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Spoilers (9th – 13th May)

Monday 9th: As Jackson tells Hazel and Aaron that he loves them and had a great time in Whitby but this isn’t reality, it dawns on them that he still feels the same way.

Tuesday 10th: Hazel makes a monumental decision.

Wednesday 11th: Jackson tries to pretend everything is fine in front of Jerry. Meanwhile, Paddy is concerned when a rough looking Aaron finally returns home.

Thursday 12th (7pm): Aaron accuses Hazel of giving up.

Thursday 12th (8pm): Aaron is in turmoil as he struggles to decide whether to call the Social Care number over Jackson.

Friday 13th: Hazel awkwardly thanks Joe but tells him that they don’t need him anymore. She then covers by claiming that Jerry wants to be more involved. Joe is shocked and saddened but agrees. Later, Aaron decides to move in with Jackson and Hazel.



  1. Awww poor aaron

  2. did he stay an extra night, and when out on the lash
    what do people think…

  3. but he looks so god damn hot with the stubble look…. yess pleaseee 😉

    • YES!!

  4. What I’m going to do is
    Imagine a perfect world where jackson isn’t paralyzed
    and then think about all the reason why Aaron would be worn out 😉
    *sigh* god bless the imagination

  5. They picked a good day for this to all go to hell – Friday the 13th. 😦

  6. the end is here people time to say goodbye : (

  7. This is making me depressed

  8. Oh dear, Jackson’s exit is definitely coming too quick for my liking.

    Not going to be easy to watch this, I thought I’d had plenty of time to get used to the idea but, now it’s so close…..

    • Hi Sharon, yes, it’s suddenly becoming very real, isn’t it. Even the prospect of a “happy holiday” is being snatched away from us before we’ve even got there!
      When they took the trouble to feature Aaron and Jackson as a loving couple, why oh why couldn’t they have featured them as a long-term committed gay couple? But then, Emmerdale are not big on committed couples of any kind, are they?
      Even Chas, Aaron’s mother, is about to chalk up another notch on her bedpost, apparently.
      Maybe that’s how Jackson could have stayed on the show, if he kept hopping into bed with every passing gay man!
      Cynical? Moi?

      • Hi Keith, Maybe something to do with the age of Aaron & Jackson, the old you never stay with your first love scenario, plus a happy settled loving couple doesn’t make for great TV in the eyes of the Emmerdale writers. Sod the fact that us viewers would have quite happily watched Aaron & Jackson together and enjoyed every minute of it.

        No, far better to paralyse one of them and then kill him off, much more enjoyable for the viewers – NOT.

        I’m not cynical either!!

  9. so the storyline is true? got rid of joe, aaron moving in, they’re obviously going to help him die, but if that’s true how could jackson be so selfish as Aaron or Hazel even both could end up in prison.. for a long long time

    • yeah it’s not only that
      if it’s true that we will ask to help him
      how can he even ask them to live with the guilt over being the ones to kill him
      does he really think aaron could possibly get over that
      i mean it would be bad enough to admit defeat and accept that jackson whats to die and he wouldnt do anything to stop him but on top of that kill him

      see many people see him dying as a new start for aaron i fear not
      i think that renewal will be far in the future more sad months after jackson dies i’m afraid ;(

      • The emmerdale wrighters want to do the story realistically but it’s not at all
        They shoulda killed Jackson in the train crash or not had the train crash at all and kept him in it fir the long run

  10. I still can’t see Aaron helping Jackson to die, Hazel maybe, but not Aaron, not after how hard he’s fought to convince him to live.

    • i agree with you on that
      and i hope we are right about that
      i think he will have to come to accept but that won’t be while jackson’s alive
      i think he’ll keep fighting til the end

      • Let’s keep our fingers crossed we’re right then.

  11. i think the same thing
    i think he will have to accept it sooner or later but not until jackson dead and buried
    i think he’ll fight til the very end
    but the point is i think its really going to be selfish of jackson to ask aaron
    if he does
    we’ll see

  12. Oh dear. So after the highs of Whitby and the skydive, it’s back to earth with a bump next week (literally) when Jackson makes it clear that he still feels the same about ending his life. Selfish git!

