Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 18, 2011

British Soap Awards: Video

Best Actor: Danny Miller

Special Achievement: Gavin Blyth

Aftershow Interview:
Danny Miller


  1. Aww, when Danny won Best Actor, he looked as if he was dreaming it for a second! The whole Emmerdale cast were on their feet, so made up for him, it brought a lump to my throat! And he was so quick to thank the late Gavin Blyth for giving him his break.

    Danny really did come across as a lovely lad and I think he was the right person to present the Special Achievement award to Gavin’s widow and was obviously battling to control his emotions. You couldn’t doubt his love for the man. And it was so deserving that Danny won one of the major awards of the evening. Good on him and long overdue.

  2. Danny Miller must really be a wonderful person in day to day life. If you watch the cast of Emmerdale as Danny’s name is announced, and then as he accepts the award, there isn’t a cast member that is not genuinely pleased and excited for him. The entire cast looks like they’re so proud of him. Bravo Danny! It’s one thing to win, its another to have that much love and approval from your mates. I couldn’t be more happy for him and I’m now a much bigger fan.

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