Posted by: Kimbaforeva | June 6, 2011

Spoiler Pics (13th – 17th June)

Monday 13th: Nikhil tells Chas that he’s there for her if she needs a shoulder to cry on, but he’s disappointed by her reaction. Chas is scared that Aaron will end up in prison and is hostile towards Hazel when they see each other. However, Hazel snaps that Aaron is stronger than she’s giving him credit for. Later, Bob helps Hazel to go back into Dale Head and comforts her when she breaks down. Aaron arrives and he and Hazel tearfully watch Jackson’s final video message to them.

At the same time, Ashley has been worrying about how to talk to Hazel all day. When she arrives at Mulberry Cottage to discuss Jackson’s funeral arrangements, she’s hurt and confused when Ashley tells her that he’s empathetic with her situation but can’t condone what she’s done and won’t carry out the funeral himself.

Tuesday 14th: Ashley tells Sandy and Laurel that he can’t condone what Hazel and Aaron did but will arrange for another vicar to take the service. Aaron is angry when Hazel tells him and confronts Ashley, but is stopped by Hazel. In the pub, Chas defends Aaron’s outburst, saying that Jackson deserves to be buried by his vicar. Later, Hazel tells Aaron that she’s afraid of going to prison.

Thursday 16th: Aaron agrees to think about Chas’s suggestion that he moves in with her, but Paddy isn’t keen over the idea.

Friday 17th: Paddy feels terrible when Aaron explains that he’s in the way at Smithy and thinks moving in with Chas is a good idea. When Paddy arrives home, he tells Rhona and Marlon that Aaron’s moving out and Rhona has finally got what she wanted.



  1. Awww poor Hazel she used to be so happy and jolly emmerdale have just ruined her character

    • Yeah agree, really feel for her especially. I mean she’s lost her only son and now has no one, only Aaron but he’ll be coping with his own grief.

      I think Ashley is a right bastard for refusing to bury Jackson and Rhona is a bitch for feeling glad Aaron’s moving out. Paddy should give her her marching orders.

      • Just read somewhere else that Aaron makes an emotional speech about his boyfriend that may change Ashley’s mind and , lets face it, could you refuse a tearful, emotional Aaron cos I couldn’t.

        • Hope you’re right, Sharon. No matter what he believes, he’s still a vicar at the end of the day and has a duty to bury the dead and offer comfort to those who mourn.

          • Couldn’t agree more, mate. well said!!

  2. I heard Aaron can’t go to the Jacksons funeral cause he’s being questioned by police

    • Thaat sucks big time! If he wants to go, surely they will let him, I mean, burying youur boyfriend! Thaats harsh enough!

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