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Danny Miller Interview – July 2011

Aaron Livesy faces one of his darkest periods yet as he awaits trial for the murder of his boyfriend Jackson Walsh. The assisted-suicide storyline saw Danny Miller’s alter ego charged with killing his paraplegic partner last month.

Digital Spy grabbed several minutes with the award-winning actor as he went between takes, to discuss upcoming court scenes, Pauline Quirke’s exit and his thoughts on receiving another ‘Best Actor’ nod in the TV Choice awards.

How are we going to see things progress for Aaron over the coming weeks?
“You are going to see a side of Aaron which is quite interesting in my opinion; a side that hasn’t really been seen before. He’s quite determined that whatever will be, will be. He’s not interested in anything else other than getting on with life – trying to deal with what’s happened and moving on. Onwards and upwards really.”

We’ve heard that he will go on a “long and deeply meaningful journey” now – will this lead to resolution for Aaron?
“Obviously there will be light at the end of the tunnel, but he’s got to go through the dark patch first. Whatever the verdict is, it’ll be [Aaron] having to deal with that and adjust to life [after] the verdict. It’s in the judge and jury’s hands.”

What can you tell us about the trial episodes?
“They are just brilliant episodes, they really are. They’re very interesting and we’ve got some great guest actors in to play the defence and prosecution. They were fantastic. We really enjoyed it. It was different to be able to film something like that in a courtroom, instead of just the village or The Woolpack. It’s always nice to get out to location and do some different stuff. It was like filming a drama – really good.”

How do you hope things progress between Aaron and Hazel before Pauline Quirke leaves?
“Well I hope that before Pauline goes, they are happy again. Obviously at the moment there’s not a lot of laughs because of what’s happened. I just want them to be happy again and I want them to share a nice, emotional moment before she goes. We’ll see.”

Aaron’s dark journey is great for you to get your teeth into – are you enjoying it?
“Really enjoying it! It’s really interesting actually because I’m receiving my scripts – and not that I’m not normally interested – but I’m just interested in his whole journey now; What’s next for him? Where’s he going? Where’s this leading to? Why is he doing this? Why is he doing that? I kind of feel a bit sorry for him really. He’s had a lot happen to him over the past two years. It’s great for me to get my teeth into. There’s not really much more to say other than the fact that it’s interesting and that I’m enjoying it. I really am enjoying myself.”

Congratulations on your TV Choice ‘Best Actor’ nomination – how much does it mean to you to receive recognition from fans and critics?
“It’s always nice to receive an award. It’s one of those things… but I’ve got a big team behind me here at Emmerdale and I think it’s nice for us all to get recognition through one person or through two people. It’s nice for the other guys to sit back and see that we’re getting recognised now; people are voting for us. It’s such an honour and a privilege. I think a lot of people forget just how much of an honour it is to be even nominated, let alone to win something. If you win, you get out there and you win an award, you’ve got to be over the moon that people have been moved by your performances and have taken the time to go on the internet and vote for you.”

Emmerdale is bidding farewell to a number of faces over the coming months – can we expect to see Aaron remain in the village?
“You can, yes! I’m not looking to go anywhere at the moment. I’m happy. I’ve got good friends, good storylines – why would I want to go? I’m perfectly happy where I am; so no plans to go anywhere.”

You can vote for Danny at the TV Choice Awards here, where he is nominated for Best Actor alongsode Simon Gregson (Steve McDonald, Coronation Street), Shane Richie (Alfie Moon, EastEnders) and Emmett J Scanlan (Brendan Brady, Hollyoaks).


  1. Glad to hear danny/Aaron isn’t leaving emmerdale anytime soon :)!!!!

  2. I must admit, as much as I miss Jackson, I am intrigued as to what happens to Aaron over the next few months. Obviously, there’s the trial but it’s a relief to hear Danny say that there will be light at the end of the tunnel for Aaron.

    Danny mentioned that Aaron will want to deal with what’s happened and move on but I’m still confused as to when or even if we’ll see him breakdown over losing Jackson. Aaron is notorious for losing it at times but so far has seemed sad, though quite calm about his loss. Maybe this will come during the courtroom scenes?

    He also mentioned that he’s enjoying Aaron’s dark journey and we all know that Danny loves doing the angst but I can’t help thinking that our Straight Lad From Manchester is actually relieved that Aaron won’t have to do any awkward kissing scenes with another straight actor anytime soon! Cynical? Moi? 😉

    Although after losing so many characters this year, it’s a relief to hear DM say that he’s happy and isn’t going anywhere.

  3. I’m just happy that Aaron (Danny) isn’t leaving the show but I also hope they give him a new love interest too.

  4. I met Danny Miller at Las Rosas holiday resort in Los Gigantis Tenerife Christmas 2010 he was lovely gave me autograph for myself and my grand daughter CHLOE who was then 11yrs old. I shook his hand and told him he would become a super well known actor. This has come true he now in Scot and Bailey and was in Lightfields. WELL DONE DANNY.

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