    No wonder Aaron reacts badly to this and stays on or legs it back to Whitby, not sure which. He’s worked so hard trying to make Jackson see that his life is worth living and even though Jackson sees this, he’s so depressed by now, nothing will make him change his mind.

    I think Aaron is so upset by this that he calls the social care people. Therefore, I really can’t see him changing his mind just like that and helping Jackson to die after going to all that effort to proove otherwise. I know he loves Jackson that much that he’d do anything for him but as Meatloaf once said: ‘ I would do anything for love (but I won’t do that)!! Maybe this is why he moves in, to keep an eye on things.

    I can see Hazel changing her mind. Jackson’s her son and as much as she loves him, she doesn’t want him to suffer anymore; she just wants what is best for him no matter how bad that is. But a mother’s love is different to that of a partner’s so I can’t ever see Aaron saying: ‘ok, fine, let’s do this’. He blames himself for Jackson’s accident as it is, he would never forgive himself or be able to live with himself if he hepled to end the life of the man he loves so much. This is why I think the story will end up steering away from the assisted suicide plot.

    • Shawn, you’ve taken over from Keith by saying exactly what I was thinking, saving me the bother, even down to calling Jackson a selfish git. Those were the exact words that came out of my mouth last night as Aaron tried to speak to him and he ignored him.

      I can definitely see Aaron going off the rails again soon and reverting back to the self loathing Aaron we had before. Shame, I really like this new Aaron, heavy stubble and all!!

      • Hi Sharon, hope you are well!

        I agree with you about Aaron going off the rails after Jackson you-know-whats. His self-loathing will come back with a vengence but I think that was always the idea of the shows bosses to let Aaron experience love but then cruely snatch it away.

        Aaron will then blame himself for Jackson’s demise, however this may happen, and will revert back to the Aaron of old, hating himself for being gay and for allowing himself to get too close to someone (Jackson) and pushing everyone else away.

        I imagine he’ll be hurting like this for sometime. As you said, it’s a shame because I think we’ve all become fond of ‘new improved’ Aaron we’ve seen in recent months. Love the stubble/beard also! Maybe later in the year, after much angst which Aaron does so well, maybe he’ll start to unburden himself, maybe to a returning character… Flynn? 😉

        • Hi Shawn, I’m good, hope you are too.

          Aaron does do angst very well, no one does self loathing and misery like our Danny does and I too can see him being like that for a long while. How he gets over it eventually will be interesting to see.

          As for a returning character like Flynn coming along to help him, what a great idea. Why didn’t I think of that????

          • Haha brilliant 😉 but hey, Emmerdale bosses having that great idea? Since when have Emmerdale bosses had any great ideas???

            • Fair point. Maybe they just need a gentle shove in the right direction.

  13. so the absent hair look is here to stay then Paddy?

  14. Have just read some updated spoilers for next week and it mentions Aaron in tears.

    Aaron crying breaks my heart every time I see it. Next week will be even worse now if we have to witness Aaron cry. 😦

    • Hey Sharon was wondering where i could find these spoilers you read
      is there anyway you could let me know
      thanx 🙂

      • Hey Christa,

        The one about Aaron in tears was in a TV magazine but there’s also another website called which has spoilers on it and some really great pics too.

        Hope this helps 🙂

        • thanks alot sharon appreciate it 😉

          • You’re welcome! 🙂

    • Aww, Sharon, I think it’s time to buy some extra Kleenex at the supermarket this weekend! I know you hate to see our SLFM turning on the waterworks though I fear we’re fast approaching monsoon season!

      • Shawn, I agree, extra tissues needed from now until Jackson leaves I think.

        We haven’t seen our SLFM cry for a while so it’s no surprise really that we’re going to be put through the wringer again watching those tears falling, after all, no one does it better!!

