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Spoiler Pics (20th – 24th June)

Tuesday 21st: Hazel tells Aaron that the police are releasing Jackson’s body and Aaron suggests they arrange the funeral for Friday. Later, Ashley visits Hazel with a list of vicars for the service. Aaron suggests Hazel finds an apt photo of Jackson while he rings around the vicars.

Wednesday 22nd: Dissatisfied with Hazel’s choice of photo of Jackson for the funeral, Aaron tells her that he’ll find a better one. As he goes through photos with Adam, he pretends that he hasn’t thought about having to go to the police station tomorrow. Aaron shows Hazel his chosen photo, hiding his fear about tomorrow.

Thursday 23rd (7pm): After meeting with the vicar to talk over the funeral arrangements, Hazel assures Aaron that he doesn’t have to attend the funeral if he thinks it’ll be too hard. However, Aaron irritably assures her that he’ll be there. At the station, Hazel’s led into an interview room and braces herself for questioning. Paddy and Chas are optimistic for Aaron when Hazel’s released without a charge. However, Aaron’s stunned when he’s charged with murder…

Thursday 23rd (8pm): Aaron’s solicitor takes him through what to expect at the bail hearing, but he’s distracted and can only think about the fact he’s going to miss the funeral. At the same time, Chas turns on Hazel when she learns Aaron’s been charged and demands that she leave, insisting she’ll be the one to stay with her son. Back at Victoria, Paddy comforts Chas ,who fears this may all be too much for Aaron. Hazel’s devastated by Aaron’s charge, while Aaron cries tears of grief and fear in his cell overnight.

Friday 24th: As Aaron waits to be called into the hearing, he phones Chas and Paddy and tells them that he wants them to attend the funeral rather than see him in court. Chas tells Paddy that she’s going to do exactly what Aaron asks of her this time. Later, as the congregation starts to gather outside the church, Hazel is upset that Aaron can’t be there and asks Joe to take his place as a pallbearer. Jerry arrives with the hearse, furious with Hazel and glad that Aaron is unable to come.

The reverend plays Jackson’s message to the congregation, exonerating Hazel and Aaron and asking people to understand that they helped him out of love. Hazel’s grief overwhelms her as the coffin is lowered, while Jerry walks away.

In the pub afterwards, Hazel defends herself to Jerry, Steve and Annie, while Chas tells Paddy that Aaron’s been released on bail. Later, Chas is relieved to find Aaron sat beside Jackson’s grave with a beer, but despairs when he tells her that he wants to be alone.

These scenes air the week beginning Monday 20th June 2011.



  1. Poor Aaron. I said on another thread that I can’t beieve what they’re doing to him. He’s suffered so much already, losing not only the person he loved most in the world but the first person who truely understood him. And now he’s not only missing the funeral but being charged with murder too!! Sheesh. It doesn’t look like things are going to improve for Aaron anytime soon. I bet Jackson would ‘turn in his grave’ as they say, if he knew how things were turning out after his death.

  2. i love the football made of flowers, poor Aaron…

  3. This is just wrong on so many levels.

    I don’t see how Aaron can ever get over all of this. As if charging him with murder isn’t bad enough, he doesn’t get to go to the funeral either. If he had got to say his goodbyes at the funeral, then maybe, eventually he’d find a way to cope but knowing Aaron, he’ll probably feel like he’s let Jackson down by not being there and it’s not something you get a second chance at, is it?

    Surely, they can’t be this cruel.

    • Oh, yes they can Sharon! In Emmerdale, Aaron = angst! They just love to make him cry (they also know that it reduces the audience to gibbering wrecks!)
      Shawn: I can’t help thinking, if Jackson had been thinking straight, he would not have asked Aaron and Hazel to help him die. Wouldn’t he have realised what might happen to the two people he loved most in the world? Surely, knowing the type of person he always was, he would have put their needs before his own? Just a thought.

      • Hi Keith,

        I know the audience, me included, are reduced to floods of tears whenever Aaron is but this is Jackson’s funeral we’re talking about. With or without Aaron, there will be plenty of tears shed. We don’t need a missing Aaron to make the whole thing even sadder.

