Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 18, 2011

Spoilers (30th May – 3rd June)

Tuesday 31st May: Aaron struggles not to confide in Adam.

Thursday 2nd June (7pm): Jackson insists on going to a friend’s engagement party.

Friday 3rd June: Bob worries about Hazel.




  1. I knew Aaron would propose 😀

    • im soo happy after reading this…. so much love for him 😀

  2. yay i knew that stare at Ashley’s collar had to mean marriage
    and thus solving the mystery of the missing scene on the holiday
    if they would have shown aaron thinking it was a joke maybe it wouldn’t have fit at all

    but i doubt we’ll get exactly what hope for
    but i still can’t wait because the writing and the acting have been top notch

  3. Can’t wait to hear more about this whole proposing thing 🙂 The writing and the actors will deliver an impressive performance no doubt 🙂 x

  4. WOW!!! I’ll reserve my comments until i see it.

  5. Mmm, apparantly Aaron gets the idea of the proposal after Jackson goes to an engagement party, though Jackson seems to rebuff this idea, but these spoilers aren’t exactly renound for being 100% accurate, are they? Though I did hear a rumour that the week before he left Marc and Danny had been filming at a registry office, so you never know!

  6. I’d love to see them get married, a little bit of happiness for them and us viewers before the end.

    • They don’t though heard Jackson dies on 7th june

      • Correct. The marriage of AARSON doesn’t happen and Jackson will commit suicide, with the help of Hazel and Aaron.

        Tragic all around, but for the folks who read spoilers, we knew about this for over 5 months.

        I’m sad, but I know that Marc, Pauline and Danny will not disappoint with their portrayals.

        • It says in a magazine that Aaron and Hazel did the wrong thing at the wrong time.
          I’m thinking Jackson maybe gets some feeling back on his death bed

          • No, Jackson will still be paralysed. Nice, but wishful thinking, Chicky.

  7. All this doom and Gloom with the ending of this storyline which if the writers of Emmerdale want a winner about the Two , Think about this

    Paralysed Man Walks With Breakthrough Surgery! ! !

    A man who was completely paralysed below the chest has been fitted with an implant that allows him to stand, and even walk on a treadmill.

    Electrodes placed next to Rob Summers’ spinal chord also gave him voluntary control of his hips, knees, ankles and toes.

    American Mr Summers, 25, broke his back in a hit-and-run accident in 2006 and was unable to move muscles below the injury, though he retained some feeling.

    Scientists at the Kentucky Spinal Cord Research Centre surgically implanted 16 electrodes next to his spinal cord.

    The electrodes fired tiny electronic pulses that mimicked the signals the brain normally transmits to initiate movement – a process called epidural stimulation.

    After several months of training, Mr Summers was able to stand, taking his own weight, for up to four minutes.

    By using a harness for support, he could take repeated steps on a treadmill.

    The researchers say the technique needs to be tested on more paraplegic patients to confirm that it works.

    Mr Summers said: “This procedure has completely changed my life.

    “For someone who for four years was unable to even move a toe, to have the freedom and ability to stand on my own is the most amazing feeling.

    “I believe epidural stimulation will get me out of this (wheel) chair.”

    The scientists believe Mr Summers’ spinal cord combined the electronic pulses with balance signals returning from the legs.

    Together these have helped to direct the muscle and joint movements needed to stand and step.

    Researcher Professor Reggie Edgerton said the spinal cord is “smart”.

    “There’s evidence that what the brain does when we want to walk is give the general instruction to the spinal cord to walk and lets the spinal cord take care of the details,” he said.

    “So if those details are built into the circuitry of the spinal cord, then we need to provide the signal to tell the spinal cord to walk.”

    The scientists hailed their experiments, which are published in The Lancet medical journal, as a “breakthrough”.

    The research was part funded by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

    Superman actor Christopher Reeve was paralysed in a horse-riding accident in 1995 and died in 2004.

    Susan Howley of the foundation said: “It’s an exciting development. Where it leads to from here is fundamentally a matter of time and money.”

    Sorry about this, save Marc Silcock a great actor.

    Emmerdale writers rethink your storyline and you good have a great award winning adventure with this.

  8. Last Post was for Gavin Blyth ( R.I.P ) because he was daring man and took chances and if he know anything about this storyline, He would of gave it some
    thought to it.

    • I agree with you 100%. I have even written a story based on this idea (as have other people), so I’m sure such a story would go own well on TV, judging by the feedback I’ve received!

      But, I’m afraid Emmerdale seem to be fixated on a “shocking” storyline, plus they only gave Marc Silcock a six month contract and extended it to a year. How they can let Marc go is beyond me, especially as he is the equal of Danny Miller (Aaron) who won “best actor” at the soap awards.

  9. Emmerdale would beat all the other soaps if they did a story like this,
    they should pull Marc back and do a really good storyline with real true facts
    and show paralysed people that they have got hope and not an easy way out.
    Its just a shame that the writers are not to bold to take a chance on this. Other programmes have changed their storylines. It just makes me laugh that Marc Silcock did do a really good year of acting and it brought Emmerdale right up there
    with a story and then they just let him go. What a waste. All the other sideline storylines are boring and most of the other storylines are based around Aaron and Jackson storyline.

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