Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 16, 2011

Pauline Quirke to leave Emmerdale

Pauline Quirke has confirmed that she will be leaving Emmerdale at the end of her current contract.

The actress will bow out from her role as Hazel Rhodes on the ITV1 soap at the end of the year, before starting work on a stage version of classic sitcom Birds of a Feather in 2012.

Speaking to What’s On TV about her Emmerdale future, Quirke explained: “They very kindly asked me to stay on until Christmas. And then next year I’m going to be doing a tour of Birds of a Feather – we’re going to bring Birds of a Feather back to the stage!

“We thought it was about time we resurrected us three old girls, so we’ll be doing a tour next spring. But I’m certainly going to be on the Woolpack steps until this Christmas.”

An Emmerdale spokesperson told Digital Spy today: “Pauline was originally due to appear for a year but extended her contract to the end of 2011, so there are many months of drama to come involving Hazel.”

Hazel is currently involved in an assisted suicide storyline on screen as she recently told her son Jackson that she would help him to die. Jackson has repeatedly stated that he no longer wants to live due to his paralysis.

Quirke starred in Birds of a Feather alongside Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph between 1989 and 1998.



  1. Bet shell get arrested or have a heart attack or somit… Poor Hazel

    Heard also on digital spy it’s unlikely aaron will have another relationship for ages.

    Hope Jackson isn’t forgotten in a few days. Depressed Aaron would really make a good storyline

  2. This is such a shame. A lot of Emmerdale fans have found Hazel to be a bit like Marmite – you either love her or hate her! I’ve always loved her and found her like a breath of fresh air in the show. She seemed to fit in straight away and I loved her relationship with Jackson.

    In recent months since the accident we’ve certainly seen Hazel put through the emotional wringer and I personally think the show has been lucky to have had such an accomplished actress in the show.

    It was enevitable that with the departure of Marc Silcock, she would eventually also leave. Emmerdale seems to be losing so many good characters this year, I just hope they know what they are doing losing such talented actors.

  3. Oh, I’m going to miss seeing PAULINE and MARC on my computer screen.

    Well, I’m prepared and ready (with tissue paper) for the unavoidable and painful end of Jackson.

    It also makes sense that Aaron will not put himself into another romantic relationship “for ages”. By Christmas, it’ll only be a couple of months after Jackson’s suicide. I don’t expect him to be at the gay club shaking what Chas gave him to attract other boys to his yard.

  4. Save Danny, Marc and Pauline’s storyline.

    Emmerdale could do this with this great award winning Storyline.

    Paralysed Man Walks With Breakthrough Surgery

    read full story in the proposel comments…….

  5. Thank you for an incredible story line with Pauline Quirke, Mark Silcock and Danny Miller. Emmerdale won’t be the same once this trio starts to fracture with the departure of Mark, all have made this show commpelling viewing over the last year.
    One of the sad departures along the way was Joe! I do hope they bring him back again after Jackson passes. It would be cool to see him angry at first with Arron and Hazel and then become a great ally for Arron when he see’s it was not what Arron wanted and helps him rationalize events.

  6. Oh its gonna be so sad when Pauline leaves!!! She brought in such talent and humour to the show!! I’m especially gonna miss hearing her say, “I said to myself, I said ‘Hazel'”. Hahahaha love that!!!

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