting is so wooden they should get IKEA to sponsor them rather than Tombola.

              They seem to be forcing out the good characters, not to say best actors, like Jim Sutton to reintroduce old characters or bring in pointless new ones. But that is not the fault of DM/MS.

              Of course we’re friends, though we may disagree on the current direction of the show.

  4. Well i would never claim to to be an expert on the workings of Emmerdale Gavin Blyth because i only discovered the show via the Aarson SL…and still only watch thru Jon’s youtube channel…i don’t watch the whole show.
    Although i totally agree with you on points such as Marc being much too fine an actor to lose and I wish they would wise up and Keep him…but on the other hand i also don’t see the point of keeping him unless they devise a way to get him out of the chair.
    If he stays in the chair they might get a few months of story out of it but then his SL possibilities are very limited and he’ll just end up someone we see in the pub occasionally.
    nothing against MS cuz i love him but just being honest…it is a soap after all…it’s about the action and drama.

    The other reason i don’t hate the SL direction as much as most is cuz it’s being real IMO….however small the percentage of people in his situation comtemplate/attempt suicide might be, it does actually happen.
    So IMO they are being true to life in that aspect….as effed up and heartless it might seem to those of us who love MS and the SL, it’s just another side of the coin.

    • I think the programme could do a very valuable service by keeping Jackson disabled. It need not be a hort term thing. There is, if you look on Amazon, DVDs of the long running British serial “Crossroads (1964-1988) and one of the main characters in that show “Sandy Richardson” played by the late Roger Tongue was disabled for several years following a serious car crash – his role only coming to an end with the death (from cancer) of the actor who played him at quite a young age. This was in the 1970’s! – they showed Sandy helping to manage his mum’s motel, and this long before advances in neuro-surgery and special facilities for the disabled.

      Roger Tonge like Marc was able bodied (just one of those cruel twists of fate that some years after becoming disabled in the series he became so in real life because of the cancer, though he continued to work on the programme till quite near the end of his life in 1981

      I got this info from a book on the series and I have seen some of the DVds.

      Lets be quite honest about this (and damn the idiot “thumb downers” here) there is one reason they are doing this story and one only – in a word – ratings.

      they feel that if they can “shock” enough and DM gets the chance to emote some more more awards will follow. Can’tyou just imagine the lead up to the double Thursday episodes and the FRiday aftermath.

      The story was dreamt up by a man who was dying in real life, and no doubt he found it in some grotesque way therapeutic to work through his own frustrations and despair by inflicting all this misery on the viewers for months. But of course it might backfire.

      A lot of people would have moral or ethical concerns about this sort of story, especialy when no other option seems to have been considered.

      It was plain when they announced that Ms Quirke’s contract had been extended till Dec 2011, and DMs runs till Dec 2011, but Marc’s would be for a shorter period where they were going, and they are practically signalling it even now in huge letters. It’s cynical exploitation, like Eastenders obsession with prostitution and grooming. Titillation dressed up as “public service”. My guess is they go along with the gruesome plot which they so mealy mouthed refuse to “confirm or deny”, Aaron and Hazel will go to trial and be acquitted. A nice jolly “positive” story for Xmas! A case like this would take several months to come to court, so that would tie in with December.

      • I agree, Alan. I think that a subject like this should be explored with the greatest care and, at the very least, from the point of view of the protagonist living with, or trying to live with, his disability. Too much of this story-line, however, has been told from Aaron’s persepective. No doubt, the producers will argue that there are dramatic reasons for this (no doubt stemming from the character’s popularity). But I think that if the producers were really serious about exploring Jackson’s state of mind and his psychological progression to suicide then the video diaries would have been one of the best ways of achieving this. Instead, they became yet another plot device to move DM and PQ into a position where they could emote again (something they are both very good at, admittedly).

        I also think that this arc would have been far more plausible if we had been shown scenes of Jackson being supported by healthcare professionals after his discharge from hospital; scenes where they had made attempts to counsel him and to show him the ways he could live his life in a meaningful way. Because those scenes have not been shown Jackson’s suicidal ideation seems to derive solely from his (completely understandable) anger, depression and despair, and not as a result of a sober, informed exploration and rejection of all the life options available to him. Like you, I cannot help but think that this whole arc is ratings driven.

