Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 5, 2011

Time to say goodbye?

Aaron’s devastated when Jackson admits

he has no will to live…

Aaron and Hazel had hoped that the optimism found on holiday would continue when they got home but, much to their dismay, Jackson is back on a downward spiral. He admits that he still feels as if his life isn’t worth living, and a devastated Aaron hotfoots it back to Whitby.

“Jackson always knew that this period of them showing him what he could do was going to come to an end, and that he was going to get back to reality,” explains Marc Silcock, who plays him.

Jackson tries to get hold of Aaron, who refuses to answer his phone. Meanwhile, Chas and Paddy wonder what’s going on when they find out that Aaron is staying in Whitby for another night.

When Aaron eventually returns, he can’t bring himself to talk to Jackson. The only person who understands Jackson is Hazel, who makes a massive decision to help her disabled son.

Paddy bumps into Aaron on his return and is shocked by the state of him. Aaron doesn’t call Jackson, and Hazel eventually finds him at work in the garage. She tries to reassure him, but Aaron can’t cope with what’s happening with Jackson – who, in turn, fears Aaron will have him taken into care.

He’s right to be concerned, as Aaron later confesses to Hazel that he’s contacted Social Services. Has he landed them both in big trouble?

These scenes air during the week beginning Monday 9th May 2011.


Monday 16th: Paddy pushes to find out what’s on Aaron’s mind.

Tuesday 17th: Hazel worries she and Jackson are under scrutiny when a social worker turns up asking questions about Jackson’s welfare now that Joe is gone.

Thursday 19th: Steve pays Jackson a visit with some good news – he and Annie are expecting a child!



  1. steve coming with good news doesn’t make me the least bit optimistic
    maybe it would have a few weeks ago but i think they are jjust buying time honestly 😦

  2. Is it me or when ever there’s anything good bad stuff always happen afterwards

  3. the time is coming too soon… i really don’t want him to die.
    what’s aaron going to do and hazel for that matter?

    • It’s just so horrible…if they assist with his death I have no idea what I’ll do with myself ;(

  4. *sigh* doom and gloom, doom and gloom 😦

  5. I really don’t want Jackson to die, i’ll miss his funny moments

  6. I’m prepared to say goodbye. The show hasn’t changed their plans or backed down from fans anger over it, so I’m just ready to see what finally happens.

  7. Yawn yawn yawn.Theyve ruined what could have been an uplifting story of a couple growing together and overcoming adversity in a tough but positive way,regardless of sexuality, and turned it into this depressing inevitablity pretending he will overcome knowing all along that he wont.In deciding that just get on with it instead of dragging it on and on and on and on until it irritates and you find yourself thinking “oh for gods sake just get on with it then”.Its such a shame that this couple has been wasted in this way.They could have been so much more.Ho hum i shant watch it so one viewer lost :-I

  8. Paralysed Man Walks After Special Implant

    Emmerdale writers wake up this dont have to end with doom and gloom all the time, there is to much of that in the real world. For once you could have a great storyline with Jackson have special implants 16 electrodes along his spinal cord.
    The electrodes fired tiny electronic pulses that mimicked the signals the brain normally transmits to initiate movement – a process called epidural stimulation.

    It would be amazing to feature a storyline like this instead of I want to die because
    i’m trapped in a body that can’t do anything. RUBBISH! there is always hope and things do work out.

    I know this is only a storyline for a soap but it would be good for once, if we had a
    feel good factor for once instead of Doom and Gloom.

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