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Spoilers (27th – 30th June)

Monday 27th: Hazel approaches Aaron and apologises for how things worked out. Feeling uncomfortable in Dale Head, Aaron points out that he’s not allowed to talk to witnesses and leaves.

Tuesday 28th: Aaron decides to return to work and when Ashley arrives to pick his car up, he tells Aaron that he doesn’t want to see him go to prison. However, Aaron replies that he failed at his one job of offering comfort when people need it. Ashley leaves as Debbie arrives and Aaron tells her that he doesn’t know how he’s going to get through this.

Wednesday 29th: Chas asks Aaron to sit with her in the café, telling him that she broke up with Nikhil. Chas is annoyed when Brenda asks Aaron how Hazel’s holding up, prompting Aaron to visit her. However, Aaron gets no response when he calls through Hazel’s letterbox – Hazel is inside but doesn’t answer the door.

Thursday 30th (7pm): Hazel visits Aaron at the garage and apologises for letting him down. She approaches Bob outside the café and is about to sit down for a coffee when she notices a council van pull up outside Dale Head and heads over. Bob’s concerned when Hazel refuses to let the social services collector take Jackson’s chair.

Thursday 30th (8pm): Bob helps Hazel see sense over the council collection. Aaron leaves after all of Jackson’s things have been taken, awkwardly telling Hazel that they’re not allowed to talk. Hazel then gets upset, telling Bob how empty everything seems.



  1. Big thanks for once again for posting these, very sad storyline now but being played brilliantly by Danny & Pauline missing Marc though hope to see him somewhere else soon x

  2. Oh dear, things are just getting worse. Now that he’s not allowed to talk to Hazel, Aaron has lost contact with the one other person who truly understood what he went through and could help him to try and cope with what’s happening.

    What’s he going to do now??

    • Sharon, I know. Words just fail me. The only thing that’ll help Aaron and Hazel through this is each others’ support. Without that… But how can they just ignore each other after the loss they’ve suffered? This is dire, end of. 😦

      • Hi Sharon and Shawn, dire is exactly the right word for what’s happening at the moment! Emmerdale writers/producers seem intent on piling the misery on Aaron. Maybe they only see him as a character who can’t exist without angst!

        I am completely fed-up with all the storylines on ED at the moment, it all seems to have gone downhill, without brakes, since the death of Gavin Blyth.

        I am now only watching for the sake of seeing Danny in his scenes (Pauline is good too, but we know she’s eventually leaving).

        I like Adam, but his storyline with Ella is so ridiculous, I think I’m watching a (bad) carry-on film! It would have been so much better if they had concentrated on Adam helping Aaron to cope, as they are such close mates; we could have had such moving scenes between these two. The same goes for Paddy, but he is too involved in the stupid “triangle” story to be of much comfort to Aaron!

        • do you know when and why pauline is leaving yet?i agree the storyline with adam is a little silly.
          you are so right in everything that you have said….take care

          • Hi Debora Jane, I read that Pauline is leaving Xmas/New Year, I understand she and the other “Birds of a Feather” are going to do a stage version of their old show. I’ve no idea how she will be written out although, going on last night’s episode, Chas might possibly murder her for dropping Aaron in it!

  3. Hi Shawn & Keith,

    Shawn, I’m with you. I don’t see how Aaron & Hazel can ignore each other, not after everything they’ve been through. Also, if Hazel is being treated as a witness, and gets called to the trial, her evidence will be what could see Aaron convicted of murder. Those two were so close, I can’t believe they’re going to divide them like this. How either of them will get through it all, I have no idea.

    Keith, I’m with you as well. The storylines are pretty woeful at the moment. I hate Aaron living with Chas, it’s just wrong, he belongs with Paddy, and how many bedrooms has that house got exactly, they seem to be able to cram as many people as they want into what looks like a tiny house. Also, I just don’t see how Aaron can be comfortable living there, it doesn’t fit with his character. I feel sorry for Paddy, I probably shouldn’t but I do, he’s really torn at the moment between what’s happening to Aaron and what’s going on with the baby. I wish they’d put Rhona & Marlon back together again and leave Paddy and Aaron to go back to where they used to be.

