Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 9, 2011

Spoilers: 16th – 20th May

Monday 16th: Jackson tells Aaron to leave, refusing to be watched every minute of the day. Paddy confronts Aaron about what happened in Whitby, determined to make him talk, but Aaron can’t bring himself to confide. Later, Jackson tells Aaron that he knows this is unfair on him, so it’s over between them. Jackson tries to say goodbye, but Aaron cracks and promises to stand by him.

Tuesday 17th: Hazel gets a shock when a social worker turns up unexpectedly, asking questions about Jackson’s welfare now that Joe has gone. Paranoid that social services are on to them, Hazel is defensive and tells her to leave.

Thursday 19th: Jackson and Hazel receive a visit from Steve and his wife Annie. Steve excitedly shares the news that Annie is pregnant and they’ve just had their three-month scan. They all go for a drink together to celebrate. Back home, Hazel bursts into tears as the reality of what lies ahead hits her.



  1. This is just all to much to take it’s dragging along a little bit after last night performance you get what’s happing next and how the storyline ends it’s a sad situation to watch

  2. Thanks for the spoilers. It’s going to be very painful, but it’ll be beautifully portrayed by Marc, Danny and Pauline.

  3. This is just going to get harder and harder to watch but the performances will be amazing.

  4. I lovee the spoiler for mondaay… when it saays he proomises to stand by him… I just found thaat super cute ^_^

  5. Omg I heard Aaron and Jackson are gonna get engaged

  6. Aaron and Jackson should so have a kid too!

  7. To be honest with what’s unfolding on screen this week, it’s too hard to even think about next week after what’s happened so far.

  8. Just watched tonight’s episode. Very bittersweet. Nice to see the lads say “I love you” to each other, but sad that Jackson still wants to die.
    Just watching this shows why Danny Miller won “best actor” at the soap awards.

    • The last few minutes of tonight’s episode had me hooked. I’m running out of words to describe their performances, I end up sounding like a stuck record.

      The best actor award definitely went to the right person this year.

    • Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

      The episode last night was so heartbreaking, the boys both saying ‘I love you’ to each other for the first time and Jackson’s plea of ‘come over here and kiss me’ nearly finished me off. Just so mesmerising to watch two young actors giving it their all. When something nearly breaks your heart like that, it must be good!

      • Couldn’t agree with you more Shawn. Jackson telling Aaron he had to let him go and Aaron asking for just five more minutes was heartbreaking.

        A friend of mine who’s not an Emmerdale fan texted me this morning to say she watched last night and cried the whole way through so it’s not just fans that are getting caught up in the emotion of it all.

        I had one of your “Just Say Yes” moments today. Went into a certain clothes shop and it was playing. Brought my mood right down, I felt really flat, I didn’t even buy anything even though they were having a sale!!!

        That’s not good 😦

        • Hi Sharon and Shawn,
          Sharon: interesting that a “non-Emmerdale fan” cried at that episode! It goes to show the quality of the acting!
          A bit disappointed tonight, one of those “treading water” episodes I feel.
          Anyway guys, “speedy Gonzales” here has written another chapter of the happy stuff (I need to do it with what’s on TV right now!) Be warned, this one is a bit “spicy”, if you get my drift! Ooh, Matron!

        • Sharon, it’s that bloody song! We associate it with a happy time in the boys’ story and when we hear it now it makes us all feel miserable with where their story is at now and where it’s heading.

          It’s like when you’re in a relationship and you have a song which you call ‘our song’ and then you break up and when you hear that song again, it’s a painful reminder of happier times and becomes hard to listen to. That’s the power of ‘The Aarson!’ Shopoholics beware 😉

          • Hi Keith, Hi Shawn

            Spoke to my friend at college last night and she was still singing the praises of the acting in Monday’s episode. She’s going to look at the “He’s my boy too” episode and let me know what she thinks about it. I told her to have plenty of tissues handy.

            I’ll read your story later, happier times for Aaron and Jackson work for me.

            Shawn, you’re right about “that bloody song”, it’ll never be the same again, it’ll always be associated with Aaron & Jackson and every time I hear it, I think of them, can’t help it. Still, it did stop me spending money yesterday on something that I probably didn’t need anyway!!

