Posted by: Kimbaforeva | June 7, 2011

Interview: Marc’s Goodbye

Marc Silcock chats to following Jackson’s departure…

What has been the highlight for you of your time in Emmerdale?
I think there are two highlights for me – firstly getting to work with people like Dominic Brunt, Mark Charnock and obviously Danny and Pauline. I have learnt so much from them all. Also, a massive highlight for me was when Gavin (our late Series Producer) told me I was going to be doing this storyline. My contract was extended at the middle of last year and he sat me down in his office and told me this was what he wanted to do with the character. Gavin asked if I wanted to do it or not and I asked him if he thought I could. He just said ‘I wouldn’t be wasting my time otherwise’. I think that’s the highlight of the year and a half at Emmerdale.

What was the biggest challenge about playing Jackson?
I think when I was starting out on the tetraplegia storyline it was the practical side of it – keeping still and monitoring movement and trying to emote something on-screen when you can’t use nine tenths of your body. It took time to figure out a way I could give a performance without moving and to give a performance trying to be true to someone in that situation. I was so aware that if I twitched or moved my shoulders or anything, then eight million people would have been saying I wasn’t doing my job properly.

Have you enjoyed playing the character?
It’s been an unbelievable 16 months, the best 16 months I’ve ever had working. I came into Emmerdale and was welcomed in and got to work with some fantastic people. You learn so much working with them. It’s been an absolutely unbelievable experience and a great environment because everyone supports each other so much. I’ve really loved it.

Did you ever imagine the character and his relationship with Aaron would be taken to the hearts of viewers so much?
No, it never entered my mind. I thought I was there for two or three weeks to help Aaron along and that would be the end of the relationship. The great thing was that the two characters were never stereotyped – they were two characters who just happened to be gay. I think that’s why people took to them because they’re just two ordinary lads.

What has been the secret behind Jackson and Aaron’s popularity as a couple?
Gavin explained in so much detail what he wanted from the characters and the relationship, so it was laid out for us what we needed to do. Danny and I also talked about how we were going to play it and decided we’d mess about and make fun of each other on-screen. We spent a lot of time talking about how we could play a scene or make something funny, so hopefully that makes Aaron and Jackson feel real as a couple. I think everyone can relate to the two mates they see on-screen, it just so happens that those two mates give each other a kiss at the end of the night.

How did you feel when you were first told about Jackson’s accident and how the storyline would end?
I heard I was going to get hit by a train and I thought – well what a great way to go at the end of my six month contract. But then Danny, Pauline and I were told what was going to happen afterwards which was a big shock. I thought I was just being Aaron’s boyfriend, I never expected to be given this story, I didn’t think I was doing a good enough job to be given it. Thankfully I was given a massive amount of support throughout filming. I realised it was a huge storyline and I took it very seriously.

What research did you do personally for the storyline?
It was so important for me to speak to someone. There are lots of ways to deal with anger, love and hate but unless you’re in Jackson’s situation you could never know what it is like. So we went to Pinderfields hospital and I met a guy by the name of Lee who had just had an accident. He had no reason to come and talk to me but I’m so grateful he did. I asked him everything and got so much from that one meeting. I read a few books too, including some written for carers because you don’t realise how much goes into being a carer, what has to be done and checked. Emmerdale put together a pack of information for me with letters from people in that situation, explaining their story too. I spent a lot of time with Andy Walker (playing Steve) on set too and he was great, explaining details to me.

Which scenes or episodes stand out to you from your time in the show?
There are two scenes that stand out for me. The scene where Aaron tells Jackson that he’s paralysed and will never walk again, and a more recent one that was at the end of the Whitby week, a scene with Jackson and Hazel at the train station. They were both very simple scenes, not much happening really, no-one moves anywhere or argues. In the scene with Hazel, the word suicide is never mentioned. Jackson just says ‘you’ve got to help me’. They were both so beautifully written. The subtlety meant that those words weren’t needed, we could show the horror and desperation without them.

