Posted by: Kimbaforeva | April 3, 2011

So long, Marc!

It’s the end of an era for Aaron’s story, as Emmerdale bids farewell to the much loved Jackson Walsh.

Reports today suggest that Marc Silcock’s contract with the show ends on May 14th, which could see viewers wave ta-ta to Jackson as early as late June!

For more details on this story, as well as an interview with the man himself, check out the Boston Herald.

Whatever your feelings on this exit storyline, Emmerdale fans up and down the country can be sure to expect yet more powerful scenes from Marc, Danny (Miller) and Pauline (Quirke).

Tissues at the ready!

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  1. For the sake of cheap ratings grabbing one Thursday night in June, ED is prepared to see a high quality actor like Marc Silcock go, just so they can re-employ the amateurs like the girl who plays “Kelly”.

    That’s the great problem with ED it let’s the quality actors go and replace them with a gaggle of third-raters, which most programmes wouldn’t even consider casting.

    • Can I ask why you even watch Emmerdale, because all you seem to do is complain about it? That is a genuine question by the way.

      As for Adele Silva, I think she’s done a great job so far. I also think that Marc has done a great job, but he is far from a perfect actor. His scenes during the double bill from two weeks back were brilliant, whereas his crying scenes with Danny during the crash episode were not great at all imo.

      One thing that I love about Emmerdale is that not one of the actors or characters is bigger than the show itself. I love Jackson, but the show isn’t going to fall into disrepair without him. x

      • “As for Adele Silva, I think she’s done a great job so far”

        Has she?. I hadn’t noticed. She is just ED’s version of Coronation Streets “Tracey”.

        as for:

        “whereas his crying scenes with Danny during the crash episode were not great at all imo. ”

        Didn’t realise there was a competition for crying, but nobody does crying like Danny does, so no need to try to compete. By contrast, Danny is not so good at the intimate scenes

        Jackson is a unique character, whereas “Kelly” and her kind have been done so often – the schemer, you have them by the number in ED alone – Eve, Charity, Chas……

    • I couldn’t agree more!

      • Just to clarify, I agree with ALAN’S comments!

  2. I just looked on for what Ms Silva has been up to recently.

    I see her latest work is:

    “Strippers vs Werewolves (pre-production)”

    Is “Kelly” a step up – or a step down?

    • I would love for you to point out where in that comment I once compared Marc’s acting abilities with Danny’s. It has nothing to do with any competitions in crying, it just so happens that Marc didn’t do a very good job of it during that particular episode. By contrast, he did a fantastic job of it in the episode a week or two back when Jackson revealed his true feelings to both Hazel and Aaron. Can I also make clear that I am no huge fan of Danny, and i’m certainly not one of these people who have their heads firmly wedged up his backside on Twitter.

      Quite why you feel the need to be so critical of perfectly good actors is beyond me, but imo, Adele is doing a great job. I understand that you don’t share that opinion, and that’s fine, I happen to disagree. x

      • Kate: Always happy to oblige.

        “would love for you to point out where in that comment I once compared Marc’s acting abilities with Danny’s”.

        well, I would take:

        ““whereas his crying scenes with Danny during the crash episode were not great at all imo. ”

        As I conceeded DM/Aaron does tears like nobody else.

        As for Ms. Silva, well I suppose after “Strippers & Werewolves” ANYTHING has got to be an improvement – it’s just that she is the typical faux-naif “who me?” troublemaker which this show and all others already have beyond number. She doesn’t bring anything new or fresh to the programme, I suppose she has been bought back out of pity – and to make Jimmy’s very poor interpretation of an “amnesia” victim all tyhe more prolonged.

        • That quote still doesn’t state that Danny is a better actor than Marc. In fact, it makes no reference to Danny’s abilities whatsoever, but merely states how I felt about Marc’s performance during those particular scenes. x

          • If you say so, Kate.