            • Hi Sharon and Shawn, I wanted to chip in on the “Just Say Yes” discussion. I know exactly where you’re coming from on this. I love the song (would you believe I didn’t know it before A&J) but, like you guys, it is tinged with sadness now when I hear it. Damn you, Emmerdale, for finding a song that matched the mood so well that night! I think we all need to replay that scene, smile, and try to forget the subsequent events!
              The spoilers are at it again, saying that Aaron is going to propose to Jackson! Seems like they’ve been reading my story (without the Jackson recovery bit!). Talking of which, Sharon, thanks for your comment on chapter 7. Can’t believe my original “one chapter” story is still running!

  9. I can’t believe that the TV Choice awards initial round of voting has put Danny and Marc in the same category. This should be interesting, divide some fans maybe.

  10. Keith, you’re welcome!!

    When I finally get around to sticking another chapter on, you’ll have to let me know what you think.

    • Hi Sharon, I will look forward to your next chapter. Have read them all so far; I don’t like to think of Aaron without Jackson so it’s actually quite sad to read it, but I like your writing style, you are very good. We both know the work that goes into writing a story, so well done so far!
      I watched the Soap awards programme tonight; nice to see Danny get his award (Philip Schofield described it as “one of the big ones”). The Emmerdale lot looked so excited, you’d think they’d all won it! I’m sure Danny is very popular amongst the cast.

      • Hi Keith, thank you for your kind comments.

        Believe it or not, I actually find it quite difficult to write my story as it is difficult to picture Aaron without Jackson but, as you know, Aaron is where my loyalty lies so it’s something I’m getting used to as I go along.

        I too watched the soap awards. Nice to see Danny get a standing ovation when he collected his best actor award, he seems to be popular across all the soaps, not just Emmerdale. Nice little tribute from him in the video to Gavin Blyth too.

        I’m sure Danny could read the Yellow Pages and if his voice cracked and those eyes of his filled up, I’d still be a wreck!!

  11. Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

    I’m back, sorry if it seems I’ve been a bit quiet fo a couple of days, I’ve been about!

    I’m finding it hard to believe Aaron is now accepting Jackson’s wishes to die, even though he’s not happy about it. He still seems to be hanging on to the hope that Jackson will change his mind, though I can understand he’ll agree to anything right now just to spend time with Jackson.

    Sharon, brilliant new chapter of your story. Angsty Aaron is back! I agree it is hard to read a story without Jackson but your story is so well written, it’s both enjoyable and engaging. Poor Flynn though!

    Keith, what can I say? You do the lovely fluffy stuff so well, I always look forward to your updates and I’m a sucker for a wedding! Though, did you know, your story has now disappeared from the fanfiction site? I read on here you posted a new chapter and luckily had it bookmarked so I could still follow it.

    As for the Soap Awards, I’ll say again, Danny so deserved his award, he really is an exceptional young actor and I really enjoyed his speech and his tribute to Gavin Blyth was very moving. Loved everyone on their feet when he won!

    • Hi Shawn and Sharon, Yes it was lovely to see Danny win his award. It was also very touching to see him present the late Gavin’s award to his widow. Did you notice how his speech faltered with emotion as he was talking about him? Bless!
      A pity that Marc was not nominated for anything (strange how many times Marc featured in the “clips” shown throughout the night). All due credit to Danny for winning best actor, but I feel part of this success is down to the “Aaron AND Jackson” story, so am still bemused as to why Emmerdale are ditching such a winning formula!
      Shawn: my story hasn’t “disappeared”! Due to the slightly more “adult” nature of the last chapter, I rated the story as “M”. I think the default usually shows ratings “K – > T”. If you go to the “rated” drop-down menu at the top and select “M” or “All” and hit the “Go” button, my story should still pop up on the list. Anyway, you have a way of finding it so that’s cool.
      Chapter 8 is underway, so it’s not over yet!

      • Hi Keith, Hi Shawn,

        Shawn, thank you again for the lovely comments. The next chapter is nearly done and should be with you shortly.

        I don’t think Aaron will ever fully accept Jackson’s decision but he knows that the only way to be with him is to go along with it. I too think he is still hoping that somewhere down the line he will change his mind.
        I’m a bit concerned at Danny’s comments after the soap awards where he said it was going to be both “beautiful and horrible at the same time.” Sounds to me like a/s is definitely on the cards.

