Posted by: Kimbaforeva | June 7, 2011

VIDEO: Jackson’s Goodbye

So tonight was the night we finally said goodbye to one of Emmerdale’s best loved characters, Jackson Walsh. If you missed tonight’s episode, or perhaps you’ve mustered up enough courage to re-watch it, then you can see the whole thing below. Once your done, click here to rate the episode in our new poll.


If you’ve been affected by Jackson’s storyline, contact The Samaritans:
Phone: 08457 90 90 90 (UK)
or visit:


  1. Still crying think blood vessels in my eyes have burst 😥

  2. I am not going to say if it was the right thing to do or not, alli a am going to say is what good acting!!!!!!!! Top marks to the three of them!!!!

  3. Standing ovation to Marc, Danny and Pauline…!!!…

  4. That was the most horrific episode of any soap I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure that’s how I want it… Well acted though.

  5. It was bad. I had trouble eating my dinner, and to anyone who was eating their dinner bad timming, guys.

  6. I. am still reeling from seeing this…. what to say… Marc, Danny, Pauline, a very silent bravo,,,

  7. Absolutely heartbreaking. I just loved him. Didn’t want him to die. Danny Miller is such a great actor as is Silcock. Gonna miss that couple alot. Well done Emmerdale. Brilliant.

  8. That was the most horrific yet heartbreaking thing I have ever sat through. Still crying now, twenty minutes after I stopped watching. I don’t know what to say apart from the acting from Danny, Marc & Pauline was phenomenal as always and congratulations to Emmerdale for showing how horrible the reality of assisted suicide actually is.

    • Aww, Sharon, sending you *big hugs*. How heartbreaking was that?? It was quite horrific to watch but so compelling at the same time. I’m also glad they showed how brutal a/s is. There was nothing beautiful about this outcome. Feel numb now. Can’t believe Jackson is no more. R.I.P. Jackson.

      • Hi Shawn,

        Thanks for the hugs, really needed them!!

        It was compelling viewing, didn’t want to watch but couldn’t take my eyes off it either.

        have just about calmed down and stopped shaking now. What a state to get in over a TV show.

        • Hi Sharon, hope you are ok now?

          The boys were right – horrific and beautiful. The story, horrific and the performances, beautiful. I was gripped. I didn’t want to watch but like you said, you just couldn’t NOT.

          I really was moved and upset by this and it’s only a tv programme!! This storyline really has gotten under he skin. Poor Jackson. Glad he’s out of his misery now. If only the same could be said for Aaron and Hazel!

          I have to admit, tonight’s episode isn’t one I’m likely to watch again. It’s just too painful.

          • Hi Shawn,

            Woke up this morning still feeling flat but yes, I’m ok thank you. How about you?

            This story appears to have got under everyone’s skin.thanks to Danny & Marc’s performances. Shame for Hazel & Aaron that their misery is going to be long & drawn out. Like you, I probably won’t watch this episode again, far too painful and the spoilers for the week after next, if they can be believed, are just as bad.

            Aaron arrested for murder and stopped from going to Jackson’s funeral? Come on. just how much more misery can they heap on him?

            • Hi Sharon.

              Yeah, I’m ok now, thanks. Though I have to admit, I was still feeling a bit numb today. I actually felt like I was grieving for a loved one (which I was I suppose). Honestly, those boys!!

              I have to admit, Sharon, before tonights episode, I rewatched last nights again. I love to make myself bloody miserable! I just had to watch it one more time.

              Yeah, the spoilers. Are they for real? I know they are meant to arrest Aaron but do you think they charge him? And he can’t miss Jackson’s funeral surely?? Let’s hope the spoilers are wrong.

              Also a while back, Jackson instructed Aaron and Hazel to hand the laptop to the police ‘after’ but yesterday he told them to keep it safe. I’m confused. If it’s got his statement on it surely that’s evidence that it wasn’t murder?

  9. Big hugs for everyone. Tough to watch. Incredible acting and direction all around.

    “You changed my life.”
    “Please don’t forget me.”

    As if that were ever possible.

  10. Hi Shawn,

    Glad you’re ok now too. What are you trying to do to yourself watching last night’s episode again? Was it any easier second time around? Mind you , having said that, I haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet. I’ll watch it tomorrow, I just felt like I needed a breather!

    According to some different spoilers, he is supposed to be charged with murder and he does definitely miss the funeral but I’m so hoping they’re wrong. They can’t have Jackson’s funeral without Aaron, it would just be so wrong. I’m confused about the laptop too because he definitely said to hand it in to the police and now he wants them to keep it so I don’t know what’s going on because, like you say, with Jackson’s evidence of consent, surely that can only help Hazel & Aaron.

    I was left speechless this morning when a girl in my class who’s 6 greeted me with this first thing:

    Do you think if I speak to God nicely and say please and thank you that he will look after Aaron and make him happy again because he’s sad that his friend in the wheelchair died yesterday.

    Now there’s a question???

    • Hi Sharon

      Erm, no it wasn’t any easier watching ‘that’ episode again. I still blubbed. I just had to watch it again.

      As for the spoilers, who knows? I still haven’t forgotten the so-called ‘proposal’ in Whitby! Apparently Jane Pearson is meant to be writing the funeral episode so Aaron has just got to be there! And as for the laptop – I’m glad I’m not the only one confused!