            • I do. 😉

    • Alan, I think people are too swept up, this seems to happen with a lot of gay storylines. There’s a lot of support and a lot of passion for these characters.
      What you need to realise is that this is no more a shock tactic than when lisa got raped or when Shadrack drowned, you just care more for this character. Whilst I appreciate that this story had really put Emmerdale on the map, the producers can’t turn Marc into a starring role – this show is an essemble cast.
      I will say that I am not too keen on Jackson going ahead with the suicide, I know he is leaving but I hope it will be in a different way.
      Even if he does I for one will not stop watching Emmerdale as some people on YouTube suggest because this show is a class act and is the sum of all its parts. x

      • I didn’t suggest Jackson should have a “starring” role (there is one actor already who is the star of this story as I am constantly being reminded), what I am saying is that they are prepared to let actors of Marc Silcock’s standard go, yet they bring in characters with no character (Mia, Ella) an actor playing the major role of an amnesia victim who can barely act, and a return of yet another schemer when the show is already lousy with them. Still, I suppose at 30 Ms Silva is getting a little long in the tooth to be capering about in things to do with strippers. If not werewolves.

        Everyone to their own opinion, but I just can’t see how you can say “this show is a class act and is the sum of all its parts.”. Just a pity better actors dont get to play some of those parts. As for some of Blyth’s plots, the Great Fire of 2011 was terrible, real low budget schlock. But this one about Jackson shows just how sick he was. I know we are not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but you have to be honest as you see it, and I am afraid I don’t think he was the great mind everybody says he was.

        And by the way, ED is not showing the first assisted suicide on TV soap opera. That dubious “honour” belongs to the terminally depressing “Eastenders” about a decade ago.

        • You really are a dickhead.

          *awaits long, over-educated, patronising reply*

          • No Dan. I’d just say it takes one to know one. Long enough for you?. Have a nice evening. 🙂

          • Dan, i’m not one to join in with name calling and the like, but on this occasion I have to agree with you.

            Alan, in my book the definition of a sick person is a paedophile or a murderer, NOT the producer of a soap. If a show like Emmerdale can draw you to a conclusion like that then there is something missing in your life.

            I do agree with one point that you make though, that being ‘everyone to their own opinion’. Take your own advice next time and actually LET people have an opinion about this storyline on here without you jumping in to dispute everything they say.

            • Mike “Sick” doesn’t just mean paedophiles. Or murderers. It can mean people who regard what are very serious and sensitive subjects as cheap entertainment, or vehicles for ridicule.

              Blyth spent his last weeks engineering some of the most morbid stories imaginable. It might have been better had he handed over the reigns to somebody else, instead of inflicting his despair on the viewers.

              I think anybody who can regard suicide as entertainment, especially assisted suicide, just to try to rachet up the ratings IS sick in the head. Sorry. End of, as Aaron would say 🙂

        • Comment Removed

        • Alan, you seem to be very angry about Emmerdale, you should channel this energy into erasing poverty – it will be gone in a week.
          Also you come across as very aggressive, although I’m sure you wouldn’t agree.

          • No I get angry because having once lost a friend to suicide I am afraid I don’t regard the subject as a lighthearted little trifle that can be gawped at along with the “amnesia” plots and the daft goings on of DEclan’s family etc.

            After Blyth’s death, when this story broke, Steve November the executive producer claimed that this story had been “thoroughly researched” – he reitterated this when I questioned the lack of professional psychological help Jacknhad been offered or received.

            Well, plainly this was a lie – if the story WAS researched at all it certainly wan’t from the psycholgical viewpoint. We all know now it was Blyth’s intention all along to kill off the character. Either in a train crash or as it is going to happen.

            If Emmerdale want to show offensive cr@p fine – but don’t mislead viewers by pretending they researched a story in a balanced way. I wonder if they “thoroughly researched” the amnesia plot too?, if so, who were their “experts” – the Chuckle Brothers”?

