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Spoiler Pics (30th May – 3rd June)

Monday 30th: At the pub, a bored Rhona persuades Marlon to let her help clearing tables. At the same time, Adam pushes for Aaron to open up to him when he notices that he’s distracted.

However, when things get heated between them…

…it’s poor Rhona who gets caught up in it as she’s knocked to the ground.

Marlon is furious when he realises that Rhona has been injured and snaps at Aaron…

…who storms out just as Rhona starts to feel contractions.

Tuesday 31st: Adam finds Aaron hiding out at the cricket pavilion wracked with guilt. Adam assures him that Rhona will be fine before spilling that he’s been sleeping with Ella.

Wednesday 1st:  Aaron struggles to hold things together.

Thursday 2nd: Jackson insists on going to a friend’s engagement party. As they return home, Aaron becomes emotional and suggests to Jackson that they could get married too, as he wants everyone to know how much he loves him. However, Jackson says no, assuring Aaron he has nothing to prove.

Friday 3rd: Hazel tries to make Aaron see that they should enjoy the time they have left with Jackson.



  1. the random friend popping up just annoys me
    because the whole time they’ve been on this storyline
    none of jackson’s “Friend’s” made much of an effort to come in see him
    before he was paralyzed he seemed to always be in a group
    then all of a sudden he doesn’t have a good enough friend that would take a day to visit but now he’s invited to their engagement party come on now

    sorry i’m just cranky because it all coming to an end don’t mind me all be over here racking back and forth in the corner til it’s over lol

  2. COME ON jackson don’t do this to us
    I would love a ceremony 😦
    but then again how would aaron ever be able to let him go after that kind of commitment

  3. I would love a ceremony too, some sort of happy memory for Aaron to have when Jackson’s gone.

    The next couple of weeks are going to be so sad 😦

  4. Not surprised that Jackson turned down Aaron’s proposal of marriage. Thanks for the photos.

  5. Marriage? Are u kidding me? Uh I can’t even bring myself to kiss u, touch your face, hold your hand, or for that matter touch u AT ALL…..however I love u soooooooo much much I want to marry u…this storyline is DOING MY HEAD IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. it going to very sad for aaron qnd jackson and hazel

  7. Mmm, some good points raised here. We haven’t seen any of Jackson’s friends since well before the accident (apart from that time at Bar West when Hazel gatecrashed) and he hasn’t expressed any interest in seeing them and now he wants to go to a party frown by one of them? I don’t buy that. Though maybe now he knows he’s going to die, maybe he’s changed his attitude?

    As for Aaron suggesting they get married; I can understand that because they go to an engagement party and he gets emotional but his lack of affection towards Jackson recently has raised a few eyebrows. This makes me think either Aaron wants to make Jackson as happy as possible in his final days or it’s his last attempt to change Jackson’s mind about ending his life.

    Though it doesn’t look like there’ll be a proper proposal, just Aaron making the suggestion. Hardly romantic. Jackson dismisses the idea but I heard the boys were filming at a registry office just before Marc left so I’m a bit confused.

    Spoilers; you can’t live with ’em, you can’t live without ’em 😉

  8. So, 7th June is the day then, the day “It” happens. Cue plenty of tears and heartbreak all round.

    • Hi Sharon and Shawn, well, now we know for certain! June 7th. Was so happy last June, now so sad this June! I, like you, have been so caught up with Aaron an Jackson that I will miss them as a pair like crazy! The other storylines are so boring that I will only continue watching to see Danny acting, but even that won’t be the same without Marc being there. This whole thing sucks!

      • Hi Keith and Shawn

        I will miss them as a couple too, and even though Aaron has always been my favourite, it won’t be the same without Jackson. As long as Danny’s there, so am I, but if he should go, then I can’t really see myself carrying on watching.

        I’m just wondering if there will be any music involved, what song they will use so we can’t listen to it ever again without thinking of the two of them just like Just say Yes.

        The tissues are in stock, ready and waiting.

  9. Hi Sharon, Keith

    I can’t believe they’re still going down the assisted suicide route! I kind of drew the conclusion that the a/s would be talked about but then Jackson would fall ill and die as a result of this. This is god awful no matter how ED try and praise this storyline. Flynn was lucky to get out alive, even though he disappeared in a puff of smoke!

    • I know, it’s grim isn’t it? I was convinced they wouldn’t go through with it either.

      Still I suppose Danny’s comment about it being “Beautiful and horrible at the same time” should have been a big enough clue.

      Also, can’t quite marry up Marc’s “Aaron and Jackson’s story will be remembered for all the right reasons” with assisted suicide.

      • Sharon, I agree there are clues I suppose but I’ve given up trying to disect everything. Even the spoilers do my head in now.

        I’m trying not to think of ‘that’ episode at the moment, just thinking ahead nearly starts me off!

