Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 17, 2011

BSA’s 2011: Red Carpet

The cast of Emmerdale hit the red carpet for the annual British Soap Awards, but who wins best dressed?

Tune into the show on Wednesday 18th May 2011, 8pm, ITV1.


  1. I am absolutely thrilled with this very good news. Danny deserved it. And this with portaying a gay man. Don’t get me wrong, he did a fantastic job, but people, there’s something going on!

    Ianto and Jack(Torchwood) are no more, soon Aaron and Jackson will soon be gone, Olli and Christian (Verbotene Liebe) has split up, there will be no more Kevin and Scotty (Brothers and Sisters), we hardly see Christian and Syed (Eastenders) anymore…. don’t get me started !!!

    What is going on??? Are we suddenly out of fashion ? Was it just a trendy thing this “gayness” on the different shows? Oi, don’t get me started on RuPaul’s Drag Race !

    What are your thoughts regarding this matter, it deeply concerns me ! What about you?

    • Hi Chris, with you on Danny’s award; very well deserved!
      I don’t watch any soaps apart from Emmerdale and Coronation Street, but I know what you mean about the portrayal of gay characters. For example, Aaron and Jackson could have been been written as a committed couple, living together happily just like any other couple; and what do we get? The worst accident imaginable followed by the demise of one character.
      Coronation Street have just reunited Sean with his old boyfriend Marcus, I will wait and see how long it takes for another tram to fall on Marcus’ head!
      I hear the British prime minister (some little twerp whose name escapes me!) now wants same-sex kissing banned until after the nine o’clock watershed! Are we living in 2011, or 1911?

      • It must be the latter because this sucks.

    • Oh you didn’t mention Deniz and Roman (AWZ) who have a cheating SL going on at the moment and Iolo and Alun (People of the Valley) who just split up after Alun left his wife.It’s like there’s a mission to get rid of all the gay couples on TV.

  2. Hi everyone,

    I could not believe what I heard about the kissing before 9 o’çlock !!! I believe that Britain has the worst financial debacle sinds the second world war, should’nt he be concentrating on that ???

    And Elsie, I’ve stopped watching Deniz and Roman a long time ago and as far as The people of the valley, don’t get me started…
    Gay (and the not so straight ) people are an integral part of society, damn , when will this be seen as something enriching the whole of society and not put as in between brackets. It’s the same as the coming out of sportsmen for instance. As an example to young struggeling gays, wonderful, but surely no straight will think of coming out to everyone about their sexuality !! Why must we ?
    Since 2000 we are able to marry in my country. No big deal, but look and listen to passersby who see this, one would think the circus is passing by.And put a gay person on tv they must be funny. Gay people are not clowns only ! We are normal people just loving and caring like anybody else…alas, it’s just the same gender that’s prefered!

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