Were your last episodes difficult to film? How did you approach/prepare for them?
We were so busy beforehand filming that I didn’t look at the final scenes until we did a read through at the beginning of the block and it was really the night before filming that I looked at the scene properly. It was three pages long and we had five hours to film it, which is unheard of. It meant we had time to through it in so much detail, so that by the end of the rehearsals we knew exactly what we were going to do. Everyone took it incredibly seriously. We usually mess about and have a laugh on set but it was the quietest I’ve ever heard those studios in the entire time I’ve been there, because we knew what it meant. We ensured it wasn’t beautiful – it is horrific, because it’s a horrific thing. Some people might have liked to have seen soft music in the background and for Jackson to slowly drift off to sleep. But that’s not reality and not what happens. We didn’t want to glorify it for one second. You see the love between the three of them in those scenes, which is beautiful, but what happens is not beautiful in any way. Of course some people will like it and some people won’t and that’s fine. I just hope people will see what’s gone into those episodes and I hope people don’t break that connection with Aaron, Hazel and Jackson. I hope they feel it and put themselves in that moment. We want people to ask themselves what they would do in Hazel and Aaron’s situation.

Did you find it difficult switching off from such an emotional storyline?
You don’t have time to take it home with you because when you get home you’ve got nine scenes to learn for the following day and two monologue video diaries to film. You have to be able to switch off otherwise you wouldn’t last very long. Now that I’ve finished filming I do watch and think I could’ve done that scene better. Of course it’s been difficult to film emotionally but at the end of the day I get to stand up and get in my car and drive home and that’s a lot easier than being in that situation for real. I’m very, very lucky.

Will you be watching and following the aftermath for Hazel and Aaron?
Definitely. I really want to see what’s going on, especially to see what Danny and Pauline will be doing. It will be great to see the aftermath and watch it as a viewer without being involved and self-critical.

What’s next for you? What would be your dream role?
I’d just like to carry on working. I’ve had a great experience at Emmerdale and I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve learnt that the job of acting is not just turning up and getting paid to be on telly. I’ve learnt that you have to put the work in to get it right. I really do love being in soaps, I love the speed of it, the variation of storylines and the different characters you get to work with. But any job that stretches me or feels like a challenge would be great. I’m open to anything that’s interesting and needs work – a character that gets people thinking. I’m waiting to see what comes up. I’m an actor and I’m resting, just like all the other millions of unemployed actors out there!

How do you feel about being nominated as Best Actor at the TV Choice Awards?
It’s a great thing to be nominated and put forward for. It’s great to think people are recognising your work. Obviously it would be lovely to make the shortlist and great to win but I’m up against loads of people who have had such a great year. Of course it’s nice though, to know that the effort that I’m putting in has been recognised.

What do you feel has been your biggest achievement at Emmerdale, what are you proudest of?
Gavin said to me, people are going to remember this for a very long time. I really hope so. When you’re there and doing it you don’t really get the time to take a step back and realise how many people are watching. My 16 months have gone really quickly and the studios have become my second home. But I’ve learnt so much about so many different elements of the job and I’m very thankful.



  1. Will miss him but he has been amazing, this spolier page is fantastic as are your efforts uploading the episodes Interviews for everyone THANK YOU

  2. I am going to miss Marc so much…. He has done an amazing job in emmerdale and now Pauline and Danny will takeover for the aftermath….. Its gonna be so upsetting not being able to see him everynight 😦 RIP Jackson Walsh x 😥

  3. Dear Marc I have been so moved by the whole Jackson Aaron storyline throughout the last 16months I had stopped watching Emmerdale but you and Danny had drawn me back in. I have been rooting for both of you in and out of character I watched in tears tonight as the scenes were played out but more than that I was absolutely mesmerised by the quality of the acting skills of yourself and Danny Two young people little more than boys really but so in touch with your feelings Excellent work Well done I am going to miss your cheeky face I will continue to watch Aarons character develop because I so admire Danny even though I am old enough to be his Granny Good Luck in all you do You both deserve TV Baftas just for tonights episode Best Wishes Brenda Wilkinson

  4. Wishing him all the best in future endeavours. Don’t worry, even though I don’t agree with the way this story arc ended, I will NEVER forget it.

  5. What a great interview, thank you, Jon for posting it. Marc comes across as a very likeable and switced-on young man, I actually forget sometimes he’s only what, 22? Us fans will not forget Jackson Walsh or Marc Silcock in a hurry. I hope he goes from strength to strength.

    • Hi Shawn,

      That hug you were offering, I could really do with it right about now if the offer still stands.

  6. no one on TV has ever got to me like Aaron and Jackson has. I’m gonna miss them as a couple, Aaron won’t be the same without Jackson.

