Posted by: Kimbaforeva | April 19, 2011

Preview: May 2011

Jackson agrees to go Skydiving…

…but a petrified Aaron pulls out.



  1. If Jackson dies doing this I hope emmerdale will call hollyoak and thank there writers for idea! Amy sister Sarah died sky diving ๐Ÿ˜‰ or better yet just don’t kill Jackson you dicks love Liam LOL

  2. Haha, love the mock-up photo! Think this is one of those wish-list things that Jackson always wanted to do. Glad he gets his wish. Bless him.

    • Loving how you can see Jackson’s wheelchair on the side, as he’s just enjoying being “in the air”, his arms free do to the freefall with a huge smile on his face.

      I miss that vision of Jackson.

  3. I’m with Aaron but if it is one of Jackson’s final wishes, then I’m glad he got the chance to do it.

    • Hi Sharon and Shawn, about time we “shifted” to a new thread!

      I wonder if this “skydive” is actually going to take place, or are we being “tempted” by the spoilers again, which often give us promises and fail to deliver!

      Changing the subject, as you two know, I have avoided the fan fiction so far, but this morning I caved in and read the “Today Was a Fairytale” story. Like you Sharon, I had a big smile on my face while reading it! I really needed something to take away the gloom of the current storyline and that did it! I wish the person that wrote the story could write the real scripts for Emmerdale! We could do with something heartwarming right now!

      • Keith, that was one of my favourite stories, so warm and fluffy. Should definately be an Emmerdale script writer!

        • Hi Shawn & Keith, so this is our new home then is it?

          Keith, I wondered if you’d cave in and read a fan fiction story at some point. It was a lovely story wasn’t it? I knew you and Shawn were big softies really ๐Ÿ™‚

          At least if Jackson does get to go skydiving, it means he must be healthy enough to leave the hospital. Yay, some good news for once.

          • Hi Sharon and Shawn, I can’t speak for Shawn, but I am a “big softie”! You guessed! I really enjoyed that fan fic story (more than I thought I would!)
            In the programme, its such a pity that, after the long-awaited “I Love You” from Aaron, we were launched directly into Jackson’s wish to die! If only both lads could have been healthy and happy together, but I suppose that’s only going to happen in the “alternative universe” of those devoted fans who create the fan fic stuff.

            • Keith, you’ve done it again, mate. I had the same thought about Aaron’s “I love you”, how none of us could enjoy it because Jackson was too depressed to appreciate it and say I love you back. Such a shame as Jackson and us had waited so long for it to happen.

  4. So is that how Jacksons gonna die.

    Cause that will certainly be memerable

    Love the edit LOL!!!!!

  5. I hope when Jackson dies Aaron doesn’t met any one else…. cause if Aaron dies in Emmerdale then Jackson could come back and take him with him like Vera did on corrie so we would be able to see Jackson walk and be his old self again.

    • so is all of the above true, and not made up crap?

    • I don’t wish for Aaron to not ever let himself have another chance at love after Jackson. I also don’t think that Jackson would want him to be alone and lonely forever either.

      I, don’t think that the show will introduce a new guy for Aaron after only a few weeks or months, but somewhere down the line, Aaron hopefully will be able to move on.

  6. I think everyone should pay attention to the way Jackson is having an issue with his neck. He is finding stiftness in turning his neck. I wonder if his condition is going to get worse and he is going to lose his ability to even move his head, which will surely take away his ability to even use his chair and make him even more bed ridden. This would I think take everyone over the edge and I could see Hazel and Aaron giving Jackson his wish.

    • I think his stiff necks all to do with his chest infection him havin a sore throat an all

  7. Hi Sharon and Keith

    Welcome Sharon, did you bring a bottle?

    I also have to admit – I am a big softie too, I love all the Aaron and Jackson slushy stuff!

    Adding my thoughts to Aaron’s ‘I love you’, I think he’s got terrible timing. He can’t say it for months and when he does, Jackson’s so miserable, it tips him over the edge and he wants to top himself!

    • Ha Ha Ha, Shawn, If I’m invited somewhere, I never arrive empty handed!!

