Posted by: Kimbaforeva | April 25, 2011

Spoiler Pics (2nd – 6th May)

Monday 2nd: Hazel and Aaron are pleased when Jackson agrees to go on holiday to Whitby with them.

Tuesday 3rd: Aaron and Hazel work hard to ensure Jackson enjoys his holiday in Whitby, but are dismayed by Jackson’s lack of enthusiasm when they arrive at the holiday apartment.

Aaron makes Jackson laugh by pretending to propose to him.

Thursday 5th (7pm): Determined to ensure Jackson has the best time possible, Hazel convinces a fisherman to take her, Aaron and Jackson out to sea on a fishing trip.

Thursday 5th (8pm): After the fishing trip, Hazel insists that Aaron tell her what he’s been secretly organising. Aaron is reluctant but finally admits that he’s booked a tandem jump out of a plane for Jackson, something he has wanted to do all his life. However, Hazel doesn’t share Aaron’s excitement and replies that there is no way on God’s earth she is letting him fall from a plane.

Friday 6th: Arriving at the air field, Aaron finally admits to Jackson that he has planned a skydive and Jackson is thrilled. Questioning if he’ll be doing it with him, Aaron hides his anxiety and assures him that he’ll be with him all the way. As the instructors explain everything to the boys, Jackson becomes aware that Aaron is petrified and Hazel is relieved to hear him say he can’t put him through it anymore.

However, Hazel’s relief is short-lived when Jackson claims he’s still up for it. Up in the plane, Jackson is suddenly struck with nerves but when the instructor tells him they can go back down, he refuses. On the ground, Hazel and Aaron watch on as the parachute opens and Jackson is clearly loving it. Aaron and Hazel are made up to hear how much Jackson enjoyed himself and the banter starts as he takes every opportunity to remind Aaron that he chickened out.

These scenes air during the week beginning Monday 2nd May 2011.



  1. Awww he looks so happy 😀

  2. That second photo is seriously misleading, for a moment I thought Aaron was proposing !
    My heart skipped a beat.

    • Yeah I mean the dinner date photo were sort of misleading but this one is over the top it looks completly like a proposal my stomach flipped but then I remembered its aaron we are talkin about not gonna happen not that I’m upset or anything it wouldnr make sense

  3. Looks like a fun show!

    • Hi Mark, glad to see you’re still with us!!

      • Thanks, Sharon, According to updated spoilers – which I’m sure you’ve seen – Aaron does propose…as a laff…should be a great week to watch.

        • Yeah, it should be. About time too, we need some happiness even if it is short lived. Shame the proposal is only a laff, I like a man in a suit!!!

  4. Awww and Aaron being too scared haha I really can’t imagine Aaron being scared of anything.

    • Really ?
      He was terrified of anyone finding out he was gay, so terrified he tried to kill himself remember.
      He isn’t anywhere near as hard as he tries to make out.

  5. I’m so looking forward to this week in Whitby, looks like the boys will have such much needed laughs.

    Don’t know what the hell is going in the second picture but for a second I got way too excited – no it can’t be THAT!!

    Jackson looks so happy in that last picture, bless him, really warms the heart and hats off to Marc for actually doing this, no stuntman standing in for him, what an achievement.

    • That second picture has got everyone talking.

      Not sure if Marc is extremely happy or just relieved to be back on solid ground again!!

    • Hi Shawn and Sharon, like you guys, I got excited when I saw the second picture; they do love to tease us, don’t they!
      I still wonder if someone in Jackson’s position would be able to do this, although I suppose ED have done their “research!”
      As you say Shawn, hats off to Marc, the guy is a superstar!

      • Hi Sharon and Keith

        I’m really looking forward to this week in Whitby now, can’t wait to see Aaron propose (if only!) If he did it for real I think I’d pass out 😉

        And Marc’s skydive is going to be the highlight for me. Like you said, Keith, the guy’s a superstar!

        • me and you both. You’d probably hear me scream from where you are!!

  6. Awwww I ❤ the last picture. LOL Jackson looks soo happy. He looks elated. I miss that wonderful smile he has. It`s very nice to see it again,if only briefly.

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