    • 100% true. I really never expected to be so sucked in like this. I know I suggested not watching this after Jackson’s departure, but my heart is now saying otherwise. I am way too connected to Aaron as well to just detach myself from the whole thing. And yet I don’t see many happy days ahead for Aaron and Hazel. Ugh 😦

      • Me either but I’ve spent far too long watching to give up on Aaron now. I need to see how this all finishes and see Aaron with a smile on his face again, hopefully sometime this year!!

        • Hi Sharon / Magicpaint

          I agree with both of you. I think we’re all in above our heads now with this storyline to simply stop watching because Jackson is no longer on screen.

          Obviously we all feel the same – that never before have two characters and their story grabbed our attention and our hearts and refused to let go.

          It feels like we’re there in Emmerdale mourning Jackson ourselves but I definately want to see what happens with Aaron and Hazel too so I’m in it for the long haul. The only time I might stop watching if Aaron/Danny was to leave, God forbid.

          • Hi Shawn, glad you’re in it for the long haul too, we must be either gluttons for punishment or eternal optimists, what do you reckon?

            As for our Danny, I don’t know what I’d do if he were to leave. It’s bad enough losing Jackson but Aaron as well, I sincerely hope not.

            • Hi Sharon

              Gluttons – it has to be! I think you and me both secretly love to be put through that emotional wringer. The more tears the better, eh? Danny Miller, eat your heart out!

              Also hope he says on. I think he will. I mean, he’s now one of the main stars of the show!

              Also Sharon, any thoughts on what happens in September? Remember it was mentioned a while back, that Aaron would face another turmoil then? I’m hoping Flynn comes back on the scene and Aaron tries to fight his feelings for him. Hmm. Sounds like a good idea for a story 😉

  7. Wow. Marc’s amazing smile always gets me. I wish him all the best.

  8. Hi Shawn,

    No reply button so I’m down here.

    You obviously know me so well now, I think gluttons too!! Me and you can both give Danny a run for his money in the crying department but do we look as good as him doing it?? Speaking for myself, the answer is a definite no!!

    I think they’ll do their best to keep Danny on the show for as long as possible but what else can they do to poor Aaron? I know, here’s an idea but it’s a bit of a strange one. Why don’t they give him a happy story, something that makes him smile instead of cry for a change?

    September – well IF Aaron is charged with murder, it could be the trial, that would certainly involve turmoil and the time frame would probably be about right. However, I would love to see Flynn brought back too, as a friend to start off with, to help Aaron sort his head out, have a laugh with once in a while and see how things develop. As you say, great idea for a story, wish I’d thought of it 😉

    Speaking of which, new chapter should be with you soon, it’s been difficult to get my head around it this week but I had an idea today which I will work on and update hopefully by the weekend.

    • Hi Sharon

      Yeah, I’m the same as you, no way do I look good when I blub. Quite the opposite! Danny could do a scene wearing a bin bag and still be gorgeous 😉

      I think a trial might be possible. I can’t see ED bosses wrapping up this storyline any time soon. As for the happy Aaron story? Can’t see it no matter how we wish for it! Aaron/Danny does the angst and tears so well they’re always going to play to his strengths.

      I’m hope they bring Flynn back soooo much! He’d be just what Aaron needs. Hope the powers-that- be read this!

      I’m glad you’re continuing with your story. I know it’s probably hard to get inspiration right now so your efforts are extra appreciated. Can’t wait to read it!

  9. Hi Shawn,

    I know, it’s not fair is it? Danny’s a lucky guy, talent, good looks, adoring fans, what more could he want apart from maybe to be able to smile on screen once in a while.

    I know he does angst really well and they will always play to his strengths but can’t he cry tears of happiness instead? The visual effect would be the same just with a nicer story behind it.

    It would be great if the powers that be took some notice of what the viewers want. Who knows, Flynn may then reappear, Aaron could smile again, there would still be lots of angst for Aaron while he tries to move on and everyone gets what they want 🙂

    • Hi Sharon

      Tears of happiness (for a change) from Aaron as Flynn reappears and Aaron tries to fight his emotions. Lots of tears (of joy) from Aaron and lots of ‘sorry’s from Flynn! 😉 Yes please!

      • Sounds good to me too Shawn!

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