      Aaron’s terrible sense of timing is true but it’s a bit harsh to say that it was Aaron saying I love you that tipped him over the edge!!

      • Hi Sharon and Shawn, we all know it’s Jackson’s depression which is making him feel the way he does. In his right frame of mind, I’m sure Aaron telling him he loved him would have been all Jackson was living for!

    • Hi Shawn & Keith

      Well, it looks like we’ve got one more week until the Whitby episodes, can’t wait, I need to see some happiness.

      Shawn, I read that last story you suggested, really enjoyed it. Have you read one called An Unexpected Offer by If I Could? If you haven’t, read it. It appears me and the author had a similar thought, you’ll know what I mean!!!

      • Hi Sharon and Keith – Happy Easter!

        Yeah, though it looks like we have to wait till Thursday to see any Aaron and Jackson and even then it’s more misery looking at the spoilers. Can’t wait for their holiday and the skydive! Though when they return it looks like they’re entering the final phase of their story if the recently posted spoilers are to be believed.

        On a simliar note, it looks like Marc Silcock is already gearing up to say goodbye as today he deleted his Twitter account ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        Sharon, I did read that fic you mentioned, ‘An Unexpected Offer’ and gave it a glowing review as I did really enjoy it. It’s funny because were’nt we just saying recently about Flynn coming back into Aaron’s life at some point? Spooky!

        • Hi Shawn, Happy Easter to you too.

          I noticed that Marc’s twitter account had been closed today. It definitely looks like he’s starting to tie up some loose ends. His latest magazine interview, which is on here, does give me some hope that assisted suicide is not going to be how Jackson leaves. It’ll still be sad though, however he goes. Are we taking bets on who’s gonna cry the most, me, you or Keith?

          As for that fanfic, it is spooky how they have written what we were talking about. Great minds think alike, eh?

          • Hi Sharon

            Hope you haven’t OD’d on chocolate ๐Ÿ˜‰

            Yeah, I was a bit surprised about Marc leaving Twitter. He just announced he was leaving saying he’d enjoyed his time on there and thanked everyone for their support. I think maybe he was either getting abuse about the storyline or kept getting asked lots of questions about the storyline or just wanted to concentrate on his last couple of weeks *sniff* on the show. Either way, how are we meant to follow what he does next?!? What a git! No consideration ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I suppose after his last appearance on screen, we’re just meant to forget about him?

            I’m still undecided about how Marc leaves. I started to move away from the AS storyline and started to think along the lines of an infection or something to do with his condition (have you noticed how Jackson keeps painfully moving his neck? Is that a clue?). Either way I think considering his state of mind, he won’t leave alive ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

            As for that fic, Sharon, I really hope this plays out on screen and thus, Aaron’s story continues…

            • No, I’ve been a good girl, still plenty left!!

              I think Marc is quite a private person and , when he leaves, just wants some time to himself. I think he knows he will never be forgotten and I’m sure he will find a way to let us know what he’s up to next.

              As for Jackson’s exit, I agree, I don’t think he will leave alive. I’m with you, some sort of infection seems more likely. I said ages ago that if Jackson had to die, and I was writing the story, I’d have the a/s talked about but not gone through with, Jackson and Aaron try to enjoy the time they have left, Jackson would fall ill and be told he wouldn’t recover, Aaron & Jackson would marry and he would die in his sleep a few days later.

              If that played out on screen, I wouldn’t exactly be happy cos I’d prefer Jackson not to go but I’d be happier than if the suicide story played out.

              You know me, the longer Aaron has a story to play out, I’m happy ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Hi Shawn and Sharon, hope you had a good Easter. Just read “An Unxpected Offer”. You are not going to believe this with my previous avoidance of the fanfics, but I have written a story over Easter (bet you thought I’d gone a bit quiet!) It’s my first attempt at a fanfic and is a “happier” story than the one on screen! (Maybe I like writing them more than reading them!) I’ll let you know the title (and my author name) if I’m successful in posting it up!


  8. How the heck is a guy who can’t move legs going to sky diving? Even with a tandem jump, don’t both people have to be able land on their feet? Regardless, the whole thing seems stupid.