  3. Well, I don’t know about anyone else but reading this has just bloody ruined my weekend!!

    Over the last few weeks, Jackson’s exit from ED seemed inevitable but to actually see the date his contract ends now in black and white, May 14th, was still a shock. Although I’m not sure how official this is. Even though Marc gave an interview to the Herald whilst on his recent holiday to the US, this date wasn’t actually quoted by him.

    If this date is correct, this means he’ll be on screen till late June. I also read that Marc was only ever going to be on a short term contract anyway and his accident and exit were always planned.

    Apparently Emmerdale want to tackle this tabboo subject (nothing to do with wanting to get higher ratings then?) I do understand they have a story to tell but IMO this is a rotten end to a truly fantastic character (and actor). This just goes to show that even though this has been Jackson’s own story over the last few months, this has just been an off shoot from the main Aaron storyline.

    I’m already hating the outcome to this tragic story but Marc Silcock’s amazing, engaging performances as Jackson will keep me watching all the way to the bitter end as a tribute to Marc’s brilliance.

    As Kate said earlier, no one character is bigger than the show but after Jackson/Marc’s departure, there will be an almighty hole left.

    • Well said, Shawn. I care about Jackson, not because he’s gay, not because he’s tetraplegic, but because of Marc Silcock’s brilliant performance. To play the part that he has played over the past few months, not being able to move a muscle yet still deliver in spades, proves what a fine actor he is.
      With all due respect to Adele Silva as Kelly, personally I wouldn’t have missed her had she not returned to Emmerdale. That’s the difference, I care about Jackson, I don’t care about Kelly, simple as that.
      I have watched Emmerdale for years, so am not a “come lately” Aaron and Jackson fan. I have to say that the Aaron coming out story and subsequent Jackson saga have been the very best I have ever seen in this show. Danny and Marc are, to me, on a par with their acting skills, so to lose one of them (plus the great James Sutton as Ryan) will certainly make the show less enjoyable.
      By the way, I agree with a previous comment that an “assisted suicide” plot is not ground-breaking. Even Emmerdale themselves did something similar with Sam and his terminally-ill wife Alice. Also, of course, Chris Tate (Charity’s ex-husband) was in a wheelchair and took his own life.
      There is indeed “nothing new under the sun!”

      • Hi Keith, Well at least we know. That’s about the most positive thing I can say AND we still don’t know if A/S is how he finally leaves.

        Even though I am a “come lately” Aaron & Jackson fan, I’ve only been watching for just over a year, I don’t think anyone can disagree with how well their story has been acted and what a great partnership Danny & Marc have developed. It will be very strange seeing one without the other and will take a fair bit of getting used to.

      • Keith, I agree wholeheartedly with every point you make. Like you I have watched the show for years and not once has a story gripped me as much as Aaron & Jackson’s. Both brilliant actors and I, like so many others, will be gutted to see Marc go. Your comments are the most sensible and well made on here.

        • Thanks Jane, for your kind remarks.
          I am glad other people, like your good self, have watched the show for a long time and rate Aaron and Jackson’s story as one of the best, if not THE best. I know I am not alone!
          The comments on here, plus other places, and the “heated debates” we sometimes see, prove what an impact this story has had on people.
          All the more reason why it is hard to see Jackson go and difficult to accept why the Emmerdale producers will let him go!
          Still, I wish the wonderful Marc Silcock all the best and will look out for him in other productions in future.

    • i agree, this TOTALLY ruined my weekend! I’m frustrated with the way this storyline has played out. Marc and Danny have done such an awesome job and i’m going to hate seeing him leave. These characters could’ve done so much more. I’m having a hard time seeing what Aaron is going to do after he leaves. I just see his character becoming dark once again and i don’t know if i can follow anymore if it does.

      • Hi Josh

        I totally agree with you, I can also see Aaron becoming more darker after Jackson’s exit and almost unbearable to watch. The after effects of his departure will be felt for many months afterwards and I will find it difficult to keep watching the show.