    As for Adam, now he has to finish with Mia on her mum’s orders, maybe he’ll have more time for Aaron. I like Adam, he’s always been there for Aaron and it would be nice to see that happen again now Aaron is going to need someone more than ever.

  4. I heard on one website that Hazel is hiding something from Aaron

    • And what would that be? I do hope it’s not another shit that hits the fan, lol.

      But yeah, I think we should about be getting into a story arc that attempts to provide healing and reprieve. Pretty please?

  5. Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

    I think Emmerdale bosses now know how popular an actor Danny Miller is since winning best actor at tne BSA’s and now want to utilise him to the best of his abilities. He does tears and angst so well, let’s give him more tears and more angst. There doesn’t seem to be any let up for Aaron on the horizon. It seems to be going from bad to worse. The only thing that’s keeping me interested is Danny’s amazing performances.

    There used to be a time when Emmerdale used to make me laugh out loud at some of the comedy moments but those seem to be few and far between these days. It’s becoming really miserable of late. Downhill all the way. 😦 God I feel miserable now!

    • Aw Shawn, cheer up. It has to get better at some point.

      If the writers know Danny Miller, and I’m assuming they do, they will know that he can do comedy and humour too. You only have to look at some of the scenes between Aaron & Jackson to see that. As viewers, we all know how well he does tears and angst but we’ve loved seeing him do humour too.

      It was his work with Marc that got him that best actor award and although a lot of it was sad , some of of their stuff was funny too. I don’t think they need to keep him crying and miserable forever for viewers to enjoy watching him perform.

      I would quite like to see that lovely smile of his once in a while!!

      • Hi you two, yes, Emmerdale seems to be on a “downer” at the moment, not only for Aaron but with the other stories too, as you say Shawn, there used to be lot of comedic moments (Pearl, Paddy, Marlon, Aaron & Jackson, etc.) which are missing now.

        I only watch ED and Corrie out of the soaps, and Corrie also seems to be in the doldrums at the moment, maybe it’s the time of year for scriptwriters to go into a collective depression!

        Talking of Corrie, Sean and Marcus are back together. I mention this because these two actors are both gay in real life, yet they have nowhere near the “impact” of Aaron and Jackson, who, of course, were straight lads in real life. Just shows how incredible thier acting was!

        • Hi Keith & Shawn,

          I think as well as Marc & Danny’s incredible acting, the reason Aaron & Jackson had such an impact on people was their normality.

          I hope I don’t offend anyone by what I’m going to say next and if anyone is offended, I apologise but in Corrie, Sean is very camp for want of a better word and Marcus is just dull.

          Aaron and Jackson were like any other young blokes you’d pass on the street. There was nothing outward about them that suggested they were gay and I think that is a major reason why they had the impact they did.

          Also, the fact that the pair of them are very easy on the eyes helped too!!!

          • Hi Sharon, I know exactly where you are coming from with this (but then, we were separated at birth, as you know!)

            Sean in Corrie is very camp (“one of the girls” at the knicker factory!) Almost a “throw back” to Mr Humphies in Are You Being Served (which, of course, was a very “camp” show).

            As you say, Aaron and Jackson were two everyday lads, a mechanic and a builder. I am sure many gay men do not appear “camp”, this is just a stereotype which is often “played up” by the media, which is why it was so refreshing to see two lads like Aaron and Jackson, who probably represent a large proportion of gay men. That is also why it is so disappointing that Emmerdale couldn’t see it through and depict them in an ongoing relationship, opting instead for death and disaster, which seems to be their life-blood!

            Who ever heard of a happy ending in a soap?

  6. Hi Sharon, Hi Keith

    I just feel really miserable with Emmerdale right now. Jackson’s dead, Aaron’s just been charged with his murder, Hazel and Chas are at each others throats… It’s turning into Eastenders!! Keith, I know it’s just how the storyline is at the moment but I really do miss those great little one liners. Even Paddy and Marlon are estranged now *sigh*.

    Sharon, I really do hope we see Aaron smile again at some point. I’ve enjoyed his recent scenes with Adam, but it seems after losing the love of his life, Aaron will have very little to smile about for a long time.