    • I’m just taking a guess, but maybe the one jumper is in charge/control and knows how to deal with handicapped indivduals, who want to do tandem jumps from airplanes?

      I hope that the show does allow Jackson to experience this opportunity.

  9. Hi Keith, I thought you’d gone a bit quiet but just assumed it was because there wasn’t much going on with Aaron and Jackson.

    If what you’ve written is a happier story, I look forward to reading it. I can add it to my other favourite happy stories ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Sharon and Shawn, I’ve taken all the reply buttons for my own personal use!

      Yes, you guessed Shawn: chocolate overload! I was just getting my weight down after Christmas too. oh well!

      The story is out there now, look for “Walking Back To Happiness”. My author name is ajfankeith. I’ve had one positive review already! I really enjoyed writing the story, but it’s lovely if somebody enjoys reading it!

      • Hi Keith, read your story and really enjoyed it. If this appeared on screen, I’d be a very happy girl.

        well done, mate ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hi Sharon, Thank you so much for your kind words. I am thinking of continuing with the story as I am getting good feedback! I really seem to have caught the “fanfic writing bug” now! At least this way, I can create an outcome that I want for the boys!

          Imagination is a wonderful thing!

          • Hi Sharon, hi Keith

            Sharon, the fanfic story, ‘An Unexpected Offer’ has continued, chapter 3 was really good, what did you think?

            Keith, this was weird – I read your story earlier tonight and thought how good it was, had no idea it was you mate! Gave it a glowing review too – Shawnyola. And also bookmarked it so I can read it again!

            Just everything you want from an Aaron & Jackson story warmth, humour and the boys saying ‘I love you’ to each other. Doesn’t get much better than this! Glad to hear you’re thinking of continuing with it, as Aaron would say – ‘mint’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Hi Keith, Hi Shawn,

              Shawn, An Unexpected Offer now has 4 chapters. When you’ve read the latest instalment, let me know what you think and I’ll tell you what I think, too. Could be interesting!!!

              Keith, if you do continue with the story, let me know when it’s ready so I can read some more happy Aaron & Jackson stuff.

            • Hi Sharon and Shawn (or should I say “Hi fans!”)
              You have both been so kind about my story. It has inspired me to continue. Shawn: I guessed you were Shawnyola! Didn’t know you hadn’t realised it was me at the time mate, so it makes your comment even nicer if you were reviewing an “unknown” author, if you get my drift!
              I will let you both know when “Chapter 2” goes live (I’ve started it so it depends how long it takes me!) Or should I say “I’ve started, so I’ll finish!”

  10. Hi Keith

    Sorry, no reply button, has that started up again?? I too thought you’d been quiet over Easter. Binging on chocolate, I know ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Can’t wait to read your story, I bet you really ‘get’ the boys too, judging by what you write on here. If it’s happy, I’ll be happy!

  11. Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

    Hope you are both well? No bloody reply buttons again so I’ll just perch down here ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sharon, I have read chapter 4 of ‘An Unexpected Offer’ and I really like it. Like how the writer has really ‘got’ Aaron and his grief and insecurities over Jackson, also how well Flynn has been portrayed. Usually in fics he’s the bad guy but glad this isn’t the case this time, he’s a caring guy just like Jackson. The kiss at the end was nice but will lead to problems I think. Aaron’s life never runs smoothly! Would really like to see this on screen actually.

    Keith, many congrats on the story again, sorry I didn’t put two and two together, bit slow on the uptake – too many late nights reading fanfics ๐Ÿ˜‰ Loved it, made me smile and very happy. I know I’m soppy. Good luck with chapter two!

    As for ED itself, well it just made me miserable tonight. Looking forward to seeing our boys on screen again and we get this?? I have to say, I found Jackson a bit horrible tonight. I know he’s depressed but he was. This isn’t the guy we love, I want happy Jackson… Keith…help!

    • Hi Shawn and Keith,

      Shawn, I agree, Jackson was horrible tonight, depression or no depression. Can’t wait for next week just to see the boys happy for a while.

      According to a different website, Marc’s last day of filming was actually today although he’s contracted to do media stuff for another couple of weeks. Don’t know if it’s true or not, sorry to be the bearer of bad news if it is.