        I’m sure the scenes and the acting will be great, they usually are when Danny has to cry but I’d rather see him smile any day.

        And let’s not forget Marc. I don’t think he’ll escape without a few more tears either.

        • You’re right, Sharon, I’d rather see them smile any day but after Jackson confesses that he still wants to die and Aaron legs it back to Whitby, it looks like the boys spend most of the week apart.

          Loved this week though, even minus ‘the proposal’. Loved Jackson and his confession for cider as a teenager and the boys and a fish on the boat teasing Hazel and of course, the skydive. Fantastic.

          • Hi Shawn, I wonder if we’ll see an episode a bit like the train crash episode where Aaron and Jackson talk, just the two of them about what they both want and feel.

            It would be very difficult to watch, I’d be a wreck from start to finish but it almost seems like it’s what they both need to do. Hazel needs to do one and give them some time on their own.

            • Sharon, let’s hope they do. They really do need to have an honest talk with each other without Hazel being a gooseberry, like she’s been all this week. Did you read the end of May spoilers on It says right at the end that in the following two weeks Aaron has a big question to ask Jackson. What an earth could that be??? My little head is going into overdrive!!

  15. Shawn, no, I haven’t seen them but you’re the second person that’s mentioned them to me.

    Surely, it couldn’t be “the question” could it? The one I’m sure we’d all love to hear him ask as long as Jackson’s answer is yes of course.

    Remember Marc’s words about their story being remembered for the right reasons??

    This is going to do my head in until I know what it is. Will emmerdale actually give us a relatively happy ending after all, well, as happy as it could be bearing in mind that Jackson will you know?

  16. Hi all

    Sharon, I was also wondering if Aaron was going to ask Jackson THAT question! But what else could it be? A very important question? Maybe Jackson does *** as Aaron’s civil partner/husband? That would be the only bit of happiness left to come. Ideas?

    Totally heartbreaking episode today, Monday. Smiles to begin with, then Jackson drops the bombshell, he stiil wants to die but said he loved them both so much. Despite Aaron’s attempts Jackson said it’d never be enough. So sad.

    And when Aaron lost it and grabbed Jackson from his chair offering to dangle him out of the window my heart was in my mouth! And Hazel standing outside with Aaron taking his hand saying “are you going to give up on my boy” and Aaron replying “he’s my boy too” just left me wrecked. At the end of the episode I needed a little weep! But it has to be said, totally amazing performances from Marc, Danny and Pauline.

    • Hi guys,

      Well, what an absolutely heartbreaking, emotional and moving episode. Those tissues I bought certainly came in handy and if this is an insight into what is to come, god help me.

      For once, the writing actually matched the brilliance of the performances.

      Shawn, that little scene between Hazel and Aaron with his wobbly bottom lip as he started to cry and them holding hands was so touching but I’d gone long before that, somewhere around Aaron apologising for not keeping his promise to change Jackson’s mind and begging for another chance.

      And don’t even get me started on the final scene at the train station.

      Amazing acting all round.

      By the time this story is through, I’ll be a complete emotional wreck.

      • hi Sharon and Shawn, I can only concur with both of you, I am in bits!
        Aaron’s “He’s my boy too” floored me aswell.
        As for Marc Silcock, I have to repeat myself, Emmerdale are total idiots to let him go.

  17. Hi Sharon and Keith

    I completely agree with you both, such a heartbreaking episode but it was so good I’ve just had to torture myself by watching it again!

    Sharon, we mentioned the other day that we didn’t think Aaron would go along with Jackson’s wishes but now, according to the spoilers, it looks like he does!

    • Hi Shawn & Keith,

      Shawn, you and me must have been separated at birth as I too put myself through the torture of watching the episode a second time. I’ve just looked at the spoilers despite saying I wouldn’t and had a thought about “Aaron’s question.”

      How about Aaron agrees to help Jackson if Jackson marries him first. I think I’m right in saying that so far no family member has been prosecuted for A/S so if Aaron is Jackson’s husband, it would offer him some protection. Aaron, on the other hand may see it as one last final throw of the dice in getting Jackson to rethink.