      • I can’t agree more. This really ruined my weekend, and my birthday as well. Jackson is the first character and the only one that I’ve been so in love with. The rumor has been out for a while but I tried to think positive and told myself that it’s nothing more than a rumor. Now that it’s confirmed ( though Jackson’s hasn’t exited yet) I feel like I’m broken already…

  4. Mike, he says the same things again and again. He’s basically just said the 10,000+ people who watch regularly on YouTube, aswell as the 7m+ people who continue to watch Emmerdale at home (despite Gavin Blyth’s morbid storylines) are all sick in the head. I’d just ignore him if I were you, he comes across as a very depressing guy.

    Personally I am still enjoying this storyline, whether or not that makes me ‘sick in the head’ by one person’s standards means absolutely nothing to me. I think it’s rather hypocritical for him to say the people who watch this storyline are sick when he himself continues to watch it religiously and analyse every last second of it.

    • Laura: Calm own and don’t be silly. I have never said the viewers were “sick in the head”. I said the man that devised this revolting story was – no doubt a symptom of his own feelings of depression.

      I love your line in irony. I come over as “a very depressing guy” because I am against suicide and feel that other options for the character were never seriously considered (as has now been proved). How does that make me “depressing”?. I am pro-life, if you will. Wouldn’t you concede that a person who devises two suicides, and two murders by arson, was a tad “depressing”? or do you have different standards for different people?

      I am so pleased that you are enjoying the story, but please don’t put words in my mouth that I never said.

      • If you insist on speaking about Gavin Blyth in such a disrespectful manner, may I suggest you take your opinions elsewhere? Common sense should tell you that there is absolutely no need to speak about him (or anyone else for that matter) in the way that you do. If he deserved the stick that you give him then it would be different, but he just doesn’t. The guy has passed away for crying out loud, the least you can do is keep your feelings to yourself. Emmerdale under Gavin was the best the show has been in recent years, and there isn’t a doubt in my mind that 99% of viewers would agree.

        I’m all for freedom of speech, but your starting to take the biscuit.

        • I agree with you, Janet.

          There is no need to attack Gavin Blyth. Talk about speaking ill of the dead. The show has achieved greater success under his guidance and that is not to be sniffed at.

          As much as we are all sorry to see Marc leave, Mr. Bylth introduced the character of Jackson to enhance Aaron’s story.

        • Janet. I might be many things, but hypocrite I am not. I don’t I am afraid believe in the notion thatg just because somebody has sadly died they automatically becom mune from critisism.

          This story he was so proud of IS revolting, the very opposite of life-affirming, and it was contrived right from the start that they would kill the character off – hence the lack of real help the character received to come to terms with his disability.

          Sorry if my thoughts offend you, but you are not obliged to read them, if they upset you so much.

          You will by the way, notice I am just as critical of his “Partner in crime” Steve November, as November (nee Frost) sanctioned this storyline – one is as bad as the other but the latter is still alive should he wish to defend his position.

  5. No no no please no please they can’t do it they can’t they can’t can’t can’t can’t

    As you can probable tell I’m one of the younger Jackson fans

    Fuke emmerdale I hope no one watches that fuckin show again cause I bloody he’ll ain’t

  6. well that really will have me in tears, what will aaron do? i can’t see aaron without jackson, i hate seeing aaron cry, but seeing BOTH cry, im like a emotional wreck!

    aaron without jackson 😥
    how will he cope, i hope flynn stays off the flamin’ scene…

    i will still watch emmerdale without a doubt because ofcourse it still has the totally georgous danny miller!
    but without marc silcock it just wont be the same 😦

  7. Guys, there is no need to get personal with people on here, nor is their any need to get personal with the people who make the show.

    Get back on topic please, save your arguments for elsewhere.

    • Yeah but with a story as good as this one it’s hard not to express how you feel

    • Jon: With respect the buck stops with the people who make the show, and we now all know (if we didn’t before!) who was responsible for this incredibly dark, one sided story.