        • Totally agree Meta. Also, another point: just this week Prince Harry has gone out to join a team of disabled servicemen one of whom breathes with the aid of a ventilator) as they endure a trip to the Antartic. In Britain, several newspaper stories have been published of young soldiers who have endured terrible injuries in Afghanistan – one I saw only a week or so ago was of a bloke of 21 who lost both legs and an arm. As far as I am aware, not one of these men has committed suicide due to disability.

          No doubt they have extra reserves of courage and endurance that many of us wouldn’t have, but Jackon I think would demonstrate the same determination these real-life men have.

          I dare say that being that most of them are in their very early 20s there have been dark days when they might have thought of suicide, but thank goodness, these men are treated at a hospital in Birmingham which caters for their physical AND psychological problems.

          I would have liked, while ED did their alleged “thorough research” that they had invested in a train ticket from Leeds to Birmingham (I’d sent them the money myself if they are on that low a budget), talk to these men and the medical personnel helping them.

          Obviously life is never going to be the same for them again, and it won’t be easy, but they are finding a reason to carry on living, and not depriving their families and friends of their company.

          Or perhaps Mr November would like to try telling them they should kill themselves, because that seems to be the message this show is trying to labour.

          I know I shall get the “thumbs downers” out in force again – it always brings them out of the shadows, but I think the story is deeply offensive to the disabled, and just because a very sick man devised this macabre and painful story doesn’t mean his successors have to go along with it.

  5. I don`t think the fact that Marc said “the viewers are in for a real treat” means a bad thing. I mean Treats are a good thing, so maybe he`s hinting at it NOT being what the rumors are saying about an assisted suicide. That`s how I`m gonna take it. And I`m NOT in denial either. lol 😀

    • Hi Tracey. Believe me, I would like to have faith like you, but I honestly believe they wrote the end of this story before the middle of it. It might have been different if the series producer had resigned when he himself became too depressed and ill to do his job, but my feeling is that he felt in some odd way that he could work out his own depression on despair on the character. Pity he chose such a decent character, and just about the best of their actors.

      We had Aaron’s attempt last year now this – and Coronation Street it is reported this week are going to “do” a suicide of their very own.

      I hope their viewing figures plummet. They should remember some people, especially when they are at a low ebb, copy things they see on TV…..

      • While I’m fine with you expressing your opinion, I can’t help but wonder on what basis are you creating all these theories? I read and watched the same interviews as youd and there is very little to support your view, to be honest.

        Did Gavin Blyth orchestrate this storyline because of his depression? How exactly do you know that? Did you know him personally? Any source of information to support that?

        As for DM’s interviews. I can understand him being frustrated, really. Probably there are loads of people mistaking him for the character and being asked for the 99th time “how this storyline came to be and what was your reaction when they asked you?” question can be really tedious. I just can’t see his behaviour being homophobic at all. If that was the case he wouldn’t have played the part at all. I understand that he doesn’t want the part to determine his life. And yes, sudden wave of emotions would have been completely out of character for Aaron, so him acting sweet wouldn’t be too convincing. It’s just not this type of character.

        Jackson is not that intersting character to begin with. Yes, he is played very well by MS. I’ll give him that. But it’s not like he ever was a real standalone character. He’s a perfect bloke really, everybody’s dream boyfriend: honest, funny, smart, caring and all that. Don’t you see that he was introduced solely to play off of DM’s Aaron, who’s much more identifiable? You might hate him, but he’s certainly much more three-dimensional than Jackson-plot device-Walsh.

        Which brings me to the alleged suicide plot. I’m not saying I’m a fan of the idea, because I’m not. But for different reasons than you. It just seems a bit illogical to me. Unless Jackson’s health deteriorates or something like that… I can’t see it. Besides, this is a rumour… and it’s not confirmed in any way…

        But even if it did happen, I think, saying that it would send “a negative message” is a bit much. Just why a sane person would model his/her life after a soap is beyond me. Completely childish. It’s a soap, a not-so-sophisticated vechicle for storytelling. Its life on air is dictated by ratings. And to make these you have to move the story along, because it will become really boring if you don’t. Soaps are not life, even if they try to mimmick it. It’s as simple as that. If a person, disabled or not, gay or not, decides to commit sucide because a character on TV did the same thing then this person is just bloody stupid!