      I still don’t want to believe it until I see it though.

      Keith, four little words, “He’s my boy too” and they seem to have floored everyone. Just shows if the writing is good, you don’t need lots of words to make a point.

      Oh well, let’s see what tonight brings, can’t be as bad as last night can it??

      • Sharon

        I agree with you, think Aaron maybe proposing might be his one last ditch to get Jackson to change his mind or he just might be trying to make Jay as happy as he can before ‘it’ happens.

        ‘He’s my boy too’ and the second ‘I love you’ just make me cry like a baby too and the trembling lip whist holding Hazel’s hand – don’t even go there!!

        • Shawn, as we’ve said numerous times before, no one does misery and heartbreak quite like our SLFM. Once those blue eyes start to fill up, that’s me gone!! The other Danny Miller website has a pic of him from Monday’s episode, that little face looking so sad.

          According to the spoilers that I promised I wouldn’t read anymore, it says that Jackson wants to spend some quality time with Aaron and they try to enjoy the time they have together. Maybe we’ll get those scenes between the two of them that we were talking about after all.

          • Yeah, our SLFM has a habit of pulling at our heartstrings, doesn’t he? It’s so sad to watch some of these scenes but his performances just make you want to go back and watch again – oh the torture!

            I hope you’re right about them spending this quality time together but you and I both know from recent experience that the spoilers aren’t always that accurate.

            • Hi, I know what you’re saying about the spoilers, we’ve been let down so often in the past.

              From last night’s episode, though, Jackson really did seem worried about Aaron. For the first time in ages, he thought of someone else for a while and admitted how much he needs him and that he’s not going to lose him again. If Aaron does relent, as it appears he’s going to, then it would make sense for them to spend as much time together as possible, they do love each other after all as both of them have admitted recently.

              Last night’s episode didn’t have the same effect as Monday’s episode, wonder why?

  18. Has anyone else noticed that since the boys reunited we’ve seen more violence between the two than tenderness? This is the second time Aaron has lost his temper and grabbed Jackson.

    He’s yet to ever touch his face in a simple gesture of affection.


    • Hey, welcome back!! I thought you’d deserted us.

      Interesting that you picked up on Aaron losing his temper while the rest of us were just caught up in how heartbreaking the whole situation was.

      We were warned by Danny though that something would happen that would tip Aaron over the edge again soon. It doesn’t make what Aaron did right but I can see why he would do it. He’s tried so hard and nothing’s worked and it’s just pure frustration that he wants to help Jackson so much and there’s nothing he can do to make things better.

      So, now you’ve returned, will you be with us til the bitter end???

      • Hi, Sharon – I’ve been lurking about – just haven’t felt like I have anything to contribute.

        I’m not critical of Aaron – believe me, the acting has been superb. The writing…?

        • Hi Mark,

          So, I take it you’re not happy with the writing then. Some of it has been a bit woeful, I agree, but surely not the skydiving episode or Monday’s episode?

          • Mixed feelings, Sharon.

  19. Hi Sharon, Hi Mark

    Mark, you raise an interesting point about Aaron not touching Jackson in an affectionate way, only grabbing him in a rage. Maybe Aaron feels like he should lay off the touchy-feely stuff now that Jackson can’t reciprocate?

    Sharon, I agree that Aaron is just acting out of frustration because he refuses to believe the fact that Jackson wants to end his life. He just can’t and won’t accept this.

    Also regarding the writing, the tone has been very much up and down depending on who wrote particular episodes. Maybe one writer should just write for one storyline rather than one episode featuring several storyilnes. Would love Jane Pearson who wrote last Friday’s skydiving episode, to have written all of Aaron and Jackson’s storyline, keeping the same consistancy through out.

    • I agree, when I see her name, I know we’re in for a good episode.

      She writes Aaron and Jackson so well. She just seems to “get them.”

