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Spoilers (11th – 15th July)

Monday 11th: Bob continues to worry about Hazel.

Tuesday 12th: Chas is incredulous and intervenes when she sees Aaron and Hazel together in public, talking about Jackson’s headstone.

Wednesday 13th: Tersely refusing Declan’s offer to restore Dale Head to how it was, Hazel explains to Bob that she doesn’t feel ready to let go yet. Aaron’s puzzled when Hazel refuses to let him in when he comes to visit her, having converted Dale Head into a shrine to Jackson. Elsewhere, Aaron storms out when Cain tries to get him to listen to Chas and talk to his barrister.

Thursday 14th (7pm): In the café, Carl is forced to intervene and hold Jerry back when he tries to go for Aaron. Chas is devastated to see that Aaron doesn’t even try to defend himself when Jerry insists that his statement will see him go to prison. As Jerry is bundled out by Bob and Carl, Hazel and Aaron are left reeling with guilt. Bob’s annoyed with Chas for pressuring Hazel to pay for an expensive lawyer for Aaron, but Chas explains that she contacted his barrister and discovered he has no experience in this area. Carl hears Chas tells Bob that she needs £70,000 to pay for a decent lawyer and asks Scarlett for the money to pay for it. Later, Chas reels when Carl arrives telling her that he has the money…

Thursday 14th (8pm): Chas is conflicted when Carl asks whether she could forgive herself if she doesn’t accept his offer and Aaron does end up in prison. Gennie tries to talk Chas out of it, aware there will inevitably be strings attached, but Chas is wavering. Chas feels bad for pressurising Hazel when she realises that she’s stressing about trying to scrape together some money, so she reveals she’s got hold of the cash. Later, Chas is relieved when Aaron takes in her suggestion about hiring a top-notch lawyer, but she’s left frustrated when he walks out after discovering Carl is the source and later tells her to refuse his money.

Friday 15th: Chas asks Hazel to try and talk Aaron into accepting her money. Aaron comes to the café and Hazel encourages him to reconsider accepting the offer. Wanting to talk to Hazel, Chas barges into Dale Head and is stunned to see a shrine to Jackson. Feeling for Hazel, Chas points out that she’s stopping herself from moving on. Chas is unsure of what to say when Hazel tells her that she wants Jackson back – she knows he could have lived a life like Steve is. Concerned for Hazel, Chas tells Aaron that he needs to talk to her. Realising Hazel’s not okay, Aaron takes control and asks Chas to leave – pointing out there’s nothing she can do. Elsewhere, while Hazel meets with Steve and Annie, Aaron is keen to avoid them.

These scenes air the week beginning Monday 11th July 2011.



  1. Awww poor Hazel and Aaron 😥

    I think Jackson deserves a shrine he was amazing

  2. Poor Hazel, I really feel for her the most. She’s clearly not coping and seem to be having a breakdown right infont of our eyes. She wanted so much to help Jackson and give him what he wanted, that she had no idea of what the consequences would be in the aftermath.

    Jerry isn’t going to be happy until Aaron has been sent down for Jackson’s murder. He’s grieving too and just seems to want some justice. The fact that Aaron won’t defend himself shows that he blames himself and thinks he deserves to be punished.

    • Hi Shawn,

      You are spot-on as usual! Is this what we are in for? Hazel in a mental institution and Aaron in prison?

      I suppose it would be a way of writing Pauline Quirke out, but Danny, by his own comments, is not leaving. So it will be interesting to see what happens!

      • I feel so sorry for Hazel and Aaron. Both now seem to be thinking that they shouldn’t have done what they did, that they should have refused Jackson’s request.

        Hazel turning her house into a shrine to Jackson is just heartbreaking and Aaron is obviously prepared to take whatever punishment comes his way, either through the courts or elsewhere because he feels so bad about what they’ve done.

        This sadness and tragedy is just going to run and run isn’t it?

        On a completely different and very shallow note, check out the photo of Aaron & Jackson on the shelf behind Hazel. How cute is that and both of them are smiling. I don’t remember the last time I saw them both look that happy.

  3. Hi Sharon, Hi Keith, Hope you both well?

    I really think we’re in for some great drama with Aaron’s impending trial and they’ve announced some great guest actors for the courtroom scenes. This will bring back memories of last year’s courtroom drama when Aaron was up for assaulting Jackson and where he dramatically outed himself. I know the subject is grim but I’m looking forward to some great tele here.

    It’ll be interesting to see how they write out Hazel. Pauline is staying until Christmas so Hazel will be on screen till early next year so it’ll be intersting to see what they do with her in that time. Hazel turning Jackson’s room into a shrine is heartbreaking and deeply unsettling at the same time. She clearly isn’t coping. I think Aaron will be the only one to get through to her and they really do need to help each other if they’re to come to terms with what’s happened.

    Sharon, I noticed that photo in Hazel’s house too and yes, very cute! Though looking back now, it’s hard to imagine when they were actually happy after all that hearache we’ve endured.

    I think too, they’re both regretting helping Jackson to die now but it’s always easier to have regrets afterwards, isn’t it? And of course there was Jackson pleading with them to help him so they did. The thing is, even if they hadn’t have helped him to die, could they really have ingored his wishes?

    • Hi Shawn, Hi Keith,

      I’m good thanks, hope you are too!

      I can’t wait for the trial to be shown, really looking forward to seeing Danny showing us why he was voted best soap actor.

      Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I’m sure now they both wish things had turned out differently but with Jackson so determined and pleading with them all the time, it would have been virtually impossible not to comply with his wishes.

      I wonder if, just to drag out the anxiety a bit longer, the trial will find Aaron guilty and he will get out later on appeal or get him to plead guilty to a lesser charge but he still has to go to prison. Maybe that’s what happens in September – Aaron gets released. I hope not, It’s not the way I’d like the verdict to go but with these writers, you just never know.

      • Hi Sharon, I’m fine thanks!

        I’m guessing there’ll be some Aaron tears in court, just like last time and as you say, it’ll prove just why he won ‘Best Actor’ at the BSA’s. And it won’t be just Aaron that needs a box of Kleenx either!

        As for Jackson, he himself said that Aaron and Hazel were never going to change his mind about dying. Even though Jackson thought he’d covered everything about the aftermath, I don’t think Aaron and Hazel could see past Jackson leaving them.

        Interesting point you raised about the trial, having Aaron found guilty but then eventually released on appeal. I’d never thoughtof that. Like you said, Sharon, I hope the writers don’t inflict this on us too, I don’t think I could bear seeing Aaron in prison.

        • Hi Shawn, Hi Sharon, here I sit, getting Aaron withdrawal symptoms as he hasn’t been on all week! Still, I will be cured next week!

          I too, fear that Aaron will end up in prison (we know how the writers like to pile the angst on him!) As we know, that will limit their options on what they can do with Aaron, so I’m sure he’ll soon be out again. (Shades of Ryan here!)

          Something tells me we are in for some dark days ahead. Yikes!

  4. Pauline Quirke looks a lot … smaller than she used to. I noticed this just recently, when I re-watched some bits from last year. Which kind of makes sense in the story. You know, the whole stress thing.

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