        If there is one thing I agree with is that there are very little (if any) gay characters, whose life is not a tragedy. And I’d certainly liked to see a movie/TV series to see a story play out in a more positive way. The closest thing to that was probably the Beautiful Thing movie from the 90’s. It was actually positive and funny, and yet not stupid at all.

        It took a bit longer than I planned… Take care 🙂

        • Hi Charlie. I am given to understand that the reason that Blyth’s name is still on the credits, 5 months after his death is because he “masterminded” if you want to use that word, the current storylines – which include the A/J story and the risible fire. Believe me, on a personal level, I feel very sorry for his family that he should die at 41, and I am also sorry for him as well, but after his illness was diagnosed he continued to work on plots which have involved three deaths, two by murder (arson) and one by suicide and was determined to kill off Jackson. The fact that there is such a hopelessness about the Jackson story (which you yourself are gracious enough to admit hardly seems credible) rather suggests that a very dark depressed mind was behind these plots. Sure, all soaps have their dark moments, but this Jackson story is especially long-drawn out anbd one-sided. the writing indicates that Jackson has already made up his mind, and is just “going through the motions” to please Hazel and Aaron. Does the fate of Shadrack, Viv, Terry, Henshaw and Jackson* suggest to you a sunny life-affirming character plotting away

          Thank you for your opinion that I am “childish” in suggesting people mimick what they see on TV, but I put it to you that somebody at a very low ebb could well pick up the idea that death is the answer to their problems, because lets be frank about it, they are giving Jackson’s character very little reason to think otherwise. There have been documented cases about people copying what they have seen on the TV (it is remember, the case usually that when people commit suicide they do so “while the balance of their mind is disturbed”, to use the Coroner’s stock expression). You answer your own question. A “sane person” would not be likely to reinact what they see, but when people are suicidal it is arguable that they are totally sane.

          As for Danny Miller, I merely pointed out that it was a bit odd for him to choose to use the word “homosexual” when few 19 year olds would use that word. It is a word these days, used chiefly by the elderly, the right wing, evangelical Christians and nearly always as a term signfying disapproval Not a typical word for the “Twitterati”?. Well, I leave you and others to judge for yourselves.

          It is not for me to suggest you are childish, but I note you use the expression that I “hate” Aaron (You might hate him, but he’s certainly much more three-dimensional than Jackson-plot device-Walsh.). Well, can I just say I don’t HATE anybody in life at all. It’s a ridiculous playground word.

          I’d be interested to know why you think Jackson is especially uninteresting. Isn’t Jai and Declan just boring businessmen, isn’t Charity a scheming slapper?. How about Declan’s family. Are they any more interesting than Jackson?.

          The truth is, in life, most people are quite ordinary. People like (for example) Kelly wouldn’t be much appreciated in an English village. Cain would have been arrested more than once in real life. In the last couple of weeks alone he has committed theft, kidnapping, and attempted murder. As he is not one of the Krays he would be very lucky to get away with all these things 🙂

          * Yes Jackson. You said “Besides, this is a rumour… and it’s not confirmed in any way…”

          There are some clues and you don’t have to be Poirot to see them:

          1) Danny and Ms Quirke’s contracts run until December.Marc’s till May 2011

          2) DM has indicated that Aaron will revert to his old character and that he has two crisis point this year (and BTW if he gets sick of answering the same questions in interviews, I would respectfully suggest he gives fewer of them)

          3) Jackson is refusing any treatment for his depression. Untreated clinical depression is as dangerous as untreated cancer.

          As you say yourself, it’s all about ratings, and each serial tries to outdo the others in really “shocking” stories. Eastenders favourite device seems to be murder and prostitution

          Finally I do agree with you about the film “Beautiful Thing” Scott Neal and his co-star were just 17 when they made that film in 1996.

          Now – could you – or anyone else answer a question that really bothers me. Given the high mortality rate in the village, why is there no funeral parlour in the village, or even a GP surgery? 🙂

          • I never said “you” are childish. It was about the people who make decisions based on what airs on TV. I’m really sorry, but if that’s enough to push someone over the edge…well… anything is then.