    • Shawn, Jackson’s disability and depression make touch all the more important. He needs physical reassurance that he is still wanted, loved and yes, desirable to the man who loves him.

      The physical distance between the two men, for whatever reason, makes it seem as if they aren’t in the same room sometimes.

      • Hi Mark, nice to have you back in our “fold”. The “physical distance” you speak of has always been a feature of their relationship. Even before the accident, Aaron has never been a “touchy feely” type. You can count the number of kisses in the past year on one hand! Even then, they have been pecks rather than snogs.
        As mentioned before, this is probably due to ED’s “prim and proper” approach to drama.
        However, I think that Aaron would now be trying everything to convince his boyfriend to live, including touching and kissing him!
        That said, Danny, Marc and Pauline are still turning in barnstorming performances. It’s like watching a car crash, you know you shouldn’t, but can’t look away!

        • Hi, Keith – I agree the acting is top-notch. The lack of any physical affection, tho’, throws this story right into sci-fi. A simple caress of the face wouldn’t scare the cows. Given the stakes – Jackson’s very life – I believe the hardest man would make an effort. We never see that onscreen.

          Just an observation, no speculation here. 🙂

  20. Hi Sharon, Keith & Mark

    Despite the fact that Aaron has told Jackson TWICE this week so far that he loves him, he’s doing sweet f.a. to back this statement up. A gentle stroking of the cheek whist looking into Jackson’s eyes would make this statement seem more believable.

    I know they’ve never had a touchy-feely relationship but with what’s happening now you’d think Aaron would be trying to offer as much comfort and SHOW him as much love as possible, making Jackson see just how MUCH he is loved.

    By the way, loved Aaron’s steely ‘this is not happening’ from the end of tonight’s episode and loving the stubble/beard situation 😉

    • Hi Keith, Shawn & Mark,

      Even I can’t defend Aaron’s lack of affection and believe me, I’ve thought long and hard about it, thinking of ways to justify it and the closest I came was that he’s just so caught up in the horror of the situation that he’s concentrating all his efforts into trying to prove to Jackson what he can still do with his life rather than showing him how much he loves him. Pretty feeble excuse though!

      He’s tried everything else and it hasn’t worked so surely he’s got to throw everything he can at Jackson now to show him how loved he is.

      I too enjoyed the glimpse of “Angry Aaron” again, nice to see that fighting spirit coming back.

      • Hi, Keith, Shawn, Sharon:

        Angry Aaron’s return was welcome. But combined with a stroking of the face, a steely gaze right into Jackson’s eyes – that would have lent the scene power and credibility and in theory is the kind of thing that would sway someone in Jackson’s state of mind.

        And we never see any of that. I believe anyone in Aaron’s situation would be practically climbing onto that bed to talk sense into Jackson.

        • Mark, I really do agree with you here but as we’ve said, this is ‘Angry Aaron’ we’re seeing right now. Angry first then softens after. Maybe we’ll see this next week, think they hinted in the spoilers that this happens on Monday?

  21. Hi guys, just wanted to give you the “heads up” that my “happier story – Chapter 5” is now uploaded. It will probably be the last one as it “finishes” things (you’ll see what I mean if you read it). Don’t worry, it is a happy ending!
    That’s more than we are likely to get from the real thing! Curses!!!

    • Thank goodness for you Keith. 🙂

      I look forward to reading it and I’ll let you know what I think. I’m sure it’ll be great!

    • keith
      i’m ashamed to say I haven’t read your stuff but would love too
      what’s it called and where can i find it
      is it on or…?

      • Hi Christa, my story is on, it’s called “Walking Back To Happiness” by ajfankeith. There are five chapters to read; I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to comment!

    • Aww, Keith, I read this earlier and loved it, you know how soft I am on happy Aaron and Jackson 🙂 Sorry to hear it’s the last chapter, you’ve really gone for the happy ending but you know me, I always want more of the happy stuff!