        Also, I know you addressed the comment to Shawn about Jackson not thinking straight but I thought I’d add my two pennies worth, hope you don’t mind 🙂 I think the whole thing goes to show that, no matter how well you think you’ve planned something and got everything covered, it just isn’t that simple. I’m sure Jackson thought that by making a recording saying he was of sound mind that no action would be taken against Aaron or Hazel, they were just carrying out his wishes. He either didn’t look into the whole thing fully enough before asking them or was so depressed that he didn’t care and I can’t see it being the second option.

        He got what he wanted but, unfortunately, he’s destroyed the two people he loved the most in the process. Such a sad situation, still chokes me up when I think about it.

    • Hi sharon

      I total Agree with you there if that was be i would feel the same that the police all over ya ok he helped jackson but still let him say good bye with family and friends prople !

  4. Hi Sharon, I was responding to Shawn’s “Jackson turning in his grave” remark but was not excluding your good self! You know I love to share my comments with both of you!
    Yes, Jackson’s funeral will be sad enough, as you say.
    In the spoilers, seeing Aaron at Jackson’s graveside reminds me of the story of “Greyfriars Bobby”, the dog who would not leave his master’s graveside for the rest of his life. I feel that Emmerdale are going to run a similar story for Aaron; not that he will stay by Jackson’s graveside for the rest of his life, but that he will stay devoted to him always.

    • Yeah, that’s just the sort of thing I can see happening too.

      Talking of that spoiler picture of Aaron at Jackson’s grave, that can’t be the day he’s released from the police station, the day of Jackson’s funeral, because he’s wearing his overalls and a different coloured t-shirt. Unless we’re supposed to believe that he legged it home from the police station to change into his work kit before going to visit Jackson’s grave.

      Somehow, I don’t think so do you?

  5. I know nothing about UK law, but if Aaron is being charged with murder, wouldn’t Hazel at least be charged with accessory to muder since she mixed the drink and was present while Aaron gave it to Jackson?

    • I live in the UK and I don’t know much about the law either but what you say would appear to be right and makes a lot of sense. Maybe Emmerdale just want Aaron to suffer.

  6. AWWWWW poor Aaron not his week

  7. Hi guys

    Some good points raised here. Keith, I think Jackson tried to cover all the bases when doing his research but obviously wasn’t thorough enough when it came to Aaron and Hazel’s fate. He probably did think that a video message exonerating them both would suffice.

    Sharon, it does seem strange that whilst Aaron is charged, Hazel is released without charge. Surely she was an accomplice? Also, good spot about the clothes changing in the last picture. I’m stll hoping that the spoilers are wrong but know that’s just wishful thinking.

    • Shawn, you know me, there’s not much abut Danny that I don’t notice!!

      I also hope the spoilers are wrong but I very much doubt it.

      • Sharon, I’m wondering how Aaron will cope with all this. He helped Jackson to die and has been charged with his murder, missing his funeral as a result. On the ‘This Morning’ interview yesterday, producer Stuart Blackburn said that there would be a trial, which I’m assuming will be in September and will be the turmoil we were teased about awhile back.

        I’m hoping that he’ll be accquited otherwise if he did go to prison, they would have to write him out of the show and I can’t see Mr Blackburn wanting to lose Danny as well as Marc. I just want Aaron to be happy but I fear he’ll never be free of the guilt of ending Jackson’s life.

        • Hi Shawn, Sharon, heaven knows how all this will mess with Aaron’s head, can just hear the phrase “me ‘ead’s mashed” coming up numerous times in the next weeks/months!

          Interesting that Aaron did not appear tonight, yet there were several references to him from Adam/Paddy/Chas.

          I think, Sharon, you’d better get a bulk supply of Kleenex in if you are going to shed tears every time Danny does!

          • Hi Keith & Shawn

            If Aaron thought what he went through coming out was bad, that’s going to seem like a walk in the park compared to the stuff he’s going to have to cope with now. I agree, September would be about the right time frame for a trial. Mr Blackburn also said in that interview that they are scripting episodes now for October/November and Aaron is still struggling so it looks like this is going to be a long drawn out process for him.