      On the plus side, Danny is back on Twitter again, sounding like his old self – yay!!

      As for the fanfic “An Unexpected Offer”, I’m so glad you are enjoying it, it means all my hard work so far has been worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

      I never said anything before because I didn’t know if I could do it or if it would be liked but then I had some good reviews and carried on with it. When you asked my opinion on it, I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t very well sing my own praises and I didn’t want to say nothing so I’ve decided to come clean.

      No wonder I get Aaron’s angst, just look at that last paragraph!!

  12. Hi Sharon and Shawn, Last night’s episode was very depressing! Has Jackson been in that mood since the last time we saw him? Also ‘Steve’ is a let down, all due respects to the guy but he’s not a very good actor. I suppose he’s bound to struggle up against Danny and Marc!

    Sharon: You dark horse you! Loving your take on things. Funny how we’re going in different directions with our stories! Maybe we should start a “writers guild”!

    Shawn: I’m still working on chapter two, never fear! Help is on the way!

    • Hi Keith, Thank you for your kind comment.

      I know, it’s strange isn’t it? I’ll write the one after Jackson and help Aaron through and out the other side and you can write the happy one where they’re still together that I can add to my favourites and read when I need cheering up!!!!

      Sounds like a plan to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Hi Guys,

    My mum thinks that Ben Foster, Birmingham’s goalkeeper and Liverpool’s Fabio Aurelio look like Aaron & Jackson or, as she calls them, the crier and his friend.

    What do you think or should I just book an optician’s appointment asap??

    Looking forward to next weeks episodes, something to smile about at long last!

    • Hi Sharon

      Haha your mum sounds like fun but I don’ think you need to worry about the opticians just yet!

      Although I saw a guy in town the other day who I was convinced was Danny Miller! Yeah right, as if he’s gonna be shopping in Stevenage!!!

      • Shawn, you never know, he could pop up anywhere and, because he looks so “normal”, he’d just blend in!!!

  14. Hi guys

    Have just listened to ‘Just Say Yes’ in the car and it seemed even more poignant now Marc has just filmed his final scenes as Jackson on Thursday. Made me feel incredibly sad and longing for the those hazy crazy days of Summer 2010 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Feel a bit numb actually. Is this normal???

    • Yes, absolutely!!

      That song will always be associated with good times for Aaron & Jackson. It will be even harder to listen to when Jackson has gone. Could you hear the ring pull being opened as it played?

      All of us will go through so much in the next few weeks, every emotion imaginable I would think. Just shows you what good casting and great acting can do to you. Don’t worry, though, whatever you’re feeling, you’re not going to be the only one going through it. Me and Keith too probably will be going through it with you.

      • Hi Sharon and Shawn, better get in before we get evicted from another thread!

        Yes, you are right in what you say about living in the “summer of 2010″! Things will never be the same without Marc being beside Danny. ‘sniff”

        Anyway guys, in an attempt to cheer you up, I’ve written chapter 2 of my epic story! It continues along the same lines of the first chapter (being the ‘old romantic’ that I am!) So, if you want something ‘soppy’, I hope it fits the bill!

        • Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

          Thanks for the reassurance guys, I needed it! I was driving along when the song came on and it was like a wave of sadness washed over me and made me feel really down, even though it was a lovely sunny morning, imagining those happy days for the boys and remembering where their story is now and where it’ll end up. God I’ve been watching too much miserable Jackson! It’s rubbed off on me!! And yes, I still listen out for the ringpull EVERY time!

          Still I know the two of you especially will be feeling the same as me so I’m sure we can all be crutches of support to each other when ‘the time comes’ *sniff*

          I agree that it won’t be the same without Jackson/Marc by Aaron/Danny’s side. I just hope Aaron won’t slip too much back into his old ways ‘afterwards’ as I’ve really become fond of ‘new’ Aaron recently. Though if I’m honest, I’m a bit peed off with Mr Silcock. First of all he seems quite happy to be leaving the show, defending the storyline, then we find out he’s leaving much earlier the we expected, then he leaves twitter and now he’s finished filming even earlier then we were led to believe! I’ve got the ‘ump. Keith, I’ m going to read chapter two of your story to cheer me up…!

