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Marc Silcock: Interview

Marc Silcock tells All About Soap about Jackson’s leap of faith!


Why does Jackson travel to Whitby with Aaron and Hazel?
Aaron and Hazel want to prove to Jackson that his life is worth living despite his disability, so he agrees to go to Whitby to please them. The holiday is Aaron and Hazel’s chance to show Jackson all  the things he can still do – but he’s very apprehensive about it all.

Do you think he realises how hard Aaron and Hazel are trying to help him?
Yes, he does – and for the first couple of days on the holiday, Jackson is quite swept up in the idea of trying new and exciting things. But he knows deep down that once the holiday ends, he’ll be straight back to reality.

What happens when they go on a fishing trip?
Jackson and Aaron take the mickey out of Hazel because she gets seasick. Hazel always feels ill on boats, but she gets on it to make Jackson happy – that’s the length she’s prepared to go to. They end up having a really fun time, though, and there are a lot of laughs on the trip.

And then Aaron springs a huge surprise on Jackson…
He tells him that he’s booked him to do a sky dive! Jackson is stunned – he can’t believe he’d ever be able to do something like that. But once the shock wears off, he’s brimming with excitement – he’s already been hit by a train, after all, so he figures what’s the worst that can happen to him?

Is Jackson nervous when they arrive at the airfield?
A little bit. He asks Aaron if he’ll do the sky dive with him, and he tells him he will. But when they’re all kitted out ready to go, Jackson notices how scared Aaron looks. Jackson doesn’t want him to do something he doesn’t really want to do, so he say’s he’ll do it by himself if Aaron prefers.

What’s Jackson thinking when he’s up in the plane?
He’s struck by last-minute nerves, of course, but he’s determined to go through with it. He loves doing the dive – it’s the first time Jackson has felt absolutely free since the accident. He feels like a bird flying through the sky. He loves it.

Was it exciting to film the sky-dive scenes?
It was brilliant! I was strapped to the front of the instructor and got to look 15,000 feet down to the ground, which was pretty breathtaking. The best way I can describe it is that it’s like going over a bump in the road where you get that dropping feeling – but a million times worse!

It must have been a relief to hit the ground, then!
Definitely! All the emotion you see on screen at the landing is genuine. I was so happy that I’d managed to do it safely – it was a real sense of achievement. We shot the scene straight away, so I had to remember my lines as soon as I’d landed, which was quite interesting!

Could this be a turning point for Jackson?
He’s over the moon at what he’s achieved but, sadly, there are a lot more trials and tribulations ahead for him, Hazel and Aaron. Jackson’s had a great time in Whitby, but he knows this isn’t reality and he still views his future in exactly the same way.

So what’s around the corner for him?
A lot of drama and heartache. Jackson loves Hazel and Aaron, but he’s totally consumed with anger and frustration over his condition. There may not exactly be a happy ending for Jackson, but it’ll definitely be a storyline that everyone will remember for a long time to come – and all for the right reasons too.

While most of us would quiver in fear at the thought of jumping out of a plane, Marc admits there was a particular reason that he agreed to face such a terrifying challenge: “The first time I got asked about the sky dive, I was with Adam Thomas (who plays Adam Barton) and Kelvin Fletcher (Andy Sugden),” reveals the actor. “I said yes solely on the basis that I didn’t want to look like  wimp in front of those two!” And look who’s laughing now, eh, Marc?

See the skydive on Friday 6th May, 7pm, ITV1.
All About Soap magazine is on sale now. 


  1. Awww poor Jackson 🙂

  2. Nice interview. I’m intrigued by his last paragraph, maybe it won’t end with an assisted suicide after all. Dare I have a little bit of hope for a better outcome??

  3. Let’s hope so Sharon! ‘Remembered for all the right reasons’. What could that possibly mean…?

    • Who knows Shawn, I know why I’d like it to be remembered. If I was writing, that second spoiler pic would be a proposal but there’s no way emmerdale would do that, would they???

      • I know Sharon, no way on God’s Earth! But a nice thought nonetheless. We’ll just have to keep that idea in our little over active imaginations 😉

        • Hi guys, I really must stop looking at spoilers! Usually, when they actually air the episodes, it is a disappointment after the spoilers! Still, it does seem we have something to look forward to, with Marc’s “right reasons” comment!

          • Keith, I agree. If Jackson committed suicide, I wouldn’t remember their story for all the good things it has shown, I would only remember what a horrible ending it had so, fingers and everything else crossed, that we have got something to look forward to.

            • I couldn’t agree more guys, let’s hope so!

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