    I think you’re both right. Both Danny and Marc played the characters with such conviction we really did care about them. Just two ordinary guys who happen to be gay. You put it very well, Sharon.

  7. I’m probably gonna end up rather unpopular here but I keep waiting for Aaron to have a meltdown. I do wonder how Danny’d play that.

  8. Hi all

    I’m still very down on this storyline. It’s dire. And tragic. But most of all, it’s heartbreaking. The best thing about this storyline has been the amazing performances from all the actors concerned that has completely blown me away and that has been the only thing that’s kept me watching.

    Tonight’s episode was Jackson’s funeral. So sad. Pauline Quirke was outstanding. I completely bought the grief she was showing as Hazel. And then Marc appeared as Jackson, for maybe the last time? and floored me with that performance. Another fine actor. I’m gutted that’s all from our Jackson. I feel like I’m grieving for him too.

    And poor Aaron. Skulking through the churchyard after everyone had gone before settling down infront of his boyfriends final resting place, havin a beer with him, bless. I agree with Agdp who questioned when Aaron was going to go into meltdown. I thought he would’ve done that at the graves edge but no. perhsps he’s till in shock? His grief might come pouring out nex.t time.

    • Hi Shawn and Sharon, Jackson’s funeral: how heartbreaking was that? The bit that floored me was Jackson’s words to Aaron, thinking that he would be there at the funeral to hear them. As you say, brilliant acting all round, as usual.

      The only disappointing thing was the way they kept Aaron away from the funeral, To keep him locked up at the precise time of the funeral seemed a bit “contrived” (I can just hear the writers saying “we’ll just keep him locked up long enough so he’ll miss it”).

      Like others have said, I keep waiting for Aaron to go into meltdown. He seems to be playing it very low key at the moment, but maybe this is the calm before the storm!

      • Hi Keith, Hi Shawn,

        I’ve only just got around to watching last night’s episode. How heartbreaking. I know it’s a word that everyone keeps using but it’s the only one that fits.

        If you two lasted until Jackson’s speech before the tears came, you did better than me. His words to Aaron were what finished me off though and having Adam crying over Hazel’s shoulder didn’t help either. It was nice to hear Pearl and Adam saying how great a boyfriend Aaron had been. So sad that not only did Aaron miss the funeral, but he missed hearing what Jackson really thought of him too.

        Great performances from all concerned. Aaron has to have some sort of breakdown soon. Maybe it will be another episode like the one where he trashed the surgery and Paddy found him sitting on the floor crying. There’s no way he can remain this calm. At some point, he’s got to blow.

        I now have to go and find some tablets to get rid of the headache that crying has given me. 😦 😦

  9. Aww, poor Aaron, how sad did he look in tonight’s episode and he spent the night at Jackson’s grave too.

    The more I think about it, the only reason I can see for them having Aaron miss Jackson’s funeral and keep it together so far is so he can have a full on breakdown later. They let Hazel fall apart at the funeral, and Aaron will fall apart at some point yet to come.

    • Hi Sharon

      Yes, it really was a sad scene with Aaron sleeping on Jackson’s grave. Anything to spend the night with the man he loves. That word again – heartbreaking.

      I agree with you that Aaron’s breakdown is still to come. I don’t know when but surely it must be before the trial? Or maybe not.

      Incidentally, did you hear, they were filming court scenes on location last week? So if this is the trial, it’ll be on screen early August, rather than in September, which we first thought.

      Danny Miller was pictured filmimg in the village today so I hope I’m not jumping the gun in thinking that he gets off?

      Finally, I really felt sorry for Hazel tonight. Aaron telling her that as she’s now a witness, he can’t be seen talking to her or he’ll get locked up for sure. Now it looks like she’s really on her own.

      • No, I didn’t know they were filming court scenes yet. If they air in August, which would be the right time frame, then what’s happening in September? It was definitely mentioned as a time when something big happens to Aaron unless they’ve changed their minds and just brought the trial forward.

        If Danny was filming in the village, Aaron must have got off, mustn’t he?? Let’s hope so anyway.

        Poor Hazel, I felt sorry for her too. What a nightmare this has turned into for both her & Aaron. I bet when Jackson planned all this, he had no idea of the extra heartache and turmoil that carrying out his wishes would put them through.