            I could be wrong but I honestly don’t remember anyone in this country going to jail for assisted suicide but, knowing Emmerdale, they’ll make Aaron the first. I hope they don’t get rid of Danny, that would just finish my year off perfectly!!

            I’m sure we all just want Aaron to be happy again but it seems like it’s going to take an age to get him there. I think he will always feel guilty about Jackson, about the accident and helping to end his life, I don’t think it will ever go away.

            Keith, the Kleenex is already sorted. Where once I had a shed containing a lawnmower and various other gardening tools, now it just contains my store of Kleenex. Should be enough don’t you think?

            • Hi Sharon, Only a shed full of Kleenex? I thought it would be a shipping container full at least!

              Can’t see Emmerdale getting rid of Danny in a hurry, not when he has only just won the “best actor” gong, and ED don’t usually get that many awards, do they?!

              Mind you, Danny might decide that he is becoming too big for the soap and want to move on to bigger things. Maybe we will see him and Marc battling it out for other TV or even film roles!

  8. Danny = awesome
    Everything he does is believable.

    Sad that we dont have the Jackson/Aaron interaction anymore… but Danny will ace these scenes Im sure.

  9. Aaron’s trial’s in September then? With much more angst till then and afterwards I suppose. I can’t see Danny going anywhere anytime soon.

    Tomorrow is June 17th, which I’m calling ‘Just Say yes’ Day. A year ago since Aaron and Jackson first got together. *sigh*

    • Hi Shawn and Sharon, I was going to say “happy ‘just say yes’ day, but it isn’t, is it! Even replaying the clip is tinged with sadness now, knowing the events that followed.

      What have we got this 17th June? That stupid Adam/Ella story, the even more stupid Jai/Charity story and don’t get me started on Jimmy/Nicola! Even Aaron’s brief appearances seem a bit flat, although Danny’s acting is still head and shoulders above everyone else (as was Marc’s, of course).

      I can honestly say that, if it wasn’t for Danny, I would have switched off by now. Even the ‘rebranding’ of the title sequence has gone down like a lead balloon with me; about as much substance as a politician’s promises!

      • Hi Keith

        Happy Aarson Day!!

        I did think Aaron might have mentioned to Adam that it was a year ago today… Maybe he’s just not good with dates?

        It doesn’t seem like a whole year ago, though thinking about the accident and everything else it seems like longer.

        And don’t even get me started on the ‘rebranding’. Just chrong and that’s putting it mildly. Give me the old titles and theme any day.

        • Hi Shawn, I have just PM’d Sharon on the Fanfic site to say something similar! Aaron seems to have “got over” Jackson better than we have! I know it is a front, he is probably hiding his true feelings, but I am not getting a sense of inner turmoil at the moment, and I think this is the feeling I should be getting, if that makes sense.

          • Hi Keith, Hi Shawn,

            I now have Just Say Yes as my mobile ringtone in honour of yesterday. Can’t believe that was a year ago.

            With regard to Aaron, he is doing what Aaron always does, putting up a front. That moment with Adam in the cafe was a welcome distraction from his own problems, something else to think about for a few minutes. You watch next week, that’s when everything will come crashing down around him and you will see his true feelings. All the grief, sadness, worry will be there by the bucket load. Sat in that cell, that’s when it will all start to appear and come to the surface.

            Poor guy. 😦

  10. Hi Sharon, hi Keith!

    I’m afraid I can’t even listen to ‘Just Say Yes’ now without getting a lump in my throat so I’ve tucked my Snow Patrol CD away in a drawer.

    Keith, I know what you’re getting at with Aaron. He seems a little down but not exactly grief stricken at the moment. Think he’s probably still in shock maybe? I remember when my father passed away, there was that ‘limbo’ period between the death and the funeral where his passing hadn’t yet sunk in.

    Sharon, I think you’re right, Aaron’s emotions will be out in full next week with the funeral looming. And once he’s locked up in that cell and everything sinks in, then the floodgates will open and Danny will show us just why he won that best actor award recently.