          • Hi Shawn and Sharon,
            Shawn: thank you for your kind comments about chapter 2, it is actually quite hard work putting it together but I love doing it, especially if someone appreciates it like you do! I’ll have to get my thinking cap on about where the story could go next!
            What did you both think of Ryan’s exit? Seemed very “low key” to me. I’m glad he didn’t end up in prison as per some spoilers, but his exit was very “you are the weakest link; GOODBYE!” No send off in the Woolie, nothing! I hope Jackson’s exit is more “dramatic” than that! (Though I hope the spoilers have been wrong about assisted suicide!)
            Shawn, I know what you mean about Marc Silcock, but looking at it from his point of view, I suppose playing a tetraplegic can get somewhat tiresome after a while! Of course, he’s done a brilliant job as we know, but I expect he wants a job where he can wave his arms about a bit! Emmerdale are obviously not going to give him that – only I have that power in “fantasy land”!!!! Oh wait, Emmerdale IS a fantasy, isn’t it! I keep forgetting!

            • Hi Sharon, Hi Keith!

              It looks like this thread has become our own chatroom again! Love it!

              Keith, you are welcome for the review, I know a lot of hard work must go into writing a story like yours but I really do appreciate it because it is so enjoyable to read. The same goes for Sharon and her story too. I look forward to seeing where you decide to take this story. I’m sure it’ll be good whatever you do. Respect to you, Sir!

              Yeah, I agree with you about Ryan’s exit, low key to say the least. It’s like they just ran out of ideas for him so he drove off into the sunset. I didn’t think he’d go to prison due to Cain’s dodgey dealings as he’d been there, done that. Ryan really was sidelined in recent months, though he could come back if his exit is anything to go by.

              I know where your coming from about Marc. I said some time ago that because of Jackson’s disability he’d only have a short ‘shelf life’. And from his point ot view, I don’t suppose he wants to play a character like that long term. I will miss his fine performances, though but I know it’s not real life but I, like a lot of other people, have been swept along with their story

              I think I’ll still follow ‘Aaron’s Story’ after Jackson’s demise but maybe not so avidly once this on screen partnership is no more.

  15. Hi Shawn, that Cain’s at it again; he’s nicked your reply button! (They must be worth a fortune down in Dingle Dell!)
    Your comment “I will miss Marc’s fine performances, though but I know itโ€™s not real life but I, like a lot of other people, have been swept along with their story”, that struck a chord with me! That is exactly why I have written my story! I don’t know of any other characters in any other show that would inspire me to write about them the way Danny/Aaron and Marc/Jackson have. I’m sure Sharon feels the same from her comments on here.
    Anyway Shawn and Sharon, I had intended chapter 2 to be the finale, but I still have the writing bug so chapter 3 has begun! It may take me a while to produce it, but watch this space! Thanks again, both of you, for your kind words and encouragement.

    • Hi Keith

      Honestly that Cain! He’s such a rogue, he’d sell your granny if he had the chance!!

      I can understand how the characters of Aaron and Jackson can inspire fans to write about them, I’ve said that I often have A&J scenarios going round in my head.

      I’m glad to hear you’re planning chapter 3 of your story, though take your time and I look forward to reading it, it’s been brilliant so far! And Keith – Aaron and Jackson in Whitby this week and Jay’s skydive – whoop!

      • Hi Shawn, Hi Keith,

        Seems like we’ve created our own chat room again!!

        Ryan’s exit was a disappointment. It’s a good job Alan has given up watching or that would have really upset him. I found watching it really bizarre as I’d seen an interview with James Sutton earlier that day where he confessed he couldn’t drive. He said something about the car sometimes having to be pushed or else driven by someone else. It showed his exit scenes in a whole new light for me.

        You’re both absolutely right. I’ve said before that I’ve NEVER EVER got so caught up in two fictional TV characters before the way I have with Aaron and Jackson. There’s something about Danny and Marc’s acting that just gets to me every time. That’s what started me putting little comments on here in the first place. Aaron just won’t be the same without Jackson.