      • Hi Shawn, Thanks, as always, for your lovely review, you really do keep my inspiration going! I might continue; every time I think I’ve written all there is to write, I find some more! I keep thinking the well is going to run dry, or that the latest offering is not as good as the previous ones. So, as they say, watch this space!

        • Hi Keith,

          read your latest chapter and loved it.You always make my jaws ache when I read your chapters as I read them with a stupid grin on my face.

          I love reading about a happy Aaron & Jackson.

          There’s got to be more in that head of yours, hasn’t there?

          Pleeeeease 🙂

          • Hi Sharon, aww bless you! You make all the effort worthwhile (and you know all about the effort involved!)
            I’m sure there is something more in my head (most of it useless probably), so I’ll see what I can come up with! Wouldn’t want to disappoint my loyal fans! (Well, you and Shawn at least!)

            • Hi Keith,

              Yes, I definitely know all about the effort that’s involved!!

              I wrote a piece for later in my story after watching Monday’s episode when I was absolutely distraught so some good came out of the misery.

              Glad to hear that you won’t be disappointing us and a new chapter may be on its way sometime 🙂

  22. Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

    Hope you guys are well?

    You are both welcome for the comments I made regarding your stories. Both are very different but both are a joy to read, even more so knowing that they’ve been written by two of my best blog buddies and I’m happy in the knowledge that there’ll be more to come from you two.

    It’s just so nice to be transported away from the on-screen dire goings-on to a more happier place!

    • Hi Shawn and Sharon, As a little surprise (and I’ve surprised myself too!) chapter 6 of my story is complete. I uploaded it just before I saw the news about Danny winning best actor, so I will call it a “tribute” to him!
      Sharon: I know, previously, I have sometimes sung Marc’s praises ahead of Danny, but Danny’s current performances have been fantastic. He so deserves his award. Mind you, I would love to see Marc win something similar one day, I think Danny will have some competition there!

  23. Hi Shawn, Hi Keith

    Keith, wow, you’re a quick worker when you set your mind to something aren’t you?
    I shall have a read of it later, no doubt with aching jaws again from all the smiling that I’ll be doing!

    I’m over the moon that Danny finally got the recognition that he deserves for his amazing performances. He was robbed last year and it would have been a travesty had the award been given to someone else this year but I would say that wouldn’t I 🙂

    I also think that some of Marc’s performances have been outstanding and have said so on numerous occasions and some more recognition for his work would be great to see.

    I read that we will be seeing some tears from Danny at the awards ceremony, bless him, especially over Gavin Blyth’s special award and I bet there wasn’t a tearstick in sight! I’m looking forward to Wednesday night and seeing what his acceptance speech was like.

    Shawn, I always look forward to reading your reviews and like Keith said, reviews like yours make me want to keep going with it so thank you.

    • Hi Sharon and Shawn, Yes it’s wonderful that Danny has won the best actor award, especially one which is looked on as being a “big one” (next step, the Oscars?) I too am looking forward to the TV footage of the ceremony.
      Yes, Sharon, you’re right about me being a fast worker. I actually wrote the latest chapter this weekend! Once I get started, the ideas start flowing and I have to get it all down; I’m like a “dog with a bone” and have to keep going until I finish it! Even though I did re-writes for bits I wasn’t happy with (as you do), I still seemed to do it in record time! There was no point in hanging on before posting it and, after all, if I think of some more I can always write a further chapter.
      Shawn: don’t worry, Aaron’s nightmare was just a reaction to Jackson’s accident! I am committed to them being “happy”, that was the whole point of the story!

      • Keith, I agree with you, once I get an idea I try to get it all down in one go too and then go back and correct it or make changes. I like to keep going until it’s finished.

        That’s probably why I still have a college assignment to finish and chapter 7 was posted last week.

      • Hi keith

        Loved your latest chapter glowingly reviewed as per usual. Thanks for putting my mind at rest, glad they’re going to remain happy. I was wrong to doubt you for that second! Apologies. As if you’d put our boys through any kind of turmoil. Looking forward to some more Aarson happiness soon!

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