      As regards the personal attacks on me – I have a broad enough back to take them. If it gives people pleasure to call me “a ****head”, or to tell me to “**** off” as one lady did last week, or to keep putting their little “thumbs down” symbols, well, let them do it – little things please little minds and it’s a free country.

      They just might have a different viewpoint if they had ever been personally affected by suicide

      • If I’m being honest, I am inclined to agree with some of the points that Janet made. Sorry mate but the things you have said about Gavin Blyth are, in all honesty, bang out of order. Saying the guy must be sick in the head and depressed… surely you can see how unnecessary that is?

        I’m not going to start taking sides, I still believe that some of the comments made against you have been equally unnecessary, but this blog is supposed to be for fans of the show. Constant bashing of the people who make it isn’t going to get you very far on here. 😉

        • Jon, with all due respect, when did Gavin Blyth, or any other TV producer become God, and somebody we are not allowed to critisise?

          We all know now – it is in black and white from the mouth of the actor concerned – that this plot was devised by Blyth. mI don’t think it unreasonable to argue that the man must have been very depressed given his personal circumstances, and the darkness of this story, and tghe arson plot and subsequent suicide tends to confirm that. You hardly need a degree in Psychiatry to deduce that these stories were the product of a disturbed mind.

          I don’t just blame him: November (Steve Frost) is just as culpable for allowing it to go ahead and presumably preventing the new producer from changing it.He is also worse for telling untruths about the story being thoroughly researched, no wonder they didn’t bother to consult with mental health specialists as they had already decided to kill the character.

          I really don’t care about people swearing at me and tut-tutting. Perhaps they have no personal experience of suicide and it’s aftermath. I do. Terms like **** off and d***head says more about them than it does about me.

          Of course one thing about the site is that there are many DM/”Aaron” fans who jealously guard him, the slightest comment causing outrage. They might like to stop and think about one point: killing off Jackson rather restricts Aaron. I can’t see the actor (or character) wanting to go through another “gay relationship”, so that leaves the option of making him a loner (not many plotlines in that) or else reverting to the “old” Aaron, in which case it is only a matter of time before he gets into trouble. DM has already said there is another bad point for Aaron in September. His contract ends in December, and a new producer often means cast changes. They have already proved they don’t mind losing good actors and characters and bringing in or back cartoon characters. Quo, Vadis, Danny?

          • What right do you have to say that anybody, Gavin Blyth or otherwise, has a disturbed mind? That’s not criticism, it’s just plain nasty. If people wish to come on here and give constructive criticism about how the show is made or acted, then they can feel free to do so. But that isn’t what you are doing Alan, you need to think about what your saying before you say it. By all means have an opinion, but keep the distasteful comments to yourself in future.

            I’m sure it’s probably been said before, but if this storyline is as sick and disturbing as you seem to think it is, you know what to do… don’t watch it. It really is as simple as that.


  8. Guys, one shinning ray of hope is that Jackson’s death would not mean writting Marc Silcock out of Emmerdale for good.

    He could always come back as Bob Hope’s (recently outed) son again… or better yet, Jackson Walsh’s long lost (ironically also gay) twin brother.

    • Yeah I hope and pray

  9. Well wot a huge mistake the writters av made i honestly don’t think i can watch the end,n i am a big aaron n jackson fan so upset by this news kept hoping they mite extend his contract again! x

    • i kept hoping too they might extend his contract, but we could see there was no recovery for poor jackson..

  10. IKnow Im’ gonaa be sad when Jackson leaves The ‘Dales but I will most likely be blown awaay by the phenomenal acting from Miller Silcock&&Quirke… might even be as memorable as the train crash in october last year… youu never know…

  11. Calm down ! please, dear friends. the Jackson’s destiny will be what is has to be. this choise don’t belong to us !

    I am one of yours who think this is a bad new. Marc Silcock was very amazing as actor with his character of Jackson for his age. Thank a lot for all these emotions he gave us and for all emotions he is going to give us. I have confidence on him to ended Aaron & Jackson storyline in apotheosis !

    We will need a lot of boxes of tissues.