        • Hi Sharon

          Well if the trial has been filmed and it’s due to screen in August, maybe the turmoil Aaron is supposed to go through in September is meeting Flynn again? And Aaron is torn because he likes Flynn and did the first time around but wants to stay faithful to Jackson and his memory.

          Oh Sharon, because of your wonderful fanfic I’m desperate for Flynn to return in Emmerdale!!

          I agree with you, I bet Jackson would be horrified if he knew how tnings had turned out for his mum and Aaron after his death. He would never dreamt Aaron would be charged with murder. Aaron actually said something along these lines to Hazel in last nights episode. Really feel for her too.

          • Hi Shawn,

            Now this may surprise you but I’d like to see Flynn back on screen too.

            He was a nice guy, just the sort of person who would be ideal to help Aaron through a terrible time in his life and, like you said, he did like him first time round, it was just that he loved Jackson more.

            Maybe I could lend the writers Jackson’s letter when the time comes, help Aaron to move on. What do you think? 😉

            • Hi guys,

              I’ll second (or third!) that one, about Flynn making a return, but I am still not sure that such a thing will happen.

              My feeling is that Aaron will remain ‘on his own’ for quite a while, if not for good. After all, Emmerdale have gone to extraordinary lengths to split Aaron from the love of his life. If they’d wanted him happily in love with someone, I feel sure they would have kept him and Jackson together!

              I think, for all the wonderful ‘coming out’ episodes, they want to forget about him being gay! (Just like they’ve dumped the perfectly good title sequence!)

              As you can tell, my ‘cynical’ hat is on today!

  10. Hi Keith,

    Unfortunately, I agree with you. Mind you, we were separated at birth so no surprise there then.

    I think Aaron will be left on his own for a long time dwelling on what he’s gone through and how his life has turned out. Maybe Emmerdale can correct any bad feeling over not showing a positive slant on Aaron and Jackson’s relationship after the accident by showing Aaron getting through this and coming out the other side, eventually finding a new relationship and showing that life can and does go on.

    Wishful thinking I know but….

    • Hi Sharon,
      I think Aaron will get through this, somehow. I’m sure ED see Danny as their ‘best actor’ (as per award) so will want to give him a ‘beefy’ role.

      We’ll have to wait and see how his story pans out. I was watching the old clips today, of how Aaron and Jackson first met and the ‘Paddy bashing/ coming out’ episodes. It occurred to me how good those episodes were, compared with now; plus how very good Danny was in them. I can remember how ‘gripped’ I was at the time, yet tonight’s episode with Ella/ Declan/ Adam left me with a feeling of “so what!”
      Such a shame, to think what we have lost!

      • I’m sure you’re right about Danny, he is the jewel in their crown and they won’t want him sitting doing nothing for long.

        I watched Emmerdale tonight and it took me about five minutes to watch the interesting bits – Aaron’s scene with Chas, fast forward to next scene with Aaron and so on until the end of the episode.

        I love watching Aaron & Jackson at the beginning of their relationship, their banter was brilliant and they always make me either laugh or go Awww. As you say, shame we’ve now lost that partnership. 😦

  11. Hi Sharon / Keith

    It’s funny you both mentioned watching old clips of the boys. I watched ‘the first kiss’ one where Jackson is running late for his date with Aaron at Bar West. The look on Aaron’s face after the kiss always makes me smile, bless. My favourite I think. I think that whole period from the Aaron / Paddy attack through to Aaron’s self outing in court was just outstanding.

    As for Aaron, I’m not sure if he’ll ever get over losing Jackson. He’ll come through the worst of it but he’ll always blame himself for Jackson’s accident and death, the self loathing will creep back in and he’ll think he doesn’t deserve to be happy and will probably show no interest in moving on and finding someone else. I think he’ll be on his own for a long time. It would be nice to see him dragged back to Bar West by Adam at some point and then bump into Flynn but I’m not holding my breath!

    Sharon, it’d be nice if Jackson had left a letter or video message for Aaron telling him to move on but I can’t see it somehow.

    • Hi Shawn,

      Sharon and I often say we were separated at birth, but I now know that we must be triplets! I was just thinking the same thing yesterday, about Jackson leaving a video message telling Aaron to move on! Spooky or what!