      And as for girl in your class, aww
      Hope Aron will ebe ok

      • Hi Shawn,

        I know, she’d obviously been given a simplified version of events but even so.

        If Jane Pearson is writing the funeral episode, Aaron will have to be there and we will be left wrecked by the words she puts into his mouth coupled with Danny’s performance. She always writes so well for him and used to for Jackson as well.

        Should be an episode not to be forgotten in a hurry.

        • Hi Sharon

          I really don’t know what to make of these damn spoilers. As Aaron would say, “my ‘ead’s mashed”.

          I can’t see that they would have Jackson’s funeral, with all the emotion and tears and then have Aaron not be there. He’s the king of tears! That doesn’t make sense to me, especially with Jane Pearson writing. She just gets Aaron’s angst so well. Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves, as this is a fortnight away.

          • Hi Shawn, You’re right, the spoilers have misled us so many times in the past we should know better than to believe anything they tell us.

            I can’t see a funeral taking place without Aaron, he has to have the chance to say a final goodbye. No one cries like Danny does, it’ll be TV gold.

            Mind you, poor old Adam’s shed a few tears over the last couple of days too. Two young men crying in the same week, I’m in pieces!!!

            • Haha, me too, Sharon! All these tears this week – and they reckon there’s a water shortage??

              I’m thinking regarding Jackson’s funeral – Aaron will be charged but will have them dropped when he goes to court and will race back just in time to the church. Also Ashley will have a complete u-turn and will conduct the service. What do you think? Wishful thinking?

  11. Hi Shawn,

    With regards to the funeral, I think Ashley will have a u-turn and conduct the service. Didn’t he and his wife lose a child a while back, ok in different circumstances, but maybe he’s reminded of that and, along with Aaron’s pleading if the spoilers are to be believed, changes his mind. Also, I think it might be a last minute arrival with a race to get there on time but Aaron will get to go to the funeral.

    The wishful thinking bit may be the charges against Aaron being dropped. I have a feeling it will go to court but he’ll be acquitted. Remember how successful the last court scenes Aaron was involved in were?

    Anyway, whatever happens, I’m looking forward to more of the same excellent performances from all involved. I’ve really enjoyed Aaron’s scenes with Cain & Adam. I also like how the writers have been putting different views across through different characters like Ella saying she wouldn’t be brave enough, Paddy understanding but not able to understand getting Aaron’involved, most people blaming Hazel while feeling that Aaron was used by her, all very interesting, very clever.

    • Hi Sharon and Shawn, I’m back my beauties, had a lovely week away (apart from last Tuesday evening, of course!) I’ve just been catching up with your comments, comforting to know you’ve been suffering as much as me!
      I’m still adjusting to Emmerdale without Jackson. I still hate the new title sequence, probably because I associate it with Jackson’s demise!
      However, it will be interesting to see how the Aaron/Hazel story pans out, so I’m still in there with you guys!

      • Hi Keith, Welcome back!!!

        Glad you had a nice break and are back with us for the rest of whatever happens to Aaron and Hazel now.

        Yes, we’ve definitely been suffering with more to come I’m sure so I’m pleased to hear you’re still in there with us. Looking forward to talking to you again.

  12. Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

    Welcome back Keith! Yay, we’re all back together, the three Aaronateers!! Ooh, look at us, we’re just like three Emmerdale obsessed cronies sitting at the back of the Woolpack!! Ooh, did I sound camp then? I knew that sherry was a mistake. Blimey, I’m doing it again! Sorry. I am actually big and butch. Hehhh (big caveman growl).

    Anyway, sorry, where was I? Keith! Hope you had a good holiday mate. You’e caught up then on all the emotional s*** we’ve been through this week. It’s been hard.

    Sharon! Hope you’re right about the funeral and it comes right in the end. Looking forward to seeing further amazing performances from Aaron and Hazel (Aarzel?) and from Jackson beyond the grave, blub. Where is that new box of Kleenex?

    • Hi guys,
      Tonight’s episode was very moving. That scene with Aaron playing the video of Jackson saying “I love you” over and over has got to be one of the saddest scenes in this story so far; knowing that Jackson is gone and can never say it again.
      Tears for Aaron once more (and many more to come, I’m sure!)

      • Hi you two,

        Just watched it, brought a lump to my throat. As you say, Aaron playing that same piece over and over again, heartbreaking.

        I have to say that I loved the way he looked at Hazel after Jackson broke his secret about him being a big softie. He’s just too cute!! The expression that guy can portray is unbelievable.

        Still can’t believe Ashley refused to do the funeral. His personal opinion shouldn’t come into it, he’s there to do a job or am I missing the point?

        • Hi Sharon, Keith

          Agree with you both – Aaron replaying Jackson’s “I love you” was so sad, knowing he’ll never hear it from Jackson in the flesh again.

          I can’t believe Ashley is still refusing to conduct the funeral. Agree with you, Sharon, isn’t that what he’s paid to do? Opinions, beliefs – the man has died! Be a bloody vicar like you’re supposed to be!

          I also still can’t believe that not only are they making Aaron miss the funeral but they’re charing him with murder…!!! Hasn’t this poor lad suffered enough?? Though he gets bail. Well, that’s all right then, isn’t it?

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