            Maybe I’m more detatched from the whole thing and I watch it all more in a terms of plot and character rather than real life parallels. And that’s why I fear this story is going nowhere. Not because I think that being paralyzed is making one pointless (believe me, I know many people like that and I pretty much grew up next to hospital). It’s just, in terms of character development, the producers and writers pretty much shot themselves in the leg at this point.

            Jackson is one-dimensional mainly because he’s being written as such. You might even say that the accident and all its effects are the only thing they have ever done in terms of character development. Up to that point he was merely a counterpoint for Aaron, who is actually growing as a character. Jackson is a plot device to achieve that. Don’t get me wrong, he’s likeable and I’d like to meet a person like that. But he’s got no flaws to speak of. And while MS is acting the hell out of his part at the moment, from the dramatic standpoint, it’s still all about Aaron’s guilt. All Jackson is doing is to make DM cry on screen. It’s the winning formula, so why not?

            It’s cynical, sure. But this is a stupid soap. And unfortunately “shocking storylines” are what keeps in going. They’re not making it for free, you know. Great art it ain’t. And the truth is J/A storyline is a bit stale lately. The actors do what they can, but it’s still kind of bland.

            And I still think you’re reading too much into some reports. And can read, you know. I’m not saying you are wrong, because what you’re saying is possible. But it’s just pure speculation. I’m referring to producers and actors and their attitude (judging from reading some of your post). As I said before, I wouldn’t make judgements based on some clips of interviews. It’s wa too little.

            • Hi Charlie, The story IS going somewhere – unfortunately.

              People commit suicide for all sorts of reasons that seem, on the outside, unbelieveable – even trivial. On ED Aaron tried it because he couldn’t cope with being gay. Jackson more or less ridiculed this last week, but obviously it was a major problem for him. In real life schoolkids have killed themselves because they have been taunted for being gay, or fat.

              I know somebody who killed himself, as he left no note I couldn’t tell you exactly why. It affects you for years afterwards, which is one (selfish?) reason that I find suicide as entertainment nauseating.

              What really irks me about ED is that they wrote the end of this story long ago and nothing will change their minds, so that is the reason no real attempt has been made to help Jackson, because he has refused counselling and anti-depressants (though it has never been explained why – lack of logic yet again). We see this caustrophobic senario where Jackson only ever sees his mum, Aaron and Joe, and his dad now & then. Where are all his friends? Remember them all around him at Bar West? Surely one or two would come by?.

              It’s just relentlessly showing that Jackson is good for nothing (a lot of disabled people would dispute that) and sees death as his only answer. Let’s face it we are all dying – it starts the day you are born – the vibes the ED plot sends out is if you become depressed, don’t try to treat it, just kill yourself. The meeting with “Steve” this week was a real wasted opportunity to encourage Jackson – the “photograph scene” was pure Carry On comedy, or what “Andy” might get up to with “Lou” in Little Britain.

            • Charlie, I’m a bit divided on this. On the one hand, I do think Jackson is being used as a plot device to create Aaron Self-Loathing 2.0 – this time with more tearstick. To destroy Aaron, the writers first must destroy Jackson, and they’ve done that first by breaking his body, then his spirit and his will to live.

              But I don’t see Jackson as one-dimensional or a man without a flaws. Jackson does have a distinct personality – he tends to fall back on sarcasm in about any situation – and he can be stubborn to the point where he’s hurting himself. He drove Aaron away repeatedly because he was convinced he knew better than Aaron what Aaron wanted.

              Alan, I really like your line about we’re all dying. So obvious, so true. What Jackson needs in life more than anything is a purpose – a reason to open his eyes in the morning – such as going back to school or getting counseling (which is so not going to happen).

              Interesting days ahead and all that.

  6. Out done yourself this time Alan.
    I think you might need some specialist help.
    Wouldnt want you to end up being as depressing IRL as you are online.
    Coz you know what happens to ALL depressed people….

  7. Please refrain from personal attacks or jibes on this board. There’s no reason for it and it’s not appreciated. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about the story and its direction.

    • He’s only saying what most of us are thinking. I don’t mean that in an offensive way, but he does have a point about the constantly depressing comments made on this board, it’s the reason why I avoid commenting altogether as a rule.

      I personally feel that people over analyse things on here massively, wish I had the time to talk about a fictitious soap opera so much to be honest, lol.

  8. interview with Marc Silcock

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