        That’s why I love the fanfiction stories. Once Jackson is not on our screens any longer, I can read my favourite Aaron/Jackson stories and have the two guys back together again. Happy days!!!

        Whitby and skydiving to look forward to this week, can’t wait.

        Oh, and Keith, looking forward to chapter 3, can’t wait to read it when it’s ready.

        • Hi you two, back to the chatroom again! Tonight’s episode: Aaron asking Jackson to decide between tea and coffee immediately took me back to the morning after they first slept together! As you say Sharon, happy days!
          Also, Aaron seems to be growing a beard. Do you think he wants to have a “matching” one with Jackson? Ahh, bless!

          • Hi Guys

            Aaron’s little face last night when Jackson said he’d go on holiday with him was just so cute. Talk about a smile that lights up your face. Also, liked his chat with Paddy saying about how important it was that they got away and showed Jackson he could still do stuff. It was probably the first time in a while that he acknowledged to himself how serious Jackson’s situation still is.

            Loving the new beard but then again clean shaven works for me just as well!!!

  16. Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

    I think Aaron trying to show Jackson that his life is worth living is taking it’s toll on Aaron, hence his ‘dishelved’ look. It’s almost like he daren’t pause for breath. Jackson seems to be wearing Aaron down in more ways than one. Poor Aaron. Liking the heavier stubble, though, very sexy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Well, tonight’s trip to Whitby was a bit blink and you miss it. Good job there’s some more episodes to come.

      I agree with you about the toll all this is taking on Aaron. It’s like he doesn’t care about anything anymore except convincing Jackson to live. I bet he wants to keep an eye on Jackson all the time and that’s going to be impossible.

      Poor Aaron indeed. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Hi Sharon and Shawn, strange how soap characters always seem different outside their usual surroundings. Feels a bit ‘odd’.
        Anyway, they are continuing to act the hell out of it. Danny and Marc are still turning in great performances. Marc, in particular, is giving such a wonderful interpretation of being depressed you are almost trapped in his little world with him! How ED can let him go will always remain a mystery!

  17. Hi Sharon and Shawn, just thought I’d jump on our “chatroom” to let you know Chapter 3 of my story is now live! I was struggling with it at first, but once I got going it just started to flow! Plus, I wanted to finish it before “you know what” happens on screen!

    • Great, I’ll read it later. I love a happy Aaron & Jackson story ๐Ÿ™‚

      Danny & Marc both have the most expressive faces, words sometimes are just not needed. Great performances, as you say.

      Better enjoy the two of them together while we can (sigh)

      I’m out tonight so won’t be able to see the boys until later, still, at least I’ll have something to look forward to when I get back.

    • Hi keith, Hi Sharon

      Keith, have read your chapter 3, it’s brilliant, so happy, I love it but I’m worried. You said you wanted to finish it before-you-what happens, you are going to carry on with it for a while longer? Would love to see their ‘wedding’. Pretty please?

      I think Aaron will be devastated when he realises Jackson still wants to die, he’s been so focused on helping Jackson it could push him over the edge.

      Not overly impressed with the Whitby scenes so far, mainly because they seem to be so far and inbetween! But looking forward to ‘the proposal’ and the skydive.

      • I think there’s only so much Aaron can take and he’s pretty much at the end of his tether. I have a feeling that his temper will come back shortly and Jackson will be on the receiving end.

        It might give him something else to think about and let him worry about Aaron for a change.

        If they have cut “the proposal” from what we are going to see on screen, I am not going to be a happy bunny!! At least the skydive will definitely be shown, looking forward to it.

      • Hi Shawn and Sharon,
        Shawn: thanks for your continued support. You’ll be pleased to know that I have started chapter 4 and, yes, there’s a wedding coming (I’m even doing my own spoilers now!)
        Sharon: I wonder if “the proposal” is just another misleading ED spoiler? At least there really is one in my story! (I think ED should give me the A&J writers job!)

        • Hi guys!

          Keith, a wedding? Yay! I am already happy and can’t wait to read it. In my opinion, you should’ve got that script writers job on ED months ago! Still, we could always pray for ‘a Dallas’ and have a fully mobile Jackson emerge from the shower and the last few months have been just a dream. If only…!

