Posted by: Kimbaforeva | June 8, 2011

Spoilers (20th – 24th June)

Thursday 23rd (7pm): Aaron and Hazel anxiously wait to hear if they’ve been charged.

Thursday 23rd (8pm): Chas turns on Hazel when Aaron’s charged.

Friday 24th: Aaron faces court, and Hazel is reluctant to go ahead with Jackson’s funeral without him.

These scenes will air during the week beginning June 20th.




  1. Knew this would happen, Emmerdale did a poor job of conveying the legality of what they did, they made it look like a simple message from Jackson is enough to stop them going to prison. Wrong. But then Emmerdale which prides itself of being realistic, will find some way to let off Aaron…

    • It’s down to the CPS to decide whether or not a case of assisted suicide even goes to court, and the Emmerdale writers have made sure that all the factors that would go against Aaron being prosecuted have been met, so it’s not at all unrealistic that he ‘d be ‘let off’.

      • Thanks for that info. My mind is slightly a bit more at ease now. To be prosecuted is the last thing Aaron needs.

  2. Aaron should not go to prison! He did nothing wrong! It was jacksons choice to die and he had every right to choose to die! Love them both!

  3. Chas should back off, yea Aaron is her son but only when she wants him And of course they are gonna let Aaron off! Hello, he was only doing what he was told! He hated having to do it!

    • They should definately let Aaron off. He did nothing wrong. It was jacksons choice to die and he had every right to choose. A love them both x

      • ‘Aaron crying in his cell as Jackson’s funeral goes ahead’ bad dreams ahead for me! I think there should be move to it, he’s propley bailed and a heading takes pleace late on.

  4. That’s right folks. We’re in for more cheerful television! Which might go on and on and on and on. But maybe Aaron will find a new not-so-gentle love interest in prison. That would be another tough subject to tackle… :/

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