Posted by: Kimbaforeva | April 19, 2011

Spoiler (28th April)

Thursday 28th: Steve visits Jackson in the hospital and tries to convince him that things will get better.

These scenes air on Thursday 28th April 2011



  1. Awww poor Jackson

    There’s a rumor he’s gonna go skydiving !!! I can’t really see that

    • really haven’t heard that
      but i hope it stays exactly what it is….. just a rumor
      because that would some bull
      and quite disturbing

      • Yeah it’s on the may spoilers on Danny miller fans

        • can’t wait to see how that is
          should be do able
          can;’t wait for a happy episode yay!

  2. me niether…
    love the stills, marc, and danny look hot 🙂

  3. Poor Jackson, his body is broken and now, so is his spirit judging by these spoilers. Just so sad to see the life slipping away from him. Can’t believe he’ll be gone in a couple of months *sniff*

    • I know I almost cry every time I think about it

  4. Looks like he’s got his work cut out for him doesn’t it?

    So so sad 😦

  5. Is it me or whenever Jacksons feeling suicidale Aaron always looks discusted at him

    • Yeah, I agree, like he’s scowling at Jackson! He should just try and show Jay some affection but then again, maybe he’d reject Aaron?

      • Hi Shawn, OK so now I’m confused after last night’s episode. Aaron and Hazel were scared of Jackson telling Jerry about his plan to end it all. Yet when they asked if he’d told his father, he said no, as it wouldn’t be “fair”. So it’s “fair” for him to tell his mother and boyfriend (who love him most in the world), but it’s not “fair” to tell the man who hit him when he was younger and ignored him for years. Doh! Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but it doesn’t seem to stack up. Or is Jackson still getting at Hazel and Aaron for snooping on him? Maybe he wants to punish Jerry by not telling him, and then it will come as a shock to him afterwards?

        • Hi Shawn & Keith,

          Keith, twice in one night, people will talk!!! Our telepathy is still going strong. I thought exactly the same thing. In fact, and I’m sorry if this sounds cruel, but I’m struggling to see why Aaron is sticking around. He’s getting sweet F.A. from his relationship at the moment and Jackson’s behaviour would try the patience of a saint, something Aaron’s most definitely not.

          Selfish was a word often attached to Aaron, he always took but never gave, well, not anymore. All I can say is his love for Jackson must be immense because his life is no bed of roses at the moment.
          As you can see, my Aaron blinkers are well and truly back in place. They’ll be sticking around until Jackson says or does something nice to him.

  6. Hi Sharon and Keith

    Keith, think you’ve got that summarised pretty well, but Hazel said to Aaron that if Jerry got whiff of Jackson’s state of mind, he’d soon have doctors and councellors descending on him.

    Sharon, I think this is all down to the’new and improved’ Aaron we’ve been seeing in recent weeks, he’s realised that he really does love Jackson and is sticking by him no matter what. Think this goes back to Aaron realising that, early on in their relationship, he took everything Jackson had to give but didn’t put anything back. Now he wants to give Jay what he can.

    • Hi Sharon and Shawn, back for more analysis!
      Sharon: my telepathic friend! I’m glad you had the same thought as me. No A&J tonight, so we’ve got no further. I like your “take” on why Aaron is sticking with Jackson. As we’ve said before, Aaron is incredibly loyal to those he is close to, probably because being close to ANYONE is so important to him. I think the programme makers are “making a point” that Aaron truly loves Jackson and nothing, but nothing, is going to make him give up on his man. Whether that is going to translate later to him loving him enough to help him end his life, we’ll have to wait and see!
      Shawn: Thanks for your ideas on Jackson’s reluctance to tell Jerry. I suppose Jackson knows that his father would call in the councellors and we know he doesn’t want that! Makes sense now!

      • Hi Keith & Shawn,

        you two talk a lot of sense, I hadn’t thought about it in the way that you’ve both described so thanks for that. I can see a bit clearer now why Aaron is standing by his man and is not going anywhere.

        • I just wonder why no one will help put Jackson’s other shoe on him. …

          • Probably because they were told he’s fine, ok, he’s fine!!!

  7. i like his socks!!!

    • I know I soooooooo want em

  8. In the picture he has his fist clenched how is that possible
    If he can’t move

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