      I think the three of us should write the scripts, or come up with ideas for this storyline. Mind you, having said that, if we had been in control before, we would not have lost Jackson in the first place! 😦

      • Hi Shawn, Hi Keith,

        Well we certainly couldn’t do any worse than some of what we’ve been subjected to recently.

        I watched an early Aaron & Jackson episode last night, the one where Jackson teases Aaron about Bar West not being wall to wall in leather hot pants. Their banter, the little looks that use to pass between them, I’ll really miss all that. You don’t find that on screen chemistry very often.

        • Hi Keith, Hi Sharon

          Keith – ‘we must be triplets’, hahaha!! I laughed out loud to that 🙂 it was funny but it’s true, all three of us seem to be on the same wavelength with this storyline. If we had our way and wrote for the show, you’re right, Jackson would still be very much alive and living happily ever after with Aaron! Ok, so not a lot of drama, but I’d still watch, as a viewer too, just for them being together.

          Maybe after the trial, where I’ve heard rumours Aaron is found not guilty, he’ll discover a hidden recording from Jackson on the laptop telling him that it’s ok for him to move on and live the rest of his life happily.

          I’m surprised at how calm and together Aaron seems to be still, cosidering Jackson’s been gone over three weeks now. We all know that Aaron isn’t the hardman he pretends to be so where are all those tears for his boyfriend? I’m really feeling for Hazel right now, she seems right on the edge and is heading for a possible breakdown. I definately don’t think the show is as good as it was a year ago.

          • Hi Shawn, Hi Keith,

            I would definitely keep watching if Aaron & Jackson were living happily ever after. There’s enough drama going on in the world so it would be a nice escape.

            Aaron being so calm about everything is unusual. There’s been little glimpses of his mask slipping like yesterday when he said that he dreamt about Jackson, his face altered completely then Bob started saying something and the mask was back in place. I think he’s also worried about Hazel so maybe he’s staying strong for her. She’s heading for a breakdown and feels guilty about Aaron being charged so maybe he doesn’t want to make her feel any worse.

            We’re probably supposed to use our imagination again and assume that he’s doing his crying behind closed doors. I have a feeling he’s going to get angry with Jackson for the way things have turned out. Cue more angst as he battles with his love for Jackson and feeling bad for feeling angry at him but can’t help himself.

  12. I’m surprised how weak the recent episodes are. Apart maybe from two or three key scenes it is really underwhelming. Actually, the character keep talking about what happened, but they don’t seem to be all that affected by it at all. Aaron doesn’t seem all that shattered.

    It really struck me that the soap is not the one I liked a year ago. The assisted suicide storyline doesn’t do as much for me, as the last years’ coming out. That was really well done and it explored issues which were much more relatable to me and they had much more value. It seemed like a real genuine human thing. They actually developed Aaron’s character a great deal back then. And it sort of continued until their reunion in December 2010. And after that it just stopped and went into this nonsense area. And I feel detatched from everything ever since (with small exceptions).

    Ah well…

    • Hi Charlie, I don’t know if you have been reading the comments on here from myself, Sharon and Shawn, but you are saying exactly the same as us! The show seems to be in the doldrums at the moment, even Aaron’s brief scenes are lacklustre and low-key; as you say, he certainly does not seem to be as upset as we all thought, though, as Sharon said, maybe we are supposed to deduce how he is feeling ‘behind the scenes’ (just as we had to with much of Aaron and Jackson’s relationship!)
      The show is definately worse than a year ago, when we had the brilliant ‘coming out’ episodes, played to perfection by Danny Miller. The wonderful Marc Silcock is, in my opinion, another big loss. They want to create ‘drama’, yet get rid of a character who helped to make it dramatic!

      • Yeah I generally read all the comments. All the reason that made it compelling are gone. I never thought Jackson’s character was as strong as some people, but he was a nice one still. And well played. I liked Pauline Quirke because she was… well… quirky. And Danny Miller was quite convincing in the coming out storyline. At least to the point when he actually came out in court. It was good see this kind of story being told, far from gay movie stereotypes. I have a hard time to find a reason to watch it now. I might just as well quit.

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