Posted by: Kimbaforeva | June 3, 2011

Spoilers (13th – 17th June)

Monday 13th: Hazel tearfully watches Jackson’s final video message with Aaron, but is later hurt when Ashley refuses to conduct the funeral.

Tuesday 14th: After Hazel informs him of Ashley’s decision, Aaron angrily confronts the vicar.

Thursday 16th: Chas has a proposition for Aaron.

Friday 17th: Rhona wonders whether Paddy really wants to be with her following an argument about Aaron’s decision to move out.


In anticipation of next week’s episodes and the climax to Jackson’s story, click here to read an interview with Emmerdale’s executive producer Steve November and series producer Stuart Blackburn, who explain their reasons and methods in tackling this controversial storyline.



  1. Why wont ashley do jacksons funeral???? Strange

    • it has to do with the way jackson dies apparently

      • Oh course…

        I remember now it’s supposed to be a sin to commit suicide

        • its only a sin the catholic church not the church of england

  2. OMG Jackson dies next week???

    And the story seems to quickly divert from him to other matters.

  3. I hope Ashley has a change of heart. I know he has his beliefs but Jackson deserves the biggest send off imaginable. And a good p*** up in the Woolpack!

  4. Most churches today are enlightened enough to understand that refusing to bury a suicide victim only hurts the survivors. Unfortunately, Ashley doesn’t seem to be very Christian.

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