Posted by: Kimbaforeva | April 4, 2011

Spoilers (11th – 15th April)

Thursday 14th (7pm): Hazel’s thrilled when Jackson and Aaron arrange a birthday gathering in the pub and present her with Russell Watson tickets.

Thursday 14th (8pm): As Jackson is bored at home, Hazel tries to encourage him to set about arranging something nice for Aaron. At the pub later, Hazel is enjoying her birthday bash and Jackson convinces Hazel and Jerry that he’s enjoying himself too, but Aaron notices his façade slip as he struggles to paint on a smile. However, he’s encouraged when Jackson invites him to go to a comedy gig with him in town tomorrow night.

Friday 15th: Jackson and Aaron head to the comedy gig, but Aaron is forced to call an ambulance when Jackson starts to choke.

Hazel arrives at the hospital with Jerry and is concerned to hear that Jackson has a chest infection. Knowing this is the last thing her son needs, Hazel sobs into Aaron’s arms.

These scenes air the week beginning Monday 11th April 2011.



  1. Poor Jackson he looks so sad I still can’t believe he’s gonna die

  2. I can’t really be excited by this when i know that it’s not going to end well anyway. More doom and gloom ahead.

  3. I know you can get the wrong idea trying to work out what’s going on from just a photo but Jackson looks miserable. Though is this because he gets taken ill which is meant to be happening in this week?

  4. It’s sad to see this story line come to an end. I’ve really enjoyed what Marc and Danny accomplished. Hopefully the older, more mature Aaron Livesy will find happiness and a relationship with another fellow. These two young actors did an amazing job of making their story very real for so many of us. I’ll miss “Aaron and Jackson”.

  5. Oh i will so miss Jackson when he leaves, i too have loved the relationship of Aaron and Jackson and their story has kept me glued to Emmerdale these past months, i so wish the story line had taken a different route, and my hope now is Aaron will find some happiness in the future, poor boy he has been through so much angst, and it is not over yet!!!!

  6. Can i make a sugression – how about having Daniel Anthony (two danny’s LOL) coming into play a love instert for Aaron… But, making it not look ovisouis of course… Maybe have a different storyline play out first. Also, maybe making Aaron’s first insterted in boy make an appearace e.g KYLE mentions on his coming out night… P.s love marc silcock don’t actully want him to go. But, it would be nice to see him in something different e.g. corrie, skins or eastenders. 🙂 Looking forward to the scenes above… Maybe, Jackson becoming ill will be made termal, so he’s actully dying now, and not wanting to die, or a/s!!!! sorry about spelling!

    • Ummm can u get a terminal chest infection ?

      • I was sepullating, now seeing more spoliers. No to your question. What do you think of my actor choice. I love Noah in hollyoaks, there’s just something really attive about a black gay guy, not being rancis. Daniel Anthony plays Clyde in sarah jane adverters. He acts quite kiddy in that, but he is actully 23yrs old. He could do great in a growp up role, if someone gave him the time of day. Even though he is quite short, he’s about 5.6 foot. Not as talk as marc or danny. Can I hear your comments on her ideas, and the storyline it’s self.

        • Hi Louise

          Nice to hear your views. Yeah, I like Daniel Anthony in SJA, he comes across as a funny guy and quite watchable. I don’t think Aaron would be looking for another boyfriend, though for a long time after he loses Jackson, but if he met Daniel’s character at Bar West, I think they could be good mates.

          As for Jackson, I’m not sure if the assisted suicide storyline will still play out, now. I think maybe, he’ll become ill, maybe catch an infection and refuse treatment and this would end up killing him. If he knows his condition is always going to leave him open to health problems, I don’t think he would want to live like that.

          • Aaron is more than likely to go off the rails, and get into deep trouble, maybe with cain then he’ll get what he asked for. He’ll propbely need someone to save him, and bring he back to who he was before Jackson. Also, he’ll be down, and grumpy, and he’ll feel horrible becuase in his head he killed Jackson. Can i hear your thoughts again please.

            • Hi again Louise

              I think you’re right, Aaron will definately go off the rails after Jackson dies, hitting out at his family and friends who want to help through his grief. Maybe Hazel will be the only one to get through to him.

              He will revert back to ‘old Aaron’ before he met Jackson, hating himself for being gay and that Jackson ended up paralysed because of him.

  7. In today’s episode Jackson becomes ill. Hazel and Jerry meet Aaron at the hospital to see about Jackson. What’s up with Hazel going off on Jerry and dismissing him out of the room. She says he is clueless when it comes to Jackson, but keeps him out of the loop of whats been happening with Jackson mental state. How can Jerry have a clue. During the Christening of Josh and Jackson not wanting to go, Jerry dropped by with Josh at the request of Hazel. Jerry asked her what was going on and she blow it off. Despite Jerry’s history with Jackson’s coming out, since the accident Jerry has made a effort to be there for Jackson. I think he has the right to be let in on whats going on with his son.

  8. I don’t it will make matters worse!!!

  9. No spoilers for this week then

  10. yeah come on!!

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