    • Hi Shawn and Shaon,
      Yes Shawn, I know exactly what you mean, I also lost my father and remember well that period before the funeral. However, a funeral brings “closure”, and it seems Aaron is even going to be denied that! Add to that the fact that he blames himself for giving Jackson the drink which killed him (despite Jackson wanting it), and we have a recipe for much more “self-loathing”!

      Like you, I think Danny will act the hell out of it and make us all cry along with him in the process!

      • Sorry Sharon, I’ve called you Shaon (having trouble with my “r’s” today!) 🙂

        • Hi guys,
          I must be having trouble with my eyes because I didn’t even notice! Maybe that’s what only having a few hours sleep does to you.

          It is worrying that Aaron will miss the funeral because where will the closure come from. It’s just another thing to add to his list of “if only’s.”

          Danny’s acting will be spot on as usual but it will be a horrible set of episodes to go through. At least this time next week, it will all be over until the trial of course and then off we’ll go again.

  11. Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

    I think they’re deliberately having Aaron miss the funeral so he can act out some of that angst Danny has become famous for and for which he’ll no doubt be nominated for varoius awards again, plus of course, which will make us blub like babies!

    I also don’t think Aaron’s meant to have any closure anytime soon, not with a trial on the horizon. Even if not found guilty, he’ll still beat himself up about what he did, que self loathing and so he may not ever find closure.

    • Hi Shawn, Hi Keith,

      If he doesn’t ever find closure, what are they going to do with Aaron as a character? That’s what will worry me. He’s nineteen, he can’t go through the rest of his life with all this baggage or they’ll end up with a character they can do nothing with.

      It would leave them with a talented actor doing very little with his character except portraying how much the character hates himself and a load of frustrated viewers wanting to see Aaron come through everything and move on and not getting what they want.

      • Hi guys,
        I can almost see Aaron becoming like his grandad, Shadrach, a lonely, unkempt old soak (he’s starting to get the beard already!) History repeating itself, maybe?
        I hope I’m wrong, as it would do Danny no favours as an actor and it would do us viewers no favours either!

        • Awww aarons beards fit!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hi Guys

    Keith – “he’s starting to get the beard already” haha, brilliant! I must admit, I thought the stubble suited Aaron but not the beard. Let’s hope he doesn’t end up permanently drunk!

    Sharon, I’m still hoping that something happens to Aaron after the trial, that enables him to try and move on, like meetig an old acquaintence maybe? As you say, if he doesn’t get closure on this at some point, then what else can they do with Aaron?

    • Hi you two,

      It’ll be interesting to see what they do with Aaron especially if he’s still going to be suffering in October/November. Let’s hope he doesn’t turn to drink or, if he does, it’s only for a short while.

      Meeting an old acquaintence to help him move on – why not, someone’s got to help the poor bloke and I think I know just the man for the job!!!

      As for beard versus stubble, sorry, but stubble wins hands down.

      • Hi Sharon,

        I agree. I think a very worrying time lays ahead for Aaron. I just hope he makes it through. I can’t see him getting over this without help. It would be nice if what we’re both hoping for happened but since when did the showes bosses listen to us?

        Also agree – stubble wins hands down. Someone get Aaron a beard trimmer now!

        • Hi Mate,

          Yeah, poor old Aaron is really going to go through it this year. It would be lovely if we both got what we would like to happen appear on screen, how about around Christmas time, a nice little present for Aaron and something for us to be happy about too!

          Also hoping the beard goes and quickly.

          • Hey Sharon

            Yeah Christmas sounds good to me. But – having said that, Christmas is always a bloody miserable time in soaps! Remember last years Christmas ‘miracle’ we were teased about regarding Aaron and Jackson? Never happened. Though I’m hoping something nice will happen for Aaron THIS year! And hopefully, THAT!

            Also, I agree. You hold Aaron/Danny down, I’ll get the beard trimmer! Oh, Sharon, the mind boggles, haha!!! 😉

            • Hi Shawn,

              Maybe for once, they’ll change the habit of a lifetime and have a happy Christmas story this year instead of a sad one.

              As for holding Aaron/ Danny down, well, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it I suppose, you just go steady with that trimmer though 😉

  13. Admirable piece..

  14. That was a frankly amazing piece!!

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