Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 30, 2011

Poll: ‘Emmerdale’ Theme Tune

Here are two versions of the new Emmerdale opening titles. The first includes the newly re-worked theme tune, whilst the second has been replaced with the old theme. Have a watch, then vote in the poll below to tell us which one you prefer.





  1. I prefer the old one as in the one we had last week I don’t like either of them

  2. To be honest I do like the old theme but I do like the new titles. But this is the first time, so I’ll get used to it.

  3. I like the Old theme better, the Old theme fits the new opening titles. Have to say I don’t like the new one, music that is, but the video for it is good something different

  4. I like the new titles better. It’s really interesting to see the sets and gives a better idea, I think, of what Emmerdale is about- the characters and village life. The old titles were awful. Emmerdale is about more than fields and farming. But I hate the new theme. The high-pitch is totally wrong and it really grates on me. They did the same to Corrie too- made it really high-pitched and annoying. The new titles plus the old theme- love it.

  5. I’ve just watched the first one again and now I think about it, the new theme will be really out of place with all the dramatic stuff coming up. The theme for before the ad break is far too irritating and sing-songy for after the cliffhanger scene between the two episodes. The old theme makes a bigger impact.

  6. The new theme seems to be done at a pet level…dog/cat…maybe if they could choose a different “taller” animal like a cow or horse?
    And it is the people that make the village and they showed barely anybody…What are they thinking or better yet what are they drinking…?

  7. The new title sequence is OK, but I preferred the “old” theme tune to go with it.
    It doesn’t bother me either way, as after they have split Aaron and Jackson, I will lose interest in the programme!

  8. I think the new theme tune and title sequence is Absolutley Awful. Bring the old theme tune back that everyone loves…..

    • Couldn’t agree more, Helen, it’s dire!

  9. It’s just weird! The theme used to be in compound time with the quavers grouped in threes, but the new arrangement keeps the rhythm pretty much unchanged, instead grouping the quavers in fours. This results in a ghastly syncopated screw-up of the melody with awkward stresses, played on a horrible cheap-sounding synth string lead to add insult to injury.

    The piece no longer flows, and there’s an absurd 2/4 bar thrown in for no good reason: the melody adheres to this change in time signature, but the bass line goes against it. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with two musical ideas fighting against each other and it can be very effective if done well, but this definitely isn’t such an example!

    The harmonic rhythm no longer works either. The final four bars (i.e. the final Ic, V, I cadence) sound really at odds with the rest of the piece, perhaps because it’s so drawn out. The dominant pedal is held across three full bars, but the pace at which changes of harmony were occuring earlier on in the piece was once a bar or sooner.

    Very, very strange indeed! It’s just awkward to listen to and makes me laugh/cringe whenever I hear it. It sounds like an intoxicated GCSE student whipped it together one evening using a 1990s synthesiser and a cracked copy of Logic. It’s one of those pieces that probably makes much more sense if you listen to it whilst on drugs…

    • Yes.
      I really couldn’t have put it better myself !
      [all I could say was that it sounded all jolty & disjointed].

      I’m wondering if the music has been specifically changed to be more of a match for the sponsor’s jingle.
      The old arrangement & the jingle never really did ‘get on together’, but now they are as bad as each other, they sit more easily side by side.

      The new logo looks like one of those plastic strips that you punch your name onto & stick on your stuff so that no-one will nick it.
      It only serves to say “Stay out, this isn’t yours.”

      Thesed new titles are such a contrast to the gentle swooping across the countryside & down into the village of the old titles, which felt so inviting.

      All in all – this is pants !

    • Nice to see another musicians take on the new theme.

      As you said, the bass and harmonic rhythm make it very awkward sounding, it’s almost as the bass was composed for an entirley different version. I can appreciate what the composer has tried to do but it just doesn’t work in this case.

      The fact that this was approved is frankly an insult to those who compose very good sync work for lower profile commisions. I know that most music for syncs is usually commissioned and adjudicated by people who have no musical experience and for the most part I think this works well as you can get very creative breifs that speak in human terms. I personally enjoy working off words and phrases such as “middle of the piece evoke a rapidly flowing stream”…I can get into that and work with that idea as it doesn’t place any musical constraint and gets right down to what the feel or timbre of the music should be.

      I wonder how long this one will last?


    • I totally agree with Casey – I have a musical background and since the new theme has been used, I just cannot grasp the rythm at all!!!! it drives me absolutely nuts, so much so that I turn off the music and turn the sound back on when the acting starts!!! crazy crazy rythms!! all disjointed and horrible to listen to! that’s why I don’t !!

  10. New tune is rubbish

  11. It would be interesting to see if ITV take any notice of these complaints. I for one might not just mute the title sequence, but the whole programme.

  12. New theme is a cheap taccy imitation of the old one, do not like. Does not match the theme of the programme at all. ‘If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it’. Given the choice I would vote for a return to the original 1980’s version.

  13. A theme tune should be instantly recognised and tunefull. The new version is discordant,offensive to the ears and anything but tuneful.Since we first heard it we now scramble to hit the mute button on the control. After over 20 years of watchingEmmerdale this may be the end for me

  14. I am not alone!

  15. Every time I hear the new tune appear, I run up to the TV and stick my ear close to the speaker and try (again) to ‘tune-in’ and ‘get’ what the whole of the new arrangement is supposed to be, having failed to grasp it the previous time.
    But I still haven’t managed it!
    As T Ron has explained more technically, one bit sounds like there’s been a digital glitch resulting in a ‘needle-jump’ effect, and in other parts it sounds as though the original main tune and the original underlying ‘wash’ harmonies have had DIFFERENT chunks of time chopped out of them, so that the harmony is just plain wrong against the tune (reminds me of the time one guitarist in my group was playing the chorus while the other was playing another verse -live!).
    As I say, I repeatedly try to ‘receive’ the thing as I PRESUME the new arranger intended, but keep failing, which makes me wonder whether the new arranger was actually a musician or just someone wielding a mouse, deleting half-bars at random?
    Bizarre, dizzying, and perplexing.

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