    I hope to see Marc again soon on TV or maybe at cinema ? I will miss him !

    Go Jackson break our heart one last time before the end, I need strong feelings.

    And maybe at last a real kiss with Aaron ? Poor Aaron !

    For the moment strongly tomorow…..

  12. I think what I said early was un called for but before the train crash I was a emo I’m not proud of it bit this story helped me through that I dunno why but it did and I don’t want to see it gone

  13. So good bye Jackson ……

    I’ll try never to forget this story, but I will defiantly be broken when Jackson is gone

  14. Farewell Marc! Thanks for everything this past year or so, thanks to you and Danny, you’ve introduced me to loads of people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met online. And also it goes without saying, introduced me to an excellent soap.

    As for my thoughts on Jackson’s exit? Well I’m not exactly thrilled about it, but
    a.) it’s not our place to decide and
    b.) I am curious as to how this is going to affect Hazel, Aaron and the whole village.

    Whatever happens I’m sure it’ll be riveting and heartbreaking to watch, so I for one can’t wait.

    Hope to see you on our screens soon Marc, for now enjoy your time with Aimz!!

    (Look at me typing to Marc as if I’m sure he’s gonna read this *facepalm*)

  15. It is certain that jackson death will be a tragedy for Hazel and in fact for the whole village. the one who make me worried, is Aaron. I have no idea about what the writter is going to do about the future of Aaron without Jackson ?

    We know that for us we have a lot of difficulties to consider Aaron without Jackson, because both lads are an indivisible pillar supporting the soap. It’s certain that some fans are going to go away from Emmerdale. I don’t know myself if I would have envy to watch again a episode without Jackson ? (Internet episode)

    It’s fantastic to know that a lot of people consider Aaron and Jackson like a conventional couple. This love between them has become a kind of reference for most people and a lot of them would like to know the same love story.

    Personally, For a strong end, it would be preferable that Aaron dies too. Aaron explained to us that he couldn’t say why he has been in love with Jackson. love between them is inexplicable and too strong to be far away to each other. I don’t want watch a poor Aaron looking for his Jackson for a rest of his life and walking aimlessly the streets of Emmerdale. Or maybe Aaron has to move away of Emmerdale and never come again. New life away of memories

    When I am thinking about Jackson’s death, I have a strong picture in my head the one where each day the old poeple goes to cimetery to be near a part who’s gone, this one stays there with some tears in his eyes and talks to someone who never will answer. Even the wind and the rain can’t prevent this reunion. and when the time has come to go back home, only a flower placed on the stone keeping love intact

    Then they are waiting the day where they will be together again for eternity. Time becomes a cruel enemy.

    It’s realy not a good new that Jackson is going to disappear.

  16. Morning guys. So, I’ve been thinking about Jackson’s exit. Me thinking is always a dangerous thing, I know, but I had an idea about how Jackson could leave the show and it doesn’t involve a/s – hooray!!!! It does still involve Jackson dying though as I can’t see him being let go alive.:(

    How about this – Jackson’s physical condition worsens prompting the whole a/s debate. He finds out that he hasn’t got long to live and him and Aaron decide to make the most of the time they have together and one night he dies in his sleep. Doesn’t sound that exciting from a writing point of view unless you substitute the words “one night” to “on their wedding night.”
    We all know how Emmerdale like doing happy & tragic together, think of the train crash episode, for example. Also, imagine what this would do to Aaron, lying right next to him and unable to do anything, maybe finding him the next morning. If they want to crank up his self loathing, this would be a pretty good way to do it. He would be forever asking what if…

    Danny said Aaron would be tipped over the edge pretty soon, well this would certainly do that and then some.

  17. Best wishes to Marc Silcock. He made me fall in love with his portrayal as Jackson. I haven’t been pleased with the storyline that he’s been saddled with, since the train accident, but he’s given 100% of his talent to the overall performance.

    Now matter how Jackson “leaves” Emmerdale, he and Marc will be missed by this fan.

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