Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 25, 2011

Spoilers (6th – 10th June)

Monday 6th: Jackson spends the evening in the company of his family and friends at the pub.

Tuesday 7th: Jackson’s Tragic Goodbye. The story reaches its climax for Jackson, but it’s only the beginning for Aaron and Hazel.

Wednesday 8th: Hazel calls the police as Jackson planned, while Chas and Paddy desperately search for Aaron.

Thursday 9th (7pm): Hazel feels the full force of the law. Cain accompanies Aaron to the police station.

Thursday 9th (8pm): Hazel feels the condemnation of the village. Meanwhile, struggling to cope with Aaron’s grief, Chas falls back into Carl’s arms.

Friday 10th: Aaron and Hazel face the horror of what has happened.




  1. Awww can’t believe how close jacksons death is !

  2. Now it’s nearly here, I still can’t believe this is actually happening. Gutted doesn’t even begin to convey how I’m feeling. Almost feels like losing someone from your own family *sobs*

  3. Sorry, everyone, hard days ahead. We’ll all muddle through this.

  4. This story has been handled so fucking horribly, how selfish could Jackson be… Hazel will be going to prison for a very long time…

  5. I agree, this storyline was done soooooo wrong!! I’m not sure if it’s b/c of Gavin Blythe’s death that they completely lost focused or what? They NEVER seemed to have developed Aaron’s and Jackson’s relationship to where it would be BELIEVABLE they were in love..MATES…yes NOT boyfriends. ED claims the suicide assisted storyline was not for publicity,ratings,etc….then what was it for? Clearly it wasn’t a message for hope. If anything ED is promoting if ur not happy with your life then u should just end it. Aaron can’t deal with being gay so he tries to commit suicide, NOW Jackson can’t cope with being handicap, so he engages his mother and bf in his suicide. If ED were going to go this route, the least they could have done is had Jackson go through intensive therapy b4 having him give up on life. OMG it hasn’t even been a year since his accident!!! I could better accept this if it had been a couple yrs since his accident and there still had been no change however it’s only been a couple months and who knows with technology now a days, there could be some kind of spinal cord break-through. Sorry excuse my banter, I’m just bloody angry!!!!!!!!!!

    • I couldn’t agree more. You and me are not the only ones who are angry over this fiasco. What could have been not only a great gay storyline but also coping with a catastropic injury storyline turned into biggest piece of crap I have ever seen. The only thing that has kept me tuned in is the fantastic acting skills of Danny, Marc and Pauline. Otherwise, I would have turned this off a long time ago.

    • Yeah there just doin this to get ratings

  6. it going to be sad poor aaron and hazel

  7. Can’t believe thaat Tuesdaay after next, Jackson will die, I have a feeling I’m gonna be in tears afterwards ><

  8. I dont think I should watch Tuesday’s episode at work.
    Would be hard to explain to people why excel spread sheets make cry

  9. I agree with you all. I think Emmerdale bosses have got this storyline so completely wrong. I know it’s a soap and soap = drama but they could’ve shown this story in a positive light. People can live with a disability providing they get the right support and not all same sex relationships are doomed.

    I think ED bosses should have:

    1. Let Jackson regain the use of his upper body at least.

    2. Showed Jackson receiving professional help for his depression.

    3. Shown Aaron being more affectionate towards his boyfriend.

  10. Agree with everything that been said.

    Having read the interview with Steve November and Stuart Blackburn I am not entirely sure if they are seeing the same thing on screen that we are. They keep going on about the purpose of the story which I am at a lost to know exactly what it should be.

    If I was the Producers, storyliners and writers I would actually be hanging my head in shame at the mess they have made of this story.

    With the way things are going in Emmie at the moment, the constant axing etc and the dreadful storylines. I am quite happy that Marc has left, my only hope is that he gets something else fairly soon and he is better treated that he was on Emmie.

    I actually fear for Danny Miller now, the TPTB are turning him into the Stacey Slater of the Dales and that will not be a good thing.

  11. I know everyone is upset about how the story is ending, but thats just the way it is sometimes. not every story can end in roses and gumdrops. some people cant cope with a life altering experience like full paralysis. jackson was one of them. sure they could have made them a little more lovey dovey, but would that have been realistic with jacksons depression? aaron will find another dude, and move on cuz thats life.

    • I understand that life can be grim and tragic and hopeless, and I accept them in stories, but only under believable circumstances.

      Jackson’s depression hasn’t been handled realistically; that’s half the problem people have. His strong desire to die just doesn’t come across as believable because he hadn’t actually taken the real time to explore other options of life – he hasn’t shown any desire to get better, to improve himself in other ways – I don’t think this is true to Jackson’s character. Despair is a lot more sensible when you feel like there is no way out of the deep dark hole you’re sunk in, but that hasn’t been portrayed here at all. I two fiercely loyal people by his side. This is a strong positive in anyone’s life and has to count for something. Jackson’s desire to die simply put is a plot element that has been forced on us. We are just told to accept it just like that. This is why it rubs us the wrong way.

      Jackson had a very strong reaction to Aaron’s own suicide attempt. I know he is in a much worse state physically than Aaron ever was but I would have expected much more conflict between his desire to live (which has essentially been absent since the car crash) and his desire to die based on just his distaste for what Aaron tried to do. But nope, he’s all calm and collected, ready to die and ready to create black holes of gut wrenching guilt and sorrow in the lives of the people that love him (and that he is supposed to love back). I don’t think this is who Jackson is, but that’s just my own opinion.

  12. I’m dreading seeing this actually happen.

    They could have done so much more with this story had they only had the guts.

  13. Still debating on whether to tune in for this one. Maybe I’ll catch it on Youtube as I’ve been doing with the recent episodes anyway. I am really disappointed with the way this storyline has been handled. I think I’ll give Emmerdale my usual long break of non-watching once Jackson is off it. Don’t think I can take more of this macabre, senseless plot and I can somehow envision Aaron sinking into somewhere dark, lonely and utterly depressing. What am I to gain from watching that?

  14. this story is not exemplary for the gay and handicapt people, because for example a handicapt person will see this and say ok jackson suicid himself than i will do it too

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