Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 5, 2011

Video Preview: Skydive

At the airfield, Jackson’s excited about his skydive – but will Aaron have the nerve to go with him?

See the episode on Friday 6th May 2011, 7pm, ITV1.



  1. Can’t wait for tomorrow now 🙂

  2. Aww, bless, can’t wait to see this episode, been looking forward to it for ages! Hope it doesn’t disappoint.

    • and it didn’t!! well worth the wait 🙂

  3. Oh I almost cried that was brilliant Jackson cry broke my heart

  4. There’s a great behind the scenes video on

    You should take a look, there’s a very emotional Marc, no surprise considering he had just jumped out of a plane.

    Very sweet!!!

    • Sharon, confession time – I nearly cried watching him cry!! What a great little ‘making of’. It must’ve been emotional and you’ve got to admire him for doing it. What a lovely guy!

      I agree, tonight’s episode didn’t disappoint, unlike most of the week (the proposal), it was great to watch, I almost felt the same emotion as Marc just by watching him!

      • I know, he does seem like a really lovely guy.

        I got a bit choked up too, especially when he said that he saw Pauline and Danny welling up when he landed and that’s when the emotion of it all really hit him.

        He has my complete admiration for jumping out of a plane in the first place and then to talk about it so soon after as well. Top man !!

        • 100% agree. How are we gonna get by without him? 😦

          • I have no idea mate.

            He really will be missed when he’s gone. What an impact he’s made considering he’s only been in the show for just over a year. Although, never mind how we’re gonna get by without him, how’s Aaron gonna get by without Jackson?

            At least we’ve got youtube and the fanfic stories to go back to if we want to see him again.

            • Maybe now would be a good time for that DVD we were talking about to make an appearance, what do you think?

            • Hi Sharon

              Yeah, hooray for Youtube! I stiil think some of my favourite episodes are those earlier ones, like the first date/kiss outside Bar West. Jackson: “has anyone told you, you can be a right miserable prat?” Aaron: “yeah, all the time”. Brilliant! The fan fics are also great and a good destraction from the on-screen storyline, which as we know, is dire 😦

              Am also worried about Aaron post Jackson. Let’s hope they don’t lose DM too by neglecting him after the ‘Aarson’ storyline has played out. Definately would by the DVD, ‘The Aaron and Jackson Story’, if only Sharon. Maybe we should campaign to get one released?

      • Yeah the ‘proposal’ wasn’t even on

        • I know, what a let down.

  5. Hi Shawn,

    I was actually thinking about that very episode this evening, “How do I know you haven’t spat in this?” “You don’t.” Love it!!

    It goes without saying that I too hope Danny is not neglected when the Aarson story comes to an end. Mind you, there is supposed to be something big happening in September isn’t there so I guess it will be a case of watch this space.

    As for “The Aaron and Jackson story” on DVD, as we said before, which Aaron and Jackson fan wouldn’t buy it? A campaign to get one released sounds like a good idea to me.

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