          I also thought ‘the proposal’ would have aired by now, though I haven’t seen tonights second episode yet. In the spoilers they often seem to show the characters in poses that don’t always end up on screen. I find it very misleading and at times, frustrates the hell out of me!!

          • Hi Shawn and Keith,

            Keith, looking forward to chapter 4, I love a good wedding.

            As for “the proposal”, I have a horrible feeling that we may have been mislead again!!!! All the wording around that picture says Aaron has a surprise for Jackson and, of course, we all go Aaah, he’s going to propose. Then, they release some story about it being a joke proposal and we go ok, well it still might be fun to see but then it doesn’t appear on our screens.

            There is, of course, tomorrow’s episode so I suppose it may turn up then but I don’t think I’ll hold my breath.

            Shawn, I find it bloody infuriating!!! I always say I’m not going to bother with spoilers but I’m there every week reading them and looking at the photos. You would have thought I’d have learnt my lesson by now.

            At least if Keith was writing A & J’s story, I’d know what to expect, a happy Aaron and Jackson and a happy me ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Hi Shawn & Keith,

    I LOVED tonight’s episode!! I spent the whole half hour grinning like an idiot at the TV screen, my jaws ached by the end of it.

    I knew once I saw who had written the episode that we were in good hands. She’s never written a bad Aaron & Jackson episode yet.

    It was great seeing Jackson so happy and I don’t think Aaron’s been told so many times in one episode that he was loved. So many smiles from everyone, lovely banter, no proposal but I suppose we can’t have everything.

    That’s really started my weekend off in the right way. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Sharon and Shawn, yes, tonight’s episode was so lovely, almost back to the “old” A & J we know and love.
      I wish Emmerdale could have used this as a “turning point” towards a positive outcome! But…………..

  19. Hi guys

    On the whole I’ve enjoyed ‘Whitby week’, though at the start of the week there were very few scenes.

    Loved the fishing trip and the skydive obviously and those little moments of magic, like Jackson’s cider confession, the Take That reference and Aaron’s thing with fish!

    And even a brief bedroom scene, though this was just Jackson looking depressed again ahead of next week’s downward spirral. *sigh*

    • hi guys,

      Aaron’s thing with fish, where did that come from? Very funny though especially when he asked Jackson if it had to be sterilised before you could eat it. I also loved the way he kept apologising for not doing the jump and then begging them not to tell anyone. He still can’t quite let go of that hard man image, can he?

      Next week, not looking forward to it. Extra tissues bought just in case I need them although I’m pretty sure that if they’re not needed next week, they certainly will be by the end of the month. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Hi Sharon and Shawn, You’ll be pleased to know that Chapter 4 is out there now.

        Sharon: get your tissues out again for my story (tears of joy I hope!)
        Shawn: You got your wish (a wedding!)

        I hope you enjoy it. Maybe it will help to think about it while watching the TV!

        • Hi Keith,

          Thank you for putting a smile on my face – again.

          I love your story, Aaron and Jackson are just how I’d love to see them on screen. And we got our wedding – hooray ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hi Keith

          Thought you’d been quiet again for a day or two! Really loved chapter four, mate, just made my day. Glowingly reviewed! The only thing is, it’s so good, I want more, like NOW!!

          • Hi Sharon and Shawn, here I am on our “chatroom” again!
            Thank you so much, both of you, for your lovely comments. Every time I think my story is “running out of steam”, you come along with your reviews and say how much you’ve enjoyed it and it gives me such encouragement I can’t tell you! I was thinking that the wedding and honeymoon would be the finale, but I’m sure a “Chapter 5” is in there somewhere!

            • I hope so Keith. Looking forward to it already!

            • Hi Keith

              Yayy! Another chapter would go down very well, mate. I can’t get enough of this happy stuff!

      • Sharon, loved the fish scene! When the boys and Hazel were on the boat and Aaron was looking at the fish in his hand, when suddenly his mobile rang and he dropped it onto Jackson’s blanket covered lap who just turned his head trying to look at it… Just hilarious ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I know and I’m sure he said to Jackson “Here, hold this.” Priceless.

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