Posted by: Kimbaforeva | May 30, 2011

Spoiler Pics (6th – 10th June)

Monday 6th: Jackson spends the evening in the company of his family and friends at the pub.

Tuesday 7th: The story reaches its climax for Jackson, but it’s only the beginning for Aaron and Hazel.

Wednesday 8th: Hazel calls the police as Jackson planned. Chas and Paddy desperately search for Aaron.

Thursday 9th (7pm): Hazel feels the full force of the law. Meanwhile, Cain accompanies Aaron to the police station.

Thursday 9th (8pm): Hazel feels the condemnation of the village. Meanwhile, struggling to cope with Aaron’s grief, Chas falls back into Carl’s arms.

Friday 10th: Aaron and Hazel face the horror of what has happened.

No further details will be announced for this week’s episodes.



  1. In a way I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle this but I’m mostly dreading it 😦

  2. Poor poor Jackson. Indeed, a tragic goodbye. I still can’t believe they are writing out such a popular character in such an unpopular way. There has been such an uproar amongst us fans about the climax to this storyline but apparently this ending was mapped out from the very beginning when Jackson was first introduced and this was never going to change, despite our protests.

    I’m going to try and separate the heartbreaking performances from Danny, Marc and Pauline, from the actual story and just concentrate on this and be moved by this rather than be upset by the end of our Jackson.

    R.I.P. Jackson, you’ve been amazing and we won’t ever forget you.

    • I am deffo gonna cry

    • Hi Shawn,

      I can only echo your sentiments:
      “R.I.P. Jackson, you’ve been amazing and we won’t ever forget you”.

      Jackson will live on in my memory too, mainly due to the brilliant performances by Marc Silcock. I’m sure he’ll go on to bigger and better things.

      By the way, is Aaron growing a beard as a “tribute” to his boyfriend?

      • Hi Keith

        100 % agree with you regarding Marc. Bigger and better things becon. Definately Emmerdale’s loss.

        Yeah, think Aaron is taking over the bearded look. Liking it, though Marc does pull it off better!

        • Hi Shawn and Keith,

          I just want the 7th June to be over with now. It’s going to be very difficult to watch plus I haven’t even thought about the aftermath yet. There’ll have to be a funeral, won’t there and you know my thoughts on that, plus whatever happens to Hazel and Aaron too.

          Not overly impressed with the bearded look, I prefer just stubble!!

          • Hi Sharon,

            I agree with you, love, I’m dreading it and want it to be over but I have to admit, we have three amazing actors here and I am looking forward to seeing their equally amazing performances on the night.

            Also had a thought. The funeral. I woulldn’t put it past ED’s bosses to make it June 17th, the first anniversary since Aaron and Jackson first ‘got together’. How tragic would that be??

            Agree also, there would be weeks of emotional stuff to follow. We’ll all be wrecks by Chritmas!

            Think Aaron and Hazel will be ok though because didn’t Jackson record a video on his laptop for the police saying it was all his own idea?

            • Hi Shawn,

              A funeral on June 17th, now that would be really cruel wouldn’t it? Like you, I wouldn’t put it past them.

              Yes, I’m sure the performances will be amazing from everyone involved, they haven’t let us down yet.

              Jackson did make some sort of recording but I’m not sure if that’ll help Hazel & Aaron legally. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

              Think I might need a trip into the world of Fan Fiction to cheer me up. Care to join me??

  3. wow they definitely look like they are enjoying themselves can’t wait for the misery

  4. i love the new banner, really sad and eary… the photos above look kind of like promo… we could have a possible advert for next week… all in all they has been good… and, possibly Marc Silcock could be up for best exit at next years BSA…

  5. Hi Sharon

    I’ll be there, want to share to taxi? “yeah, Fan Fiction please mate”. Brilliant destintion for escapism.

    • Hi Shawn,

      Yeah, I’ll definitely share that taxi, no problem. Safer than travelling alone!!

  6. it going to be sad i an going to cry going to miss jackson x

  7. :Throws furniture around in room. Drop to my knees and screams out in utter anguish (like Marlon Brando):


    Thank you, Marc Silcock for bringing Jackson to life, even for only a little while.

  8. Another gut-wrenching performance by Marc Silcock tonight. Had a lump in my throat watching him as Jackson, recording his video message to Aaron.
    How can Emmerdale let him go? If I were in charge of that show, I’d keep him ahead of most of the other actors (with the exception of Danny, of course).

    • Hi Keith

      I agree, I’d happily just watch Aaron and Jackson and nobody else in Emmerdale! Thank heavens for youtube!!

      There something so engaging about Marc and Danny, especially when they’re doing the emotional stuff. I too had a lump in my throat. I always have to torture myself and rewatch the episode, the performances pull me in that much!

      I know how you feel about losing interest after Jackson’s exit. I’ll probably still watch to see what happens to Aaron but with obviously less interest minus Jackson. Hope you keep watching too. Will miss all the blog banter otherwise 😦

      • Hi You Two

        Very moving scenes tonight when Jackson was recording his message for Aaron and the crying afterwards too. Heartbreaking.

        Just paid a visit to 17th June last year to cheer myself up.

        • Hi guys,
          I will be a wreck next week!
          Don’t worry Shawn, despite my protestations, I will still watch Danny after Marc’s exit (can’t let my ‘blog buddies’ down, can I?) But it won’t be the same when ‘Aaron AND Jackson’ are no more!
          Like you, I will be watching tonight’s scenes again when I’ve girded my loins! (Followed by a large dollop of June ’10).
          Oh, for those halcyon days!

  9. Its strange… I was looking on the official Emmerdale website yesterday and they listed Aaron and Jackson as “one of the most popular couples in Emmerdale history”

    Sad that they continued through with the storyline

  10. Paddy’s little speech was very moving, nearly went there, HATE seeing Aaron so miserable, he seems to have lost all his spirit, he looks completely defeated, a broken young man, very ,very sad right at the end with Hazel pleading and Jackson asking for one more night with Aaron.

    I’m dreading tomorrow night, don’t know how I’ll cope.

    • Hi Sharon

      Totally agree, poor Aaron, it’s gonna be so hard on him but I’m looking forward to some amazing performances from our Danny over the coming days. I hope he wins ‘best actor’ at this tears NTA’s and Marc wins ‘best exit’.

      Will be out when this airs tomorrow but will watch it later so don’t worry, Sharon, I’ll be here to give you a big online hug!

      • Hi Shawn,

        I’ll be out when it airs too, I’ll be at college, so will watch it when I come back.

        Thanks for the offer of the online hug, I’m so going to need it!!

        I’m sure, like you are, Danny’s performances will be amazing, he’s such an incredibly talented guy and I’m sure there are more awards on their way for both him and Marc.

        • Yeah, let’s hope so! Will report back here tonight, if I’m still able to function after ‘it’ has happened.

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