        • I know, I’m trying not to think about it either. I genuinely don’t know how I’ll be able to watch it but I will because it’s Aaron & Jackson, simple as that.

  10. Oh dear, Jackson’s little speech at the end about Aaron was very moving as was seeing Jackson cry.

    Very emotional stuff.

    • Hi Sharon

      Yeah, agree, great performance from Marc. I just wanted to give him a big hug!

      And you know it’s going to get even more emotional. Think I’m going to clear the supermarket out of tissues ready for next week!

      • Good luck with that, I might have just beat you to it!!

        • Hi Sharon and Shawn, Well, what did you think of last night’s episode? As mentioned before in other quarters, it is strange how Jackson’s mates have been conspicous by their absence since the accident and now invite him to a party! Not only that, how many parties take place in the middle of the day? This all seems to have been a heavy-handed way to get Aaron to propose to Jackson; and even that was more of a “suggestion” than a proposal! Sorry to nit-pick, but I can’t help feeling the whole thing could have been much more realistic, not to mention romantic!
          I will continue to watch because it is Aaron and Jackson, but I do feel they are being given sub-standard scripts to deal with at the moment. But then, so is everybody in this soap currently: as for Adam and Ella; please; get a room! (preferably without any cameras!)

          • Hi Keith and Shawn

            I agree, don’t know of many engagement parties that take place in the middle of the day and if it was the middle of the day, why was the venue so dark? Jackson said he wanted to spend some more time with Aaron but then couldn’t wait to get back home where they wouldn’t be on their own because Hazel’s always there.

            His recorded message said how much he loved Aaron and how special he was to him yet when he gets the chance for it to be just the two of them, possibly for one of the last times, he was more interested in using the opportunity to see his mates for the last time.

            It seems to me that, from the moment they had Jackson say that his mind was made up and nothing would change it, they just seem to want to be in a rush to get it over with now. I feel sorry for Danny, Marc and Pauline, they are not working with the best material, but their performances can’t be criticised.

            oh and before I forget, Keith, hope you have a great holiday, will speak when you get back.

            • Thanks, Sharon.
              I do totally agree with you. They seem to be “in a rush” to get it over with! It would have been nice if, a few weeks ago, they had come up with the proposal idea and actually had a wedding. But, I suppose they would have needed to show a lot of kissing and we all know Emmerdale’s thoughts on that score! In their twelve months together, I can count Aaron and Jackson’s kisses on one hand (well, probably two hands if I’m generous!)
              Anyway, in a week’s time when I’m back, A&J as a couple will be no more; SOB! 😦

  11. Hi you two!

    I think it’s just the writing again that lets everything down. Great episode on Tuesday with Aaron and Adam and then on Thursday, an engagement party in the afternoon? And then a rubbish proposal! No romance or anything, just Aaron basically settling it?

    • I liked the episode with Aaron and Adam too. It was nice to see Aaron smile again and those two do work well together.

      Next week will be the acid test as far as the writing, performances and everything else goes. I will have to watch Tuesday’s episode later as I will be at college when it’s broadcast. Probably a good thing, I can stop it and compose myself and go back to it without having to watch it all in one go 😦

      • Hi Sharon

        Yeah, it’s going to be a tough old week coming up. I’m in two minds if I’m going to watch ‘it’ or not on Tuesday. I know it’s going to be upsetting and I know it’s going to move me in a way I never thought a soap could, but I still feel that Jackson’s demise is in very poor taste. I just hope that there’s a twist right at the very end and Jackson dies some other way. Not that I want him to die at all obviously.

        I think the scenes between Aaron and Adam have been the highlight for me this week, with some brilliant banter going on between the two friends and it was so nice to see Aaron not only smile but laugh too. I really hope Adam will be the friend that Aaron will need ‘afterwards’.

        Loved the scene at Bar West where Aaron and Jackson reminisced about when they first met there. It brought back memories of their first date to me. Aaron’s proposal wasn’t as it was hyped up to be but then he was ever going to get down on one knee, that’s not really Aaron, is it? But I think his reasoning for it to Jackson was romantic, “I love you Jackson and I want to show everyone just how much”. Aww.

        • Hi Shawn,

          Next week’s episodes will be very difficult to watch. According to an interview Marc gave, the final two episodes with Jackson in them will be “pretty horrific and we tried to make them that way.”

          It’s not something that I will enjoy watching but I can’t not watch it either if you know what I mean. I’d like more of Adam & Aaron too, god knows Aaron will need his friend more than ever.

          The scenes at Bar West were lovely and there’s no way Aaron would do a hearts and flowers proposal, it’s not him although like you said, his reasoning behind what he said was lovely.

          Have you got those tissues yet cos I think we’re going to need them 😦

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