        Anyway, I will probably be a bit quiet for the next few days. They say art imitates life. Well, I got sent home from work with a sore throat, earache and a temperature and now have tonsillitis, just like a certain someone in my story. How bizarre is that?? 😦

        Still, I suppose it will give me a chance to think about my story and put some more work in on it. Every cloud as they say.

        • Hi Sharon, sorry to hear you are poorly, get well soon poppet!
          I read the last chapter you uploaded, very well written as usual; I think you’ve missed your vocation! Should J K Rowling be worried?!

          Aaron without Jackson reminds me of some lyrics from a song (Barry Manilow, I think):
          If I should love again,
          If I find someone new,
          It would be make believe,
          For in my heart, it would be you.

          I, too, am not looking forward to the A/S storyline. As you say, with Danny’s comments, it sounds like that is where we are heading!

          • Thank you Keith, both for the comments about my writing and for the get well wishes. I don’t think J K Rowling or anyone else should be worried though.

            No doubt your chapter 8 will put a smile on my face. I can’t wait to read it. Another M rated one or not? I need to be forewarned you see so my innocent little mind can prepare itself 😉

            Those lyrics sum up Aaron without Jackson really well. How Aaron is supposed to get over all this is beyond me. He was screwed up enough before all this happened to him, bless him.

            • Hi Sharon, don’t put yourself down! You are a good writer, I said so and I’m always right! (I used to be conceited, but now I’m perfect!)
              I don’t know how Aaron will cope either. I expect we are in for a lot more “howling”, as Paul O’Grady called it!
              To try to cheer you up, I put the finishing touches to chapter 8, so it’s been uploaded for your entertainment. Don’t worry, there’s nothing in this one to frighten the horses (or sheep, as the case may be!)

            • Hi Sharon, Hi Shawn, just to let you know chapter 9 is up and running (can’t believe how quickly I finished it!)
              Sharon: the first two paragraphs are M rated (well, they are still making up!), but then it turns more romantic again.
              I think this will be the last chapter in this story but, if you want more of my astonishing literary prowess, I do have another idea for an Aaron story. So, as they say, watch this space!

  12. Hi Keith, thanks for the warning. I will read it as soon as I start to feel like a human again!

    Any story that has Aaron in it is a winner with me, as you well know, so consider this space watched.

    • Hi Sharon, and Shawn, thank goodness for reply buttons (though I think we’ll be vacating this thread fairly soon!)
      I hope you are on the mend, Sharon, you’ve been working overtime on the Aaron/Flynn story, haven’t you!
      Just to let you know I’ve started my “new” story: Aaron’s Lament. Like you, I’ve set this one “post-Jackson”, but Marc Silcock is still there (playing his third character in Emmerdale!) You’ll see what I’m getting at if you read it. I’ll see what feedback I get before I continue, though I do have ideas for more chapters.

      • Hi Keith,

        I’m wondering how long it will be before we’re kicked off this thread too. Me you and Shawn must probably have some sort of record for chatting on threads and then leaving them!!

        Thanks for the get well wishes, I’m getting there as they say and yes it has given me time to concentrate on my little story. I even have some chapters written for later on so don’t be surprised if two or three appear at once.

        I’m intrigued by your new story, and it’s not IF I read it but when, you should know me better than that by now 🙂

        • Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

          Hope you are both well? Sharon hope you are feeling better now? You two have been busy with your stories, haven’t you?? Am loving both of your efforts so much, I’ve been reading like there’s no tomorrow! Keith, I’m intrigued by your new story and before I read your comment on here, I actually imagined MS playing Jayson! Spooky.

          • Hi Guys,

            well, no work for me for the rest of the week, have been told to stay off plus with next week being half term, it gives me plenty of time to get better. I’m sick of this being sick lark now 😦

            Shawn, thanks again for the kind words about my story and Keith, I need another happy chapter to help my recovery. Any chance???

            • Hi Sharon and Shawn, Just broken off typing my story to post this! Yes, it’s coming soon, never fear!
              We’ll need it even more after June 7th!

            • Part 2 of Aaron’s Lament is on now. (See, Sharon, I’m so good to you, aren’t I?) I know you’ll be reading it, so I needn’t ask if you will!
              I hope you and Shawn enjoy this one, try to forget about June 7th.

  13. Hi Keith

    Thank you, just what I need to cheer me up. You are very good to me!! 🙂

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